India’s Poor and Homeless, Chinese Netizen Reactions

India's poor and homeless.

India's homeless - Indian man relieving himself.

From Tiexue:

The men in India’s slums all relieve themselves like this

Not far from New Delhi’s most famous Jama Masjid, is a concentration of thousands upon tens of thousands of India’s homeless poor. All year round, they live in impoverished, hungry, and vile sanitary conditions, living an exposed outdoor vagrant life.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

India's poor and homeless.

Comments from Tiexue:


[Responding to 3rd photograph] Scrub this girl nice and clean and I’ll bring her over here to China to live and work as a household nanny. I wonder if she’d be willing? Louzhu, help me get in contact with her…you can private message me, thanks!


India’s officials admit that half of its population still doesn’t have toilets and urinate and defecate outdoors, and this kind of country just spent 1.1 billion USD buying fighter planes.

htqking: (responding to above)

Would rather buy fighter planes that can’t shit than build toilets for you guys.


India's poor and homeless.

Next generation anti-air raid, anti-chengguan, and anti-wife suit, only 99.9 per suit! Quantities are limited, hurry and order now!


India's poor and homeless.

Everyone look at how her left and right hands are obviously different, the right hand being much darker than her left hand, this girl was Photoshopped.


Indians all use their right hand to wipe their shit, that’s why its dark.


China also has slums.

枪枪枪枪: (responding to above)

I have truly never seen a place like this in our country. Let me say something unpleasant: The beggars in our capital are all better than them. Of course in our country there are also many impoverished people or beggars, but most of them are because of laziness. If they diligently go work, having enough food and clothing wouldn’t be a problem! Just like in the countryside where however poor you are, there’s still a house for your to live in and wouldn’t be sleeping out in open streets! When a person grows up and establishes oneself, the most basic thing to do is to first solve the problem of where to live. Usually in our villages, that means a lot of people putting their money together to build a house, then getting married, having children, one generation after another living like that.


They all have comforters, and beds, which for Indians is already not bad. If you’ve seen the bodies floating all over the river, you too would think this isn’t bad.


Nauseating and disgusting India!


Look at the lives of these people and they still try to compete with China, it’s simply a waste of resources to build up the military.


After seeing these photos, our lives seem much better now.


Are these photos representative of India right now? Or are they old photos from several years ago? Can a pro answer?


A pro has arrived. In 10 years, you can go to India and still see these scenes, it looks like you guys aren’t very familiar with India’s basic situation! India’s rich can PK China’s rich, whereas it’s hard to say just how much more poorer India’s poor are compared to China’s poor.


Although China is very poor, it’s a lot better than India. At least [China’s poor] don’t sleep out in the open. Because we have a lot of overpasses…


If India has no money and still uses over 1 billion USD to manufacture its own planes, then we should feel pressure/worried. But using it to buy other people’s planes…then we have nothing to worry about.


Are vagrants necessarily poor people? In Anhui, the villages all have houses, yet they still wander around the country. Indians living in slums is because Indians are lazy. That Chinese people don’t have slums is because Chinese people are hard-working. As long as they have they hands and feet, they can survive anywhere.


In our China, there are no slums, and the poor people can only wander around as vagrants! Can’t gather in one place, I wonder why!


I personally believe China and India should join hands to oppose their common enemies–the developed, clean, and tidy Europe and America.

Both countries have huge populations, with problems in its society that are difficult to solve. The people of both countries under this kind of pressure/circumstances are very hard-working and diligent, and more importantly very smart. (In America, ethnic Indian students and ethnic Chinese students are both very serious in their studies, this is something Americans all agree on).


A democratic system where it is one-person one-vote to elect presidents is a terrible democratic system, the result being electing a leader like in India, or a leader that plays with women like in America, or the leader in Italy that holds naked gatherings at home and is cursed by the entire country’s people yet won’t resign. This kind of leader is all elected by elections where each person in the country has one vote. So a democratic system where it is one-person one-vote to elect presidents is an extremely terrible democratic system.


If China and India were to have a war, what I’m afraid of is not whether or not China can prevail over India, but the problem of Indian refugees. If they were to all crowd into China, wouldn’t we all suddenly return to pre-Liberation?


The more people there are, the poorer they are. The poorer they are, the more they have children. Chinese people should all thank the government’s family planning policies.


You can look down on them, but don’t belittle them.


These are all considered Dalits, part of India’s caste system.

What do you think?


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