Inside the Wenzhou D3115 Train 5 Minutes Before Fatal Crash

A video purporting to be the inside of car #16 of the D3115 train involved the 7/23 Wenzhou high speed train accident.

A video purporting to be the inside of car #16 of the D3115 train involved the 7/23 Wenzhou high speed train accident.

The following video has been circulating on popular Chinese social networks QQ and RenRen. It has been viewed over 2.8m times since it was uploaded yesterday and is currently the most viewed video on Chinese video sharing website Youku.

From Youku:

Recording made by D3115 train passenger five minutes before accident. Little Yiyi calls for her mom

A video randomly recorded by a Shandong passenger, Wang Hairu, as the train was about to arrive at a stop, the scene captured being that of the #16 train carriage of the D3115 train, and which five minutes later would suffer a rear-end collision. In this short 39 second video, around the 27 second point, there is a sound like a little girl calling “Mommy, I want mommy…”. This sound is from our little Yiyi

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


Ding! Sofa is mine.


If real, then there [definitely] wasn’t only 39 people who died.


Death closes in on you.


A tragic moment. Who would have guessed what happened next.


There’s even a child saying “I miss mommy”…sigh.


What evidence is there that shows this was on board that train?


I can only say, you fucker, tricked us into coming in to watch this.


The video shows the train inside as it was before the tragedy: Yiyi calling for her mommy, who would have thought, that this 39 second video would be the last image of this train car’s to be left to this world. Not more than 5 minutes later, a violent collision would occur, where the entire train carriage is crushed into a pile, the passengers suffering heavy casualties.


So many children…


Hearing the child calling for her mother was really unbearable.


Real life version of Final Destination.

丿农夫三拳有点疼: (responding to 末日前夕)

Stupid cunt! Too intellectually deficient to understand the poster’s reason for uploading this video! And you say it is to trick you to come in and watch it? They are trying to prove how may people were in the train car! Why were there so few on the list of dead?!


Can’t tell if the video is real or fake.


This video is probably fake. According to what a reporter who has taken that train before. [That train’s] seats were converted from [sleeping] berths, whereas [the seats here] were obviously not converted… Evaluation complete…

跑跑板车: (responding to above)

Whether this video is real or fake I’m not certain of, but that you’re a retard is something I am certain of! The reporter you’re referring to rode the D301, and that series of trains indeed were originally berths converted to seats.

萧1985: (responding to above)

Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, so long as I believe it.


One look and you can tell it is fake!!!

At time of translation, there were over 16.6k downvotes compared to over 3.7k upvotes.

Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.


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