Inside the Wenzhou D3115 Train 5 Minutes Before Fatal Crash

A video purporting to be the inside of car #16 of the D3115 train involved the 7/23 Wenzhou high speed train accident.

A video purporting to be the inside of car #16 of the D3115 train involved the 7/23 Wenzhou high speed train accident.

The following video has been circulating on popular Chinese social networks QQ and RenRen. It has been viewed over 2.8m times since it was uploaded yesterday and is currently the most viewed video on Chinese video sharing website Youku.

From Youku:

Recording made by D3115 train passenger five minutes before accident. Little Yiyi calls for her mom

A video randomly recorded by a Shandong passenger, Wang Hairu, as the train was about to arrive at a stop, the scene captured being that of the #16 train carriage of the D3115 train, and which five minutes later would suffer a rear-end collision. In this short 39 second video, around the 27 second point, there is a sound like a little girl calling “Mommy, I want mommy…”. This sound is from our little Yiyi

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


Ding! Sofa is mine.


If real, then there [definitely] wasn’t only 39 people who died.


Death closes in on you.


A tragic moment. Who would have guessed what happened next.


There’s even a child saying “I miss mommy”…sigh.


What evidence is there that shows this was on board that train?


I can only say, you fucker, tricked us into coming in to watch this.


The video shows the train inside as it was before the tragedy: Yiyi calling for her mommy, who would have thought, that this 39 second video would be the last image of this train car’s to be left to this world. Not more than 5 minutes later, a violent collision would occur, where the entire train carriage is crushed into a pile, the passengers suffering heavy casualties.


So many children…


Hearing the child calling for her mother was really unbearable.


Real life version of Final Destination.

丿农夫三拳有点疼: (responding to 末日前夕)

Stupid cunt! Too intellectually deficient to understand the poster’s reason for uploading this video! And you say it is to trick you to come in and watch it? They are trying to prove how may people were in the train car! Why were there so few on the list of dead?!


Can’t tell if the video is real or fake.


This video is probably fake. According to what a reporter who has taken that train before. [That train’s] seats were converted from [sleeping] berths, whereas [the seats here] were obviously not converted… Evaluation complete…

跑跑板车: (responding to above)

Whether this video is real or fake I’m not certain of, but that you’re a retard is something I am certain of! The reporter you’re referring to rode the D301, and that series of trains indeed were originally berths converted to seats.

萧1985: (responding to above)

Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, so long as I believe it.


One look and you can tell it is fake!!!

At time of translation, there were over 16.6k downvotes compared to over 3.7k upvotes.

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Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Wreckage from the 7.23 Wenzhou high speed train crash.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • angryman

    Good call on Final Destination with Chinese Characteristics

    • vic2u

      Final Destination is fake in the US.

      Train crash with Chinese Characteristics is real in China.

      So what can a troll do but troll the topics.

      • angryman

        Obvious troll states the obvious, again. If you have a problem with the Final Destination comment, take it up with the commenter on Youku who said it… or were you in such a rush to troll the comments here you didn’t read the article?

        • Just John

          Actually, my bet is this:
          vic2u is actually a white guy who embodies the Chinese stereotype of white guys in China – Loser who can’t get a job or a girlfriend in their own home country, so they come to China to get money based on their skin color, and also get girls based on their skin color, and therefore cannot even comment on Youku.
          But, to take it further, I think he is such an angry little man (No reference to you btw) because he even fails at getting the money and the girl in China.
          Why do I guess this? Since when is anyone’s English name in China “Vic”, given that my last name starts with a V, so was changed to an F since there is no V sound in Chinese (And no, I could care less if you trolls out there know half a million Chinese with the English name of V).
          Haven’t you ever noticed how he seems to insult everyone (whitys, slutty Chinese women, cowardly Chinese men, etc)?

          To get rid of obvious troll, we just need to stop feeding him.
          I feel from now on, if we feel the need to post in respond to him as all, is the following, and only the following:
          Obviously troll is obvious

          • vic2u

            “Haven’t you ever noticed how he seems to insult everyone (whitys, slutty Chinese women, cowardly Chinese men, etc)?”

            That’s because I am not racist or bias as you and the other trollojudges are.

            No color or nationality and no country is to my liking and all my dislikes are fair targets for my comments.

        • vic2u


          One is a movie and the other is a real life story, what don’t you get?

          Is this a whitey site or a Chinese site? I always see black stuffs here now it is more like white stuffs than Chinese.

          And JJ I know you are there, get to you later mon.

  • vic2u

    Too fast, too new and too scary.

    Just like BBC to tell the world of this and they imply that all foreigners may not ride this unsafe speedy train, they suggest Asian, middle eastern and Americas to cancel their orders.

    • Nyancat

      And your point being? It was purported that the system developed here was by far more advanced and developed than others currently being used, and do u know what the latest excuse was for this train crash? That it was a signalling system malfunction, and therefore the blame should lie with those responsible for the production of the signalling system.
      It would be a good idea for other countries to cancel their orders until this system is properly checked and all the kinks worked out before trying to sell the shit out of it.
      Anyway it shouldn’t come as any surprise as R&D has never really been given proper emphasis here in China… However in time I’m sure as with all things, failure and time will bring about a change into how things are done here.

    • staylost

      That is a reasonable response to clear evidence. Why are you trashing the BBC over that? Stuff that comes up in safety testing often results in canceled orders. Why wouldn’t this huge disaster result in democratic nations completely avoiding purchasing such obviously failed technology?

      Even if you go out on a shaky limb and blame this on the poor actions of the drivers and bad safety protocols, leaders in democracies will be less likely to buy this stuff, since their people will hate them if they buy it.

    • Your Mother


      Because the BBC tells people to directly not ride this unsafe train. You’re a dick my friend. In Britain, people don’t get told one thing and then be expected to infer or have implied a different meaning. Playing games, indirect communication, you can keep that shit in China.

      There’s no face to protect, no ridiculous sense of shame to get over. Of course no country is perfect and I despise my government almost as much as I despise the people in power in China, but my god, get over yourself.

      Not everyone hates China. The general populace of China may be ignorant of the world, but the general populace of the world isn’t ignorant of China. We understand all the cultural mores and intricacies you have, we just think most of them are barking bat shit mad.

      I’ve seen your comments all over other stories here, and frankly, I find you offensive. If you really think China is so fugging great, take a long hard look at the way most people treat each other every day, and then come back to me.

      • lololol

        I live in the UK, and let’s be honest, the BBC is a biased piece of crap involving China. And other Eastern countries.
        Though I have to agree, that China makes me lose hope in the world a little.

      • vic2u

        Yo mama, where did you get the idea that I ” think China is so fugging great”?

        If you must know I think China is like what Amerika used to be and has become, a slum for mother rapers and father muggers.

        Now for BBC to report the news on China is one thing but to bash China on the news is another.

        You like for CCTV to bash the UK on their news reports?

        Like CCTV to tell the world not to go to the 2012 London Olympic Games because it is unsafe to do so.

        There are terrorists in the UK and the musims in London are very dangerous to every one’s health.

        London can go broke if somebody was to say those things.

        • Tommy

          Plenty of people say those things Vic, and London hasn’t gone broke.

          • Joe

            >London hasn’t gone broke.
            LOL… you should read the news sometimes… When you’re borrowing money to stay afloat, that’s the definition of broke.

          • ry

            London is copying ‘Merika, now? :D I wonder what kind of credit card they’re using. London Express (mocking American Express credit card and train name).

      • patriot (aka We Never Left!)

        I totally agree with Your Mother. Chinese people are so freakin’ stupid and babaric. It’s like they don’t have human emotions. I’m beginning to think they’re not even human at all.

        They are just a bunch of yellow apes living in their own dung. They’re no better than those people (if you can call them that) in Africa who spread their AIDS.

        I hope everyone in China gets AIDS (especially the CCP). I totally condone bombing the shite out of China and then using the remaining survivors as slaves. That’s all they’re good for.

        Man, I miss the old days when China was just a colony.

        • Alamchop

          Patriot, China was just a colony? China is the largest uncolonized landmass in history. Only a few cities became colonies, notably the two in shandong and the two in guangdong.

          Otherwise, the rest of your comment is reasonable

          • patriot (aka We Never Left!)

            I’m glad someone else agrees with me that Chinese people are inferior, unevolved monkeys.

      • Joe

        >general populace of the world isn’t ignorant of China
        LOL not sure if serious…

  • kongcheng

    why far more downvotes than upvotes?

    • Just John

      Because they think it is a fake video, a video of a completely different train, that the user posted under a false title simply to draw more users to watch their video.

    • do_sex_machina

      I think it is a fake, simply due to the fact that the source of this video could not have been from a phone that was on the car that got hit.

      Think about where the phone must have been and how the phone was to be recovered. I don’t believe any of the police searching the scene for dead bodies would have picked up a cracked bloody phone and start watching the videos taken on it. That’s an immoral invasion of privacy. I don’t think any of the locals would have been able to get to the crash site to scavenge the phone and upload the video. The site is probably guarded by government surveillance, and any evidence like this would have been kept under the strictest of confidentiality. If this video were real, you’d find it in the classified documents of a government database, not on a public video sharing site like youku.

      • Tommy

        Immoral invasion of privacy?

        The “rescue effort” was called off while people were stilled alive, and then the crashed trains were buried to hide what actually happened. Then the media was given a message not to question the cause of the crash.

        And you think uploading a video from a cell phone is “immoral”. Do you really think anyone involved would have a problem with it?

        • do_sex_machina

          Ok, maybe the phones were picked up and looked at. And maybe someone pocketed some evidence and uploaded it to youku. But the fact that this video is still up on youku though decides that it is a fake for me. If that were real, the government would throw the ban hammer on it immediately and it’d be wiped off the internet.

          Those events you just listed were just an overreaction to a disaster the likes of which the Chinese people had never seen. Burying the evidence to hide what happened is a frivolous act, because what happened is already being reported and shared all over the global media. There is almost no one on earth who hasn’t heard of what happened already.

          Also, look at the size of those holes they are digging. Do you really think they are big enough to fit all of the wreckage? It is clear the workers had no idea what they were doing and were carrying out obscure instructions that were handed down clumsily.

          Did you go to the crash site to examine the trains yourself? I did not, but I can assure you with almost 100% confidence that they are not buried underground.

          Did you receive the text messages? Did you think of the possibility that the texts arriving on people’s phones could have been from anyone? The reporter’s boss or manager, the owner of the company, someone who is trying to keep a good face for PR perhaps.

          I know free speech is limited, but that is not going to deny the truth from coming out. When the Norway massacre was unfolding, news reporters were speculating that the attack was part of a Jihadist movement and that they were terrorist attacks carried out by Muslim extremists. Now it is confirmed that it was not, and the news had to be retracted. The point is, not all news that was reported at the scene is accurate, most of it is speculative and could easily spread false truths. It might have looked like they were burying the evidence, but to me it does not look that way. It looks like they are just moving the trains around to search them for clues.

          Why are we turning this into a government conspiracy? There was no one on that train of any importance, there were no high value targets or government officials assassinated on those trains. These were common people and it was a tragic accident. It was a terrible miscommunication and the two trains that crashed were at a disconnect with the intercommunication system that is supposed to guide trains to their proper destination. We all know what happened was a flaw with the technology that controls the trains. The government is not trying to “cover up” what happened. They are simply focusing on reporting the good side of things and not the bad news. That sense of optimism is something that has been lost in modern democracy.

      • MonkeyMouth

        actually, i just read in the china daily that they are indeed looking at phones. to gather evidence. i agree though that this video is a fake. little yiyi crying for her mom? holy conjecture, batman

  • Muciope

    The blood on the train… :(

  • I’m currently in China teaching students right now. They’re [students] discussing this everyday…

    Three interesting topics:
    1.) In China, every time an accident occurs, the central government generally first gives 35 as a casualty number. If the number crosses 36, then usually, somebody’s gonna get axed.
    2.) The day after the accident, all other trains continue to run, with plenty of passengers too.
    3.) The little girl that survived… it was NOT a miracle…

    Fauna, can you find the blocked video of Yang Feng describing how his father-in-law could get screwed too if he continues his protest?
    I would also suggest this YouTube video of Shu Kexin (舒可心) describing his thoughts about this accident.

  • Spanky

    Can’t wait until China finishes the C919 airplane and SOEs are forced to buy it. Can take the train, can’t take plane. I’m going to drive next time I need to go to Beijing from Shanghai.

    • typingfromwork

      The car would be made in China as well. So are the roads. My suggestion- walk it.

      Oh wait, your shoes are made in China as well! You better go barefoot. Your clothes are as well. Take them off, they might kill you. The appartment you are staying in ins made in China. Better not stay in that, it might collapse. Try as much as you can to live outside, naked.

      The air in China is also too polluted. Next time you go, try not to breath. It’s for your own good- and everyone elses.

      • Just John

        To sum up typingfromwork’s comment in a simple sentence:

        Spanky, do the world a favor, hold your breath until they deliver the C919.

        • Spanky

          I should clarify my remarks. Designed by China vs. built in China using foreign designs under foreign supervision are different things. I have less worries driving a Buick built in China than riding a Chinese designed and built plane. Based on the number of Buicks I see in Shanghai vs. BYD, etc. cars, most Shanghainese agree.

  • Video is currently unavailable, been deleted or harmonized.

    Sigh. And I so do like the first “Final Destination”.

    • Double sigh. It was a script error.

      I have been let down let this since the series finale to “The Sopranos”. Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a guy walks into a diner….

      THE END

  • vic2u

    OK who made these little pinko commies judges to call anyone a troll that bashes the USA?

    Did know that free speech was only for whiteys that bashes China with no mercy and to bash the USA was being a troll.

    This whitey angryman is a troll but no one calls him that and Just John is Taiwan commise troll that don’t like trolls in China.

    They are like a kettle calling a very used wok black.

    Fake vids are fun to watch, they make you wanna troll.

    • Just John

      Say something intelligent.
      Make actual points without deciding to randomly bash peopled based on your stereotypes, and then we will give a shit about your opinion.

      All I have seen from you is unintelligent stereotyping and bashing of pretty much every race out there.

      You are free to bash the US, I do.
      You are even free to troll.
      Just don’t expect people to gather around your trolling comments and praise you for it.

      Me, I think China has some very obvious good points. In fact, I also call out those who decide to mindlessly bash China.
      I think America has some very negative points, and if you want to bring that up in the proper post, I will also discuss those.

      Since all you do though is troll and bash everyone and everything, I feel there is 0 need to give you respect of any sort.

      Now, since I have already violated my own words, I will go back to my mantra.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • vic2u

        So you don’t get it, don’t me or the others.

        And if I talk about others it’s your business.

        You are a lot like the commies in China, you are no different from them at all, pinko on the backside for sure.

        • vic2u

          So you don’t get it, don’t bother me or the others.

          And if I talk about others comments it’s not your business.

    • Tengu

      It’s just that when you’re FROM the USA it’s more fun to shit on the USA than have someone else do it.

      We KNOW how corrupt our government is, we know the only thing they care about is money, we know they’ve alienated everyone in the world…we just see it from the inside and know how really fucked up it is…you can never imagine.

      I like “They are like a kettle calling a very used wok black.”

      We’ll fuck you out of the order for the trains….no worries there…and we’ll never buy a plane from you.

      Like they say when you owe the bank a million dollars, the bank owns you….when you owe the bank 3 trillion dollars…you own the bank!

    • donscarletti

      Weird comment, not sure who it’s a response to. As I understand it, your point is that trains should not be criticized on the BBC when they crash. I think I’ve heard pretty much a non-stop stream of criticism of them from the Chinese populace, not sure why the BBC should be left out.

  • WYL

    My dad was on the train that got crashed into. He was on the 14th, came home safe and sound on Wednesday. Thank god. And they say 14 is an unlucky number.

    I’ve been hearing him tell his story, there’s so much detail in it that the media has missed out on.

    • WYL

      the 14th CAR, left out the “car”

      • Tengu

        Finally a comment we can all agree on…we’re happy about your father, WYL!

    • Nyancat

      Glad to hear your dad’s safe and sound :)

    • Do go on… what has the media missed out on? What don’t we know?

      • WYL

        It’s nothing ‘juicy’ or super controversial. Just bits and pieces of little details.

        For example, there were a total of 16 train cars in D3115. D301 rammed into the 16th car and knocked it straight off the tracks and left it hanging over the bridge. Then, D301 went on to crash into 15, which got squashed and bent, but luckily, did not fall over. The first 3 of D301’s cars also went over the bridge.

        All he felt was a jerk forward – twice, and two loud bangs. The train goes pitch black as the lights go out. My dad can’t see anything in front or behind him, so he doesn’t know the cars behind him have been damaged. About 10 minutes later, someone comes and tells them they have to leave. They are the first people to be evacuated since they are closest to the damaged cars. Once they get out of the train, my dad’s boss shouts (he was there on business trip) “Look at that!”. They all turn around and see those train cars toppling over the bridge.

        My dad tried to take a picture with his phone, not because he thought it was… you know… “wow, cool! awesome”, but because he wanted to make a record of it. But the gongans wouldn’t let him. Threatened to take his phone away, of course.

        Each train car fits about 100 people. The last time I heard, the death toll was around 40 something + 200 injured. However with 4 cars dangling in thin air and at least 1 severely wrecked, I doubt the numbers are like that at all.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Glad to hear your father made it home safe.

  • patriot (aka We Never Left!)

    God. Chinese people are so savage and backwards. We should have bombed them too in 1945.

    • I know… 39 seconds of video, and no sign of a pubescent young girl making duck faces at herself using a cellphone… you call this civilized?

  • Song of the Article(s)

    Crazy Train
    -Ozzy Osborne


    • Your Mother

      not even close.

      Journey- Don’t Stop Believin’

      “On a midnight train, going anywhere…”

      • MonkeyMouth

        song of the article, amid the fast cleanup and resumation of the train service:

        the train kept a rollin


  • With the invention of mobile phones nobody needs the “black boxes” now…

  • We Never Left! (aka patriot)

    We need to encourage Chinese hatred of the CCP. I really hope these netizens create a revolution in China. If we want the Chinese government to topple we should start arming these rebels with weapons and ballistics.

    We need to encourage Chinese discontent with the CCP and have our own US “trolls” spreading our propaganda if we want to stay ahead of the curve.