Baidu Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army, Chinese Reactions

China’s #1 search engine, Baidu, was hacked yesterday morning. Here are some of images of the Baidu homepage that were posted by Chinese internet users on the popular Mop BBS discussion forum, before Baidu was able to fix the situation. Below are some translated Chinese netizen reactions.

Comments from Mop:


At first I thought my computer had a virus…


9:49 [am], still cannot get on…forcefully inserting my stool here, waiting to watch the show.


Sichuan people send a congratulatory telegram.


Fuck, its true! Just now I couldn’t open it, and I thought there was something wrong with my internet, but turns out it was hacked.


Baidu, stop losing face for Chinese people, ding this up.


Iranian Cyber Army is this NB?


I announce my responsibility for this incident.


Actually, shanzhai Baidu can still be used right now.


The truth behind Baidu being hacked: Why do Iranians want to hack Baidu? The truth has already been announced. Political protest is only the superficial reason, but in reality — as a result of American military threats and crackdowns, Iranians are preparing to buy a large amount of missiles, so they came to Baidu to search, but upon encountering Baidu’s paid advertising placement, Iranians chose to buy the missiles from the first search result, and when they received them discovered they were cheated. Unable to control their anger, the Iranians hacked Baidu.

[This is a criticism of Baidu selling search result positions to questionable companies.]


Baidu cups!


Fuck, such a big incident, should we retaliate?


Some of the DNS were hacked that’s all, just changing the address to somewhere else~ What is on the home page is indeed Iran [Iranian Cyber Army]…with the DNS changed to, aside from www, all the other addresses should work, but this time Baidu definitely embarrassed [themselves/us]~


We have a test today! Li Yanhong jia you, you want us to die?

[Li Yanhong is the founder and chairman of Baidu.]


Iran is so uncultured/uneducated, it is America that meddles with them, and Google is American, Baidu is Chinese!!!


Where are China’s hackers? Retaliate!!!

There is big news about Google China today too. We will post about it soon.

Not yet hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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