J-20 Stealth Fighter Test Flight, Chinese Netizen Reactions

China's new J-20 stealth fighter jet.

China's Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter plane.

From QQ (original & updated version):

China’s J-20 stealth fighter’s first test flight successful, lasted about 18 minutes

[Original title: “Netizen witnesses China’s J-20 fighter plane’s first test flight success, cheers on the scene“]

According to a Chengdu netizen witness, China’s 歼20 [Jian-20, J-20, J20] stealth fighter had its first test flight around 12:50 midday 2011 January 11th, and at 13:11 successfully landed. The entire test flight was completed accompanied by a J-10S combat training jet, lasting about 18 minutes, and was a success.

After the J-20 successfully completed its test flight and landed, cheers erupted across the entire test flight area, with the crowd of spectators/onlookers outside the airport also setting off a string of firecrackers [in celebration].

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 东~嗨!:

Why doesn’t America stir up trouble around its own country and instead insists on coming to faraway Asia to cause trouble? Actually, America is not really a peace-loving country. Right now, it is appealing to China’s surrounding countries to contain China, and it doesn’t actually want Asia’s various countries and people to become rich and strong! It is plain to see that wherever America goes, there will be tension, and whatever country it maintains close relationships with, that country will necessarily become unstable, and it will bring the flames of war, and definitely bring disaster to that country. Now, it wants to come here and exploit the conflicts between the various countries to provoke incidents/stir up trouble, causing the various Asian countries’ people to hate each other. What it most hopes for is for the various countries to fight against each other! While it remains on the side laughing—-Asians are so funny! Then it can happily sell its military products, ultimately achieving its goal of suppressing Asia’s development, while the Asian people once again enter great suffering and extreme misery! For the various people of Asia, uniting together to face the rest of the world, for the benefit of Asia, that is the best course of action!

腾讯南京市网友 南极熊:

At this moment, my face is covered with tears. China jia you!

腾讯网友 篮天白云:

In today’s world, it isn’t that if you are weak others will have sympathy for you, but only if you are strong and powerful will others respect you. Warmly congratulations for China’s J-20’s successful test flight!

腾讯榆林市网友 我想你不想,:

America is really unhappy! Japan is really depressed! India is very upset! Russia is very surprised! Southeast Asia is very shocked! The European Union is very sad. China’s military enthusiasts —- are very excited!!!

腾讯网友 老骥:

Some Westerners and their lackeys, always shouting China can’t do this, can’t do that. Let them keep on shouting. Just as they are shouting, China’s various undertakings have continuously advanced. The world’s people know that the howls of wolves and dogs cannot stop the caravan’s steadfast progress.

腾讯北京市网友 过桥米线:

There are always some people who talk nonsense, divorcing themselves from reality behind closed doors, wasting the taxpayers’ money and wealth! There are also always some people who are meticulously working, slowly making progress, to prop up the backbone of the people and nation!


Sigh, hope it wasn’t just pieced together! [is real, not just a fake/ruse]


What netizen is this niu?


Gei li~ truly too gei li~~ Go China~ China jia you!!!


With the engine having to be imported, what is there to cheer about!!!???


I heard something similar to the high-speed rail, that the manufacturing blueprints, plans, and operating manuals were in English, and this plane was build after simply by translating them into Chinese.


Why is this kind of thing being reported by a netizen???


The Olympics, World Expo, fourth-generation fighter…one success after another, looking forward to an early appearance of a domestically-produced aircraft carrier!!!


May our country’s military become more and more powerful, not for anything else, but only for protecting our country’s 1.3 billion people’s hope for peace and to not suffer the bullying of the outside world.


Having waited for decades~~I finally see this gei li fighter jet that is our own~~ military enthusiasts no longer need to PS other people’s fighter jets!! Long live China!


Not bad not bad…I’m happy for the test flight’s success, though China normally only reports the things that are basically guaranteed to succeed. Since they said it was a test flight, then it is certain that they’ve done secret training exercises already…hehe


Too impressive ~ 2011’s first impressive piece of news ha!

China's J-20 stealth fighter - rear view.

From KDS:

Has TG [the government] given a certain someone yet another loud and clear slap to the face?

When we saw the first photo, some people said it was fake, that it was PS‘d!
When a lot of photographs came out, some people said the engine wasn’t gei li [good enough], that we still have to use Russian-made [engines].
When video of it rolling on the tarmac came out, some people continued to spout that a test flight was still a long way off!
Now it has made its test flight, and it is already basically confirmed that the engine is domestically manufactured, and not Russian.

I trust, there will still be a lot of people continuing to spout!

Let the bullets fly awhile~~~~~~~ [just wait and see]

Comments from KDS:


Does the country/government’s strength and power have anything to do with us?


The more advanced the PLA’s weapons are, just means the more people that can be suppressed on Changan Avenue.


My coworker already said, if the test flight is just now, formal deployment will be at least 10 years from now.


Building planes require money, so TG [the government] is now asking everyone to pay more taxes.


No wonder everyone says it is easy to be a [government] leader. I’d rather see the price of cabbage fall 5 mao.


Slaves cheering the slave-master for researching and developing an even more powerful killing machine? What kind of reasoning is this?


How about everyone wait until the PLA formally becomes the country’s military before YY‘ing?

I don’t know if in my remaining years I will be able to see the PLA formally announced as becoming the country’s military, and is no longer just a certain political party’s military.

The duty of a country’s military — fight against invasion.

The duty of a political party’s military — maintain a political party’s political position, suppress the rabble.


Is the LZ speaking for the Party, or for the people?


Dealing with a thug blocking a superior force only requires a tank.
I don’t know why they’re spending so much money making a plane.


Chinese netizen photoshop of Obama criticizing Chinese wu mao dang.

[Translation: “To the young people over there, are your souls, your dignity, your mouths, your consciences worth this little renmenbi?” — Barack Obama]


Make it well and be yelled at. Make it poorly and still be yelled at.

Actually, best would be to not make it at all, and not be thankless/a fool for one’s efforts.


To use an old saying:

When abroad, can you take this photograph and ask for an exemption from their customs officers?


This is what the late-Qing Dynasty Northern Navy thought too, that it was number 1 in Asia, number 7 in the world, everything on its ship being from England, yet in the end, it was beaten so badly by the Japanese that it had to cede Jiaodong [peninsula, aka Shandong peninsula] and Taiwan. What a sin. No matter how good the weapons are, you have to look at those using them. Let a incapable person use them and they are useless. The Qing Dynasty land forces at the time even had machine guns that Germany hadn’t yet formally deployed, the Lushun Port once again Asia’s first modern military fortress. The fortress’s mid-level officers were all trained in the West, yet it was still captured by the Japanese in a day.

Look at those military vehicles on the road today, look at those military properties/industries, look at Mao’s revolting third generation, and you know that the Chinese Communist Party military is the new Qing Dynasty. Ask yourself how many ordinary common people still support the Chinese Communists in their hearts. If the Chinese Communists start an unjustified war, it will be the day it dies as a party. Just look at how the Chinese Communists always “protest” this or that and you know that it actually doesn’t have the guts to do anything.

Even if American sold the F35 or F22 to the Chinese Communist Party, what could the Chinese Communist Party do? The moment the Chinese Communist Party starts a war is the day it is destroyed.


[If the country has] become more powerful, does it have anything to do with me?
I only know that our wages are N times lower than abroad, and prices are so much higher than abroad that they are unrecognizable.
I won’t even talk about housing prices.
This thing you’ve created, what does it have to do with the lowly common people?


Professor Lang said long ago, so what if you are able to make the J20? So what if you make an aircraft carrier? So what if your GDP surpasses America’s? The ordinary common people don’t CARE!


LS [楼上, lou shang, everyone above], stop arguing/making a fuss.
The best way to test a weapon is the battlefield.

Everthing else is passing clouds.

More photographs of the J-20:

China's new J-20 steal fighter jet.

China's J-20 stealth fighter.

China's J-20 stealth fighter - rear view.

China's J-20 stealth fighter with other Chinese fighter jets.

Some more Chinese internet posts with a lot of Chinese netizen comments and discussion at Tiexue & KDS.

What do you think of China’s J-20?

China's J-20 stealth fighter.


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