Jackie Chan on Son Jaycee’s Drug Charges, Chinese Reactions

Jackie Chan and son, Jaycee Chan [Fang Zuming]

Jackie Chan and son, Jaycee Chan [Fang Zuming]

The most popular microblog post on Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo over the past day, with over 75k reshares, nearly 200k comments, and over 500k upvotes…

From Sina Weibo:

@成龙: First, thank you to all my friends for their concern. For this to happen with my son Fang Zuming [Jaycee Chan] makes me feel very angry, as well as very shocked! As a public figure, I am very ashamed; as a father, I am very pained, and his mother especially is even more heartbroken. I hope youths will take Zuming’s [Jaycee] lesson as a warning, and stay away from drugs. Continued…

From Sina Weibo:

@成龙: Continued… Here, I also want to say to Zuming [Jaycee]: When you’ve done something wrong, you should accept the consequences. As your father, I’m willing to face the path ahead with you together. Finally, my failure in raising my son is something I too must take responsibility for, and so together on behalf of/with Zuming [Jaycee], I deeply bow in apology to the public. Thank you, everyone!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Jaycee is already an adult, and can take responsibility for his own actions. Anyone who has seen [Jackie Chan’s] movies should not mock and ridicule with the mentality of deriving amusement from this. He [Jackie Chan] is a pride of our China, and he is also a philanthropist. Now that he has trouble at home, what you people should be doing is encouraging him. Those in agreement, click upvotes. [Nearly 40k upvotes at time of translation.]


He’s an adult now, so it is no longer the fault of the parent.


I’m upset, but Big Brother Jackie Chan, I will always support you!!!


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Those people saying how could [Jackie Chan] not have known that his son was doing drugs for eight years, I want to say it is very easy for teenagers/youths to hide smoking from their parents, that as long as you are careful, it is very difficult for your parents to find out. If cigarette smoking is like this, then how much more so for using drugs? The bigger the wrong, the more one doesn’t want one’s parents to know, afraid of them being heartbroken. What more, Uncle Jackie is a public figure, busy with work, so his family is together little and apart much of the time, so there isn’t much time for him to discover [his son using drugs], so I also hope Uncle Jackie can also spend more time with his son in the future… jia you Uncle Jackie, I will always support you.


Little Jaycee should be proud to have a father like you!


Uncle Jackie Chan, it isn’t that your disicpline [parenting] isn’t strict, as we all know from the news of the work you’ve done educating your son in the past few years, including the “three no’s”. Him doing drugs is perhaps out of curiosity. No one is perfect, who hasn’t made mistakes before? We will all eventually forgive him. His mistake has nothing to do with you. We all remember/know the contributions you have made to society.


You are a good father.


When a child does something wrong, the most pained are always the parents.


It is his own mistake/failure, don’t be sad.


You are still our big brother~


When a son does wrong, it is hard for the father.


Don’t beat him to death.


Those who have been constantly refreshing Big Brother Jackie Chan’s Weibo these few days, please click upvote.


Poor parents, jia you big brother! To err is human!!!


It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes. Jaycee too is already regretful. You must not break his legs.

Jackie Chan and son, Jaycee Chan [Fang Zuming], peace/victory sign.

Written by Fauna

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  • Claude

    Smash! Blammo! Tough love Jackie Chan style.

  • Anark1

    Justin Bieber says even celebrities have no freedom in China.

    • b duck

      i can not understand JB and his gf, a couple of shorties!

      also quite some shorties girls in Hollywood, nowadays difficult to find super beauties in Hollywood films, no looks already upset, even no height!

  • Amused

    And strangely I’m left with a feeling of “Don’t Care”. It gets rather predictable from here

    • b duck

      i can not understand JB and his gf, a couple of shorties!
      also quite some shorties girls in Hollywood, nowadays difficult to find super beauties in Hollywood films, no looks already upset, even no height!

      • b duck

        o, i should write to Anark1.

  • filabusta

    I’ll bet Jackie has partaken before as well.

    • SongYii

      Maybe he’s just pissed Jaycee there got caught. “You little bastard… what did I tell you about getting busted?”

    • Irvin

      Who hasn’t? It’s pot! Everybody tried it at least once.

  • SongYii

    Jackie Chan… bleh, what a douche.

  • unplanned_life

    It is good that Jackie Chan is talking about responsibility. But his comments must be read with the understanding that what he says is being watched over not just by his fans, but by the party.

    • narsfweasels

      Also didn’t he himself have several affairs…?

      • unplanned_life

        I thinks so. But as long as the government hasn’t focused on it, he knows doesn’t need to atone for that aspect.

        • Guang Xiang

          He certainly partakes in some hanky panky, but as long as he does his job representing China as an internationally famous star (which China dearly lacks) he will be backed by the government. I suspect that’s how China convinced him to relinquish his Hong Kong identity in the first place: money, and women.

  • Irvin

    Did a Lobbyist wrote that for him? It’s so…………politically correct.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      A well paid team at a PR firm.

  • Guang Xiang

    Not a big fan of Jackie but I have to say his handling of the situation is a lot better than say… that mother of the guy with the pink shirt who raped some KTV girl. I guess Jackie’s top dog for a reason.

    • Chris Han

      It’s funny that when you say” the guy with the pink shirt” without reading any further, I know exactly who you’re talking about. The only memorable thing about him, really.

  • Foreign Devil

    China is going through its “Reefer Madness” phase. Everything in China culturally happens 50 years behind USA.

  • eplizo

    Such a shame. I actually feel bad for Jackie… lmao.

  • JK

    It’s actually incredibly scary how easy it is to demonize things in people’s mind. Humans are simply not good at critical thinking. Alcohol is an incredibly destructive drug and a huge part of Chinese culture. Knowing that makes reading these comments absolutely laughable, but tragic in a way as well. Reefer madness!

  • vonskippy

    He should have said: “..,as a citizen, I’m deeply ashamed at my governments archaic and hypocritical views on a substance that is less dangerous then alcohol and less harmful then nicotine, …”.

    • Apothis

      Well said dude.

  • don mario

    drunken master? more like DRUGGY MASTER! ohohohohohhhahaha!!!! or stoned master?

  • Hey, Big JC, if you have to beat Mini JC for this, at least do it your way — with at least a hat-stand, a folding three-legged table, four cups of hot tea, an angry cat, and a priceless vase!

  • mike921

    JC is the biggest Party shill in the universe, Beijing will smooth it over for him no problem.