Jackie Chan Talks About “Bastard” Daughter, Mistreated By Mother

Jackie Chan Talks About “Bastard” Daughter, Mistreated By Mother

Recently in an exclusive interview with Hong Kong Media, Jackie Chan spoke openly about his “bastard daughter” for the first time. He spoke bluntly of the girl’s mistreatment over the years, and said that he was helpless. The girl has hoped to meet her father for years, but her requests have all been refused by her mother. Previously the girl, who looks very similar to her father, said she had called the police because of abuse from her mother, which became a focal point of the media. Afterwards it was exposed that the girl was unhappy, and did not have many friends.

Source: Southcn

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  • mr.wiener

    Jesus H Efing Christ on a bicycle… I can remember when I used to have so much respect for Jackie Chan…

    • Rose

      Yep, slowly going out the window with each news story…I try to disconnect the man from the movies

    • guest

      Is this a media thing or did he say those words himself. But on the other hand you would had though that he would had gone to see the daughter himself or is he trying to say that its out of his control, seem like his family needs some control themselves after his son was caught and found guilty using/dealing drugs in China.

  • FYIADragoon

    He’s been a bastard since his youth. Just wasn’t marketed that way. It is quite disappointing to realize this as an adult.

  • martyp88

    Before we get carried away, is something getting lost in translation? The use of “bastard” as pejorative might be accidental, especially with the tone of the rest of the paragraph, i.e. he was helpless (implies he wanted to help), the mother refused to let them meet (implies he initiated that possibility). It’s the mother who sounds the worst here. That said, I’m sure Jackie ruddy Chan, could find a way to help out this girl. Is he really helpless? He’s a super wealthy, Beijing friendly national icon for God’s sake.

    • Ying

      ‘Bastard’ in chinese is actually 私生女, if it was directly translated it would be ‘privately born daughter’. So yeah in a way the meaning was twisted because bastard has a negative connotation.

      • Foreign Devil

        by that that definition my son is a bastard because I wasn’t able to be there when he was born.

  • Ivan

    American plebs who don’t understand classical English- bastard means illegitimate child born out of wedlock.

    Now would they let her have her fathers surname, or give her a bastardborn surname like Snow?

  • Amused

    Sweet Beelzebozo, can you imagine being a chick who resembled Jackie Chan…. *shudders*