Japanese Speedskater Miho Takagi’s Revealing Uniform

From Mop:

Japanese Post-90s generation speed-skater’s “see-through outfit” shocks everyone

Beijing Time February 11 news, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 15-year-old athlete and new member of the Japanese team has once again made waves, this time not because of her representing her country at such a young age, but because the appearance of her “see-through” competition outfit at the Vancouver training grounds has incited a great uproar.

She is Japanese speedskater Miho Takagi.

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi wearing black g-string underwear at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Miho Takagi, Japanese speed skater revealing g-string underwear at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Japanese speed skater Miho Takagi at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver with underwear showing through her competition uniform

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Miho Takagi of Japan at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Japan speedskater Miho Takagi at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Speed skater Miho Takagi from Japan at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Comments from Mop:


It must be said, Japanese people really are geniuses!! Really!!! Yet another AV world seedling, though a bit ugly, but still very awesome!!! It seems the birthplace of AV is different after all, their sex education indeed advanced, with a new generation of AV stars are about to rise in the footsteps of Ran Asakawa and Maria Ozawa


I spent half the day looking at her chest, only to realize the highlight was her pants…


This way the judges’ eyes will be focused on the crotch area, and she can foul with her upper body. A very good tactic!


Truly Japanese.


How come we can’t see the guy’s thing? Too small.


Calm down calm down, can Japan compare with China?


We need to trust that there is nothing the post-90s generation won’t do.


People from that “country”…no one needs to be surprised…


I am not worthy of the ** University that raised me for so many years!
Because, I am already hard!


Ma de“, too dangerous, I say, little girl, you cannot get wet, lest you freeze…


It must be an advertisement, Japan’s AV companies are too smart.

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi

When this news was posted on Tiexue, the title of the post was “Wherever Japanese people go is wherever Japanese people lose face” [Japanese embarrass themselves wherever they go].

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi

Japan's Miho Takagi

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