Japanese Speedskater Miho Takagi’s Revealing Uniform

From Mop:

Japanese Post-90s generation speed-skater’s “see-through outfit” shocks everyone

Beijing Time February 11 news, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 15-year-old athlete and new member of the Japanese team has once again made waves, this time not because of her representing her country at such a young age, but because the appearance of her “see-through” competition outfit at the Vancouver training grounds has incited a great uproar.

She is Japanese speedskater Miho Takagi.

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi wearing black g-string underwear at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Miho Takagi, Japanese speed skater revealing g-string underwear at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Japanese speed skater Miho Takagi at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver with underwear showing through her competition uniform

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Miho Takagi of Japan at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Japan speedskater Miho Takagi at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Speed skater Miho Takagi from Japan at 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Comments from Mop:


It must be said, Japanese people really are geniuses!! Really!!! Yet another AV world seedling, though a bit ugly, but still very awesome!!! It seems the birthplace of AV is different after all, their sex education indeed advanced, with a new generation of AV stars are about to rise in the footsteps of Ran Asakawa and Maria Ozawa


I spent half the day looking at her chest, only to realize the highlight was her pants…


This way the judges’ eyes will be focused on the crotch area, and she can foul with her upper body. A very good tactic!


Truly Japanese.


How come we can’t see the guy’s thing? Too small.


Calm down calm down, can Japan compare with China?


We need to trust that there is nothing the post-90s generation won’t do.


People from that “country”…no one needs to be surprised…


I am not worthy of the ** University that raised me for so many years!
Because, I am already hard!


Ma de“, too dangerous, I say, little girl, you cannot get wet, lest you freeze…


It must be an advertisement, Japan’s AV companies are too smart.

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi

When this news was posted on Tiexue, the title of the post was “Wherever Japanese people go is wherever Japanese people lose face” [Japanese embarrass themselves wherever they go].

Japanese speed-skater Miho Takagi

Japan's Miho Takagi

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  • jk

    The Japanese are cool!

  • Typhoon

    dang. i was staring at the picture, trying to figure out why it is transparent. indeed, the focus is not on her boobs

  • zammo hung


    To represent one’s country at the Olympics is a true accolade indeed.

    Well done Cameltoe-gate girl. Well done.

  • Smack

    She must have got her outfit idea from Superman, who wears his briefs on the outside, no need to hide.

  • MilkDrinker

    It looks like the guy in the 4th picture seems to have the same design. I can not seem to find pictures of other Japanese competitors to confirm this.

  • Yah Rite

    Yes, just to reconfirm for you people… it is not see-through. That’s just the design of the outfit. The mens’ look the same, and if you actually saw the event, you’d have seen competitors strip off the outer part of the suit after the race. It has a black full-length undergarment underneath, and the suit is clearly NOT clear.

    But hey, bring on more Japanese bashing from people who know nothing about the country. The same country that didn’t allow one of its snowboarders to be in the opening ceremony because he didn’t look presentable enough? Come on people. Give it a rest.

    • LOLZ

      “The same country that didn’t allow one of its snowboarders to be in the opening ceremony because he didn’t look presentable enough? Come on people.”

      Hmm no. People got upset with this guy because during the media appearance he said something like “fuck whatever, I am sorry” when questioned about his sloppy attire.

  • Alan

    the dude abides!!

  • Chinglish

    Japanese too have gifts(日本人太有才了)!

    Yeah,I totally agree with 騎驢聽歌.Isn’t that a clever tactic?The referees’ attention was completely or partly drawn by the athelets’ semi-transparent G-strings.

  • Foreign

    I’m just waiting for people to start posting racist coments about japanese

  • beowulf

    Now I get it why Pedobear is one of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics mascots. ;-)


  • FYIADragoon

    At least the Japanese tell us the age of their athletes :P

  • The One

    Too bad i did not see their training,c’on guys it just fashion, next we will see people competing naked. sexy outfit though…hahaha

    • LOLZ

      In original olympics people are all nekkid. Of course, all of the audience as well as participants were also men. It was basically a major gay gladiator fest.

  • 日语

    加油 、、、中文、、、

  • She is too old!

    • Alikese

      Not funny.

      Wasn’t funny this time, wasn’t funny last time, won’t be funny next time.

      • Just for you, I’ll make sure to keep it coming.

  • GermanChinese

    Japan isn’t good at Olympics, even South Korea is better today.

    China is, of course, da best of Asia.

    • Jeremiah

      Actually, South Korea is leading China in both the Gold medal count, and total medal count. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

      Or maybe you wanna compare GDPs per capita? Nah, you don’t wanna do that either, do you?

      What about average income rates per capita? Nah. You don’t want that. Trust me.

      I know… how about a nice cup of STFU instead?

      • Mike

        Lol, come on now, it’s the winter olympics, why don’t you compare yourself to canada or something. Remember in Beijing, China led in Gold.

        If Americans didn’t help the Koreans, where would they be now?

  • There is something very pleasantly sexy and demure about attractive Japanese women, more so than other countries women.

  • miya

    this is disgusting.

  • 王老吉

    Just to think about that under that suit there is probably a huge bush, ARGH!

    • miya

      i dont think i want to know this haa

    • Foreign

      japanese are hairless

      • 王老吉

        Have u ever googled japanese porn?

        • SLX

          Something wrong with pubic hair?
          If you wash it everyday it will not smell bad at all if you didn’t know.

    • tins of sardines

      Correction: HUGE TUFT

    • true american

      Hopefully it is shaved and smooth.

  • too yellow

    well, girls in spandex (or floppy short skirt as in figure skating) is the mean draw of the event, isn’t it? otherwise what’s the point of watching WO (if you not into hockey)

  • heh

    If you’ve seen them warming up for their runs, you can see that they have many more layers underneath…so it’s not see through at all…

  • Smack

    No way a Muslim nation is going to send their women to compete in these sports. Their women must be modestly covered up.

    • Tins of sardines

      Haha… imagine that. Darth Vader in a frock hitting the moguls.

  • amber lamps

    I guarantee you that Soft On Demand will pick her up in 3 years.

  • I run marathons and half marathons as a hobby. It is sights like this that speeds the miles away.
    On the London marathon two years ago I got ten miles out of one of them! Never noticed the miles nor the fatigue.

  • cmfeirs

    I’m just glad to see the bias of the summer games hosted in Beijing gone for good. CCP must have spent alot to guarantee those golds. Must not have enough left to keep it going this time around. 2008 SO will be remembered as the worst Olympics of all time.

  • RaMa09

    There was on girl from North Korea who looked far far worse than this Japanese girl.

  • kimboslice

    now I am finally interested in speed skating.

  • Japanese camel toe comes to life.

  • SLX

    ….I just dont see anything wrong with it….???

    You cant expect them to wear a hard piece to cover it…

  • blaeh

    I am not worthy of the ** University that raised me for so many years!
    Because, I am already hard!

    Huh? An university raised him?

    • Daphie

      It was not properly translated. He just mean after years of education, he still has a [dirty worm] in his mind…
      She is probably the Olympics representative for AV industry in Japan, who all Chinese people should thank for their important educational role.

  • Joe Banks

    That is some sweet, sweet kung pao pussy.

  • I love Camel Toe

    I love her outfit!
    It is awesome!

    This is pretty tame, in fact, really what is wrong with her outfit?

    There are plenty of other sports which reveal way more.

  • ryan

    miho’s uniform doesn’t show enough :(

  • ryan

    i want miho be myho.

  • Keith

    its ok that miho showin us her camel-toe. but what’s up with the guy with his mangina?
    anyway, i wanna stick my penis into her spandex for a year until it rips a hole and i know i did good.

  • anne

    The guy next to her has the same problem, yet no one complains. Sexist double standards.

  • VeerLeft

    Earth to tards… the outfit is no more revealing than the other speed skaters…it is also less sexual than the figure skaters showing their fanny to the whole world. The summer olympics is even worse. How much diver and synchronized swimmer pussy have you seen? Lots.
    The material is the absolute thinnest it can be. So that the friction and the energy that it takes to bend and stretch it is less. I doubt that ANY of the idiots who wrote this blatant anit-JAP propoganda have EVER competed in a sport that requires efficiency.

    Japanese engineering= attention to detail
    Chinese ‘engineering’= attention to profit margin

    • Daphie

      I dont understand how you think this post is anti-Japan or even propoganda. Cant CHinese even enjoy some women’s T-back?
      We like it, we talk about it, unlike some either sexual cold or man with Irish priest syndrome.

  • notmensa

    It’s NOT a g-string – it’s the fabric & seams of the suit.
    Look at photos of Teruhiro Sugimori, a male skater in the same team:

  • Zorg

    And again there’s that jealous bitching about the post-90s being a tiny bit more free in their behavior…

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  • Mai Ting Long

    That’s a crotch warmer!

  • true american

    One should be proud of one’s country and their athletes. Those who train so hard daily should be honored for their dedication to sport and country!

  • true american

    Some many beautiful women to love and so few years to do it in. “Sigh!”

  • common ppls rather than making it hype here .. it’s not only her… any one in this outfit will same see this pics male’s outfit


  • Johny-5

    fools.. it’s part of the uniform as the man’s uniform has the same design, just u can’t see as well from the photos cause he’s wearing a shirt.

  • BaldBird

    Revealing? Get rid of the thong, then it would be revealing.

  • Nicholas I

    Thank you, Japan, for all you have given the world!

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