Japanese Anchorman Ages Quickly Over 3 Years


Pictures of a Japanese news anchorman suddenly aging very quickly within 3 years amuse many Chinese netizens. Many offer different reasons for what happened.

Comments from KDS:

肉皮汤 referee26:

NHK‘s most famous anchorman. The first time I saw him I knew he was a drug addict.

latte加糖 sujielei:

Too horny…that is what led to this…


[He] belongs to a rich woman.

AFFE vandit:

I want to see what he looks like in February 2009.

Aaron maR aaronmar:

With how he looks in 2007, he should already have stepped down~~

恶向蛋边生 kingsj:

It is obvious that the dates have been changed. You can tell the time period just by looking at the background.
CCTV’s backgrounds were much more modern even in 2004, so I think this is probably from Japan’s 70s.

唐朝老爹 hide23:

Part-time male porn star probably.

oldman cwcih:

Looks like CCTV is still more relaxed.

爱思爱慕 aaron:

It should be real. From what my Japanese friend(s) tell me, the salary for working at Japan’s television channels is very high, but the intensity of the work is unimaginable.
The people inside pretty much all have a sleeping bag, and they all eat and sleep at the television station, bearing huge pressure/stress…not like this bunch of pimp sluts in China television who depend on sex and connections for their meals.

Deejay copymiddle:

Mars. [This commenter is saying the original poster must have come back from Mars because this picture first appeared last year in May.]

Comments from Xcar:

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The vast majority of Japanese women do not work after getting married and become full-time mothers all depending on the man to take care of them.


It is the trend to have dyed white hair, like Obama.


Have the Japanese evolved yet again?


Regarding stress/pressure, Chinese men are number one in the world.


Does this anchorman use drugs?…

Comments from Jan Dan:


This is too exaggerated.


This bastard is about to die soon.


Why do they continue having him broadcast? Does Japan lack people?


Japanese people simply love to do their hair.


? Dyed and dyed again?


He aged 10 years in one year.

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Written by Fauna

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  • wow, first
    He looks so ugly.

  • fl1999

    Stupid comments as usual. First of all the man could be very sick.

    As for dying hair (a likely explanation), Chinese people do that a lot. Looks at all the Chinese leaders! For medical reason, one may be advised by his doctor to stop, in which case the hair will be white again.

  • Peteryang

    its either drug, or drug, or drug, but I susptect its drug, however in exceptional case, its drug.

  • pervertt

    Why this schadenfreude over a newsreader?

  • VeerLeft

    It’s the hair color… don’t let your senses fool you. Look carefully at the face. Same face.

  • Mark

    In China most of the people colour their hair until they reach 70, it’s very obvious with political leaders just as Hu Jintao who takes great care of their hair.

  • Joe #2

    Yeah, I think he stopped dying his hair, but the big question would be why. It’s strange just how much older it makes him look.

  • Besides the hair dye, it has a lot to do with the studio lighting. The first few pics are smaller and the shot is taken further away from the anchor with darker lighting, while the later pic accentuates his facial features through the white light and tighter, bigger frame.

  • NL

    It amazes me what boring ‘stories’ are popular in China. Whatever the reason for this ‘change’: *shrug*. Shrug, shrug, shrug. Drug? Shrug! I don’t care. If he was snapped swimming in the Yangtze, like a certain hardcore Chinaman, then I’d be interested. Alas, these modern leaders no longer need to ‘prove’ their Godliness; a simple hair-dyeing will suffice. Anyway, on topic, Kudos to this Japanese guy for giving up the dye, embrace the glory of old age!

  • looneylaowai

    Stupid, old story. Saw this back in 2007.

    Not worth putting on the site.

    Have some standards, better nothing new at all then this crap.

    • 恭喜呀 你不是火星人。

  • assos

    It’s only funny until it happens to you!

  • Rick in China

    *Yawn* – either photoshopped to increase brightness (hence less depth on coloring making buddy look sick and old) or like someone above mentioned, studio lighting.

  • Kai

    LoL, I dunno, I thought it was kinda funny. I like the ubiquitous blue ties too.

  • Dilla K

    It’s cause he has a Shanghainese girlfriend , hahaha…

  • fireworks

    He is stress

  • Chinglish

    Smile,once smile,ten years younger,
    Worry,once worry,hair will be silver.

  • miya

    Im sorry, but i laughed i guess he is dead now?
    Really age fast damn!

  • ralphrepo

    It isn’t just his hair, but the flesh on his face is withering, a shadow of its former self. Progressive cachexia is often a sign of a long running fight against cancer.