Japanese Anti-China Demonstration, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Japanese protesters carrying signs.

Japanese protesters carrying signs.

From QQ:

Over 1,000 Japanese Right-Wingers Stage Anti-China Demonstration

September 22, rising Japanese right-wing conservative organization “Rise Japan National Action Committee” organized an anti-China march. According to a preliminary estimate, over 1,400 people participated in this demonstration, which is considered to be a relatively large in Japan. The protesting crowd carried signs reading “Japanese Self-Defense Force should be stationed on the Senkaku Islands [aka Diaoyu Islands]” and “Beijing, the rogue gov’t! Get out of our planet!”

Japanese protesters carrying Japanese national flags.

This march started off from Tokyo Castle Peak Park at about 3pm, and arrived at the area surrounding China’s Embassy in Japan at about 4 pm. Afterward, they would read out the written protest in front of the China’s Embassy in Tokyo Roppongi.

A female Japanese protester.

Reports say the organizer of this anti-China demonstration march is Toshio Tamogami, the ex-commander of Japan Air Self-Defense Force who is now the chairman of the “Rise Japanese National Action Committee”. In the middle of August, this committee organized over 150 congressmen and people of other circles and went to Diaoyu Islands to hold a commemoration, and some of their members and several local assembly members landed on the Diaoyu Islands.

A protester requires Japan to revise the constitution, get nuclear weapons, and defend the territory.

A protester demands that Japan revise its constitution, develop nuclear weapons, and defend its territory.

"Senkaku Islands is Japanese territory." is written on a protester's T-shirt.

“Senkaku Islands is Japanese territory” is written on a protester’s T-shirt.

Japanese protesters with signs.

This slogan says: Japan has controlled the Diaoyu Islands since 1895, but not until 1971 did China claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

The slogans written on protesters' signs: China is invading Japan.

The slogans written on protesters’ signs: China is invading Japan.

Right wingers who are participating in the anti-China demonstration.

Right-wingers participating in the anti-China demonstration.


Comments from QQ:

腾讯赣州市网友 小草:

The Japanese devils are so infuriating! Go to hell!

腾讯网友 阿娟:

At this point, just let it [Japan] go ahead and protest. We can stop fighting over the Diaoyu Islands too, and after they finish seizing the Diaoyu Islands, they can come seize mainland China as well. Our diplomats can only protest, condemn, and welcome nations around the world to come seize Chinese territory anyway.

腾讯网友 明日にくちづ:

Yet another misleading headline!!! On [the photo], it’s clearly written “Beijing Gov’t get out of the planet”, what the fuck does it have to do with us Chinese people?? Who says they represent Chinese people?? At least they don’t represent me!

[Note: The original headline was “日本右翼叫嚣中国人滚蛋” (Japanese Right Wingers Shout Chinese People Get Lost) ]

腾讯网友 走刀: (responding to above)

Sowing dissension and disguised replacement of a concept are schemes they’re known for. Who doesn’t know that what this “Beijing” represents isn’t the people but a system/institution!

腾讯网友 秋风落叶: (responding to above)

Still I’d approve of that system getting lost from the planet, the further the better.

腾讯铜仁地区网友 〃軍姿ノ: (responding to above)

SB, that “Beijing” represents China… Even a peasant like me understands~~

腾讯网友 南柯一梦,欲: (responding to above)

A very interesting joke, has anyone noticed that many netizens’ names seem to be Japanese? Ha ha ha… and they’re there nitpicking, what a disgrace!!! ~~~ What a joke! …

腾讯成都市网友 喂、小方块他:

Can’t believe Japan actually has a portion of people who have this attitude towards us. I wonder what sort of propaganda the Japanese government used to change their people’s knowledge of their past fascist war. How can they not feel even the slightest bit of shame?! Get out of our planet?! Fucking better be careful, every single one of us can breath out two extra breathes of carbon dioxide and have you wiped off the planet. Destroying you guys is this easy.

腾讯安徽省网友 台湾美丽日记:

The Diaoyu Islands, where the Japanese can go there whenever they want to, while the Chinese dare not to get close, and only know how to blindly bark! The day before yesterday there were even Chinese people in Japan saying nobody was telling them to get lost, but now you know, right? It’s all a lie.

腾讯网友 岸清:

Mainland people who want to group travel on Diaoyu Islands, sign up.

腾讯网友 2403457531:

Both Japanese people and Americans are loathsome like this, always bullying us Chinese. Can our government do something instead of just continuing to put up with it?

腾讯吉林市网友 Mr.杂烩饭乄:

Interesting, I’m not afraid of this kind of people at all. If there isn’t a war, then we’d be letting down the God that created this bunch of sons of bastards.

腾讯宜昌市网友 蒾夨ゞ過去:

Damn, I don’t know who should really be the ones to get out of the planet, those who are a waste of air when they live, and a waste of land when they die.

腾讯石家庄市网友 逍遥:

Hehe, so interesting. Maybe the Diaoyu Islands really are Japan’s, otherwise why is the Communist Liberation Army afraid to set foot on the islands? A guilty conscious from being in the wrong. Then stop fooling our fellow countrymen. Let’s wait until the ruling party has been changed and then seize the islands.

腾讯南通市网友 絮儿: (responding to above)

Exactly! [The government, military] makes it as if we’re the one’s trying to steal someone else’s stuff. If its our islands, why can other people go on them and leave as they please? Our compatriots only know how to be tough domestically! When its towards foreigners, they don’t even dare to let out a fart!

腾讯网友  清风明月(*^_: (responding to above)

No matter what, we should still trust in our Party and our government.

腾讯深圳市网友 "一個乆菂格:

Well done, Japanese people. I support you. It would be best to just destroy China. China’s society is too unfair, the earlier it’s destroyed, the better.

腾讯成都市网友 。: (responding to above)

You Japanese dog, Japan should’ve disappeared from this planet long ago.

腾讯网友 龍行天下: (responding to "一個乆菂格)

When the Japanese devils are destroying China and raping your mother, let’s see if you still think it’s fair or not.

腾讯网友  溡緔⑨&④︶: (responding to "一個乆菂格)

一個乆菂格, you are a fucking SB, inflating other people’s pride and despising your own people.

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Right wingers who are participating in the anti-China demonstration.


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