Japanese Atomic Bomb Victim Photos, Chinese Reactions


As October 1st, the Chinese national holiday, draws close, patriotic (and anti-Japanese) sentiments are high. A netizen recently posted pictures of Japanese victims of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the popular China Mop BBS under the title “Photos of Japanese Victims of the Atomic Bombings, You Might Not Cheer When You Finish!” While the photos themselves are nothing new, they prompted some heated comments from Chinese netizens.

















[Note from Fauna: The last two pictures above are of a Japanese man with leprosy, not a victim of the atomic bomb. However, it was included in the photos of the original post. Thank you to our readers who informed us of this.]

Comments from Mop:


We can sympathize with these people. If you’re still human you’d sympathize. But the fathers, husbands, sons, and grandsons of the people in these photos invaded our land, killed our grandfathers, raped our grandmothers, beheaded the Chinese as entertainment. To this day their attitude is still indifferent, as though justified, glory for the Greater East Asia. After the war they are still hiding the facts and covering up the truth, denying any wrongdoing, twisting the facts and blaming others….
LZ, are we not Chinese?
You should go post this in America.


There’s a word, called karma.


I suggest lz to go look at the photos documenting the Rape of Nanking, there are many on Mop!!! Don’t forget our country’s shame, that’s payback for them!!! Ding the brother upstairs!!


Looking at the photos! Excited! Energetic! Laughing hysterically! Comforted! ‘Little Japan’, there’s a time for you to cry too!


All the people who posted above please remember that the Americans did this. ‘Little Japan’ bombed Pearl Harbor, and this is the consequence. They invaded more than half of China, and what have we done to give them a lesson? China is too benevolent, we didn’t take compensation, nor did we post a military base in Japan. We let them go with an apology. And the result?? Now Japan bows like a servant to America, but is full of swagger towards China. This just goes to show that, good deeds don’t carry rewards!! So I want to remind everybody, don’t be too good hearted! A defeated enemy should be beaten with even more force.

Just as an aside, these are all civilians, people with parents and children. The politics of the time and the commanders should be blamed. Civilians are innocent, everybody please regard them with neutrality!! Personally I think the bangzi are even more devilish than the Japanese, stealing China’s culture, that’s like digging China’s soul and roots!!!


Fuck! Isn’t the Japanese Imperial Army comprised of the Japanese people? Being merciful to the enemy is being cruel to oneself! Of course I’m not cheering, because the Japanese haven’t paid nearly enough!!!


LZ you are fucking inhuman, why don’t you go look at the pictures of the Nape of Nanking?


Too satisfying! I really want this to happen again!


Payback!!!!!!!! MLGB They brought this upon themselves!!!!


Can they count as innocent civilians? They pay taxes to support the army, the army invades China and massacres the Chinese people. How can they be innocent civilians? They too, have Chinese blood on their hands!


Satisfying, I want this to happen every year.


China has too many of this kind of FQ on Mop…Not all Japanese are ‘devils’, there are also civilians in Japan, those who face up to history, and good people who helped Chinese victims in lawsuits. Trash like you just want to stir up controversy. If there were a rapist in your family that raped someone, and people claim everyone in your family was a rapist, what would you think? The Nanking Massacre wasn’t committed by every single Japanese person.


Poor LZ should go look at photos of the Japanese experiments on live Chinese subjects. Besides, the atomic bomb was only one bomb that killed so many. But the Rape of Nanking? Every one was killed with knives and guns, where’s their humanity? Besides, Americans have the guts to admit that they bombed Japan, but did the Japanese admit their massacre? They even want to deny invading China. Somebody above me said not every Japanese twists history, he’s right. But if their government doesn’t own up to the history, and only a few people do, where’s the use in that? After all, the government, not a few citizens, is what represents a country.


Don’t disgust us by posting pictures, the Japanese and bangzi shouldn’t exist in this world.


Destroy Japan? Then there would be no more AV.


A bunch of FQ, the real victims of war are always the people. We can’t be hot tempered and ignorant. Blind hate can only represent ignorance.


What does this have to do with us? Americans did this.


The people are always victims.


If you think this is great, then from now on you don’t have the right to say that the ‘Japanese devils’ were ruthless, because you’re just like them. Bombing the Yasukuni Shrine, I have no objections. Hurting innocent civilians, and you have the same genes as the ‘Japanese devils’.

All 49 images from the Mop post:

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  • 12meeeeeee


    the chinese people is a people full of hate and stupidity. it will always keep them down.

    • mike

      hypocrite, you americans talk shit about other countries too, so stfu

      • ST

        Given the poor grammar of 12meeeeeee’s comment I doubt they are American.

        Actually, on second thought, perhaps that means they ARE American.

        • Nick

          Hey watch your mouth

        • Hot and Fragrant Marxism

          Interesting; making fun of someone else’s grammar while making several grammar mistakes yourself. To correct your sentences:

          Given the poor grammar of 12meeeeeee’s comment I doubt he/she is American.

          Actually, on second thought, perhaps that means he/she IS American.

          I guess you WERE right about Americans’ poor grammar!

          • You have thesaurus

            “Interesting; making fun of someone else’s grammar while making several grammar mistakes yourself. To correct your sentences:”

            Whilst… not while. Moron.

          • hotandfragrantmarxism

            whilst and while mean the same thing, MORON!

            “Both while and whilst are ancient, though while is older. There’s no difference in meaning between them. For reasons that aren’t clear, whilst has survived in British English but has died out in the US. However, in Britain it is considered to be a more formal and literary word than its counterpart.”


      • Rick in China

        I don’t know any Americans who would look at a photo of mutilated bodies of civilians in Iraq and say “oooh that’s so satisfying”. Do you?

        • capt. nullz whatever

          Last time I checked…U.S and the coalition of willing invaded Iraq. Not the other way around.

          What you say would make sense if Iraqis invaded the U.S…

          • kodi

            If Iraq invaded the USA I would not have time to comment because I would be fighting them using the same tactics they used against American soldiers invading Iraq.

        • HakNam

          Sure we do, the soldiers at Abu Ghraib, the folks who lynched the census taker and carved FED into his chest, along with almost every American who posts at Liveleak.com. At that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Rick, I understand that the Chinese can be callous and vicious, especially towards the Japanese but comparing the Japanese invasion of China to the American invasion of Iraq and their reactions doesn’t work. I mean, if you’re out to demonize the Chinese and place Americans on a pedestal then that’s one thing but objectivity speaking, you gotta know that we can be just as vicious if not more so, toward people who we invaded in the first place.

          • Rick in China

            I’m demonizing anyone who lacks the humanity to see the brutality no matter what the situation in how humans treat eachother, and anyone who takes “satisfaction” or yells how proud they are when they see something as horrifyingly disgusting as what you see above.

            Get off yer fucking horses.

          • HakNam

            You said you don’t know any Americans who would look at mutilated bodies of civilians in Iraq and say “oooh that’s so satisfying”. Do you? I just answered your question. if my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions. Get off your fuckin horse.

          • mm

            talking shit accept he truth u ppl have hatrate in ur heart over other

          • I just love people like you who just reflexively leap to the moral high-ground. Nobody was beheaded at Abu Ghraib etc. Also, these incidents were the work of ‘bad eggs’ Seriously, thier actions were uncovered by their own countrymen and punished justly by their own government. And don’t say stuff like “that’s just the tip of the iceberg” We know about Nanjing, we know about Hiroshima, but we don’t know about your “iceburg”, it may not exist, k?

        • Kawaii

          always dumbasses wherever you go.

        • barack obama

          yes they would if they also see pictures of Iraqi’s cutting babies out of the womb of their women and shiskabobing them on scimitars. And it wouldn’t matter if the pictures are 60 years old.

      • anti-mike

        fuck you your a fucking hypocrite i hate you go die!

        • james dituri

          now heres a peace-loving person lol

      • Nick

        like you and your country don’t talk shit about anyone else. I would shut my stuck up mouth if i were you.
        I’m American and i admit i talk shit. At least i own up to it.

        P.S. Are you french? because you sound like a major frenchy right about now

    • Green Tea

      “the chinese people is a people full of hate and stupidity. it will always keep them down.”

      who said this must be very stupid and full of hate.
      I pity you.

      • 12meeeeeee

        well at least the fucked another country ^^ not like china during the cultural revolution, when you chinks fucked your best genepool, by killing everybody knowledgeable and smart.. now you are decendants of dumb peons and rural nimwits. it can be felt when you are in chinese cities.. no one has half a brain.

        • fmao

          absolutely satisfying comment

        • YY

          and you are there because? get fucked by half-brained chinese coz you cant compete with half-brained chinese in your own country? why don’t you post your picture here and walk on a chinese street again? it would be nice to see if you a-hole is elastic enough to fit bangzi LOL

          • Observer

            I’ve seen your people drive, he’d be fine to walk down a street since he’d become naturalized to dodging reckless drivers.

        • nek0

          You say the Chinese People are full of hatred? so are you too, isn’t it? And I think that Chinese People have A LOT OF reasons to HATE japanese, specially those fuckers who still deny what happened in the past. Oh and you’re guessing wrong because I’m not Chinese, in fact I’m half Japanese and I totally hate the stupid people there.
          You don’t have any kind of respect and you are so ignorant.
          Go to die, cunt. You and the assholes like you are the reason why the world is so sick today. Fuck off and get a life, thanks.^^

    • coco

      first, thiss is retard comment anyway

    • YY

      the {chinese | japanese | korean | american | british | french | …} people is a people full of hate and stupidity. it will always keep them down.

    • jin

      dont know why you guys are insulting chinese people while this is all AMERICAS doing o.O they nuclear bombed japan o.O

      • janiis

        ikr lol..
        wHY are they even getting other countries involved when this is about JAPAN and America..

    • Zlsetrdx

      “Remember the Alamo, remember Pearl Harbor, remember 9/11”

  • stfu

    We own up for it, but no need to apologize, it was not unprovoked, it was the only way to get it through to the Japanese leadership who would have had civillians all the way to Tokyo line up to face US Tanks with sticks and die rather than admit defeat.

    Over the top, but sums it up:

    • krdr

      No, it wasn’t. Japanese already sent proposition for capitulation. USA need to throw a bomb to show their muscles to USSR.

      • stfu

        krdr, can you cite a source? This would be a major break through for historians, congratulations on coming up with definitive proof on what I previously thought was just revisionist babble!

        In lieu of proof, I would suggest you read a balanced report, there was no evidence that there was (and none found to this day) of a viable proposition, a vaguely worded message from the emperor doesn’t count, especially considering the power of the Japanese military hardliners of the time:

        • krdr

          I couldn’t open your link.

          As I understand, Japanese had proposals with 4 conditions and approached to USSR to mediate for peace agreement. Japan capitulate when USSR entered in war against Japan. I don’t want to say that USSR is only reason why they capitulate. There’s a story about captured US pilot that told that US had 100 bombs ready to throw over Tokyo and Kyoto.

          In Eastern Bloc, it bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was always regarded as first action of Cold War.

          So, by trying to be short, I exaggerated things.

          And yes, you still need to apologize.

        • krdr

          Instead of scanning and posting a Cyrillic text, here some link that you would find interesting: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4724793.stm
          also, you can open it.

        • krdr
        • Bubba

          krdr is correct. The Japanese did at least develop a proposal to cease hostilities to avoid invasion and would punish their own war criminals. I believe it was communicated to the Russians whom invaded a week or so later.

          Of course, they should have known that it would be unacceptable but the right wing in turn couldn’t posit any other solution which is why it eventually came down to Hirohito and his foreign minister to end it. They were able to get the US in implicitly protect the institution of the emperor. Three days of intrigue and rebellion before the surrender, it was incredibly dramatic. A lot of good books on the subject.

          But to the point, anyone who can find joy in someone else suffering is dangerous to everybody.

      • bob

        Hey if it wasnt for the americans china would be speaking jap,

        • krdr

          No, regarding the Chinese history, Japanese would speak Chinese :D

          • oster

            Well, China has absorbed their conquerors before, but those were conquerors with very little tradition of scholarship in their culture, nor did they have the state mechanism that Japan had.

            Twas why Sun Yat Sen could speak Japanese.

          • krdr

            He spoke Japanese as he lived there for 10 years. Also, he was fluent in English as he lived in Hawaii from year 13

          • Durrrr

            Nope….when Japan installed the former emperor as the puppet emperor of Manchuria, the official language at the time in Manchuria became Japanese and the official religion Shinto.

          • krdr

            It is funny how you don’t recognize sarcasm.

            Anyway, Manchu was official language of Qing dynasty. Just declaring new language on occupied territories doesn’t means that in next 50 years everybody will speak that language.

      • Nick

        could you site your source please

    • whichone

      The point now isn’t to paint America into an evil empire, it’s so people acknowledge mistakes of the past lest future generations go to war or kill civilians under equally dubious pretenses.

      The United States is just like any other nation that has had its share of great ingenuity and kindness, as well as conquest and mistakes. But somehow its leaders always insist on being the moral leader of the world on top of being the military and economic ones and to this end sugar coats many of its actions. Most nations of world make decisions based on realpolitik and not ideologies, just own up to it.

      “Operation Iraqi Freedom” captures this phenomenon pretty well I think.

      • chabuduoxiansheng

        So you would just let Iraq go on the way that it was then? If this world had no countries like the US that are willing to send our own sons in harm’s way for the sake of freeing the repressed people of a totalitarian regime, this world would be a much different place.

        • whichone

          I was not condoning Saddam’s dictatorial regime in my last post, only my opinion on the popular characterization of U.S. invasion.

          Nor am I saying that the averaged American soldiers are evil killers bent on destroying Iraq, but they (much as the rest of us) were mislead about the reasons for going into Iraq. People were led to believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that represented a grave danger to its neighbors and world. When it was discovered this is not true, (whether by deceit or incompetence I won’t go into) that’s when the mission changed to “liberating Iraqis from repressive regime”.

          Iraq, after liberation:

          Sectarian violence is on going, and may have led to genocides. Al-Qaeda, who were largely kept out by Hussein have moved in. Most places don’t have electricity consistently, clean water is hard to come by.
          near 100% of Children were in school before 2003, compared to 30% in 2006, 14% have post-traumatic stress disorder. As of December 2007, 5 million children were orphaned as a result of the war.

          1.8 million Iraqis displaced in the country, 1.6 million have left in 2006, including 40% of all professionals, 1/2 of all doctors.

          In 2006, Lancet survey of Iraqi excess death due to invasion and insurgent violence that followed is ~655,000. In 2008, British ORB survey puts this number around 1 million.

          All this for the election of a new government. However authority of the new government doesn’t extend very far outside of Baghdad, as the country is essentially disintegrated due to collapse of infrastructure and lack of security. Total Iraqi who have left now have exceeded the number of Palestinians who left because of creation of Israel, potentially destabilizing to the region in the long term. In June this year, when U.S. troops pulled out of Baghdad, locals celebrated with fireworks.

          So if I was an Iraqi living Iraq, in all likelihood I would prefer to go back to the way it was then.

          Most of these facts and numbers I pulled from various Wikipedia articles, make of it what you will.

        • C&N

          you’re so bloody naive. i suppose you think iraq had weapons of mass destruction too? what do you think the stink about halliburton was about? and in iraq who is to blame for the loss of women’s rights and for the current anarchy? under saddam at least there was a balance.

          you think americans fight for freedom and human rights? how do you explain how america’s friendship with the saudis? why do you think once upon a time they armed the taliban in afghanistan to fight the russians? why do you think so many of the south american nations hate americans?

          cha bu duo – seems bloody far off to me.

          • chabuduoxiansheng

            “At least there was balance”

            Are you actually going to use this as a defense for the reason why we shouldn’t have intervened in Iraq? When an entire country had suffered decades of agonizing, demoralizing, servitude under a fascist dictator like Saddam and then one day his regime is ousted will the following years be nice and smooth? These things take a lot of time people. The process of rebuilding Iraq after the invasion post-occupation has had a great deal of huge problems and total fuck-ups. I’m not denying this. But are you out there really so selfish and cowardly to claim that intervention in Iraq is something the US or any country for that matter should have no hand in? That the future for empowering people to take control of their own government is something that can only come from within? This is clearly dangerous thinking on your part.


        • oster

          It would be a different place. But not necessarily the kind of place you’d expect.

          Most democracies that stand the test of time are ones that are built on the initiative of their own peoples. The imposed democracies in Germany and Japan are rare exceptions, but in Japan it took decades to decouple the authoritarian and inward-looking politics that was the result of clinging to the non-democratic past within an imposed democracy.

  • sassa

    Lol china cant do anything

  • Kai

    LoL @ 永逺的神話:

    Destroy Japan? Then there would be no more AV.

  • Tommy

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!
    How long are you people gonna be riding this?
    PLEASE!!! just get over it already.

    • jtc.is.awesome

      well they are still riding that fact that they created paper, gun powder, compass, and the printing press. So your guess is as good as mine.

  • Chen

    Victim hating the predator, it;s normal. One thing I didn’t understand thou : it happen on the last generation, shouldn;t this generation learn how to let go? If they keep clinging on the same old shit, it will be hard for them to advance. Oh course I do not mean their technology, but they mentality

    • FYIADragoon

      You have to be more than a simpleminded child to do that. I agree with your sentiment though.

  • Billy joel

    What does PRC have to do with this?

    USA threw the bomb, not ROC, not PRC. who told Japan to fite the USA?

  • krdr

    Wasn’t the benevolence the supreme attribute of people in Confucianism?

    Throwing atomic bomb crime act against civil. They were ordinary people, not soldiers. Each crime is done by criminal not by people. Crime is individual, not collective.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    lol I saw this on an american forum and basically many thought it was justified to save allied lives. And refuting that it was unnecessary because of japan’s already de facto defeat.

    War sucks.

    People don’t make sense sometimes. Hate is just hate.

    • Ditto

      Plenty of people to this day still strongly support bombing Japan. Despite all the deaths they believe it was the right thing to do. In the end it depends on your perspective, at the time millions were dying and they felt justified in killing millions to stop millions more from being killed, however, in retrospect the horror of a nuclear bomb is hard to justify.

  • Chen

    Well, war does not means that the civilians of the country agree to the warfare. Most civilians hated war, and the one who started the war is not the civilian, but rather the small collective of people who have the power over the civilians.

    And people tend to generalise, such a murderer who is a chinese, after word of mouth, become generally all chinese are murderer. My two cent

    • billy joel

      yep, us soldiers are gonna knock door to door and ask “are you for the war if yes, we will mark you house to bomb” .

    • Alice S

      Yeah, all in all, that’s true. If I were a Japp in like 1941. I can be not interested in Japp victories. I can shake my head, upset that we are hurting ppl. I can be a nice person. I can have never harmed a single Chi in any way. But what difference does that make?

  • FangYao

    As chinese it is super sad to see today what is the people’s reaction, in many years PRC did awfully brainwashing and hatred jobs. in case one day they can easy to use these motion towards other countries….
    for god sake there are the victims of our human history and Japanese Imperial government….
    no one deserve anything happened like this…
    wake up!!! who knows in the future we may become the victims of PRC government….

    • Ming

      PRC is not the only place where Chinese hate Japanese WW2 war crimes, people in HK and Macao share similar resentment.

      Chinese hatred toward japanese are usually not the product of brainwashing.

      Not talking about 6/4th event <— thats brainwashing.

      Even in a democratic China, I bet you there will still be many anti-japanese resentment.

      • Teacher in China

        I agree, the government doesn’t make any difference. It’s not going to stop until they stop teaching hatred to children in school. After having witnessed the teaching of the holocaust in a high school of Jewish students, it’s clear to me that there are ways to teach about monumentally tragic historical events without teaching hate. Yes, it sucks that the Japanese are being pricks about not owning up to certain facts, and the Yokozuna (hehe, intentional sp error, can’t remember to to spell it) Shrine visits; but I still think it’s just unacceptable to teach hatred to children.

        • Bubba

          Yokozuna is the most efficient foreign policy tool ever created. Got a dispute over a couple of rocks at sea? China has to spend 10 million on moving a carrier group into the area. Japan? The Prime Minster has simply gets into a limo, drives to the shrine and puts a wreath on a grave. China’s down 10 million but Japan only 50 bucks. I can’t believe that China and Korea fall for it every time.

        • tian

          They are not teaching hatred to children. I went to school in China, and how was a 10 year kid suppose to react to something so horrible to his country? please.

          • tie04

            I think the education comes through the media. Ever turn on the TV? A lot of the soap opera’s are still about Chinese vs. Japanese. Not to mention, they are still releasing movies like Nanjing Nanjing, which keep everybody infuriated. It’s a way to keep a sense of nationalism; pointing the finger at the other guy.

        • tie04

          haha, I think its Yakusuni shrine, but i could be wrong too. That shrine commemorates more than just those Japanese soldiers who died in ww2. It stands tribute to all of the soldiers who died before hand as well, beginning at the Meiji restoration, I believe.

          But that’s besides the point, I whole heartedly agree with your comment.

      • Teacher in China

        Let me just clarify something – the teaching of hate is not the same as brainwashing, in my opinion. Brainwashing would be continued teaching of the same simple facts over and over again; my impression of what goes on (and I admittedly have never been present in a lesson) is that somewhere in the high school years (or junior high school years) students are taught about the Rape of Nanking, the occupation, etc. but never taught about how to deal with it all. They’re taught that those people were evil (which they were) but they don’t seem to be taught that those people are not the same people alive and living their lives in Japan today. That’s the difference between what I saw in the Jewish school, and what I’ve learned about what happens in Chinese school through conversations with lots of different students over the years. That simple little difference leads to misunderstanding and hate very easily, and the teachers should bear direct responsibility for that.

      • FangYao

        the result is very clearly, wrong education system is the main response for the Chinese action. so for your opinion PRC do did an ok job on this????
        i still didnt get what you want to prove: Chinese hate Japanese because we were born like this??? what is your point…..

        • FangYao

          sorry the common up is to Ming

  • Man, this looks just like the “man beating up woman in public” board. “(They) deserved it,” “bitch/japs got it coming,”: I suppose if you think this way, a rational argument won’t sway you.

    Look, forgiveness is not a weakness. Few people do it because its tough to do, as virtues are. I know someone who hated his wife and could not “ever” forgive her; I mused to him that perhaps he could never forgive her because he enjoyed the power of being the victim and having this debt of apology over his wife. In the end, they divorced.

    Forgiveness is not forgetting. Forgiveness is accepting that what you can’t change; it’s saying the best/only way to all problems is love. If you still don’t understand forgiveness, go see your local clergyman/new age bookshop/filthy hippie, I’m no expert.

    There is no pride in being the victim, or any pride in looking down on others; this is both playing for sympathy and being arrogent.

    China is a strong country with many recent achievements (and old ones); China, be proud of that. Stand tall; don’t swat in the dirt, poking at ants to feel like a giant.

    • “Stand tall; don’t swat in the dirt, poking at ants to feel like a giant.”

      I mean squat. Damn, I just had to ruin a cool inspirational ending with bad spelling. There goes all my converts!

      • CR

        Fortuitous mistake. The imagery works just as well, if not better.

        • If only all my mistakes could be so fortuitous.

          Anyways, peace and love everybody: if China’s National Day miltary parade doesn’t expound that ideal, nothing will.

    • Enki

      If wuxia dramas have taught me anything… forgiveness is more of a western/Christian/Abrahamic virtue. Honouring your ancestors by getting revenge for them is the Confucian way. I think this really explains a lot.

      • Lang

        It does not matter where the concept comes from? I agree for peace and growth to gain we must learn to forgive. Look at Israel and their muslim neighbors. The people there are driven by hatred and revenge killing each other for many centuries in the name of hate and revenge. Do you want something like that to happen to our country?

  • whichone

    Just to echo Chen’s sentiment, most the Japanese civilians didn’t hurt anyone, but coerced along to obey the rules of the hawkish imperial military.

    There is really not much to say to people who, while looking at these pictures – tragedies of war staring right in their face – and spew hateful rhetoric. Nothing anyone says is likely to change their minds.

    • bob

      The Japanese civilians were just as bad as soldiers when american pilots were shot down over there homeland, there were only a handfull of american pilots to come out of japan alive if any. The japs got what was coming to them. too bad we didnt drop a few more on thier stubborn ass’s

      • Somethin Somethin

        You firebomb a civilian population you can’t expect fair treatment logically no matter what the rules of war said. It’s barbaric, but then again so is war.

  • VeerLeft

    Typical miopic brainwashed responses. This is exactly how the Japanese government got the people to support their military regime. Lies and nationalism.

    The posters are 90% assholes.

    • billy joel

      typical dumbass brainwashed into thinking others are brainwashed to think this way… or a 10 year old.

      maybe this idiot should learn something called culture and sociology.

    • Joe #2

      > Typical miopic brainwashed responses. This is exactly how the Japanese government got the people to support their military regime. Lies and nationalism.

      Sadly, that technique can work in any country :-(


    3 remarks:
    1) there was a war between Japan and US at that time and any weapon that could help one part to prevail against the other was in my view morally legitimate. Don’t forget that the atomic bomb was actually “invented” during the last months of the war itself and nobody exactly knew the effects of dropping one of these gadgets on a populated city. And if you talk about figures, 100,000 civilians already died in march 1945 as a result of incendiary bombing over Tokyo.
    2) the chinese netizens should first thank the Americans for having defeated Japan. Without their help their Mao’s troops with their small guns would have been crushed easily by the imperial army and most of China today would still be a japanese colony.
    3) finally, after so many years we are still talking about WW2 like it happened yesterday (honestly I never heard a polish showing such an anger toward germans for example). The atrocity during the cultural revolution are not in my opinion worse and it looks that this period of time simply disappeared from history books. How so?

    • FangYao

      the history will be never forgot, it is the only time matter, the truth of the culture revolution is never gonna be changed….. it will be the knife always inside PRC the heart….

    • krdr

      Polish doesn’t shows anger toward Germany, but now they shows anger toward Russia, because they occupied parts of Poland on beginning of WWII. To be worse, when Germany occupied parts of Czechoslovakia, Poland occupied parts of CZ, too.

      Hate toward other nation is politically inducted and maintained to people.

    • whichone

      I basically agree with 3), this is a terrible period that destroyed the lives of a generation of people and as well as much of tradition Chinese art and culture that is only now starting to recover.
      Somewhat ambivalent about 2), America and China had a common interest in defeating Japan but I’m leaning towards agreement.

      As for 1)
      There are not moral quandaries about military weapons themselves but rather their use on civilian population. After testing in New Mexico, they had a pretty good idea. 100,000 dead civilians prior to dropping the atomic bomb is immoral and doesn’t make the nuclear bomb any less so. There are still controversy surrounding the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      Most arguments for use of bomb involves saving lives in invasion and refusal of Japanese leaders to surrender. U.S. could have had other ways to demonstrate the effects of the bomb without targeting civilians. Japan as an island nation on the Pacific’s ring of fire has deep seated traditional fears of earthquakes and tsunamis that might ‘sink’ the nation. A few choice spots in the ocean would accomplish the much same psychological terror desired by the U.S.

      I know a lot people in the U.S. who believe as you do and there is no shortage of literature by informed people on both sides of the issue, but I think among historians most are not your side. (I could of course, be talking out of my ass on this particular point.)

    • FYIADragoon

      Take it a step further. What troops did Mao have? The entire war was basically KMT. Mao just sat back and built up.

      • billy joel

        Oh yeah, having your millions of troops hagning out at chongqing while your wife and buddies embezzel gov’t money is totally fighting the war.

        • FYIADragoon

          Like sitting around in a village fucking little girls is? Yeah, a pedophile for a leader. Really inspirational, bro. Who the fuck did you think fought the battle at Shanghai? The Russians?

    • jack butcher

      To DUKE FLEED:
      did you realize you always make retard comment.
      1.who told you they didn’t know the effect of dropping a atomic bomb in populated city. US spent billions dollor in developing this new weapon and they don’t know the power of atomic weapon? How many years did you study in school? Maybe two years in primary school.
      2.Chinese don’t need to thank the American for having defeated Japan. USA defeated Japan, Japan surrended to USA not china. After USA dropped two atomic bomb Japanese best troop still focus in northeast 3 province.
      Then communists asked Soviet Union for help. Soviet Union pushed communist to declare outer Mongonia is a independent country. China did it. Then our big brother swept Japanese out.
      3.How could you compare Germany and Japan. Chinese and Polish. German premier knelt down after WW2. Japan changed the text book totally denied they once invaded China. German make movie to confess the sin they had commited during the WW2. Japanese worship Yasukuni shrine。German compensated 2/3 of their GDP. what did Japan do to china. The WW2 criminal was elected for premier. Still so many Japanese WW2 criminal don’t feel guity after WW2.

      Stop commenting in chinasmack. Your retard comment hurt everyone’s eyes in Chinasmack. Maybe you’d better go back to school. Oh yes. Maybe you are moron. Can’t study well.

      • jinsic

        He doesnt have to realize that. The rest of us has to.

      • Phil

        His was a well written and thought out response, yours drips with unintelligent seething hatred and bias. I’m Chinese but playing the victim is only hurting ourselves, get over it and grow stronger from it.

        • jack butcher

          I didn’t mean its good to be happy in playing the victim. just try to let duke fleed know he is stupid

        • jack butcher

          most of foreigners in chinasmack know a little about china. maybe they only read one book about cultural revolution. they comment like they are experts

          • chabuduoxiansheng

            you’d be surprised, son. Most foreigners commenting on Chinasmack have spent a considerable amount of time in the mainland or taiwan. How many mainlanders can claim they’ve lived a long time in North America and understand both cultures pretty well?

          • jack butcher

            to chabuduoxiansheng.
            you are another retard moron.
            1.spending a lot of time in mainland doesn’t mean you know a lot about china.
            2.why do we need to claim we have live in north America for a long time. does china smack talk about north america?

            you know a little crappy chinese !!!

          • chabuduoxiansheng


            You’re right, living a long time in the mainland doesn’t mean you know a lot about the country. It’s you that made that inference, not me. However, the vast majority of foreigners that live in the Chinese speaking world a long time do end up learning the language and understanding the culture somewhat. Just as Chinese do in western countries, but maybe a little different. Different in the sense that Western education allows us to be much more open to new ideas and cultural practices whereas traditional Chinese culture inherently places China as the pinnacle of the whole world and the language as the best thing since Aunt Jemima’s buttermilk pancakes. In short, westerners do surprising come away with a pretty good ability to compare and contrast the two great civilizations. Please don’t be so quick to label us a bunch of dimwits. Besides, the history of China we read about in the West is much more accurate than most things you’ll find in the mainland. That you can bet your ass on.

          • DUKE FLEED

            Jack Butcher,

            I think you confuse the words “knowing and understanding China” with absorbing your government’s propaganda and official versions of the facts. Guys like me working as professionals in China for over 5 years, travelling around different cities, meeting more important people that you would do in your whole life, don’t have any clue about China? You first have to learn how to think of the box

          • jack butcher

            to duke fleed:

            how funny you work as professionals. i guess you couldn’t find a job from your country and come to china teach kindergarden. you trash don’t discriminate others. remember you are discriminated entire of your life.

    • Alice S

      What’s with the morality rubbish?
      1. Japps are not good.
      2. To save all ppl, nuke them.
      3. The end.

  • manusan

    when people try to compare horror think like Hiroshima with Nanking in order to look better than other, this is pathetic, because horror still horror, nobody in Europe call german people like a devil, because we don’t want to live this again.

    But I’m not worry with chinese, they can do it alone, Mao let die 38 millions of his people between 59-62, more than Hitler or Japanese war, and he’s considerated today like a great guy.


    One of the reasons I don’t like America is because they only nuked Japan twice, they didn’t have the guts to totally destroy the country like what happened to Germany. Something like 7 million Germans died but they killed less than half as many Japs, they never felt completely defeated and that is why they dare to lie about the past, that is why they still think they’re better than everyone, that is why they still need to be punished.

    • Bereaver

      Jeeze bro, aren’t you over doing it? lol

      I mean, lol, you know?

      That’s like saying, when you start a fight, you should always fight until the death?

      I always looked at life like…. If I get into a fight, I’ll pick the guy up after he’s been demolished and make friends with him.

      Although… that might not be the best thing to do…. (backstabbers are still around)

    • bleah

      [blockquote]they never felt completely defeated[/blockquote]I never understood why they didn’t do anything against the emperor.

      • Bubba

        They did communicate to Mac Arthur that they would surrender unconditionally and long as the US upheld the institution of the emperor. Somehow the army command acknowledged this condition for unconditional surrender. I can’t remember the details but they’re probably easy to find.

        There’s evidence that Hirohito expected to be arrested and tried. But Big Mac was then fighting the communists and didn’t want to shake up society so much that it jeopardized the occupation. So, as I understand it punishing Hirohito went against US regional interests.

    • Alice S

      Yes they should have dropped them like food parcels.

  • xiaorer

    “As chinese it is super sad to see today what is the people’s reaction, in many years PRC did awfully brainwashing and hatred jobs. in case one day they can easy to use these motion towards other countries….
    for god sake there are the victims of our human history and Japanese Imperial government….
    no one deserve anything happened like this…
    wake up!!! who knows in the future we may become the victims of PRC government…. ”

    Right on! 共匪禍國!

  • Dongdong

    Nobody is responsible for his ancestors acts, otherwise every single people on earth would be to blame for horrible things. To bad only 1% of chinese people can understand that.

  • Manusan…. you stealth the words from my mind! :D
    China people are very strange, they hate Jap for the Rape of Nanking but love Mao and his indiscriminate slaughter.
    I’m Italian, I live in Europe, my job force me to travel a lot, but no one I have encountered blame me for the shitty things made from Mussolini. We have undertood that pace is better tha hate.

    • fangyao

      en you right, do you think you guys are luck, have such “nice leader” at the moment, by the way there are the majority voted…..

    • Eegandroll

      please remember chinese ppl in mainland were taught ever since preschool “fabricated chinese history”. To them, Mao is like a superman, and there are no such thing as ppl dying in cultural revolution and such. Strange? That’s what you get if you don’t have a proper education ever since you are 3.

      • Kisimii

        LOL…is that the propoganda narrative they are feeding you these days?

        • Eegandroll

          Its suppose to be satirical, but u got to admit there r a good number of retards that actually believe it (prob not the majority, but a good number).

  • tk 4 lyfe

    i studied bout WWII during high school, with an emphasis on china. the amount of civilian chinese killed was even more that that of all the jews during the holocaust. i remember the chinese dead figure being a couple times more than the jew count too.

    and guess what, in western countries they never taught that shit in the schools…of all the war atrocities and civilians massacred by the japs. so if yall whites can demonize the nazis (from the propaganda of ur school history classes + hollywood), and even today’s generation of jews still can have prejudice towards germans (an accepted fact by a lot of non-jew whites), what the fuck is wrong with chinese still having probably an even stronger prejudice towards japs? like pusan playa noted, them japs just werent taught a real lesson (usa had their own economic plans for japan this is true if u look at how much they benefited from each other and how japan has risen to be a world leader). japs dont admit shit and arent even teaching their youth of their mistakes, then they just still walking around like their shit dont stink. a country should take responsibility for their ancestor’s actions by making it their mission to right the wrong…speak clearly of past war atrocities so at least there can be a kind of humility, not an arrogant bunch that be on some we the super asian race we invented playstation type bullshit. what happened when the mylai massacre story broke on people magazine during the vietnam war? see the parallels to jap society and how they just suppressing shit? dont forget the massacres and comfort houses (forced prostitution) the japs were committing all over asia…china, korea, philipines. u may not agree with the strong prejudice views of japs shared by chinese, koreans, philipinos, etc, but just cuz ur white doesnt mean ur right…

    throughout the history of china, china never really invaded any country or started no real shit (war). in mainland china, chinese always just been fighting chinese. the hatred towards japs is just something all mainland chinese can agree with each other to hate on a shared enemy, instead of bickering with each other.

    • VeerLeft

      And if we’re not white? Can we be heard then?

    • FYIADragoon

      Wow thanks for assuming that we’re all of caucasian ethnicity in the west. Apparently I’m so white I can’t even tell I’m white.

    • chabuduoxiansheng

      “Throughout the history of china, china never really invaded any country or started no real shit (war). in mainland china, chinese always just been fighting chinese.”

      Excuse me? Are you being serious? What do you call the 1979 invasion of Vietnam, East Turkestan, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Korea, Taiwan, the list goes on and on.

      China is nothing but a modern day Roman empire. The momentous invasion of foreign lands that started in the Han dynasty has yet to cease.

      • C&N

        are you retarded? vietnam? that was a border clash after with vietnam due to soviet tensions and after vietnam invaded cambodia. east turkestan? its called xinjiang and after the fall of qing dynasty some locals tried to declare indepedence which lasted less than a year – late 1933 to early 1934(compared to centuries of control under qing and other dynasties). tibet has always been part of china. mongolia (both inner and outer) has always been part of china’s territory. only the soviet’s politicking forced the seperation of outer mongolia. korea? what the hell??? taiwan… yeah whatever.

        you need to read a few more books. you’re remarkably ignorant.

        • chabuduoxiansheng

          You sure are quick on the defensive.

          The clash with Vietnam was much more than a border clash as the Red Army advanced quite a distance over the border and suffered heavy losses. This being because of soviet tensions? By this time, Mao had long before cut ties with the neighbors to the North. This clash had to do with the Party losing face as Vietnam flagrantly went against what the party wanted by invaded Cambodia.

          The region at one time known as East Turkestan comprised of a predominant ethnic people of Turkish origins has in the course of Chinese history been only occupied three times. The first time being in the Han dynasty. Centuries of control by the Qing? I hope you’re kidding. Having a few far-flung outposts in desert wastelands is by no means a sign of total occupation.

          Mongolia, both inner and outer, has always been China’s territory? I’d love to know what the Mongolians think of this sentiment.

          Tibet has always been a part of China? HAHAHA. Now, here you’ve gone to far. I’m not calling for Tibetan independence here, because I know it’s something that won’t happen and most Tibetans don’t want it anyway. But the former kingdom of Tibet had once been a very powerful force in the region. Qing expansion does not suffice as a reason to call Tibet a legitimate part of the middle kingdom.

          Korea has always been fucked with by outside forces such as the Japanese. But the Chinese definitely take the cake here with the centuries of meddling in the affairs of Korea, not to mention their intervention during the Korean Conflict. What a waste of millions of Chinese lives by the way.

          Taiwan is a separate issue.

          I need to read a few more books? I agree. I believe we all need to read more and speak less frequently. However, you perhaps should read less books espousing proper Communist though and a little more non-biased historical texts.

          • C&N

            right… and what wise and great government was east turkestan (when did the term even arise?) under before the chinese came along and tore up their culture and enslaved their people? desert outposts? ever heard of the silk road? the one marco polo travelled along and described in his accounts of china?? as for the mongolians, they, like the machus, were both assimulated into the greater china after they conquered the previous dynasties. tibet was once a powerful kingdom but conquered by the mongols and later pacified under the qing dynasty. so yes, i consider more than 200 years of control and over 1000 years of intertwined history as justification for sovereignty over the region.

            by your logic, any region should be able to declare independence because of: a) civil war; and b) racial differences. in that case the usa would have been split into thousands of pieces – in the past, present and future. each one of her ghettos and each of her little pockets of prejudices could qualify as another independent country.

            sure china meddled in korea’s affairs. korea was once a vassal state and until the 20th century, even used chinese written script. but at least china always dealt humanely and fairly with korea (unlike the japanese). as for china’s clash with vietnam… well all i can say is that it ended quickly and cheaply. how did the americans fare in the korean and vietnam wars?

            i don’t read chinese propoganda. it’s too rare to find. but wikipedia and google is accessible to all. try it.

  • CR

    I don’t understand at all how the Koreans entered into the discussion. “stealing China’s culture”?? Weird.


    The universe is a very violent place. From exploding stars to exploding cars. Humans are no different in nature. War is as natural as making a baby. Do we need war? Must we kill to live? Must suffering continue into tomorrow? The answer is yes. When the lion stops killing, so will we. Progress is a comfortable disease. And revenge grows with time.. Sad? Welcome to the world. Imagine alien suffering.

  • colin

    The Chinese are just jealous, we got to nuke japan and they didn’t. They shouldn’t be jealous and as an American I should be ashamed at what we did…but you know what they say…all is fair in love and war.

  • im surprised that few or none of these comments give any thought to the nature of dropping an atomic bomb on innocent civilians, or that america did this. or maybe i’m not surprised, as we are talking about japan afterall. either way, its sad, both what happened, and the responses.

  • FYIADragoon

    Anyone Chinese could actually derive satisfaction from these photos or this act deserves to have been apart of the victims of the Rape of Nanking. No one deserves to suffer like this, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, American, I don’t give a fuck where they come from. Seriously, fucking FQs.

    • billy joel

      Noone deserves shit. You deserve life, good for you. Someone takes a 9mm and shoves lead up your ass, you dead. You deserve life, good but you dead. lol

    • Alikese

      How is your comment: “Anyone Chinese could actually derive satisfaction from these photos or this act deserves to have been apart of the victims of the Rape of Nanking.” Any different than the Chinese commenters who excuse the Japanese suffering because of war atrocities?

      You’ve got a pretty serious case of cognitive dissonance.

      • FYIADragoon

        Where does it infer I would be satisfied? Its just balance.

        • Lewceein

          yeah, umm… Alikese is right. you contradicted yourself pretty obviously: ‘these heartless people deserve this fate’ and then, ‘nobody deserves this fate’.

          oh well, at least your ‘nobody deserves this fate’ comment was correct…

  • FYIADragoon

    “After all, the government, not a few citizens, is what represents a country.”

    Also I want to quickly point out this post. Seriously, someone needs to teach this kid what “slippery slope” is. His argument is the same one that justifies that the country of China is “evil.”

  • Jay K

    i’m american…does that automatically qualify me as an evil person?

    • Haha

      Yes, go back to Europe and let the Natives have their land.

    • krdr

      No, but that’s qualifies you as person that shares same view as his government. Without wide scope. I didn’t said that you’re shortsighted.

    • Alice S

      No. I love Americans because of the Nuke Bomb!! I will never forget that!

  • Max

    Whoever is satisfied with watching pictures of human victims is probably cruel enough to take part in atrocities if he was a soldier in the army. Anyway, I don’t think these comments represent actual public opinions in China. The majority of people are smart, kind and peaceful, but the fools are always louder.

    • Anon

      I think you’re being very charitable. Yes, we all know that the most obnoxious people are always loudest. But if you compare the comments left on major Chinese forums and news sites with those left on other sites, the difference is HUGE. Let’s say, for instance, that, I don’t know, a 9/11 conspiracy documentary is produced in, let’s say, France, and the filmmaker gets a fair amount of attention. A week later, an earthquake in France kills 200 people. How many people do you think you will see celebrating on mainstream US websites? Maybe a few, but I’m pretty sure they’d get slammed for it, and it wouldn’t be the majority/significant minority opinion. Now go see what happens on Chinese sites in a similar situation. ChinaSmack does pick sensationalistic topics, but I don’t think that the site particularly cherry-picks ugly comments. I fight not to became a full-fledged anti-Chinese racist every day, thanks to the Chinese internet. I mean, I can only continue to give the benefit of the doubt for so long in the face of such a constant torrent of vicious, ugly sentiments.

      • Anon

        If that wasn’t clear- I’m saying I don’t think Chinasmack cherry-picks because I do my own reading, not because I just trust them to be fair.

      • js

        “I fight not to became a full-fledged anti-Chinese racist every day, thanks to the Chinese internet.”

        Nice, why neglecting the racist bs coming from Chinasmack comments.

        • Anon

          Um. Because it’s a single, niche website that focuses largely on shocking subjects, is full of trolls, and whose posters come from all over and tend to know at least something about China and therefore have at least a little bit of room to comment? In comparison with what I was talking about, which is really vile expressions of hate being expressed all over a number of mainstream websites all coming from mainland Chinese who very often don’t have a clue what they’re talking about? And this goes on despite pretty strict monitoring?

          Besides, I didn’t even say I love everything posted here, now did I? But I suppose that if you’re Chinese,I can understand how you might think that criticizing China or anything Chinese means you automatically give all foreign counterparts a complete pass unless you write a page-long disclaimer about how everyone else is also plenty bad.

    • Kennisi

      Bullshit. Just most chinese don’t speak out about their opinions ,after all this isn’t in their culture to do so.

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  • Ningk

    Deep down, all Chinese know that their face-saving antics would have led to the exact same altering of textbooks, denying history, and refusing to apologize as was seen from the Japanese, if they were in their place.

    Having displayed their complete and utter lack of resistance against those who would brainwash them, the Chinese would probably have inflicted similar warcrimes upon the Japanese, if given the chance.

    • Yin

      You’re saying it like any other people is different. Who just killed 100,000+ people in two ruinous wars over in the Middle-East? That’s right, Americans, the same people who dropped atomic bombs on Japan and ended up feeling self-righteous about it.

      Humans are all full of shit.

      • chabuduoxiansheng

        I suppose you’d be appeased with allowing the Taliban to roam free in Afghanistan and allow Al-Quaida training camps. We’ll just wait around a few more decades for the UN to do something then, in the meantime you go ahead and fan the flames off your child’s back since a terrorist trained in Afghanistan blew himself in a New York subway carriage.

        • Yin

          Oh, so it was all a hunt for Al Qaeda… So where’s Osama Bin Laden again? Last I checked, he was still issuing death to America proclamations.

          And I suppose it justifies the 100,000+ dead created by the two wars (thirty times the number that died during the 9/11 tragedy). That’s probably what the Chinese think as well: we lost about twenty million people in World War II. So why shouldn’t ten times that number in Japanese pay? Oh wait, that’s the entire population of Japan. Oops.

      • C&N

        retardedxiangsheng: taliban was armed by the americans once upon a time. obviously you weren’t paying attention during rambo 3.

        you reguritate all the crap in popular media and pretend its learning. it’s like watching a dog take a shit then eat it.

        • chabuduoxiansheng

          Unfortunately, my dear fan, I don’t regurgitate the Western media because they have already strayed from basic logic when it comes to American intervention in the region.

          Thanks for the history lesson on the region. I, of course, since I am nothing but a stupid American knew nothing of this breaking piece of news.

          Please enlighten me. It seems you have a good reason to disagree with me on this point. What would that be exactly? Would you be happy with Al-Quaeda operating freely in your country and plotting mass murder in your own backyard? I think not. Or perhaps you have a better alternative, such as sending envoys over to dissuade them from using excessive force. Perhaps throw in a few Little Red Books to encourage group think.

          • C&N

            why is america always on some great crusade? first fighting the communists and now ‘fixing’ the middle east. open dipolomacy rather than cash and guns and overthrowing of regimes would have led to a different outcome, a different situation today. the usa with its arrogance, its greed and its sanctimonious ‘holier than thou art’ attitude has created an imbalanced world. don’t think for one second that american history post 1950s was marked by anything other than: stupidity, fear and impetuousness. there were no glorious battles to fight, no great causes to stand up for. it was propoganda created and perpetuated by and for the masses – a blue hallucinogenic pill easily chosen and swallowed by american system. the result is that today you have a schizophrenic society in a love hate relationship with socialism and fighting an endless war. now that the usa has created this mess, it and the rest of the free peace loving world has no option but to continue fighting the islamic extremists but recongise this: modern democracies were never made for wars.

            so americans try and learn from your past: stop messing around in other countries’ affairs, stop this captain america bullshit. try being environmentally friendly like the germans, try being chilled like the spanish, try borrowing some of the french and english style and try being nice like the canadians and australians. and lastly, be nice to china.

            she’s got you by your balls so quit struggling and just learn to enjoy it.

      • Chen

        And this means that Kaai is wrong????

  • Yin

    Meh, East Asian internet nationalists hating on their neighbors, so what else is new? If that makes you an anti-East Asian racist go right ahead. Misery loves company.

  • the great yellow master race

    lovely. i know we the yellow mastr race have longest dicks in the world and we are perfect race in the universe but i muss tell you, we did bad things in our past too. for exsample noone know about our humans tests done in nuclear testing areas. so does noone know how high is a death rate around our nuclear facilities.

  • Fike2308

    I just got here and I want to know if this article has already turned into a discussion about TAIWAN yet…if not then I’m sure it will.

  • bb

    just food for thought: what would the world’s reaction have been had Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” been made here in China and been about collecting Japanese scalps instead of Nazis. I imagine there would have been a shitstorm of controversy.


      Who cares if it’s be controversial? That movie would make a billion dollars at the Korean box office alone!

      • john

        koreans doesnt have that much money lol haha jk

      • bb

        I’m guessing that 300 million Chinese would see it and that the domestic box office here would rake in a good $50 or $60 bucks after pirating and online viewing.

  • capt. nullz whatever

    right. I do believe that the government has used these sentiments (ultimately result of WAR. SUCKS) for their own self serving needs, but one still have to take into account that this shit happened. The older generations were truly affected by the war. War sucks. People need to be a little bit more objective and use this to ultimately work toward making a better future for everyone and not repeat the same mistakes. What I’m trying to say is I can understand why the older generation have these hateful sentiments (it’s not just the Chinese–I’m talking about the generation who lived through WWII.)

    Whatever man. I don’t even know why I care. Fuck the world. Fuck life. Fuck it all. I hope WWIII happens like tomorrow and we all get blowned the fuck up. Haha.

    • FangYao

      hey stop talking, don’t make fool of yourself…..

      • capt. nullz whatever

        fx you. sx my dx. ho bitch.

        I can make a fool of myself (on the internet) all I want. Shit. I already did. HAHA.

        You don’t like my negative nihilism? Too bad.

        World sux (no matter what Discovery channel commercial tries to tell ya. Besides, they just reality t.v now). Life sux.

        No one asked to be born.

        whatever whatever.

        • liruike

          Life is short. And life is just a test. Each person will stand before the Judge and give an account of the good and evil he or she did. Justice will be served to all.

  • Graham

    ……do you really think a whole nation’s way of thinking can change in just one generation ? …. just to remind you of the potential that is lurking just beneath their skin ….. follow this link and then ask yourself again if this nation should be forgiven ….


    “Revenge is a dish best served cold” …. the Japanese will get what is coming to them with a little help from the PLA.

    • The John

      From wikipedia:

      Apology and condolences by the prime minister and emperor of Japan

      On August 15, 1995, the fiftieth anniversary of the Surrender of Japan, the Japanese prime minister Tomiichi Murayama gave the first clear and informal apology for Japanese actions during the war. He apologized for Japan’s wrongful aggression and the great suffering that it inflicted in Asia. He offered his heartfelt apology to all survivors and to the relatives and friends of the victims. That day, the prime minister and the Japanese Emperor Akihito pronounced statements of mourning at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan. The emperor offered his condolences and expressed the hope that such atrocities would never be repeated. Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking, criticized Murayama for not providing the written apology that had been expected. She said that the people of China “don’t believe that an… unequivocal and sincere apology has ever been made by Japan to China” and that a written apology from Japan would send a better message to the international community. [6]

      There have been apologies and no affect. In fact, im pretty sure that even if japan did formally apologize, China would still hate them.

      But, this isn’t about China. Its about America dropping a bomb on people that were not soldiers. War is terrible. There is no justification for killing innocent people.

  • Jason

    If not for the damage Japan did to China, the Communists would never have defeated the Imperial Army. The Commies should be thanking Japan for granting them sixty wonderful years of tyranny.

    • john

      didnt u know that the comunist were also fighting against the japanese? in fact, it was one of the major comunist offensive that lead to the japanese attack of Nanjing!

    • whichone

      Right…isn’t this like

      “if she didn’t get stabbed with a knife, she wouldn’t have gotten that beautiful tattoo to cover up the scar”?

  • Dan

    It is scary to know about the censoring in China. Only allowing what “Big Brother” wants its citizens to read.
    As an English teacher in Japan I actually see what they are teaching in the schools. And they don’t deny what happened.
    There is only a political group of nationalists that rewrote a history book denying so many wrongs done by Japan, and they are trying to push it on school boards. But most school boards laughed at them. Only a small tiny fraction have taken the book. Not the whole freakin country. Do some research.
    The new generation is sad that so much killing took place.

    Hell all the people I’ve talked to in Japan don’t hate China, but they are pissed that China keeps copying their stuff.

    • Yin

      Listen to yourself for a moment.

      “The Japanese don’t hate China…”

      No shit. What the fuck did China ever do to them, except fight against their invasion? The Chinese didn’t even drop the atomic bombs; America did. Only in a bizarro world utterly lacking in logic would there be any cause for the Japanese to hate the Chinese over World War II. Hell, the Chinese even adopted the Japanese war orphans left behind by the Imperial government as it retreated. They have little to complain about.

      Let’s not act like World War II was a war both sides wanted, and in which both sides were at fault. Japan invaded. China defended. America dropped the atomic bombs. End of story.

      • bb

        sure, agreed, but don’t discredit everything he’s said…indeed listen to HIM for a moment..the whole ‘they deny history’ card is very played out and exploited beyond the current reality.

  • As stated above,

    at least the japanese fukt another country. not like china, who fkt their own country over so hard during the cultural revolution, it never got back on its feet intellectually.
    you wonder why china cant come up with ONE innovative idea by itself and has to copy all from japan and germany and the usa?

    because you killed everyone with half a brain 60 years ago and now your genepool is that of a spongefarm.

    nanjing was bad, cultural revolution was much much worse.

    but you chinese are so good at fingerpointing and need distraction huh.

    • Dan

      Now don’t go mixing up China and Cambodia. Cambodia killed many of its intellectuals because they were upper class. China had a lot of “disappearances”, well they still do, but they didn’t kill off their scientists and thinkers(Other than the state approved ones).

      China I think has many bright minds, and lot of potential for some great creativity.
      Not just for sticking “Made in China” Stickers on products and reverse engineering products. But there is a complex that the “state” needs to get over. They are afraid of losing power.

      And Lasttoblame is right. 宽恕不是忘记 –> Forgiving is not forgetting.
      But the next step is how to take the tragedies of these two events and learn from them. Hell it may even be that we have to wait for the older generation to die off before being able to step over this bridge.

      • bleah

        but they didn’t kill off their scientists and thinkers

        They just cracked down on the hundred/thousand flowers that were about to bloom…

    • Yin

      Because we all know China was such a bastion of intellectual progress before the Cultural Revolution, or for that matter any time in the last five hundred years. Yup, it was all the Communists’ fault.


  • 宽恕不是忘记.

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  • wiseman

    God have mercy on all of us

  • Anders

    I like that last photo where the guy is eating a bit of mooncake on a fork.

    • poor thing

      Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!!

  • Beni

    I cannot understand the link between patriotism and displaying death caused by war. It is incredibly stupid to display these pictures as a show of patriotism. It will just breed more hatred. I am sure the Americans are not proud of what the atomic bomb did…

    • 美國冒險樂園

      I beg to differ, my American friends are arrogant and pride themselves for the wars their country has been and won.

  • TheOrz

    I swear Chinese people are the worst people in the world.

  • ann

    As a human, I feel disgusted by the heartless comments. Where is the humanity? When we look at those pictures, lets not put the blame on anyone. Look at those pictures and try not to make the same mistake again as humans.

  • pho king4

    I had no idea Chinese even knew about the A-bombs that the US dropped on JP. I thought they were only taught history up to how the Reds defeated the JPs.

  • 12meeeeeee

    as a people who have experienced the atrocities of war, so much and so harshly, one would expect the chinese to be more understanding.

    well, anything that doesnt fit into a campaign slogan, no chinese can ever hope to learn.

    • Yin

      Victims empathize with each other. Victims don’t empathize with victimizers. It’s like saying Tibetans should really empathize with Chinese since they were both starved under Mao. Of course, in reality a nation contains both victims and victimizers. But that’s not what the ideology of nationalism teaches us. Nationalism teaches us that we are all just “parts of the whole.”

  • FG

    Most of engaged comments are just brainless.
    Neither Chinese nor Japanese civilian deserved this. People should start to realize that there is a difference between military/government and civilian. Civilian, as much as they hope they can, have no power over what military and government are doing and will do.
    All wars from the past and present are not initiated nor made by civilian. When civilian dies, it is not the act of the whole country who did it but the act of military and government.

    Raping and killing in China were military’s doing, no matter the nationality.
    Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military’s doing, no matter the nationality.

    Blaming a whole nation that has no power over what is decided by government and military forces is just stupid and empty.

    Now people should wake up and ask themselves where is the real problem behind wars.
    Civilians are from far outnumbering war makers…

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