Japanese Atomic Bomb Victim Photos, Chinese Reactions


As October 1st, the Chinese national holiday, draws close, patriotic (and anti-Japanese) sentiments are high. A netizen recently posted pictures of Japanese victims of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the popular China Mop BBS under the title “Photos of Japanese Victims of the Atomic Bombings, You Might Not Cheer When You Finish!” While the photos themselves are nothing new, they prompted some heated comments from Chinese netizens.

















[Note from Fauna: The last two pictures above are of a Japanese man with leprosy, not a victim of the atomic bomb. However, it was included in the photos of the original post. Thank you to our readers who informed us of this.]

Comments from Mop:


We can sympathize with these people. If you’re still human you’d sympathize. But the fathers, husbands, sons, and grandsons of the people in these photos invaded our land, killed our grandfathers, raped our grandmothers, beheaded the Chinese as entertainment. To this day their attitude is still indifferent, as though justified, glory for the Greater East Asia. After the war they are still hiding the facts and covering up the truth, denying any wrongdoing, twisting the facts and blaming others….
LZ, are we not Chinese?
You should go post this in America.


There’s a word, called karma.


I suggest lz to go look at the photos documenting the Rape of Nanking, there are many on Mop!!! Don’t forget our country’s shame, that’s payback for them!!! Ding the brother upstairs!!


Looking at the photos! Excited! Energetic! Laughing hysterically! Comforted! ‘Little Japan’, there’s a time for you to cry too!


All the people who posted above please remember that the Americans did this. ‘Little Japan’ bombed Pearl Harbor, and this is the consequence. They invaded more than half of China, and what have we done to give them a lesson? China is too benevolent, we didn’t take compensation, nor did we post a military base in Japan. We let them go with an apology. And the result?? Now Japan bows like a servant to America, but is full of swagger towards China. This just goes to show that, good deeds don’t carry rewards!! So I want to remind everybody, don’t be too good hearted! A defeated enemy should be beaten with even more force.

Just as an aside, these are all civilians, people with parents and children. The politics of the time and the commanders should be blamed. Civilians are innocent, everybody please regard them with neutrality!! Personally I think the bangzi are even more devilish than the Japanese, stealing China’s culture, that’s like digging China’s soul and roots!!!


Fuck! Isn’t the Japanese Imperial Army comprised of the Japanese people? Being merciful to the enemy is being cruel to oneself! Of course I’m not cheering, because the Japanese haven’t paid nearly enough!!!


LZ you are fucking inhuman, why don’t you go look at the pictures of the Nape of Nanking?


Too satisfying! I really want this to happen again!


Payback!!!!!!!! MLGB They brought this upon themselves!!!!


Can they count as innocent civilians? They pay taxes to support the army, the army invades China and massacres the Chinese people. How can they be innocent civilians? They too, have Chinese blood on their hands!


Satisfying, I want this to happen every year.


China has too many of this kind of FQ on Mop…Not all Japanese are ‘devils’, there are also civilians in Japan, those who face up to history, and good people who helped Chinese victims in lawsuits. Trash like you just want to stir up controversy. If there were a rapist in your family that raped someone, and people claim everyone in your family was a rapist, what would you think? The Nanking Massacre wasn’t committed by every single Japanese person.


Poor LZ should go look at photos of the Japanese experiments on live Chinese subjects. Besides, the atomic bomb was only one bomb that killed so many. But the Rape of Nanking? Every one was killed with knives and guns, where’s their humanity? Besides, Americans have the guts to admit that they bombed Japan, but did the Japanese admit their massacre? They even want to deny invading China. Somebody above me said not every Japanese twists history, he’s right. But if their government doesn’t own up to the history, and only a few people do, where’s the use in that? After all, the government, not a few citizens, is what represents a country.


Don’t disgust us by posting pictures, the Japanese and bangzi shouldn’t exist in this world.


Destroy Japan? Then there would be no more AV.


A bunch of FQ, the real victims of war are always the people. We can’t be hot tempered and ignorant. Blind hate can only represent ignorance.


What does this have to do with us? Americans did this.


The people are always victims.


If you think this is great, then from now on you don’t have the right to say that the ‘Japanese devils’ were ruthless, because you’re just like them. Bombing the Yasukuni Shrine, I have no objections. Hurting innocent civilians, and you have the same genes as the ‘Japanese devils’.

All 49 images from the Mop post:


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