Japanese & Chinese Students Fight In Shanghai

A large crowd of Chinese students in Shanghai protest Japanese students who beat up two Chinese students in Shanghai.

From Tianya, “Shanghai International Studies University: Japanese students and Chinese students fought violently” (no longer accessible):

At present, the police, including the special police present, have already dispatched 10 police vehicles to maintain order, and the gathered crowd has just dispersed.

On October 20, 2008, about 10 P.M., over ten Japanese students were getting drunk and causing a disturbance in the school square. Their noise could be heard from every corner of the campus, which made the boys living on the 9th floor of the boy’s dormitory extremely upset. To protest against the Japanese, the 9th floor students sprinkled some water on the Japanese, resulting in the ten Japanese directly charging into the dorm to beat the two boys so severely that they had to be sent to the hospital.

After the beating, the 10 Japanese immediately fled the dorm room, and the students who heard the news immediately rushed downstairs to confront the Japanese students. At the time, the situation was chaotic. The police immediately dispatched special police to escort and evacuate over 10 Japanese from the school. Not only was the square swarming with patriotic students, I estimate there were approximately several hundred people. Over 10 police vehicles came one by one to maintain order, with everyone standing around watching each other for about 20 minutes.

Under the direction of several students, the students sang the national anthem, marching to the international guest house [the dormitory for international/foreign/study abroad students] to continue their protest against Japanese people. However, the police blocked off the entrance to the international guest house. At this time, we could see Koreans also hanging up their Korean flag. As the student protests increased, there were some foreigners upstairs in the international guest house (it was too dark to see clearly) throwing glass bottles down, causing the situation to escalate…only after the person in charge of the school immediately put forward that the first three students who knew what happened come forth and communicate with the Japanese did the university students calm down and behave themselves.

Over 2 hours later, the matter finally quiet down…at the time there were people using cameras and video cameras to film, which will probably be uploaded onto the internet soon.

Note: The above translated post was reformatted from the original into separate paragraphs. When this incident happened, many BBS forums quickly deleted every post. Originally, I had decided not to do it because it was impossible to get any information and comments before it was deleted. However, the above original post and following comments from different BBS were available for awhile the next day for me to gather the information. Other netizens and students give more details in the comments. – Fauna.

Chinese students talk outside about Japanese students who attacked two Chinese schoolboys.

Comments from Tianya (no longer accessible):

Fuck, throwing a fit on China’s own territory, they must be tired of living…

From the school BBS:

First of all, it happened in Shanghai. Every one knows that Shanghai people can argue until their nose touch but they will not physically fight. Second, in our kind of our humanities school, there are naturally only about two and a half boys, so for them to be surround and fight a Japanese person was not easy as it is!! As such, this situation really let me see things in a new light!!~

What had happened is this: Yesterday, October 20, 2008, I heard a group of Japanese and Koreans being really loud in the sunken school square as I was returning at 10 p.m. However, I did not think much about it, because I am already used to it. I do not know what they are always so happy about but every week there are a few days where this group of little Japanese [小日本 is a little derogatory] are messing around, singing and dancing.

It was getting very late and it was still very noisy even after midnight. It turns out they were brazenly barbecuing on the square downstairs!! The boys on the 9th floor were now unhappy, so they asked them to not be so loud, that people upstairs were resting. But they would not listen and continued making a lot of noise downstairs! One of the chivalrous boys on the 9th floor could not take it anymore, and on behalf of the Chinese people, he threw he threw an angry beer bottle down. The Japanese devils flew off the handle [became pissed], daring to go up our dorms to the 9th floor and beating up our compatriot, and then going back down to continue eating and drinking~!

This definitely pissed off us schoolmates and a group of us furiously went down and surrounded that group of Japanese people…and in the end…

We are peace-loving Chinese people, who definitely do not support violence. However, the arrogance of this group of Japanese was plain to see. I am not saying that all Japanese, but most of them have poor characters, everyday riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles showing off their engines, hurting my ears every time they pass by, drinking and causing trouble, skipping classes (I have seen their attendance forms. There are 20 students in the class, all the Japanese are absent almost every class, the type who only go to 2 or 3 classes the whole semester), each and every one of the boys wearing eyeliner, they are just not very likable.

The Sichuan earthquake had given me some good feelings with regards to the Japanese, but this incident made once again despise young Japanese scum to the highest degree. I had already read reports about our fellow Chinese students being insulted while studying in Japan, This group of Japanese deserved to suffer in China, so this incident will also let them babies have a taste what it is like to be bullied outside of their country, and besides it was them who were wrong! They absolutely deserved to be beaten!!

I will also politely advise those Japanese kids who went upstairs to attack others: You should have thought carefully about where the fuck you guys were before going upstairs. If you are coming here to study, then be honest students, do not cause trouble, and Japanese people especially should not cause trouble in China.

I had looked upon these international students with welcoming/friendly eyes. I thought no matter if they are Japanese or Korean, them coming to China must be because they love China, because they love Shanghai. It was only until last year that I realized they came to China just for the price difference [because it is cheaper to live in China]!! No matter how expensive Shanghai is, it is not as expensive as their own country. This group of useless children [who waste their family’s fortune] go to the bars drinking every day, and our school even has someone who drives a Benz sports car! They have gotten to a point where I can no longer look at them.

Also, the character of those Shanghai International Studies University international students? What character? Running red lights, accosting girls, speeding try to accost girls. When I was at Häagen-Dazs, there was even someone who would try to leave without paying. Last year, there was even someone who was kicked out of school for threatening people!

In contrast, some international students from poor countries have very good character. Their family financial situations are not very good, and the living standards in their countries are bad, so they usually all come on Chinese government scholarships. These students from Nepal, Nigeria and Venezuela are all much better than those from developed countries. One could learn nothing talking with those from developed countries. They can only teach you how to say “FUCK” in different languages! So uninteresting~

I am going to stop complaining here. All in all, I applaud those the two and half boys! Even though the Japanese were being loud, it was not right for us to throw the beer bottles~ But if they beat our schoolmates, you guys surrounding them and beating them up was good! We cannot let us Chinese people be bullied by foreigners in our own country!! Next time something like this happens, call me. MLGBD~ Beat to death those damn little Japanese!!!

PS. I also heard this story from others [hearsay], so some details may not be true, but me hearing them being noisy is true, that the Japanese behave poorly on campus is true, and that two of our schoolmates were beaten is true! ~Damn little Japanese, this business is not finished~

Shanghai police block off a road after Chinese students protest against Japanese students.

Dog fucked, should they not at least be detained for attacking people?! It is not as if they are embassy members, there have no diplomatic immunity.

Fuck, this bitch school dares to protect the Japanese~~~

Why did the special police [SWAT?] escort the little Japanese who attacked other people out? What kind of logic is this??
Why were the Korean and other international students who participated in causing trouble not held responsible?
Why not give the Chinese students an explanation? Dammit, we can forget about us being bullied outside of our country, but we have to put up with being bullied in our own country too???
There must be a reasonable explanation…
Why!?!?! In our country, at our school, there can actually be such arrogant foreigners???
Dammit, what logic is this?? Are our students so hopeless, or is it a problem with our leadership??

Students~~~Fighting people requires tactics~~~
With hundreds of you surrounding them, of course they have to dispatch the police…
Wait for this to pass, and everyone stay still. Just ten of you is enough to beat those few Japanese. As long as they are in school, there will be opportunities to teach them a lesson. Avoid this getting out of control.

Kill all Japanese pigs! [x12]

Bring attention to what the attackers look like so the entire school can recognize them as being wanted. Anytime those bastards dare show their face, they will be beaten and…

So angry!! So speechless!!
Ten Japanese dare charge into the boys dorm to beat people? What the hell were the other Chinese students present doing? Is this still a boy’s dorm, with everyone else only knowing how to stand by watching Japanese people beat Chinese people…?
Forget about the police, I don’t know what to say about Chinese police protecting foreigners like this.

After 100-200 years, after so many revolutions, after sacrificing millions of people, Chinese people are still second-class citizens on their own land.

If those who were beaten were Han students [Han is the Chinese ethnic majority], this matter would be left unresolved.

I wrote this here to be an proof of what I had predicted.

You motherfucker, would it kill you to not push for national secession at this time?

Why is China’s police so mean to the Chinese, but act like grandsons when encountering foreigners?

You really don’t understand
It is only because they are in China that they throw a fit.
Put them in the United States or Russia,
the Japanese would be as well-behaved as grandsons.

Police comrades, normally I never see you as active as you were last night…I say, could you have simply arrived just a little later?
Those two Chinese students are pretty useless/cowardly. This matter has 80-90% chance of being unresolved…

A large group of Chinese students sing the national anthem outside the international student dorms in Shanghai.

Seeing that so many schoolmates all posted…I will also write about what I saw and heard…

Last night around 9-10pm, the three of us were in our room watching “Flood.” After watching half of it, the electricity stopped, but was restored quickly. However, I no longer wanted to watch, so I copied the “KONAN #12” from my PSP to my computer and unexpectedly it required half an hour. Bored, I walked out onto the balcony to take a look.

I saw a group of little Japanese downstairs making noise, even singing “happy birthday” but their English was lousy…

Our room has a flashlight…very powerful…can shine very far…and just as I was about to shine them, someone downstairs on the 4th or 5th floor threw a water bottle at them.

The Japanese people started screaming, “if you have the guts, come down.” A brother on the 9th floor started to fight back. The funniest thing was that the Japanese screamed a four word Japanese phrase, we did not understand, and the 9th floor responded with “fuck your mother’s cunt,” which was also four words.

Then the Japanese people started cursing, “fucking China.”

The brothers upstairs responded, “don’t worry, China still has Taiwan, this is the mainland.” Everyone on the balconies were jiong…

Then the arguing became more and more intense. Four Japanese guys charged up, supposedly brought up by a traitor who entered school in 07 studying German, wearing red clothes, yellow hair, wears glasses. Whether this information is accurate needs to be confirmed. We all figured that even just one floor of us could easily crush them so we did not think much about it.

Then the 10 something Japanese downstairs charged towards the dorms. At this time, I heard the loud noise of a door being kicked and hit. We realized we need to go up to help our own compatriots.

Very quickly the 9th floor was filled with people.

First were 7-8 little Japanese charged up to the 9th floor, indiscriminately attacking any Chinese they say. They did not even ask if they were the person who was just arguing with them. Downstairs came up two brave Chinese guys, bringing with them two metal tubes. 2 against 8. The security guard came to stop the fight and the little Japanese even started attacking the security guard along with the other Chinese students. The security guard’s clothes were torn.

When the little Japanese saw that more and more of us were coming, they hid into the elevator. Security guard uncle said, “There is nothing we can do in the school. I cannot let you guys fight. If we were out in society fighting, I would definitely help you guys.” After seeing the elevator head down, all of us ran down the stairs to the first floor.

But now there were too many people, and we could not distinguish who was Japanese. At this point, a little Japanese shouted, “Chinese dogs, if you have the guts, come.” I did not see clearly who shouted it, I only knew from which direction it came from. Soon we found the group of Japanese people.

We all surrounded them. At this time, 120 and 110 [emergency medical and police numbers] have all already arrived. 120 took our two injured Chinese schoolmates back to the hospital. 110 protected the Japanese people, keeping us outside.

Just like this, 4-5 police cars came and escorted the little Japanese away. One Japanese who had drank too much was also sent to the hospital.

Throughout all of this we were screaming fuck Japan, fuck your mothers, etc…the entire school was very magnificent…I estimate over 80% of the guys had come downstairs…

Seeing as how they did not even give a single apology, and were so arrogant, students who could not accept the situation shouted, “Rush the international guest house!”

So the big team [crowd] again changed to rushing the international guest house.

People started yelling, fuck Japan, little Japanese, fuck your mother, etc. One by one the lights in the international guest house flickered on.

There were foreigners upstairs taking pictures (this was indeed embarrassing), and people from other countries were sticking their country’s flags on their windows, afraid we would charge up there and accidentally cause them harm.

Then a water bottle flew down.

The crowd moved back to the square behind the fountain.

Then a glass cup flew down and shattered right on my foot. Fortunately, there was no injury. Had it hit my head, I would have gone and caused problems. And then the conflict would only get worse.

School officials and police try to calm down an angry mob of Chinese students.

Well done, Shanghai students!!
ZF, stop paying so much respect to foreign beasts, this is not the late Qing Dynasty! This is the new China’s territory!! You must do something!!!

Fuck! Embarrassing! If those Japanese dared to do that in our school, they would have long ago been sent to the hospital!

From the school BBS:

Fellow students, hello! I am Hou Wang from the Department of German, and my dorm room is A911. I witnessed the entire incident that moved so many people’s hearts. What fellow student, “Mantou”, had posted above already covers most of it. I just want to add some details:

1. When the little Japanese rushed into our dorm rooms, they actually brought weapons with them, which were cooking pot lids. I thought a bunch of Japanese chefs had rushed up. Because our room A911 is right across from the elevator, that group of Japanese dogs starting hitting our door first. Actually they had hit every door on the left side of 9th floor. They were shouting, “FUCK CHINA” while banging on the doors. Because I was busy playing WOW, I didn’t open the door right away. By the time I had opened the door, the Japanese dogs had already started biting [attacking] people. By the time us brothers were about to beat them up, we were held back by the security guards. Actually, quite a few of us brothers still got in quite a few kicks. Ding! They ran away like wild dogs. (But there was one crazy dog that still did not learn his lesson. Us brothers were not happy, so we chased him down the stairs to the first floor.)

2. When we were in the front of the international guest house, there were actually already many journalists who had arrived. Their are very nimble! But that group of security guards would not open the door. At this moment, a man with a strong northeastern accent rushed over and said to the security guard, “You motherfuckers, open the door!” The security guard wanted to be “niu bi” and loudly replied, “Don’t even think about causing trouble!” The northeastern man was not happy, and pointed at the security guard’s nose yelling “Fuck your mother, are you a Chinese person or not?” The security guard immediately withered. With nothing to say, he could only allow himself to be painfully told off by the northeastern man. The security guard could only tuck tail and run away.

3. When we were singing the national anthem, many Chinese compatriots loudly signed that it was the first time seeing so many clothes-wearing Japanese dogs. I agreed with them. The Japanese dogs have strange values of sex. If it is not abusive, then it is a group of people. I heard they broke the 500 people having sex in one place Guinness world record. You tell me what difference this is with dogs.

4. Regarding the traitor problem. As a student of the Department of German, I feel disgraced, very disgraced. How can there be this kind of schoolmate, living with dogs?

Finally I want to declare that everything written above is the truth, nothing fabricated. There may be some discrepancies with some details, but the main part about the incident is correct.

Police try to maintain order as a large crowd of Chinese students protest Japanese students in Shanghai.

A bunch of stupid kids. The next time something like this happens, directly go beat them up. Once the police come, nothing can be done.
Do not gather around and stupidly sing the national anthem. Has this country ever loved you? All of the violent machines in this country are only used against you.

This is so Shanghai. If this was in the Northeast, however many little Japanese dared to enter the guy’s dorms vertically would have to come out horizontally!

Are there actually people who are saying good things about that Shanghai group of students??? I think they are just a bunch of trash…they have no brains nor guts. If they had the guts, those few police and security guards would not have been able to hold them back when the fight started. They were holding you back because doing so is what feeds them, it is merely a formality, so if there is a problem in their department later it is easier for them to say they tried, but several men held them back. If several guys rushed hard, I am sure they would not really make it difficult for you…

If you do no have guts but have brains, that is okay too. If you are afraid of being in public, just get 50-60 guys, do not be nervous, and pretend as if there is nothing to trick the little Japanese to come out, go to a remote place, beat them up, and then leave. Do not make a big fuss, the bigger it is, the harder it is to do something, and then you guy will not have a fight. In the end, this way is also easier for the school to deal with, they can pretend it was just an ordinary fight between students.

Now they can only get 200-300 people to go surround the international guest house, and sing the national anthem, and dragging in the country’s glory? Now the matter has risen to the political level, and now the government needs to deal with it, and in the end there will be no outcome. In the public opinion, the little Japanese became the weak and innocent party. Aside from yelling “fuck” to make ourselves feel better, we will not even be able to touch the little Japanese’s fingers [will not get a chance to beat them up]…and we are still being ostentatious? And still think it is a good idea to sing the national anthem?? No ability, embarrassed yourselves, and you still want to make a fool of yourselves…and you blame the JC for not letting you guys enter the international guest house? The JC’s attitude is the same as the government’s attitude. If their brains are functioning normally, of course they wouldn’t let you guys pass.

With this becoming so big…I bet if those little Japanese’s brains are still working, they will definitely and immediately let the embassy handle this, and then return to their country. You think they would come back to school to wait for your guys’ revenge?? Take a shower and go to bed.

I am outraged!! People who deserve the most blame are those few Japanese people, but rather those Chinese students who just stood around enthusiastically watching but didn’t have the courage to do anything! Really fucking embarrassing!!! Not helping their own compatriots who were being beaten by the Japanese, but still pretending to care by singing the national anthem!!! Really pisses me off!!! If this was outside the country and there were no Chinese to help out, then fine, but this was in a campus in China!!! And it was a boy’s dormitory!!! All of the men in that building are fucking not men, only having the ability to shout/argue, really sickens me to death!!! I don’t blame those students who got beat for not being able to fight back, after all they were just students, but that was one entire building of Chinese people!!!

The “FF” [a pun on “angry youth” that means “angry shit”] above, stop “pretending you could have done this better.” When it really happens, you guys would not be much better. Heh heh, as God as my witness, I have seen this kind of thing twice. Han fighting Uighur, Chinese students fought Japanese students, and if you dare make it a big incident, beating those people [Uighurs and Japanese], you will immediately experience the kungfu of our country’s riot police’s. They can beat you so hard that your mom will not recognize you. Those FF who don’t believe me can go try, who does not know how to pretend to be cooll on the internet?

Fuck. What were you guys thinking? Go and beat them first, then talk. In fact, everyone go up!!! I can’t believe you let them run away. An apology [from them] is fucking useless.

Police standing guard outside the university foreign student dormitories.

Comments on PCPop:

Beat the Japanese dogs to death, then kill the Koreans. There is no excuse for them to be throwing fits on Chinese people’s land.

USA says: Fuck, I will beat whoever I want
Russia says: Fuck, I will beat whoever criticizes me
China says: Hello everyone, whoever hits me, I will condemn and protest.

They actually allowed the little Japanese to attack people and then escape? If this thing happened in my school, the little Japanese would all have to be carried out! This school’s [Shanghai International Studies University] students are too worthless!

This group of dog-fucked [Japanese], better not let me see them. I am an expect of San Da [Chinese boxing].

Shanghai police block entrance to the international student dorms.

Comments from Tom:

Useless…a disgrace, such a disgrace…

Rational my ass, rational! They are already bullying us on our doorsteps and you still want to talk about what is wrong with China today? Only know how to protest? What use is protesting?

Throwing stuff from upstairs, they deserved getting beat up.

Seeing so many people saying Shanghai students are bad, that they could not beat Japanese people, is truly lamentable. Honestly, I am glad the majority of college students were rational, otherwise, yesterday’s Japanese international students would have already gone to another world. or the Japanese might already died. You guys want people to die, want to take out the Japanese, but at what cost for our country? There are actually people who are saying that student’s rationality is an embarrassment, truly no longer distinguishing right from wrong.

I am a student from Shanghai International Studies University. Even though others don’t think much of us, as a student in this school, I am clear about what happened. But those Japanese international students, they simply are not here to study. The international students in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics across from us came to China to study. What happened this time can only be said to have intensified long-standing conflicts. Plus, they were too arrogant. We are how old, but they are almost 30, and the police still protected them.

Police and security prevent the angry protestors from entering the foreign student dorms.

Comments from Mop (no longer accessible):

After seeing the pictures, I had yet another type of thought: There are still a lot of people who just like watching the excitement.

Japanese beating Chinese, Chinese singing the national anthem…fuck…what difference is this from being the “sick man of the east?”

Strongly request that these dog-fucked Japanese people be expelled out of China.

Something like this happens and there are still people here scolding their own compatriots?
Does it feel good letting foreigners see this kind of joke!
If you guys are so “niu bi,” go attack the Japanese embassy!
Those who do not support their own compatriots should avoid making sarcastic remarks.
Always discriminating based upon locality…
…have your brains been flooded with water?
Would China being broken into pieces make you all happy!!!

Shanghaiese are fucking well known for having the softest bones in the whole world.
If this had happened in Shenzhen, in the northeast, anywhere but Shanghai…
…could the little Japanese been able to go up to the 9th floor and severely hurt two people before the running away? Fucking Shanghai trash.
Even if you’re a ‘wai di ren,” just staying there too long will infect you…
Today’s Shanghai is the same as it was back when it was colonized…this is my feeling in Shanghai…
But fortunately next month I can finally leave this fucking place…You NB Shanghainese can go lick foreigner assholes.

Those who were not present can stop damn farting here…I go to that school in Hongkou, and participated in the demonstration, and the police vehicles were blocking the door of the international guest house! If you want to rush the hotel, you have to get pass the police first! Moreover, my room was on the fourth floor. When things broke out on the 9th floor, there were no sounds down there. You think we would not want to help? There are some people who unjustly say if this happened where they are, they would do this or that, would you just go ahead and kill Japanese people and not take legal responsibility? It is easy to say, but when you actually encounter it, would you really go up and take out the little Japanese? I can tell you right now that they are still in the international guest house and those of you with big mouths, if you really have the ability, then you can go ahead and get the little Japanese’ heads!

A police officer tries to maintain order.

The current Chinese government treats Chinese people like dogs, and treat foreigners like gods. Whenever something happens, the police will definitely first protect the foreigners. Actually, if they were ruthless/hateful and let 1-2 “niubi” foreigners die, then they would no longer dare to bully/take advantage of Chinese people.

Japanese people bow before the Yasukuni Toilet [pun, “shrine” sounds similar to “toilet” in Chinese] every day, and our shitty government only knows how to “sternly but fairly” protest. One word: Inept!

What a good opportunity (to beat Japanese) you had missed. When the Japanese were going up to the 9th floor, what were all the Chinese students doing? Just do those Japanese in, first vent hatred. Then Japan will protest. Negotiate, cut off relations, war breaks out, Japan is destroyed. Everyone who participated will become national heroes.

You guys could not defeat 10 little Japanese. Fuck, did you all grow up eating shit? You could not call more brothers to come help you? Fuck, what have you guys been doing in school? ~You bunch of cowards. Next time you see these Japanese again, just beat them to death. Dammit, just do it to avenge our past compatriots!~

Can those netizens in this post attacking the Shanghainese please remember, a post that was originally attacking Japanese devils, has become a post attacking Shanghainese people because of you guys. Are you guys trying to help the Japanese change the subject? Is attacking Shanghainese more important than attacking Japanese devils? Must Chinese people always fight themselves? Are Chinese people really this ugly? Will Chinese people never unite?

Damn, if this had happened in the Northeast, even our kindergarten kids could drown them to death in piss!! Those deserve-to-be-fucked-by-dogs Japanese bastards…

For something like this to happen in Shanghai means Shanghai people have made Chinese people lose face. Just scolding you is letting you off easy, you useless things. Do you understand that you Shanghainese are not worthy of making China lose face? Not afraid of the whole country scolding the Shanghainese for being cowards, anyone with any worth just go take out [kill] those Japanese who attacked others. Otherwise, any “Shanghai idiots” thinking about raising their heads can just keep on dreaming!

The foreign student dorms light up as foreign students inside wonder why there are many angry Chinese students outside.

Some international students hang up flags to show they are not Japanese. Others throw bottles at the Chinese students downstairs.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • I wonder where all this hatred comes from…. These people writing on those BBS, are they representative for an average Chinese person?

    These Chinese crowd at the event and the BBS writers proved without any doubt they are no better than their Japanese counterparts. They should shake hands because of being so similar.

  • Simon Gray

    Well, at least the Chinese police do the sensible thing and break up the fight. Sounds like most of the people commenting would have preferred a lynching. It’s too bad that things have be like this between the Japanese and the Chinese.

    • anonymice

      2 words: nanjing massacre…

      • me

        wanker, something that happened soooooooooooo many years ago haha, you think the west hates germans because of something that happened years ago? grow up you complete fucking toss pot

        • Anon

          Dumb dwarf Jap shit. People in the west don’t hate Germans because they apologised for what they did. They don’t build a shrine for Hitler and Goebbels and worship them. The leaders don’t visit such shrines because they don’t exist and they don’t glorify their military past. The continually apologise and seek forgiveness but never forgetting the past. In Germany and several neighbouring countries it is illegal to deny the past; people are actually sent to jail for denying the holocaust. Something you dirty Japs could learn from. Not only do you deny what happened in Nanjing but you also deny that you have done anything wrong.

          I think the only dumb shit that needs to grow up is yourself. Then again I only feel sorrow for you because your fucked up little backward country tries to rewrite history. Not only are you ignorant of the true facts, you dare to be so open about shit you don’t even understand. What a fucking knob.

          • hometown

            Anon,you’re right ! He’s a stupid worm.

          • Paulo

            the Germans don’t build a shrine, but to compare nazi German to Japan is to have no clue about European history whatsoever so leave your ignorant comments to yourself.
            Germany has apologise for the holocaust, LTHOUGH it needed two world wars for its rampant nationalism (in every way similar to the present Chinese, racist, nationalism) to be withdrawn from the collective psyche.

            We have learn from history but China only moans about it. Chinese are not loving peace people they are agressive. Believe I’ve seen it and heard what they say. One of my Chinese friend is best friend with a Japanese and he has to hide it from his family. What kind of third world country mentality is that?

            Btw, in many Universities in Europe we are confronted with party noise almost weekly. But we are civilised here, we don’t go out and beat every man from his/her nationality to revenge some drunken mischief. Oh China isn’t it time to be NORMAL?

          • Paulo

            also, those Japanese students should have just been expel from China. If they can’t behave they don’t stay. that’s what happens everywhere. But then again some people prefer to loose steam.

    • adrian pitel

      It is so easy to beat up these chinese students, most chinese are weak, they can’t fight, most will probably cry when the japanease rushed up to their rooms.
      sad isnt??

      • Anon

        Not as easy as being fucking pakis

      • hometown

        You’re so funny, let me say a same funny thing, it’s so easy to fuck your shit race’s mothers and sisters, and your brothers are too easy to kick at their ass, I do it everyday in your fucking country :-)

  • abc

    It is funny that they had hard time id each other during such ethnic violence. LOL.

  • SniperWZ

    damn japs, where the fuck do they think they are? In the long run, the wonu will become increasingly irrelevant, give it 20 more years, Japan is a has-been, it will go down the toilet and be a third rate power it always was in most of history.

    • Fike2308

      Uh….what is wonu?

  • arsinio

    Why didn’t the students on the 9th floor as them to keep the noise down instead of throwing water out of the building?

    • nathan

      when the Japanese students make noises n annoying the people around the dorm , y the other student call up the police or higher authority to cease the troubles that they had caused instead throwing bottles knowing that anyone who is drunk will get pissed off that way . Brother , when u throw that bottle have u ever thought u can handle the consequences ? when u want to pick a fight make sure u know how to fight first or else let the authority handle the matters . We are civilised people , we should go by the law first , force second .

      I see this as bad students beating other student , not as a racist point of view .

  • Gaoshan

    I don’t understand why those Japanese students didn’t get the living hell beat out of them. If they acted like that at a U.S. University they would have been carried out under sheets. Even if they got away with it that night, people would get them later.

    • Anon

      Chinese are too passive. If I was there I’d beat the living shit out of the turnip heads

      • Steve

        What people don’t understand is that due to the high population, opportunities and schooling is remarkably competitive in China. One fight can get you expelled and you will never see this thing called college. Unlike America, going to college in China is not easy. You would have to rich or incredibly smart. A 5th grade student in china pars with America’s college math. Just about anyone in America can finish college as long as they “choose” to. So the reason they didn’t fuck those jap boys up is because they wanted to secure their chance of going to college, rather than mindlessly letting anger ruin their future. #thinkthefuckahead

    • Jei

      Not true. I think this was a show of fortitude on the part of the College. Yeah, this was an obnoxious incident, but you can’t say it was because they were Japanese – they were just bad people. Good thing campus police knew the difference and didn’t get all jingo on their ass. If anything else had gone down, it would be immature.

  • Ann

    The Japanes studetns got drunk and were not being considerate of others. The Chinese student who threw the bottle down provoked further the Japanese into a drunken rage. The Chinese student crowd who reacted believing they are under attack and humiliated as a whole nation over-reacted under patriotic fervor and turn a small indicent into a riot ready for murder. The police and the guard did their job in separating the parties and keep the peace. Too bad Chinese students start blaming the police and the guards and those who did not escalate into a bigger riot as weak and as traitors.

    This sort of behavior is so reminescent of Red Guards mob behavior, or the Boxing Rebellion. Chinese students behaved more like gangsters than university educated students with the intellect to think rather than testerone fueled bodies screaming for blood of the Japanese albeit their provocative behavior. Ultimately, it was hundreds of Chinese against ten Japanese. It is no wonder the police took charge and save the Japanese from the mob.

    This is a very disturbing sign which requires asking some serious questions as to whether Chinese can live peacefully with foreigners without resorting to seeing every drunken incident as national humiliation.

    • Anon

      You wouldn’t say that if you understood China’s history. You wouldn’t say that if you studied Nanjing, foreign occupation of China, the unfair treaties. No you don’t know jack shit so stfu.

      • Fike2308

        @ Anon – So, were these Japanese students personally responsible for Nanjing, foreign occupation of China, “unfair” treaties, etc….?

        By the way, can you elaborate on some of these “unfair” treaties? I’d also like to know if China willingly agreed to these “unfair” treaties.


        • MVP

          @ Fike – So, did Anon actually SAY or WRITE that it was those japs who were responsible for Nanjing, etc.?

          FYI, China did not willingly agree to those unequal treaties. It was britain, france, germany, japan, the states, etc. that forced them to sign it.


        • @fike, you are an idiot. get off this website now. dont show your face around china. i will personally fuck you up.

          [Note from Fauna: Your comments were deleted for spamming and using multiple names]

    • Fike2308

      Ann….you’re 100% right….well said!

  • SniperWZ

    Ann, who the fuck made you the expert critic here?

    • Fike2308

      Why does Ann’s well-thought out comment make you angry SniperWZ?

      And what are you labelling her as an “expert critic”….I didn’t see her refer to herself like that.

  • Kaer

    Those talking about losing face for not beating the “Japanese-dogs” are losing face not because of that, but by storming the international dorms. Think of all the students from many different country’s living there, fearing for their safety with no idea of what had just happened. The Japanese are the ones that have lost face, greatly, and the Chinese have saved face for having the will power to not completely beating them to death.

    I will be studying in Beijing International University in September, its sad to see the stereotyping and hatred that some possess for foreigners. I was poor growing up in the U.S. and even though that may not be on the same level of poverty as many Chinese I know what its like to go with out, and I know what its like to pull my self from the dirt. No matter where you are from, there are people who behave like these Japanese have, and there are people who behave as they should. They will receive a punishment, maybe not on the same level, but their punishment will be their life.

  • jamar

    @SniperWZ- you’re one to talk, I can barely read your post. Irrelevant? Third-rate? Seriously? To put it lightly- who started the portable gaming industry?

    @Ann- my sentimients exactly. All the sensible people seem to have been branded “traitors” which makes it all the more difficult to stay rational. Oh, and I love how the people in the other cities are calling for killing too.

  • HuaQiao

    SniperWZ, you don’t need to curse and belittle people who don’t agree with you. Just because Ann expresses a different opinion (and, might I add, backs it up with analysis and arguments) doesn’t give you the right to shut her up.

    And Ann brings up a lot of good points. I too, as a keen observer of China, am troubled and forced to ask how Chinese will deal with nationalism and anger towards other countries. It’s a tendency that all humans exhibits and I wish something that we would rise above.

  • Chinamerican

    @ Gaoshan

    Actually, at my university, we would let campus security take care of it. Or maybe we’d bring down some booze and join the party.

    @ Sniper

    Nationality notwithstanding, you think it’s ok to beat up someone who’s obviously drunk? If so, I think many Chinese people would beg to differ.

  • Peteryang

    they should throw some grenade and C4, just to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of reform.

  • Shanghai Brit

    When the Japanese invaded China and committed the horrible acts and atrocities they did in Nanjing, it was because they honestly believed that the Chinese weren’t human and that they were a necessary evil that had to be destroyed in order for Japan to prosper.

    70 years on and the roles have reversed. It’s obvious the Chinese don’t view the Japanese as human (xiao ruben guizi), have a strong hatred for the Japanese (ask a reasonably large percentage of Chinese what they think about the Japanese) and are willing to take something quite trivial and turn it into something ridiculous (i.e. a group of drunk Japanese students who are enticed into a drunken rage by a stupid Chinese student, prompting the drunk Japanese to beat up the Chinese and then a while later 120 people are singing the Chinese national anthem).

    I’ve struggled to get used to Chinese people’s attitudes and I am finally used to it. I don’t hate Chinese people, I do like them and I try very hard to accept them for the way they are and I am succeeding more and more these days. I think the actions on both sides of this event were pathetic, but could have been handled in a much better way.

    That student who threw the bottle was indeed an idiot. Since when is throwing a bottle at drunk people a clever thing??? If you have a problem with a drunk person call the guards to take care of it, don’t be a stupid hero.

    The Japanese people going up to beat up the people who threw the bottles were also idiots, given the situation between China and Japan it was pretty much inevitable what would happen. But you also have to take into account the fact that they were drunk. Now I’ve heard tales of Chinese drunken violence, I come from the UK, the land of drunken violence and have seen my fair share of drunken violence and infact the whole world has its fair share of drunken violence. It’s mostly the drunk people’s responsibility for being drunk, but once they are drunk they seem to lose a lot of common sense and so it’s very easy for them to be manipulated by other people. In a way, you could even blame that idiot who threw the bottle for all the violence caused by these drunk Japanese people. But with that I could be wrong, because I don’t know everything about the situation.

    Quite why the students had to sing the Chinese national anthem I really don’t know. China complained during the Olympics that everyone was trying to make it too much about politics, but the simple truth is everything in China is about politics. Given the attitude of this brainwashed youth here in China today, perhaps one day China is going to go and commit the same atrocities that Japan did in China 70 years ago….Then maybe the Chinese will feel better whilst everyone else in the world hates them.

    Sorry Chinese people, I do like you and I don’t blame you for your attitudes to the Japanese. But I think the way this situation was handled by the students was very immature and the following comments from people encouraging more violence were also very disturbing. It doesn’t sound like China is the peace loving country I usually think it to be and again I feel disappointed by the attitudes of this countries youth. Once in a while I speak to a person of the Chinese youth and they have their own opinions, free from Chinese political brainwash and I feel that China is developing more and more. But when I see things like this it just disappoints me.

  • Hawaiian-chinese

    @ ann u make a great point and i can’t agree with you more.

    With more and more youngsters getting an overdose of nationlism to their heads, they can’t think straight. All of them should take a step back and asses the situation before diving in head first. 100~ ppl taking on 10 japanese… is a bit excessive don’t you think.

  • “… If this had happened in the Northeast, even our kindergarten kids could drown them to death in piss…”

    Those were some stupid BBS comments but pretty hilarious!

  • tom selleck

    Chinese are amongst the noisiest people on Earth. It’s a little suspicious that these students would take such a high degree of umbrage with the noisemakers. I frequently hear some drunken idiot outside my apartment in Xian howling at the moon for no reason.

    And car alarms suddenly bolting me out of a deep slumber? Don’t even get me started!

    The story would be a teensy bit more credible if the Chinese were a quiet, softspoken people. Hell, just taking a call on a cell phone is reason enough to increase the decibles to an uncomfortable level for anyone within earshot. So, knowing what the tendancies of these folks already are like, one must view the incident with a grain of salt.

    Sounds just like an Asian nationalistic pride pissing contest perpetrated on both sides by a bunch of spoilt, rich kids. Racist kids at that.

    • Fike2308

      “Chinese are amongst the noisiest people on Earth”.

      SO TRUE!!!

      That was my first reaction when I read this article…I wondered how friggin’ loud do you actually need to be to annoy Chinese people? That seems IMPOSSIBLE to me!

      And I am speaking from 3 years experience in China!

      • bump

        Although I agree with many of you regarding the irrationality of the chinese students actions towards the japanese, I must say I am highly annoyed by how you are generalizing this characteristic to the entire nation.

        Most foreign country news are brought to you by reporters who want to captivate their audiences with intriguing topics, and one of the more popular topics is of course, inter-national conflicts. If you have ever read enough books or experienced enough of these, you will know that you can’t trust everything you read/see/hear.

        I’m also saddened by the bias presented by even the “rational” audience on this forum, it seems that even a petty fight in China can start a huge argument here (I’m in Canada, lol). In discussing this issue we are beginning to touch on historical facts, and CLEARLY, you did not even know about Marco Polo’s and his descriptions of ancient China. Did he not bring back spoils of trade? Did he not speak of the grand galore of China when he returned to Italy?

        As for being noisy, you think your nation is the quiet and sophisticated one? Every nation has its share of scholars and scums, and making an outright statement here about the Chinese people being generally noisy is despicably shallow.

        Plus, what a person will become is largely dependent on their environment. The Japanese invasion was a heavy blow to the previous Qing Dynasty and the newly established government, thus raising their children during that chaotic period is very different from raising a children in the current society.

        You are merely judging from your experience therefore I won’t continue to convince you that you are biased. Just remember that we are HUMAN. Not Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Americans, Canadians, South Africans, Brazilians, Jamaicans, French, Spanish, nor of any specific nation. Yes these are our emblem of identity, but behind them all there are the universal power that binds us all, and that is the fact that WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

        Stop dissing your fellow human brothers, stop thinking that your judgement is the ultimate conclusion, and don’t even begin to think that one race is superior to another. Hourglass is ticking, get a life.

  • pzhang

    The best comparison to this is if a bunch of nazi’s went to an Israeli Dorm and beat people up, because that’s how the japanese treated us in ww2. The hate isnt necessarily against foreigners more because they’re just Japanese.

    • anonymice

      they are asia’s nazis

  • VicVic

    I’ll never believe that Japanese started a fight in the first place. Really, have you ever seen Japanese students fighting? They are the most peaceful of all international students. They were probably drunk and loud, but fighting? I really doubt that. And I don’t believe they went up to chinese students dormitory if it wasn’t a female’s one either ;). The whole story sounds fake. Everyone who was an international student in Shanghai will tell you that.

    • MVP

      Yeah, right. A story made up by 300 individuals (+ police) who have witnessed it. Oh please, this is not CNN.

    • A foreigner in the North East

      Very sad indeed. I agree with Vic Vic on one point: The Japanese I know are very peaceful people. I think many posters here have forgotten that it was a group of Koreans and Japanese that were partying (many Koreans hate the Japanese more than the Chinese, so go figure). Koreans are known to be quite violent. In dong bei, (North Eastern China) many Koreans or Korean minority people try to pass themselves off as Han Chinese. They even have the fake IDs. They are the violent ones here. They also represent the biggest black society (mafia) group here. I would not focus all the attention on the Japanese students. And the Chinese student who threw the first bottle was the one who truly started it all. Yes Chinese are noisy, and I never hear them complain to other Chinese causing a racket. Nuff said.

  • Yikes

    “This sort of behavior is so reminescent of Red Guards mob behavior, or the Boxing Rebellion.”

    How do equate a few scuffles and a large spectator crowd taking pictures with red guard mobs? lol

  • This is a very disturbing sign which requires asking some serious questions as to whether Chinese can live peacefully with foreigners without resorting to seeing every drunken incident as national humiliation.


    The best comparison to this is if a bunch of nazi’s went to an Israeli Dorm and beat people up, because that’s how the japanese treated us in ww2.


    @PZhang: The comparison would have to be “Germans” not “Nazis” – and then it’s still completely fucked. The Japanese students weren’t racially motivated in their beating – they were drunk and pissed off for having water thrown on them (sprinkled, my left nut).

    • hometown

      @ gweilo Ryan : yeah, the japs were drunk and deserved to be beat. By the way, if you do like those japies, why don’t you go to those webpages talking about their shits ? Why you’re here reading in this website talking about China ? You’re quite stupid ass.

      • Boris

        Is it just me or did anyone notice the comment that the Japanese students were wearing eyeliner? Eyeliner?!?!!!??? I know in ancient times the ancient Britons and some of the Scottish clans would paint their faces for a scrap, but when I think of these Japanese kids, the image I’m getting in my mind’s eye is not one of Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

  • SniperWZ

    @pzhang, don’t worry about foreigners trying to understand our perspectives, in the end, we don’t care for it. The ultimate destruction of the wonu will take some time, Han Wudi did not exterminate the Xiongnu for decades, and it was only his descendants who finally completed his task. Enemies of China in the end only meet one fate, from the Nanman, Dongyi, Xirong, Beidi, to the Xiongnu, Mongols, Manchus, no one speaks of them now, except in history class and museums. We’ll have a grand memorial for the Wonu after the task is completed…

    • Mimu Cutie

      dude, its not a nice comment

  • MJ

    We dont hate foreigners, but most of our Chinese hate Japanese, even if young people, maybe because all the stories we heard about how the Japanese hurt Chinese people from the old people , TV and so on…

    BTW: the story is true.

    • Fike2308

      So how do “your Chinese” reconcile their ‘hatred’ for Japan while purchasing massive amounts of Japanese electronics?

      I have heard so many Chinese people bitch and moan about the Japanese (and, in my opinion, part of this stems from jealousy but Chinese people will never admit this) while owning a sony psp, japanese camera, etc.

      If I claimed to hate a country, Japan in this case, I would not buy a Toyota!!

      Does this seem strange to anyone else?

      • MVP

        Seriously, get the fuck outta here of this website will you. You’re a fucking flamer and chinese-hater. I have read many posts from you, you’re just as fucked up as those japanese people. What the fuck has buying japanese goods to do with this? SERIOUSLY? What the fuck? Huh? Why do you wear MADE IN CHINA clothes and use MADE IN CHINA goods? Huh? Most of the japanese electronics are nowadays produced in china anyway so just STFU, okay?

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  • Truth Hurtz

    I think that despite the beligerance of the Japanese students it doesn’t justify throwing a bottle from the dorm at them. This is provoking a potential fight and the action there becomes tangible instead of just ‘words and rawkus’. Like any situation, if some people are causing rawkus but not harming anyone then its best to confront them in a civilized manner (ask them or ask the security guard to do it for you). However by initiating contact or throwing something that is close to comfort it can create something trivial into a tragedy. I know that if I was drunk and lacked some common sense (at the time) and feel threatened by something ‘real’ thrown at me I would be looking for the ‘thrower’ myself.

    Don’t stir shit up if you can’t back it up and its a plain joke to see hundreds of students singing the national anthem and walking towards the International building (after the fight instead of helping their ‘compatriots’ during the attack) The fact that the building has no correlations with the situation makes it a target of emotional hindsight and a target for ‘saving’ face in the sake of nationalism.

  • Yang

    The security and police did the right thing by blocking the Chinese students. What the Japanese students did was wrong but it makes the Chinese look no better if they took the law upon their own hands and exact vengence that’s beyond their own jurisdiction.

    If there was further violence and it got out to the foreign media it would just paint yet another negative picture about China and there’s been enough of that as it is.

    Some people let all that pride get to them. Sometimes it takes more courage to back out of a potential explosive situation than to give in to the other side’s provocation. It just makes you no better than they are.

    “People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?”

  • Truth Hurtz

    The fact that the building has no correlations with the situation makes it a target of emotional hindsight and a target for ’saving’ face in the sake of nationalism.

    I ment to say “should not make it a target of……..” my mistake.

    SniperWZ: What you wrote about “in the end, we don’t care for it” shows absolute arrogance and gives you no credibility to debate this matter but rather brands you as a shit stirrer yourself.

  • bb

    sorry to not be on topic, but this comment just strikes me oddly…

    @ Sniper

    I assume you’re a business professional? You really believe the Japanese economy will become irrelevant within our lifetime? Their debt to assett ratio is better than almost any other nation, their banking system has corrected itself after it’s own fuck-ups in the past decades and are now more secure and conservative than most nations of the world and they’re the most innovative creators alongside only maybe the Germans. They may become irrelevant, (a twenty year prediction is usually as accurate as pissing into a headwind.), but first China will have to start creating instead of just manufacturing other countries innovations. For example, does anyone really see China’s automotive industry overtaking Honda or Toyota on safety foremost, or anything else?

  • SPP

    Young people in China grew up watching movies about mindless, evil and bloodthirsty Japanese soilders killing brave, good and innocent Chinese.

    Japanese people have every reason to believe that they are a race better than Chinese.

    Stop these stupid reasonings, but rather stand in their shoes to understand them.

    In the end, we are all fucked!

    • Mimu Cutie

      i dont know about those movies since those movies are typically too bloody not to be banned nowadays, u know? maybe your comment would hold a decade ago?

      some older generations watched japanese soldiers kill their family, friends and take away everything they had. not on movies.

  • SniperWZ

    @Truth Hurtz, don’t care what you think.

    @bb – correct, though investment banking/capital markets is pretty much dead right now;

    Japan is a very important part of the global economy today, but its role is replaceable and it’s relevance is already diminishing since the 1990’s. Their financial system is in better shape than the U.S. today, but the long term trend as a closed off society with declining birth rates, Japan is in terminal decline, it is becoming a nation of feeble elderly people. People here have criticized China for being hostile to foreigners, but China is far more accomodating and accepting of foreigners in society than Japan.

    I agree with you that to overtake Japan, China will need to innovate more instead of exporting to the U.S. and other countries in exchange for dollars. But don’t worry, I can assure you 95% of the people in China my age and soon in positions of political and economic influence share my thoughts and goals. We’ll openly cooperate with Japan when in our interest but keeping in mind the long term goal of its destruction, call it Project Han Wudi.

  • Peteryang

    I think we need to exit the mass-labor model and become an innovative and technology-driven society before talking about other nations’ doom. It goes like this:

    primitive – slavery – feudal – industrialized – technological – ???

    To be objective, China has just began industrialization, we are one era behind developed nations, you can love China by helping it progress faster, not prattling on internet.

  • dave

    I love the irony. Some of the commentors state something like “how dare they do this on our territory?” but just a few months ago in places like New Zealand and South Korea the Chinese students were acting quite foolishly on someone else’s territory.

    • Fike2308

      Chinese people, based on my experiences, have NO CONCEPT OF IRONY!!

  • Haha

    The student just threw a bottle and 2 student got beaten quite harshly, if the posts are to be believed. What do you expect would happen? Is it surprising or not justified that young students, the most easily excited group of people in the world, got angry because foreign student beat their compatriots. Imagine a similar scenario in US, but make the two sides black and white people instead. It would be very reasonable for everyone to act the same way that these Shanghai Chinese student to act if the white guys beat some black guy senseless in this situation, right? Didn’t the Koreans, mostly young students, act similarly when some Chinese students did their thing in the torch relay through Korea? I seem to remember that everyone who was in the “anti-China” camp then expressed understanding for the Korean reaction.

  • MJ


    I think this topic is good, Chinasmack shows the reality of China and Chinese people.
    There are many BBS talk about this topic although been deleted. This blog shows “Hot internet stories, pictures, & videos in China. What’s popular, scandalous, or shocking that have the Chinese talking.”

  • Peteryang

    I too think this is just a ordinary scuffle, nothing special, let these students sort out themselfs. too bad if you have to drag this incident to the nanjing massacre department.

  • It seems like a drunk brawl you’d see on any campus with international students; people taking national sides, reminds me of a football match.

  • SniperWZ

    @USTCer, do you work for the government censorship office? Why censor speech?

    “Also, topics like this are among those that can encourage people to have opinions based on believes and emotions rather than solid evidences.”

    – Really? People act on emotions??? That’s shocking.

  • Kai

    @ USTCer:

    I have to disagree on principle. The foundation of a healthy marketplace of ideas (and democracy) is that people NOT be apathetic. Of course, I, like others, often tired of what we disagree with, but I think it is important in principle that even the ravings of unreasonable still largely be made available so that people CAN see what others think and MIGHT be motivated to counter.

    I agree with MJ that this falls within chinaSMACK’s domain, as it represents something that Chinese people on the internet are indeed talking about. I personally prefer more light-hearted subjects like mummies on the train but if a vein in our forehead didn’t violently explode every once in awhile, we might not be able to appreciate said mummies.

    I think the police’s action more closely represents a pragmatic government policy than what mainstream Chinese people think. More or less, while I do think a healthy amount of Chinese recognize that not all Japanese people are inherently evil or guilty of what their past ancestors have done, there is a strong, wide-spread, and long-standing resentment towards the Japanese, in part fueled by what the Japanese have done and by the understandable but sometimes unfair preoccupation of such by the Chinese in education, movies, etc.

    The marketplace of ideas and democracy requires people to speak out and argue for their perspectives. If people were not aware of fenqing sentiments, there would not be people calling them out on it, rebutting them, chastising them, criticizing them, or coming up with funny puns like “FF.”

    Last I checked, even the Chinese government proclaims to be in pursuit of democratic ideals, right?

  • Kai

    Wow, such spelling and grammar mistakes above.

    tire, not tired.
    add “people” after “unreasonable.”

  • Rick in China

    @SniperWZ RE: “but China is far more accomodating and accepting of foreigners in society than Japan.”
    Have you been to Japan? I spent time in Tokyo, and a lot of time in China, and can say without a doubt that I believe Japan is a FAR more accepting [of foreigners] country than China, in general. Shanghai and Hong Kong in many respects may be very much on par, but the majority of China is simply…..not, at all, accomodating or accepting. Anyone who does not look normal gets extra attention – “HELLO!!” and stares, comments in Chinese right infront of your face, in elevator together, little kids yelling “老外” to their smiling parents as they prance down the road…maybe it’s cute for a bit, but being singled out gets tiring, and Chinese are fantastic at singling you out both in your face and behind your back not realizing many foreigners here speak fluent Chinese and will have no shame to reply and make them look ridiculous when they comment right beside you to their friends with a shiteating grin. “Look, he has some stubble, he didn’t shave today, do you think it’s sexy? I think it’s just stupid” *laowai turns around* “Look at your hair, you look like a fuckin rooster, next time you comment about my appearance I’ll punch you in the face, what else you want to say?” >> *dumbfounded and embarassed guy*. Think that happens in Japan? I think not.

    • Fike2308

      Rick, I know what you mean about being singled out….that’s the one of the things I can’t stand about China and is one of the reasons I’m going back to America.

      From my experience, Japanese people are MUCH MORE polite to foreigners than Chinese are.

      A lot of Chinese people have NEVER BEEN TO JAPAN but consider themselves total experts about Japanese people, culture, history, etc…..and then they have the audacity to say that foreigners (including ones who have lived in China) can’t/don’t understand Chinese culture…..absurd.

  • 马俊豪

    Most of all, I feel very sad for China (and Japanese) hasn’t been able to turn the page of war attrocities as we (thanks to our governments and western cultures) in Europe did.

    Chinese government doesn’t do much to calm down its people…
    Well, it’s indeed kind of useful to maintain the “unity” of its nation (under PCC command that is…) in those socially difficult times.

    After 10 years in China, I have yet to meet a Chinese that will not blindling say “i hate japanese!”.

    So sad…

  • SniperWZ

    @Rick, how many foreigners do you think is encouraged to actually live and work in Japan on a permanent basis? Yeah, go ahead and travel all you want in Japan, but outside the major cities, you may not find a place to stay…


    They will be very courteous to you of course when you’re visiting, and you will always be a gaijin outsider, and expected to leave.

  • SniperWZ

    Rick, I think you should try to stay in Japan for a time longer than a week visit, then you will be comparing apples to apples…


    • Fike2308

      @ SniperWZ….here’s a passage from that article you posted a link to…please read it:

      To give credit to Japan for something- as prejudiced as they can be at times, they can also be very hospitable and respectful and welcoming. I had great friends there, people picking me up on the streets and taking me to restaurants and their homes; people meeting me on airplanes, total strangers and all, and telling me that I was now their son and that I should go and visit them as I would visit their parents.

  • Kai

    @ USTCer:

    I understand where you’re coming from but i think this boils down to arguments about “freedom.” Everyone has their own line of what is acceptable and unacceptable freedom that should be regulated by society through government. If nothing else, the United States Supreme Court has often dealt with this very issue throughout the years, trying to define the freedom of speech relative to public interests. I personally do not think this website should limit what it sets out to translate unless it chooses to and I happen to feel this topic was fully within chinaSMACK’s domain.

    I understand why they posted it and I appreciate it. It may be a tired subject but it is a persistent one for a reason. I think allowing people to argue about it in the comments is also good, because people are exchanging ideas and learning more. True, some will not, but I prefer a more open-society than a closed one. I think Fauna could easily do a better job moderating out the idiots and subsequent idiotic comments but maybe not doing so shows some measure of faith that there are reasonable people out there willing to fight the good fight.

    I think it is better to talk and argue than to pretend certain things don’t exist. I’m also not too sure your analogy of the drunk man is applicable to whether or not chinaSMACK should or shouldn’t post about this incident.

  • Dana

    Japanese people are racist against black males from what my friends said when going their. And maybe against other asian groups, I’m not sure. But yeah, this topic is stupid. Nothing is going to change unless Japan apologizes or does something very noble.

    It’s a shame, because Chinese people were starting to actually really like Japanese people during Sichuan Earthquake (and got pissed at the Koreans for making insensitive remarks) I think that’s the end of the story.

    • 天啊

      Interesting, does nobody research before speaking.

      Firstly, Japanese and blacks receive the highest level of racism in China.
      Secondly, Japan is NOW a peace loving country.
      Thirdly, the Prime Minister of Japan during 2001, Junichiro Koizumi, did apologise on the 7th of Octoboer 2001 to Chairman Jiang Ze Min and Premier Zhu Rong Ji for crimes commited against the Chinese people during WW2.
      Does every Japanese person need to appologise to every Chinese person, the Japanese now are different, the Chinese of now are different, The “Nanjing massacre” was primarily GuoMinDang as the Chinese capital was Nanjing.
      Later it was primarily the GuoMinDang that defeated the Japanese and then were in turn defeated by the Communists, so if anything Taiwan should hate the Japanese, which they do not, and China (or Taiwan province and Mainland China depending on beliefs) should love them.
      Now back to the main article about the fighting in Shanghai university, Yes the Japanese were bad, they should have shown respect for the other dorm residents, but this doesn’t give the rights for people to throw things.
      I believe that it was nothing to do with the fact that they were Japanese at the start, if the were from any other country they would have shown the same nationalistic arrogance/pride, the fact that they later found out it was done by some Japanese students would of just added fuel to the fire and played on the animosity and hatred of the Japanese, hence the fighting was not more intense as they only found out later after the police arrived that they were Japanese (and then for whatever reason broke out in song).

      This was a truly embarrassing story for the university and many of its students, both Chinese and otherwise.

      • 天啊

        Sorry, I should not have said nationalistic arrogance and just used pride.
        I hope no offence was taken

  • Chicolatino

    It was a completely waste of my time reading this article.

  • Fuller

    @ bb
    “For example, does anyone really see China’s automotive industry overtaking Honda or Toyota on safety foremost, or anything else?”

    I’ve been reading a lot lately about something called “disruption” that happens in almost every industry. Give Chinese products some time, and what’s seen now as cheap and poorly made will eventually capture bigger and bigger shares of the market as they gain money and thus gain the ability to make their products in a better way, or in a way so unique that people will switch loyalties.

    At one time in the not so distant past, Japanese cars/motorcycles were also treated as inferior, but look at them now.

  • Gaijintendo

    Probably the smallest thing to pick up on in the whole article, but I was snowboarding in the North of Japan and had waited ages to go for a pee – because I was all bundled up in clothes. I rushed into the main building, into the toilets – and I went red with embarrassment (combined with the red of cold, and the red of exertion). I had walked into the ladies toilet by accident.

    The girls were combing each others hair, putting on colourful lip balm, and all basically loitering in front of the mirrors in general. I quickly turned on my heels and left. But outside I could see the other toilet was the ladies, and this was indeed a Japanese gents toilet. I remembered this after reading about the students wearing eyeliner.

  • fireworks

    These 10 Japanese punks should have been more respectful. If they are having a BBQ, keep the noise to minimum.

    I think they were asking for trouble in China. They were flaming and fanning. They were being dickheads. Not all Japanese are like that. The ones that usually cause trouble are the ones who don’t have a sense of responsibility, culture and empathy towards other people.

    These days, being intoxicated like how Brits go to Southern Europe to get pissed is seen as “cool”. Being rowdy and boisterous is seen as “youthful”. Well, I hope the Public Security beat those foreigners for misbehaving and lock them up.

  • klimmer


    “how many foreigners do you think is encouraged to actually live and work in Japan on a permanent basis?”
    I have lived here for over 8 years and I can assure you that there’s not much discrimination. Problems arise only because of language issues. I’ve never been turned away because I was foreign.

    “I can assure you 95% of the people in China my age and soon in positions of political and economic influence share my thoughts and goals.”
    I’m Chinese. My parents lost family in the war too and I’m embarrassed to hear this kind of talk in this day and age, especially from someone who seems intelligent and bilingual.

    There are many Chinese people working hard and honestly in Japan. The Japanese are generally a civilized lot. They have their prejudices & minority hate groups, like everyone else, so please stop embarrassing the Chinese people with your immature mob rhetoric.