Japanese Fighter Jets Enter Chinese Air Defense Zone

Japanese F-15 fighter jets.

Japanese F-15 fighter jets.

From NetEase:

Multiple Japanese Military Planes Enter East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, Tracked and Monitored by Chinese Air Force

China News Service August 7 report — China Air Force spokesperson Major General Shen Jinke made a statement in Beijing on the 7th that China’s Air Force conducted a patrol of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone on the 6th, strengthening its monitoring of targets in the ADIZ, protecting the order and safety of the relevant airspace over the East China Sea.

On August 6th, when multiple Japanese air self-defense force aircraft entered China’s East China Sea ADIZ conducting extensive reconnaissance activities, China’s Air Force responded with necessary tracking and monitoring. Japanese F-15 fighter jets twice attempted to approach Chinese patrolling aircraft, with the China’s Air Force adopting reasonable, proper, and restrained measures in response to the mid-air threat.

Shen Jinke indicated that China’s establishment of the ADIZ is a defensive act to protect national security, in order to better protect the normal order of aircraft in the airspace above the East China Sea, and ensure flight safety. Since the implementation of patrols over the East China Sea ADIZ, China’s Air Force has carried out monitoring and identification of foreign aircraft into the ADIZ, and taken appropriate measures in response to different threats, safeguarding the nation’s air defense security. (End)

Comments from NetEase:

5ac63baa820973ee4355bcc1 [网易河南省手机网友]:

I used to be in the military, and to be honest, I normally was afraid to read news about military affairs, because everyone’s comments are too disappointing/frightening. Everyone, be honest, in today’s society, other than soldiers, who else actually serves the people? Everyone is quick to say how you taxpayers are supporting/providing for us, but do we not also pay taxes? Who are we providing for with our taxes? I won’t deny that the military has areas where there is corruption, but what have we basic-level soldiers embezzled from you people?

You people think those of us serving in the military have nothing to do all day and just doing things for show? Do you know how many hours of training us soldiers have to do in a day? Do you people know how many times we can go home in a year? Do you people know what it means when we ridicule ourselves with “with both eyes open, we labor until the lights go out, with both eyes closed, we raise our vigilance”? Conscripts just make 600 kuai a month, while petty officers get about 3000, but do you know what we have to do to get this?

“For country and for dignity/honor” may be empty words for you people, but it is very personal for us. My father participated in the Wenchuan Earthquake rescue mission. It can be said that when our homeland suffers a calamity, there is only us, only us who risk our lives rushing forward, while you people are all retreating backwards, with only us soldiers charging forward into the most dangerous places. During earthquakes, everyone watches the news, but you people are watching it because it is exciting [watching out of interest], but do you know how many families are closely following news about the disaster area? Because their sons are on the front lines.

Friends, our country is not rich and strong, and our armed forces cannot be called first-rate when it comes to military affairs, but in the whole world, only China has it written into its military regulations that soldiers who abandon civilians in times of danger and thus abandon their post/duty must be punished as desertion. Yes, the United States is very strong and powerful, very rich and prosperous, and it dares to challenge any country in the world, but they are content to only criticize China [and not actually attack]. Why? That’s because China has a group of stupid soldiers like this that you people curse at/make fun of every day. The existence of soldiers is not to fight wars, but for peace, as guarding the peace is our responsibility/duty. I daresay that China’s soldiers have done right by the people of our country, so I ask you people to be more careful/considerate/fair when you speak.

包子馒头烧饼麻花 [网易浙江省嘉兴市网友]:

Japanese fighter jets are coming! What happened to shooting down the enemy planes like the Major General talked about???

风毒翩翩 [网易上海市浦东新区网友]:

Condemnation! End of matter!

[Note: This comment refers to a popular belief that China is too soft on foreign policy, always condemning the actions of others against it but never actually doing anything about it.]

网易福建省厦门市网友 [joey0888]: (responding to above)

Reasonable, proper, restrained. “Restrained” is probably the only thing he really wanted to say.

cdjmwcg [网易福建省漳州市网友]: (responding to above)

It should be understood like this: They adopted the reasonable and proper restrained measures, in response to the threat.

张宁丽水 [网易澳大利亚网友]: (also responding to 风毒翩翩)

What about the Major General?

俄爹普京大帝 [网易上海市网友]:

Once again [the government] begins biting [attacking] Japan. [See below]

土包子进城做皇帝 [网易美国网友]:

Condemn, condemn, and condemn some more! After condemning, they can get off work and go to the cafeteria!

网易天津市网友 ip:125.39.*.*

A few years ago, a machine gun could kill several hundred Japanese devils, then there weren’t even kitchen knives, so they began ripping Japanese devils apart with bare hands!

汉平倭 [网易浙江省舟山市网友]:

According to how the Japanese characterize it, didn’t Japanese military planes encroach upon Chinese territorial air space? [Refers to how Japanese have reported Chinese planes encroaching upon its airspace]

xueliang1141234 [网易辽宁省大连市网友]:

The moment there’s a big problem within the country, whether it is petitioning or increasing oil prices or real estate or government officials or natural disasters… as long as there’s a big [pubic] problem, [the government] makes media reports about Japan. If that doesn’t solve the problem [by successfully diverting attention on other problems], they make media reports about the South China Sea. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, then they make reports about the DL and the like.


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