Japanese Man’s “Shower Head Girlfriend”, Chinese Reactions

A Japanese young man who created a girlfriend out of his shower head.

A Japanese young man who created a girlfriend out of his shower head.

This was among the top ten most popular microblog posts on China’s Sina Weibo yesterday and climbed as high as #2…

From Sina Weibo:

@写作JUNDAM读作菌蛋: A lonely Japanese youth transformed his shower head into his girlfriend, and from then on lived a blessed and happy life.








Comments from Sina Weibo:


This young guy has included all of the attributes [stereotypes] of the Japanese. It is scary, pornographic, anime, and perverse/disturbing…


I feel…like I won’t need to post…any scary reading material tonight…and just reshare…this… [拜拜]


…I really want to add some red dye to his shower head.


Am I the only person who thinks this is frightening? [拜拜]


Japanese people sure are perverse/disturbed.


Very likely that there is something wrong with this person. [拜拜]


…scared me so… If it were me, my pee would flow at the same time as the shower water…


The Island Country [Japan] is teaming with [or possibly “produces”] psychos.


Are you trying to scare me to death?!!!!


Scared me to death! [吐][拜拜]

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • bang2tang

    it’s looks scary, lol

    • DavidisDawei

      Dear God, let’s hope not!
      There are plenty of beautiful, able and willing women in Japan.

    • MonkeyMouth

      what will he do with the shampoo dispenser?

  • Emms

    Better this than becoming an Eliot Rodger I guess?

    • Deriving sexual pleasure from something that looks like a dead corpse is not a good sign.

      • JabroniZamboni

        Your mother is doing fine, thank you. Don’t take it personally either, I’m just possessed by the ghost of Don Rickles.

        That is an underhand toss, swing for the fences imo.

  • David

    “This young guy has included all of the attributes [stereotypes] of
    the Japanese. It is scary, pornographic, anime, and

    He had to go for the big boobed blonde haired bimbo huh? Well, whatever makes him happy.

    • mr.wiener

      He could of at least used a female mask.

      • David

        Yea, that was sort do weird wasn’t it?

  • Only a disturbed psychopath could look at that terrifying corpse-like monstrosity and find it sexually attractive. If this isn’t an Internet joke, he’s a Jeffrey Dahmer in the making.

    • Kai

      I prefer to believe this guy knows that it looks pretty freaky but has done this and publicized it on the internet for fun (probably even a bit of self-deprecating humor). I really hope he’s not serious, because that’s hella freaky.

      • JabroniZamboni

        I certainly hope so. Those duct tape arms look like leprosy.

      • ClausRasmussen

        I want to keep my beliefs in humanity so aye to that lol

    • Butsu

      Yes it is a joke, and you get that easily if you read his original post.

    • DavidisDawei

      He is probably into Anime….

      There is a section of Tokyo dedicated to this. Some of the women are quite sexy in their outfits…
      not sure why he’d have to resort to a shower head – haha

  • JabroniZamboni

    What. In. The. Flying. Fuck? We western men are certainly pigs (at least this one), but what in the blue hell could convince someone to this? Sexual immaturity rots minds.

  • mr.wiener

    I’m thinking it’s a joke…but then again this is a japanese guy and sometimes you just can’t tell if they are being serious or not.

  • mr.wiener

    Choice of music to shower to would be “Clara” by Scott Walker.

  • Kian Mehrabi

    This guy has to be taking the piss. And what on earth is freaky about this? it’s just a stupid pile of trash stuck on his wall.

    • Rick in China

      i agree it has to be a joke.. it’s way, way too weird.

      The freaky part though, it’s because it looks nothing like a woman – but rather a weird abject horror film monstrosity that you’d expect to come to life and murder you rather than something that you’d find joy in spending time with..

  • Ruaraidh

    Wow, follow these easy steps and you too can have some sort of terrifying busty blonde gargoyle lurking in your shower.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    David Lynch has just found his next film project.

  • Wodowsan

    It is interesting how so many of the comments condemn an entire nation of people, because one guy does something that may be nothing more than his attempt in being creative.

    Perhaps if the Chinese watched more Kurosawa films instead of only Japanese porn, they could broaden their understanding of Japanese culture and society.

    I always found it interesting how so many Chinese condemn the Japanese for their Adult films, yet they are such large consumers of them.

    • bang2tang

      they are worshiping AV idol.

    • Guest

      Isn’t it the same with most of the people here? They read something bad from CS and quickly condemn all Chinese people and the whole China.

      • Wodowsan

        You are correct no one should condemn all people of a nation due to the actions of some even many of their people.
        Although having lived in China several years, I did discover that many Chinese (not all) very often generalize about others, have a tendency of absolutism in their statements.

        If you watch the government news, they often use absolutes in their reporting and rarely if ever show conflicting points of view. So I would say that this is a major problem in China. It is also rampant with in their Party controlled education system.

        • ninxay

          Most of the old folks in China do this, along with teens – curses against seven generations of xiao riben being the usual. The working-age crowd either don’t care or have become terribly cynical, putting their heads down and getting on with life.

          Balanced reporting on CCTV? It’s the world’s largest propaganda network! They take whatever directive from the Party’s Propaganda Department, add some gloss and spin to it and present it as news. The “analysis” programs on defence matters are more like shrill mouthpieces for the military. You can often tell how sensitive and important something is by CCTV’s deafening silence on the matter.

        • Insomnicide

          You know that they do the same in Japan as well despite having a much freer, less ‘brainwashed’ country?

          • Wodowsan

            I am curious. Have you been to Japan? Or is your observation based on only what you hear about Japan or comments posted on the internet? All nations have their bigots. I have lived in China and have been confronted with racism there directly and personally. I have also witnessed how the Party propagates hate in the media and in education. That is much scarier than the few loons on the net all nations have.

          • Insomnicide

            Sorry for the late reply but I’ve talked to Japanese people in real life. And they make the same generalizations about Chinese people just as we make the same generalizations about Japanese people. And it has nothing to do with the party because according to the rest of the world, Japan is clearly not indoctrinated by their dominate political party.

            Yes, people make generalizations. Everywhere. However I found it hard to believe that it’s some kind of party indoctrinated brainwashing. Japanese people aren’t exactly indiscriminate against Chinese people either, which only fuels the anger.

    • Oh come on, this is a continuing cycle with East Asian netizens; everyone stereotypes the other. Besides, there weren’t that many comments above talking about the Japanese as a whole? Why single out those two or three. If anything, the majority were saying how it was scary period.

  • Science Patrol

    I’d heard of shower head boyfriends before but this is something new.

  • 東洋i♡asianwomen美人

    GROSS. so many weirdos in this country, IMHO this is the main reason of falling birthrate here.
    From wednesday to sunday morning, already banged 4 外人-loving asians:

    ・22yo taiwanese (just a couple of hours after she broke up with her ex haha!)
    ・sexy, snow white japanese wifey
    ・a korean colleague from Incheon
    ・half chinese-japanese cutie

    that’s why there are so many haters out there ready to badmouth you anytime, they can’t with the gaijin! lol

    ♪♪I can give a fuck ’bout no hater
    Long as my bitches love me♪♪

    • Boris

      It’s a joke.

    • Jahar

      Seeking validation much?

  • diverdude7

    I knew she was gonna leave me,,,, but for him !?! Life’s not fair :-((

  • Butsu

    I guess out of context and withouth reading the original you might be doubtful if this is a joke or not… but yeah this is a joke alright. It’s from a guy who has made other weird stuff (it’s his online schtick) and as Kai said its playing on self-deprecating humor.

    The guy who calls himself ARuFa is thinking how the summer is here and you spend a lot of time in the shower. But he feels that it is lonely in the shower and set off on a quest to mod his shower with a sexy girl to make it more flashy. The last pic here in this article shows his first result but he isn’t quiet happy about it as it looks scary, after he fixes it he becomes happy and writes a letter to his mom, who had told him it is time to get a girlfriend now that he lives alone. In his letter he tells her “fret not mother, I’m now head over heels in love and we’re even taking showers together”. It all ends with a picture of him when you can see a single tear falling from his eyes, with the caption “Let’s sleep”.
    Original sauce here: http://omocoro.jp/kiji/25764/

    • Kai

      I love it when people bring more interesting and relevant information to the table. Thank you for this!

      The Chinese Weibo source is also worth visiting, for the arguably creepy animated background, but yeah, it’s all just part of that “scene” and generally fun and games.

  • dianakyla95

    scarier if blood comes out instead of water :D

    • Probotector

      …or vomit.

  • Don’t forget to shower at night, or Shawa-Baba will give you a fright!

  • Markus P

    I like the way he has done a step by step guide to its creation for others. lol

  • hacienda

    the chinese will definitely copy this for sure.

  • norimix

    Why Japan.. Why?!?

    • Boris

      For the LOLz!

      • BillBo


  • Markoff

    Strong support to anti-japanese stereotypes!

  • SonofSpermcube

    Say the name. Smear the cheese.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    haha awesome! The guy’s obviously making a joke

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I’m scared now.

  • Probotector

    This reminds me of that movie Weird Science.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Except that its hot vs creepy.

  • Stefan

    “This young guy has included all of the attributes [stereotypes] of the Japanese. It is scary, pornographic, anime, and perverse/disturbing…”
    Somehow this is so true…

  • Stefan

    Only in Japan.

    • YourSupremeCommander


  • Peter Pottinger

    WTF???? I’m having a nightmare and I’m not even sleeping!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Future rapist or serial killer.

  • Zen my Ass

    I feel the guy: when the Bukkake is not coming to you, you go to the Bukkake.

  • BillBo

    “This young guy has included all of the attributes
    [stereotypes] of the Japanese. It is scary, pornographic, anime, and

    LOL I love this comment

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Why’s it always a blonde white chick? For a country that’s 99.9% asian, I find that kind of weird..

  • mtthwbrnd

    Does that tiny black rectangle covering his eyes actually prevent people who know him from recognising him?

  • moeimoei

    one scary looking gf! hahaha…