Japan Police To Replace SDF At Fukushima, Chinese Reactions

A Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF) helicopter collects water to dump on the damaged Fukushima I nuclear power plant reactors to bring down reactor temperatures.

A Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF) helicopter collects water to dump on the damaged Fukushima I nuclear power plant reactors to bring down reactor temperatures.

From Sina, XCar, & Tianya:

Japanese National Police Agency to replace Self-Defense Force in spraying water on nuclear power plant, operation to commence tonight

According to [March 16th, yesterday] Japanese news reports, after the Japanese Self-Defense Force aborted using large helicopters to dump water to cool the Fukushima nuclear power plant under concerns of high radiation and harm to Self-Defense Force personnel, the Japanese government’s disaster relief headquarters tonight (16th) issued a request to the National Police Agency, requesting that they send special fire trucks to the nuclear power plant to pour water from the ground.

The National Police Agency released information tonight that in accordance with the Prime Minister’s instructions, the team for spraying water formed from members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Tactical Unit [riot police] has already set out, and will use special water cannon truck to spray water into the number 4 reactor at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant from tens of meters away to lower the reactor’s temperature and prevent even greater nuclear leaks.

The report says that the police are borrowing anti-radiation uniforms from the SDF because they do not have any equipment of their own. It is reported that the SDF have already agreed to lend [the equipment]. The water spraying operation will commence tonight.

A Tokyo police water cannon truck to be dispatched to spray water onto the damaged reactors at Fukushima I nuclear power plant.

Comments from Sina:


Time for us to send some chengguan over to take over [Japan]?


Fuck, what the hell is this, the Prime Minister cannot command the Self-Defense Force?


Looks like there’s no need to worry about the rise of Japanese militarism. If a war breaks out, the Self-Comforting Force will retreat by themselves, even worse than the police. As a foreigner, even I can’t bear to watch this any further.

[自慰队 zi wei dui, “masturbation force” is a pun of 自卫队 zi wei dui, “self-defense force”.]


To the police and those Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) staff who are guarding the nuclear power plant, I salute you.


Looks like [Japanese Prime Minister] Kan Naoto is preserving the military’s strength at a critical moment, maintaining a wariness against surrounding countries.


Looks like the People’s Liberation Army is better! Japanese soldiers are willing to their own country suffer yet another nuclear disaster to protect their own health, truly a model for today’s soldiers!


Looks like the Metropolitan Police is much more manly than the Self-Defense Force.


Japan’s military is thoroughly useless now. With this kind of character, can they still fight a war? Still protect and defend the country? [They’re just] waiting to die [doomed].


The Self-Defense Force can be disbanded now, they actually have to depend on the police force??

Japanese police in protective gear and respirators in Fukushima.

Comments from Tianya:


The military won’t go so the police will? And if the police are gone, does that mean the yakuza will be next?


Such a tragedy, the military can’t be depended on and so the police must be called to go, are the police supposed to be more niu [better] at disaster relief than the military? Or to put it another way, is the Self-Comforting Force no better than the police?


Is a country like this that won’t even rescue itself worth us going to help and aid?


Regardless of what their country’s system is like, this will make the Japanese Self-Defense Force famous.


This is a military??? Those stupid NC who always scream that Japan would definitely win if China and Japan were to go to war again better wake up. Even China’s chengguan are stronger than this, or at least they don’t self-comfort.


Self-Defense Force: There’s radiation, I won’t court death [risk dying]!
Police: Let me borrow your clothes, I’ll go!
Yakuza: Police, go! I’ll bury your body!


What a loss of face [so embarrassing], will they still dare to ask for budget funds in the future?


Truly have overestimated Japan, Japan is no longer the Japan of yesteryear.


It should be the American military who goes,
because Japan doesn’t really have a military,
America castrated Japan’s military strength so American military strength is what protects Japan,
so of course a proper military must go in,
If the American military doesn’t go in, who will?
The American military is a proper military, and if the military orders you to go and you don’t, you can be executed on the spot!
But the Self-Defense Force and Japan’s police are only professions, so if you won’t go at worst you can just resign and quit,
Soldiers cannot resign, otherwise they would be dealt with as deserters.

Japanese officials in anti-radiation protective gear in Fukushima.

Comments from KDS:


And you still want to fight China and Russia over islands? Better just go home to watch porn and self-comfort.


This time the Japanese Self-Defense Force really has become the Self-Comfort Force, losing face [embarrassing themselves] now at home.


With the character of the Self-Defense Force like this, Japan will no longer have any position/status to speak of in Asia.


This performance by the Self-Defense Force will definitely overwhelm the Chinese military with laughter.


It looks like the way the Japanese people looked at us during the Qing Dynasty is now reversing!


The information the Heavenly Kingdom has gained from this earthquake is so much it can’t digest it all in time. This includes having to re-evaluate estimations of military strength. At least this is the first complete failure/total defeat in terms of constitution/spirit since the war. A collapse of spirit/constitution, this is the most serious result. Even with the most advanced weapons, it is all a waste. America too will have to re-evaluate its Asia deployments.


Back in the day in Tengchong [Yunnan province], even the comfort women went out to carry ammunition…
The Japanese soldiers back then were truly like soldiers…

What can they do, their [military/fighting] spirit was neutered by their American Daddy!


This problem can be looked at another way.
Maybe the Japan military’s militarism is still there. The Self-Defense Force is the foundation for future wars, its strength must be preserved. On something like this that they consider a small matter, they can’t sacrifice too much.
This is what would be truly frightening.


You think a military that doesn’t even have its people’s support would go far? This time they’ve really embarrassed themselves!


An island country with an abundance of tidal and wind energy resources instead spends years making nuclear power. Is it really for energy [electricity]?

Find a way to fix it yourself~~ Don’t let the entire world pay for it with you~~


According to convention, it is the police who first go and then the military, it is like this in any country! This time the Japanese Self-Defense Force has really lost face! After this incident, presumably the police’s position/status will rise a lot, whether it be within the government or amongst the people…


Many of our country’s people are laughing at the Japanese soldiers for being afraid of death. But isn’t fearing death human nature and a natural right?

What qualifications do a people who don’t even have the right to fear death [Chinese] have to laugh at others exercising their right to fear death?


Objectively, China’s army is still pretty good… emoticon


We can encourage a hero to appear, but we must not force others to court death [risk their lives].

After all, human rights is paramount.


The Self-Defense Force are civil servants, not an army, don’t you guys know?
There isn’t a country in the world where the army would refuse to rescue the people.


Such a simple thing, if you’re afraid to die, then don’t be a solder, and if you’re a soldier, you should follow orders. These are the rules of the game. No one with normal intelligence would probably object. Don’t wait until you are needed and then act shamelessly, saying you won’t play…

Forget it, with this kind of country, just let it be destroyed and be done with it. I always believed no one loved Harmonious Country [China], but that a country like Japan also doesn’t have anyone who loves it is very difficult to understand. Even if everything started to improve today, the entire world has already seen this. This country is already over/done for.

Satellite image of the damaged Fukushima I nuclear power plant after the March 11, 2011 Sendai Earthquake.

Don’t want to be part of the Self-Comfort Force? Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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