Japanese Rescue Chinese Cargo Ship Crew, Netizens Suspicious

The Chinese cargo ship is on fire in the sea area of Okinawa.

The Chinese cargo ship is on fire in the sea area of Okinawa.

From QQ:

Chinese Cargo Ship Catches Fire, 64 Crew Members Rescued by Japan Coast Guard

Xinhua.net, Tokyo October 21st report (Reporter Guo Yina). Officials of China’s embassy in Japan said on the 21st that a Chinese cargo ship on the night of the 20th caught on fire in the waters near Okinawa, with the ship’s 64 crew members already having been rescued. According to reports, as this Chinese ship was sailing in the waters near Okinawa, the rear of the ship caught fire. The headquarters of the Japan Coast Guard District 11 immediately launched a rescue after receiving the report. In the early morning of the 21st, all 64 crew members were rescued, with 3 of them having minor injuries. After China’s consulate general in Fukuoka received the report from the Japanese in the early hours of the 21st, it immediately started emergency response protocols, maintaining close communications with Japanese officials, and requested Japan’s full assistance in rescuing the wounded. At present, China’s consulate general is actively coordinating with Japanese officials to send all crew members back as soon as possible. Photo [above] is of the Chinese cargo ship on fire in the seas around Okinawa.

Location of the incident.

The scene on TV reporting this news.

Television news report.

Photos that the Japan Coast Guard took when the Chinese cargo ship is on fire.

Photos that the Japan Coast Guard took when the Chinese cargo ship is on fire.

Photos that the Japan Coast Guard took when the Chinese cargo ship is on fire.

Photos taken by Japan’s Coast Guard of the Chinese cargo ship on fire.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯吉安市网友 高山流水:

Even in times of war there should be humanitarian aid. If it were China, China would also do the same.

腾讯网友 kevin:

Where did this cargo ship set out from and where was it going? Why did it sail through the waters off Okinawa, so close to the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands]? Why did it happen to catch on fire at that precise area? Why did the Japanese rescue team arrive so swiftly? Why was there also another report in today’s news: Chinese 1,500 People Tour Group Arrives in Japan to Warm Welcome? Could all of this be a coincidence? Or is it to suppress the ordinary common people’s anger over losing the Diaoyu Islands? If the islands are lost, then they’re lost, the people are not stupid.

腾讯网友 进享*自由:

What the hell? The upper levels of government are once again plotting and scheming, playing political tricks. Many years in the future, there will definitely be a secret document leaked that will explain the mystery here!!! You people [government officials] keep it up, nowadays the people are even smarter than Einstein!! And you still try to trick us!!! Fuck.

腾讯网友 {家豪}:

The media once again begins softening the people’s hatred toward Japan. I reckon the editor of this news is Japanese.

腾讯徐州市网友 Allen:

A cargo ship, 64 crew members? Usually a cargo ship’s crew members won’t exceed 30 people. Those below [to comment], please give a reasonable explanation.

腾讯网友 黄大叔:

Just a political trick, to slowly soften China’s anti-Japanese sentiments.

腾讯网友 Kevin Shen:

I’d rather jump into the sea and drown than be saved by Japanese people.

腾讯网友 秋末时光╮丢: (responding to above)

Are you a 2B? No need to further explain.

腾讯网友 哎丫:

Manufacturing fake news, to ease tensions?

腾讯东莞市网友 裁缝加木匠:

I’d rather burn to death than be saved by Japanese people.

腾讯网友 雨前春: (responding to above)

What a pity you weren’t on that ship!

Comments from iFeng:

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凤凰网福建省南平市网友 luyechuanhu:

I trust that if the same thing happens to a Japanese ship in China, we too would rescue them. Even though Diaoyu Island tensions are high… it’s necessary humanitarianism.

凤凰网山东省济南市网友 手机用户:

It’s because of international practice/convention, not because they are so noble. And, may the traitors who traveled to Japan get lost during the trip and all die.

凤凰网辽宁省大连市网友 zhangqichenga:

If a Japanese ship in Chinese waters were to be in distress, China would also lend a hand, this is international common practice.

凤凰网上海市网友 laoniu军旗:

People should learn to be grateful, there are many Chinese people who would not save our own compatriots.

凤凰网浙江省网友 billcg:

Thanks, Japan!

凤凰网四川省乐山市网友 天地人谐:

If it was China’s patriots, they’d definitely add insult to injury.

凤凰网安徽省巢湖市网友 y166:

Bridges are bridges, paths are paths. Protests are protests, what should be thanked should be thanked.

凤凰网上海市普陀区网友 schumann:

Thanks to the Japanese people! Despise the Japanese right-wing politicians!

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 兜里都是糖:

Thanks to our Japanese friends’ chivalrous act!

凤凰网湖北省黄石市网友 叶亦云:

What’s right is right, what’s wrong is wrong. In this matter, Japanese people did the right thing, and what we should be thankful for we should be thankful. Otherwise we’ll leave a bad impression upon the people of the world.

凤凰网云南省网友 恩阿子:

It should be that the inhabitants of the the Ryukyu Kingdom rescued the Chinese cargo ship, and not the Japanese people. Ryukyu was originally a tributary state of China, and was merged into Okinawa after Japan invaded and took it over.

凤凰网江苏省南京市网友 yanxuhui1:

It was the Japanese who intentionally started the fire and then pretended to rescue them. It’s a dirty trick the Japanese often use, staged for the kind-hearted people of the world to see. Shameless Japanese!

凤凰网湖南省网友 海盗船长yz:

What kind of ship is this that it has 64 crew members?

凤凰网沙特阿拉伯网友 蒋佳:

Okay, Japan can still be considered to have humanity. I hope the dispute doesn’t affect our exchanges in other areas.

What do you think? Is it what it appears to be or is it something suspicious? Are some people’s suspicions justified?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • mr.wiener

    How dare they! I’ll bet those sneaky Japanese were just trying to claim it too….*sigh*

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Welcome back wiener. Where’ve you been?

      • mr.wiener

        on a two week hell trip with my wife and two cranky octonagerians.[my parents]….the horror….the horror

        • themig

          ya should have married a white women in the long run i still consider that the better choice

          • mr.wiener

            I’m just happy to hear you married a woman ;)

  • Rick in China

    Of course there will be comments by ignorant little fucks in their internet cafe seats saying “bullshit, I know it’s not the case because…” but the bottom line is, the truth hurts, and in my experience Japanese are the most polite and respectful people on this planet.

    • The Acidic Hasidic

      Seriously, the japanese have shown since the 60’s that they are nothing but respectful, classy citizens.

      • matterh

        just like those nice zionists huh????

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          i dont understand what this post means.

        • Seppo

          you misspelt seppo, retard

    • Cynic

      They are very polite and respectful people. Strangely enough they have a deep seeded superiority complex which effectively translates into serious racism. Good for them though since they aren’t vocal about it and generally don’t let it get in the way of day to day things such as family, friends, strangers, business, politics etc…

      • this is true, and it’s something they should be called upon to deal with. I find germans to be the same way.

      • A S

        I think this is a much better way of looking at the Japanese “niceness” illusion. What people act like on the outside is not necessarily reflective of their feelings on the inside. People with extreme political/religious/racial views usually are not going to go around screaming in everyone’s face – unless if they want every social experience to be extremely awkward, uncomfortable, and confrontational. So the “mature” people are going to keep their feelings to themselves and unleash their inner beast elsewhere – among their own kind, on the internet with the cloak of anonymity, etc.

    • Seppo

      Any fool is susceptible to rampant nationalism. But this happens in any country. The trick is to regularly interact with as many nationalities as possible (except seppos – they are fucktards). Do not just keep to your own (like most of the circle jerk seppo fuckheads on this site do )

      • Rick in China

        Apparently your trolling missed my post with photos of me in Tanzania with a Maasai. I have and do travel the world, “fuckhead”, you do nothing but troll from your mom’s basement talking shit about becoming worldly when it’s likely that you’ve only travelled via wikipedia.. I’ll not reply to any more of your *rampant* trolling posts.

    • Seppo

      Of course, you will pretend that you are a superior. But you are nothing but a seppo rick roll. I hate having to visit seppos. apologise publibly , or I will visit you

  • Peye

    Media screwup. 2×32=64. Someone could not find his/her reading glasses. No sweat.Happens quite often.

  • yang

    how about a “thank you” coming from china?

    • Tony

      There were 3 comments above that specifically thanked Japan and several others that implied that. Should have been more but the good should be noted as well as the bad.

  • Max

    Good to see still have peoples who help others when need.

  • It is a very strange event. I wonder, why there were so many people on this ship, why it caught fire and what were they doing so close to Okinawa.

  • Alex

    Saw this on the newspaper. Didn’t say it was japanese help in the title nor subtitle. In the content obviously it had to be, but omitted from the big letters which is what most people read.

  • Getrealson

    goes to show that no matter what the Japanese do, the insects will never be happy! even blaming the Japs for the fire. The level of chinese ignorance hits a new high. Da Shan comes here, learns the language/culture – he’s a spy! Laowai feeds the homeless in Xi’an – he was sent here to embarass China. Japanese rescue stricken Chinese ship – Consipracy! Name one thing the Chinese have or do that makes them think they are anything.

    • Germandude

      5000 years of culture, Chinese food and, well, let me think. Anyways, you asked for ONE thing and I named two already ;-)

      • Getrealson

        you mean 5000 years of existance. unless you’re refering to culture in a scientific sense, as in ‘Maintain (tissue cells, bacteria, etc.) in conditions suitable for growth.’ As for the food, that’s debatable!

        • Irvin

          Sounds like you really hate chinese, what’d they do to you that makes you harbor such hatred for them?

          • Getrealson

            Do these stories and comments not add up to a conclusion for you Irvin? Do you live in China? If so, What do you see out your door? Sunshine and rainbows? I never said I hate Chinese, I do however Hate their attitudes and collective reasoning.

          • Irvin

            I would suggest you make it so that you have nothing to do with chinese, it’s the only logical thing.

          • Getrealson

            If everyone had that attitude, china would agian be completely isolated from the rest of the free thinking and critical world. It’s that attitude that chinese harbour. Ok, all criticism aside, Do Chinese people take advantage of what the people that come here have to offer? NO! They can’t see past their patriotism/nationalism, to stop, introspect then improve. If they put all their bullshit aside, realised how far behind and apathetic they are and developed open and honest partnerships with other countries ie Japan, they might gain knowledge and skills they desperatly need.

          • hadoren

            Then why stay in China? If you don’t like the country, leave.

          • Getrealson

            will be leaving very soon never to return. But thanks for that advice I would have never have thought of that. great contribution to the topic Hadoren!

          • dave

            I think I figured out part of why I hate this response so much. It’s not just that it’s glib.

            It’s that it belies a huge arrogance. See, the correct line of thinking is that if you don’t like something, you should work to change it.

            “If you don’t like it, you can leave” is flat out saying that the offended person has no right to try to change China. As if China is perfect or something.

          • El Puma R.

            That’s the stereotype Chinese. Never stay to make things better.

          • 97

            Weak reply, man

          • BigCAD

            They still draw breath of course.

        • Well…I can think of a some good things about China but coming up on 11 years here and I’ve finally determined that Chinese food pretty much sucks. I now exist almost exclusively on steaks, chicken breasts and eggs. No rice. No noodles. No tofu. NO STREET FOOD. I have been packing on muscle and have energy like I can’t believe and should have been eating like this the whole time.

          • El Puma R.

            5 years in China, my body went from 80kg and being able to pick 100kg up without a problem to 100kg and suffering while I was doing pushups. your diet is quite similar to mine however I do cook my own noodles. And potatoes are awesome too, anyway, I’ve lost 16kg since I stopped eating chinese food and I feel strong again. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has felt like this.

          • Cynic

            veggies are for peasants.

          • Cynic, I can’t tell if you’re be sarcastic or not. I will say that, in my opinion, rice is just about the worst staple of any diet. If you ask anyone that ever taught in China, especially college level, they will tell you that the last 1/2 hour before lunch the students are utterly useless, sitting at their desks whining how hungry they are. I used to think “what a bunch of babies” until I realized they truly are starving and they are totally addicted to that insulin spike which also results in the after-lunch slump of students and now people in my office with their heads buried in their desks. Obviously, an occasional plate of Jambalaya or Pilaf isn’t going to hurt you. But Chinese food is probably the most estrogen-based diet on the planet. Of course veggies are good for you, but you can’t be healthy, fit or strong without animal protein.
            I don’t claim to be a nutritionist, I am just saying this from my personal experience. If people want to eat Chinese food as part of their whole China experience of adventure and trying new things, that’s ok by me. But I am truthfully saying that I look and feel stronger since I cut Chinese food out of my diet (ok, I still have a weakness for yangrouchuanr once in awhile)

          • Kukuku

            I hear you man. My first year here was awful always sick and then I just said fuck it and started training for real and only cook for myself. I only eat steaks, chicken breasts and eggs and buy imported milk on taobao and cook some rice on the side too. I may go out to eat once every 2-3 weeks at most and now if I get sick it’s usually because I went out to eat.

            Like Puma, I became MUCH stronger when I stopped eating Chinese food and simply focused on simple homemade meals.

          • maja

            that’s interesting, can I ask you if you used to cook your chinese food yourself before changing diet? also, no bread? how can you do without neither bread or rice?

          • Well….I’m not much of a cook so unless instant noodles can be counted as cooking my own Chinese food, I’d have to say”no”. My company gives us lunch and dinner and has it’s own cook and the boss doesn’t like anything cooked in oil so I thought I had been eating healthy when, in fact, I never felt so sluggish in my whole life and due to an injury could not lift any weights for a long time and was gaining weight. Once I was able to lit weights again, I didn’t fuck around. My house has a nice kitchen that never got used for anything but boiling water. I bought a skillet and started cooking steaks in butter…..add a dash of Cajun Chef Paul Pruddhome’s “Steak Magic” is a recipe even I couldn’t fuck up. I started this a coupla months ago and I wish I had documented a “BEFORE” photo so people could see the difference. I get some carbohydrates from bread from making egg and tomato sandwiches but that’s about it. I’ll probably have to adjust this diet eventually since, yeah….you gotta have some carbs but it won’t be rice. Seriously, the more I learn about rice the less I want to eat it and won’t miss eating it one bit. Like most people, I had believed rice to be “muscle” food since it always showed up in the muscle and bodybuilding magazines as part of some famous bodybuilder’s diet. But people forget those guys are so juiced up on steroids they could pack on muscle with a diet of Jolly Ranchers and M&Ms. Brown rice is better for you if you don’t want to cut rice from your diet. I’m just saying that this works for me and probably not good for people that are not into lifting weights. Hope that answers your question.

        • Germandude

          You asked to “Name one thing the Chinese have or do that makes them think they are anything special”.

          I gave 2 of the most common answers ANY Chinese person would give to you. If I agree or disagree on that is written on a completely different page.

      • Österreichischedude

        These uncultured and uncivilized creatures do not have 5000 years of culture, this is a common misconception. This bedlam here is only 63 years and 22 days old on this very day.
        The food is highly debatable, either fake or toxic, not to mention there is syndrome named after it…

        • yang

          5000 years of culture tells us that they should have been mature enough to just say a simple “thanks”. but instead, 5000 yrs of culture tells us majority of them still lives in world war 2 era and that they have not moved on.

      • manusan

        5000 years, it’s neolitic
        -10 000 we can find pottery in japan during jomon period
        -40 000 we can find cave painting in europe.
        so who piss farther ?

        • coldkgon

          to be deemed as a basis of civilisation requires a few things, notably recorded history, culture and a cohesive community esque existance (i.e. not individual tribes). China has 5000 years of recorded history. Your talk of pottery and cave painting can prove that people existed in Japan and Europe at that time. Yes, Chinese existed at that time as well. Not a proper reply to the term “civilisation” though.

          Only Egypt has an equally long recorded history of civilisation. Might i also mention that both civilizations were the strongest of the time, not just random family tribes but full on empires?

    • Brad Prichard

      At least they were right about Da Shan.

      • Getrealson

        A broken clock is right twice a day, That’s no consolation mate.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          look at the bigger and more important picture. That broken clock is wrong 22 hours out of the day.

          • Getrealson

            To paint a more accurate picture of this analogy it’s 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day its wrong. but good point.

          • I don’t think anyone really thinks DaShan is a spy.

    • hear

      did the chinese rape your mom or something. lol

      • Getrealson

        Do your parents know your playing on the internet? and accessing sites that contains adult content?

        • Jin

          Whahahaa xp

    • Shaniqua1990

      Conspiracy theorists on the internet aren’t limited to just the chinese….

    • heartbroken#4china

      The Chinese lack courage and balls n the society is in decay. They are tossed around like the wind and allow themselves to be fed n persuaded easily shifting their attention to petty issues. I wish one day they could grow a skin n stop playing the victim n stand up for what they believe in, they know the truth… But they hide from it and release their anger on other innocent people “Chinese” people simply coz he drives a Toyota. (ref to the guy in xian beaten and left half paralyzed) That is soo pathetic and stupid. A greater part of it breaks my heart yet i am laowai. How do you expect the world to respect you when you do this to ur own. The Japanese helped, a simple thank you can go along way, it’s called being humbled n human yet people cowardly choose to be hot headed n run away from facing n tackling real issues concerning their discontents n still play the blame game. This is just stooping too low, it’s sickening. Each n every one of us has experienced a war or worse. Cowardly n devastating what Japan did, but it’s high time people forgave n moved on for their own sake n not Japan.

      • linette lee

        …………….They are tossed around like the wind and allow themselves to be fed n persuaded easily shifting their attention to petty issues…..

        This is not a characteristic limited to only Chinese people. IT is more of a characteristic of uneducated people. OR people who were taught or brainwashed by false informations. People who are uneducated can easily be convinced to accept the propaganda of their gov’t. The China is doing a very good job keeping majority of their population limited access to education. They also brainwash them and teach them the ways of communism and forget about free thinking. You look at Japan.,they also brainwash their people into believing they didn’t commit any war crime during pearl harbor or nanking massacre or bombing of darwin. Or the koreans about pure blood claiming they are related to turkish or something, or they were the manchurian not the chinese.(the turks are laughing their ass off, and Manchuria has always been china.) Alot of crazy claims that don’t make sense.

        yes…..They are tossed around like the wind and allow themselves to be fed n persuaded easily shifting their attention to petty issues.

  • Guest

    Is it what it appears to be or is it something suspicious?

    Well, what does it appear to be… A rescue by Japanese Coast Guard of the crew from a cargo vessel with “64” persons on board that had notified them that there was a fire on board and that was sailing near Okinawa.

    – Do ships sometimes get in to difficulty requiring assistance from a shore-based emergency service? Yes…

    – If the Japanese Coast Guard receive an sos, are they likely to be prepared, well-trained, quick to respond, etc? Yes…

    – Could the fire started by accident? Statistically likely…

    – Do ships sail close to Okinawa? Yes, I think its called the Nansei Sea Lane…

    – Is it unusual for 64 persons to be on board? Slighty, average might be 10 Officers and 14 Ratings – but 64 wouldn’t surprise me if it is a Chinese Flagged vessel, given that over-staffing is rife in most other sectors… but a clue as to who was who on the ship might be found in the news that 21 of the 64 were rescued from a life boat with the remaining 43 presumably having been left to burn on board… one might suppose that the 21 were the crew and the 43 were not…

    Are some people’s suspicions justified?

    – No… for example…

    Where did this cargo ship set out from and where was it going?

    – South America to China, but why is that important?

    Why did it sail through the waters off Okinawa, so close to… ?

    – Because it is a major sea lane

    Why did it happen to catch on fire at that precise area?

    – because it was breakfast time and Chef Zhao dropped his wok full of oil on to an open flame… why does anything happen at any time and at any place…

    Why did the Japanese rescue team arrive so swiftly?

    – because they are highly trained and take their job seriously, probably…

    or my favourite:

    “It was the Japanese who intentionally started the fire and then pretended to rescue them. It’s a dirty trick the Japanese often use, staged for the kind-hearted people of the world to see. Shameless Japanese!”

    – no comment necessary…

    • Good post. Chinese netziens are such fools!

      • Well, they can be sometimes. It’s this really strange mix of suspicion about government and yet blind retarded nationalism. I don’t know how i’d feel if the japanese raped and murdered lots of my countrymen about a hundred years ago, but I know that Germans, Vietnamese and Brits (longer ago) probably did that and it’s not even thought of; it’s filed away permanently. Most of us weren’t there and shit happens in war.

        I have to believe that the government fuels this type of anger through education and repetition of the message, and now may be seeing the possible problems with this type of thing.

        Another thing that might come into play is that China has been closed for so long, whereas other countries tend to run into nationals or descendants of countries their country was once at war with on a daily basis. It tends to help remind us of our humanity, this multiculturalism/multinationalism does.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          I have to believe that the government fuels this type of anger through education and repetition of the message

          Yes, it’s called distraction politics. In order to detract from the CCP’s own failures and to galvanize the country behind the government in spite of such failures. It’s a classic tactic to ensure obedience and support to the regime.

        • BigCAD

          As a Brit I certainly know how I feel in regards to the following:

          Japan: Fall of HK, Singapore, Malayasia, Burma , invasion of Assam and Australian dependents, murder, torture, experimentation and the forcing into slave labour of Commonwealth civilians and soldiers.

          Germany: No need to go there.

          China: Torture and murder of prisoners during the first opium war including a reporter for the Times (resulting in the destruction of the Summer Palace as punishment under the orders of Lord Elgin). Torture and murder of prisoners of war Korean War. Terrorist attacks on HK.

          Coming from a society which values forgiveness I do not throw historical differences in the face of every foreign national I meet and let it dictate my current actions. However we never forget. Mainlanders need to grow a thicker skin.

          Also note, the Vietnamese where the victims of a ‘war of defence’ by the Chinese, when they attempted to come to the assistance of their erstwhile comrade Polpot and promptly had their arses handed to them. I can’t remember a single example of the Vietnamese ever assaulting China.

          • KoreanFriedChicken

            Funny how you exclude the terrible things the British have done… haha

          • dave

            White man’s burden, you know.

          • BigCAD

            I’m afraid you’re behind the times; it’s the yellow mans’ burden these days.

          • BigCAD

            Nor did I excuse them: the Boer War, the Zulu War, the Opium Wars, the Irish Famine and standing back whilst Korea was absorbed in to the Japanese Empire, are some of the many shameful episodes of British history.

            However whilst you enjoy your Cass and chicken, beaware Britian shed blood so you could enjoy your unfulfilling position in a Hogwan whilst ineffectively playing the white card on the local talent.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            To be fair, compared to the Nazis and the Japanese in WWII, or the Americans in Vietnam, British ‘atrocities’ weren’t as bad.

          • Seppo

            What? The British atrocities just start earlier. As an example, they were doing the same as King Leopold in Africa. Then during the warez bombing civilian cities (Dresden, etc).

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Not quite, there was not systematic or indiscriminate killing on a par with the holocaust, nor sustained and ongoing campaigns or rape compared to the Japs in WWII, and no indiscriminate killing of civilians similar to the likes of ‘search and destroy’ / ‘sweep and clear’ in the Vietnam War. Yes atrocities of some nature occurred under British colonialism, but no where near on the same scale.

          • Germandude


            “There is one thing you can say for the Holocaust deniers: at least they know what they are denying. In order to sustain the lies they tell, they must engage in strenuous falsification. To dismiss Britain’s colonial atrocities, no such effort is required. Most people appear to be unaware that anything needs to be denied.”

            Interesting article.

          • Getrealson

            While the rest of the world Innovtes, dreams, designs, progresses, explores and evolves, this Chinese generation is stuck whinging about history that they never even experienced. In china bridges collapse, ships burn, women are forced to abort 8 month old fetuses, government corruption is at comical levels and the poor live an existance most pets in the west wont endure. But let’s just hate the Japs so we don’t have to acknowledge our miserable existance.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Another thing to make clear is that the Chinese never own up to or come to terms with the atrocities they’ve committed, yet are too quick to throw atrocities in the face of foreigners.

          • Seppo

            So how many native americans do you think the original seppo settlers killed? Was genocide a word in those days?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            What relevance does this have to what I said? Are you sure you know where you are?

          • BigCAD

            A finer example of Ruffled Feather’s hypothesis there could not be.

          • Seppo

            As a Brit you probably never heard about what your cuntry did as a foreign occupying force in Ireland. Remind me, how much food did the British export from Ireland during the famine?
            Japan: so who worked to fuck Japan over in the League of Nations, using Australia as the ‘useful idiots’. Then who based military in the Philipines and other places in the Pacific?

            Germany: Treaty of Versailles?

            China: You’re a fucking retard for criticizing local people for protecting themselves from a foreign occupying force.

          • BigCAD

            Please read my comment above written yesterday. Notice I stated “Opium Wars, the Irish Famine” and “some of the many shameful episodes of British history”

            You will also notice that I didn’t criticize “local people for protecting themselves”, rather I critized the Qing for the following:

            On September 29, two envoys, Henry Loch and Harry Parkes went ahead of the main force under a flag of truce to negotiate with the Prince I at Tungchow. After a day of talks, they and their small escort of British and Indian troopers (including two British envoys and a journalist for the Times were suddenly surrounded and taken prisoner. They were taken to the Board of Punishments in Beijing where they were confined and tortured. Parkes and Loch were returned after two weeks, with fourteen other survivors. Twenty British, French and Indian captives died. Their bodies were barely recognizable.

            As per the details of the Irish Famine, I will ask my Gaelic team and get those stats back to you.

            For the Japanese and Filipino issues, will discuss with my scrummy and fall back respectively. I know their answer will be “very, very offended, now make it up to us by getting in the next round”.

      • matterh

        “Manufacturing fake news, to ease tensions?” I agree with this guy the CCP and Japan-govt tend to play a sharade to trick CHinese people. China’s Nukes should be controlled by the Maoist peasants!!!

      • Seppo

        Great Post, seppos are such fuckin retards! One day you fuckin retard seppo

    • El Puma R.

      A boat setting up on fire by itself.. a broken bridge, a collapsed building.. this is the quality of almost everything manufactured in china.

    • Tomino

      Finally someone with brains, thank you!

  • andao

    wait, so the Chinese gov is allegedly pushing this issue to dampen tensions? but the gov would never play up nationalist sentiment to make people go crazy on Japan, despite the fact the only protests allowed to be covered in the news are anti Japanese ones.

    this is too rich. “don’t let the government manipulate you into liking Japan!”

  • cc

    The nip coast guard should have sunk the rusty old bucket

  • moop

    wow, 90% of those netizen commenters are absolutely retarded. i guess its too embarrassing for them to recognize that somehow a country that they hate and call for the death of actually saved 64 of their countrymen’s lives, all the while the prc bullies the philippines, vietnam, and japan on a regular basis and china’s fishermen have caused trouble in EVERY single neighboring country on a regular basis, getting detained, arrested and sometimes fired upon for CONSTANTLY venturing into other countries’ territorial waters.

    • BigJ

      Yeah for real . :) Chinese are just pissed because Japanese are better then them….in pretty much everyway…well maybe not in spitting and “shitty wherever I please categorie”.

      • This isn’t useful or true.

        • BigCAD

          21 to 9, the mob is against you, roll with the tide, i’d vote twice in agreement if I could.

      • Misiooo


      • Seppo

        BigJ: Angry tard. Why don’t you go to your local bar and make some friends.

    • red scarfg

      And if the Japanese had not helped them the headlines would had been

      “Japanese let Chinese crew burn/drown to death” with comments like where were the Japanese coast guard, they were so near and they did nothing, they really hate us….

    • Seppo

      I would love to bump into you and the rest of your seppo cunt friends from this site one day. You do realise that eventually you will be outed.

      • moop

        haha, i’d love that too. make sure you cup the balls

      • Kukuku

        Believe me some days I’d love to run into your kind, or Nanny. Sometimes my head starts spinning because of all the insanity happening around me and I just want to kick someone. Come here and make my day.

  • blue_solar

    Is the translation just awkwardly written or did the event really play out that strangely? The Japanese coast guard saves crew THEN Chinese consulate communicates with Japan requesting assistance. Then China asks to have the crew sent back asap. What’s the rush? Make sure everyone’s okay first.

    • Fire

      blue suns? i like it. Its sexy

  • A Lu

    A boat is sinking, coast guard helps, all perfectly normal (and I think they MUST help).
    Should go unnoticed, thank them and that’s it. Now, I see there’s plenty of people with nothing to do all day..

  • moop


    according to this article the japanese coastguard was alerted by taiwan authoriities

  • fredf

    Chinese culture is built upon lies and ethnocentrism, so of course the Chinese people assume that all other cultures are nothing but lies and ethnocentrism..

    It is sad that the Chinese cannot trust the Japanese to do one good thing

    • Sean Kung

      I just don’t understand why they got so pissed off when the Japanese SAVED their people. Fuck jingoism. (TW)

      • Seppo

        Wow. Your comment can either be from a bottle in front of thee, or a frontal lobotomy.

    • linette lee

      …….Chinese culture is built upon lies and ethnocentrism….?

      That is a very serious statement. What is chinese culture? What they were taught as kids by their gov’t and parents? What they believe? If so, so are the other cultures in other countries like USA, Japan, south and north korea, india, russia….their gov’t and their so called scholars make up bunch of nonsense claims and teach them to their people. They all interpret their own history and record it the way they want to. They always have some new findings from some university dudes that don’t make too much sense. Like chinese, these other countries also have some bullshit culture I tell you.

      • vincent

        Oh Linette why don’t you elaborate instead of using conjecture in your posts? Would make your point more valid.

      • matterh

        the fact that hong kong hates japan too and has never sent thier kids to go to school to japan even when hong kong was british out to tell you it isnt propaganda from grade school

        • Seppo

          No one ‘hates’ anyone. There are tensions, but that doesn’t mean f-all you fuck head seppo. Let me guess, you have a 3.8+L truck, and your afraid of dark skinned people…matterh = weak as piss

          • seppo


          • Matt

            Apparently it never occurred to you that lots of “seppos” ARE dark-skinned. -_-

            Racist dumbass.

        • Charles

          That’s an interesting point, but how do you know that HK students don’t get very similar indoctrination in their schools? HK nationalism always fascinates me. It’s still a blind absurd farce… but it is perhaps a tad better than PRC nationalism which can’t seem to distinguish between the nation and the regime.

          • linette lee

            The hong kong public school system that I grew up in encourage students to use their free thought. I remember writing papers like ‘What can we do to improve……” or “why do you think…..”

            And we never had nationalism teaching in hong kong. We do have china history as one of the subject. But teachers don’t comment on who’s right or wrong. (I think they are not allow) They give us the info from text book and let us decide on our own what’s right or wrong. And go do papers and research on the topic.

      • El Puma R.

        Surprisingly, you’re right Linette. There are many lies everywhere.. however here in China it seems you either live the lie as a dumb sheep enslaved by fantasy stories like profit and debt or you’re a subversive dissident who shall have no future .. at least in the west many of us know we can choose not to believe everything we’re told. Unfortunately that is changing now.

        • Seppo

          Poor polite fool Puma (or subversive international seppo fucktard).

          • El Puma R.

            Unlike you, I know what I am talking about.

      • fredf

        Thanks for proving my point….

        • linette lee

          hahaha…lol…so you assume that chinese cultures are nothing but lies and ethnocentrism. What does that say about you? So you too are the same just like chinese people…. assume other cultures are nothing but lies and ethnocentrism.

          It’s one thing to criticize about the China gov’t, their bad public manners, and their ignorance due to lack of access of good education. But to go off and insult other people culture? How about your own culture? Your country have perfect culture? What is your culture?

          • Seppo

            Linette: you hit the proverbial nail on the head. These masses of uneducated *Seppos are angry at every one else for their own dire situation. Lack of quality education, lack of moral grounding, lack of less-than-menial work, lack of savings, lack of competent federal government.

            *seppos in Australian language: Septic tank = full of shit / seppo

          • Charles

            While I would go a step further and say that Chinese culture is actually hazardous to your health, poisonous or perhaps toxic would be a better word;I have to say similar things about my own country.

            Take the jingoism in the States… the Republican party which should stand for “Austrian” economics and property rights (etc. ) just ends up talking about how much they love freedom. Our people have become so arrogant and entitled… especially the lefties… It makes me ashamed of my own country.

            However, it is important to criticize China – just as it is important to the USA – and culture should never be protected from rational criticism!

          • linette lee

            I believe culture and politic should be separated. The chinese culture that I know; Love your family and respect your elders. Take good care of them because family shares the same blood. Chinese are very close to their family. Not uncommon to still live with your parents when you are 40 yr old and single. Family stick together and watch each other’s back. OR even when you are married you can still live together in harmony. Grandparents are like guardian angels to their grand kids..not a burden. It is very common to give old parents monthly allowance. I absolutely have no problem if my husband wants to give his parents monthly allowance, because I’ll do the same for my parents.

            IN the western culture you will be called a loser if you live with your old folks or take care of them. Chinese culture we prefer and love our rice and noodles. We don’t have to eat meat, but we must eat rice…etc…..We love tea…etc..
            Nothing evil about differences in culture, So don’t call my culture poison. I see your culture as poison too. Men and women leave their parents behind or send them to nursing home and die alone. What so great about it?

          • vincent

            Eh that’s odd I saw a movie called ‘A Simple Life’ starring Andy Lau that takes place in a nursing home, you’re saying that there are no nursing homes at all in China or HK?
            I don’t know if its a good idea to have grandparents watch your kids like people are so fond of doing in China for a number of reasons.
            1) It’s incredibly tiring, so for older people it must be even harder.
            2) Raising your kids by yourself is actually more beneficial for them as it builds a good bond between the parents and children as well as allows for proper development of the child.
            I’m not for sending one’s parents to a nursing home but you have to consider that not everyone has the same reasons for doing so, you also have to understand that once people get older they tend to slow down, become forgetful and in some cases have neurological disorders that require supervision.
            Just saying that people send their parents to a nursing home to die alone is a very shallow and baseless statement. I believe the best method is to allow our parents to live their golden years doing what they want instead of having to take care of their grandchildren, I have seen many grandparents taking care of their kids here and it feels unfair they have to shoulder that burden.

          • linette lee

            Of course not all chinese have the granny take care of all grand kids, and not all western send their elders to nursing home. I am just saying what seems to be culturally acceptable and commonly being practiced. And of course the grand parents need to be physically and mentally fit in order to babysit. Can’t have parkinson.

            ……………I have seen many grandparents taking care of their kids here and it feels unfair they have to shoulder that burden………

            And this is exactly what I am talking about the differences in culture and believe. You folks feel it’s a burden and it’s not fair to the grandparents. While many chinese don’t seems to mind. Many old chinese parents want to babysit. My mom keeps bothering me to give her a grand daughter. I know if I have kid, I will still be working full time. My mom will babysit so I won’t put my kid into daycare. When my parents get old, I will most likely move them in to live with me and hire a home attendant if I have to. Very unlikely my brother and I will send them to nursing home. It is not a burden. Chinese family many of them are like that. It’s just what’s commonly practice.

          • Charles

            Linette – your view of culture is very sophistic. Of course there are many “good” things that come from Chinese culture. But what about all the bad? If you only acknowledge the good, aren’t you just deceiving yourself? (I won’t list the negative things, as I am sure you can think of them on your own.)

            As for parent’s being left alone to die – that is just a racist Chinese stereotype used to make Chinese people feel superior.

            Chinese people don’t live together like the used to – many young people move out on their when they can afford it and many families that live together fight constantly.

            Westerners do care for their family members! I lived with my mother when she was sick with Cancer and took her to the hospital every week for treatment. I cooked for her and the rest of the family… I am not special or unique, many people do this.

            Furthermore, I believe my mom would have actually preferred to live in a home during her last few months. She would have had better care and everyone in the family would have had less stress.

    • Seppo

      So many US IP addresses = so many uninformed keyboard warriors.
      Did you even go to high school? I’m guessing GED or something like that.

      Uneducated seppo fucktards throwing around their world views, based on what they’ve seen in movies.

      • El Puma R.

        And you are proud of .. what? being a racist ignorant useless piece of nobody? I thought so .

      • moop

        “So many US IP addresses” how else would people get around the great firewall? you think each one of those commenters with US IP addresses are actually in the US? ever heard of a vpn?

        • Rick in China

          I’m on my San Fran VPN streaming Hulu right now – apparently “Seppo” is the one who needs an education yah.

          If that ‘fucktard’ isn’t the epitome of an unintentional troll I don’t know what is.

  • Kim Jing Jong

    Japanese has always been more civilized people than the Chinese, even without this event.

    • Irvin

      Not always.

    • matterh

      yeah japan is more civilised than koreans

  • CAPT. WE x-D

    haha the same bullshit on chinasmack. This website sucks. Just random internet dweeb fuckers commenting on other internet fuckers. The theme are your typical “we don’t trust the government” consipracy posts that we’ve seen a fucking million times on here. Btw You find similar comments all over the internet.

    Fuck you chinasmackers. You suck. I hate you.

    • mr.wiener

      …but you keep coming back. Why is that?

      • Mao Ze ShenmeDongDong

        Probably just got ‘cold shouldered’ by his gorilla missus. Has to take it out on someone.

        • CAPT. WE x-D

          ShenmeDongDong? You mean you ain’t got no dick. Thanks for telling me. You can’t lick my arsehole or fuck my arsehole what are you good for then?

      • Kukuku

        Battered housewife syndrome?

        • CAPT. WE x-D

          You lizard tongue deep in my arsehole. LICK IT GOOD YOU LIZARD FUCK.

      • CAPT. WE x-D

        YET here you are again trying to stick your wiener in my Arsehole. Why is that???

        • mr.wiener

          To quote: world police:
          “The world is full of three kinds of people: dicks, pussies and arseholes.
          Pussies hate dicks because they think they’re just trying to fuck them. But arseholes just want to shit on everyone. The only thing that can fuck an arsehole is a dick.
          And sometimes pussies become so full of shit they become arseholes , because at the end of the day there is only 2 inches between a pussie and an arsehole.”
          Words of wisdom.

    • Irvin

      Don’t worry, the feelings are mutual, we hate you too.

      • snicker


        • CAPT. WE x-D

          Follow like a little bitch, yes you are. snicker…

          • snicker


    • themig

      similar all over the internet in fact more japanese believe in goverment conspiracies than chinese. both Japanese men between age 20-40 and chinese men between age 20-40 beleive their countries need to be run by an Adolf hitler to be rid of govt decption

  • Johnny_Basic

    腾讯网友 kevin: ‘If the islands are lost, then they’re lost, the people are not stupid.’


    The citizens of the People’s Republic of China are, in fact, quite stupid. They forgot about the Belgrade embassy bombing, they forgot about their short-lived hatred of France in the run-up to the Olympics, and before too long they’ll forget about this puerile fit of xenophobia too. To be sure, due to their deep indoctrination, the Chinese people’s resentment of Japan will smoulder on long after the memory of this Senkaku episode fades away…but this will just go to show that they are, in fact, quite stupid. As I said.

    As this netizen and several others correctly point out, the Ministry of Truth has already decreed that the Senkaku island issue be soft-pedalled by the captive media. The Corruption Party of China has milked the situation for all the diversionary political capital it’s worth, and has deemed it better for the brainwashed mainland herds to stick their long pinkie nails back in their ears and revert back to thinking about absolutely nothing at all.

    • wacky

      stupid way of thinking, diaoyu issue is a completely different from those other issues, the fact is as american moving its military power to pacific and china is effectively contained from the pacific by the chains of islands which are owned by japan and taiwan shows no signs of returning back make china more isolated than it has ever been, china can not prevent american warships by fight them in the pacific because it has to break the japanese military barrier first.
      corruption is one thing but to mix the different issues is a sign of mental retardation, the fact is military action is the only way to solve the problem, i see no other way to prevent china from total destruction in the future aside from military one.

      • ShuangXi

        I also believe the reason US tacitly supported Japan in the Diaoyu/Senkaku issue is to wall China off from the Pacific.

        I’m not sure direct military conflict is the only way, though. Another option is to more actively reintegrate Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, in order to get access to the Pacific (I say HK and Macau because those are probably simpler, and after they are reintegrated, it would assumedly be easier to reintegrate Taiwan).

        • wacky

          i think the only way (aside from war) is to have taiwan reintegrated. and since taiwan already has a military base both in taiwan as well as in the south china sea all the problems would be easier to deal with.

          • Seppo

            Remove the antagonist from the equation. Then there will be no problem.

          • Charles

            I don’t understand this fear of “China containment.” Where does the Chinese military want to go? Will they invade Taiwan? Will they take all these disputed territories by force? If not, what is the fear of containment caused by?

            What’s more, China is not contained, unless you consider the right to use unilateral military force against your neighbors sensible. (Only the US and Russia are supposed to behave so cavalierly).

          • wacky

            china is not yet contained but it is in the process, with us shifting to asia ( as we can see that us has agreed with japan to build the anti missile system), like i have said many times here, china has a big military force but they are untested in a real combat situation which is no match for US forces that has been waging war everywhere.
            anyway look at the map US military station in japan korea and kyrgizstan, US military alliance with philippines and vietnam as well as australia, us forces in afganistan and middle east, what make you think that this is not a containment strategy???

          • charles

            What makes you think this is a containment strategy?

            How does the US having forces in these places contain China? Doesn’t China always claim that it will not attack other nation unless it is first attacked? Where does China want to expand to?

          • wacky

            when in peace prepare for war, when in war prepare for peace as simple as that.

            then why do you think that US forces is needed in asia anyway?? dont you think that they should take all the forces all over the world back home? why do you think it is not??? (answer this first)

            china will not attack until it is first attacked but will china be attacked first? and if china get attacked first with all the forces surrounding china it would be harder for china to survive.

            where does china wants to expand?

            explain “expand” china wants to project its power to the territories it claims but are now under foreign control, then as china grows stronger i think it would consider to add more forces all over the world and until then ( when china has 12 aircraft carrier operating all over the world) US is still a big threat

          • moop

            so are you a new troll, or did you change your name?

      • Misiooo

        Prevent China from total destruction… Well, China has gone through periods of creation and destruction several times. If you read Vedas, you’d know it’s just Shiva in action:-) I’m confident today’s China is just like Soviet Union and it’s destruction is inevitable. Maybe not necessarily into Senkaku/Diaoyu and The Rest…

        • wacky

          creation and destruction are just natural course but do you go to see a doctor when you get sick?? or just let yourself die because its a natural course ??

          • Misiooo

            Death is inevitable.

    • Helepythia

      I just have to say a quote from Gladiator (The Movie) “Rome is fickle, and the people are Rome. Don’t forget in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Brutus makes his speech. The people of Rome support Brutus. He leaves, and Mark Antony makes his speech. The people of Rome then support Antony.

      I can’t really agree completely with the term stupid, more like hints of gullible, stupid and fickle. People who do not use reason will believe what’s put out for them on the news, whether it’s factual or if it has “truthiness.”

  • ShuangXi

    First, ignoring the many unjustified comments from the Chinese above, and not commenting on whether or not this was set up–

    I think the Chinese government was waiting for anything like this to start reducing the tension with Japan (and I think many on ChinaSmack saw this coming as well).

    The whole Diaoyu Island issue was (in my opinion), not so much about actually getting the islands as it was about creating a fervent news story to distract the public from the mysteries surrounding Xi Jinping and his disappearance last month (which was barely even mentioned at all in the media) during this shaky transition-of-power period.

    Many countries manipulate the media this way to distract from issues, China just does it better (or more deviously). Now that Xi Jinping is back and better from whatever was keeping him hidden away from, the diaoyu coverage stops and the government slowly restores ‘harmony’ with stories like this.

    Do I think this situation is a set-up/fake fire? Absolutely not.

    Do I think the Chinese government is taking advantage of this situation to manipulate or direct the general sentiment? Yes.

    Are the Chinese commenters correct in being skeptical? Let the reader decide. No, in that they are mostly pointing the skepticism in the wrong direction, but yes in that at least they are being skeptical… that is a start.

    • wacky

      and what exactly so serious abut the disappearance of xi jinping? can you tell me what are the problems concerting the changing of leadership that has not been on the place since the beginning?
      the fact the islands issue (as well as the plan to buy the island) has been here for years, and for years too it has always been a problem.

      • ShuangXi

        I don’t think the disappearance of Xi Jinping was so serious (it happens all the time in one-party governments). Maybe (probably) he was just sick, and didn’t want to show this to the public/world.

        BUT there are over 1.3 billion people here. If even a small percentage start to get worried that Xi Jinping has disappeared (especially after Bo Xilai), there could be BIG problems here. So, a little distraction to rally the people up works perfect for a short term solution (which is all they really needed).

        Second, you are right, there is basically nothing new about the transition of power and so far all signs point to stability. However, it has only happened a few times considering it only happens every 10 years. While things are going smooth, there is still a bit of nervousness when the transition has to happen (compare to the US, which is one of the youngest countries, but still has changed over 40 times).

        Last, I agree with you about the islands. The problem is very complex and has been here a long time and maybe for a while to come. I only meant to say the reason I thought it was suddenly becoming a big deal last month was for the reasons stated above.

        • Seppo

          I usually don’t read any part of the comment section on this website, however, your post was what I would return to read again. I hope there are more posts and discussions like this.

          That said, you offer no references, no photos, no anything. Your story does sound semi-legitimate, but there is no verification. So this can only be classed as mere gossip.

          Keep up the good posts,

  • Fraser Stewart

    In Communist China, Japanese people are evil, always.

    • A Lu

      In communist China this, in communist China that…bla bla bla

  • Fraser Stewart

    You know what I love about the irrational hatred against Japan. The Chinese seem to forget about all the horrible things their own government does to them. What’s worse, and invading army torturing the local citizens, or a government doing it to it’s own citizens.

    I really wish we could explain to them that in 1989, the Chinese people en mass demanded the CCP step down from power. The CCP’s response? Shoot them. Or how about the FaLunGong being tortured (I mean medieval style torture)? Or how about the constant denial of even the most basic human rights? E.g. Ai Weiwei, not even allowed to attend his own trial, let alone defend himself.

    It just makes me sick.

    • Chom

      ” in 1989, the Chinese people en mass demanded the CCP step down from power“

      In fairness, you need to look up the meaning (and the spelling) of “en masse” If the Chinese people ever demanded en masse for the CCP to step down, it would happen.

    • Misiooo

      As well as they ‘forgot’ about their own deeds like mass rapes in Vietnam, summary executions in Tibet and Turkestan and cannibalism in Korea.

    • Rob427

      In actuality, the Tiananmen 1989 protestors never asked the CCP to step down. They were simply demanding more rights. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Square_protests_of_1989

      Just thought I’d put that out there…

      • seppo

        Are you US?

    • Seppo

      know what I love about the irrational hatred against Iran. The Seppos seem to forget about all the horrible things their own
      government does to them. What’s worse, and invading army torturing the
      local citizens, or a government doing it to it’s own citizens.

      I really wish we could explain to them that in 2011, the Seppo
      people en mass demanded the currupt step down from power. The currupt’s
      response? Shoot them. Or how about the occupy being tortured (I
      mean medieval style torture)? Or how about the constant denial of even
      the most basic human rights? E.g. Julian Assange , not even allowed to attend
      his own trial, let alone defend himself.

      It just makes me sick.

    • Seppo

      Your army can kill poor people all around the world, because poor people obviously need to be killed. Jdam against a ak is even.

  • Guest

    Would it have been better or worse if Japan decided to ignore the sinking ship? Seriously, the xenophobic chinese would have been pissed off either way.

    • matterh

      if japan ignored the ship it would have helped the Chinese nationalism cause

  • Cleo

    is this the second or third recent rescue? Just remember that and the Lamma Collision “Incident” when something happens at Diaoyutai against our Chinese and Taiwanese fishermen and HK activists because Japan is violent and eager to be vicious. They attempted to overturn the Hong Kong fishing boat with the activists on board and these rescues demonstrate that they are perfectly capable of performing a successful rescue.

    Brace yourselves.

    • ShuangXi

      I’m not sure what you mean? (Also I don’t know what the Lamma ‘Incident’ is)

      You are saying that the fact they demonstrate they are capable of a successful rescue means they are more likely to cause trouble in the future because then they can easily rescue the people afterward?

  • Jin

    So much hate against China, people just calm down and listen.
    Many people always say that China is bad, because of the food, the people, the government etc.

    But Let’s talk about the food first.
    Yes, some idiots make fake milk, chocolate etc. and it makes people sick. But that is the foult of the people who make it, they don’t have a soul and only thinks about money. They give China a bad name, but it doesn’t make China bad, the government didn’t want that either. Yes, they should have prevented it, but china is too big to handle every product. Drugs can’t be stopped either.
    The MacDonald’s for example doesn’t give you healthy food, their burgers don’t change even after 10 years. That doesn’t make America bad either.

    Now let’s talk about The people… watch out using that. It sounds like you are talking about everyone who is Chinese. I am from Holland and my parents are Chinese, but I feel like you are considering me too. I don’t eat like an animal, burp when I am finished eating, I don’t have slut eyes, I don’t pass in front of people in a queue etc. Just please stop generalise and don’t post hateful comments it makes me sick. Some people say, The Chinese hate the Japanese… First of all, I don’t hate the Japanese I actually love them. But I defenitely don’t like Japanese people who don’t give a **** about the painful history made by their own ancestors.

    And now about the government.
    Yes China has communism, yes many countries have tried to maintain communism, but failed eventually and turned evil like Germany. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work… China has a very different culture which allows them to maintain communism. Democracy is good, but it has its own downsides such as not being able to handle quickly. People have to agree first before something could eventually change.

    Nevermind, just stop posting brainless comments. It makes me sick, think a little before you post something.
    Thank you
    And don’t ruin this website by posting hateful comments please. I love this website.
    btw. Sorry for my bad grammar.

    • vincent

      You think China is effectively a communist country? It’s more capitalist than anything else, you have a wide gap between the rich and the poor how does that count as communism. People from rural areas such as laborers are seen as second class citizens, if you’re unfortunate enough to get hit by a car there is a chance the driver will run you over to avoid paying money for your treatment.
      Sewage oil is recycled, milk is tainted, toys have lead, people won’t lift a finger to help because they’re afraid of being sued.
      Communism hasn’t worked out in China so I don’t know what you’re smoking but gimme some of it.

      • Jin

        Ok at that point I could be or am wrong, but it is definitely not bad that it is changing capitalistic right? Hmm maybe it shouldn’t be called communism anymore? I don’t know…
        Yes, unfortunately shit happens all the time. Sigh*

        • vincent

          Well shit has to happen for change to happen, so don’t despair all in good time, I’m just saying don’t be complacent with where China is now.
          It can be a lot better with a change in attitude, and reform that will provide more for China’s rural population. Nothing is more precious to a country than it’s own people.

    • Cynic

      jin, at first glance it would seem there is a lot of hatred towards the Chinese on china smack, but I think it is more appropriately described as a frustrated community jointly participating in catharsis through shared complaints, comparisons and observations related to china. Yes there are the malicious haters and fucktards with little empathy or understanding but the majority, I’m guessing, are people who genuinely think about a subject before posting. I’m sure when they say ‘chinese’ that they don’t mean all of the Chinese, simply the majority or a large enough of the Chinese sample they have experience with.

      Stereotypes are an important tool regardless of what 6th grade social studies teachers proclaim them to be. When one complains about Chinese not waiting in line or being argumentatitive they don’t mean all Chinese like you or your patents. They mean a large enough of a percentage of the Chinese they have experience with to make that behavior generalizable. It’s like if one says dogs bark too much. Well in fact, many dogs don’t bark and many dogs do bark. Negative behaviors have a lasting impression, that’s why stereotypes are unfair but they can still be widely ascribed to the group as significant characteristics.

      • vincent

        I would think that most of the Csmacker’s here care more about China than the Chinese, wanting it to change for the better, it may come off as criticism but you can either accept it or deflect it, accepting it would pave the way for change.

        • Cynic

          It is most defintely criticism, which is always good but most of the time hard to swallow. This applies to all criticism, not just as it relates to china. Correctly using criticism requires a level of introspection and actualization that is far beyond the reach of most.

          • vincent

            So true Cynic so true.

        • Anon992


          The way I see it… if you’re not frustrated by China, then you either haven’t paid enough attention or don’t care about it as a country in our world.

          isn’t in itself racist. In truth it’s all about where the criticism
          comes from; a good place or a bad one. That’s the difference between
          racism and caring.

          Having said that, foreign people should be mature in how they express this frustration. It will not be people who threaten Chinese people who step in
          front of them in the queue, or smack car bonnets of rude drivers, nor will it be netizens who rage calling Chinese
          people slit eyes and insects that will make a difference.

          culture works on shame. In the end it will be the foreign people who
          make China feel ashamed of its negative points. Like the guy who moved
          the traffic to help a Chinese ambulance, the guy who sat next to a
          beggar and gave him a burger.. and maybe even the Japanese people who
          rescued the crew of a boat.

          • dave

            Chinese culture works on shame. In the end it will be the foreign people who make China feel ashamed of its negative points.

            That is the goal, yes.

            But, perhaps because it is a shame-based culture, Chinese people seem to have very strong defenses to deflect or ignore shame. And they’ll flat out refuse to lose face to a laowai. That’s just insulting!

            I don’t know. I hope things change with time. I hope that every time I hold the door for someone, or don’t cut in line, someone, maybe, is noticing. I mean, they’re staring at everything I do, right So, maybe they’re paying attention.

            And maybe they’ll copy me. And China will become just a tiny bit more civilized.

            Oh, who am I kidding. Freaking peasant farmer culture >:(

          • elizabeth

            Funny, I’ve had many Chinese holding the door for me, even the trash bin cover. They are there, maybe you haven’t noticed.

          • dave

            Ah. Well, let me venture to guess. You’re female, and you live in a fairly cosmopolitan, top tier city like Shanghai or Beijing?

            I live in a suburb of a prefecture-level factory city (Zhongsan). The locals are mostly rubes. Sure, a few cosmopolitan, cultured, polite people exist, but they’re usually from somewhere else, and they are rare.

            I’d say that for every ten random people I meet, one is courteous, four are indifferent and self-absorbed, four are hicks who stare at me slack-jawed like I’m from the moon, and one is openly hostile.

            Like, calling me or my wife bad names when we walk by them hostile. Did you know that she married me because I have a big dick? At least, that’s what I heard! Must be true.

            Anyway, I guess I feel that the good ones and the bad ones cancel each other out. They’re outliers.

            Who is left? The uncultured, uncivilized jerks, slobs, and rubes. That’s the majority of people in this country. That’s who I notice.

            PS: Just to preempt any “If you don’t like it, you should leave!” garbage, we bought an apartment here. The apartment was cheap, considering how close we are to Zhuhai / Macau. Just gotta deal with the hayseeds for a while.

            HKers and Macanese with their weekend houses will gentrify the place and price out the locals sooner or later.

        • Chom

          @ vincent

          So if you make a criticism of China “you can either accept it or deflect it,”??? There is no possibility of debating or refuting your criticism to see if it is actually true??? There is absolutely no possibility of you begin (god forbid) WRONG??? This is exactly the perception people have of foreigners, coming to China and expecting the locals to submit to their norms and ideals.

          • dave

            This is exactly the perception people have of foreigners, coming to China and expecting the locals to submit to their norms and ideals.

            Sorry to burst your culturally relativistic little bubble, but some norms and ideals are just plain better than others, and SHOULD be championed to replace inferior ones.

            Some small examples in China: Littering and spitting phlegm on the street is socially acceptable. But, it is disgusting and unhealthy, and contributes to a poor environment.

            Shoving and queue jumping, as opposed to Western “after you, please” courtesy, fosters a negative “I go first, screw you” mentality.

            FAce it, some cultural values are just better than others. Don’t feel bad, though, though China currently has an overall lack of culture, you can’t really blame them too harshly. Mao “Hey Let’s All Act Like Peasant Farmers and Abolish the Four Olds” made it happen.

            China will have culture again at some point, likely with this younger generation. And laowai will be at the vanguard, telling the people how to be courteous.

          • Chom

            you seem to have missed my point. I didn’t argue any of the things you mention are ok; but I was hoping Vincent could explain his attitude of “you can either accept it or deflect it,”; without any possibility of debate of him actually being wrong about anything.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Surely deflecting a criticism would involve debate on some level?!

          • vincent

            I would be wrong if I based any of my perceptions based on opinion alone, that is just plain wrong. I prefer to work with facts, I mean for example look at the next story another bridge collapses, the fact is that China has a penchant for shoddy workmanship, I posted a link to a bridge made from garbage :|
            As you can see from the comments a lot of netizens would agree with my opinion, now the government can use this criticism and do something positive i.e. enforce rules that would make it harder for such events to happen, who loses here? Not the common people right? Cause they don’t have to worry about bridges collapsing on or under them, what exactly would be the downside, people being more safe?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            I agree

          • Jin

            Dave, wait wait.
            China has lots of different sub-cultures. People in Beijing for example have a different culture than people in Guangzhou.
            Spitting on the pavement in public is NOT socially acceptable. And will not be.
            (Not saying it is not happening in China, but here in western countires we have people who spit too. It is not just in China, it is as bad as in western countries.)
            At least not where my family lives, I haven’t seen them nor anyone else doing it there before. Although I have met some very very rude people in China. Such as people who are queue jumping.

            Btw. You say, inferior ones should be replaced… with what kind of culture/norm/ideals? Western culture? You mean the German, Dutch, American, France or what?
            Every country has it’s own culture and none of them are perfect. There is no plain Western culture.
            Dutch people here for example are very direct, they say what they think of you. If they don’t like you they will let you know, some people regard it as rude.

          • moop

            “China has lots of different sub-cultures. People in Beijing for example have a different culture than people in Guangzhou.”

            yeah, and in each one of those sub-cultures people spit and piss in the streets.

          • Jin

            Dude, nice try trolling… Not.. too obvious, not even one argument. Too weak bro

          • vincent

            Please enlighten me oh great Chom, are any of the points I’ve given false? I don’t criticize unless I’ve very carefully and after lengthy deliberation decided that I am in fact right. With your logic it could be said that China can also be wrong, can you accept that? Probably not because all you want to do is justify all the BS that goes on around you. I live in China so I don’t need you to tell me whether I am wrong or right.
            Let me share a story with you, I had a really good Chinese friend knew him for say 6 years while we studied in Malaysia in the same institution, he even stayed at my place while we were in China and guess what he cheated me out of some money while my wife was pregnant no less.
            What exactly should I derive from this experience? That Chinese people would sell their souls for money? No, I don’t judge like that, there are good and bad people, and then there are people like you that would rather be satisfied with the current state of things, if you don’t like what you hear stick your head in the sand.
            Expecting the locals to submit to their norms and ideals? What are you retarded? How would I even do that or anyone for that matter, when in Rome do as the Romans do or at least try. Good thing you mentioned that though cause that’s exactly what Chinese do when they go abroad, ironic.
            Let me share another experience, there were 20-30 students from China in our college that had a mixed population of Malays, Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Chinese, guess what the PRC Chinese did, they refused to at least try and integrate and make friends and they were trying to learn English therefore it would have been more advantageous to them, all they did was form tight knit groups of Chinese so in the end they came with nothing and left with nothing as well, a friend of mine who happens to be Chinese was there for 5 years and still can’t form a coherent sentence in English.
            Debating and refuting claims are for conjecture and not facts, so yes there is no possibility of me being wrong, hope this lengthy response answered your pointless question.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Expecting the locals to submit to their norms and ideals? What are you
            retarded? How would I even do that or anyone for that matter, when in
            Rome do as the Romans do or at least try. Good thing you mentioned that
            though cause that’s exactly what Chinese do when they go abroad, ironic.

            I’m glad this was brought up too, because this is the linchpin of all Chinese hypocrisy when t comes to cultural differences and the debate of who’s right and who’s wrong.

      • matterh

        keep hating chinese people and Amy CHua’s prediction of “vengeful Majorities” will come true

        • dave

          Like having a birth defect, or marrying a Filipino, being murdered is shameful.

          Does that woman ever stop saying stupid things?

          • vincent

            Apparently not, stupid is as stupid does.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          I just read that, she comes off as an arrogant rich bitch who blames the death of her aunt on an entire ethnic group. I loved the line, “My aunt used to stuff her Gucci purse with ketchup packets from McDonald’s, because they were free”

      • Jin

        Very well written, I like that. And I understand you.

    • andao

      Poorer countries than China don’t have the same epidemics of fake food and drugs. If the government wanted to stop it, they certainly could. They’ve got the money, but like environmental protection, food safety takes a back seat to bigger GDPs!

      • Alan

        I’ve read that the problem with Chinese food supply is the sheer number of food suppliers; there hundreds of thousands of independent companies. The US has far fewer. (It’s strange, in a country with large state enterprises, but the food supply is very diversified.) I’m not saying that regulation of the food supply is done as well as it should, but if it were, they’d have a much more difficult problem to solve than the US.

        When Chinese co-workers visit the US, the most common purchase is for vitamins or supplements – because they don’t trust local quality. Near our office in China, I was taken to a grocery store that mostly had foreign products. *Regular* Chinese who have to eat the products of their food supply *do* care about it’s safety – very much.

        • andao

          I absolutely think that Chinese consumers care about food safety. I do not think Chinese producers care about food safety. I think there are several reasons for this:

          1) Lack of empathy. There is very little “what would I feel like if this happened to me?” So they sell ditch oil without thinking twice about it. I found a cockroach in my ma la tang once. When I respectfully pointed this out to the owner, he just looked at me and couldn’t even muster a “sorry”.

          2) Tiny bottom line. I think you’re right about competition. Many Chinese food companies are very local, so there are probably 10,000 producers of preserved chicken feet. It’s probably easier to control quality among larger operations than smaller local shops, but as all the milk producers have shown, that’s not always the case. So their profit margins are very small and they might skimp on quality.

          3) Enforcement is bad. You always here stories about Walmart or Carrefor selling spoiled goods, but never Chinese supermarkets. I am sure that it happens equally among all supermarket chains, but the use of enforcement is more a political tool than used to prevent health problems.

          4) The people that have power and money can afford to buy either imported goods, or produce grown under very strict circumstances. It’s sort of like the air quality issue, it’s hard to get change when the people at the top don’t suffer. (they can stay inside with high powered air filters)

          I don’t think it’s impossible at all to fix these issues, but it starts with better enforcement. I think, like air pollution the gov has more or less said that it’s too hard to try and fix right now, so worry about high speed rail and skyscrapers instead. Tangibles versus intangibles, that sort of Olympics mentality.

  • Kate

    The Japanese be damned if they do, they’d be damned if they didn’t……I wonder what the comments would of been like if the title was “Japanese Coast Guard Sits Back and Watches Chinese Crew Burn to Death on Ship”

    • Germandude

      Haha, Kate. That’s exactly what I was thinking as well. I mean, no matter what the Japanese do, in the eyes of some nationalists, it’s wrong either way. Pathetic…

      • matterh

        kate and herr german, as people who came from 2 countries with a history of lynch mobs . u shouldnt point fingers

        • Germandude

          Sir, I am not religious, but: “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Without knowing where you are from, I am sure that you shouldn’t point fingers either…according to your logic at least.

  • Fraser Stewart

    “Where did this cargo ship set out from and where was it going? Why did it sail through the waters off Okinawa, so close to the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands]?
    Why did it happen to catch on fire at that precise area? Why did the
    Japanese rescue team arrive so swiftly? Why was there also another
    report in today’s news: Chinese 1,500 People Tour Group Arrives in Japan
    to Warm Welcome? Could all of this be a coincidence? Or is it to
    suppress the ordinary common people’s anger over losing the Diaoyu Islands? If the islands are lost, then they’re lost, the people are not stupid.”

    This makes you sound really fucking stupid buddy. A particular favourite “Chinese 1,500 People Tour Group Arrives in Japan to Warm Welcome?” As opposed to what? An armed escort? I mean seriously dude, you really think every body everywhere is filled with as much hate as you?

  • snicker

    In other news… “Recommeneded for you” at the bottom of the screen reports, “Haier A2FE735CXJ Refrigerator First Impressions Review”. Relevance?

    • dave

      I have a Haier BCD-539wbsn that I think is pretty cool.

      Because it’s a refrigerator.

      They’re supposed to be pretty cool.

      • El Puma R.

        you can always save face with a nice fridge.

  • MrT

    laowaiSMACK where the English comments from here is translated into Chinese for the Chinese netizens to comment on. Thats what i want to see.
    SMACK wars!
    Also add qzone,weibo,etc links, I never use the American spyware crap Facefuck or Twatter,

    • Fraser Stewart

      You know I have a lot of real life arguments with Chinese people that I know about stuff like this. What I find amusing is when they say “which countries have you visited?” When I respond “Taiwan”, they say “Taiwan is not a country, it’s a part of China”. I reply “in Taiwan they say China is a part of Taiwan.”

      That totally shocks them, but it’s true. In the media, all over the world all we hear is “China considers Taiwan a part of its territory”, they never ever say “Taiwan considers China a part of its territory too.”

      I think that realisation that they’re only getting one, very biased, side of the story, and they’ve been brainwashed by it really throws them off. I would love to see more cross arguments between Chinese people and the foreigners on here.

      • MrT

        I reckon Americans are just as brainwashed and spurt the same crap all day long, just repeat what they been told by their press and government over and over again.
        Ironic so many come here to get a life.

        • Holy shit! That is brilliant MrT. Did you think that up all by yourself? You should write a book or something.

        • Alan

          I know someone who grew up in Taiwan 20+ years ago, who was always taught that they are the rightful rulers of all of China. (Not only that: they are the rightful rules of Mongolia, which got it’s independence before the long march). I don’t think they teach it any more; reality has sunken in.

          • Alan

            For that matter: the United States does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country. However, we assist in their defense. It’s a very strange situation.

          • matterh

            mongolia was never independent it became an S.S.R in all but name

      • dave

        they say “Taiwan is not a country, it’s a part of China”. I reply “in Taiwan they say China is a part of Taiwan.”

        There are people in Taiwan that still spout that nonsense?

        The UN doesn’t even recognize Taiwan as a country, let alone as “China.” What’s that say?

        • Fraser Stewart

          Nope, but it’s in the Taiwanese constitution, and there was the “one China” agreement with the CCP and the Taiwanese government (although both have a totally different interpretation of “one China”). If you ask the average Taiwanese citizen though, they would want Taiwan to be an independent country.

          Problem is that’s not possible unless they change the constitution of Taiwan or 中華民國 (The Republic of China).

    • Jin

      Whahaha srry i cried T.T this is too funny

  • 平凡人

    There was an accident, the Japs were nearby, they saved the Chinese sailors. It is just a simple piece of news, no big deal. Why bother to waste time being suspicious and debate over it? Move on, not forgetting the Island issue.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Because the Japanese once did bad things to the Chinese, which remain unforgiven. China hates Japan and partly uses this hatred to base their nationalism. Now, if the Japanese do something kind to the Chinese, the Chinese become embarrassed, and cannot admit that such an evil nation of people could possibly do anything benevolent. That’s why they think like this.

      • linette lee

        It’s more than that. The Japs did really unspeakable things during wwII. On top of that they denied it really happened that way. It’s like they killed your whole family and your children. Burn down your house with your child and wife in it. Rape your mom, sister, and daughter. Behead your brother and your son. Tortured every chinese civilians and not just the chinese soldiers…then they say it really didn’t happen that way. It was just a propaganda spread by cHINA govt. Now why wouldn’t you be pissed off?

        • Ruffled Feathers

          I’m not sure if they still deny what happened. Japan ce3rtainly apologized to the rest of us. Nevertheless, these are sins of the father, that happened long ago. Isn’t it better to live and let live? Also, many other countries committed similar atrocities against China before Japan did, and never apologized. Why don’t you remember those too?

          • linette lee

            no ruffled…go study more about nanking massacre. You don’t know the history of what japan did during wwII. The japs soldiers did things so cruel and so unspeakable they make the nazi look like pussy.

            You mean to tell me the nazi also had a killing and best torture contest like the japs? the japs soldiers compete for the highest number of kill and torture method. They used their swords and gut their victims live. They will take a six year old child and gut him alive. Or pinch his hands and legs with nails against the wall then gut this six year old child live. They raped young girls like 7 year old, to do so they used their swords to cut her vagina open then gang raped this 7 yr old girl. You tell me nazi did that commonly?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “go study more about nanking massacre. You don’t know the history of what japan did during wwII.”

            Oh and you do know the history do you? Were you there at the time? I never disputed that the Japs weren’t despicable, I refuted what you said about the Nazis not being as bad or worse than them. History was my major and I have written original historical work, so don’t patronize me just because my opinion is different.


            “You mean to tell me the nazi also had a killing and best torture contest
            like the japs? the japs soldiers compete for the highest number of kill
            and torture method. They used their swords and gut their victims live.
            They will take a six year old child and gut him alive. Or pinch his
            hands and legs with nails against the wall then gut this six year old
            child live. They raped young girls like 7 year old, to do so they used
            their swords to cut her vagina open then gang raped this 7 yr old girl.
            You tell me nazi did that commonly?”

            Um YES, in fact! They did do all this, just not with samurai swords. I can’t believe you don’t know this. Besides, I mentioned the genocide the Nazis committed. Now, the Japs clearly did terrible things, but none of it was tantamount to a systematic premeditated extermination of a whole race of people.

            Clearly you need to go study WWII history also. You’re clearly biased in the face of Chinese sufferings that you were taught, and this is understandable, but it’s not conducive to an objective argument.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Also, you never answered my question, why don’t Chinese remember the atrocities of China’s enemies that occurred before the Second Sino-Japanese War? Japan isn’t your only enemy.

          • linette lee


            China has a long history in warring states. They were always fighting among themselves between different kingdoms. Of course atrocities commited during war is not uncommon. China also experienced mass murder..like the drug holocaust committed by britain and other countries during the opium war. We do not forget. We are still pissed off with the british about the opium war whenever someone bring up the topic. Like we are still pissed off whenever they bring up wwII with the japs. You don’t forget things like that. And the chinese have every right to be pissed off about it.
            For the westerners to criticize the chinese telling us to move on and forget about it, would be equivalent for us to tell the jews to forget about the holocaust, or tell the American why so pissed about 911? Why must America declare war against Afghanistan?
            They should just stop and let it go and forget about it. They should be friend with the middle eastern country.

            Now should the American attack any middle eastern folks on the street? No.
            Should the chinese attack any japs on the street? NO.
            Should the chinese and american hate all japs and middle eastern folks? I don’t think they should. But I do think Chinese and American have the right to be angry about nanking massacre and 911.

            And for the westerners claiming Japanese are better than Chinese, I say that’s a retarded statement. It’s like me saying people of pakistan are better than westerns.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            You weren’t there, why does history bother you so much? What you’re telling me is, Chinese people don’t believe in forgiveness, and that isn’t hard to believe, since you’re all brainwashed by Marxism and Commie atheism. I know you’d never forgive a ‘foreigner’ for anything, even the slightest transgression. If you want to wallow in hatred, you go right ahead, but it just proves you are pathetic.

            Also, I think many Jews don’t blame Germans anymore, and the whole war of Afghanistan was about (originally) getting Bin Laden and fighting the Taliban who support his terrorism. I know because I fought there myself. Now, although the war there is a lost cause, the idea originally was justice. Besides, that is a current event, unlike the opium wars and the Nanjing massacre, which happened decades ago, and most of the perpetrators and the victims are long dead, so let it rest.

            “And for the westerners claiming Japanese are better than Chinese, I say that’s a retarded statement.”

            Well they are better than you because they can think, use their brain, come up with ideas, and don’t hate anybody. Chinese on the other hand are brainwashed to hate anyone foreign, particularly the Japanese Chinese live in the past and are completely selfish and ignorant.

          • linette lee

            @disqus_bwRzhCYw1z:disqus why wouldn’t history bothers me? It was terrifying war crime committed against innocent civilians. What is there to forgive? Who has the audacity to ask for forgiveness after they committed such terrifying war crime? And ask the nation to forget it? Sure, well I think I just accidently bombed your world trade centers killing 3000 plus innocent people. They were jumping out of the windows from 100 floors like birds. What can I tell you. You know it really didn’t happen that way..The usa gov’t lied. Don’t believe the photos and videos. It’s fake. It’s a propaganda. I was just getting some flight training using your american plane and I guess I ran into both towers by accident. Oopss…let’s shake hands and forget about it. okay. :)
            You got to be stupid to be angry at me. You should just forgive me okay. It happened like decade ago. Let it go already. Stop the war.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Why wouldn’t history bother you? Well because it happened in the past.Japan has changed since WWII. The people that live there (as I already said, but I guess you weren’t paying attention) are not the ones who perpetrated such awful crimes in the past. It is pointless to hate an entire nation of people because of things they did in the past, especially, when the perpetrators are no longer alive (mostly), the country has changed it’s ways, and you weren’t even there. But then, all China really has is hate, this is what fuels your nationalist mentality. You’re so angry with the world, but the word has moved on, China hasn’t. Maybe you can’t forgive what was done to you in the past, but don’t blame modern day people for the sins of the father, most Japanese who live today had nothing to do with this.

            Also, don’t talk to me about 9/11, I am not American.

          • linette lee


            Most Chinese I know don’t hate japanese people in the chinese society. Or else why they go to Japan for vacation? I don’t hate Japanese. Majority of my chinese friends don’t hate japanese. What’s wrong with you. Are you dumb. Don’t confuse hating nanking massacre with just plain hating japanese people.

            I have the right to be pissed off about nanking massacre and how japan gov’t denied it and brainwashed their jap people distortion of the truth. So you move on.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “Most Chinese I know don’t hate japanese people in the chinese society. Or else why they go to Japan for vacation?”

            I don’t believe that. Chinese largely go on vacation to make a mockery of foreigners.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “Most Chinese I know don’t hate japanese people in the chinese society.
            Or else why they go to Japan for vacation? I don’t hate Japanese.
            Majority of my chinese friends don’t hate japanese. What’s wrong with
            you. Are you dumb. Don’t confuse hating nanking massacre with just plain
            hating japanese people.”

            Uh, no, most Chinese hate Japanese, from their own admission, so it’s you who are dumb if you don’t know this, I mean really?! So what was all that smashing Japanese cares about the other week, keeping up good relations? Also, I don’t think many Chinese go to Japan, or any other country for that matter for a vacation.

            “I have the right to be pissed off about nanking massacre”

            Again, WHY? YOU WEREN’T THERE!! It never affected you, and you’re just reiterating my previous point that Chinese don’t believe in forgiveness. Nanjing / WWII is also one of many examples of Chinese being unforgiving. You are taught is school at an early age to hate Japan, and it is most likely exaggerated. Do you not realize that your government teaches you this and scapegoats Japan to rile up the population in its petty political games?

          • Use Your Brain

            “Most Chinese I know don’t hate japanese people in the chinese society.”

            You OBVIOUSLY don’t live in China, or you are LYING.

            Probably LYING.

          • donscarletti

            Yes, America has a victim mentality over the WTC, they are hurting themselves with it (see: TSA, fatalities in Iraq, PATRIOT act, military spending, etc.) and they are hurting others (drone attacks on civilians, collateral damage, etc).

            America would be a greater, more prosperous and more highly regarded nation with happier people if it forgot these events completely. Bin Ladin is dead, killed by American soldiers. Thousands of those who stood for him and supported him in his crimes have been killed and taken captive. Blood has been paid with blood. It is over.

            China was a social and economic joke for 40 years after Japanese surrender. America is going the same way, tearing up its principles, its pride and its prosperity over a pitiful 3000 casualties.

            It was regretable and unjust that the Showa Emperor was not hanged for the unjust war he ordered and his genocidal uncle Prince Yasuhiko Asaka was not executed. But they are dead none the less and Japan was given a sound, proper and well deserved nuking. Its capital and largest cities was all turned to ash by American incendury bombs, one in 20 of its people dead. But Japan rebuilt. Germany lost 1 in 10 people, but it rebuilt. The Soviet Union with 1 in 8 dead rebuilt. But China, losing only 1 in 40 didn’t bounce back the other way the others did, I put it a lot of it down to victimhood.

            America looks like it is going the same way over the last 11 years, it’s sad.

          • linette lee

            @disqus_bwRzhCYw1z:disqus of course the japs can think. The japanese gov’t have a very well “thought out” plan to rewrite history on their history text book used to teach their japanese people. To brainwash their own japanese people into believing they never committed any war crime during china invasion. Go talk to a jap and they will tell you nanking massacre never happened. They even protest when that movie came out about nanking massacre(the one with christian bale) Of course the jap can think and come up with all excuses and lies. You probably can relate to them for your to understand them so well.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            I don’t know if they lie; I don’t know any Japanese people. I do know that Chinese often lie all the time, but that’s not the point. Also, I think China’s CCP loves to rewrite history too, so don’t give me that crap.

            Look, linette (I don’t know why you use an English name, it’s so pointless) you are just a very angry woman who has been brainwashed into hatred because that’s all your country has to offer.

          • linette lee


            no ruffled…sound more like you are filled with hatred with the chinese people. All you do is cursing out the chinese in everything in every story or news….without reasoning. You are brainwashed into thinking Chinese have no right to be pissed with what japs did during invasion. And I am telling you chinese have every right to be angry about nanking massacre. Like the jews have right to be pissed off about holocaust.

            You don’t have to call me linette. You can call me chink if you want. Would you like me to call you white boy?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            I won’t deny that I don’t like China, especially the nationalists like you who have no intelligence. But then, there’s no other response for you people; you don’t have it in you to be reasonable and objective, it’s all ‘laowai can’t insult “our China”‘, yet you think it’s your right to ridicule all other peoples of the world just because they’re different. You really need to grow up and stop acting like you’re the center of the universe.

          • linette lee

            @disqus_bwRzhCYw1z:disqus I personally have no problem with anyone criticizing China if it’s reasonable and objective. Unfortunately you are none of that.

            And no, I don’t think China is the center of the world. I’ve never called anyone laowai in real life. But if someone make racist or discriminating comments without reasoning at me because I am chinese, I will reply. I have no problem with people who have different cultures than me. Someone in this forum told me Chinese have poison culture, so I told him the same thing. But I don’t consider having different culture makes one better or worst than the other.
            I suggest you go see a therapist for your hatred without reasoning against all chinese people.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “I personally have no problem with anyone criticizing China if it’s reasonable and objective.”

            Yeah, right. You take any criticism as a loss of face that cannot be tolerated, don’t feed me your lies. Don’t patronize me either. You are the ones who are discriminating and unreasonable. You just can’t accept anyone who disagrees with you. As for my hatred, well it’s only a reaction to Chinese racism and xenophobia against all foreigners. Always staring and taking pictures like your at the fucking zoo; what is wrong with you? I know Chinese don’t believe in manners and being civilized, but don’t try to act like you are above it. By the way the majority of Chinese people are the same, so it’s not unreasonable to discriminate you all. Whatever, we’ll never make peace on this, so quit trolling me.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            “I personally have no problem with anyone criticizing China if it’s
            reasonable and objective. Unfortunately you are none of that.”

            So teaching you about forgiveness is unreasonable is it? OK I’ll be sure to remember that one.

            “I’ve never called anyone laowai in real life.”

            Yeah, right, not even as a small child?

            “I suggest you go see a therapist for your hatred without reasoning against all chinese people.”

            My dislike of China is in reaction to the xenophobia and racism I experience constantly here. Fundamentally, I don’t hate Chinese people, however, the majority Chinese people fundamentally hate foreigners, at least most of them don’t respect us or trust us, and certainly will not tolerate losing face to one of us. This is tantamount to hatred in my opinion, so I think complaining about China and not liking it here is fully justified.

          • Actually, to be honest, I can sort of see Linette’s point.

            The Japanese have to owe up to the crimes they’ve committed. China and South Korea aren’t asking for much. All they want is an official, not a half-assed, two-faced apology and the Japanese government to teach their students about imperial Japan’s atrocities.
            There can be no progress until Japan stops denying their crimes.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Still, you can try to live and let live, be the bigger man, that sort of thing. Chinese see strength in their hatred. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if China would own up to it’s own atrocities post-WWII?

          • El Puma R.

            Yeah but the Japs never apologized to China, neither acknowledged what they did. I am with the Chinese on this one. France and England did their own part too.. so Chinese decided to call ALL of us “laowai”. It sounds crazy but it’s a perfect excuse to brainwash people the way they do it here.

      • linette lee

        Let just say what the japs did to China during WWII made Nazi look like pussy.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          I’m not so sure about that. Japanese raped, pillaged and plundered. Germans did all that and committed mass genocide on an unprecedented scale. They were probably as cruel as each other, but the Nazis racked up a higher death toll.

  • yourmama

    Grow up you ARSEHOLE! The Japanese people are not barbaric unlike the CHINESE! They don’t even BARK at any Chinese people living in Japan or CHINESE tourist here in Japan! GET THIS FACT STRAIGHT you IDIOTS and UNCIVILIZED PEOPLE! JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE LOVING PEOPLE!!

  • 5000 years of history….

    It just doesn’t matter. Chinese are racist.

  • El Puma R.

    “It was the Japanese who intentionally started the fire and then pretended to rescue them. It’s a dirty trick the Japanese often use, staged for the kind-hearted people of the world to see. Shameless Japanese!”

    I don’t think so, but these guy’s appreciation of the media is quite accurate and it’s a good thing that some chinese people are aware of how much the media has lied to them.

  • MrT

    We got censorship going on here or is this new systems screwed?

    • dave

      I’m also wondering where a couple of my comments poofed off to.

      • dave

        oh wait, nvm. sorting by “best” only shows +1s or higher, I guess.

    • vincent

      Nah disqus sometimes sends valid comments to the spam folder once the admins clear out the spam folder all our comments will reappear. It’s a quirk in disqus.

  • 平凡人

    Old Chinese saying, 不识好人心,狗咬李东滨.
    Chinese ship caught fire, Japs came to the rescue, that’s all. Around the world, one of coast guard’s duty is to save ships in distress. Why mix the island issue with coast guard performing their duty? The same would have occured if it happened somewhere else. Can the this event soften the sentiments of the Chinese people regarding the island issue? I certainly don’t think so.
    Those who are suspicious are the ones who have no back bone and worry such acts will soften the hearts of the Chinese.
    The Japs have been dutiful and they should be given credit for their acts. However, the Island issue is another issue not to be mixed with this.

  • David

    It is year 2012 and people are still in war… when will it end? when shall we hold hands as one planet, forget the past and live the present making sure everyone’s ok?

    • dave

      In AD 2012 war was beginning.

      What happen?

  • whateves

    You can blame this and you can blame that but the fact is that every society have intellectuals and idiots. The comments of a few does not a nation make. One of the problems in China lies with the fact that your typical Chinese nationals are just not worldly enough to see the other point of view. Every nation has paranoid conspiracy theorist, look no further than the good old USofA. It’s easy to jump on the people who make these comments but at least they have a point of view, for good or for bad. It’s better than the millions of sheeps in this world.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      “The comments of a few does not a nation make.”

      Actually, in China most people freely and shamelessly say they hate Japan. Okay, this is largely the result of brainwashing, I’ll grant you, but it’s still a majority sentiment.

      “your typical Chinese nationals are just not worldly enough to see the other point of view.”

      True, but does this exonerate them of blame?

      “Every nation has paranoid conspiracy theorist, look no further than the good old USofA.”

      It’s not fair to compare China to America on this issue, nor any other nation. Yes, America, and other countries, have nut jobs, but comparing that to China, especially with a population as big as China’s, is not really convincing. Most Chinese hate Japan. I don’t think MOST Americans hate anyone.

      • El Puma R.

        Of course they don’t hate anyone.. but I dare to say almost half of americans think they help other countries after US government has bombed them entirely down to the ground. YES ! they eliminated the foreign menace (sigh for relief). Now back to drive their 6.0L turbo engines and complain about the price of the gas. America will surely hate people once some foreigners perform the “Rape of Nanjing” but in Boston, or Philadelphia.

        Chinese hate against Japan is absolutely understandable, the only problem is the CCP has used that hate as part of the brainwashing that goes on for Chinese since they are little kids. Just like in the US they use the word “freedom” too much, when we all know it’s absolute bullshit. To finish my point , even though in China is really hard to find people with actual political ideas that don’t relate to kill the japanese or destroy the US, you can still find some. The elder re very interesting people to talk with, they don’t care about weixin or weibo, etc Fraser, I have met many fantastic american people with great ideas and a very open mind… but that doesn’t mean every yank is free of guilt for what their government does or did.

        • Jeez Puma, what happened to you? Name a country that hasn’t been helped and become more developed after a war with “the Yanks”. Germany? Japan? (destroyed their whole country and they love us even more than we love ourselves) Korea? (176th in GDP in 1952, now 16th while North Korea remains on par with the poorest banana republics on Earth) Viet Nam has prospered considerably since normalization of relations with the US. Kuwait? Grenada? ( Doesn’t really count as getting bombed but there was a small war there and Grenada is forever thankful) Iraq and Afghanistan? not over yet but do you honestly think they’re not getting US aid to rebuild?)
          I wouldn’t bet on a “Rape of Philadelphia” to happen any time soon and how you can find Chinese hate against Japan “understandable” defies logic.
          I expect better from you.

          • linette lee


            Rape of Philadelphia” to happen any time soon and how you can find Chinese hate against Japan “understandable” defies logic…….

            How can it be logical or understandable for chinese to hate what japan did during nanking massacre?????
            Are you a moron?

          • No.
            I would describe a real moron as a “dumbass black bitch trolling a website pretending to be an Asian girl from Hong Kong”

          • Ruffled Feathers

            @linettelee:disqus @disqus_MNq4X1kYc4:disqus

            Don’t worry, I’ve just had this whole argument with her today. Basically, she thinks forgiveness and putting an end to the hatred of an entire nation of people for the sins of the father is moronic. I don’t think anyone can help her.

          • linette lee

            @disqus_MNq4X1kYc4:disqus and @disqus_bwRzhCYw1z:disqus

            It’s one thing that you two hate chinese, But to accuse the chinese of being unreasonable to be angry about what the japs did in wwII? Both of you lack the ability to reason? YOu two are turning your back against justice and truth? Or maybe you two just don’t believe in justice and truth. As long as you hate the chinese, nothing matter? what????

          • Don’t try to put words in my mouth, nanny(or bunny or whatever fucking name you’re going with this week) or claim to know who or what I hate.

          • Funny how you claim to be an advocate of truth yet spread slander against Koreans, claiming that 80% of them get plastic surgery.

            Seeing your ugly mug, I can definitely say you desperately need PS.

  • Chinese people don’t hate us. Chinese people are just easily brainwashed. It’s true!

    • A Lu

      Not a nice thing to say if you want them not to hate you

  • CAPT. WE x-D

    You are still a hippie faggot (rasta nyan cat ’nuff said) with a Chink whore. sucky U long time. fucking faggot english teacher. Failed at following the grateful dead or some shit has to come to China to faggot out. LLMAAAAAO.

    • vincent

      I’m not an English teacher but I’ve would venture that the mentally challenged would be able to form more coherent sentences than you, let me go out on a limb here and guess you’re forever alone and enjoy anal sex, go play with your boyfriend.

  • louie2skidoos

    I love the comments that state China would have done the same… Would they? I can’t even count the number of times Chinese have told me not to help someone who gets hurt on the street because they will demand money from you. It hasn’t even been a year since that baby was hit by a car and 18 people walked by before the street cleaner took action.

  • dim mak

    The diaoyu islands are a bunch of worthless rocks in the middle of nowhere that should have no effect on international diplomacy

    Daily reminder motherfuckers

  • Jeff

    Didn’t the US Navy help North Korean when their ship was being attacked by pirates? The North Koreans did thank the US but still hates them.

  • So the Chinese aren’t suspicious of their government when the media riles them into anger over some islands that aren’t actually important to their lives. They can’t see that its possibly be a trick to turn them all into soldiers for the rich who will actually make money off of taking the island by the deaths of all the poor Chinese.

    However they’ll get really suspicious if a story comes out that makes Japanese people seem human.
    I think that says a lot about China. The Chinese ruling plutocrats have turned the average Chinese person into war mongers with no idea how their society actually works.