Japanese “Soccer Boy” Football Prodigy, Chinese Reactions

A child football (soccer) prodigy In Japan, only in the second grade.

The following video of a “Japanese 2nd grade football [soccer] child prodigy” on Chinese video sharing website Youku has received 450k views and 11k upvotes and has been circulating on popular Chinese social network RenRen:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

A 2nd grade football prodigy in Japan.

Comments from Youku:


If China had a few more children like this, there would be hope for our national football [team/sport]. 搞笑


Too individual/selfish, the other kids are just on on the side watching, haha, but he definitely has a future/potential.


Of course train individual technique/skill when small, and then later after their technique/skill is developed, teach teamwork.


freaking awesome


The Chinese national team is still in the bullshitting stage~ The [Chinese] football association is still in the dreaming stage~ [so] even if China had children like this, they wouldn’t have anywhere to go~ Japan says they want to earn a World Cup by 2050, and whether they can or not remains to be seen, but Japan’s football is indeed making progress, sigh~ So tragic~


If he were a Chinese child, he could be the team captain for the Chinese national football team…


This must be the legendary Tsubasa Oozora~~


I don’t see him passing the ball at all, and to be good at football one must first know that football is a 11 person game/sport…
But if its just kids playing around then it doesn’t matter/isn’t a big deal…


Wow fuck, this niubi. 汗


This child’s skills would be top level even in Brazil.


This child is truly a prodigy! Train well and in the future he will definitely be a superstar! Why doesn’t China have anyone like this!?!?!?!?!?!?!

天使也悲哀: (responding to above)

In China, a child this age would be on the path of going to school to learn a lot of knowledge that will never be used in the future…


The Heavenly Kingdom system: Brat, you don’t study and instead spend all your time kicking a ball, if you keep playing I’m going to break your legs…


In China, children are taught from when they are young that studying/education is the most important, otherwise they won’t have anything to eat [can’t make a living] in the future. This kind of thinking has been going on for 5000 years.


This is worth commenting on. His daddy I imagine is a football player, or close to a football player. Japan has retained the Chinese tradition, where the father trains his child from youth to be his successor [take over the father’s profession]. No matter what the profession is, even if it is butchering pigs, making wine/brewing beer, making sushi, every trade has its master, desiring the following generation to become the top of the field, so in terms of technique/skill, they will intensively study, becoming better and better, unlike us, who will change fields/professions the moment we think there’s no money to be made in what our ancestors’ were good at, when in reality good things will always be good no matter after how many years have passed. What doesn’t make money now will make money in the future. We are too short-sighted. Everyone think about it.


I won’t talk about anything else, but seeing a populous island country like Japan still having enough football fields for children to play on, I as someone in the Heavenly Kingdom express a lot of envy!!!


Fake, that’s obviously a robot.


When I think of our national football team, I run out of adjectives. Under the current system, I bet even in a 100 years we won’t be able to beat the little devils [Japanese].


In China, his mother would’ve started yelling long ago, “All day all you know how to do is play football. Can football feed you? [If you continue like this] you won’t get into university, and be useless. Go and do your homework! 搞笑

renzeng008: (responding to above)



Fuck, what is this kid’s name!?


His poor teammates.


In China, your mother would say to you, “Is playing football going to feed you? Only getting into university is of any use.” Child, you’re lucky you weren’t born in China!

A 2nd grader in Japan practices his football ball handling skills in a garden.

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  • Bo Wang

    Sofa. Muuahahaha!

  • Bo Wang

    This kid is such a douche. He never passes the ball to his teammates.

    • Lin

      It can’t be helped, his teamates were frozen still in awe.

    • Nathan

      There are no kids on his team, see he is wearing a bib and no-one else is? This is just a showboat event. Norwich City…. sign him!

  • Jack

    In China, his mother would’ve started yelling long ago, “All day all you know how to do is play football. Can football feed you? [If you continue like this] you won’t get into university, and be useless. Go and do your homework!

    hahaha, so true… Did any of your parents say anything similar?

    • Bo Wang

      In regards to video games, yes.

    • scqxd

      Plenty of times.

    • B-real

      Nope sorry, latch key kid. I could have robbed a bank and then they would have said something. Always did homework day of due date, never had time to study due to hounding teenage poon, then got older and had to get 2 jobs as a junior and still managed to play football and keep an A average. Graduate 4 years to a highly competitive job market only to join the NAVY where the real skill is applied (sarcasm).

      Education is over rated. For those with a real gift should harvest it and use it to their advantage.

      • Bo Wang

        How was navy pay? Were you stationed overseas?

        • B-real

          Stationed in San Diego for 3 years then shipped out to Korea to finish out my contract but along the way I met some good people who happen to have money but no education. These people ended me giving me Jobs to push their products all over the world. These things kind of sell themselves so they made me partner of the beijing branch.

          • B-real

            Needless to say Navy Pay at that time was okay but it wasn’t civilian level good. But for single warm blooded male and the benefits they had available for me it was sufficient. I fell sorry for the men and women of today for their hasn’t really changed much and they are skimping on contractual agreement and pay outs. But if you look at military personnel and the duties that are assigned are more like machine operators or grounds keepers. Our jobs are only important during training exercises and actual war even then we work in shifts.

          • Bo Wang

            Interesting experiences. I’m still rotting in school, in a field I do not want to stay in after I graduate. I’m jealous.

    • gobblegog

      Yes. Except my mother’s bugbear was masturbation. I work as a gay porn fluffer now, so in your face mum!

      • gobblegog

        (And occasionally in my face too.)

  • blackflagnation

    he’s nothing but a ball-hog

    • Matt smith

      How’s that vinegar treating you? Did you get enough?

  • holy sheet

    The next Keisuke Honda in the making.

    He just have to learn to pass the f’ing ball though.

  • Peter in China

    Sofa you anti China faggots!

  • Youtube is full of such “prodigy” children videos.
    Most of them will never become professional players.

    • Raggamuffin

      I totally disagree

    • Pvt. Joker

      Let’s see him go against some pro’s – if he beats them then I would label him a prodigy. Otherwise he’s just kicking other kid’s ass on the field.

      • Raggamuffin

        Like as in grown men pro’s? With legs twice the size of his body? Yea okee.

  • kay

    lol this thing was dumb….. i mean the other kids on his team… just stand there.

  • Pong Lenis

    Why bother with skill if you can just pay the other team to lose.

  • Rick in China

    “Too early”; “So cruel”; “Monster!” one may say, but I’m goin to say it anyways.

    I wonder how fast he’ll be on the field with radiation sickness.

    Hope the little guy is far away from the issues at hand.

    • Akim BI

      looser…stop hating on people just because they are jap

      • holy sheet

        you mean “Japanese”.

  • Akim BI

    boring…Soccer is after all a team game…he wont go as far as Zidane like that

  • Alikese

    Good for him. He’s 8 years old, it’s not like he’s taking time away from his PhD or curing cancer to play soccer. Let him have fun now and blow away the competition and he’ll probably be bored with soccer by the time he’s 14.

  • Shanghairen

    He should play with older kids.

  • Vertigo112

    And soccer’s origin is from China…

    • Alikese

      If your definition of Soccer is “something was kicked,” then yes it was invented in China.

    • Xiao Bai

      Actually, the term ‘soccer’ is applied to the modern game of football, known as association football. Invented in England in the 18th century after a combination of different styles used in public schools.

      The Chinese variant was different as it had a circular hole between two posts in the sky. The players were not allowed to let the ball touch the ground. It’s name is Cuju and although it involves kicking a ball, it has no connection to the modern game. And earlier variant of football yes, but not related.

      Sorry and have a nice day! :D

      Xiao Bai, an Englishman in China! :D

  • Danielbrown

    This is how i can tell the vast majority of people on here know absolutely nothing about scouting young talent.

    He’s still only got as much chance as any other average kid to become a professional football player.
    I’ve seen dozens of kids who are easily on par with this boys techical ability at Arsenal youth academy.
    But many of them never become pro’s, because the main factor that decides if they get kept in the youth team after 13 is an evaluation of their athleticism, and whether they are expected to naturally grow tall and strong enough to compete in the modern game.

    Why do you think there are so many “street footballers” with immense technical ability that never made it into the professional game?

  • Ginginho

    Daniel Maldini would ruin him.

    • Sam

      One day the Japanese Ryan Shawcross will break his leg and this will all be over.

      He is a ball hog, but do you really think any of his other team mates can do much better? There’s no point in passing

  • Meh

    This kid puts the ”I” in team. Is he on his own team by himself?

  • Nikolodian

    Crystal Castles?! Nice.

  • El Puma R.

    Of course the kid is good, but better take in consideration all the other kids around him don’t seem to know what they’re doing. Good for you Japan, you’re probably the only Asian country with a respectable football team.

  • slob

    Pretty sure he’s Chinese, he never passes the ball.

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