Japanese Surrealist Painter Tetsuya Ishida, Chinese Reactions

Tetsuya Ishida.

Tetsuya Ishida.

From Tiexue:

Technology terrorism: The work of Japanese surrealist painter Tetsuya Ishida, plenty absurd/fantastic!

Tetsuya Ishida (1973 June 16 – 2005 May 23), a famous Japanese surrealist painter, his work mostly expresses the artist’s fear of modern technology and culture, the content composed mostly of the author’s own objectified image, the style weird and disturbing.

Perhaps artists’ personalities are all more fragile, Tetsuya Ishida despite knowing that he was “wronging the organization that fostered [him]” still chose to die from a “train hit”…

Comments from Tiexue:


Very scary images…no wonder Japanese suicide rates are that high! ~Many people have dark feelings, and this artist has illustrated them for all to see…



it is surrealist art,

though different themes are all art~


No wonder he would go get hit by a train, he has psychological problems.


The deviant paintings of a deviant people. I just want to vomit looking at these, my head unbearably dizzy/faint.


Sigh, makes me think of Van Gogh, so many artists have mental problems, so frightening!


Pretty gloomy art, though it should reflect the oppression of society upon the individual…

To put another way, Tetsuya is calling for a world where people can live like people instead living like a machine or some other thing…

There’s some deeper meaning~


I also do creative, it is indeed very oppressive work, simply letting people breathe is some difficulty, so this is also a kind of limit.


From them I can see loneliness, apathy, disillusionment…and a true “desert”.

The creator appears to be denouncing modern civilization’s twisted and ugly nature, the over dependence on technology, and the increasing hypocrisy of civil society.

“A more and more convenient life is causing people to become more lonely. Living life by the rules then makes people into machines and the slave of machines, even again making people into wild animals…”


People like the Japanese should be destroyed, everyone of them like those crazy terrorists. Looking at these paintings just makes me feel nauseous.


All of the paintings are of one subject: The division of labor in society causing each person to become objectified, become spare parts. Japanese society is especially like this.


This brother’s stuff has been hyped to astronomical prices now.


Technology’s development has indeed made things more convenient for people, yet at the same time has also lead people to ignore family, friends, and love.

Society is becoming impulsive, money worshipping, and morally bankrupt.

When everything revolves around money, then what difference is there between humans and machines and decorations?

Care about your own family, because a life is very short; Care about the people you know, because you may not necessarily meet them in your next life!


Normal humans no matter what would not be able to paint these, deviant/abnormal Japanese people.


These images aren’t bad, how come I don’t feel gloomy?? Very creative.

Tetsuya Ishida.

Humans are better than machines. chinaSMACK personals.

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