Japanese TV Show Does Segment On Bad Chinese Tourists

Japanese TV Show Does Segment On Bad Chinese Tourists
A Japanese TV show did an interview segment on bad Chinese tourists. At Mt. Fuji they discovered a man climbing a tree to take a picture, who upon interview stated that he was from Shanghai. Furthermore, one Chinese Mainlander tourist was violating the smoking ban and threw his cigarette into the mountain forest. A Japanese storeowner stated that although Chinese tourists bring about business opportunities, their actions scare him. One Chinese netizen said that if you all don’t welcome them, you can execute them on the spot! But please don’t make them come back, we don’t welcome back the bad Chinese either.

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  • 42

    These people who complain about chinese tourists are usually the first one who complains they suddenly have alot less customers…..

    • Jahar

      So they should just shut up and accept people acting this way?

    • mr.wiener

      Instead of going straight into defensive mode you should realize there are many Chinese people who are ashamed to be associated with these louts. Only then will Chinese tourists behaviour improve.

      • 42

        there are rude tourists from every country, chinese dont have a patent on it. most of the mainland tourists behave just fine. most probably the ones who are being rude dont even realize they are rude, because they are so acustomed to it, so who can blame them? making a program exposing rude chinese, now thats rude, not to mention tasteless and wont help anyone. i hate to play the race card, but this is downright racist. if they make a program about rude tourists in general, now thats a different story.

        • mr.wiener

          I suspect that the race card only comes out when one’s own nationality is being criticized…Moreover, [just to be a nit picking ass] is it racism is one asian countrie’s people says this about the people from another asian country?… prejudice and bigoted perhaps.
          That said, a lot of Chinese people have the means to travel now. If they don’t want to sully China’s image then they must learnt to be on their best behavior.

          • 42

            the media portrays like all chinese tourists are savages, but in fact these probably are just incidents that happens occassionaly, not more than any other tourists.

            awhile back dutch soccer fans destroyed and made havoc in rome, even trashing the trevi fountain, but you dont read that in headline news.

            we have to becareful that we dont pick out chinese bad behavior, just because its the trend and populair to complain about chinese nowadays. giving a wrong impression that all mainland chinese are like this.

          • mr.wiener

            I’m sure it was headline news in Italy and The Netherlands. My point is this is small beer at the moment, and this tv program is very local, national at most…But the growing problem is Chinese tourists are going out to see the world..are either the Chinese tourists or the world ready for this?

          • donscarletti

            I don’t think the media really talks about Chinese tourists much outside of Asia.

            I know in Australia, at least, most people think of Hong Kong and Taiwanese people when they think of Chinese. Australians don’t really know much about the Chinese mainland unless they have visited. They generally think of Chinese as being polite and quiet. Australians see someone with “slanty eyes” and they don’t really know if they are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese or whatever, so any bad behavior seen in person is unlikely to be associated with any particular country. In fact, many Aussies are often scared off asking foreigners where they are from at the best of times for fear of alienating someone who’s actually a citizen.

            Japan of course has a pretty terrible relationship with China, I think the two countries just hate each other. Any excuse to insult the other about tourists is just as good as something about history of foreign policy. This has nothing to do with Chinese tourists being particularly terrible, just bad enough to criticize.

            The media that DOES focus on bad Chinese tourists the most is the Chinese media. Not only does HK have anti-mainland tourists pogroms daily, but many Chinese people are quite aware of the tourist problems hurting China’s scenic regions and cultural heritage. Government run media is anxious to clean up the Chinese tourists’ poor behavior before they ruin China’s scenic spots and/or the world (outside of Japan, Thailand and China) finds out about it and starts hurting their face.

          • guest
          • Zappa Frank

            i think was not trevi fountain but ‘la barcaccia’ and was irremediably damaged. this thing hit the news for weeks and even the dutch embassy was called in cause. still northern europeans think southerns are not civilized….however when is about soccer you have to deal with the society’s trash usually

          • Mister Phoenix

            Go to GuLangYu Island in Xiamen any weekend for a good impression of what mainland Chinese tourists are really like. I have never seen this type of behavior anywhere outside of China. This is not a recent trend, this is reality.

          • Teacher in China

            Soccer hooliganism is a whole other ball of wax. You can’t legitimately compare that to bad behaviour from tourists.

  • Jahar

    I’m pretty impressed that it didn’t devolve into a “we hate japan” discussion. In regards to the “top comments” I mean.

  • WghUk

    Tourists are tourists. Take their money and shut up or close off the area from tourism. Life is really that simple.

  • sigh!
    old chinese never change! can not help! i always tell my mom to speak lightly, not litter around, not argue, spit in tisue, but can not help!
    but also, there are too many cheaters in china when you travel in other cities.
    so annoying!

  • KenjiAd

    I’m a Japanese guy who happen to be old (55) enough to remember that Japanese tourists used to behave the same back in 80’s.

    Guys were smoking, even urinating, in tourist sites.

    When I was visiting Hawaii (1985?) as part of a sight-seeing tour, our group was specifically told by the guide that we should not urinate in the bush.

    I haven’t watched this Japanese show, but I just think that the show would be a bit hypocritical if they didn’t point out Japanese tourists, too, behaved the same some time ago.

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