Japanese Woman Using Headrest to Break Car Window Goes Viral

A Japanese television show where a woman learns how to use a headret to break a car's window in a flooding situation.

A Japanese television show where a woman learns how to use a headret to break a car's window in a flooding situation.

One of the most viewed and heavily commented videos uploaded today on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. After just 16 hours, it has over 1.6m views with over 18k comments spanning over 600 pages…

From Youku:

So this is how a car’s headrest can be used to break a window? Unless you’re a strongman.

Clever way of breaking a car window using a car’s headrest, easy for even women… ([This is from] A Japanese television show, very long, so just excerpted this part, more convenient to watch, this is just a forward, copyright belongs to the show’s producers!)

A Japanese television show where a woman learns how to use a headret to break a car's window in a flooding situation.

A Japanese television show where a woman learns how to use a headret to break a car's window in a flooding situation.

The reason for the high number of comments is partly due to this video being spread on popular Chinese social networks like Sina Weibo, QQ Weibo, and RenRen. In light of the recent Beijing rainstorm flooding that has resulted in 37 deaths, a large number of the comments are from Chinese netizens sharing this video for the benefit of those who might one day find themselves in a similar situation.

Comments from Youku:


On this, I definitely believe the Japanese. Those promoting any technique that requires strength, please first try it with a little girl. You Zheng Yuanjie may be able to bite open 24 bottles of beer without a problem but I’m still going to use a bottle opener.


If it were a manual car window, simply winding it down would be even more convenient, haha. But I guess with power windows you can only do this.


Never know a headrest could be this useful… Just striking [the window with it] won’t work… However, I’m still say once you’ve tinted your windows, nothing will work…


There’s a benefit to watching more foreign videos~~ Especially those from countries like Japan where disasters happen often.

Johnnyphoto-李健: (responding to above)

The things we teach are just like the products we produce, with quality problems. The key things aren’t taught.


saw this on Tencent/QQ news today, but I think it’s still better to use an emergency hammer to smash the four corners of a car window. The effectiveness of a car headrest isn’t very good.


The opportunity for Nokia to make a comeback has arrived, create a large hammer mobile phone.


The people who can actually drown to death in their cars truly have lousy survival skills.


If this kind of survival common knowledge were universally taught to everyone, think of just how many lives would’ve been saved.


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If those men who died in their cars during the Beijing floods had seen this video before, perhaps their lives would’ve been saved.


Little Japan begins imparting survival knowledge in kindergarten…while in China we just know how to sing red songs… [“red songs” refer to old communist propaganda songs, an example]


Don’t care if it works or not, at least it’s one more option! Spread this!


Actually, breaking a public bus window is done like this too, you have to use the hammer to strike the edges of the window. I haven’t tested it but a lot of videos have tested it this way. It seems the center area of the glass is quite resistant to pressure.


A large portion of the popular music we listen to are translations of Japanese songs; A lot of the modern words and expressions we use are also from Japanese; In a lot of aspects, there are a lot of other things we borrow and learn from the Japanese, we can’t just holler anti-Japanese and boycott Japanese products slogans all the time.


Last night, CCTV was also saying how a headrest could be used to break a window, but I still think it isn’t reliable, you can’t use much force. It’s still better to just buy a claw hammer and throw it in your car, better safe than sorry.

懒洋洋地想: (responding to above)

According to the special forces survival manuals, the proper method is to wait until the water floods past the top of the glass and then use the point of a metal key to strike the lower part of the car window and the glass will immediately shatter.


I’m wondering, if the car windows were tinted, could you still pry it open like this?


Find some time to watch this! Turns out you’re not supposed to try smashing the window but rather pry it open by sticking something into window sill! If we only had systematic scientific survival methods being ubiquitously taught before…


Little Japan making a big deal out of nothing, [it’s just] leverage theorem and pressure theorem~


Forward, everyone hurry and learn this, it can save your life in a critical moment.


Japan truly does a good job when it comes to disseminating emergency disaster survival knowledge. China needs to reflect on this…


In many aspects we must admire little Japan. At least this educational video is extremely practical!

Some other popular videos of the day also featuring the Beijing rainstorm and flooding…

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From Youku:

Aerial video of the worst rainstorm disaster to befall Beijing in 61 years, the Fangshan stretch of the Jinggangao highway having become a “river”

Uploaded a day ago, the above video currently has nearly 1.3m views.

From Youku:

Beijing’s largest rainstorm in 61 years leaves 37 dead

The above clip of a news report featuring a variety of scenes of the flooding and devastation currently has over 1m views. Amongst some of the details reported is a breakdown of how the 37 people died: 25 people drowned, 6 people died under collapsing buildings, 1 person from a lightning strike, and 5 people were electrocuted. While 22 people have been identified, the identities of 15 are currently being verified.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Tommy

    The first comment isn’t a meme. Thank God.

    • Brett Hunan

      No, but the first comment also has nothing to do with this story. Good grief!

      • Winter B4 Spring

        muahahaahahah =P

  • hanyucha

    Just don’t take the headrest off my sofa!

    • Winter B4 Spring

      sorry dude….sigh*

  • Mop

    So why couldn’t she just open the door? I don’t get it.

    • Harland

      Electronic locks. Car’s electrical system is shorted out. This isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile.

      • hess

        Not all car doors lock automatically……

    • Little Wolf

      It’s not as easy as it looks. That’s alot of water weight pushing on that door. I remember those Myth-Buster guys did a thing about opening a car door underwater and it’s impossible until the inside of the car is full of water too.

      • Brett Hunan

        Right. The pressure inside the car must be equal to the pressure outside the car in order for the door to open.

        • mr. wiener

          Great show that, I think too many people panic in this kind of situation
          (hard to blame them really)

          • terroir

            “Mythbusters” is a great show that stars red-head Kari and her personality.

            She is accompanied by a bunch of men who are either bald, have terrible social skills or facial hair; some of them are all three.

            Every week they have adventures as they de-bunk many long-held mis-conceptions as they simultaneously create their own, such as science is fact without creativity or compassion, the engineer’s ability to sperg out on mundane details is progressive or that anything of value shown on TV must be preceded by “3… 2… 1…”

          • mr. wiener

            I would have said it starred Kari and her breasts, but that is just the pervy science geek in me.

          • jeffli

            Kari has georgeous knockers!
            and a nice trim ass too!
            good strength in her hands (great for happy endings and shooting airplanes!)

      • linette

        So you should start breaking the window to try to get out instead of waiting for the inside of the car completely filled with water to try to open the door. I would imagine it’s very scary. I would imagine it’s also dark under water. Can’t see a thing.

      • True.

        And if you try too hard – you can actually break the handles and stay locked inside… forever :(

        Here is example of people drowning in the car just few meters from the bank. Four male passengers got out, but the woman passenger drowned.

    • ChineseFighter

      this article is obviously referring to the man from beijing who was drowned inside his car during the rainstorm.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      cos it’s an action-pack movie, and the superheroes and villains gotta use some violence to get their point across =.=

      • SuperHappyCow

        Ohhhh, sorry.

        That’s action PACKED. Action PACKED.

        • Winter B4 Spring

          yes…that what i said =P

  • Cleo

    uh for much less expense, Americans keep in their glove compartment a small tool that shatters car windows – this is easily found on Amazon.com

    Just go American, China. Go American.

    • 404 name not found

      By invading the Philippines?

      • Harland

        You win the prize for most out-of-context, baffling comment of the week.

        • 404 name not found

          Try googling what “trolling” actually means :)

          • terroir

            That’s just it: from his location, a google search only reveals your name.

          • Winter B4 Spring

            ok. sure. wiki says:

            “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion…”

            Source: wiki

  • Jay K.


    Little Japan making a big deal out of nothing, [it’s just] leverage theorem and pressure theorem~

    this is funny in a morbid way because the guys narrow mindedness needs reminding of the 37 chinese brethren that died on his behalf of such silly talk, without accepting fact for fact of what the japanese were trying to announce in just a safety video.

    i’d take japan’s natural disaster safety videos anytime since that plays gets them often.

  • BrahmaBull

    bear grylls does an episode of how to escape and save people from a submerging car…whoop dee doo Japan for using some bukkake slut to break the window. and China, so easily amused.

    • Harland

      You see “Japanese girl” and your first thought is “bukkake”? Dude, I *so* would not want to be in your brain. Or anywhere near you, really.

      • He’s all sticky from the “shoot”.

        He actually deeply admires those “bukkake sluts” cause they get “jobs” so easily and he really needs to put himself out there.

        Not to mention that he had to start at the bottom as the clean up guy before working his way up to “fluffer”. Well you can understand the resentment that might build.

        It was all worth it the first time he got to sip that first “cocktail” though.

        • BrahmaBull

          elijah, you seem like expert here on bukkake…

          • They don’t call me Mr. Slip n Slide for nothing.

  • Me

    This video isn’t as good as all the Japanese videos I have stored on my hard drive.

    • lonetrey

      Meh IMO this video is actually preferable to any Japanese videos similar to those on your hard drive; could never get into their way of acting.

      But i guess to each their own.

      • mr. wiener

        At least she wasn’t squeaking “edae! edae! edae!” as she was belting the head rest against the window.

        • whiskersthecat

          Thankfully she wasn’t attacked by any squid or octopus tentacles once she broke the window between her and the body of water.

          • linette

            attacked by any squid or octopus tentacles …….
            whiskersthecat, you are so funny….

          • whiskersthecat

            I aim to please, linette.

          • linette

            The japanese they are full of imagination. Giant squid and godzilla attacking Tokyo. That reminds me of a japanese movie Godzilla. So funny. I love watching Godzilla. hahaha…..The opening of the film Godzilla attacking Hong kong blasting out skyscrapers. I was laughing my ass off. I don’t think the Japanese dare to show Godzilla destroying Beijing. hahaha…..

          • Nanny Hiccups

            when i was growing up i loved godzilla movies. my favorite was godzilla versus mothra lol. they even had godzilla v king kong. i think godzilla won that one. they tried to make an american version of godzilla (godzilla 2000) and it sucked!

          • linette

            wait..that’s the one with matthew broderick? I thought that was a good movie. Godzilla destroying NEw york city. hahaha…But the problem is that hollywood made Godzilla looks like a giant lizard and not Godzilla. So that failed. But Hollywood always have the best special effects.

            Godzilla vs king kong and Godzilla won? Oh….like Godzilla killed hong kong….hahaa….. The japanese they are so funny.

          • linette

            Also the worst thing is that Hollywood changed the story and said Godzilla was pregnant and needed an island to incubate his eggs. Yo…come on man. You are disrepecting the mighty Godzilla. HE CAN NOt be seen incubating his eggs!!!!! The Japanese must be going facepalm.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            hey i thought godzilla was a woman? in one of the old movies, godzilla had a baby godzilla.

            i remember going to the movies once, back in the late 70s, early 80s to see a godzilla movie. it started with a cartoon of bambi, peaceful music, and i’m like smiling like ‘ooooh there’s bambi!” Then WHAM! a cartoon foot belonging to godzilla steps into the frame and smashes bambi into the ground. i started crying lol man was i wuss.

            Just found it on youtube too lol

            [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpBkc2jK-6w&w=420&h=315%5D

          • terroir

            You’re thinking of Bridezilla.

          • linette

            omg..that is so bad. lol Don’t show it to little kids. They will be running out of the theater. Godzilla steps on Bambi.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            terror, was there really a bridezilla? I just remember her trying to protect the baby godzilla and fighting some monsters. lol i’ve seen a lot of godzilla movies come to think of it. wonder how many were made.

            @linette – yeah that was terrible to do to a kid lol and i was a sucker for disney movies… oh what the hell, i still am!

            I’m gonna give props to the lion king. Oh and Dumbo ALWAYS makes me cry, especially when the momma elephant sings ‘baby of mine’ lol so yeah smashing a disney character is just wrong.

            by the way, have you noticed that in every single disney movie the mother is dead or gets killed, with the exception of the lion king where the dad dies and mulan?

            Beauty and the beast? Belle’s mom is dead
            Cinderella – mom is dead (has wicked stepmother)
            Snow white – mom is dead (has wicked stepmother)
            the little mermaid (mom is dead)
            Dumbo (mom is wrongfully imprisoned and kept from dumbo)
            Aladdin (jasmine’s mom is dead, aladdin’s parents are dead)
            princess and the frog (mom is dead)
            peter pan (peter has no parents)
            tarzan (mom is dead, eaten by tiger then his ape father dies)
            bambi (mom gets shot and is dead)
            toy story (andy doesn’t have a dad)

          • linette

            disney the animation kick ass. Gorgeous and breathtaking. I love watching the expression of each character. So real. So emotional.

            What makes disney so great is also the songs. They have really good theme songs. I love all the songs from lion king. Beauty and the beast. Little mermaid. Pocahondas. I think disney is for kids and adults. Everyone can enjoy it.

            Finding nemo doesn’t have any song. Too bad.

          • terroir

            Bridezilla isn’t an animated movie. It’s a reality show about women who become crazy with control issues as they prepare for their wedding.


  • whiskersthecat

    Asia gives us a little side screen so we can see the stupid expressions from the panel of people on stage. It’s exactly what I want to see. People’s expressions to a video so I know how I am supposed to react.

  • Getrealson

    I’ve often wondered why there is nothing like this on chinese TV. Even just simple road safety or road rules messages like be sure to look left and right before crossing the road/merging in traffic etc.

    • Ryo

      Because Chinese lives aren’t worth as much? Simple supply and demand.

      Besides, look before you walk is basic common sense. If you value your own life, you will look before you cross. But I see a lot of Chinese people don’t value their life at all. Every time when a bike or motorcycle zooms across an intersection on a red light, I picture the outcome of the many accident videos I’ve seen where the guy goes flying doing cartwheels in the air. Pedestrians, especially older people, don’t even care if a car is coming strait towards them. It’s so common to them that they don’t even look or flinch because they know 99% of the time, the driver will slow/stop. But it only takes 1 time to ruin your day…. possibly forever…

      • mr. wiener

        I’ve had Chinese ladies come out between parked cars, LEADING WITH THEIR BABY CARRIEGES. It is the stuff of nightmares really. I never drive in the lane nearest the side of the road if I can avoid it now.

        • linette

          You know what, I got into an argument with a China woman. She did exactly that. She pushed her baby stroller out onto the road first between parked cars without looking for oncoming traffic. I was driving and I almost ran over her baby in stroller. Thank god I didn’t. I pulled over and got out of my car and she was cursing me out in some village dialogue that I couldn’t understand. I told her it wasn’t my fault that she wasn’t looking.

          I see that all the time like this. The China women push the stroller first onto the road without looking to see any cars coming.

          I want to know is that a common practice in China? EVen in the big cities? Do they have a high mortality rate where babies in stroller get ran over by cars? Eattot, can you answer me? I am just curious. Maybe Eattot can ask her friends if they are aware of this problem so they can be more aware of it and be more careful. That is just pissing me off.

          • Joe

            I’m Chinese so I can say this. Run the kid over next time.

          • mr. wiener

            I don’t think I’ll ever be able go that native.

          • Ryo

            It’s very common in the big cities. You know, none of them will admit it but I believe some do hope they get hit so they can get a big pay day. People that drive in the big cities (on average) tends to have more money then rural areas so chances of you getting hit buy a relatively rich person is much higher.

            When someone is killed or badly hurt by a driver, what do these Chinese ask for? It sure ain’t justice. They all just want money. As long as the offender pays enough, they go free even if they’ve killed someone. Every kid is a potential winning “lottery ticket” to them. When one is killed, they may cry, they may weep, but when they receive that big deposit, they are smiling behind closed doors.

            There’s a saying here that if you hit someone, you hope they are better dead then half alive. If dead, you pay one fee and that’s it. If they are half alive, you’d have to pay their medical bills for as long as they live.

          • mr. wiener

            It’s not unknown for the car to back over them to finish off the job.

          • linette


            Do not say that. ARe you trying to convince me any mother on earth have no problem watching their own child getting hurt or died? No mother on earth can bear the loss of their own child.

            They should bring this up on a Chinese forum and discuss about it. So the people in China pay more attention when using a stroller.

          • markx

            This bring s up an intriguing point.

            Common sense has to be taught (at least to the vast majority).

            I can remember being bemused when we were taught at primary school to look before we crossed the road, at the time I thought that it was pretty dang obvious that was a good idea.

            Then, later when I moved to SE Asia I found that a great proportion of pedestrians will step on the the road first, and look later.

            And that about 95% of motorcyclists will angle into the traffic from a side street resolutely staring straight ahead without a single backward glance to see who is bearing down on them at the wheel of a car. It is entirely up to the car driver to avoid the motor cycle.

            Yep, its simply a matter that common sense aint that common, and it DOES have to be taught.

        • terroir

          Strolling about with a baby carriage adds a +10 to self-righteousness and a +15 to vanity. Best tactic is to continue casting logic spells, heal not attack when she is in victim mode and evade when her extended family shows up offering support with “support sticks”.

          • You forgot to cast Illusion with a +10 to her Charm ability for when the cops finally show up.

            It has the added bonus of making bribes cheaper as well.

    • jeffli

      When I was 5 years old I used to listen to the Humphrey B. Bear traffic safety song by Humphrey B. Bear, Wilbur Wurm, Anne north and Del Rios.

      Look to the left and look to the right,
      If you don’t do what Humphrey says you might get a fright!
      there are things you should do and things you shouldn’t
      and things Humphrey would and things he wouldn’t…..blah blah
      well pedestrian accidents went down by 50% that year in South Australia! schtoopid!

      • mr. wiener

        I imagine Humphrey would be afraid to go to china and teach them the safety song. He’d wake up in a very small cage with a tube coming out of hid gall bladder.

  • Trap

    Trying to stay on topic, I was also taught that you can easily break off your rear view mirror to smash a window in the even you get trapped in your car.

    Also the reason I believe for Chinese people reacting poorly to motor related accidents is because china is a relativity young country when it comes to the private ownership of cars. There are many inexperienced young drivers… So china still has a long learning curve ahead

    • Misiooo

      15 years ago I was backpacking Chinaland inlcuding Tibet, Turkiestan and Manchuria. I’ve seen only a few private cars in Beijing and Shanghai. Could count them by my fingers. Hell a difference from nowadays. So you’re right. But there is some more. Chinamen are not taught first aid (even docs here are not good at it – I saw it by my own eyes) and logic is not part of their education. Last but not least, single life in China has always been valued closed to null, so yes. It’s gonna take a lot of time and souls to see the change.

    • terroir

      How dare you. China has 5000 glorious years of car registration and ownership.

      • Misiooo

        OMG, you are right! Please accept my 5000 叩头 as an apology…

  • terroir

    I said this before on another story, but since it isn’t explicitly stated in the story and so far only Chinesefighter has briefly mentioned it, I’ll state it again here for those who may be puzzled:

    The reason why an excerpt from a Japanese “safety” video has gone viral is because of the story of one of the victims from last Saturday’s heavy rain/flooding. The driver of a black Toyota SUV was about to drive through an underpass when he encountered heavy flooding. For whatever reason, this driver decided to continue and as such encountered flood water said to be 2m high; video of the attempted rescue shows that the floodwater had tipped the SUV onto its side and very nearly completely submerged from that angle.

    The driver had called emergency services for aid; if he did get through they said, “Just sit tight” but soon after he was dead. The submerged car was taking on water and this person had no way of getting out. It was said later that he had suffered trama to the side of his head; apparently as a last ditch effort he banged his head against the glass to try to break it.

    So now: the hot trending story/issue in China of the moment is: should I keep a hammer in my car as a way to easily escape should my car become submerged? Seeing how 小日本人 have long tackled this problem in the unflappable Japanese moxy, this video has gone viral as Chinese catch up to the competition on “car escape technology”.

    This story has the same keen feelings of self-preservation as the “gimmie a hammer, I’ll hammer in the morning, I’ll hammer the windows of a public bus in order to escape fiery death, but I can’t hammer if there are Chinese who will steal emergency safety devices that aren’t nailed down, but how do you nail down a hammer?” story.

    The focus of the storms has been upon the “bravery” of the common people who has banded together to help each other, and now upon life-saving devices and techniques that every driver should now, but let’s make it clear: citizens of a city shouldn’t have to overcome the flaws of the city they live in. People should have to be put in life or death situations because corrupt officials don’t know how to build a sewer system that works.

    Yo, BJ Town drivers: you live in the fricken desert. If you do find yourself trapped in a car that is submerged in water, it’s because the administration that governs you does not care for your safety or well being.

    You don’t need a hammer; you need responsible governing (although there may be a connection between those two things).

    • simon

      this, or they could be smart enough to NOT DRIVE INTO a flooded underpass. Most likely scenario is he could see the underpass was flooded, thought his SUV was tough enough to get through it, and kept driving through until he realized that his SUV was not the equivalent of an amphibious vehicle.

      No amount of responsible governing can prevent stupid people from doing stupid things.

    • Nick in Beijing

      No shit there on the point about Chinese stealing emergency equipment that isn’t securely fashioned.

      I remember when the shiny new Line 1 trains in the Beijing subway rolled out. They had a set of hammers located near doors and windows for breaking the glass in case of an emergency.

      Within a month most of them had been stolen.

      Stupid isn’t strong enough of a word to describe this way of thinking.

  • terroir

    Also: Chinese story of the moment that will affirm the current believe you have about China:

    Flooding along the BJ Town-Hongkie Town-Casino Town caused some victims of flooding to take refuge upon the top of a coach. After a long time calling for help, someone finally noticed them and took a boat out to save them.

    The “are-you-sitting-down” moment: the would-be rescuer was greeted by several Chinese clamoring out to greet him. As they swam towards him, some of them were reported to have bills of money held in their teeth. The speculation is that they weren’t trying to keep the money dry, but rather that this was a sign to the rescuer that “hey! You rescue me, you get to keep the money in my mouth”.

    [this story is so amazing that I want to put CAPS on everything, but then that would only make me seem more cultured and refined, so I stopped]

  • guizi

    it seems that there is not enough time to break the window

    • linette

      That’s a good video. Thank you. So the key is not to wait until the car is completely filled with water then trying to open the door. You better just start breaking the glass and try to get out as soon as possible.

    • terroir

      Dude had time to call emergency services. There may be a recording of it even.

  • Anus Presley

    I wonder if she learned this trick from Bear Grylls show ‘Worst Case Scenario’?

    • Harland


      Once again, we see the Westerner in China thinking “everyone in the world watches the TV shows I watch and therefore can relate to my memes.”

      Doesn’t happen that way, sister.

  • C

    I wonder if I can do this….cause I’m not sure if the headrest can come off my seat :[

    • Ryo

      I think it’s a good idea to keep a hammer in the car anyway. It’d also be useful if you get in fights as well.

      • Yes…I would recommend a whole box of those little ball-peen hammers you can buy for 2 kuai each. They are excellent projectiles and can be flung quite discreetly.

        • markx

          Ha ha!

          “…flung quite discreetly…” – I’d love to know the experience behind THAT knowledge ..

  • Who cares about this it is stuuuuupid!

    When I watch a video of a japanese girl doing something, this is not the something I want to watch.

  • moop
  • kodi

    I would initially think that a guy who drowns in his car due to flood water is simply a victim of natural selection. Only the strong survive I guess. I understand he is afraid and may be panicking, but damn! A car window is not that hard to smash. If he is a weakling then why not lay across the seats and use his feet to smash the window? Even the windshield will yield to foot pressure from inside the car! The windshield is placed in its frame and the weight of the glass is used to seat it in place for the adhesive to cure, then a very narrow a relatively weak frame is placed around it. It will pop out of you kick it from inside or apply sustained pressure from inside, furthermore an adult’s legs are more than strong enough to do this. That guy was simply too dumb to survive this incident.

    Chock that one up to natural selection. Nature’s natural means of ensuring that only the strongest genes make it into future generations. Its something we don’t get enough of these days with all the modern medicine keeping weak people alive for longer.

  • Zakir Hossain

    It is a sorrow for mankind.

  • It apparent how much the Chinese loathe Japan. What if those same sentiments were directed towards a sitting president from the most unproductive, uneducated and consequently poor populatiion? China has dealt with this more than once in the past 5,000 years.

  • Mark

    Love the comment about Nokia, lmao.

  • Mike Lovett

    Having been trapped in both winter storms and flood situations in the USA, I can tell you, ANY INFO that is helpful and practical to help a person get out of a modern vehicle or enclosure should be taken seriously, regardless of where you get the info and regardless of differences in countries, beliefs, and politics.
    I will bet money that most young people between the ages of 16-30 in: China, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Thailand…and USA, Canada, UK, Australia do not know how to get into or out of a locked up, electronically controlled modern car or enclosure.

  • guest

    /Actually, breaking a public bus window is done like this too/

    What? But aren’t public buses supposed to have emergency exit doors on the sides AND the ceiling?