Jay Chou’s Latest Singles Remixed With Japanese AV

A couple of years ago, a short video entitled “Jay Chou shaves his head and shoots AV” surfaced on YouTube. Netizens instantly spotted the uncanny resemblance between the male Japanese AV actor and Jay Chou.

If you are in China and cannot see the above video, you may need a VPN to access blocked websites such as YouTube.

Recently, some lonely kid on Mop put together a couple music videos featuring the same AV actor but with the music from Jay Chou’s latest album “The Era” (跨时代). Even better, netizens discovered in that same AV footage another AV actor who resembled well-known Chinese director Bi Fujian (毕福剑). Bi, commonly known as “Lao Bi”, appeared in a comedy skit with Zhao Benshan on CCTV’s New Year Gala.

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Jay Chou Japanese AV

Comments on Mop (1 & 2):


This really is a beautiful and sentimental MV, I don’t feel cheated, rather I feel very touched.


My balls hurt…


If this post doesn’t become popular, then were there ever popular posts…
Wait! I feel Jay’s performance in this MV is very deep!~
His must have the same expressions when during normal things too.


So touching, so emotional. [The original Chinese for “emotional” (or “exciting”) was “鸡冻” which is literally “cock freezing (stiffening)”]


So NB, such good editing, very YY.


Fuck, this is a fake MV! Don’t believe it!!!


So disgusting!


Begging for pictures, begging for torrent. Hurry, I can’t wait any longer!


I have long heard Jay and Lao Bi would collaborate~! After seeing this today, it’s still so heart-wrenching. Jay’s performance has reached its pinnacle! Lao Bi’s presence adds the final touch!


Fuck! Bastard, you dare to insult Jay!!!


Oh my god! What is this!


LZ you are full innuendos!


Do something decent for once, always mocking oneself and mocking others, what is the point?


Why am I hard?!?!?!

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