Jeremy Lin Breaks Basketball Record, Chinese Netizen Reactions

LINSANITY - Jeremy Lin, wallpaper by

LINSANITY - Jeremy Lin, wallpaper by

The following microblog post from the NBA’s official Sina Weibo account was one of yesterday’s most popular, forwarded over 14,000 times and over 3000 comments…

From Sina Weibo:

@NBA: “Lin Shuhao [Jeremy Lin] new career record 38 points, Knicks defeat Lakers 92-85.” Lin Shuhao achieved a new career high of 38 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds, leading the Knicks to a home court 92-85 win against the Lakers, achieving a 4 win streak. His first three games as a starter saw him scoring 28 points, 23 points, and 38 points, this being the highest 3 game point total for a starter since the 1976 NBA and ABA merger. Kobe scored 34 points.

Jeremy Lin scores 38 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds in New York Knicks victory over Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Shows that one’s physical quality and one’s race has no relation… Hoping to see the NBA’s first yellow [Asian] superstar.


Yet another legendary American Dream~ Jia you!


It’s not like he’s a Chinese national.


Kobe at first didn’t know who he was, but now it can be said he does. Jia you!


Counts as winning glory for ethnic Chinese. [鼓掌]


Pro! No way, even the Lakers lost to him!


Too niu! Brother Hao is invincible!

Jeremy Lin vs. Kobe Bryant.


Legend in Newyork = LIN…


I want to buy a #17 jersey!


The Knicks have found the key to victory in Lin Shuhao~


Not bad, proves that yellow people are also capable [in basketball].


Brother Hao is too TMD gei li!


Emperor Lin! #Linsanity”

Kobe Bryant vs. Jeremy Lin,


It couldn’t be the NBA intentionally creating a star, could it…? To attract/capture the Chinese market?


If Lin Shuhao could shoot more and score more from the outside line… then he wouldn’t be far from becoming a star…


Haha, he’s giving face for basketball-loving Chinese. [威武] Jia you!


China’s pride!


I imagine this record won’t be broken for decades.


Finally there is a great record that belongs to us yellow [Asian] people.


[威武][威武][威武] Too bad he’s not Chinese [national]…

Jeremy Lin scores 38 points against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • jiayi

    Sofa? pls pls pls.

    • jiayi

      Is it just me or is Kobe Bryant is the only foreign basketball player Chinese are aware of? I genuinely fear for the sexual health of Lin and many of his fans.

      • Sunshine

        Those who aren’t avid NBA followers don’t really know anyone outside the few big names that media love. It’s the same anywhere, really. Those Chinese who are true fans know a lot more about the NBA than you would think.

      • Tony

        Lin scored 38 points against Kobe Bryant – that’s why Kobe knows him now.

      • MichaelJordanFan

        I think Michael Jordans legend is still echoing through china.

    • Roger Lam

      People do know he IS American by every standard. He is born and raise there, and even attended Harvard. He is a devoted Christian that want to become a pastor someday, and he barely speak any Chinese. Though his heritage maybe Chinese, he is still no different than most American.

      As a fellow Chinese American, I can understand some of the prejudice he faced. Many basically assumes Chinese do not play sports. It’s always a shock when I win events, as if I just pulled a miracle. I am sure Jeremy dealt with that much more than I, but I am just saying that I can relate. I am not sure about Chinese “pride” per se though, as that’s never was in my mind. I am pretty sure like most athletes, he maybe just honor, that others would look up to him.

      • Ray

        I think the Chinese people are just excited by the fact that a person of Chinese genetics can produce excellent results in basketball, therefore giving themselves hope to become better at playing.

        He is not American by the race standard and that is the one that counts towards his build and performance

        • bomber

          “Not American by the race standard”

          America has no race standard. His build is determined partially by genetics, and partially by exercise. His performance is determined by his work ethic and intrinsic ability.

          There is no Chinese race. ‘Chinese’ is a linguistic-tribal affiliation, not a race. Not even close.

          • anon

            Unfortunately, America most certainly does have race standards. That’s why you have assholes in the other thread blaming looting on BLACK people and foreign-born people when they prefer not to be associated with it.

            As for the semantics of “race”, I think it would be wise if we just acknowledge that the terms “race” and “racism” have long ago been popularly used to describe prejudice against nationality and ethnicity along with “race” (whose definition itself isn’t widely agreed upon in academic circles).

          • Dadaduuuude

            oh god someone smart, thank the lord! Jesus christ! I always drop into tears when someone actually smart comes along. You give me faith for the Human race…you give me faith.

          • Uncle Sam

            @Anon Race is a myth. The genetic differences between varying humans is so small that it wouldn’t even quantify the acknowledgement of a subspecies. The difference between a 200 lb African and 80 lb Vietnamese has less genetic variations than two cats of the same taxonomy with slightly different color patterns. It is all in our heads and if you want to get really scientific. We have more in common with chimps than german shepards have with pitbulls yet we call them both dogs.

          • donscarletti

            @Uncle Sam

            German Shepards and pitbulls were bred by Homo Sapian from the same ancient breeds over the last ten thousand years or so, only the Chinese “foo” dogs, malamute/husky and Afghan branches existed before that. Homo Sapian and Pan Troglodytes share a common ancestor 7 million years ago. You can fuck a chimp all you like and you simply cannot make her pregnant, not even to create an infertile hybrid like a mule or liger. Leave those two dogs together, they will go at it, the bitch will get pregnant and the resulting littler will not only be fertile, they will be possibly more healthy than their parents.

            There is plenty enough genetic diversity to consider humans to have sub-species. The one an only reason is that no human populations groups are undergoing specification, that is, humans have never been historically isolated enough to not be able to interbreed with their neighbours. This may have been the case in the past amongst native Americans and Australian Aborigines, but these groups have become genetically linked with Eurasia for the first time since the last iceage. Specification is a requirement for having subspecies, so we have none.

            Genetic differences between humans of different races is startling. Some are inherently resistant to certain diseases, some require different amounts of certain vitamins, different types of skin (melanin content, oil production, dryness, etc.) suits different climates, people from polar climates tend to naturally grow bigger to retain heat, while those from equatorial climates are smaller to disperse it. Certainly we are the most diverse and varied species on earth, which stands to reason due to our success in colonising every reach of the globe, save Antarctica. Genetic diversity reflects that (0.5% of genes vary between different humans, compared to 2-4% between humans and the next closest species, chimpanzee).

          • anon

            Uncle Sam, I understand, and yet you can’t deny that the vast majority of people in this world still cling to and operate according to beliefs that there are different human “races” differentiated by certain characteristics.

            My point in response to bomber was that I think he’s wrong about America not having “race standards”. It does in real life, despite the idealism.

            My second point was that I and many others understand what people mean when they say Chinese “race”. The argument usually revolves around disingenuous arguments over why prejudice against Chinese can’t be called racism because Chinese isn’t a race.

            You and I agree that humans are humans. We just live in a world that doesn’t uniformly agree.

          • Uncle Sam

            @don and anon

            True and true.

            Maybe we should start referring to ourselves as breeds.

            Also, I wonder if my being of an Irish father and Russian mother makes me a superior breed to some one with two parents of the same “breed”?

          • The Dude

            @Uncle sam

            It doesn’t mean you are a superior breed…

            But it definitely means you can drink. Which may or may not be defined as ‘superior’ depending on your view point.

  • robin yates

    some are calling him the Yellow Mamba, awesome player

  • 童子蛋

    Fuck Kobe
    What a SOB
    I am so glad he got shit on by JLin

    • hooots

      Ditto! People here in China think he is a hero but he truly is a dick head. Fuck Kobe Bryant. Long live Jeremy Lin!!!!!

      • SonnyHack

        Many in China don’t like Kobe too, I don’t. But one of my former roomies does…

  • viv

    wooo!!! take it off :D

  • e puff

    hahahahaha yesterday I read an article and a video of Kobe dissing Jeremy Lin, saying “who the fuck is he?” and just got owned! I love it. I love when the underdog wins.

    Nobody wanted Jeremy Lin and he didn’t even go to the NBA draft, he was a walk on and now look at him, he already won americans hearts and then he beats kobe, good for him!

    • typingfromwork

      Not really dissing…. The guy was literally an overnight sensation. Shit like this don’t usually happen in American sports, so it’s rare to see. But I’m sure Kobe was under some media blackout by his team so he can be focused on his game. I mean if all these players just watched ESPN all night then where would their energy be for the actual games?

      He was good natured after he’s encountered Lin. Like, “Oh, THIS is who you are.”

  • I was expecting more comments of the sort “He’s one of us…”, but still there’s a lot of pride felt throughout the thread.

    I’ve written about his identity issue here:

    Is Jeremy Lin Taiwanese or Chinese?

    • epuff

      That is a great article. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think Chinese people need and deserve a hero whether he was born in America, taiwan or the Mainland.

      And Lin is tall, athletic and good looking. I hope his good story continues.

      Just curious, wasn’t Yao Ming a chinese NBA player? People keep saying Lin is the first Chinese player.

      • donscarletti

        Yes, Yao Ming is Chinese, but many people are stupid.

        • 童子蛋

          I believe Wang Zhi Zhi was the 1st Chinese NBA player

      • Harland

        Bzzt wrong, Wang Zhizhi was the first player in the NBA, played for the Dallas Mavericks. He still plays for Ningbo Bayi Rockets CBA team and teh Chinese national team.

        • GJ

          Funny how the Mavericks are on the best path to another Finals win as of this post. It’d be interesting to see how the Mavs do against Mr. Lin. :)

          (Maybe he’ll take Yao Ming’s place in the Mavs. XD )

        • donscarletti

          Yao Ming isn’t Chinese or he didn’t play in the NBA?

          Don’t you know the difference between a counter-example to prove Jeremy Lin is not the first Chinese NBA player and claiming that Yao Ming was the first (though he was the first who had a US career worth giving a shit about).

          How is it possible for someone to have such appalling reading comprehension and still be able to use a computer?

          • ray

            idiots, read on national new it says JLin is the first Chinese American player. Yao Ming was not american. ppl need to read.

      • Anonymous

        Jeremy Lin is Chinese American. He said it himself. Watch the youtube video below.

        Skip to 1.09 where he said it himself he is proud of being Chinese.

        So he self-identifies as Chinese, but makes sure you understand that his family comes from Taiwan. The point here being, he does not say, “I am Taiwanese.”

        Bottom line of course, he is a native-born American. Therefore, he is Chinese American.

    • Tony

      He’s American!!!

      His parents are Taiwanese and he can identify himself in any way he chooses.

  • More typical Amerikkkan bullshit. Fuck Sports. Yawn.

    • hanyucha


    • Hongjian


      Sport originally served as a means to train the population’s health and bodies to better prepare them for war. Ancient greeks thus invented the Olympics, where the warring city-states competed with their trained athletes/soldiers against each other in the stadium, instead of using the same military inspired disciplines (spear-throwing, stone-throwing, wrestling etc.) to kill each other on the battlefields.

      Sports nowadays became bullshit, because it is only for the sake of sports now, and not for the sake of creating and training the population to become better soldiers, when the call to arms is sound.
      So, especially China, a nation whose male-population isnt especially ‘buff’, not to say, rather shitty and physically weak, did it the worst, since their ‘sports’ is even more just for sports and nothing else, seeing all the sport-cripples that the state-sanctioned athlete-schools produces with the stable supply of previously healthy children, who will only end up being good for nothing else than that over-specialized discipline they were indoctrinated for.

      In reality, China should re-discover the ancient greek idea of sport again, that is a military training program first and foremost. After all, without a physically strong population, we cant hope to kill all americunts in the world!

      And also, Basketball is shit. As well as all other ball-sports. They do not train any military useful techniques (besides simple and rule-constrained ‘team tactics’ that arent worth shit) and wont help anyone to kill americunts. After all, basketball as well as football were originally games, not sports, invented by warriors and soldiers AFTER they have won a battle or war – as football (or “soccer”, for all you uncultured americunt swines) was originally played with the severed heads of the englishman, who fell victim to the head-hunts of Celtic warriors, while basketball was a Mayan game played with the severed heads of random poor bastards who happened to receive the honour of being sacrificed to some sun-god.

      Conclusion: Before China can be proud of any basketball hero, or any brilliant sportsman, she should first learn about the origination and the core ideal of sports, seek conclusion from that, and apply it to her Volkskörper in a rigorous fashion, so that we may play football and basketball with the severed heads of americunts one day, which wont be Yawn Boring anymore.

      • It started out good in the sexy female Hongjian voice but as the further along we got that voice turned completely male. Not Cool. You were doing great with the being sexy please go back to that. ;)

        *fuck I’m swearing off this website for the next week. I need a life*

        • Uncle Sam

          I live in Mexico and have seen those first hand. They were soldiers that would play those games. The winning team was honored by having their captain sacrificed.

      • DRaY

        Chinese are much to feeble to really stand a chance toe to toe with Americans.

        • Hongjian

          And this is why the communists should fucking start taking sports seriously and stop using it to only breed some retarded underage cripples who are only good for one specialized discipline, but in everything else, are completely incapable.

          National sports is a military training program for the population, when it was invented. And it should fucking stay like this, goddammit.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        I usually don’t lash out at people on here so with all due respect:
        Dumbass, i guess you didnt grow up playing sports when you were young. I did and I can tell you that I am much more physically fit and able to do sh!t others can’t because of my background in sports. And if you think basketball for example doesnt give you any usefill physical skills that can be transferred to combat, why don’t we compare leg strength. I played futbol (soccer) in HS but i guess you might say there’s no transferable skill there either right? So how about we compare endurance and stamina levels.
        Next time HJ, think before you post sh!t like that. I’m not calling you stupid but that comment really had under educated written all over it.
        In short, you set yourself up mate.

        To all C.Smackers:
        TBYP – THINK BEFORE YOU POST! (TBYFP if its serious haha)

        • Hongjian

          Ah, yeah.

          That little HS football jock tries to say that he isnt just a ridiculous pretentious clown for playing with his balls and thinking he’s somehow awesome. All of your examples can be achieved by just fucking to start running, marching with weights and simple, primitive muscle training – and that regularily.

          Basic shit like stamina and endurance should pretty much be given to any healthy population that should be prepared to go to war to kill you fucking americunts. If you think you are awesome, just look at niggers in Africa. They walk miles after miles from their villages across insanely hot and inhospitable terrain to find water, and walk all the way back while carrying several large buckets weighting at least a hundredweight each, back. And they arent highschool jocks trying to impress girls with their retarded football skills, but are malnourished skeletons without 200$ Nike sneakers but barefeeted.

          I dont want to brag, but even though I never liked ball-sports, I’m still capable of fulfilling all neccessary requirements of soldiering, and could, at all times, carry a wounded comrade weighting 80kg with his gear (another 30) over dozens of kilometers back to base. This is what I was trained for, and it requires no pretentious jockery.

      • The Dude

        Actually they are great at power-lifting.

        None of the present day sports can be termed as useful for warriors, although there is perhaps a sub-benefit. Obviously I’m not including boxing and Judo and so on… although it is true to say they have bastardized their own martial art; Sanda is somewhat of an attempt to find something useful.

        I should point out too that their was/is an MMA Chinese fighter who is pretty good. Can’t remember his name and can’t really be bothered to look for it… but easy to find I’m sure.

        Perhaps it’s a case of ‘in general’; it is certainly true that ping pong doesn’t really require much is the way of strength development.

  • bscalled

    One Chinese post said, “It couldn’t be the NBA intentionally creating a star, could it…? To attract/capture the Chinese market?” – this is a very good question, but Lin would still have to be able to score.

    • 童子蛋

      JLin got waived by Golden States and Hoston
      and was fighting for a backup spot at the Knicks
      what do you think?

    • dim mak

      If they wanted to do that they probably wouldn’t have picked a Taiwanese guy

      And Yao Ming already fills that niche anyway, weird how some commentors think JLin is the first “First Asian superstar”

    • typingfromwork

      Na, not with the performance he’s been getting. Not saying it doesn’t happen, there are some European football teams that signed OKish Korean players just so they can sell more shirts on the other side of the world.

  • Don

    lol, “Yesterday” he was from Taiwan today he is Chinese, its funny

    • Tony

      And he’s always been from California!

  • FYIADragoon

    Its cute how insignificant people attempt to take credit for something someone else did by saying that it uplifts the whole ethnicity.

    • TojoFan10000

      they express the same behavior with their government.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      it works both ways. Take a look at what happens when one minority robs a liquor store!

    • Dat Ankle

      Thats kinda what happens when white people like to screw everyone over and say that they cant be worth anything if they’re not white. Take it up with the white people if you gotta a problem when that happens.

  • A guy

    Asians don’t get enough respect in the media. Hopefully this story can help to break down long held stereotypes.

    • fabulous

      Like the one where asians don’t get enough respect in the media.

  • Song of the Article

    I will always love you
    -Whitney Houston


  • Bradley

    It is a team record, not an NBA record.

  • dim mak

    Kobe status: Fucking told.

    • hooots

      Yes. Fuck that douche.

  • Wago

    Been following JLin since his Harvard days, but no way anyone would’ve thought he would become this good. Great kid, great attitude, great work ethics; can see why he’s becoming a media darling. Let’s hope all this excessive attention will not distract him from his love for the game.

  • typingfromwork

    Don’t follow basketball, but this is still very exciting.

    Sure he’s Taiwanese, not China’s pride, but can’t we cheer on a brother? He done good. Real good.

  • B

    Hes american , cmon not like Taiwan trained him more than perhaps taiwan made it possible for his parents to immigrate. And china just have no points at all to score here, fail.. Hopefully he will get over here to the right side of the strait to inspire Taiwanese basketball players since the sport is huge here and enjoyed by the youth.

    • Hongjian

      >not like Taiwan trained him more than perhaps taiwan made it possible for his parents to immigrate.

      Nice way of saying; that Taiwan “drove his parents out of their own home country by being repressive evul military dictatorship of Generalissimus CKS”.

      At least, if he was born by ethnic mainland Chinese parents, all you fuckers and the media would over-empathize this point, instead of gift wrap it with the sentence above.

      • fabulous

        There’s probably a medical term for reading words and imbuing them with a personal meaning. I could go and find one on Google. This could be my thing. I can’t pretend to be a battle-hardened soldier fighting for racial supremacy. That role has been taken. I could be the University trained doctor of reason fighting for racial understanding.

    • fenqing

      and you taiwanese people complain about waishengren and telling them to go back to china. all of sudden jeremy lin shows up you guys claiming he’s the pride of taiwan, what a joke.

      • FreedomMuch??

        The joke is a country that is still communist in the year 2012.

        Good luck!

        • Hongjian

          What’s wrong with it? People who are too stupid shouldnt try to argue with theories of historical determinism.

        • fabulous

          I think the joke is changing your “beliefs” and then telling everyone nothing has changed.

      • B

        Many Taiwanese acknowledge he is American, what the media jumps on to create to sell and get viewers does not necessarily represent the thinking of the people. However I did see his Taiwanese relatives (who lives in Taiwan) on TV and they were proud, with all rights.
        The sport beings so popular here of course play a role, industry wants to ride on the Linsanity, it’s good for the Taiwanese basketball, sport channels Tv rates, good to sell merchandise T shirt, the president takes his opportunities to boost his popularity rates with public appearance with Lin. And the country I guess don’t mind getting some shed of light from Taiwanese flags on Madison Square Garden, while standing in the shadow of Chinese Empire.

        Everyone got something to win from this. Why people wants the Waishengren to go home, is quite simple, I don’t think that needs to spelled out, there are far too many articles here on China Smack that clearly shows why Taiwanese believe Chinese people should stay in China.

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  • who the fuck is this?
    somebody tell me who the guy is?

  • Jack

    Suddenly American Born Chinese are not liking what the mainland Chinese are saying that he is one of us. When the whites and blacks called his almond eyes, small eyes, pork chop…I did not see a single video on youtube defending him by the ABC’s…otherwise wangfu productions like channel are quick to make parody videos

    Now, that he has become a star, nothing matters now when the Americans racially abused him and now all mainland Chinese people should not take any pride in him being Chinese.

    The fact is ordinary Chinese are still racially abused in America and as was the case with Lin…in his early years…so yes…Americans treated him like an outsider one from China…so now the Chinese have every right to be proud of him

    • bomber

      Yo, bro, you’ve got something on your shoulder, there.

  • Brian

    I love how these ‘netizens’ normally love to label ABCs as scumbag traders to the motherland, but now all of a sudden, Lin is a hero. Seems similar to them calling Chinese girls who date foreigners ‘whores’, while at the same time calling Chinese guys who date foreigners ‘pride of the nation’.

    • anon

      I know, those fucking traders!

      But yes, unprincipled generalizations are indeed obnoxious, even when clad in irony.

    • Sunshine

      My sheep skin for your American burger?

  • Megan

    He’s not a Chinese national, so I’m not sure how I feel about some Chinese claiming him as their own…On the other hand, we Chinese-Americans are very proud of him. On Friday, we crowded into my uncle’s Chinatown apt to watch the game only to have a mini panic attack when the cable went out in the third quarter. We were able to find an online stream, but the Time-Warner cable guy seemed pretty bemused when I called. Seems like he was all the city was talking about the next day. Great guy, he’s very humble, smart, and a lot of fun to watch.

    • Xiongmao

      Well, since he’s a devout -almost fanatical- Christian who believes in such superstitious bull I wouldn’t play so fast and loose with the word “smart” there buddy. Yeah, sure he was brainwashed with religion from his parents, still, if he was so smart he’d have broken out by now.

  • mimomimo

    What? So when it’s dead Chinese-American soldiers – they aren’t Chinese, they’re Americans or traitorous scumbags. But when it’s an American born Taiwanese Chinese guy, suddenly he is Chinese and represents China and all that is good about China? BS.
    The dude is American.

    My British born boyfriend, who is of Malaysian Chinese ethnic heritage doesn’t feel Chinese is any way and Chinese people also remind he ain’t Chinese whenever they get the chance.

    • anon

      It’s called association of convenience. We like to associate ourselves with what we consider good and disassociate from what we consider bad. We alternate between claiming common ground and stressing differences when it suits us. The Chinese do it, the Americans do it, everyone does it, and you surely have as well. Obnoxious and hypocritical? Sure. One day we’re all fellow human beings, and the next day you’re “the Other”.

      And to be fair, there weren’t really any Chinese netizens who said he represents CHINA and all that is good about China. At most, they claimed him as a fellow yellow-skinned ethnic Chinese guy, while quite a few pointed out he’s not a PRC national. This isn’t unlike black people around the world cheering when Obama became president of “white” America when they would in other situations stress how he’s not really the same “black” as they are.

      Most of them were just excited that an Asian guy was doing so spectacularly in a sport their genetic makeup is typically underrepresented in.

      Jeremy’s pretty hardcore Christian. I doubt he’d be so stingy and spiteful as to deny some mainlander basketball fans the freedom to feel associated with him.

      “It’s humbling, a privilege, and a honor. I’m really proud of being Chinese, I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan. I just thank God for the opportunity.”

      Something for everyone, except those with beef against Chinese, Taiwan, or God, right?

    • eroger

      regard “Chinese-American soldiers as traitorous scumbags”? this opinion is just sooooooooo biased and obsolete on the mainland chinese netizens.

  • Lin case you missed it, the real pride of China is the other Chinese-American Lin, Evelyn.

    Cause you can’t really pick and choose who counts as “Chinese” and who doesn’t just by their accomplishments. That would enact a double standard in which that feeling isn’t pride, but arrogence and that other meaning of “pride”.

    • moop

      total champion

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘China’s pride!’

    Oh yeah absolutely, just like Steve Nash is widely regarded as ‘The Pride of Wales’ back in his ancestral Welsh valleys.

    • Johnny Basic

      Not to mention Michael Phelps, or ‘Die Deutsch Schnellboot’ as he’s known among his fellow Germans.

    • moop

      the mainland chinese like to try and claim anything and everything they can for china. i’ve heard many a mainland sub-normal lay claim that the chinese invented the hamburger and pizza. if they like it, they will try to claim it as either having its roots in china or some other strong connection.”什么什么是咱们中国人发明的“ is way to common. its almost like after 5000 years of culture 90% of them on the mainland werent uncivilized mouth-breathers

    • typingfromwork

      It’s not about who you are or what you do, it’s about where your great great great great grandparents come from.

      • david

        that’s bullshit.

  • Greg

    Look Jeremy Lin is an ABC=American Born Chinese like me.

    We grew up in a different environment from the Chinese and Taiwanese nationals.

    We are American and we’re grateful to be American. We acknowledge are Chinese ancestry, but it doesn’t matter if your Chinese, Taiwanese, Xinjiang ren, black, white or red. You must understand the hardships, challenges, prejudice that Jeremy Lin had to go through. And for that I commend him for having a strong heart and mind.

    • Greg


    • Duh

      When the headlines read, “American outshines Michelle Kwan”, and you still don’t get it, that’s pretty sad.

    • CHNinUSA

      @Greg, Great words!
      Hope everyone in Asia may understand this. In fact, if you visit Chinese portal, there are many opinion about how to view ABC as un-Chinese, but if you try to visit those Taiwanese news portal….wow..”the light of TW”? LOL.
      The only thing Taiwan did for the story of Jeremy Lin was having his parents leave that country to the States decades years ago.

      Asian American as a race is rising in the States, you can tell that from Youtube, and this time, Jeremy Lin add more weight on that. Asian definitely can be proud of Jeremy Lin, but that’s for the race, not for your Asian country

  • Jonbonjovy

    China, this is what it means to be an American. to live and fulfill one’s dreams, and to be rewarded for it.

    • Duh

      There are people who succeed anywhere of the world, everywhere in the world. No point in injecting nationalism into it.

      • david

        great point.

        If an American starting kicking ass in Ping Pong I am willing to bet a year’s salary that most locals here would say something negative
        look at the stats

        each win they have in the past 5 games were against below .500 teams. not impressed.

        even when Jordan came to Chicago we lost a lot but eventually he became the best.

        sorry to say this but this ABC isn’t special. just lucky.

        you all need to study the history of the game before you lose your lunch over 1 person’s numbers in the game.

        D rose crossed him over multiple times

        • Tony

          The Jazz and Lakers have winning records even according to the link you provided. Did you even look at it?

          The Knicks have sucked for the past ten years. The two new free agent players brought in this year aren’t playing and Lin has led a depleted team to a five game winning streak. So, even if the teams aren’t the best in the league this is a ray of hope in a season that looked like it was going to get caught in the vortex of underachievement that the Knicks’ seasons have drained into for over a decade!

  • david

    sorry folks its fluke he won’t last long.

  • david

    guys wake up.
    its one person. you think he’s so good?
    how come ny knicks are under .500?

    LOSERS thinking one guy can save a team? its a team sport.
    put this guy up against wade or rose and see what he can do

    when Melo and Stoud returns he will not get the numbers he has.
    and don’t forget they haven’t played any really good teams recently.

    the lakers are old. so of course they couldn’t guard him.

    this shit is stupid. 1 asian guy scores 25 average for 4-5 games and everyone freaks out.

    lemme tell ya all something

    ive watched the NBA for longer than anyone in China even knew the game existed.

    this guy isn’t so good. he just got lucky.

    he only averages 11.2 points a game

    rose, wade, james, parker, Durant.

    these guys will smoke him on the floor.

    in 3 months when its time for playoffs the knicks will be out of it.

    and then where will all your accolades be?

    • david

      fuck this guy. it was luck.
      and of course it is a hype by D. Stern to promote into China.

      Lin, come bring your knicks into Chicago and see what happens. hahahahahaha

      Knicks 13w 15 loses

      uh who cares about team sport here?

      chicago has double that in wins already.

      when melo returns this guy will not be doing what he has because melo runs that team.

      im happy to see an asian guy kick some ass on the court but im serious, it won’t last and then all of you can go back to your weibo, iphones and read some other shit news.

      who can tell me who is the leading scorer in the history of the Knicks?

      which NY player turned out to be the best coach in the history of the game?

      • Tony

        You’re an idiot. That 3 pointer tonight with 0.5 seconds left was luck too? It’s been great in New York because Linsanity takes up where the Giants and Victor Cruz left off. Will Lin lead the Knicks to playoff success, who knows but it’s been fun for Knick fans.

        Answers to your questions – Patrick Ewing and Phil Jackson. I saw them both play.

  • Rod

    “It couldn’t be the NBA intentionally creating a star, could it…? To attract/capture the Chinese market?”

    Talk about a conspiracy theory! At least someone is thinking.

    Comments seem to be more ‘Yellow Pride’ than ‘China Pride’. Is he American?

  • Only thing to say? Good luck in NY with that crowd/press, because they are merciless about basketball more than Detroit about Hockey Goalies.

  • Ho hum

    The fenqing are plumbing new depths of lame. The kid’s American. Born and raised. Fuck off with your ridiculous jia you! truly face for China bullshit.

    Bunch of tossers.

  • KaKa

    so a guy born in America to parents who emigrated to the US from Taiwan in the 1970s, and in-turn whose grandparents emigrated to Taiwan from mainland China to escape the predecessors of the mainland’s current ruling political elite is now a Chinese hero?

    to be fair… i do the same with every white person of British origin from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the United States of America.

    it’s great news that, using the Chinese premise, I can now extend this to include people who originate from ethnically similar albeit different countries. I may now include people who descend from the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia.

    hopefully soon i will be able to include people who have travelled to or merely within the airspace of any of the above countries, or who have descendants who have travelled to or merely within the airspace of any of the above countries.

    hmm, what else… what about the old “Cricket Test”? That means anyone who understands cricket may also be considered as a de-facto Brit – bringing the entire populations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean into the group of people whose sporting successes and skills i can consider my own, or at least as showing my country in a positive light…

    add to that the Commonwealth countries not already included – and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a successful Olympics for Team GB this summer.

    • You are truly KaKa. Kkkkkkkkaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaa. LMAO.

      to be fair… i do the same with every white person of British origin from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the United States of America.

      FYI, ethnically he is Chinese because he can trace his ancestry. Basically what you just said fits this situation too.

      it’s great news that, using the Chinese premise, I can now extend this to include people who originate from ethnically similar albeit different countries. I may now include people who descend from the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia.

      LMAO??? This makes no sense. So you are saying Taiwan is to China as Germany to United Kingdom?

      Also, it’s not just the Chinese nationals that does this, people in other country do similar things to .

  • ChinaCharly

    Being a ‘chinese-american” myself, I can’t be more proud of him and what he is doing. I swell with pride whenever I read about his latest accomplishments! But I don’t understand this argument about whether he is chinese or not. Of course he is “chinese”! And I think all chinese should be proud of him as he represents all of us.

    What is it that qualifies one to be “chinese”? Is it a requirement that he/she be born in China to be “chinese”? Mainland China likes to claim Taiwan as a province of China and though I do not have any relation to Taiwan, I don’t see why it is such a big deal whether Taiwan is part of China or not. I still think of people there as “chinese” (with the exception of the Formosans who were originally there) since they all can trace their heritage back to China. Just as all ABC’s can as well! For the most part, almost all of us chinese-americans or american-chinese call ourselves “chinese”. And I for one get very offended when people here in China do not think of me as “chinese”. If I am not chinese, then what am I? American? Yes, of course I also identify with being “american” but of chinese heritage. I claim China to also be my motherland. Not America.

    Of course with the succeeding generations of ABC’s being born in America, other than tracing their heritage to being chinese, they may have a different viewpoint. But for all of us second generation chinese in america, like Jeremy Lin, we all believe we are chinese.

    • staylost

      Very nicely put.

      I proud of my heritage too (although I’m not sugar-coating the horrible things that my and every other culture has done).

      I’m also proud of Chinese accomplishments even though I’m not ethnically Chinese.

      Lastly, I don’t really get this “us vs. them” stuff. I’m not on a ethnic team and the purpose of the world is not some ethnic competition. The successes of each group are owned by all mankind. So too are the failures.

      The only place I’d sort of like to clarify is you definition of “Chinese” based on your omission of the Formosan people. Are you insinuating that Tibet and Xinjiang and Taiwan are areas of foreign occupation? Or are those people living there truly Chinese?

      • ChinaCharly

        I excluded Formosans as they themselves do not think of themselves as ethnically chinese. Now, I’m not the foremost expert on Taiwanese affairs but I have many, many Taiwanese friends that I’ve gleaned opinions from. Now I also know that in itself does not make my opinion legit but then again…it’s an opinion.

        You do bring up a legit POV that I hadn’t thought through enough…that of areas like Tibet and such. Tibetans do not think of themselves as ethnically “chinese” either and think of China as an occupying force.

        Difference I think is that the original Taiwanese (Formosans) were not “invaded” per se by the chinese who fled there decades ago. The number of “pure” Formosans in Taiwan are a very, very small number having integrated and intermarried to the chinese who fled there. I don’t have hard facts to back that fact but I believe I am on point.

        Me being chinese, I have mixed opinions on areas like Tibet where the majority ethnicity is not “chinese”. An analogy may be made like say if Mexico occupied Panama. Though culturally, they are extremely similar, ask a Panamanian if they are the same “nationality” as Mexicans and they will probably tell you no. They will say they are Latin Americans just as Mexicans are just the same as Tibetans will say they are Asians just as Chinese are. But they are Mexicans and Panamanians. Two different nationalities.

        I assume this is how Taiwanese views are as well. But ask most Taiwanese who are not Formosan by heritage if they consider themselves “chinese” and the answer most likely will be yes. Just as if you ask any chinese-american if they are ethnically chinese and the answer is yes.

        Unlike a Formosan or a Tibetan who will most likely answer you with a “No, I am not chinese!”.

        That’s why I make the distinction.

        But just to not go off topic here about Jeremy Lin, ask him and I am 100% sure that he will answer, “Yes, I am chinese”. So then, what is the definition of “being chinese”?

        I do not believe the criteria to be that you must be BORN from China to be ethnically chinese. This debate of whether Jeremy Lin is “chinese” or not I think is really a moot point and irrelevant. As “chinese”, we should ALL be proud of his accomplishments so far because he represents all chinese people regardless of whether from Taiwan or China.

        Let’s just all enjoy him for what he is and not make this into some political debate.

        He’s chinese. As much as I am chinese. He’s representing all chinese around the world and we can all claim him to be “one of us” to make it and do good. Someone to be proud of. I really hate the negative talk and the haters. He already identifies with the other “chinese NBA’ers” like Yao Ming who he says he talks to after every game and sees him like a big brother. And he is proud of Yi Jianlian and him having hooked up with the Dallas Mavericks and hopes he does well. WHY? Because he is also CHINESE and Jeremy recognizes the commonality. If not, why not talk to say, Tim Duncan instead after every game? Or any number of great NBA guys? Or look up to say, Steve Nash who he is so often compared to now? No, he claims Yao as his role model because they are both CHINESE.

        That is my point.

        • Ho Hum

          No, you are wrong. He is American, of Chinese descent. He is NOT Chinese.

          And you are the same, by the sounds of things.

          And the phenomenon you’re describing about him palling around with Yao Ming – if true – is just shallow-thinking tribalism; nothing more.

        • B

          However there lived people in Taiwan before the nationalist fled over here, during qing dynasty and japanese rule..

          I once had a discussion with a friend, he said : I’m confused are we Chinese or Taiwanese. I laughed and said : Where does your grandpa and grandma come from .
          (friend)-They migrated from China , so they are originally Chinese.
          (Me) -Then what are you ?
          (friend) -I’m Taiwanese, (me )- what? – I’m Taiwanse, (me) -what? (friend)I’m Taiwanese!!!
          Then i said, so what’s the problem, you told me three times that you are Taiwanese, not a single time that you are Chinese. Self identification is what matters.
          It’s like scandinavian Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, Finland people would run around and call themselves Germanic or be claimed by Germany because they are from the same Germanic race. I mean get real. Norway was owned by Sweden 100 years ago, can you find a norwegian calling themselves Swedes?

    • SBC

      Speak for yourself, I am ethnically Chinese and do NOT call myself Chinese, nor do I have any desire to associate myself with a country where people have mannerisms, a language, traditions, and ideas of what is appropriate and what isn’t–all which I do not share. If the US and China went to war, I’d proudly fight for the US. And so will my cousin who was born in San Francisco.

      I highly doubt you could write what you just wrote in Chinese. Maybe if you actually lived in China by yourself for a year and spoke to many Chinese people, you will see how different you are from them.

  • bob howard

    This is absolutely outrageous. The person videoing this should have called the police.

  • Ji an

    The first Taiwanese Super star Will hopefuly make the world discover all the cool things about the chinese democracy!

  • Xiongmao

    He’s a super hard-core Christian from a missionary family (personally, I can’t stand those guys) AND he’s from Taiwan AND he’s left ‘China’ for another country. Hence the Chinese media are not certain what to make of this guy. Personally I’d love to see him tone down the retarded Tim Teebow rhetorics.

  • Derek Xu

    This man claims to be Taiwanese not Chinese and should be flogged.

  • kodi

    Three words, “He is American!”