Jiangsu Police Post Lost & Found Notice For 5 Mao

From NetEase:

Summary: On the night of the 1st, a netizen created a sir when on the Jiangsu province Huaiyin City Public Security Bureau website the netizen saw a “shocking” Lost and Found notice. The notice said an elementary student found a 5 mao [~0.07 USD] coin and asked for the owner of the coin to bring their identification card to reclaim.

Red Net Changsha January 4 reports: “I found 1 [~0.001 USD] fen money on the side of the road, and put it in uncle police officer’s hand…” While these nostalgic lyrics of a children’s song have influenced how many generations of people, what should people do if they found money today? On the night of the 1st, netizen “湘水悠悠” [xiang shui you you] on Red Net posted a topic creating a stir, having saw this Lost and Found notice on the Jiangsu province Huaiyin City Public Security Bureau website, about Huai’an City primary school 6th grade student Cai Zhuoyue’s “impressive feat.” Many netizens were reminded of wholesome and warm [innocent] years. Of course, there were also netizens who were suspicious that it all of it was just a show [to make someone/something look good]….

A Poll from Sina:

How do you view the Public Security Bureau’s notice of 5 mao found? (at ~4:23pm)

I understand, the value of not pocketing money you pick up is far greater than the coin’s face value, worth promoting and popularizing.
51.44% (7503 votes)
Do not understand, the cost to reclaim 5 mao far exceeds its face value, it is not worth the effort, there is something suspicious about this.
45.21% (6670 votes)
Hard to say.
3.93% (580 votes)

Comments from NetEase:

I saw 1 fen on the side of the road, was about to bend over to pick it up, but then realized it was phlegm, “cao“, who spits so round?

When I was in elementary school, around 1993, I picked up 5 yuan in school. At the time, I gave it to the teacher, who knew that teacher would turn around and use it to go buy groceries…dammit.

Dog fart [bullshit]! Nowadays, the sensationalist news has gotten to even this point, they all look like this!

If there was more found, how would they have handled it?

1. Withdraw fake money from ATM — the bank denies responsibility.
2. Online bank robbed —> depositor/account holder responsible.
3. Bank accidentally gives too much money —> depositor/account holder must return.
4. Bank accidentally gives too little money —> not responsible if you left the counter.
5. ATM machine error gives too little money —> User responsible.
6. ATM machine error gives too much money —> User stole, be jailed forever.
7. Guangdong Kaiping Bank boss embezzles 400 million —> jailed 12 years.
8. ATM error spits out extra 170,000 for ordinary commoner Xu Ting —> jailed forever.
Statement: Reposting this will not result in you getting RMB, but if you believe as a consumer that all of China’s 1.3 billion depositors are unequal, please repost.

If it was 50,000 there would definitely not be a notice.

You are wrong, if there is no notice, that would be for the needs of stimulating domestic consumption.

Zhuang B” of high quality.

When I was studying in primary school, I picked up 1 yuan. In class, I asked if it belonged to anyone and over 10 people raised their hands. Upon looking at my pocket, I realized it was my own!

Actually, in our view as adults, there is a lot of suspicion that they are just trying to make themselves look good.
However, doing this is a kind of wonderful education for children.
Us adults have a duty to create for children a “Life is Beautiful” style education environment, and not use our adults’ dirty thinking to tarnish children’s pure minds.

It is because the money is too little that they intentionally make this article. If whoever found a larger amount, heh, you would see, they would have long ago been spent it all on food or split it [amongst themselves]. However, taking back my words, if it was I who found a large amount, I would be comfortable spending it myself!

5 mao for one post! Did you not know? This is a hint.

Trying to make themselves look good, disgusting~~

As if we have returned to Grandpa Mao’s time…

So fake, anything above 5 yuan of money would have long ago entered their wallets.

However with society nowadays, this kind of spirit [of posting notice of found money] is valuable. However, how many people would actually do this?

With circumstances like the present, there are too few people who would believe, and those who would not believe are indeed very many. Because there are many things in this word that are too difficult to discern between real and fake, even if it is real, there will still be many people who will not believe it. This world is truly unable to be understood. As for myself, I still think this is real!!!

The elementary student was good, but the police should not use it to make themselves look good. Doing more real work would be much better, OK?

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