Jiangsu Village Gives Every Villager Gold and Silver Bars

Jiangsu province villagers given bars of gold and silver.

Jiangsu province villagers given bars of gold and silver.

Netizens are enviously eying the spoils of Changjiang village in Jiangsu after every one of the village’s 3,000 residents received 100 grams of silver and 100 grams of gold last week. Delivering on a promise made in 2009, the village’s party chief brought in over 600 kilograms of gold and silver via the Yangtze River for distribution.

Changjiang village and its residents are the collective owners of the Jiangsu Xinchangjiang Group, a top 500 company in China, and have raked in benefits in the past including private villas for every family, stock dividends, and a previous silver and gold giveaway in 2010. Last week’s giveaway fulfills the promise made by party chief Li Liangbao to get gold into the hands of every villager. Gold was specifically requested by the villagers given its investment purposes and reputation.

At around 400 RMB ($62.50) per gram of gold at today’s market price, each resident received a windfall of roughly 40,000 RMB ($6,250). The largest amount given to a single household was 700 grams, or roughly 280,000 RMB ($43,750).

Given the precious cargo of the barge used to ferry the precious metals up the Yangtze, the entire operation was shrouded in secrecy. Before the gold arrived, villagers received a secretive message along with a safe, sparking rumors their gold was arriving soon. Sure enough, two days later the barge arrived and villagers quickly queued to receive their share.

What does one do with 40,000 RMB’s worth of gold? While some residents plan on turning it into an heirloom, others have more practical purposes in mind including giving the gold away to their future son-in-law.

Changjiang already had a large reputation, now with our gold our reputation is even larger. Based on this reputation, we’re not worried about our daughter having trouble finding a suitable man to marry.

Video from Sina:

Comments from NetEase:

菜园子青江 [网易山东省网友]:

Village head, how about you come over here and become our leader?

孙子骂国米 [网易内蒙古网友]:

Village head, does your village still need people?


As Huaxi Village proves, collectivism and the market economy combined work well. Compared to struggling on one’s own, it’s much more powerful and advantageous!

qzy8888 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Changjiang Village beauties, I am unmarried and have talent, how ’bout it?

剑斩河蟹 [网易北京市昌平区网友]:

100 grams of gold right now is at least 30,000 RMB! So prosperous, spread the knowledge of how to become wealthy!

hmd222 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

They really are blessed villagers

hbycxzhs [网易浙江省网友]:


Source: NetEase

Great village leader forgotten your gold? BullionVault.

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Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Castro

    Sitting on my sofa high in the Sierra Madre’.

  • notorious

    this sounds oddly capitalist. am i mistaken? Also, why would they give it to the son-in-law? Won’t they need it for themselves when the daughter moves in with his family?

    • donscarletti

      You are correct, China has “bride price”, where a young man must pay the girl’s parents to let him take her. So there would be no giving of gold bars to the son in law. It’s not a particularly egalitarian system, but it’s far better than Indian dowries where the girl’s family pays a man’s family to take the girl away.

      The sums involved in China are non-trivial, but almost always returned in its entirety over the next year or so in the form of gifts for the new couple.

      As for the daughter moving in with the son’s family. That is rare these days because of small dwellings and greater expectation of privacy, usually the groom’s family should help him buy an apartment and the bride’s family should help out with other essentials. Marrying a woman who’s family has a lot of gold bars makes setting up a new life with her easier.

      • Genxi

        That’s called dowry…been like that for ten ages.

        • donscarletti

          Bride price is the opposite of a dowry since the transaction works in the opposite direction. I contrasted the two in my original comment, I’m not quite sure what you are trying to add.

          • nipty

            yea but who gets the money? the girl or the girls parents?

          • jin

            the girls parents get the money, but its still the girls money, and so the parents slowly give back the money by giving her gifts, like furniture, or when a baby is born the parents pay for it with the money their receive.

    • Actually, it’s strangely communist, which is especially strange because it’s in china.

      They actually spread the wealth, not just once or twice, but continuously.

      I…. I really don’t understand this…

      Where’s the executives who send their kids abroad and poison the ground and water so the villagers will suffer? Where’s the graft and embezzlement? Why’s the ostentatious and obnoxious show of wealth by the few to the masses?

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I7vPbthvWo (Miss this awesome show)

      • notorious

        i thought they were being paid on some type of stock options. So why isn’t the rest of china giving money away if it’s a based on spreading the wealth? I know my comments are naive. I also k now that usually money is taken from the wealthy to fund this, right?

        • nereis

          These villagers are all shareholders of one of the largest corporations in China. Welcome to the world where every single man, woman and child is a true capitalist. You want wealth? Own a business.

    • Bruce Tutty

      all economic systems (capitalist/socialism/communist) use wealth, just in different ways.

  • Jeff

    Hey I live in Jiangsu where’s my gold? Where’s my silver? WHERE’S THE BEEF????

    • whichone

      How long does a person have to live in an area before considered a resident in the “hukou” system? Or is that not how it works and I’m just whistling dixie out of my ass?

  • eattot

    nowadays, villagers are not so poor any more. vegs are expensive now, normal cabbage field price even can be up to 2rmb/kg,in 3 or 4 months,farmers can get 30k easily in my town. also nowadays, farmers no need to pay tax.
    but, location desides everything…
    remote and poor fileds villages, they are too poor.

  • mr. wiener

    I’m predicting there will be 300 burgleries in short order.

  • DRaY

    NICE!!! The Villagers for the Win this round!!!!!!

    • themig

      time to pressure america to do the same damn thing , not with tax cuts or welfare checks but make the and mitt romneys and rush limbaughs hand out gold to the person in their village whether he be middle class or poor

      • Harland

        What the hell? We were talking about Chinese villages and gold bars – where the hell did Romney get into it? It’s always all about America, isn’t it? You just have to hog the spotlight, 24/7.

        • Patrick

          Just the assholes, and being American and an asshole are not synonymous with each other. Unfortunately there are too many of them in America so some of us left. Unfortunately some of the assholes are bothered by the other assholes and leave too. Thankfully those assholes are pretty self-righteous and go back soon to show how awesome they are.

  • Chris N.

    From what I remember, everyone has to work 7 days a week in a factory. Even if its not that extreme, whats the use in gold and money when you don’t have much time? Whats the use in a good education if you will just work in a factory?

    Also, the “village” produces steel or some kind of commodity that is doing well right now. What will happen when its not so profitable anymore, or if some poor business decisions are made?

    This kind of heavy use of communist ideology for entire villages/towns won’t last when the general living standards increase for everyone else.

  • Andao

    Makes you wonder how much the CEO is raking in.

  • dim mak

    Ah… very inspirational
    Joint investments even from the poorest of peoples, just like the old Song dynasty shipping ventures

    Good to know communist faggotry hasn’t dulled your teeth for money bros

  • jeffli

    I wonder if theres any rich cougars lookin’ for some “white mea” from this area?

    but don’t tell sister Tu I said that.
    bu hao yi si……………. he ……he ..he

    • donscarletti

      No cougars in China, but there might be some siberian tigers we can feed you to.

      • mr. wiener

        He might eat their penises.

  • Dr. Dust Cell

    江浙沪 provinces are really getting richer by the day aren’t they..

  • lxpatterson

    I want to see a video of someone breaking that gold bar in half, to see if it is really solid.

    • typingfromwork

      While I would also like to see people confirming their the veracity of their gold, there is no need to break them. Archimedes is your friend.

  • Rod

    “giving the gold away to their future son-in-law.”

    Now I know where I’m gong to look for ladies.

  • Foreign Devil

    Lot’s of unanswered questions:
    1. what is the industry specifically that is bringing so much wealth.

    2. why gold? Why not RMB cash?? Which is much easier to obtain and lightweight.

    Shit they now have more gold than I own! I wonder how pure it is though?? My maple leaf gold and silver bullion is much more reliably pure than some Chinese mini-bars. I’ve never seen those particular Chinese gold bar stampings on the market before.

    • Loubo

      Why gold not cash? Simple! Gold holds its value better than cash

  • manusan

    tungstene ?

  • Cleo

    They must have forgotten how the Japanese goblins raided China for personal owners of gold. How do you think Japan that was nothing much before the invasion became such a miraculous winner after WW2? Yamashita’s Gold!

    • japanese goblins are still at it again, this time raiding for australian golden pussy

    • mr. weiner

      Sorry, both posts were a little confusing. Cleo seems to think that the Japanese actually won and the reason why was they pinched all the Chinese peoples gold [displaying a baffling ignorance of post WW2 cold war politics]
      Themig’s answer to this was to show foreign women being preyed on in hostess clubs in Japan.[that cannibal guy is creepy]

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  • Henry

    Not surprised really. I’ve been to Huaxi Village (considered the richest village in China) in 2008 and was impressed. They invited foreigners from lots of Beijing universities paying for our train tickets, hotel and food just to join a “Tourism Festival” that was nothing but an event to show off how rich the village was to the foreigners.

    I remember watching performances, a big parade, going around the village and eating really well. We went in groups to different villagers houses and had dinner too, they served crab and many other things. In the last day they even gave each foreigner a small luggage with lots of things produced in the village (some that I still have).

    It was a good free trip hahahaha.

  • lonetrey


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