“Pure Gold Can” 1992 Olympics Award Discovered to be Fake

1992 Barcelona Olympics Chinese jude champion Zhuang Xiaoyan shows that a Jianlibao "pure gold" can she was awarded is not pure gold at all.

1992 Barcelona Olympics Chinese jude champion Zhuang Xiaoyan shows that a Jianlibao "pure gold" can she was awarded is not pure gold at all.

From NetEase:

Olympic champion accuses Jianlibao “Pure Gold Can” prize as fake

Summary: On November 5th, 1992 Barcelona Olympics Judo champion Zhuang Xiaoyan claimed that she recently discovered that the pure gold drink can Jianlibao [a Chinese drink manufacturer that became famous after the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and was the official sports drink of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games] awarded her 19 years ago may be fake, is not pure gold, and that a professional gold retailer appraises its value at only 50 yuan. The assistant for the general manager of the Jianlibao company responded to this saying, “Currently our company has already taken legal procedures to investigate.”

A Jianlibao "pure gold can" that was awarded to Chinese 1992 Olympic champions.

From Sina Weibo:


1992 Barcelona Olympic Games champion Zhuang Xiaoyan: “The Sports Commission told us specifically that the gold can was awarded to us by Jianlibao, is pure gold, a good 200 grams.” She treated it like treasure, even keeping it in a bank safety deposit box for 3 years. This year in July, she accidentally discovered a small bubble that the gold can. She peeled off the exterior metal of the gold can only for a silvery color to be exposed. After going to a large-scale gold retailer in Shenyang, she was told the value was only 50 yuan.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Jianlibao is such garbage.


Look carefully on the bottom of the can, Jianlibao definitely marked an expiration date for the gold.


What isn’t fake these days?


Is the problem with Jianlibao or the Sports Commission?


The feeling of being cheated I think is something those shameless people should also be made to feel~ I bet the Jianlibao cans were real, but were swapped out by the Sports Commission. So evil~~


This is exactly what China’s Sports Commission is like, thinking the athletes wouldn’t sell them, would treat them like treasures [forever]. Fuck the Sports Commission.


Is it possible that the Sport Commission people also didn’t know, that they were deceived? Otherwise it is truly absurdly unbelievable.


I know that one shouldn’t laugh when encountering this kind of thing… but I can’t stop myself… Hahahahahaha…


So wrong…even cheating Olympic champions. Too bad it was discovered too late, sigh.


1. The price of good at that time was just tens of kuai. Two hundred grams is no more than a a little over ten thousand. So its unlikely [Jianlibao would make fakes]. 2. There probably was more than one of these things given out, did no one cash/sell one immediately at the time?


Feels like it has been switched. At that time, the price of gold was no more than 100 yuan a gram. There were were no more than 10-20 champions [from China] that year and what Jianlibao did at that time created a big sensation, so there was no need for them to make fakes over such little money. To be honest, between companies and certain people, I’d be more willing to believe/trust Jianlibao.


It was switched, the Sports Commission is as black/corrupt as the Railway Ministry. [哈哈]


That year there were 16 champions, and the price of gold was 100 yuan per gram. If what Jianlibao made was real, then who switched [it for a fake]? The evidence shows that… people’s hearts already began going bad since 1992…


Putting on appearances/only caring about superficial image is the favorite pastime in China.


At the time, Jianlibao’s boss was from Henan. [Henan people have a reputation for being cheats and fraudsters.]


You should be able to tell if it is real gold the moment you pick it up… Real gold is much heavier~ No common sense at all??


How could Jianlibao have been that generous?


This is the true result behind over 100 Olympic medals. We see the shiny and beautiful exterior of the gold medals, when actually behind them are hidden so many demons and monsters! The Gold Medal Strategy has given the country and the ordinary common people empty face, has torn off the outer clothes of the Sick Man of East Asia, but the weak and frail body of the Chinese people has not–through sports–changed. Moreover, it has given China the infamy of being the “Cheaters of East Asia” in the eyes of the world, while the Sports Bureaus and Department over several decades have gotten hundreds of billions.


This kind of company without integrity is one everyone should boycott.


Our countrymen were already making fakes 20 years ago.


Only the fake goods are real.


In 1992, the integrity of society was already lacking.

What do you think?


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