Jilin Poultry Farm Factory Explosion Death Toll Over 100

A poulty processing plant in Jilin, China on fire after an explosion that has so far killed 119.

A poulty processing plant in Jilin, China on fire after an explosion that has so far killed 119.

From iFeng:

Death Toll of Jilin Poultry Company Explosion Rises to 119

China News Service June 3 Report – According to CCTV reports, the Jilin province Dehui city Mishazi township Baoyuanfeng Poultry Company accident has already caused 119 deaths. On-site search and rescue and treatment of the wounded continues.

As it is reported, the accident occurred in the early morning of June 3rd. After the accident occurred, the Changchun Fire Department dispatched four squadrons and 14 fire engines and rushed to the scene to assist.

At noon, there came a brief period of heavy rain. After the rain, smoke at the scene decreased considerably, but a peculiar odor could still be smelled. At present, the scene of the accident was still cordoned off, and emergency environmental monitoring vehicles have already arrived at the site and begun monitoring.

The wounded is sent to the hospital to treat and cure.

According to other media reports, before the accident, there were over 300 workers on shift in the workshop, with most of the wounded suffering from respiratory edema due to inhaling ammonia and other toxic gases, while others suffered from burns.

As it is understood, Jinlin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Company Limited was established and went into operation in September 2009, with 62,270,200 yuan in total company assets, earning 230 million yuan in sales at the end of 2010, and over 1,200 employees. This company is an agricultural industrial enterprise involved in chicken feed, breeding, and cultivation; and the comprehensive recycling, slaughter, processing, and sale of poultry for meat.

Comments from iFeng:

凤凰网陕西省渭南市网友 蝼蚁苍生:

My profound condolences to all the common Chinese citizens who work laboriously in various places in this characteristic country, honestly creating material wealth for society, who live hard lives and still unfortunately die in natural and man-made disasters!!!

凤凰网上海市网友 十万个不愿意>:

Everywhere there are irresponsible serious accidents. I wonder just how many Chinese officials have a sense of responsibility?

凤凰网陕西省咸阳市网友 秦音好:

It’s a poultry factory for human consumption, so why was there so much liquid ammonia stored there?

凤凰网重庆市忠县网友 pjzhen001:

The three fires of the three northeast provinces [Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang] are all suspicious!

凤凰网吉林省长春市网友 夏日的蒲公英:

This is the result of what a certain person said about protecting the private interests of capitalists by every means possible! Making money without regard to heaven or law, which one of them cares for whether the ordinary common people live or die? If people with this kind of thinking are allowed to be in charge of China in the future, who knows what calamity the ordinary common people will suffer!

凤凰网辽宁省大连市网友 文七九:

Helongjiang Daqing fire, Dalian Liaoning explosion, Jilin Dehui leak, just what is wrong with the three northeast provinces?

凤凰网贵州省网友 凤凰网友:

Official: Yet another major disaster has happened, just whose fault is it exactly?
Staff: I have already dispatched people immediately to the scene, the specific circumstances are not yet clear.
Report: A disaster has occurred in such-and-such place, and such-and-such leader immediately rushed to the scene to lead [emergency response efforts].

凤凰网河北省网友 凤凰网友:

The Safety Inspection Bureau should be renamed the Post-Accident Handling Bureau

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

Son of a bitch, how is this a factory for the slaughter of animals at all? It’s more like a factory for the slaughter of people! May our hard-working comrades rest in peace. Our regulatory/supervisory departments sure know know to regulate/supervise, regulating/supervision to the point where such a large company only had one door left. So sad…

凤凰网重庆市网友 收回钓鱼岛123:

Worse than a mining accident. I wonder how much corruption was involved. Hope there will be severe punishment.

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 鲨鱼红宝石:

Why a poultry company producing foodstuff have so many chemicals needs to be explained clearly.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

Safety,Safety, it’s said every day, yet why are there still constant accidents? A moment of silence for the victims, may you rest in peace in heaven!

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 凤凰网友:

Mourning, for the unfortunate departed spirits. Anger, for the Chinese regulatory system!!

凤凰网江苏省泰州市网友 aa139145338:

Safety in production is extremely important. The moment there is an accident or negligence, there will be a huge price in lives and property, with one beautiful family after another disappearing. A cautionary reminder!

凤凰网广东省汕头市网友 qq390769901:

In our country, [we’ve] already become accustomed to these incidents.

凤凰网湖南省娄底市网友 liutaoshi:

Every time an accident happens, there is a large number of dead. Just what is going on?! Government officials should step forward to take responsibility.

凤凰网福建省网友 yjb颜:

Kill this boss! Can 119 lives be allowed to die in vain?

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  • Thor

    “Why a poultry company producing foodstuff have so many chemicals needs to be explained clearly.”
    I second that comment.

    • mr.wiener

      They were eggsperimenting.

      • Jimney Cricket

        explosion blamed on new bird flu strain H7C4

    • Dave

      For recycling the chicken meat, obviously.

    • Dumbledore

      I’ve fairly sure (thought I haven’t got time to look it up now) that ammonia is used all over the food industry to cleanse food and slow the build up of bacteria. I don’t think it’s dangerous when applied correctly, but since this is China one never knows.

      • HaakonKL

        You can use it for that. Or for desinfecting tools, too. Although where I live, bleach is used for that purpose instead. It doesn’t explode so much, and your cutting board smells like a swimming pool instead of ammonia.

        I think the US allows it to be used in food for some reason though.

  • slob

    This company is an agricultural industrial enterprise involved in chicken feed, breeding, and cultivation; and the comprehensive recycling, slaughter, processing, and sale of poultry for meat.



    What the fuck?

    • the ace of books

      The recycling of meat. You know, Soylent Hen, as it were.

      • mr.wiener

        Soylent han is people!?!

        • Mighty

          I request ‘Bach’ playing over the beach scene.

        • Jimney Cricket

          Soylence of the Chickens? Hmmm Clarice.. I can smell you from here… Captain China… save us from the exploding chickens

  • iLL

    Man this story is like 4 days old…..

    • Mighty

      Yeah, I first read it like.. on Sunday?

  • MrT

    I’m wondering what the smell was like.
    Bet the fireman went for a KFC after.

    • Mighty

      The firemen just stayed for BBQ chicken.

  • Me

    Dammit. Now my tangcujirou is going to more expensive. All those poor little chickens burnt to a crisp before they could be enjoyed by their loving end consumers.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    100+ deaths from this kind of place…?

  • GetFuckedByTheOnePercent

    Sounds very similar to the incident that happened in the US almost 2 months ago.


    Corrupt corporations and the rich fucking over the poor — it’s the same all over the world.

    • SuperHappyCow


  • BiggJ

    I was reading that most of the doors were locked and they could not get out.Why would they have the doors locked?

    • to increase the production rate perhaps. It was just an unlucky day, their prison becomes their oven.

    • MrT

      I’m thinking to stop the Chicken going out the back door.

    • Jimney Cricket

      To stop the H7C4 bird flu from escaping and exploding other people of course

    • Raminess

      I read the same thing, that the people were locked IN. There’s no reason why doors should be locked in such a manner, it’s a severe safety hazard.

  • Bob of 5000

    Nothing will change because of this. Only if a high level goverment employee is hurt or killed will they do anything. All the permits were fake and the owners knew this could happen. It sucks to be in china and a factory worker. If there was any good reason for strong unions, this is the reason. In the USA factory work was deadly and low pay until unions became strong. After this was fixed the unions are just a political arm of the Democratic Party.

    • MrT

      and then they shifted production to China to get around this so the US economy took a nose dive and China’s went boom.

      The rich still got rich!

      • Mighty

        Literally went ‘boom!’.

      • SuperHappyCow

        not WHY that happened, lol

    • SuperHappyCow

      same thing happened in the us a couple of months ago

  • 12345qwerty

    potentially a meth lab

    • slob

      Jesse, we need to start cooking again

  • Rick in China

    Look for new “pre-cooked” Chicken products coming to a super market near you. Wait, chicken should also be in quotes, because it may contain bits of human.

    • MrT

      pork scratchings to flood the market also.

  • 剑胆琴心

    i am happy my hubby does not read online much, and he has no interest in nosy news of china.or, he will feel i am living in hell.
    but he does not wanna stay in china at all also makes me upset.

    • Alex

      He doesn’t mind about the country. He’s just running away from you.

      • 剑胆琴心

        you know our relationship better?
        he said he always me always, no matter how bad i said to him when argued.and he is a very shy guy,before me,he almost like a virgin.

        • vincent_t

          sure, i don’t expect any guy with a brain would confess to his wife that he is screwing bitches around. Just believe in whatever he says and you will continue to be happy, you know, like what your government does to you.

          • 剑胆琴心

            what you mentioned is what i never worry about.
            hahaha!he is very saving guy, also a totally computer nerd.
            if he is that type guy who dress good and go to gym often,then i should worry a lot.
            believe me,those mid aged married men who like to keep fit,dress good, are the most dangerous cheaters.at least i met some are all like this.

          • Acqua

            So, according to you, you think your husband is a loser, and therefore you feel safe….hilarious


            If this is that Bugs Bunny character from before than if I were her I wouldn’t feel safe at any time. Best for her to wallow in ignorance and try to be happy.

          • moody

            you seem surprised
            a lot of women here settle for fugly/not funny/introvert/lame ass dudes as long as they have some money and pose no risk of leaving them later.
            love and attraction toward a life time partner does not matter as long as they feel SAFE

            as practical as can be.

          • 剑胆琴心

            at least he is much better than those white fuckers in china, cheap as fuck,snobbish as dog…
            eddy, i am talking about you?
            sob, do not play the same game here.go home fuck with your mom.

          • Mighty

            “whatever he says and you will continue to be happy, you know, like what your government does to you.” This is the BEST analogy I’ve read in CSmack. 100 updvotes!

        • Jimney Cricket

          Alex must be his gay lover. That’s how he knows about your husband.

          • Mighty

            Alex is a pseudonym for Jin.

        • George Constantinos

          You’re a virgin? I thought you were a lesbian. I’m confused.

    • Acqua

      Darling, no foreigner actually likes China truly. There is always something deeply wrong with this country and they are only here because they are afraid of the employment situation back in their home country. If they could get a great opportunity back home, they would take it without a second thought.
      The day the Chinese economy begins to stagnate and decline, is the day the world will abandon China

      • Jimney Cricket

        Soon…very soon…the signs are there for those that dare to look

      • moody

        don’t you think it’s fair game ?

      • 1010

        So it’s like every country ever?

      • 剑胆琴心

        panda banana:
        you get out now!

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        Who cares if you like China or not, it would be a better place if you get your ass out of China.

  • the ace of books

    This is what happens you let too many chemicals near too many cocks. Chemically-altered cocks have a tendency to explode.

  • The Enlightened One

    It does seem weird to have such a huge array of chemicals at a poultry plant. What caused the explosion? This article raises more questions than it answers.

    • moldavidian

      Don’t be surprised if it was some idiot smoking where he shouldn’t have been, given the way some Chinese just have to smoke anytime or anywhere they want. I see that almost daily here in Qingdao without any regard for others.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Newsflash: the four suspects are last seen chilling in a hot tub, just hours after the blast.

  • Mighty

    Must have been caused by a chain-smoker who ignored factory restrictions. This kind of toll is normally seen in fireworks factory accidents. I feel sorry for the perished.
    *One thing this article failed to mention is the numerous ‘locked’ doors around the factory.

  • Irvin

    Manure, some terrorist use it to make bombs I think.

  • Dave

    Death Toll 119

    Call it an emergency.

  • radbab

    no surprise. if a fire breaks out in the highrise I work in we’re all doomed to. Fire proof doors? hah. and even if they would exist then someone would lock them or keep them open all the time for convenience’s sake.

    When that residential highrise burned in Shanghai the fire safety improvement measure at work was limited to putting yellow “here be the stairs” stickers onto the stairs…

    Fire safety in China – bigger joke than Chinese and wearing seatbelts :(

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I see the chicken being used as arrow targets at the ice festival finally got their revenge… pay back is a bitch aint it?

    • moldavidian

      Agreed. The chickens have finally scored but perhaps there were more chickens who died in that fire than people. The article doesn’t even say.

  • hysen

    there is no natural disasters in china. only man made !!!!

    • death_by_ivory

      Unfortunately there are.Floods and earthquakes.:-(

      • Jimney Cricket

        Man made floods from diverting rivers and man made earthquakes from boring for water..

  • vincent_t

    China really needs to implement safety awareness in the culture.
    119 died, and the plant only have a work force of 1200 people. That is more than 10% of casualty rate and this is outrageous!
    Every time when there is an accident like explosion in the mining, or fire and so on, it never fails to make me flabbergasted with the sky high number of casualty

    • Dave

      Pfft, that’s only 10%.

      China could lose 10% of it’s total population tomorrow, and no one would really notice.

  • Paul Schoe

    I liked the remark from the guy from HeBei: “The Safety Inspection Bureau should be renamed the Post-Accident Handling Bureau“.

  • moldavidian

    That’s terrible. How many chickens died? No one mentions that. I guess the lives of chickens aren’t important to some people.

    • Jimney Cricket

      Who will save the wee chickens?

      • moldavidian

        Sucks to be a creature in China.

  • Jimney Cricket

    Bad news people. H7C4 exploding bird flu has spread to Xiamen… http://news.163.com/

  • Dax

    Remember all the people high-fiving each other and saying it was karma when the factory exploded in Texas? Strange that they don’t have anything to say now.

  • Foreign Devil

    Between this and the chicken flu. .. . chickens in China are celebrating.

  • Jin Ch’in

    This is NOTHING compared to the disasters that western companies create. The priceless damage that has been done to the planet is beyond any amount of life or dollar value yet they free to keep polluting and creating more disasters.


    Since 1820 when western countries have been polluting Earth and reaping all the money wealth that comes with raping this planet natural resources They know demand that no one one can operate business which can pollute HAHAHA. Its about time we stand up to this double standard and make them subsidize for the pollution they have done to this planet since 1820.

    • Terrik

      You are, of course, correct Jin. Western countries have indeed polluted the Earth. However, a concentrated effort to educate the population and create regulations, restrictions and environmental campaigns have slowly, but surely started to turn around the damage and create an environment that is safe and clean-as well as a population that generally cares about it’s surroundings.

      You see, one would assume that since the damage done in the past 200 years is easily researched, visible and freely available to anyone to take a look at, certain governments/people who take a clue and not repeat the same mistakes–because it would be the smart thing to do. Technology certainly has progressed in the past couple hundred years to get to the point where development can be made in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

      But China has instead decided to ignore the warnings and push on ahead anyhow. That’s why cancer villages, exploding watermelons and thousands of dead pigs in a river exist. You can thumb your nose at western countries all you want, but YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SMARTER—and you weren’t.

      • Jin Ch’in

        No they still polluting now its on a global scale instead of operating factories and polluting their own country they moved it to 3rd world Asian countries. The resources which is used by the top 90% of people are western countries..all the dyed fabrics, the soft drinks the cars and machinery are not brought or consumed by the 90% of this planet. China manufacturing is for the benefits of western countries not the local people.

        • Mighty

          The surrounding area of the village where you were born is obviously polluted by unscrupulous factories to produce a prodigy like you.

        • moldavidian

          Still, most Chinese want to leave China and one of the biggest reasons is because of pollution and food safety. Every day, i witness the careless behaviour of typical Chinese being a part of the problem. Throwing trash everywhere, smoking like chimneys, letting their cars idle as if they’ve either never had any environmental education or they just don’t give a shit. Keep trying, troll.

          • Jin Ch’in

            Fuck wit it was only in the last 10 years or so that western countries ban smoking in public places before that the cigarette companies had a strong hold on this addiction.

            China is polluted due to the manufacturing to benefit the western middle class live a better live so go fuck yourself and misinformed information.

            The local poor Chinese are the way they are because western benefits from their poverty.

          • moldavidian

            I’m sorry you were brainwashed by your government. I know you’re a victim but you can help end this vicious cycle. If you have to blame someone, blame your government or society which victimized you but if you’re going to breed, take some responsibility and stop blaming those who don’t even know you.

        • Jing Li

          So the Chinese were oppressed by “the west.” And China, as a nation, suffered rights violations from “the west”.

          Was there really a lot of foreign production and subsequent pollution in China during the Mao era?

          More importantly, if “the west” was exploiting and hurting China so much, why did they allow it? Why would they tolerate that?

  • Washington Bullets

    why the fuck does a chicken factory explode?