“Dog Meat Festival” Cancelled After Popular Public Opposition

A Chinese man eating dog meat.

The following call to action was reposted over a 100 thousand times on popular Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter), placing it amongst the most forwarded posts for several days this past week, and accumulating over 20 thousand comments by Weibo Users…


[10.18 Bloody Massacre] Oppose the “Zhejiang Jinhua Dog Meat Festival”. The “Save Zhejiang” society proposal/petition + Four point plan + Hotlines for the Asian media. (Doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or an ordinary common person, please forward this as each time is one more sliver of hope). This is not a festival, this is a massacre! Call on China to pass animal protection laws! Proposal address: http://t.cn/adLqZY

A dog tied up waiting to be slaughtered and butchered in China.

The link leads to a post on a Chinese movie blog that protests the city of Jinhua in Zhejiang province of China holding a “Dog Meat Festival” next month on October 18th, similar to the annual beer festival in Qingdao except involving dog meat and people who enjoy eating dog meat.

Due to popular opposition, the festival has already been cancelled and it appears that the campaign now is to ask the Jinhua local government what will happen to the dogs that were originally prepared for the festival.

The page also prominently features the following images (click to enlarge):

A street during the Jinhua Dog Meat Festival.

Dogs being handled and soon to be butchered.

Dogs in cages as well as dogs being slaughtered and butchered for their meat.

A dog with a wire holding its mouth closed.

Dogs in cages with dead defurred dogs in the background, being prepared for their meat.

Cooked dogs hung on display in China.

A Chinese man eating dog meat.

These images are old, and appeared as early as 2006 in a blog post that suggests the first photo is of a street scene during the Jinhua Dog Meat Festival. An internet post dated in 2007 includes these photos in a story about a village in Hebei province that kills 2000 dogs every day to be shipped elsewhere as dog meat, earning it the nickname of “#1 dog killing village”.

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


!! The people slaughtering the dogs can go to hell! And the people who eat dog meat, truly perverse!


If only the people who eat dog meat could truly be stopped… but unfortunately what they are doing is not against the law! Apart from our opposing them in spirit/argument, in China, they aren’t going to go to jail for this.


Spread this. If you can bear doggies being killed, then go watch Hachi. Afterward you will love and be kind to doggies.


I call for China to pass animal protection laws.


The person who first organized this festival/holiday, have him drawn and quartered!!!


Weibo truly can change some things, the Jinhua Dog Meat Festival has been called off.


Sigh…despicable! I’ve had dogs every since I was small, and dogs are too loyal to humans… But there are exceptions, which would be the Chow Chow…


This dog is so cute… Why are humans all like this… Will there be a day where humans conquered by another species are held for a “Human Meat Festival”?


Actually, I truly don’t understand why there are always people who refuse to spare them when they are such loyal companions.


Too perverse, with so many other festivals to celebrate, why this one?! This festival is meaningless! Everyone should love and protect small animals, and refuse to eat cat and dog meat.


My fifth time forwarding [reposting, “retweeting”] this! Are our countrymen really this indifferent towards killing?!


Resolutely oppose! If there wasn’t a trade [in dog meat] then there wouldn’t be any harm!


I don’t dare believe this is real! I think if they end up being rescued, the doggies should also thank the internet.


Avoid eating [dog meat]. I went to Copenhagen once and on the train I met a cute pretty little girl, maybe 12 or 13 years old, riding the train by herself to Sweden to visit friends. We started chatting with her and when the subject of her impressions of China were brought up, she said a lot of people still eat dog meat. At the time, I told her it was the Koreans who eat dogs. Now I’m speechless.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • JSakamoto

    OK i know this will sound stupid but I claim SOFA.

    • Tengu

      Congrats..what can you do?

    • Chef Rocco

      I’ll put a roasted dog on your sofa and dare you eat it, be aware, Tengu is a Japanese divine dog, he may bite your balls off.

      • Just John

        lol, I never realized that. I had to go look up Tengu after reading your post.

        “Tengu (天狗, “heavenly dogs”) are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. They are one of the best known yōkai (monster-spirits) and are sometimes worshipped as Shinto kami (revered spirits or gods). Although they take their name from a dog-like Chinese demon (Tiangou), the tengu were originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey, and they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics. The earliest tengu were pictured with beaks, but this feature has often been humanized as an unnaturally long nose, which today is practically the tengu’s defining characteristic in the popular imagination.
        Buddhism long held that the tengu were disruptive demons and harbingers of war. Their image gradually softened, however, into one of protective, if still dangerous, spirits of the mountains and forests. Tengu are associated with the ascetic practice known as Shugendō, and they are usually depicted in the distinctive garb of its followers, the yamabushi. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu)”

        Imagine, using a Japanese folklore name on a Chinese site, for shame, for shame! Where is Cleo when you need him/her/it?

        • Tengu

          Still Chinese, in origin, they believe they are the dogs who devour the moon during an eclipse. Fuck me , they still bang pots and pans to scare them away…

          A Tibetan Llama did my birth chart, I’m cool with Japanese or Chinese.

          Tengu are also believed to be the ones who taught the samurai (arguably the best warrior class of all time) the art of war.

          Sojobo, the king of all tengu and a “Yamabushi”, taught Yoshitsune the way of the sword, with a cherry branch om Mount Haruma.

          I have it all on my back!

          The beaks are “Bird Tengu”/”Karasu Tengu”

          The Long noses come from “Yamabushi Tengu”

          They still make offerings to them when they venture into the deep forests. They were the slayers of vanity and would kill insincere monks who took alms for a forest pilgimage and then squandered it on women or drinking.

          Still festivals dedicated to them.

          • Just John

            Yes, but specifically, Tengu would be Japanese, Tiangou would be Chinese.
            Now I am just waiting for the trolls like Cleo to come in and explain how this is just an example of Japanese stealing Chinese culture.

          • Tengu

            Yo uare correct – Final answer, my Tengu is Japanese and I have the tats to prove it.

            Well maybe Cloe and her buddies under the bridge are not aware of it , but in early Japan the Chinese were revered and referred to as “The ancient ones”…until the Mongols started nailing Japanese women and kids to the sides of their boats when the invaded Japan.

            That was in the 1200’s.

            So technically if we want to review, the Chinese started it…

          • guizi

            Mongols!! Revive the empire again.

          • hooots

            OK, you might be the coolest dude ever.

      • guizi

        Be carefull Tengu when you go to China. China is a communist no religion country. So they dont care if you are divine, and they eat dogs, and they hate Japanese.

        • Tengu

          China is communist!!!!!!!!!

          I’m there a lot, back there in November, was there in January, February and July.

          I seem to have a lot of good food in the Muslim districts…

        • mr. weiner

          I think the Japaneae “nailed” more than enough chinese women in Nanjing to make up for that.

          • Tengu

            Oh, they made up for it in spades.

            Have you read “The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II” by Iris Chang Rape.

            Great read, but brutal, one of those rare books that will make you cry and horrify you.

          • guizi

            Do you know the situation of publishing the translation of Iris Chang’s book in Japan?

            In 1990s, leftist people had a plan to translate and publish the book in Japan. But during the translation process, they found lots of mistakes. They found lots of wrong photographs. After the WW2, there were confusions in the Nanjing photos, perhaps by mistake perhaps on purpose. Some photos are not at all related to Japanese, some are from movies or such, I dont know much. But the Nanjing photos have been the center of the topic, so in Japan leftists and rightwingers both have enough knowledge about it. They found such photos in the book. So, they contacted Iris Chang to change the photos or delete wrong photos, but Iris Chang refused entirely.
            Those leftists thought if they publish the book with wrong photos, it would be beneficial to right-wingers in Japan. They can get a good reason to say Nanjing was a hoax. So leftists thought they cannot publish the book without changing photos, and they entirely abandoned the plan.
            Then there was another strange thing after this. Foreign media, mostly Western media, started to say that publishing Iris Chang’s book was stopped because right-wingers made a threat to stop it.

            Funny, it is always like this. The story is already there. Its right-wingers in Japan that is bad.

          • Afc

            Iris Chang’s book was emotive and badly written. Some of the photos were faked. Look at the one with a Japanese about to behead a peasant. Shadows go in three directions. She also fails to consider that there were Chinese bandits who dressed in anything they could find, Japanese or chinese military uniforms taken from the dead. Before the flame war stars, I am attacking her writing style, not the concept behind it. There are better books written about the atroctities which happened up and down China, not just in Nanjing as Chang’s title suggests. Try a book by a japanese author … Yamada I think it was

          • Tengu

            @AFC – Couldn’t find anything under Yamada. Some Anime, Aikido, Sumi-e and a Gastroenterologist…thoughts?

          • guizi

            I don’t know Yamada either, but Yoshida is one of among the professors writing about Nanking. YOSHIDA yutaka. But on Amazon US, there is another Yoshida writing Nanking.

            I just read Wikipedia about the Rape of Nanking. Wiki English does not say about publishing company being left-wing, and condemns the company. I think they better not condemn the publishing company, enemy is not that company.

            Anyway, you can easily find a left inclination of that publishing company. I made a search to find Nanking book on their website, and all the results are books by leftists. The company published one Nanking book with an author Yoshida and Joshua Fogel etc. Maybe this yoshida is the one someone mentioned earlier.

          • Afc

            Yes… Sorry getting old. Was a few years since I read the book.


            This un. Guy called honda. Damit, three years in Japan and still can’t remember a name.

          • guizi

            That is Honda Katsuichi. I think other books should be recommended, not his book. He worked for a newspaper Asahi Shimbun. The papers journalists stayed in China during the cultural revolution when all the western journalists were expelled, made lots of pro-china report. He went to China during such period to research the incident and met many victims there. I am sure he made a great research there under red guards.

            Actually his books are very readable, I read lots of them when I was young.

            I think the point to select the book on nanking is 300000. Chinese side claim the number of victims is 300000, and Japanese right side say different number. And some Japanese left side say the number is 300000, and others say other number. Gradually, Japanese left side too started to say different number, but still lots of them simply support Chinese claim. My impression is that because Chinese side says so, they say so. Its not a historical research, but a politics. And in Japan because of this victims number issue, the left side is losing the battle on Nanking issue. Right side has been producing better research about the number of victims, but left side cannot because of the binding of Chinese number.

        • Chef Rocco

          Chinese indeed eat dogs, but hate Japanese? How could they? JSakamoto said that Japanese saved Asia from western imperialists ages ago, why are Chinese hating their saviors, guizi?

          • Tengu

            Sack O’ Mojitos family were actually the heroes, single-handedly slaying the imperialist forces…he’s amazing!

  • jiayi

    I don’t think the actual consumption of dog is the problem. I mean, the real problem is the way the animals are treated.

    I mean, whatever, if you really crave dog meat that much, can you at least find some humane motherfucking method of slaughtering the animal, rather than purposely trying to inflict as much pain through clubbing the thing, stick barbed wire into it’s jaw, skinning it alive, etc?

    Sometimes I think a lot of people love to inflict their own feeling of poverty, suffering and insignificance in this world onto something that can’t defend itself, be it an animal or a kid. I guess if you’re some dirt poor cunt living in your mudhut in China and have in the government’s eyes, you basically classed as livestock, you might even start to get the urge to beat the shit out of something even more pitiful and less capable than yourself!

    • I agree.

      Similar graphic images can be found on the sites that oppose meat eating in general: beef, pork…

      But at least everyone saw that there are such things as farms which are built specifically to raise cows and pigs. And overall these facilities look civil and clean.

      But whenever there is a report about dog-eaters – it’s always slaughtering the street dogs. Neither they are grown on special farms, nor hunted in the wild. They are just caught in the streets.

      Or maybe I am wrong? Are there farms that raise dogs for consumption. If so – I would like to see a report on this.

      • hexie

        They are a specific type of dog, we’ll they’re supposed to be, and it’s quite expensive meat.

        • Tengu

          Are they “Chows?”

        • Tengu

          “he black tongued chow was also bred for human consumption”

      • sumyonggai

        Apparently beating the dog gets its blood up – this affects it’s texture and taste.

        I think, given the choice
        I’d rather go out tasting extra-good than endure a ‘meat farm’ existence.

        I’m vegetarian.
        And I say anyone who thinks there’s a civil way to end a life (for a meal) has their manners figured out all wrong.

        • Just John

          And the angel of the lord came unto me, snatching me up from my place of slumber. And took me on high, and higher still until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself. And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own midwest. And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil. One thousand, nay a million voices full of fear. And terror possesed me then. And I begged, “Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?” And the angel said unto me, “These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust.” And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared, “Hear me now, I have seen the light! They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul! Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!” Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus.

          BTW, thanks, I have been wanting to use those lyrics for forever on someone like you, given that yes, plants are also alive…

    • Joe

      So will you be buying all the butchers in China their own stun guns or gas chambers? Until then, clubs are cheaper.

      • staylost


        He isn’t talking about clubbing to kill, he is talking about the practice of beating the animal slowly to death by striking it all over its body. There is also the slow strangulation, or the skinning alive that represent needless suffering of the animal.

        These are all practices that show the soullessness of the practitioner.

        It has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with character.

        • jiayi

          Stun guns and gas chambers? Okay, I assumed the method of slitting it’s throat would be more humane than what any of these motherfuckers are purposely doing to inflict pain. I thought that was the basics of butchery, then maybe I’m wrong.

    • angryman

      Well said. Food is food, the crux is how we slaughter the food.

    • Irvin

      Humans are cruel beings, we are what we are.

  • coala banana

    my opinion is either you respect all life forms, or none. I have no problem that people eat dogs or cats, but what must be changed is the unnecessary suffering/ the way they kill them/ cooking animals while still alive and so on….that chinese are extremely cruel towards animals is no big secret and its very unlikely that anything will change that in the near future. I eat meat on a daily basis, cause i like it, tried dog once when i was invited by my employees and found the meet kinda hard to chow. They say a dog is men’s best friend and that might be true, but its hypocrite try to save one species an ignore the other, just cause they don’t look cute enough. Same for humans, when one of the last articles showed drug addicts in shenzhen, then it was “ooh, all this beautiful girls”, does that mean we would feel less petty if we saw an ugly one ? Chinese have to think over, cause their obsession with money, “beauty” and when they feel pity lacks humanity big time.

    • jiayi

      ‘Same for humans, when one of the last articles showed drug addicts in shenzhen, then it was “ooh, all this beautiful girls”, does that mean we would feel less petty if we saw an ugly one? Chinese have to think over, cause their obsession with money, “beauty” and when they feel pity lacks humanity big time.’

      I actually totally agree with your statement, but you will find that lack of empathy, the obsession with money, and aesthetics is the same the world over. China is just more upfront about it. I agree there seems something a little more misanthropic, bloodthirsty, harsh and cynical about the Chinese pattern of thinking, though. But please remember that not all 1.4 billion people are the same…

    • Just John

      Yes, we should expand the meat preferences to include ugly people, because they aren’t cute enough to keep around.
      We can join you and Tengu’s earlier suggestion together and round up all the ugly Chinese people and use them as meat to feed starving African nations.

      Then their are only us beautiful people left.

      Wait…I’m sort of ugly…what are you doing with that hammer…get away, get away from me with that thing, I will

      • Tengu

        Think of those Chengdu Chops, Hot Hunan Hams, Belligerent Beijing Burgers, Shanghai Smoked Shoulder, Tasty Tianjin Tenderloin, Shenyang Strips.


        • hooots

          Don’t forget the Qingdao Chuck! Best burger in Shandong!

          • Tengu

            New meaning to “Finger Licking Good.” J.J. has an idea for a new restaurant chain.

      • coala banana

        good one :-)

        but in all seriousness, do you really think that it doesn’t happen ? I mean I am long enough in china an it wouldn’t surprise me that “some” of them found a cheap way or even a bit profitable by lets say “recycling” a dead body, by mixing it ham style with beef or pork. Ever wondered where all the cemeteries are ? Guessing that a population with 1.5 billion people will have a lot of deaths on a daily basis, and even most can’t afford a funeral or just don’t like to waste money for that, what happens with all the dead bodies? Do you really think that all Crematories in china go through the expensive trouble of burning the dead bodies to ashes. I don’t think it takes long after one or the other figure out that there is actually money to be made with “recycling” the bodies and mix it with other meets and sell it in the market. Throw some dirt,dust and ash in the Urn and make some money too, I doubt that any of the relatives would know the difference when looking inside :-(

        • Tengu

          I read the posts from the bottom up.

          You just put me on the side of chowing on a suffering hedgehog with ass like a balloon rather than a burger next time I travel there.

  • 平凡人

    The way the dogs are treated prior to killing and the way the killing is done is totally unacceptable. I am not against eating dog meat but I will not as dogs, unlike other animals; are very loyal and obedient to the master.

    • coala banana

      that means you would spare an animals life, eat it/not eat it, depending how obedient it is towards you/the master ? When one day pigs would show obedient behavior and dogs not, would that change your mind ? according to your “logic” , yes ! are we blaming not sharks for being sharks, or tigers acting like tigers ? Its just an animals nature for being what it is, does that really qualifies for justification to eat it or not, or how to treat it ? This reminded me of the surfer in australia who’s leg was bitten off by a shark a few weeks ago. Soon after the news reported that police were chasing the shark, and i thought to myself: what they want to do? arresting the shark ? punish him for being and acting shark like ? humans must be the most interesting and cruel creatures, we must also be the ONLY species which also kills just for fun or excitement.

      • Tengu

        Read an article a while ago. Sharks are the perfect predator, oldest fish and amazing to see in the wild…like in blue water.

        Makos will tail walk like a Marlin…and large Blues are really “blue.”

        Most shark attacks on humans are “accidental” i.e. they perceive a shape as prey or a pattern of sounds as prey under stress. Many attacks are just “testing”, i.e. “Is this tasty?”; evidently to most sharks we’re not too palatable, the theory is our fat content is not high enough or we give off a scent they find offensive (maybe our diet saves us!). Of course there are those maniacs (some Bulls and Tigers) out there who find us delicious or are just belligerent, but they’re rare. Great Whites, forget it..whole other planet!

        In fact if we were a regular part of a shark’s diet, you’d never be able to go near a beach.

        As you say, just animals being animals.

        • coala banana

          agree on that, sharks are amazing creatures. Do i feel pity for the guy who lost his leg and then died ? No ! Should I ? I respect all life forms and see no sense in accusing the shark cause he attacked a fellow human. I mean you go into HIS territory and you should know by wearing fins that a shark could see a pattern and probably think you are a penguin or something, so he takes a bite to try it out first. If that action results in you loosing a leg or an arm, then its your fault. Same counts for people/nations walking armed into another mens country/invading it, we shouldn’t be surprised when the locals feel touchy about that sort of things. If you walk armed into another mens country then better be prepared for some action. Nature is cruel but its reasonable and it does what it does. ever watched a cat when its “playing” with a mouse. A cat likes to fuck around for hours and days with the mouse before it finally kills and eat it. Its not my job to interfere with nature. Nature is too powerful and their laws are written in stone. Its also much more patient then we are. When we get instinct one day then it will be nothing else then ANOTHER failed mutation which was too weak to survive, no big deal cause we don’t deserve any better if we are not capable enough to go to another higher civilization level. Part of that is, as so called intelligent beings, not to punish less intelligent creatures senselessly just cause their meet might taste a bit better afterwards. Will never forget when once in Shanghai the waiter brought a live hedgehog to our table and then took a small bamboo stick out of his pocket, stick in in the hedgehogs ass and blew inside, it took several minutes for the poor sucker to die, but my chinese staff said, that with this way the meet tastes better. Or, at another occasion the small black puppy which was brought alive to us and the waiter broke his neck right in front of us, under applause of my chinese colleagues.

          • Tengu

            That’s a tough job to have with the guys, imagine the shit you would get:

            “How many hedgehog assholes you inflate today bro’?”…”Pucker up on this my man!”

          • Ray

            Well the thing is, we humans are mammals that can experience something called emotions. You are speaking from the point of fairness or nature’s law when it came to the sharks, but this law is obviously not explained properly by you.

            The law of nature basically reduces to survival of the fittest and humans are by far up the top of that chain, our only natural predator will probably be ourselves. Who claimed the beach to be a shark’s territory? Just because it swims there? The strong is the one that takes territories and its the human generosity that made us ALLOW the shark to swim in the waters, or we would’ve killed every predator on sight if we were the heartless non-“higher civilization level” animals that you suggested.

            Or perhaps you are saying that humans are no longer part of the survival race with the animals and should always step aside like some all powerful being and let nature sort itself out, since “its not your job to interfere with nature”.

            Back to the topic:
            1st I have no opinion about eating dogs because too many people come from too many different backgrounds, while some have logical reasons to eat dog and others just eat for taste. In the end is all about morals I guess, like if the dog was just living in the wild and does not consider humans an ally, then it’ll just be the simple case of being hunted. However if the dog is perhaps made a pet then killed for food, that is morally lacking. This is similar to the obedient behavior you were talking about with the pigs, you yourself should seriously imagine it, if one day your pig will help you defend your home from intruders, play with you and be your companion, will you be able to take a butchers knife to its throat? I hope not, because it’ll be morally wrong, and the morals are the main reason why some people refuse to eat dogs.

            And whats this blaming sharks for being sharks thing, there is no blame here, all living things must eat to survive, we don’t blame the tigers for eating the zebras so who blames us for eating them? The reason why some people don’t like to eat dogs is that humans are emotional, they have a liking to dogs therefore they don’t want to eat it, isn’t that simple? There is no great logic of fairness and nature to this, its just emotions.

            2nd mistreating the dog in order to get a bit of extra flavor for 1 meal is disgusting, but then that is just my uncivilized human emotions talking.

          • 平凡人

            Well, I guess Ray has sum up what needs to be said. In a nutshell;
            1. This is a case of choice, nothing to do with logic.
            2. Survival of the fittest, be it brains or strength.
            Get it?

          • guizi

            Do yout know a Chinese folklore about Mr. Dongguo and wolf?

            > if one day your pig will help you defend your home from intruders, play with you and be your companion, will you be able to take a butchers knife to its throat? I hope not, because it’ll be morally wrong,

            Kind reminds me of the above story.
            I still think your argument is just one idea, not all of us have to agree.

  • dim mak

    Complete overreaction. There’s nothing wrong with eating dogs. If they’re farmed in an inhumane fashion, then go after the farmers. No need to ban dog meat altogether.

    • mr. weiner

      I tried dog once, it’s not much to write home about, and as to the suposed afrodisiac effects, I didn’t notice anything special, mind you I was 20 at the time and was more or less a life suport system for a penis.
      [Enough about me] If they ban dog meat they’ll just drive the trade underground like they have in Korea and Taiwan, better maybe to regulate the conditions under which the poor mutts are slaughtered , although I understand the Koreans will practically torture the dog before killing it to ensure the meat is full of adrenalin. Verification anyone?

      • Tengu

        I had dog hot pot in Hubei, I didn’t find it offensive or anything to write home about, it wasn’t bad, it’s a good Yang dish for the winter.

        “a life suport system for a penis.” – classic.

      • Just John

        Strange, I live in Taiwan currently and have not heard of this nor found it.

        Of course, you do say “underground”. Mind pointing me in the right direction, or is it like drugs, you need to find the “right people” to get your dog meat fix?

        • mr. weiner

          You can find it down south, if you go into the right place and slyly order “shiung roe” accompanied with a knowing wink you will either end up with a plate of doggies best bits or sleeping with the laoban.

          • Tengu

            He’ll take either…

      • Brett Hunan

        I had great dog stir fry in Hunan.

        Also ate it roasted in Korea, and I have to say that plain dog meat just doesn’t taste good.

        Fry it up in a little lard, soy sauce, garlic, onions, and hot peppers and you can keep me happy for a while.

        • Tengu

          Only you would actually submit a recipe for “Spicy Spaniel Stir Fry.”

          What’s an appropriate wine?

          I hope Chef Rocco wrote this down, he was salivating over the prospect of coming up with an appropriate fall recipe for Whale Belly Steaks.

          • Brett Hunan

            Appropriate wine: Nothing less than 60% Baijiu.

    • Everything on the Chinese internet is overreaction just as everything is hype and manipluated and exaggerated.

      I think the point is: the Chinese internet is having more and more sway over politics and other decisions normally out of the power of ordinary citizens. The world has changed so that even getting a cup of coffee isn’t safe from criticism anymore.

      Of course, this has its bad side (a recent court sentencing was overturned because of critical online opinion recently) but compared to many other stories here, Weibo finally did something besides give uncensored news, rumors and sell a product: it effected a change in the world.

      • Just John

        Yes, I agree terroir.

        I feel the internet age will fundamentally change China, and lead towards a more socially aware country. Not only can people now communicate in real time, but the communication can spread news and help push the government to finally adapt to the will of the people, unless, you know, they just kill all the unhappy people.

        This just in: terroir seen having coffee in Starbucks, supporting capitalist pig societies!

        • Tengu

          I just finished a Vente Soy No-Foam Latte…it sounds as “gay as a treefull of robins” now that I see it in print.

          Maybe we should be lined up and shot or gassed, has she made up her mind yet?

  • eattot

    how i wish 2012 is true, then how interesting the world would be!

    • Sweetpea fatalist, I don’t think 5000 years of Chinese history is based upon the Mayan calendar.

      • eattot

        no any meaning for life any more.

        • You shouldn’t say that.

          I would like to think our conversations have some significance to them..

        • hooots

          eattot. Come with me. Let’s live!

    • Foreign Devil

      The world economies probably will crash by 2012. . they are starting already. . But when you are fighting on the streets for scraps of food and YES also eating stray dogs to stay alive.. . you will regret your words!

  • Diverdude

    Rover- it’s what’s for dinner!

    “oh doggy be my friend,
    doggy be my friend,
    Let’s walk & play
    & play & play,
    doggy be my friend;
    Up in the hot pot, oh, in the hot pot,
    Oh doggy, be my friend.”

  • Song of the Article

    For My Dogs


    now and always

    • eattot

      you look like a rearhorse with frurry hair on head…

      • coala banana

        i personally like the way you express yourself and make friends at the same time :-)))

        • hooots

          rearhorse! priceless.

          (Kedafu, I absolutely do not think you look like a horse’s ass but rather a proper stallion. A proper squire. I just found humor in eattot’s description. In no way do I mean to cause offense)

          • Tengu

            I had no idea what a “rear horse”, thank god you came back.

            frurry, I was okay with!

            For the record I like Kefdafu’s picture and he explained in in a post a while ago.

          • King Tubby

            What is this hogwash. Comrade K is a serious pants man, at least according to my three minx daughters. However they complain that he wears that dead possum around his neck when on the job. Other that that, apparently he is way too hot.

  • Rick in China

    I really am curious if they’d hold the same level of protests and disdain for a “Pork meat festival” or “Chicken meat festival”…

    Such hypocrisy. I’d be curious as to the number of the vocal protesters who actively eat meat on a daily basis – I’ve yet to meet a Chinese vegetarian.

    • lonetrey

      i don’t think the point of dog-meat protesters is against the category (meat) of food being presented…. I think it’s more against the type of animal it’s harvested from.

      There’s a difference, you know? Fact of the matter is that dogs are loyal and smart(er than pigs/chickens), so that’s why people shy away from eating dogs.

      • Just John

        As far as I have heard, pigs are as smart or smarter then dogs.
        Guess I will need to check that out.

        So if your premise is more intelligent = do not eat list, then why not say the same about the whale story in the last article? How about elephants, are they ok to eat? Apes? Where is your line?

        • Tengu

          I could post my “Pigs vs Dogs” conversation from Pulp Fiction like I did on the previous article if you determine it germane

          “I don’t dig on no swine.”

          Seemed to confuse the shit out of Sucky Monkey!

          They have no line, its the same bullshit,
          “Well if you don’t eat meat why do you wear leather shoes?” argument.

          Because you already had the tenderloin, I’m just not letting the rest of it go to waste.

          Unfortunately I don’t seem so see any hierarchical structure of animals in the minds of these people.

          Apes, yes, dogs, why not, bear paws, absolutely..let’s acrry it to the next logical assumption and use the excessive population of the Minke whale as a template over the following:

          Africa is starving, Central America, parts of eastern Europe are suffering , even western parts of China.

          What one pale on earth has an excess of population, sort of like the Minke whales…Chinese cities.

          We start culling out the urban Chinese, selling them for parts to hungry countries, great source of inexpensive protein.

          As long “It’s restricted to specific regions, during certain times of the year, and restricted based on tickets issued to legitimate hunters with a limited number determined by a government body responsible for maintaining a healthy status quo for each species, and making this information publicly available to attempt to keep them honest.” then I think we can justify selling the Chinese by the pound without a problem.

          • Just John

            Loved your post from pulp fiction. It was funny as hell. Guess some just didn’t get it though.

            I was thinking of starting an abortion clinic/restaurant. I would call it “Feed us fetus”. If you want, I can even add your name, “Tengu’s Feed us Fetus”.

          • Tengu

            I liked it!

            I’ll send a check when do we start the “build out?”

            Let’s go with “Feed Us Fetus”..brilliant.

            We’ll need some demographics to ensure a good supply chain.

          • hooots

            One of my friends told me that eating a woman’s placenta was actually a popular healthy dish. We could have that as an appetizer. Let’s franchise. I want in.

          • Tengu

            I was at a wedding up in Maine, many, many eyars ago.

            Ever notice that every 20 minutes there’s sort of a lull in the conversation, usually happens starting on the hour.

            So we’re all standing around laughing and drinking, the conversation dies down momentarily and the only thing you could hear was:
            “…and then we all ate the placenta…”

            She was a midwife who live on “Twitchell Hill” somewhere in Maine, no idea why I remember where she lived, I have no idea who she was…just trauma, being of a very delicate constitution.

          • Tengu

            Irony of ironies, I’m a vegetarian and I’m heading to a “Pig Roast”.

            Nothing ethical or medical, I just feel better, I have a guy set up a giant platter of roasted veggies for me, so it looks like I’m generous when in fact I’m bringing my own food.

            However, depending on how that baby is cooked, some of it may have my name written all over it.

            And it was…one charming motherfuckin’ pig. I mean he was ten times more charmin’ than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I’m sayin’?

          • Tengu

            BTW – I’m only a total vegetarian at home, when I travel….fuck it, I’ll eat anything. Like I said, I have no ethics, tasty food is tasty food.

      • hexie

        Pigs are waaaaaay smarter than dogs!

        • alfie

          i dont care which is smarter and dumb, they all have feelings and feel pain. it is sad that humans use the intelligence as the basis of importance of life. this descrimination happens as well as in humans, if you are dumb, you are not important at all.

    • Wes

      I have, though from what I get most Chinese Vegetarians are Buddhist monks are strict followers of a certain sect of Buddhism.

      • Rick in China

        Actually you’re totally right – those monks are definitely vegetarian.. I’ve not really met/spoken to any on a personal level, so I guess I can stick to my “haven’t met” statement — but whenever I try to drag people along to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants in Chengdu people are just like “no meat? no way!” when in fact it’s really, really tasty/clean/cheap food. The restaurant is “vegetarian life” on babao jie if anyone is looking ;)

    • hexie

      I’m a vegetarian who lives in China so I have met Chinese vegetarian but have to meet the number has been very very few. Often I have female students who say they would like to be vegetarian ‘to loose weight’, not because of any ethical reasons. In fact most people I meet are totally oblivious to the environmental impact and lack of humane killing in factory farming.

  • lonetrey

    I don’t like most dogs, but I still dislike the idea of eating them. -_-

    • SonnyHack

      i think people don’t eat what they dislike

  • “…similar to the annual beer festival in Qingdao except involving dog meat and people who enjoy eating dog meat.”

    Note to Fauna: I love you

  • Mark

    What is the taboo of eating dogs based on?

    Is it their intelligence? The average pig is as intelligent as a dog, yet there is no taboo against pork (in non Jewish/Islamic cultures).
    Is it their loyalty? The popular stereotype against cats is that they are not loyal, yet there is a taboo against the eating of cats.
    Taking our lead from the second question, the only cause for the taboo is that we see the animal in question often, which leads to the uncomfortable conclusion that the taboo is in fact completely illogical. It is our modern lifestyle, which has separated us from pig, cow and chicken, and separates us from the raising and killing of said animals. Were we to see these animals in our homes often, rather than only on the supermarket shelf, the difference between, these animals as taboo and non-taboo would be blurred.

    • Mark

      Developing the argument, the classification of taboo and non-taboo has an additional basis in use, what the animal in question is used for. The horse transports us(taboo), dog helps us in assorted things(taboo), the pig feeds us. Obviously these are only classifications that are in the human mind based on habit of use. Of course, these animals have beings separate from the existences assigned by a human, but we ignore these completely in our crude classification.

    • Joe

      It’s based on westerners with full bellies who have nothing better to do than criticize China.

    • Capt. WED

      It’s partly because that a lot of people have dog and cats as pets and have intimate contacts with. Partly because animal rights in China suck. And partly because Chinese is a different more “exotic” culture–tribalism & human nature.

      *only spent two seconds analyzing this so go fuck yourselves*

  • Brett Hunan

    Same thing happened in Korea this year…


    Oh well, maybe Korea and China can all start importing whale meat.

  • Y U EAT MY DOG???

    How come when I see this dog eating thingy it’s always in Southern China?

    • Just John

      Yes, I ate your dog, and you want to know why?
      He would not stop barking at me, and I hate barking dogs.

      My bite is worse then his bark. And his bite is now a spicy, tangy bite with some chili pepper thrown in.

  • Anon

    Killing methods here are quite backward. A high powered neuro-suppressive field (EMF/ELF field especially targeting the pain and consciousness area to shut down awareness) combined with a single bullet should be used. China can well afford this method and should also invest in lab grown meat in time to come to avoid the spirit-soul issue. Shutting down the festival now is prolly a decade or few too early. Roll out that technology first then cancel.

    • Just John

      I see what you did thar!

      • Anon

        How? How did you see?

        That was just a trailer, but never got to the body of the film.

        The Libya invitation was scuttled by a lack of signage and unwillingness to test the uncertainty of protocols for joining a battle not exactly yours.

        Still, there is still time, but the costs would be too prohibitive, otherwise efforts too taxing. And given someone’s stand on certain issues just too potentially hazardous.

        Am still tempted though ! See you in Egypt perhaps? :D

  • Rod

    The last of the dog-meat eaters are a bunch of uncultured farmers. There’s not culture or tradition tied to the eating of dogs, so there’s not reason to keep killing them. The worst that can happen is that you’ll have to substitute lamb for you dog hot pot in the winter.

    • Just John

      Sure there is, they have meat. Just like lambs. Traditionally, Chinese eat met, traditionally, dogs have meat, therefore, it is no far leap that something with meat should be on the “eat” list.

      I better go tend to my field now, already finished milking the cows.

    • Anon

      It’s not uncultured. It’s the lack of a nutritious food source and lack of lab meat growing technology. It’s not about lamb or dog. It’s about killing anything at all for meat. Barring herd instinct and the ability to hurt, lamb and dog are about the same. All are alive.

  • guizi

    I feel sorry for this guy 吴璇WENDY. He met a girl, maybe 12 or 13, on train to Sweden, and the girl said that a lot of (Chinese) people still eat dog meat.

    This is very sad. A girl that little brought up this dog-eating issue to a first-met Chinese guy.
    She is just 12 or 13, why did she know such a trivial issue as dog-eating, and why brought up the issue to a first met guy. Maybe her parents, her teachers or Swede TV programs brought up the subject as a weird strange custom in China. And the girl got an idea that the custom should be stopped. And luckily for her there came a chance to say to a Chinese people about dog eating custom.
    I dont blame the girl for not knowing cultural difference, but want to blame adult people around her for ingraining such idea.

    • Just John

      Actually, if Wendy is a guy, I feel more sorry for him because his English teacher gave him (or he chose and the teacher did not correct him) a girl’s name…

      • guizi

        HAHA, but no one knows if the person is a guy or not. Ive heard some stupid English name in Hong Kong such as Cinderella.

        • mr. weiner

          I knew a guy who named the entire class he was teaching after Star trek characters: Spock, Kirk , Uluru, Scotty etc

          • Tengu

            I wonder is the one he named “Sulu” is “as gay as a treefull of robins” now…

      • Chef Rocco

        Well, the commenter is a girl based on the Chinese name.

        • guizi

          I did not notice. Actually I did not see it closely. The second character is too small and complicated on my monitor, I did not care about it.

    • So, you’re saddened that “guy Wendy” didn’t know better than to bad-mouth Chinese to non-Chinese?

      Doesn’t “guy Wendy” know the first rule of “Fight Club” China Edition? There’s a second rule, too

  • make

    eating any animal that eats meat is bad for us.
    so dogs and cats and many other animals should’nt be on our menu

    and even if they are.. why kill them in such a crule way?
    taste and good for you sure as hell doesnt come into it…

  • Foreign Devil

    My city in northern Ontario, has an annual Pork Rib festival. . in which tons of pork is consumed. Pigs are every bit as loyal and smart as dogs. . but the adult pigs are not cute like dogs. Anyhow. . it could be said to be just as “barbaric” except we are blinded by our cultural preferences we grew up with.

  • actionjksn

    I love dogs they are so nice and faithful and most of all tasty. Yum!

  • whododat

    Chinese eating pigs is so awful and disgusting, so I was told by many people that are muslims and jews.

    When I was much younger, I ate baby seals and whale meat.

    Still can’t beat the Koreans when it comes to eating dogs, you Chinese small mandingos. It doesn’t help, try viagra.

    And Japanese use to look down on eating cows.

    So in the end everybody on earth will eat whatever but just do not play with the food.

    • Tengu

      To Muslims and Jews, even the Irish, Latvians and Bulgarians eating pork is “awful and disgusting.”

    • coala banana

      “Still can’t beat the Koreans when it comes to eating dogs, you Chinese small mandingos. It doesn’t help, try viagra.”

      i think its not a potency problem, its a size problem. They want their small 弟弟/dìdì to grow larger. You can’t blame them for thinking that eating certain food can make their sexual organs grow bigger and last longer. Its kinda religious beliefs/myths which gives people comfort and sells illusions. I remember that sometimes when i visited more frequently massage houses in china, that some girls were, lets say “surprised” by the size of my “little brother” of 8 inch, some even went out of the room just to come back with 3 more girls to have a look and to touch it too. I experienced some interesting things, except the discomfort i felt while taking a shower while the male “towel-boys” stared at me and discussed my penis, pointing at it and say with broken english: gils like rely much ! After my first few weeks in china i knew how some of the black guys in europe and the US must feel with all the nice chicks obeying them.

      • Tengu

        First time you hear, “Oooohhh…sooo beeeg!”, you become a fan of the Middle Kingdom!

  • hanyucha

    This has nothing at all to do with eating dog meat, it is just the fact that people on one side of the country object to what people on the other side of the country do.

    It is like fox hunting in the UK. It was the folks in the city that wanted it banned when they had never even been to a hunt before. It completely destroyed a way of life.

    Unfortunately, all it takes is one click on Weibo to agree or disagree with something. Most of the Wei bloggers don’t know much about anything.

    Weibo destroys people’s ability to research.

  • nn


    • guizi



      • coala banana

        maybe its hard to understand for you and you still don’t get it, but its not about what you eat, its about how you treat it while its alive and how you actually kill it. When you would be in the position of the poor dogs in the pictures, would you prefer the cook just cut your throat/hit you in the head with a stun gun/break your neck, ooooor skin you alive and throw you into cooking water while you are still breathing, cause your meat will taste a bit better ? That should be an easy one to answer, don’t you think ? Don’t you think that a fly feels hurt when a kid slowly pulls out leg by leg and wing by wing ? I personally think that your life and even my own is not more worth then the life of an insect. I think we humans have the luck that we developed further then other species, we can make cars, fly airplanes, compose operas or simply sell ourself as whatever labour, but does that give ourself the right to treat other species on this planet with disrespect and take away all their dignity and execute things in a crucial and decadent way. I traveled the whole world and found that every society is just as good and valuable as it treats his weakest members. So you can imagine that china is definitely NOT on top of THAT list ! :-), and thats also the reason why many countries in europe are so developed and modern. There is so much which holds you guys back, ignorance, arrogance and delusional brainwashed way of thinking are definitely not helpful virtues on the way to become a respected nation or individual on this planet.

        • guizi

          > its about how you treat

          First commenter nn did not say about it. nn talked about how arbitrary humans are. And I agree, so I wrote my comment.

          I know there are opinions about cruel way of killing. But I dont want to say about it here in connection to dog eatings. I think we should talk about it from a broader view of how to kill animals for food.

          > I personally think that your life and even my own is not more worth then the life of an insect.

          I agree. And I want to add to that list plants. I am against vegetalians discriminating plants. Why they kill plants but protect animals? Both are living things on this plant. No significant difference with both having DNAs.

          • coala banana

            sorry for the misunderstanding !

          • Capt. WED

            you can argue that eating plants is more ethical than eating animations.

          • Tengu

            Depends on the age of the “animations”, older ones give me gas because of the celluloid, the new virtualized ones are a breeze and are “virtually” calorie free.

  • chengdude

    What on earth is Jinhua trying to accomplish with a Dog Meat Festival?? It’s already the source and namesake for one of China’s most storied pork products.

  • Cyrus Howell

    My college roommate was a fighter jet mechanic on an American airbase in Korea in 1956. The airmen had a pet dog that wandered the base all day. On afternoon at 5:00 pm they did not see the dog anywhere in the base, and could not find him.
    The entire air base emptied as all the airman ran (in a herd) into town – a small Korean town – to find their dog. They raided every house, even breaking down doors to save their doggie from the hot pot.
    It was a Korean working on the base who took the dog home for dinner – his dinner.
    It seemed like a good idea at the time, until he lost his job.

  • daddio

    no difference than eating a horse, pig or cow. just because it eats meat does that mean we should be any kinder to it?

    pig used to be pets in the 1800’s too. tell that to a chinese. my father in law was swapped for another baby to be eaten but the family didnt have the heart to kill him. now that is something worth campaigning about.

    One day we will be vegetarians – of that im sure.

    • Tengu

      “my father in law was swapped for another baby to be eaten but the family didnt have the heart to kill him. ”


  • Capt. WED

    everytime I’m on the front page I can’t help but lol. this guy is nom nom nom dogmeat nom nom…THIS SHIT IS GOOD…FUCKING BEST SHIT I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE GOOD! FUCK!

  • Capt. WED

    but I feel for these dogs. they (non exotic pets) shouldn’t be eaten. No in general I have no problems eating meat.

  • This is so heartbreaking. I love dogs so much and have always owned one. I Love them more than people as they are so much better in so many ways. They are so loving, kind and loyal and will even show their devotion when mistreated. They never want to hurt people like people want to hurt them and it is so sad that people can do this. This just goes to prove what a cruel heartless dispicabl amoral uncultured and degenerate race the Chinese are. I am glad I am a civilised westerner with an ability to treat my fellow creatures with the love kindness and dignity they deserve.

    • mr. weiner

      I hope you are being sarcastic, my irony-omatic doesn’t work sometimes. If not, then a big old “screw you” from another civilised westerner.
      Or as we say in Oz” Hope ya chooks turn inta emus and kick ya dunny down”.

  • Andy

    Bastards, how dare they! I didn’t even know there was a dog meat festival, and now that I found out it is too late because they canceled it. Damn those animal rights morons, dog meat is my favorite meat and I eat it almost on a daily basis, I’d love to have been able to attend this festival! BASTARDS!!!!!

  • M.N

    Song of the article
    T-Pain feat Ludacris – Chopped & Screwed

  • GT

    Guys, just curious, how do you get people to “human flesh search” on someone? I need to know who are these retards that threw a poor defendless pupply into the sea.


  • DRaY

    ” Dog Meat Festival” … I love it!!!!!! We should eat everything!!!!!!
    Why do ppl give a shit about this, how are the chickens and pigs that die in the billions each day slaughter? How??? Can someone tell me how??? Ppl need to chill the fuck out.. I would eat the fuck outta some dogs… “Its cute dont eat it” , FUCK OFF!!!

    • Gem

      Its not the fact because there cute. we should eat everything? oh yeah lets eat each other then! your the first to go!, hmm what shall we do first, well we will torture you and cram you in a small cage maybe with some other people and starve you .. and then we ill oh I know tie you hands and feet together and a rope round your neck and beat you, stab you and drag you on the floor and then skin you alive from head to toe because apparently you taste better you die in pain. If the dogs where not so brutally killed then it may not be a big deal. I can see from you comment that you do not emphasise how people and animals feel, so people like you are the reason why the planet is dyng, if your not from China then you might as well be!
      If it was you it would be different. when pigs and cows are killed most are done humanely (maybe not so much in China)

  • KopyKatKiller

    The thing I wonder about when I see such stories of stopping the dog meat eating habit of Chinese is: “What happens to the dogs?”

    It seems like Dog News in China flip-flops from stories of enraged stopping the slaughtering of dogs for meat to stories of local governments culling stray and unregistered dogs by beating them to death in the streets.

    So there won’t be a Fido Fest, where will the dogs go? To the streets to be beat to death by local cops? If so, then it’d be better, and more humane, just to eat the poor things!

  • Nick

    How is this different from eating pig or sheep? Because they are not as cute? If you oppose eating dog meat, but not other types of meat, you truly must be a hypocrite.

    • Honibaz

      Yeah, the only controversy I see is the way they’re killed. If the process is quick and painless then eating dog meat is no different than eating the meat of a non-endangered animal, not that I’m a fan of eating domesticated pets in the first place.


    who are u people to decide what animal can be eat and which not?

    Feels a Cow less pain than a Dog?

    u have Beijing dogs without heads in every corner

    and now u piss around because the new chinese society like to touch Dogs?


    • URMOMM

      I meant Ducks sorry :) Beijing Ducks

      Dogs i saw with had in some small side street restaurants

      yammy yammy

  • So Who The Sadic

    Who was saying FOREIGNERS ARE BARBARIC KILLING WHALES!!!??? And this are just some of the pics, not everything is shown, they kill the poor dogs very dirtily…everybody has to be blamed WHALE KILLERS AND DOG EATERS!!!!!!!….dont think you the best

  • Eileen Bell

    I think that people who eat dogs and cats will come back in a future life as a dog or cat so that they can work out their karma for being a KILLER!!!!!!! This kind of activity shows just how far down the evolutionary ladder the eaters are. Ugh,ugh,ugh. So disgusting to even know how low down these thugs are. I am so glad that the dogs and cats have been rescued. Those rescuers have paved their way to Heaven.

  • Ellisa Skelding

    This is evil and sick. These people are disgusting, truly vile and despicable human beings and I hope they rot in hell. What sort of a nation has this as a tradition??!!!they should be ashamed and disgusted with themselves as the civilised western society is.

    • Gem

      I know how you feel!
      I am pretty sure China has no name or meaning for the word Animal. which is why they have no respect for animals and just see them as food,money and sport.
      However Im sure not all Chinese people share the traditions of eating dogs and cruel ways.

  • alfie

    i hate china! racist country and they prefer money instead of life! bastards! i really feel hatred now with what they did to those dogs and i could not make a calm comment!

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  • faby

    this is fucking groosss i am sorry but i hope all the people wh eat dogs go to hell n get food poisoning !

  • Gem

    I just can’t find the words to say how horrified I am! Pigs and Cows are treat better than the way dogs are treated here. There is know need to tie up the dogs and throw them round and then skin them alive too! whoever does this, the same should be done to you so you can understand and finally empathise the pain the dogs through and then you will think twice before doing it.
    Dog’s are not vermin, with out them we would not be where some of use are today, these canines help humans yet most curse them. Dogs are mans best friend.
    Glad the festival was cancelled..although the pain will still continue.

  • I don’t support!!!!!! why you can do like this?? i’m very hurts when i saw this activity

    your face look like dog while you always to eat Dog

  • LargerBrainLessIntellect


    China needs a holocaust to cleanse its vast ranks for rodentia.

  • christinaV

    sick sick sick people we should end this TOTAL INSANITY

  • wongasu

    people who eat meats go to hell, who the hell do you think you are.

  • A Kutyás Lány

    a rohadt jó kurva anyátokat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chngcd

      megdoglenek, lassan de biztosan

  • Pangea

    You guys are vegetarians, don`t eat meat, as Buddhist monks? I have to eat to survive! people are free to eat whatever they want, as your democracy! come not prohibit the freedom of others!

  • Pangea

    You do not want to eat, are your thing! not enough food for all humans on the planet! Africans in Africa eat chimpanzees and monkeys!