Julian Assange’s London Arrest, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

From NetEase:

Wikileaks founder Assange arrested in London

Summary: According to Agence France Presse [AFP] reports, British police on December 7th stated that Wikileaks founder [Julian] Assange appeared at a London police station and was then arrested on rape charges. It was reported that Assange later that day appeared at the Westminster district court.

Julian Assange arrested in London.
After being arrested by British police, Wikileaks founder Assange was sent to the London's Westminster district court.
Journalists surround a vehicle carrying Assange.[/caption]

Comments from NetEase:


Western democracy is extremely dirty, regardless of whether it is in international politics or domestic politics. It is really dark, a filthy black box. Whoever dares to expose them, they will fly off the handle. Slander, smear, list you as wanted, pursue, arrest, if they are out to get someone, what charge can’t they trump up? All the grandiose, high-sounding things are just used to deceive people.


Assange, I really don’t know what to say to you. Of all the people you had to rape, you had to rape the United States of America. Now, you’re screwed…


[Julian Assange was arrested] across borders! [He] offended interest groups!! Freedom is just an illusion!!!


He clearly went to turn himself in but the domestic news media did not mention a single word about that aspect and instead put it as: Appeared at a London police station and was then arrested by police.
I truly cannot help but admire the domestic news media’s ability to distort the facts, able to make black into white, even able to say rape is right.


The dirtiest thing in this world is politics.


England has always been America’s running dog/lackey. The British are truly so shameless. This is also a tragedy for the entire British nation. How would King Arthur of the past feel if he saw the shameless British people of today?
America’s freedom and democracy is just a lie for the world’s people. Strongly request that the various nations of the world confront and oppose American hegemony.


The person who truly should’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize!!!!!!!!!


Whether or not this person is guilty is something we still don’t know right now, and yet it appears that everyone is already clear about this incident’s cause and effect. The media wants to smear America, doing everything it can to politicize this incident, up to no good. [Tiger] Woods used to have such a good image, so who would have thought that his personal life was so ugly? However, those who have made a mistake all have something in common: “If they do not see the coffin, they will not shed tears.” Face the facts. In the end, Woods too had to confess. All observers, just watch the show. Don’t think of yourself as some judge. Who knows, the eventual conclusion of this incident just might drop your jaw [surprise you].


People who can’t access Wikileaks are happily arguing about it here, don’t you guys think this is funny?

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

From KDS:

The truth about Wikileaks founder Assange’s arrest! So wronged!

The original criminal charge was “sex by surprise”, and later it was changed to rape. The real situation is that when Assange was having sex with a woman in Sweden, the condom broke, the woman shouted to stop, but Assange couldn’t stop himself and continued.

Assange’s supporters have defended him by saying: If he could hold it in at that moment, would he still be human?

Comments from KDS:


emoticonIn the Heavenly Kingdom, he would’ve simply vanished long ago.


Actually, this is just cross-border pursuit and arrest by imperialist America~


I already don’t trust this bastard anymore, exposing secrets my butt, I haven’t seen anything of value at all, it is completely him publicizing himself.


The leaks actually put a lot of pressure on the Communist Party of China, exposing a lot of inside information, everyone climb the Great Firewall and see for yourself.


So it appears that when problems like these occur, democratic ZF move faster than even despotic ZF. It’s just that the reason they came up with is too ridiculous. So funny. Hero Assange, be safe, be safe.


Do you believe that democratic nations are not supposed to have national secrets? Where the nuclear weapons are, what new scientific research and achievements there are, where the families of high officials live, if these secrets were all publicized, then democratic nations would have been destroyed by despotic nations long ago, and how could there be democratic nations then? emoticon


There are also exposed secrets concerning the Communist Party.
I’ve seen at least two:
1. It was the Communist Party that organized hackers to attack Google, leading to the Google storm at the beginning of the year…
2. After the Cheonan Incident, the Communist Party had talks with South Korea and America, on reunifying the [Korean] peninsula and what assurances will China have after Korea is unified. The Communist Party has probably given up on the Kim family.

This guy [Assange] is quite funny, a guy who is enemies with the governments of the world.


Even [these diplomatic cables] are considered a secret? To be honest, the things he exposed are not really secrets, just some stuff that you cannot see on the mainstream media.


Look at why the Wikileaks DNS server was stopped, look at why its servers were stopped, look at the reason for why Interpol issued a red notice, each and every one of those reasons all being that ridiculous! What is the real underlying reason> All these different companies and departments coincidentally using this kind of hilarious reason to target him, any clear-eyed individual can see who is the black hand behind the scenes, and still there are people who think this kind of shady thing could only happen in the Heavenly Kingdom. emoticon


Forgive me for my meager world experience/knowledge but I truly have never seen any news about anyone becoming an international criminal for QJ, and what more, originating from two consenting partners after the condom breaking and one of them being unable to stop himself.
No matter what country it is, of course they will want to conceal their national secrets, and when there is a leak, usually arrests will be made on the charge of harming state security. Why go out of the way so much to avoid admitting it? For democratic countries to remain “democratic”, it sure isn’t easy. emoticon


To be wanted on an Interpol red notice for QJ, is he the first person in the world?


Hilarious, hilarious, this should be blamed on the condom manufacturer, what does it have to do with Assange? Poor guy.

What do you think? Do you think Assange is guilty of rape? Do you think he is being persecuted because of Wikileaks?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

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