Kim Jong-il Dead, Chinese Netizen Reactions

North Koreans react to news of Kim Jong Il's death as broadcasted by North Korea's state media.

While Chinese online news portals closed their reports and articles about former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s death to commenting by Chinese netizens, users on Chinese social networks like China’s most popular Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo actively forwarded and commented on the news…

From Sina Weibo:

@新浪视频: On the scene photograph of North Koreans sobbing upon hearing of Kim Jong-il’s death. Facing North Korean Central News Television cameras, they thanked Kim Jong-il for the happy life he has brought them, and express extreme grief and disbelief at the leader’s sudden passing. They could not hide their sadness, beating their chests and stamping their feet wailing, overwhelmed with sorrow.

The above microblog post and attached video has been forwarded/reposted (“re-tweeted”) over 23.5k times so far and currently has over 5,600 comments.

A North Korean man shown on North Korean state media crying in response to Kim Jong-il's death.Shown on North Korean news, a crowd of crying North Koreans after learning of Kim Jong Il's death.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


When the great Chairman Mao passed away, we also cried uncontrollably, thinking the sky had fallen. Fact is that the sky didn’t fall…


Either [they] were deceived or it is out of fear.


Too bad his son wasn’t blown up. [思考]


Seeing the reactions of the North Korean people, and then seeing the comments of so many [Chinese] netizens, I suddenly feel at a loss. Do we need hero worship/cult of personality? Do we need religion/conviction? …North Korea may be lacking material wealth, but it has a strong spiritual strength! Whereas us, we’re the complete opposite! While we chased after material wealth, we lost what is actually most valuable, a spiritual conviction!


[蜡烛]Kim Jong-il passed away. Seeing scenes of North Koreans choking on their tears is really moving!


A personality cult is at least better than corruption and degeneration!


[They] don’t dare to not cry! If they don’t cry, they’ll all be shot dead, and those that cry too softly have to go mine coal! [挖鼻屎]


I can’t respect those media that criticize Kim Jong-il. They only dare to criticize Kim Jong-il is because they know Kim won’t deploy the military to their countries and slaughter them like Imperialist America, because he won’t use financial hegemony to cut off their financial resources, nor would he buy off other media to go criticize these media. So criticizing Kim Jong-il is the safest thing to do, because they won’t be beaten or criticized, they won’t be fired or go bankrupt. And they can be financially rewarded by Imperialist America.


Our country has also been as SB before.


Sad, but I don’t know who I should be sad for, for ourselves, for the North Koreans, for the Kim family dynasty, or for all of the above.


Seeing this scene, I’m once again reminded of 1970s China.


People should be kinder. With regards to the death of a leader of a sovereign country and friendly neighbor, at least [the comments] shouldn’t be a bunch of irresponsible nonsense! [Everyones] sensibilities have all gone to America.


I can completely understand the North Koreans, as this is what a great country looks like. This is what a great united people looks like. American imperialism simply cannot defeat it.


35 years ago we were also like this, the same, so familiar.


Like this, a country’s leader and soul is gone. I trust their tears are real.


To the wumao: In contrast, there is a country where the bureaucracy and ruling party, from top to bottom, from the highest to the lowest official, where if their entire clan and three generations were all to suddenly explode and die, there would still be no one to cry. [Instead] The markets may run out of for flour, pork, and leek as well as vinegar [ingredients for dumplings] stock and firecracker/firework factories may also profit greatly. That legendary country is called a certain China. [挖鼻屎]


People like this should die more.


I hate dictatorships! Refuse brainwashing! Disgusting formalism! It is human rights and freedom that are the basis of human existence!


When Chairman Mao died, our people were also like this. Now that their spiritual leader is gone, they are not far from corruption and money worship/materialism.


Back then when Grandpa Mao passed away, Chinese people were also like this! In 20 years, North Koreans will think back to just how stupid/foolish they were at this point in time!


The history of the North Korean people is of suffering. This people have always been caught between larger more powerful countries. What North Korea experiences today is not something that can be so easily explained with “dictatorship”, and North Korea has constantly been demonized!

North Koreans mourn the loss of their leader Kim Jong-il.A North Korean young man weeps with news of leader Kim Jong-il's death.

From Sina Weibo:

@新华社快讯: North Korean Central News Agency reported on the 19th that North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il passed away on the 17th.

The above has been forwarded/reposted (“re-tweeted”) over 23.5k times so far and currently has over 5,600 comments.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


After Kim Jong-il has passed, Kim Jong-un becomes the world’s youngest dictator, and will not be far behind Gaddafi.


2011 has indeed been an amazing year.


North Korea’s loss, is a greater loss for China!


North Korea is just a lousy country! Because of how extremely ignorant the nation’s people are.


Does this have even “half a mao” [any] to do with me?


Fatty Kim, lay your heart to rest and go, North Korea’s people from this point on will no longer have to live in suffering.


Actually, the general has boarded to arks… [alluding to the movie 2012]


If the dictatorship system dies, how great that would be, poor long-suffering North Koreans.


South Korea isn’t going to go on a 3-day holiday is it?


Sigh, the geo-political situation is going to change. Hope China won’t be affected. [可爱]


I feel sad for North Koreans. South Koreans have such good lives while the lives of North Koreans are so dismal despite them both once being one country. Now that this dictator has died, I hope the North Korean people’s bright future is also coming.


Are the North Koreans really sad or pretending to be sad? If they support their master so much, how come there are still so many people who risk death to sneak into South Korea? That Korean Central News Agency whatever is about the same as CCAV, it simply cannot reflect the people’s true thoughts/sentiments.


Finally there is a place I can see comments…


For me, this is a piece of good news. For North Koreans, this is an unknown future.


I won’t comment on anything else but before he died, he was still working making official visits! At the very least he was continuously and genuinely working hard for his own motherland! Do you know how many government officials we still have that are like this? Didn’t so many of our government officials die from eating too much?

North Korean women crying in reaction to news of Kim Jong Il's death, as shown on North Korea's state media.

From Sina Weibo:

@正经大猫: Help me spread a cold joke: Kim Jong-il passed away on the 17th, and the 24th will be the 7th day after his death, and the whole world sings together: “金哥bye,金哥bye,金哥on the way~”

The above has been forwarded/reposted (“re-tweeted”) over 47k times so far and currently has over 5,000 comments.

金哥 translated means “Brother Kim”, referring to Kim Jong-il, but is pronounced in Chinese as “jin ge“. Try pronouncing it out loud. It a bad Chinese pun of “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way~”

A North Korean crowd shown on DPRK state media crying bitterly and mourning the death of leader Kim Jong-il.

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    The historic sofa is mine!!!?

    • typingfromwork

      Kim Jong-il is the real sofa in all our hearts!

      (Soon to be replaced by Kim Jong-un)

    • h3x

      you are sofa king retarded

  • Bryan from the USA#1

    If you don`t cry, then they put you in a camp or shoot you.

    • Duce

      After all they are not less unfree than their southern neighbours.

      The ones in the North feel lost without their führer, the South without plastic surgery.

      The best the young führer could do is open up the country, he would be a hero. A REAL HERO.

  • Foreign Devil

    These grown men crying like babies most likely worked for the N. Korean government and fear the loss of their relatively cushy lifestyle. Their peasent brothers near starvation probably don’t give a damn and just hope it means a change for the better and a bit more food available.

    • Andy

      Not necessarily. My grandma said she also cried when Stalin died, and she was just an average college student from a peasant family at the time.


    I felt this way when Ayrton Senna died

    • King Tubby

      PP. You’re back in town.

      Didn’t you defect to NK ages ago to avoid the draft and end up marrying Pyongyangs one and only female traffic cop.

      Like everything else in your life, Mum working the waterfront for russian sailors, this relationship must have also gone pear shaped for you.


      Commenter of the year to feather duster. Terrible.

      • Your spite had me at “hello”.

  • sean chapman

    Anyone who says N Korea is a great country is an idiot and i would invite you to go live there and eat dog food like their leader let many do. While i might add he ate filet Mignon and drank french champagne with his 13 year old girls in his harem.

  • When was the last time that people cried like this about the death of democratic leader?

    • Alex

      A truly loved and respected leader deserves a dignified farewell. But this monkey was a clown from start to finish, and even in death the show goes on. I want to cry the same way but for the people of North Korea – they are like children, in fear of everything and everyone. I know.

    • Dat Ankle

      When was the last time a democratic leader isolated his/her country, poured the last of the country’s resources into the military, let the country’s people starved, and let no criticism of his/her ruling be allowed?

      The only reason people are crying like this is either because the been feed the highest of all bullshit from this guy and believed it (seeing as theres no alternative opinion) or they fear the backlash of not shedding tears for their “Dear Leader”.

    • Scytheria

      Some cry, some don’t. That’s the idea.

    • typingfromwork

      Oh they cried like that when Dubya stepped down. Tears of pure joy.

      Some of the people in those cry for the leader videos looked like they were holding back laughter, too.

      • Xiongmao

        ,,and we all had so high hope for Obama. Goes to show Washington is just too far down the drain for rescue these days. If they get SOPA through, the US is getting pretty damn close to the Chinese condition when it comes to restricting the internet. I really fucking hope Europe can pick up the torch.

        • Sadie

          No chance. Europe is screwed too

    • Jon

      In the U.S., definitely for Kennedy. Some possibly also for Reagan.

    • Young Man

      “When was the last time that people cried like this about the death of democratic leader?”


      Many people in the Czech Republic cried about Vaclav Havel just a few days ago. Maybe they didn’t go batshit insane like these people but that’s because they come from a culture that promotes individual self-respect rather than humiliating group-mind grovelling.

    • Sandy

      The Brits went a bit silly with their public morning after the death of Princess Diana.

      • Mercator

        But she was one of our best prime ministers… oh wait.

  • andywattbulb

    Once they went home behind closed doors they did their little happy dances and partied the night away.

    • firebert5

      Or wrung their hands wondering whether or not the devil they knew was better than the upcoming new blood.

    • Xiongmao

      “Hey Park! Bring out the best grass and bark. Party time!”

  • dim mak

    Pointless sympathy for a shit tier ‘leader’

    Let’s hope his son isn’t fucking retarded and opens up their economy

    Or get that other son who tried to sneak in Tokyo Disneyland with a passport that said “Fat Bear”. At least that would be worth some lulz

  • Dat Ankle

    These are either tears of joy or tears of scared uncertainty.

  • The Dude

    I love the way he died on his train….

    His train with personal chefs…

    His train where fresh lobster would be delivered to each station for pick up on the way…

    The stories of his ‘culinary excess’ no doubt helped along his cardiac arrest.

    While he ate happily everyday, his people starved. I’ve even met some who got out of North Korea…. they have terrible stories to tell.

    There is a place in hell for men like this (one would hope).

    • Satan

      Oh yeah, sure is!

      Any requests?

  • Let’s not kid ourselves here folks – the powers to be in Beijing, Seoul, and Moscow are scared shyteless right now… of the wave and wave of refugees streaming over the North Korean borders.

    • Jesus

      It is a joke. They are crying over someone who is enjoying good life while his people is hungry and dying of hunger etc. Either they are wayang (putting up a show) OR they are just fucking retarded!

      • mr. weiner

        Jesus, oh ye of little faith. [!]
        North Koreans are crying because they have been conditioned to it. They are the hardest little MFs in the world who wouldn’t squeak if you hammered a nail into their heads, but suddenly they can let it all our in one huge outpouring of national grief. They are not putting it on…exactly…They are terrified of not showing grief in case anyone should notice, but also in many cases they are grieving for the man who they have been told to worship and hold in reverence above their mothers and fathers even. Don’t underestimate or hold these people in contempt, what happens next could be bloody.

        • Rick in China

          Stockholm Syndrome…

  • DRaY

    2 scumbag assholes died this year Kim Jong Il and Steve Jobs… Let’s see if George Bush can die within the next 10 days and I would call this a great Year.

    • whichone

      Are you a PC?

    • mr. weiner

      I’d settle for Robert Mugabe.

  • Ding Dong Jung

    They are crying because they are too hungry? This old shit should have died long time ago. He has caused north Koreans to suffer in hell. Just look at his fat son, all the good food goes to him. I would like to pee and spit on his rotton body.

  • staylost

    Kim Jung Il = L. Ron Hubbard

    So good at BS that people will die for it.

    And yeah, Chinese people, we all need something to believe in. But it doesn’t have to be in someone or something taking advantage of you.

    • Dr. Jones Jr.

      You mean like Steve Jobs? Maybe that’s why the Chinese seem to love that guy so much: iMac was the best cult of personality to hit them since the days of Mao.

      On that note, we might tend to forget that N. Korea seemingly has no rock stars, no business leaders, no people other than the current Kim kleptocrat that might be considered “famous” throughout the country. So, it’s not implausible, then, if the reaction (of well-groomed members of the country’s elite, in point of fact) would be like combining Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Steve Jobs into one screwed up funeral.

      I give much credence to the comments about this being a situation where N. Koreans need worry about the dangers of the political changeover and need to be seen on camera competing to show the most dramatic lamentation–or else. The stakes are high.

      Finally, note the people not currently in camera focus look fairly calm, stoic even. It seems like it’s only when they know the camera is on them that they go completely ape-shit.

      • staylost

        To clarify, yes, I mean like Steve Jobs.

        But that is easy for me to say because I never bought in. The guy only had two things going for him, marketing and making sure his products didn’t work with anyone else’s.

        Well, he also had the same jerkish nature of a young Bill Gates.

  • hooots

    “People like this should die more.”

    Hahaha best comment ever. Die more!!!!!

    • Misia

      “That’s very effective, Tony. It’s not too subtle, but effective”.

  • As Chinese commenting was disabled for the earlier post, it’s nice to see that Chinese have a rather aware situation of North Korea, China’s past regarding a cult of personality and a tinge of awareness of N. Korea’s strategic importance to China.

    For all this uncertainty as to what is going to happen next, China definitely has a large role.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    China’s HJT or right hand man is probably over there right now trying to offer cigarettes, bai jiu and on their 3rd day of endless KTV and whores trying to win that son of a fat fck tard (김 Jung-un) over.

    • fewafwefwafewa

      remove yourself from the gene pool, f_ckwit.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Joke of the article:
    Its no wonder the man died he was (wait for it)
    Ill his whole life.
    Oh boy im just too much haha

    • firebert5

      Everyone was thinking it, I guess we all just assumed someone else was going to say it. In any case, this groan-inducing joke was really “Il” timed! But I’ll be feeling some “Il”ation that this “Il” bred dictator is gone!

      Stop me, please! I can’t control it! I fear these terrible puns are “Il” fated to destroy us all! Gah!!!

  • Irvin

    A civilization is only as advance as the average intelligence of it’s people, as long as there are more people mourning than cheering N.Korea will not change.

    When everyone say the world is flat religiously and you say it’s spherical, you will be burn for it.

    While Kim’s dead means nothing for humanity or the N.korean people, N.Korean can only be changed if more stupid people die and die faster.

    • mr. weiner

      …any volunteers?

  • diverdude

    What is the only thing North Korea doesn’t need?

    After-Dinner Mints !

  • Song of the Article

    North Korean Party Rock Anthem
    ft. Kim Jong Il


    • pervertt

      I still prefer Jin Ge bells, as suggested by one of the Chinese posters.

      The lyrics would need to be changed a bit though. I can’t imagine Jin Ge ‘dashing through the snow’ or ‘laughing all the way’ though. It’s probably quite warm where he is at the moment. He might need a nomex suit if he is going to ride in a one horse open sleigh.

  • EuroTrash

    Was Team America involved? just wondering … i mean they tried before right? damned i better look for that soundtrack of selfsame movie…just to get the right vibe. There s a reason western leaders wont get such a farewell…we wont get forced to cry in public on state cameras and…we actually have FOOD (though thanks to Kim, Manolo Blahnik still having a field day whenever Kims wives show up

  • Jess

    Their reactions in mourning are not dissimilar to those of South Koreans when Park Chunghee died.

    So, on one hand, you have a racist, military-backed, Korean dictator who suppressed human rights, kidnapped and tortured dissidents while his superpower ally provided aid and turned a blind eye to it all, and is still loved by the citizens of his country…and on the other hand, you have Kim Jong-il.


      President Park dramatically improved our economy and if anything he should have killed more commies. The man wasn’t perfect but he was a million times better than any of those dumbshit communist bandits in the north.

    • donscarletti

      Tyranny is what you do with it. KJI rolled the country up and smoked it to get high, you can’t tar all dictators with the same brush.

  • dawei

    So criticizing Kim Jong-il is the safest thing to do, because they won’t be beaten or criticized, they won’t be fired or go bankrupt. And they can be financially rewarded by Imperialist America.

    Seriously? Who thinks like this?

    “That guy is a real ass.”

    “Huh! America also thinks that guy is an ass! And America is always wrong. So, logically, he is not an ass! And so you must be in league with Imperialist America! How much are they paying you?”

  • Vonskippy

    With all the photo essays about North Korea covering Kimmy’s death, it’s safe to say it proves one thing.

    North Korean’s are the ugliest people on this planet. Men, women, children are all uglier then a dogs butt (and a ugly dog at that).

    NK needs to start breeding for looks instead of brainwashing ability if they ever want to get out in the world.

    And get some freaking clothes designers/makers – the clothes in those photos are atrocious.

    • BaoBei

      I dunno, I think the gal in the dirty yellow jacket (one row behind, and to the left of wild lady bobbing up and down) doesn’t look half-bad..

  • staylost

    Also, do you think the guy wearing the black Quicksilver jacket is really a surfer?

    Or does Quicksilver just sponsor communist crybabies nowadays?

  • Nilerafter24

    That’s some good acting over there.
    Cry or die.
    Especially the lady all going berserk in the middle. Please. I wouldn’t fall for that act even if I’m 3days high on LSD.
    These people need to get them selves together and revolt. We still have 10 days in this incredible year. Never know.

    • Dat Ankle

      I can see it in the textbooks now: 2011, the year of the revolutions across the globe.

  • Xiongmao

    The World’s Greatest Golfer passes away at 69.

    Good to see that so many Chinese comments are very much aware how much of a scumbag Kim was. This dwarf-man went far too easy dying in his luxury train probably choking on lobsters flown in by helicopter and Hennesey’s. If there had been any justice he’d have spent his last year rotting in jail or up against a wall. History will judge you Kim, even if your people is not yet ready to.

  • Jay K.

    so when does south korea finally move in and unify the peninsula. fatty kim should just give up power and defect. it’d be an embarassment but it would pave the way for the 2 koreas to become 1.

  • Ronald

    All communist should follow him to hell because thats what they deserve. ROT IN HELL!!!

  • Miki

    How could anyone hold Kim Jong Il in esteem?

  • Foreign Devil

    disagree about all N. Koreans being ugly. . . I watched this documentary on about this guy travelling in N. Korea. . there were some real hot babes there. . that you just wanted to kidnap out of that god forsaken place so they could for once experience some real joy and happiness worthy of their hotness!

  • ODB

    So much wumao comments on sina wtf

    • ODB


  • Frank brainwashed people cry when their puppeteer dies..

    • What’d you expect?

    • procrastinatoroftheuniverse

      they’ll be shipped off to a concentration camp and the next 2 generations of their family will be tortured there if they’re not seen acting as if their entire universe has collapsed.

  • John in Daegu

    Knowing what Kim Jung Il had done to his people he deserves the hot place in Hell that he now resides in. Too bad he couldn’t take his personal water park, 100 Mercedes Limo’s and his million Hollywood movies with him.

    He deserves the Pit that he now resides. My heart breaks for the North Korean people. God bless them..

  • Winston Smith

    PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA—In surprisingly candid remarks today following his father’s death, Kim Jong-un, heir apparent to North Korea’s highest government post, expressed doubt that he was sufficiently out of his mind to succeed longtime dictator Kim Jong-il.
    While emphasizing that he was definitely completely insane and would likely become even more so as leader of North Korea, the younger Kim nevertheless wondered if he could ever be enough of a lunatic to truly replace the most unhinged dictator on the planet.

    “Obviously, I know I was handpicked because I’m super crazy,” said Kim, the youngest of the late 69-year-old dictator’s four known children. “But my father was just so great at what he did. Did you know the people of North Korea heard his voice exactly once, for like five seconds? How nuts is that? Honestly, I look at stuff like that and I think, ‘Wow, there’s just no way I can ever top Dad.'”

    “We’re talking about a world-class nutjob here,” he added.

    Kim told reporters that since emerging as the presumptive next-in-line to lead North Korea, he had spent countless hours trying to come up with his own brand of craziness that would honor the tradition set forth by his father and grandfather, Kim Il-sung, but would also set him apart. After discovering that many of his best ideas had already been taken by his father—including making citizens bow toward wall-sized portraits of himself or claiming to be a demigod whose moods directly influence the weather—Kim admitted he had grown frustrated.

    “At this point, I’m not sure what’s left for me to do, really,” he said. “I mean, according to the Ministry of Information, Dad hit 11 holes-in-one the first time he ever played golf. I’m dead serious. Dad had never even picked up a golf club before, and he hit 38 under par. Where am I supposed to go from there? I guess I can say I ran a marathon in 20 minutes, but isn’t that pretty much the same thing?”

    “It is the same thing, isn’t it?” Kim added. “Ugh.”

    Kim, who in his rare public appearances wears a plain dark suit, said he ultimately hoped to cultivate an eccentric, yet vaguely sinister look as iconic as his father’s pompadour, drab parka, and sunglasses, perhaps something “even nuttier” involving canes, a large yellow raincoat, or possibly a motorized scooter.

    Other ideas Kim has had for proving his insanity include placing anyone shorter than himself under permanent house arrest, issuing a new national currency every 90 days, normalizing relations with South Korea, and replacing all medicines with synthetic replications of his own saliva.

    “Of course, I have to be careful not to come off as too crazy, because then it would just feel forced and no one would buy it,” said Kim, noting that he was working on some slogans that North Korean schoolchildren would be forced to chant three times daily. “Then again, maybe having it come off as forced would make me seem even crazier, because what kind of a maniac would go to such lengths to outdo his father? Right? Or is that just a cop-out?”

    Although Kim’s birthday is already recognized as a national holiday and any criticism of him is punishable by indefinite sentences in re-education camps, Kim suggested that the stress of living up to his father’s insanity has already taken a toll.

    “For years, I haven’t even enjoyed the things I used to love, like forcing starving people to perform a five-hour dance routine in my honor, because I spend the whole time obsessing over whether I’m being wacko enough,” Kim admitted. “That’s what was so special about Dad, you know: He never worried about all that stuff, he just acted like himself. What can I say? The old man set the loony bar pretty high.”

    Added Kim, “God, I’m really going to miss him, you know?”,18374/

    • By the way, the North Korean leaders NEVER claimed divine status, no matter what certain American christian groups may claim. It seems they are careful never to make claims which contradict the common sense and experience of North Koreans.

      • moop

        way to stick up for north korea. your credibility is growing by the minute

  • B

    Finally that psychopath is dead , seeing the Chinese comments one wonders how deep rooted their brainwash is .
    I’m afraid that when the communist finally are cast down in the hell hole it belongs , what personified worship will replace it.

  • Ming

    At least not ALL my people are entirely brainwashed…

  • bando

    Great grandpa Mao?! The same “great” man who killed 100 million Chinese people during peace time? And you think he was a good guy? You mainlanders are crazy!!!

  • Egolite

    Is it true that those who didn’t mourn properly were sentenced to 3-6 months in jail? How can they cry when he had everything and they have nothing. Just look at that fat son, he lacked for nothing and now he’s the leader.

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  • billybeijing

    bit like generations of royalist miners in uk who in the 1930’s were condemned to a life of abject poverty and pseudo- slavery but still bowed to the royal family when they visited. Every society needs to think carefully about hero worship.

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  • KoreanPeninsulaProfessor

    North Korea being Mafia State. You need to be good actor to survive. That is what North Korea ( People) are doing. They are all acting.

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