Kim Jong-un Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘Sex Tape’, Chinese Reactions

Screenshots from a video purporting to be the "obscene sex video" that Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol was executed for.

Screenshots from a video purporting to be the "obscene sex video" that Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol was executed for.

The following video currently has over 640k views on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku after being uploaded yesterday…

On Youku:

Kim Jong-un’s Executed Ex-Girlfriend Hyon Song-wol’s Complete “Obscene Video” [“Sex Tape”] Exposed

North Korean singer Hyon Song-wol, due to disobeying Kim Jong-un’s directives “strictly prohibiting the viewing of obscene videos” and suspicion of filming, selling, and viewing a sex video, was made a state criminal, and was publicly executed by firing squad on 2013 August 20th. It was widely rumored that Hyon Song-wol was Kim Jong-un’s former love, and as a result, this incident has immediately become incredibly popular inciting heated discussion on the internet.

Comments on Youku:


It probably isn’t a problem with this kind of film. North Korea has probably produced quite a lot of films like this.


Even this is considered obscene? I didn’t see anything at all.


Where is it obscene?


Key words are: 1. disobey, 2. former love.


Even this is considered obscene = = Are you fucking kidding me, Fatty Kim III?


To be with a lord is to be with a tiger.


My pants are already off and this is what you have me watch?


No one would watch this even if it were from Japan!


Thighs are so thick.

囍之郎竹林风: (responding to above)

The video is squashed [stretched width].


It sure isn’t easy to survive in North Korea’s entertainment industry.


What difference is there between how we see North Korea and how America sees us~?


Well executed, well executed, releasing this kind of film is simply an insult to Fatty Kim III’s taste.


The main thing is that the panties were exposed, and that absolutely cannot be tolerated! Hehe~

Screenshots from a video purporting to be the "obscene sex video" that Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol was executed for.


This Fatty Kim is even worse than his old man.


Actually I think this choreography isn’t bad…


This is [obscene]? Can’t be this conservative, can they?


North Korean men are able to jack off this this?


Well-said, the United States feel we and North Korea are both old-fashioned, saying we are civilized but actually not, corrupt, avaricious, perverse, dirty…


Fucking, the reason she was shot was probably because the “name does not match the content”.


Poor North Koreans~ Can’t even watch this~


o(︶︿︶)o Sigh, being shot just for dancing this kind of enthusiastic dance! So lacking in human rights! So lacking in humanity! North Korea’s pretty girls hurry and seek asylum in China!


Just for this? I bet it’s because she knew some secret she wasn’t supposed to know.


This counts? I bet it’s because she knew too much…


After Fatty Kim III watched it, he became furious, thinking how could my personal plaything be seen and enjoyed by the public, and soon ordered: Drag her out and have her executed!


Sigh, such a backwards people, such a backwards country.


Do North Koreans know Big Bang and Lady Gaga, and also Girls Generation? If they were in North Korea then…


This is an obscene film??? Must be Ri Sol-ju.

Kim Jong un and wife Ri Sol-ju with a bouquet of flowers.
Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju.


Before the Reform and Opening Up, didn’t we also prohibit such things?


I’m speechless.


It probably isn’t this simple…


Sad North Koreans, incompetent leaders. Just look at what they’re wearing, using, eating. The world’s lowest level. And they want to build nuclear weapons. Forget about it.


This…alright then, there’s nothing that can be said, it’s so obscene I can’t even get hard.


They were still wearing underwear, it can’t be considered revealing! If even this requires being executed, how many hundreds of people would have to die on this planet?!


Don’t you guys think this is “headline party” [intentionally deceptive headline]? A trick to get views?

181709166: (responding to above)

I believe so too. I even think this news itself is fake. Think about how closed-off North Korea is, how could a scandal involving their leader be made so well-known [reported, talked-about]?


With this standard, how many times would the South’s Girl’s Generation be shot?


North Korean women’s legs sure are thick.

F东D杰J: (responding to above)

Our countrymen’s legs aren’t that slender either.


Trust me, this definitely isn’t the real reason she was executed!


In the 70s, there weren’t any female stars in our country who would dare wear super short skirts and dance this kind of dance, and what more, even use English. This definitely was brazen/daring.


Clothes weren’t even removed, how can they say this is an obscene film? ←_←

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with military officials.


How can you say they didn’t take off clothes? They clearly took off a red jacket.


This is called an obscene film? Then what should Teacher Sora Aoi‘s films be called?

亡灵镇魂歌: (responding to above)

Animal World.


If Fatty Kim II were Prime Minister of Japan, wouldn’t he have to have all the people of Japan shot?


Died so unjustly/undeservedly, what a pity.


I had tissues prepared already, and this is what I watch?


Old Kim must’ve had the same attitude as you, and that’s why he was so angry he had her killed.


This is fake, this can even be broadcasted on North Korean television.


Nonsense! It isn’t this at all.


I’m wondering what it’s like for North Koreans to be erect watching this. This may be the most pornographic, most exposed film they’ve ever seen.


I heard the execution is a rumor.


搞笑 About the same as us in the 1960s, where wearing jeans was the death penalty, where drinking coffee or perming your hair was the death penalty, where gathering people and having a party was the death penalty. Whoever says the era of Old Mao was good is whoever is BT in their heart/minds. If it weren’t for that bullshit, our current economy would at least be 10 years ahead.


By this measure, everyone in the world would be shot dead by Fatty Kim II -simida.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.


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