Kim Jong-un Ex-Girlfriend’s ‘Sex Tape’, Chinese Reactions

Screenshots from a video purporting to be the "obscene sex video" that Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol was executed for.

The following video currently has over 640k views on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku after being uploaded yesterday…

On Youku:

Kim Jong-un’s Executed Ex-Girlfriend Hyon Song-wol’s Complete “Obscene Video” [“Sex Tape”] Exposed

North Korean singer Hyon Song-wol, due to disobeying Kim Jong-un’s directives “strictly prohibiting the viewing of obscene videos” and suspicion of filming, selling, and viewing a sex video, was made a state criminal, and was publicly executed by firing squad on 2013 August 20th. It was widely rumored that Hyon Song-wol was Kim Jong-un’s former love, and as a result, this incident has immediately become incredibly popular inciting heated discussion on the internet.

Comments on Youku:


It probably isn’t a problem with this kind of film. North Korea has probably produced quite a lot of films like this.


Even this is considered obscene? I didn’t see anything at all.


Where is it obscene?


Key words are: 1. disobey, 2. former love.


Even this is considered obscene = = Are you fucking kidding me, Fatty Kim III?


To be with a lord is to be with a tiger.


My pants are already off and this is what you have me watch?


No one would watch this even if it were from Japan!


Thighs are so thick.

囍之郎竹林风: (responding to above)

The video is squashed [stretched width].


It sure isn’t easy to survive in North Korea’s entertainment industry.


What difference is there between how we see North Korea and how America sees us~?


Well executed, well executed, releasing this kind of film is simply an insult to Fatty Kim III’s taste.


The main thing is that the panties were exposed, and that absolutely cannot be tolerated! Hehe~

Screenshots from a video purporting to be the "obscene sex video" that Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend Hyon Song-wol was executed for.


This Fatty Kim is even worse than his old man.


Actually I think this choreography isn’t bad…


This is [obscene]? Can’t be this conservative, can they?


North Korean men are able to jack off this this?


Well-said, the United States feel we and North Korea are both old-fashioned, saying we are civilized but actually not, corrupt, avaricious, perverse, dirty…


Fucking, the reason she was shot was probably because the “name does not match the content”.


Poor North Koreans~ Can’t even watch this~


o(︶︿︶)o Sigh, being shot just for dancing this kind of enthusiastic dance! So lacking in human rights! So lacking in humanity! North Korea’s pretty girls hurry and seek asylum in China!


Just for this? I bet it’s because she knew some secret she wasn’t supposed to know.


This counts? I bet it’s because she knew too much…


After Fatty Kim III watched it, he became furious, thinking how could my personal plaything be seen and enjoyed by the public, and soon ordered: Drag her out and have her executed!


Sigh, such a backwards people, such a backwards country.


Do North Koreans know Big Bang and Lady Gaga, and also Girls Generation? If they were in North Korea then…


This is an obscene film??? Must be Ri Sol-ju.

Kim Jong un and wife Ri Sol-ju with a bouquet of flowers.

Kim Jong-un and wife Ri Sol-ju.


Before the Reform and Opening Up, didn’t we also prohibit such things?


I’m speechless.


It probably isn’t this simple…


Sad North Koreans, incompetent leaders. Just look at what they’re wearing, using, eating. The world’s lowest level. And they want to build nuclear weapons. Forget about it.


This…alright then, there’s nothing that can be said, it’s so obscene I can’t even get hard.


They were still wearing underwear, it can’t be considered revealing! If even this requires being executed, how many hundreds of people would have to die on this planet?!


Don’t you guys think this is “headline party” [intentionally deceptive headline]? A trick to get views?

181709166: (responding to above)

I believe so too. I even think this news itself is fake. Think about how closed-off North Korea is, how could a scandal involving their leader be made so well-known [reported, talked-about]?


With this standard, how many times would the South’s Girl’s Generation be shot?


North Korean women’s legs sure are thick.

F东D杰J: (responding to above)

Our countrymen’s legs aren’t that slender either.


Trust me, this definitely isn’t the real reason she was executed!


In the 70s, there weren’t any female stars in our country who would dare wear super short skirts and dance this kind of dance, and what more, even use English. This definitely was brazen/daring.


Clothes weren’t even removed, how can they say this is an obscene film? ←_←

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with military officials.


How can you say they didn’t take off clothes? They clearly took off a red jacket.


This is called an obscene film? Then what should Teacher Sora Aoi‘s films be called?

亡灵镇魂歌: (responding to above)

Animal World.


If Fatty Kim II were Prime Minister of Japan, wouldn’t he have to have all the people of Japan shot?


Died so unjustly/undeservedly, what a pity.


I had tissues prepared already, and this is what I watch?


Old Kim must’ve had the same attitude as you, and that’s why he was so angry he had her killed.


This is fake, this can even be broadcasted on North Korean television.


Nonsense! It isn’t this at all.


I’m wondering what it’s like for North Koreans to be erect watching this. This may be the most pornographic, most exposed film they’ve ever seen.


I heard the execution is a rumor.


搞笑 About the same as us in the 1960s, where wearing jeans was the death penalty, where drinking coffee or perming your hair was the death penalty, where gathering people and having a party was the death penalty. Whoever says the era of Old Mao was good is whoever is BT in their heart/minds. If it weren’t for that bullshit, our current economy would at least be 10 years ahead.


By this measure, everyone in the world would be shot dead by Fatty Kim II -simida.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

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  • slob

    This beats Paris Hilton’s and Pamela Anderson’s sex tapes by a mile. North Korea is full of whores.

    • mr.wiener


  • Refractions_of_Error

    He killed her because she secretly took this pic…

    • winterbitten

      I seriously wonder if this dude ever googles his name and if so, how he reacts.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        He just had his ex popped. That’s how he reacts. And he has nukes. Let’s all thank God that he’s too short to hit the red button.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        Or maybe he reacts like this?

        • Mighty曹

          That’s at the airport when Dennis Rodman was leaving him.

          • YourSupremeCommander

            Because he knows there won’t be another piece of big black meat for a while.

          • Refractions_of_Error

            But who is that behind him? Looks like he’s getting something rammed from behind and doesn’t like the sensation.

          • Mighty曹

            Nah… it’s tears of joy.

          • Refractions_of_Error

            Or pleasure?

        • The Enlightened One

          He looks constipated.

          “Always, with the stupid meetings! Why can’t we just nuke already! Oh god, I got to shit and I want mah pornz!”

    • Refractions_of_Error

      3 downvotes over this pic? Ok hope you like this one:

      • Mighty曹

        Haha… quite disturbing.

        • Refractions_of_Error

          Yes I agree, I wish he doesn’t nuke America :-)

          • Mighty曹

            Apart from being disturbing. hahaha…

          • Refractions_of_Error


    • mr.wiener

      …..I need bleach for my eyeballs now.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        How do you think his wife feels? No normal woman in the world would want that pounding them..

    • Mighty曹

      Serious manboobs.

  • biggj

    The 3 officials are about to get a little X rated…….North Korea style. :)

    • Refractions_of_Error

      Is that the Gimp official on the right?

    • vincent

      This never gets old, shows the versatility of Chinese officials.

      • RickyBeijing

        Every fucking time I crack up!!! I have the pic of the chinese floating officials stabbing the guy on the subway saving on my desktop, it’s brilliant!!!!

        I love the gimp!!!!

    • Mighty曹

      hahaha… damn!

    • takasar1

      yeah…getting old and boring. dont overdo it. it just looks sad

      • The Enlightened One

        Nah, it’s funny. These bastards should live in shame forever. Biggj is just doing his part to ensure that continues.

      • Refractions_of_Error

        Did you see the number of upvotes?

        • takasar1

          who cares? its overdone now. need new material

          • Refractions_of_Error

            Who cares? Not sure. But around 38 people seem to like it. That puts you in the minority of 2.

            @biggj:disqus has put a creative vibe in this and people like it. What? Just because you aren’t getting any attention so you have to yell “Boring”? It isn’t boring. What is boring and overdone is your criticising what is a popular theme. Don’t look at them if it hurts man.

          • takasar1

            lol, dont you love this argument? because you dont fit in and choose to express your opinion you are deemed an attention seeker?!? lol how weak. the fact is that when things are overdone and have a lessening impact, people begin getting annoyed by the constant misuse of ‘themes’. i am simply the first voice, afterwards if this ‘theme’ keeps on replaying itself more will agree with me. i’ve seen this 4-5 times in the last week, why cant we be creative and come up with a new ‘theme’? is innovation illegal?

          • Refractions_of_Error

            “Why cant we be creative and come up with a new ‘theme’?”

            Well why don’t you then. Instead of moaning about someone elses popularity.

            Besides, context defines creativity. What @biggj:disqus does is creative due to the new contexts within which he is able to use the same characters in different postures which makes him a rather creative fellow.

            I didn’t say you don’t fit in neither did I imply it. It does appear however, by your own admission, that this may well be the case. Chew on that for a bit.

          • takasar1

            “That puts you in the minority of 2”, does this not imply that i dont fit it? try to read what you write next time. now we’re just bordering on the ridiculous, why should i care about @biggj, his popularity or what he posts??this is the internet genius, i wouldnt know or particularly care if you or @biggj or anyone on this site dropped dead right about now and i’m sure you all feel the same way about me. why should i create a meme? i dont care enough and i dont have the time, i simply posted a comment saying its getting lame recently. he can do what he wants with my opinion, i dont care too much and i doubt he does either. the question is, why do you?

          • Refractions_of_Error

            “…or particularly care if you or @biggj or anyone on this site dropped dead right about now and i’m sure you all feel the same way about me…”

            “..i dont care too much and i doubt he does either. the question is, why do you?”

            You write an awful lot for someone who doesn’t care too much.

            Go easy on the bottle. Make some friends. It’s not that hard. When solitude turns into loneliness, it leads to a bitter mindset. Think this over. This conversation, if you can call it that, is done. Next page.

          • takasar1

            dont worry i’ll be throwing the bottle away soon since this conversation is ‘apparently’ over. by the way can you now please stop committing incest and get a job (what? i thought we were playing a game of who-can-make-the-most-presumptuously-stupid-and-ignorant-comment)? btw, if commenting is a testament to caring, then you either have too much time on your hands, in which case i recommend reading a book, or you really need to meet real people

      • Guy Fawkes

        ChinaSmack would be boring without the “3 official” photo series. I actually look forward to it and got disappointed if it is not posted that day.

        • Refractions_of_Error

          Well it has become a highlight and everyone here knows it. I bet those officials themselves laugh their asses off. I just wonder who downvotes, they must be so full of life…

    • linette lee

      biggj, what is that thing he is holding? you are so crazy,

      Someone needs to assasinate fat Kim.

      • biggj

        It’s a big black rubber cock. haha

        • linette lee

          Maybe we should raise money to hire a team of professional hitman or…hitwoman and send them to North Korea as spies to assassinate fat kim. How about raise one billion dollar. We donate $5 each.

    • Germandude


    • Cv


    • Guang Xiang

      man, i would love chinese netizens to see this

    • firebert5

      Someone call the cops! Youku’s spreading rumors!

  • mr.wiener

    Conveniently ignoring the fact that his old man had one of the largest porn collections in Asia….

    I particularly liked the comment : “What difference is there between how we see North Korea and how America sees us~?”…heh, now this fella I would like to sit down and have a drinking session with.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    fo realz son!

    • Refractions_of_Error

      Here’s bad boy.

      • Balefulness

        Here is the yankee bad boy who promised CHANGE!

        • with change he meant small amounts of money.

    • The Enlightened One

      I swear, whenever I hear about North Korea… all I hear is Benny Hill music… because I can never take them seriously…

      Just a bunch of morons running back and forth… doing random things until somebody gets hurt.

      If you don’t know what “Benny Hill” chase music is… then go Google and listen to it now and look at these pictures… then you will understand.

  • MrT

    I bet their right horny in bed NK girls.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      Depending on what they are in bed with…not with this:

    • Mighty曹

      Maybe Dennis Rodman knows if you’re right.

  • Guest

    the video is gone. is there another link?

    • Yeah.. Youtube sucks.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The reason I love chinasmack… see below all these posts.

    Unlike other pussy websites, we can post all we want, a true free for all!

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    Can’t see the video


    Damn, video was removed on YouTube. Fuck YouTube, I just want to see some North Korea pussy.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    I like this couple better.

  • YourSupremeCommander


    • Mighty曹

      “and grab some extra napkins. They’re good quality ones I can wipe my fat ass with”.

      • Germandude

        “and grab some extra napkins. Mommy keeps asking me about the white blobs on my bed. Gotta prevent that”

        • Mighty曹


    • Balefulness

      That pic just makes me distrust koreans even more

      • Mighty曹

        Evil faces all around.

  • Mighty曹

    So she spread her legs during a dance on a stage. That’s obscenity punishable by death?

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  • Robert Rou

    Porno video with no porn. Fake story. Deceptive advertising on so many levels.

    • mr.wiener

      I was crushed as well.

  • Jem
    • Agus Dwikarna

      Regardless whether that video is the real culprit… wearing those high heels and yet able to move with such ease… wow

  • Kev

    I’m so Ronery
    So ronery
    So ronery and sadry alone

    There’s no one
    Just me onry
    sitting on my rittle throne
    I work rearry hard and make up great prans
    But nobody ristens, no one understands
    Seems like no one takes me serirousry

    And so I’m ronery
    A rittle ronery
    Poor rittle me

    There’s nobody
    I can rerate to
    Feel rike a bird in a cage
    It’s kinda sihry
    But not rearry
    Because it’s fihring my body with rage

    I’m the smartest most crever most physicarry fit
    But nobody else seems to rearize it
    When I change the world maybe they’ll notice
    But until then I’rr just be ronery
    Rittle ronery, poor rittle me

    I’m so ronery

  • narsfweasels

    “My pants are already off and this is what you have me watch?”

    You win the internet. All of it. Shut it down, shut it all down, it’s over.

  • videmus

    I’ve seen this video before (years ago), it’s supposedly a recording of one of KJI’s gippumjo troupes performing some of their least risque acts. Others say it was an old Japanese parody/reenactment, or even Japanese/South Korean propaganda meant to discredit KJI. In any case, it’s old and can’t be the porn video that we’re all looking for talking about.

  • 剑胆琴心

    i wonder why no one ever tried to murder him???
    he is like a joke,living in his empire dream.
    and he even only likes women look like him…

    • linette lee

      Does fat Kim has an email address? I want to email him and tell him to fxcking go die. That’s my love email to him.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      I think we should relax with the murderous intent and let nature run its course.

    • Robert Rou


  • “thighs are so thick”
    I mean “purrrr”

    • Balefulness

      Indeed my good man, indeed.

  • jd

    n korea is like so ridiculous………………

  • The Enlightened One

    North Korea… is like the village idiot of the world. Every town and city has at least one complete moron that thinks he is awesome and every laughts at…

    Earth has North Korea.

    I bet for the Milky Way Galaxy it is Earth, thanks to idiots like this!

  • RickyBeijing

    I would honestly pay a lot of money to see that!!!! The three officials in jurassic park, the three officials at the g20 summit, it’d be fucking epic!!!!

    • Refractions_of_Error

      And the 3 Officials in the government buildings in Beijing…

  • Guest


  • Refractions_of_Error

    • Mighty曹

      She was executed the next day for not shedding enough tear.

      • Cauffiel

        Serves her right.

  • Slenth

    He is an insane murdering bastard just like his father and Mao.

    • Refractions_of_Error

      This world has had, and still has, more than 3 leaders who were/are murdering bastards.And bitches.

  • Refractions_of_Error

    You might be onto something here Sir. I mean, can you imagine? They could become a global hit. I think @biggj:disqus has unwittingly created a biz opportunity for himself.

  • Refractions_of_Error


    • dwallace37

      Comedy genius. Mixing of the R and L… lol so funny. super funny.

  • Refractions_of_Error

    • Balefulness

      cold, callous looking lot

      • Mighty曹

        These are the ‘elites’. Well dressed and fed.

      • Monkeekong

        They don’t look at all cold or callous to me. But how can you say that about them? They’re just the citizens, they’ve done nothing wrong.

        • Robert Rou

          I don’t think you’ve figured out what this site is for yet.

          • Whoo

            Indeed and good point. There’s a subgroup on this site who seem to enjoy the repulsive habit of denigrating whole groups of people. Many of these aren’t even old timers, or expats, having nothing to do with China yet love sticking their big, hairy nostrils in and stinking up the whole place. :)

        • Whoo

          I actually agree on this. There seems to be many in the anonymous crowd that enjoys gloating at the sufferings of others. How they can derive amusement from that is beyond me.

          • Monkeekong

            seems like this is a case of “misery loves company.” Either that or “haters gonna hate.”

  • Rick in China

    I guess the netizens don’t realize the situation is likely more of a:

    Fatty still loves (or fucks) his love of many years, wife finds out something still going on, wife says “execute her and everyone involved” under the guise of.. “anything that we can mask it under”. Same thing he’s doing with the generals who don’t respect him as they did his father (forced respect or not), execute ’em all. One of them had a mortor dropped on his f’in head under the guise of “not mourning fatty il’ sufficiently, and drinking during the 100 day mourning period.” Come on now..

  • Monkeekong

    omg that video of Hyon Song-wol is making me so hot…

    • Mighty曹

      I touched myself watching it.

      • Cauffiel

        I touched myself thinking of watching it.

        • Mighty曹

          What happens if you watch it?
          Erm… never mind. Don’t answer.

  • aasdf

    maybe she threatened to expose some of his nasty secrets or sex behavior. so they off’d her

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  • One Dolla

    If Chinese people know how bad North Korean regime is, why does China still support North Korea? Why don’t Chinese help North Koreans defecting to South Korea instead of turning them into Chinese police? Why don’t China end the support for the murderous regime?

    • Whoo

      Sometimes, the people are separate from the government and all governments cater for their own self interests, sometimes these self-interests are not very noble at all in our eyes. They (governments) often have a lot more power and brainwashing over citizens than given credit for, and in China’s case, we all know how it ends up should you choose to revolt.

      That said, it’s not over till the fat lady starts singing. Hopefully, SK/NK can sort their differences ASAP, and NK suffering will be put to an end.

      Hopefully, more Chinese will have the courage to stand up for what’s right.

      If nothing else, I hope the younger generation will have a change of heart, you never know what the future brings.

      • James Wang

        We are not TALKING about “standing up for what’s right”, we are DOING it by action. While you fools criticise us because we didn’t do according to your wishes and your plan, do you realise that your plan DOESN’T f**king work! We Chinese care about results, hardcore result. You Americans care about slogans and cheaps words for the public. The current Chinese policy towards NK is the best for the world, we give only the minimal food and fuel to function as a society. The NK is probably one of the most closed society the world has seen. You call them communists, but guess what, Carl Marx’s original works are even allow to be published and sold in NK. NK is never to be reason with, you can only play carefully with it. Your slimmy politicians want us to get tough on NK, well, NK have Nukes! And they ONLY have the missiles to reach China, Russian Far-East and SK (probably Japan)! If our leaders happen to be stupid enough to listen to your advice and cut off this life line to NK, what do you think the Mad Dog Fatty Kim would do? he would fucking nuke us with his pathetic nukes in hopes to start a large scale nuclear world war(because we have nukes too). and your black president would say “my condolences to the dead Chinese” with a fucking grin on his face and move in your troops just when Chinese forces start beating up on the NK, and then the great heroic US lead peacekeeping force will put their flag of triumph on the radio-active ruins of korea and manchuria.

    • James Wang

      …….sweet heart, what make you think we are supporting NK because we want to? International affair is not idealistic fairy tales that you would tell your children, it requires strategic thinking. At this very moment, we can not afford to stop our aid to NK, because they depend on us, and their population is more brainwashed than NAZI germany. Just think about it: if China stop aiding NK, do you think Fatty Kim would just step down and admit defeat, and be like a nice little kitty obeying all international norms? they would go to war with China and SK and the US altogether, because they are already a hell hole and they have nothing to lose! NK is a borderline desprate state, because their people isn’t even aware that there is an alternative, that the US and the West ACTUALLY has a living standard incomparably better than NK. Therefore if the NK decide to go to war, they will fight to the last man! Is that what you want to see?—dead Chinese, dead Koreans, and dead Japanese ad dead Americans? Do you wanna see the bulk of the 20 million plus NKoreans dead? Is that what you want? You Americans live in a safe enviornment with no real threats but your imagination, you don’t even see how human society works.

  • Justin

    Fuck ya’ll. I’m moving to North Korea. They got unicorns.

  • 永坚 梅

    Kim Jong-un ask her play a dirty movie and she work this out so be killed
    excuse my english,i m studing.

  • A Sage

    The girls are talented and they dance beautifully. May they be well and happy in the future life.

  • Mike Lovett

    To visit N. Korea must be liking stepping out of a time machine to China circa 1990. Heck, when I arrived in China in 2001, I saw a lot of rather early 80s/90s type stuff.
    N. Korea! A trip to the past! An a big no no to porn unless you are “The Kim”.

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