Kindergarten Teacher Repeatedly Hits 2-Year-Old Schoolgirl

China, a teacher and mother of a fellow classmate repeatedly hits a 2-year-old girl.

From Tianya:

Kindergarten/nursery teacher abuses two-year-old child, where is the humanity!!!

I am already almost at my wit’s end, but I just want to get some justice for my child!!

My daughter is only two and a half years old, and attends Xuzhou City children’s art school [nursery/kindergarten]. On the morning of September 1st, she had a quarrel with another child in her class over a small stool. Allegedly, my daughter scratched that child’s hand. That child’s mother just so happens to be a teacher at the nursery, and when she heard what happened, she rushed over to vent anger for her daughter. That child’s mother, Teacher Chen, then not only shoved but also hit my daughter for 10 minutes, and throughout all of this, all of the other teachers uniformly stood by and did nothing, not a single person going forth to intervene.

After my daughter was hit, the kindergarten teacher even called me and said that my daughter hit bit the other child, and wanted me to take the child that was bitten to go get a rabies vaccination!

After rushing to the school, I had a quarrel with that child’s mother, and only after I had requested during the quarrel to watch the video footage did I learn how my daughter was hit. I no longer want to remember that heartbreaking scene, but I forcefully copied the video recording from the kindergarten, am posting it here, hoping to ask everyone to help me, using legal channels to safeguard our personal rights!

A copy on

A copy on YouTube:

Comments from Tianya:


Fuck, is that woman still human? Whatever problem can be dealt directly with the parents! The other teachers are also inhuman!


If it were me, I’d directly go find her daughter and directly beat her daughter to death and then see!


Children fighting is children’s business, how can parents hit other people’s children!
Is it still safe for our children at nurseries/kindergartens? It is good that it was caught on video, but who knows how much more frightening things are not caught on video.
Why doesn’t that [other] teacher do something!!


Expose [her], this kind of teacher should be dismissed, and the school also bears responsibility, for employing this kind of teacher.
If it were my daughter treated like this, I would beat up that bullshit teacher.


Watching this makes me really upset! How can there be someone of such character! And those other garbage teachers! Your poor baby! Hug hug~


Going to kindergarten/nursery school at just two and half years old, I think it is really difficult for China’s children to have a good childhood. A country where even a child’s childhood is stripped away, I can’t see what hope there can be had!


Hitting the face, hitting so many times, that’s going too far…At most, if [a child] is truly too naughty/misbehaving, a couple spanks on the butt can be understood.


What kind of teacher is this? What kind of emotional/mental impact has she had on the child? Xuzhou parents take note, be careful when sending your children to this kindergarten/nursery, lest your children encounter the same experience!!!
Suggest human flesh searching the teacher, so that she can never be a teacher again in this lifetime, that scum amongst teachers!!!


Strongly request the louzhu publicly release the kindergarten/nursery principal’s surname and contact methods, publicly release this abusive female hooligan teacher’s contact methods and surname. She must be discredited/ruined. Too disgusting, too vicious, too disappointing, and yet this kind of women is able to find her way into the teaching profession. Today the louzhu‘s daughter was abused, tomorrow it could be everyone’s child. Must support [the effort to bring the teacher to justice].

I am a Beijing netizen, so angry I can’t calm down.


I can’t watch any further. How could someone hit such a small child, just thinking about how helpless the child must have been makes me upset.

From Liba:

Outrageous [to both god and man], a kindergarten teacher hitting like this, with video there is truth

After watching the entire video, I was in tears.
Everyone please go to Tianya.
I really can’t imagine how a kindergarten teacher can hit a 2.5-year-old child like this. Furious, furious!
The attacker has been human flesh searched, but I haven’t yet seen her telephone number.
When I see it, I will add it here. I want to call her home phone until it explodes. Chen Ying, 27-years-old this year, lives at Jinshan Bridge, Jinshan Xiaoyue Building#18, Unit 3, Room 501. Furious!

What would you do if your child was treated this way?

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  • Jay K.

    oh yah sofa time! its peanut butter jelly time!

  • mistyken

    who would do something like this when there’s a camera around? is this her first day at work? shouldn’t she know that there’s a camera somewhere??
    i guess people this dumb deserves what’s going to happen to them.

  • FoB

    bitch got human flesh searched, gg.

    • bill

      hahaha. it’s a scary, powerful thing…

    • Alikese

      The lady’s a huge cunt, but I don’t like human flesh searches. Putting up someone’s name and address so that millions of raging, hormone-charged netizens can get their revenge isn’t something that I would want to be a part of.

      • Bando

        Yeah, the internet hate machine exist in china as well. If the kindergarten knew what she would do with the video footage, they probably would have offered monetary compensation instead.

  • Red Setter

    I recommend fly the airplane-position 2 and dunce’s hat for the street parade.

    Brothers we are our greatest danger. There are too many callous cold hearted bitches like her who will screw up our grand plan for the yellow race to rule the world… zero morals…

    Another example of the impact of monthly syndrome on our women…

    Come to think of it… this is the way to beat those who threaten our beloved Motherland… prime these mad women up like ticking time bombs and then send them to the villages of Xinjiang and Tibet… mad as hell these ruthless cows

  • Baidu

    this kind of teacher must be fuck and hang to death.. the kid is only 2 years old and she doesn’t know yet what is right or wrong. that’s why the parent send this kid to school to teach a good manners but how this kid will learn if this kind of teacher will teach them..

  • ann

    what’s the fuck mission of a teacher! Nomatter what happend between the two little girls, she should teach them how to solve the problem with human way than to use animal way.But the truth is :quite a lot of Chinese teachers have very low quality.

  • Krell

    Heartless teacher, putting her anger to the poor child. child is child they don’t know yet what is right and what is not! Stupid mother!! If that is my son i will throw her in the window.

  • eattot

    how come a teacher behaves like this!
    i remember once i beat a girl to tears in kindergarten, i did not mean that, just a joke but i hit her too hard. all girls accused me and i was so scared. teacher came after knew what happened, she did not fine me at all. just told us not to tease each other or cry so much.
    once my mother went to pick my niece up, she saw a boy pushed her down into garden, she cried a lot. my mother was very angry, but still, she did not touch that boy, just told him should not do that any more or will tell his parents.

  • Krell

    Too painful to watch..
    The teacher must be punished!
    Hitting a helpless child like that! Inhuman! child is a child they don’t know yet what is right and what is wrong!

  • John

    Fucking bitch. Give me 5 minutes with her. I’ll show her who the boss is. And she won’t ever forget it.

  • Baidu

    this is child abuse you must sue this fucking, mother fucking bitch teacher!!!

  • Tony

    The little girl grows up and becomes violence-prone, the cycle continues……..


    find a lawyer and sue her..seriously if its me ill will slap her and hit her back cause its my child and she have no rights to hit her….that teacher suck..

  • Alex

    There’s nothing I hate more than violence towards women, but if I were that child’s father and seen this video, I would’ve beaten the shit out of that woman.

  • It appears that the safeguards that P.R. Chinese officials installed after the last wave of attacks on young children is starting to take effect – but not in a way that most folks that it would. Point of note – at two and a half years old, that location is not a kindergarden, but most likely a pre-school – so the question of how well the “teachers” are trained comes into question. Furthermore, it appears that there was a failure by the staff to seperate what was clearly an irate mother, not a fellow employee, from a child that was not her’s.

    Result? Would not be surprised that the follow up story to this event is that the mother no longer has a job (if not CCP) or that the cameras are suddenly required to be located only in the halls and entrances of the establishment (if the mother was CCP).

    • bobiscool

      lol… fantasies of an ignorant foreigner. You realize there are A LOT of CCP members, most of whom the government does not care about at all, right? Chances are, she is a CCP member, but I doubt she’d get any special treatment, seeing as most CCP members are as worthless as non-members. Only if you’re higher ranked do you get special treatment

      • Mike

        My thoughts exactly. 75m CCP members at the last count.

        The issue for me is that the parent seems to think the internet is more likely to deliver justice than going straight to the police.

        This will lose the school face. The teacher may be sacked, maybe not depending on connections, but unless the child’s parent is well connected, the school may well cause problems due to the loss of face incurred by going to the net. Unless, of course, collective parent outrage brings pressure on the school.

        People in China have no faith in the legal system. Until they have a system they can trust, the net and guanxi networks will continue to be the only routes to redress of grievances.

    • bobiscool and mike,

      I was refering the mother who struck the child (remember she attacked her in the classroom after she felt that the child bit her her kid). Much like the bruhaha with the official with a taste for young girls – if the mother is found to be CCP/guanxi – then incidents like this will be buried.

      • crackedbamboo

        Thanks again for your typically articulate, banal and malformed analysis on the machinations of the Chinese mind. Ass.

        • {smile} What is the old Chinese proverb? “He who throws the first punch loses the arguement.” Thanks for proving it yet again. Hm… yet another example of CCP = all of China response?

          Nice touch on using the dictionary and/or the thesaurus though.

          • Ryan

            yeah, I agree with your explanation. So that’s why the bitch hit the little girl so many times. It’s just not fair.

  • Nereis

    That employees blatant lack of restraint violates her duty of care that she holds for that child. It does not matter what happens, you should have enough presence of mind to not violate the trust customers have in putting their children in your care.

  • annie

    This fucking asshole doesn’t even deserve to be called a teacher. I’m worried about the chinese kingdergarten education. That poor little girl is only 2 years old, she doesn’t even know how to express herself by a whole sentence. Goddamn this piece of trash, she should be hang to death. I would’ve killed that fucking bitch if i were that poor girl’s mother. And also, fuck that school and the other fucking teachers allow this to happen .

    • crackedbamboo

      ^^ That is the sexiest thing ever posted on this site.

    • John

      Finally it’s heartwarming to see someone take hold and discipline these little Chinese brats. God knows the parents don’t know how to do it. Spoiled brat!

    • Rick in China

      Your reaction is itchy and skratchy.

      Itchy pulls a pencil, scratchy pulls a knife, itchy pulls a crossbow, scratchy pulls a gun, itchy pulls a shotgun, scratchy pulls an AK, itchy pulls a bazooka, scratchy pulls RPG, itchy pulls a missle, scratchy pulls an a-bomb, and the world explodes.

      The lady should be banned from any sort of work dealing with children, arrested for some time, and possibly subject to a civil lawsuit. But she didn’t _kill_ the child.

  • 洋人

    What sort of example is that to set for children? 这个女流氓实在太BT了。If she’d done that in Britain she would be deemed to be a danger to children and her own child would be taken away from her, and she would deserve it. Bitch!

  • elenore

    Every Country has had problems with D-Bags abusing Pre-School Child/Elderly Care.My youngest just started kindergarten yesterday.However I am surprised the adult isn’t charged with abuse.I like that now there are Web Cams and education standards and back ground checks in most U.S. states on people taking care of the young now we just need them for our elderly.I applaud the mother of the child being abused,I probably 90% chance have physically attacked anyone who abuses my children.

    • Master C

      5000 years of hilariously awful culture … are better and caused less harm than a single year of the British Colonial Empire, Vietnam or Iraq.

  • elenore

    You know what even if it was or wasn’t my child If I saw a teacher abusing a toddler.I would probably fight them.I mean jewelry off, shoe beating.

  • jiang zhemin

    when i was young, i was hit by my teacher. as a result, i am now a chinese, corrupted, gay, and dumb government official.

    • Alikese

      Who can’t even spell his own name. Oh, woe is you!

  • Li RuiKe

    This is where lawyers and lawsuits are badly needed. These so-called schools are thriving all over China. Just because parents are too greedy to raise their own children doesn’t mean that the kids should be subject to abuse. Thank God for security cameras, since none of the ‘professional childcare worker” employees has a living heart. We all just love money. Shut up if something threatens our money, right? Nothing is more important. right?

    • Spanky

      Lawsuit. That’s the funniest thing I heard. There is rule of law here in China. If you’re a lawyer and sue the wrong people on behalf of some poor victim, you get your ass thrown in jail.

  • Alikese

    I definitely saw some sound beatings in primary school; not 10 minute TKOs like this video, but some serious whacks. Kids would act out of line and my 90 pound co-teacher would go throw books across the room, shout obscenities, slap kids and pull ears. It made me kind of uncomfortable, but it did make damn sure that the students were paying attention.

    The funny thing is that during our Chinese lessons we would jokingly tell stories about beating our students with chairs or stealing their pencilboxes, whatever would make class slightly more entertaining. Then we would look over at our Chinese teacher who would be ashen faced, and mortified by what we were saying. She assumed that every word that came out of our mouths was God’s honest truth. Eventually we cut down on those jokes before the Jingcha showed up at our doors to ask questions.

  • Frost

    I’m in Canada and still can’t believe it,if you look closely you will see that BOTH of the teachers hit the kid,over 20 times.As a parent I don’t think I could handle someone hitting my child,they better hope the police find them before i do.It’s every parent’s instinctive duty to protect their child from harm.I showed it to a few parents and they’re naturally freaking out about how a teacher and fellow parent could do this,we trust these people with our most valuable posessions.

  • Jellomould

    This is tragic and deplorable but as previous comments have stated, I’m sure this happens alot more. The main crux of the issue is that this is sadly another byproduct of getting jobs through guanxi and the fact that child protection policy in schools here is all but non-existent. So why are you surprised? Unless you’re going to/want to change all that then you should start looking after your own kids for once! This is what happens when your kids spend almost their entire childhood in someone elses care i.e. grandparents, kindergarten, primary school, middle school / boarding school, high school / boarding school, university / boarding school. I’m watching 8-11 year olds doing night class as we speak. Leaving almost a kid’s entire childhood upbringing in the hands of Jo Blo? Around here? No way! Think about how most people get jobs around here. Of course you’re going to get a bad carer or three. You only have to play it by the numbers aswell. The more time out of their own parents care they spend, the more chance there is of this. I prefer my kids being raised by my ethics and morals, not some other guys. I want kids so they are around to love and be loved. Not so I can ship them off and palm them off to every family member and over-priced crackpot school that I can. If you can’t / don’t want to, look after your own kids, then don’t have em! They’re your kids! Look after them! Don’t sent them off to every little hole school abrim with dubiously qualified and surreptitiously hired teachers, and then complain when they don’t look after them aswell as you like. If you want them taken care of like yadayada, the easiest way is to do it yourself! You made your bed, now sleep in it.

    • crackedbamboo

      yadayada just about sums up your comment.

  • Mike

    The teacher should be sacked, but no doubt the victim’s parents will settle for free kindergarten education and lots of money.

    Disgraceful though. Say a lot about grievance procedures that the parent didn’t take the footage straight to the police.

    China really needs to build a legal system people can have faith in.

  • 水溶C1000

    Hey, is this in Xuzhou? 徐州,江苏省???

  • Andrea

    I am just furious. I am in the US and can’t find any info on the board of education or anything. Somebody do something about this. I am sending this to everyone I know.

  • lefthandluke

    this teacher deserves not only to be dismissed but banned from teaching children. permanent psychological damage can be suffered by the children she inflicts her rage upon.
    kids don’t know better and requires adults to tell them right from wrong. this bitch of a teacher is the one acting like a spoilt kid. this is one reason i’ll never send my son to a local school. the teachers are untrained and the kids turn out socially unadjusted.

  • The John

    Another problem with Chinese schools is the clear lack of discipline rules. In the states, if children act up too much… the school has the right to dismiss the student or expell(sp) them. The problem with Chinese schools, is that they are so hell bent on making money, that they will keep the rude or disruptive kids at all costs. When I was attending this school. The teachers told me that bonuses were paid by the number of excellent students they kept. In China, I have never seen a single disrespectful student sent to the teachers office or expelled. So, you have a high pressure situation with teachers + rich students with no manners + parents that don’t teach their children how to behave + everyone trying to achieve a goal of being #1 = EXPLOSION!!!!

    It could be worse. She could have put on an eye patch and TIGER SHOT/UPPERCUT the student to death… Although, I think throwing the student head first into a desk comes pretty close…..

    • Teacher in China

      Agreed. In the school I work in, it’s virtually impossible to expel a student. I had to take a stand once and simply refuse to teach until one group of 3 girls was dealt with. It took a week, and one was expelled (probably the one with the least amount of connections…)

      • Dan Danger

        I teach in a college and even failing a kid who never shows up to class once throws some of the leaders into a tizz. Total panic if the kid complains later. But they have the safety net in all colleges of the ‘retest’ and even the ‘retest retest’. And even if they fail those or do not show up for retests nothing happens, they in the next semester’s roll already.

  • carlstar

    My comment was censored????

    I say again. In Chinese kindergartens it is fine to hit children, aslong as they don’t leave a mark.
    I have seen it and was just that.

  • Octavian

    Is she is Chinese she probably did something wrong anways. Play on.

  • KK

    should fuck that teacher up her ass, sideways, up her mouth!! no child deserves any beating at all, after all they are children and we are grown ups and we have more brains they a small child has….but i guess chinese people are brought up this way so what can say!!!

  • Peter

    I think this teacher should be fired, but isn’t this kind of abuse pretty common in China? I have seen lots of parents smack their kids around, not to mention all the wives and girl friends getting beaten by their husbands and boyfriends. (sometimes I also see the men getting smacked… )

    • Bando

      you’re telling me, i saw this nuibi the other day beating and kicking this girl in a back seat of his car publicly a few days ago. whatever the story behind those bouts of violence, its not going to justify much when a male uses force on a female.


    • Stacy


  • anbei

    Sadly the teacher is not intelligent enough to see the stupidity of her actions.
    Sadly many teachers are of low intelligence.

  • Bando

    Even at a tender age of 2 they get into fights and then bend their parents to get things their way. But if the little girl bit someone, then she should be punished and taught not to do so. However, that teacher should not beat children not her own.

  • Andy

    well Im just a simple polish butcher working hard.And Im not into violance,but for this ID CUC HER FUCKING HEAD WITH A DULL KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SLOWLY……

    • bando

      Oh that’s great. Why don’t you recite some verses from the Qur’an while performing the act. And don’t forget to record it and put it on youTube.

  • victor

    My baby will go to a kindergarten here in China (I’m from Spain)

    Man, if this happen to my baby…. I will go to the school and hit the teacher until almost die, he/she wont die, but she/he will ask for it, because I will make the teacher suffer until he/she ask me to kill her/him!!!! this is fucking horrible!!! How come those Chinese are like this!!!!

    They don’t deserve to be called Chinese!!! they are dogs!! not even dogs! just garbage!!!!

  • Ingrid

    This video made me very sad. I am in training to become an early childhood educator and never could I even imagine treating a child this way.

  • Mark Van Valkenburgh

    If a child being abused as this poor little girl was would be fired in an instant in most parts of the USA. While we certainly have our share of abusive and incompetent teachers, even with the unions obstruction we are able to get rid of them (from their profession). Children do things they shouldn’t, the teacher and parents role is to show them the error they have made in behavior and then try to get the children to agree it was bad behavior and that it won’t be repeated. It also would be a good idea for children not to go to the same school where their mother works, as she is obviously going to favor her child over the others, as she did in this instance.

  • teachers should not hit children like that. if children are bickering in school, then it should be settled in the office. no one has the right to hit or malign another;s child. i would feel bad if my daughter got bitten by another child so i would try to keep my daughter away from that other child. but i have no right to hit the other child. and goodness sakes! they are only toddlers!!!

  • Rick in China

    What the fuck. More of these “If it were me, I’d directly go find her daughter and directly beat her daughter to death and then see!” type of comments.

    There are some SERIOUS anger issues up on these Chinese boards.

    • bando

      This is China after all. Most parents here probably beat their own kids if they misbehave. A mother hitting another child in her work place is taking it another step, perhaps a step too far. What I didn’t like is how she aligned herself against another child without considering any fault with her own one.

      • Nicole

        The more I learn about China, the more skeptical to go there.
        I was once love China but now I have second thought. If this happens in the west, this bloody school teacher will have life threatening not from the Parents but from the PUBLIC! Such behaviour is totally not acceptable! I think you should make a police report. Secondly look for a child phycologist to examine your daughter, then go to the media and the board of education. THen look for a lawyer. Start filing a law suit. If that can’t be done in China, go to the international organisation that protect child against cruelty! If that cannot help, go to international media telling the world that you can’t do anything in china while your child is being beaten up by a kindergarden teacher. TAKE A PICTURE OF HER FACE post it in the internet and to all Education sector. Tell them not to employ her. All parents who see this teacher in their school bycott that school.

  • HardLifeInChina

    Please close that school, and restart recruitment of teachers/nurses.
    This video let me speechlees, as parent with daughter at kindergarten (in China).
    Life is hard to Live in China (sometimes)

  • nicole

    first, not in any condolence to the way chinese do things.. but normally as a chinese american looking in on this.. you grow up to know that chinese from china a pretty heartless and cruel. they are almost robotic and very cold when it comes to anything humanistic. why do you think they have no problem with putting rat poison in tooth paste and all of the other hundreds of chemicals they put in foods or goods sent all over the world? its because they lack empathy and everything is about the dollar.

    in this case, yes its cruel what happened to your daughter.. but trying to appeal to anyone IN china will not work. they simply can not fathom anything beyond something called feelings.


  • phobe lexx

    Trusting your children to strangers instead of being responsible for them is the fault of the parents and NO ONE ELSE’S. The public school prison system doesn’t prepare children for the real world, or for that “unknowable future”.

    “A nation born of lies and deceit will die of lies and deceit.” – Russell Means

  • Duchemin

    The teacher should be punished, not just fired, so should the other teachers who watched and did not stop her. Child abuse is a crime.

  • Dan Danger

    This is what is amazing: 1) The woman still has her job 2) She was not arrested and prosecuted.
    This happens everyday in Chinese schools and will continue to happen.

  • nana

    i think the child to got hurt only had like a lil scratch wat a spoilt brat =-=

  • Dan Danger

    Essentially Chinese people are bullies. In their day to day affairs as well as their international relations. Parents and teachers always beat on small kids like this. Nothing unusual at all. Usually fights here involve 5 to 10 people against one. people with authority do not knwo how to manage it, this is from a store clerk on up to high ranking govt officials. They see power as useless unless they harm somebody with it.

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