Kindergarten Teacher Repeatedly Hits 2-Year-Old Schoolgirl

China, a teacher and mother of a fellow classmate repeatedly hits a 2-year-old girl.

China, a teacher and mother of a fellow classmate repeatedly hits a 2-year-old girl.

From Tianya:

Kindergarten/nursery teacher abuses two-year-old child, where is the humanity!!!

I am already almost at my wit’s end, but I just want to get some justice for my child!!

My daughter is only two and a half years old, and attends Xuzhou City children’s art school [nursery/kindergarten]. On the morning of September 1st, she had a quarrel with another child in her class over a small stool. Allegedly, my daughter scratched that child’s hand. That child’s mother just so happens to be a teacher at the nursery, and when she heard what happened, she rushed over to vent anger for her daughter. That child’s mother, Teacher Chen, then not only shoved but also hit my daughter for 10 minutes, and throughout all of this, all of the other teachers uniformly stood by and did nothing, not a single person going forth to intervene.

After my daughter was hit, the kindergarten teacher even called me and said that my daughter hit bit the other child, and wanted me to take the child that was bitten to go get a rabies vaccination!

After rushing to the school, I had a quarrel with that child’s mother, and only after I had requested during the quarrel to watch the video footage did I learn how my daughter was hit. I no longer want to remember that heartbreaking scene, but I forcefully copied the video recording from the kindergarten, am posting it here, hoping to ask everyone to help me, using legal channels to safeguard our personal rights!

A copy on 56.com:

A copy on YouTube:

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Comments from Tianya:


Fuck, is that woman still human? Whatever problem can be dealt directly with the parents! The other teachers are also inhuman!


If it were me, I’d directly go find her daughter and directly beat her daughter to death and then see!


Children fighting is children’s business, how can parents hit other people’s children!
Is it still safe for our children at nurseries/kindergartens? It is good that it was caught on video, but who knows how much more frightening things are not caught on video.
Why doesn’t that [other] teacher do something!!


Expose [her], this kind of teacher should be dismissed, and the school also bears responsibility, for employing this kind of teacher.
If it were my daughter treated like this, I would beat up that bullshit teacher.


Watching this makes me really upset! How can there be someone of such character! And those other garbage teachers! Your poor baby! Hug hug~


Going to kindergarten/nursery school at just two and half years old, I think it is really difficult for China’s children to have a good childhood. A country where even a child’s childhood is stripped away, I can’t see what hope there can be had!


Hitting the face, hitting so many times, that’s going too far…At most, if [a child] is truly too naughty/misbehaving, a couple spanks on the butt can be understood.


What kind of teacher is this? What kind of emotional/mental impact has she had on the child? Xuzhou parents take note, be careful when sending your children to this kindergarten/nursery, lest your children encounter the same experience!!!
Suggest human flesh searching the teacher, so that she can never be a teacher again in this lifetime, that scum amongst teachers!!!


Strongly request the louzhu publicly release the kindergarten/nursery principal’s surname and contact methods, publicly release this abusive female hooligan teacher’s contact methods and surname. She must be discredited/ruined. Too disgusting, too vicious, too disappointing, and yet this kind of women is able to find her way into the teaching profession. Today the louzhu‘s daughter was abused, tomorrow it could be everyone’s child. Must support [the effort to bring the teacher to justice].

I am a Beijing netizen, so angry I can’t calm down.


I can’t watch any further. How could someone hit such a small child, just thinking about how helpless the child must have been makes me upset.

From Liba:

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Outrageous [to both god and man], a kindergarten teacher hitting like this, with video there is truth

After watching the entire video, I was in tears.
Everyone please go to Tianya.
I really can’t imagine how a kindergarten teacher can hit a 2.5-year-old child like this.
http://www.tianya.cn/techforum/content/665/112298.shtml Furious, furious!
The attacker has been human flesh searched, but I haven’t yet seen her telephone number.
When I see it, I will add it here. I want to call her home phone until it explodes. Chen Ying, 27-years-old this year, lives at Jinshan Bridge, Jinshan Xiaoyue Building#18, Unit 3, Room 501. Furious!

What would you do if your child was treated this way?

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