Kindergarten Teacher’s Photos of Her Abusing Children Exposed

Chinese kindergarten teacher Yan Yanhong in a photo showing her lifting a little boy off the ground by his ears, a photo that eventually got her fired when Chinese netizens discovered it.

Chinese kindergarten teacher Yan Yanhong in a photo showing her lifting a little boy off the ground by his ears, a photo that eventually got her fired when Chinese netizens discovered it.

From QQ:

Numerous Photos of Zhejiang Wenling Female Kindergarten Teacher Abusing Children Exposed

Yesterday (October 24) on Weibo, a picture spread that chilled many netizens’ hearts: A small child being lifted off the ground by the ears by a kindergarten teacher wearing a smile on her face. And this was a real scene that happened in the Blue Peacock Kindergarten on Chenxi Street in Wenling of Zhejiang province. Afterwards, local relevant government departments immediately investigated and on the same day fired this teacher.

In the picture, the female teacher wears a smile on her face, her two hands separately gripping the boy’s left and right ears, lifting the boy up with his feet 10cm off the ground, his ears twisted out of shape, and the boy’s mouth open and wailing from the pain. The police very quickly found out that the female teacher in the photo is a Wenling Blue Peacock Kindergarten Junior Class 2 teacher named Yan Yanhong. Yesterday afternoon, Yan Yanhong accepted an interview at the kindergarten. She was still wearing that leopard print coat, and seemed a little horror-struck. Up close, she also seemed to be trembling a bit. When asked “why did you pull the boy’s ears and have someone take a photograph”, Yan said, “it was for fun”.

A boy’s mouth is sealed by sellotape.

Angry netizens even human flesh searched her ID number, cell phone number, QQ account number, home address, what school she graduated from, etc. This reporter visited her QQ Zone [a Chinese blog service] and discovered that there were as many as 702 photos related to the kindergarten, and amongst them two were of children’s mouths sealed with packing tape. The description of one of the photos was “deserves it/that’ll teach you”. At the time, a netizen had posted a comment suggesting that she “delete these photos”, with her she replying: “it’s okay/no worries”. Her QQ Zone also had three photographs of children tossed into trashcans, and multiple photos of children kissing each other and having their pants stripped off while dancing. An ID and other photos uploaded to the QQ Zone could prove that this QQ number indeed belonged to Yan Yanhong. Last night, this QQ number had already been hacked.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, where a boy’s mouth has been taped shut, captioned: That’ll teach you. A netizen warned: “Better delete this photo, this is abusing children, and it’s not going to be good if its seen.” The female kindergarten teacher replied: “Don’t worry, it’s fine.”

A child is tossed into the trash can.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: I threw him in.

Another boy's mouth is sealed by packing tape.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: That’ll teach you to behave.

A boy is being punished.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: The consequences of not behaving.

Children in the classroom.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: That’ll teach you to behave.

A child is being punished.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: Didn’t behave.

Children are being punished.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: Standing punishment

A boy and a girl are kissing each other.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: The auntie had them to do this

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Two children hugging together.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: Two 13

Yan Yanhong.

Image is a screenshot of Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone.

A Corner in the classroom.

Image is of a photo on Yan Yanhong’s QQ Zone, captioned: A corner of the classroom.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 旅行者:

So sick, just what was the school doing? Just what kind of garbage teacher did they hire? Who is going to send their kids to school any more? Hope she is human flesh searched, that the police investigate her, and the school is rectified at once. The whole country’s kindergartens should be strict in hiring teachers. Children are sent there to learn, not to be abused. So TM sad.

腾讯网友 吕嘉澄2011:

Strongly call for our country to force each and every kindergarten to install a surveillance camera in every classroom and have specially-assigned people to monitor them. If this kind of child abuse ever happen again in the future, the first one to be responsible will be kindergarten. Support me, ding this [comment] up. Condemnation and anger [alone] are unable to prevent the next tragedy from happening, so let our children truly have a happy and innocent childhood!

腾讯网友 Angel:

I want to say: Child abuse is severely punished in the US. This teacher can no longer be called human. A female so malicious, just what kind of abuse did she suffer in her youth to cause her to do such absurdly cruel things? I wonder what this female being’s parents think would feel if they see these photos. I hope our country can issue relevant laws and standards, to severely punish such beasts who engage in such cruelty (sorry for insulting beasts.)

腾讯吉林市网友 ★海/ka纳★:

Why did a teacher like this only get fired as a punishment? She should bear criminal responsibility, and be sentenced to prison for 8 or 10 years.

腾讯网友 SALSA莎莎】:

All netizens, human flesh search this inhuman woman. If our children are abused like this at school, I’d rather my child doesn’t attend a school like this. This will cast shadows in children’s hearts [traumatize them]. Those who support me, ding! [9,105 dings (upvotes) at time of translation.]

腾讯网友 热眼看世界:

Fired and that’s it???
This is a crime of abuse! Should go to jail!

腾讯汕头市网友 不认识我的就把我拉黑:

There’s a saying people from Minnan like to use: Bet this person has never tasted death!
If it was my child, you dying 10,000 times wouldn’t be enough.
So ugly yet still so cocksure.

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 1090826158:

It’s in children’s nature to be mischievous, and as a teacher, one is supposed to teach children how to behave and listen, not just giving various kinds of punishment. Children might be small, but they have their own thoughts and feelings. To teach children, one must be attentive and patient, and even more importantly, have a sense of responsibility. A good child is produced from praise/encouragement, not punishment.

Comments from NetEase:

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网易河南省焦作市网友 ip:115.56.*.*:

After seeing these pictures, I don’t care if it was my child or not, I still want to go smack her… I just don’t get it, why do so many child abuse incidents happen in kindergartens? What’s wrong with kindergarten teachers these days?

月君 [网易江苏省连云港市网友]:

Where did all the jerk-off masters of NetEase go? Have her raped to death and be done with it.

网易江苏省苏州市网友 ip:222.92.*.*:

If it was my child who was being abused like this,
I’d kill her!
I truly feel sad for this society. What are children?
Children are our country’s future!
If it goes on like this, will there still be a future?
For a teacher like this, it’s too light to just fire her!
She should be sentenced [to prison]!

网易四川省雅安市网友 ip:221.10.*.*:

A sadist, completely sick. If it was my child, I definitely wouldn’t let her get away with this.

网易浙江省温州市网友 ip:122.238.*.*:

Something that deserves “riding the wooden donkey”.
This will cast shadows on who knows how many innocent children for the rest of their lives.

[Note: To “ride the wooden donkey” was a form of punishment in ancient China for women who committed adultery and murdered their own husbands that involved the woman being impaled upon a pole.]

山姆猫大叔 [网易天津市网友]:

This woman must’ve be raped countless times for her to be so sick/perverse!

网易山西省吕梁市网友 ip:124.165.*.*:

She should be killed, what a fucking beast! If my child suffered this, heng, I would definitely not let her away with it. Just by looking at her you can tell she’s a monster.

网易广东省肇庆市网友 ip:121.10.*.*:

This bitch is actually a kindergarten teacher?!

公务员0 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

How can there be a beast like this? Do they not surf the internet? Do they not see our curses toward these kinds of teachers?

网易浙江省温州市网友 ip:122.238.*.*:

A person who’s fit for the coffin.

What do you think?

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • mr.wiener

    Sick as all hell. They really need to screen some of this sadists out of the school system.

    • mr.wiener

      typo: “these” sadists.

    • Germandude

      The only good thing in this story is that netizens have found out each and every detail of her. Now she cannot feel save wherever she goes and that’s a good thing. No forgiveness for this kind of human scum!

      • Seppo

        Did you shave your head for Bieber too?
        Before you break out your emergency barrel of zyclon B, do you think it’s worth hearing all sides of the story?

        • Germandude

          Troll elsewhere. The pictures speak for themselves. I think there is only a very little chance that the children actually wanted the teacher to mistreat them. No need for hearing the other side of the story.

        • Ya gotta be kidding, seppo. Aren’t you?

          The only question is whether she is criminally insane or some sort of a mentally normal vicious sadist.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Good to see the Chinese education system is making such great strides. Seriously, you don’t need to be certified to be a teacher? No teacher training? No university diploma/degree?

    Don’t know what else to say, but this is clearly totally sick.

    • Rick in China

      Lots of the teachers at kindergartens are young. It’s different than teaching, say, elementary or high school, not to mention that training/certification and or a diploma/degree doesn’t really give any indication as to whether she’s this kind of mean or mentally ill person.

      • Fraser Stewart

        True, but generally mentally ill or sadistic people wouldn’t go through the effort required to get the necessary certification. It’s just an extra filter. It’s quite rare to see stories like this in the UK. In fact I’ve never seen one this bad, but I have heard of sadistic teachers in the past. But if you look on Chinasmack, there seem to be lots and lots. In fact we just had 2 in quick succession.

        • Rick in China

          There are a *few* more people, and as a result kindergarten teachers, in China.. having 2 (at the start of school season) pop up in the news for abusing children doesn’t equate to being a common occurrence relative to the UK. That being said, it probably *does* happen more here when put in ratio, just because the general education/social system isn’t as developed or focused on humane behavior.

          I think it’s silly to say something like “wouldn’t go through the effort” – it’s not like a person consciously says “I like to beat up kids. I can do this easier as a kindergarten teacher. I will make a plan to get a job at a kindergarten and abuse them!” – it’s more likely she (or ‘they’ in the other cases) just got a job as a kindergarten teacher thinking it’d be an easy/available career choice and didn’t have the capacity to figure out how to deal with children’s attitudes properly so thought corporal punishment was an easy way to sort them out.

        • James Bulger

          In UK, you don’t see this kind of news, because they rape the kids instead. Just Google “England nursery abuses”. Or perhaps, your brain has already been pre-programmed to neglect this kind of news of your people.

          CSmack isn’t a neutral news portal. Instead, it serves as a platform to publish mostly negative articles about Chinese people and “face winning” articles about westerners in China. This is to pleasure the western audience, and it works well. So here, you’ll mostly see articles that will encourage westerners’ cynicism.

          Also, don’t forget that China has a much larger population than England, and many more schools, so stories like this are supposed to be seen more frequently on average in China. However, when you Google “England nursery abuses”, it returns 10.9 million results, and “China nursery abuses” gets 7.1million results. Considering that England has a population of 53million people and China 1.345billion people, that’s a ratio of one nursery abuse for every 189.44th person in China, and an impressive one nursery abuse for every 4.86th person in England.

          Of course that’s innacurate because the same story might have been repeated several times. But yeah, better look attentively and unbiasedly at what your people do first before checking on others.

          • mr.wiener

            To be fair I think that people are yet to find out how prevalent physical and sexual abuse is within the Chinese schooling system. A lot of stuff would be unreported and I’m guessing society doesn’t really want to know about it.
            I can remember growing up in Oz nothing like this was ever reported on in the 60’s and 70’s. Many of the abuses are only being uncovered now ,many years later. I’m not taking the position that Chinese have more or less abuse in their schools than the West because I don’t know. I’m just saying it’s going to be a while before we find out.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I think I have to go with you on most of your post mr. wiener, however I get the impression that physical abuse is that rule here, not the exception, even if only by a small margin. The stories that my friends and students tell me about their childhoods and the experiences of some of their own children raise the hair on my arms at times. They of course don’t represent the entirety of China, but the number of people who have told disturbing school time stories is noticeably larger than those who don’t, and you don’t know how many people may simply be holding back out of shame or discomfort.

            I think the problem is far more prevalent than people are willing to admit, and it’s a culture of teacher worship, and points worship that lets it go largely unpunished. Teacher beats my kid, I rat out the teacher, or threaten to, or even go to the teacher to discuss, and the teacher gives less attention to my kid, or grades unfairly and my kids shot at a better school are trashed and all the broad range of consequences that go with that.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Ok point, but what’s with your alias, James Bulger? As in that kid who was beaten to death by Jon Venables and Rob Thompson back in 1993?

          • Kai

            I wish you didn’t mix your legitimate points with illegitimate ones. You, like the people you’re criticizing, are largely seeing what you want to see, and conveniently forgetting the things that don’t fit into your desired conclusion. In your case, about cS. First, “negative” stuff tends to trend more consistently and produce more discussion anywhere on the internet, including China. Second, I can assure you that Fauna and everyone else involved in cS do not treat it as a platform to encourage westerners’ cynicism. In fact, I think if you looked attentively and unbiasedly at what we do, you’d realize how absurd your accusation is. We understand that not everyone agrees with the editorial mission of cS, but you’re essentially crossing over into accusing cS bloggers of being traitors to their people.

            Second, there’s an even more relevant reason for why “England nursery abuses” returns more results than “China nursery abuses” than the same story being repeated: Language. That search query will not return all of the Chinese language results that would match if the query was made in Chinese. This is assuming equal rates of reporting by the population of each language. You’re abusing statistics here comparing apples to oranges and it isn’t necessary. Your basic point that some people shouldn’t under or overestimate their own people in these juxtapositions is legitimate. Don’t weaken it with poorly thought-out arguments.

          • dim mak

            I thought you were dead.

          • Fraser Stewart

            Could I remind you, that I am not English. I’m Scottish. England is NOT Britain, or the UK. Please remember that.

          • MrT

            you wear a kilt?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            They don’t tend to wear kilts these days dumbass, and even if he did, so what?

          • MrT

            some one ruffle your feathers?

            They do wear kilts and there nothing wrong with wearing kilts, I’m just wondering what they think in China when they see a kilt.

            On a windy day.

          • Fraser Stewart

            Yeah, and on the weekends I like to go hunting for haggis too.

          • MrT

            talking of Haggis can you get them here? I did have some sent over years ago but my supplier got banged up.

          • mr.wiener

            I make and sell haggis. You’ll have to come to Taiwan though.

          • MrT

            What really? Proper real haggis, how much you sell them for?

          • mr.wiener

            The going rate for the animal parts times 3. about $1000 nt at the moment. I’ve never shipped to china though.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Really? Well your comment reads like you’re being sarcastic. If it’s a genuine question then so be it.

          • MrT

            oh yea and i did notice you edited this after i replied, twt.

          • Ruffled Feathers


          • donscarletti

            “That the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, shall upon the 1st May
            next ensuing the date hereof, and forever after, be United into One
            Kingdom by the Name of GREAT BRITAIN.” Thus, anything done by an Englishman was done by your countryman since May 1707. Oh, and every time someone shags a sheep in Wales, that’s your compatriot too. Fantastic no?

          • kaka

            It’s complicated… I think what Fraser was saying (although I can’t be sure) that the original posters point was meant as a direct criticism of Fraser’s previous comment by way of nationality…. in which case the distinction was made by the poster, however Fraser is Scottish or British, he is not English… and therefore
            the inference would not apply directly to Fraser…

            Plus, i think you missed some of the quote:

            That the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England… be United into One Kingdom by the Name of GREAT BRITAIN, because Scotland had bankrupted itself undertaking the failed Darien Expedition in its attempt to create it’s own trading empire to compete with that of the English and needed a bailout from the English to stop them descending in to abject poverty.”

            Oh, and Wales was annexed by the English in about 1300, more of a take-over than a union of independent nations, and to my knowledge I don’t think the English have given it back yet… as for sheep shagging – the Laws of Wales Act (1520?) had the stated aim of “utterly destroying certain sinister customs belonging to the Welsh” – however after assessing the native womenfolk they made Ovine-philia exempt….

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Did you vote for Alex Salmond?

          • Fraser Stewart

            I’m not in his constituency, so I can’t vote for him, or indeed any of his rivals.

          • Seppo

            You are still British, you fuckin slave. UK only wants to give you up because of the social security cost; I guess a decade of letting the banks and junkies go wild in Scotloand is going to cost too much. What is the total amount of debt that the poms release when Scotland cuts ties? :-D

          • Xiu

            What? Not only the guy above but, this entire post… what? Are you people fucking retarded? Or just pretending to be so? If you were pretending, you did a mighty good job. What on earth does this story have to do with Scotland, Wales, or England? Why are you banging out stereotypical views below the level of a 12 year old? Stop and think before you post. You fucking retards!

          • Ruffled Feathers

            We love our Motherland. 爱国人

          • hess

            god save the queen! “im scottish..” well, you have the same queen dont you?
            // old swedish comedy sketch

          • kaka

            I could go in to detail on why typing a search terms in to google in English and comparing the number of search results between one country and another (when only one of those countries use English as a main language) is not an empirical or even half-arsed way of compiling child abuse statistics,, but I think Kai says it much more concisely than i could in his comment…

            Actually, the only reason that I started to comment was actually to discuss your chosen Disqus moniker…

            It seems that you deliberately, and I assume in full knowledge of the facts, set up a Disqus account under the name “James Bulger” with the notion that this would somehow prove your point more emphatically.

            Given that that particular name combination is not at all common (google it – easy to find name prevalence data online) I simply refuse to believe that that is your real name…

            So, you chose to use the name of a 3 year old child, who was sadistically murdered in Liverpool in 1993, to make some childish point on a comment board…

            Congratulations! You are an insensitive and moronic pr*ck…

            * note to moderator

            I’m normally for free speech, and have no problem giving or receiving typed abuse of any nature on this site… but I find the use of James Bulger as a user moniker beyond bad taste bordering on sick…

      • linette lee

        teaching young children is no easy matter. I would say it probably even require some understanding of child psychology. You can’t talk or explain to children the way you talk to adults. You need to use their language and understand how children think and behave. It also needs great deal of patience and love, at the same time able to manage and control their behavior without using violence. It’s not a easy job. You definitely need to be certified in order to teach children.

        • Seppo

          You are correct. My sister-in-law is a teacher, and she says the same things. It is always nice to hear a voice of reason on this website – please do not read anything after this:

          in amongst the sea of angry seppo faggots, who probably grew up in a sea of no parental control, and careless teachers in poor state schools; do you really have any authority here?

    • Harland

      Credentialism will get you nowhere.

      A psychopath who enjoys hurting others has nothing to do with education level. Ted Bundy studied Chinese, graduated from UW, and was admitted to law school.

      • Fraser Stewart

        Yeah, but the question still is, why is this sort of thing a lot more common in China than the West? You named one guy, but how often do you see stories like this in the media? It seems to be a lot rarer. Maybe it’s not, I don’t know the figures, so I could be bullshitting, but that’s the impression I get.

        • Rick in China

          There are most definitely cases of child abuse by teachers in western media – lots of them not just pulling up by ears but molestation/etc. If you google a little you can find many examples.

          • Nick in Beijing

            That’s nothing compared to a story that came out a few months ago over here where a government official had his office lackies going around to middle schools in his district an rounding up pre-teen girls to fuck. That’s not abuse by a teacher, but I think is a good example of how endemic the problem of abuse is here.

          • Rick in China

            One word: Sandusky.

            Thanks, please drive through.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Fair dues, still doesn’t change the fact that this story (the one I mentioned) was largely closed out of media after people started talking, while the sandusky case became a national case which received a ludicrous (and deserved) amount of attention and the guy got, what, 30 years in prison? These all point to a system that works.

          • Rick in China

            We’re in agreement on the fact this is all horrible. We’re in agreement abuse happens everywhere. We’re not in agreement that there is factual data or proof that it happens *much more commonly* here than in other places. I don’t THINK that abuse happens less here, I just don’t have facts or anything more than general consensus to support that, therefor, I do not argue that. You do. I simply choose not to make strong ‘factual’ statements based on nothing more than my own opinion..I’m not a Fox news subscriber.

            RE: “closed out of media” and “Sandusky”: Pulling a kid up by his ears and taping a couple mouths shut over the course of the last month that school has been in session (assuming she started this year, the photos are all recent and she’s young, it’d fit the bill) is a far fetch from decades of repeated sexual molestation..and the story was *not* “shut out” from news, it was everywhere – there’s just nothing really worth following up on in this case. It’s not a Sandusky trial worthy situation. If you think it is, I guess we’re at an impasse.

          • ScottLoar

            A balanced and reasoned reply by “Rick in China”. In fact, on the 24th my wife saw this news – this very picture of the grinning teacher pulling the boy up by his ears – on a popular website (talking to me about it before morning coffee), and the next morning the Shanghai tv news carried the story along with editorial comment. This incident seems to be universally excoriated here; not so if it were typical, common, or acceptable.

            Is this sort of thing – physically punishing children – more common in China than elsewhere? I’ve been among Chinese in the US, Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia for a good while and my impression is, no, it’s not; I know Chinese who’ve told me with clear conscience and straight face that their parents never hit them, and Chinese adults commonly try to bring order to children by addressing them as “小朋友”. Those looking for fault will doubtlessly take this opportunity and accuse “The Chinese” as being less than humane, that this incident is a fault of their culture, proof of an innate inferiority, all of which is worse than silly; to see this photo and then leap to blame “The Chinese” is blatant and shameful prejudice.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I can agree with you in large part Rick, I also have no strictly factual source to quote other than anecdotes by friends and acquaintances to back up my claim. I think though that it is more accepted here than in the West. I suppose we can only argue our experiences and the opinions that those experiences give us.

            Also I hope you’re not implying that I am lessening the severity of what Sandusky did. Absolutely not. I am however saying that while the Sandusky case was horrendous in it’s scope, that these things tend to be fewer in the West in my opinion. In China these things may not always be as severe as the Sandusky case, but what they lack in severity (psycho woman holding up a child by his ears compared to decades of sexual abuse) they make up for in frequency. It’s because of this frequency and the culture of teacher and institution worship that goes on here that these cases largely go unresolved. And by unresolved I don’t mean that there are no arrests or terminations made, but that the environment doesn’t change.

            How often have we heard of students in China committing suicide because of harsh ridicule by teachers for things such as their hair style, having a boyfriend or girlfriend which the teacher found “inappropriate”, and teachers abusing students with things such as metal rods and pipes, even cases such as where a teacher threw a little girl out the window for a minor offense which resulted in her death.

            It may be that they happen more frequently due to the larger population and it should be looked at compared as a ratio of number of cases compared to the population. But I honestly think that there is more to it than just that, and that the causes of abuse by teachers are the same things that cause things such as human rights abuses in this country. I don’t know what kind of water I’m treading on with you by bringing up human rights in China, but it is a big problem, and I’m willing to bet that this is where it starts.

          • Rick in China


            Teen suicide according to this study, the rate in USA (2000) is double the rate in China (1999). These are old stats, but they’re stats, and while you can argue “but I heard” or anecdotal evidence based on your subjective view, it’s more than you’re offering. This is just a raw number and doesn’t indicate teen suicide *specifically* due to the education system mind you, but then again how can anyone give a truly correct reason as to why a teen commits suicide.

            Again, rather than stick with your guns and say “they happen more frequently due to” — which pits your position as matter-of-fact “they DO happen more frequently”, do some research and present something other than just a ‘feeling’ to back up your position.

            I agree that it’s a big problem. I don’t agree that it’s a bigger problem in China than other countries, including the USA, around the world. The evidence to suggest it is may exist – but I haven’t found it.

          • Nick in Beijing

            You’re going to disregard this out of hand, and that’s fine, but considering China’s track record on releasing less than complimentary statistics about itself is less than pristine (and don’t deflect by saying the U.S. is the same, the level of transparency in any situation is not comparable).

            Also teen suicide doesn’t necessarily mean teen suicide as a direct result of teacher abuse. Your statistics are therefore invalid in this discussion.

          • Rick in China

            So my statistics vs. your “well I heard” is invalid. Right. Good argument there – I guess I concede, you’re absolutely correct, based on all of your insurmountable evidence, teacher abuse is absolutely and unequivocally rampant in China when compared with other countries. Bully for you!
            [/sarcasm off]

        • bprichard

          There is clearly a serious issue here with supervision of teachers. Administrators are not doing their jobs.

    • hess

      A University degree to be a kindergarten teacher? Please..
      They have 3 years technical schools here to train kindergarten teachers, and so does Sweden.
      The problem is that this teacher is obviously a sick individual

    • Seppo

      You are obviously a poor child from a poor family: because you are classed as ‘fuck all’ in your own country because of a piss-poor education; blame China like most other US fucktards

  • Rick in China

    As some of the comments mention, this is abuse – it’s not just worthy of being fired, but charged with assault. These parents have clear proof and should seek this kind of punishment. Horrible, horrible person – but at the same time, it’s easy to deceive someone in an interview process and if she has no criminal history or background information to indicate she’d do shit like this it’s hard to hold the school responsible past just firing her.

    • Nick in Beijing

      As I mentioned earlier, I’d be willing to bet that she is the lover or mistress of someone with a little relative importance, so nothing will probably happen to her, unless there is a ton of media attention on this.

      • Rick in China

        Random speculation based on…… ?

        • Fraser Stewart

          Would you trust the Chinese legal system to handle something like this?

          • Rick in China

            Based on first-hand experience with the Chinese legal system, yes, I would – if the parents wanted to continue through the process of pressing charges and not just accepting a financial settlement. What’s your basis of information and personal experiences with this?

            The reason people get off lighter than they should, in most cases, is because the victims/victims families accept financial compensation rather than press for prosecution.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Well, what’s the alternative really, lynch mob?

          • frailghost

            no, we can make our own movies :D

          • fabulous

            Good question Fraser Stewart.
            Depending on how people reply you can claim that it was rhetorical or a genuine request for information.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Isn’t that true of most questions people pose on here?

          • fabulous

            Some people have shown they have the cojones to admit the stupidity of their comments. Some people dig in for the winter.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Speculation based on the fact that a person like this could get a position teaching young children to begin with. If you are in China as your moniker states, then you ought to know well enough that a ridiculously large segment of Chinese society relies largely on relationships, rather than merit or need.

          This being the case, and the fact that obviously her activities had been going on for some time, to me it’s reasonable to assume that she is either a mistress of someone who was giving or getting favors, or the relative of someone who was giving or getting favors.

          • Xero88

            I can support this claim. Coincidentally I know a girl who said she used
            her “connections” to get her teaching position in kindergarten. The way she explained it to me made it sound like it was fairly “cut throat” field of work.

          • Kai

            There’s actually a cell phone screenshot of a text message conversation allegedly between the girl and a friend about her getting the job through connections and not having credentials because she doesn’t plan on making it a career.

            Here it is:

            If there wasn’t a decent amount of media attention, it wouldn’t have gotten onto cS, so the speculation that she’ll come out of this unscathed because someone with power would protect her is unlikely. People with that sort of power usually don’t put themselves on the line for a kindergarten teacher in a story this big. You also don’t need incredible connections to get a job as a kindergarten teacher. The kindergarten may even be a private business and the only person of relative little importance you need to be friends with is another teacher to vouch for you as being great with kids. The head of the school appears to be a woman, btw. People hook each other up for jobs all the time, everywhere. Rick is right, if the parents press for criminal prosecution, it can happen, unless they settle out of court, which is what often happens.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Thanks for posting that link Kai. There was indeed enough media attention to get this on Cs, so she got fired. Are there any updates regarding if criminal charges were pursued?

  • Harland

    And yet, the day to day activities of a Chinese public school are pretty much child abuse. This is just an outlier.

    • I would say alot of Chinese schools(especially middle schools) are about the same as American juvenile hall except the kids didn’t do anything wrong. Worse, in some cases.

  • blackflagnation

    this woman needs to be curb-stomped

    • donscarletti

      Sigh, Chinese netizens call for her to be raped to death and impaled (also penetrative), curb stomping is all you can think up.

      • blackflagnation

        my bad…how’s this then:
        “I’ma call a couple of hard, pipe-hittin’ niggas to go to work on homes here with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. I’ma get medieval on your ass.”

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Nothing original then?

  • Bitches, Leave

    … nobody cares … parents don’t care, school administration doesn’t care, maybe even the police doesn’t really care … hell, nobody died, so it’s all good, bye now

    • Nick in Beijing

      That’s very likely the truth. Parents do care I think, but if they are anything like here in Beijing, they are too pussy to confront the school because they’re afraid their kid will loose their seat at school, and therefore (according to their way of thinking) won’t be able to get into a key-school.

      • The Acidic Hasidic

        Yeah but this is Wenling, not a tier 1 city.

        • Nick in Beijing

          All the more reason to stick it out and try to shove their kids into a top score of the college entrance exam later.

  • A Lu

    I can hardly believe nobody in the kindergarten noticed something like that. Unless in that particular school it’s normal to hear kids screaming at the top of their lungs

    • vincent

      There are goddamn beers bottles in the class, what if they got broken and injured the children, holy shit this is unbelievable, all they give a shit about is getting the tuition fees from the parents. There better be a much more stringent screening process.

      • bert

        Now that comment sounds like one coming from a politically correct liberal. GLASS BOTTLES! OH MY! The windows are class! They wear glasses on their faces! The only big deal about the beer bottles is if she or the students are drinking the contents.

        • bert

          I meant, “The windows are glass”.

          • linette lee

            …The windows are glass….

            When deal with kids you need to child proof the environment. It should be an universal practice. As for windows, use window guards if necessary.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            You can edit comments on disqus directly; no need to post a correcting comment.

        • Nilerafter24

          you ‘ve probably never seen a class full of toddlers. Things get broken all the time. those glass bottles are absolutely dangerous.

        • vincent

          Do you want me to draw you a picture or something to illustrate the consequences of having fragile objects in a class full of children?

          • linette lee

            It looks like she is a drinker. She may have alcohol problem. Who knows. Where do you find teachers like that? How many normal people in real life enjoy ripping the ears off a small child and take lots of photos. She really enjoys it. Psychotic.

          • vincent

            I just hope that she gets whats coming to her and that this Kindergarten closes down, it is obviously not a place that parents should send their children to. I doubt this is going to effect any big picture changes though, at this point that is what is really needed.

          • linette lee

            …. I doubt this is going to effect any big picture changes though,….

            Unfortunately it’s the sad true. But maybe the chinese needs to form some kind of parent association or group in all school. They need to get together and keep each other update with their kids business in school. So they can get together to voice their opinion and make suggestions.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            The Chemistry labs in schools have glass bottles too. Perhaps if you suggest that the bottles be locked away out of the children’s reach, you’d make more sense. Anyway, the point is: why the hell is there liquor in the classroom!

          • Fraser Stewart

            I don’t know about your school, but I was doing experiments in Chemistry until I was 14/15 years old. Those children are at most 5.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Well I was doing it at age eight, but the point is sometimes there’s glassware around the classroom for legitimate reasons, and it’s better to just lock it away than to freak out and scream ban everything glass.

          • vincent

            I’m not sure whether you’re alluding to my comment or Bert’s but on my part I have to reiterate glass BEER bottles have no business being in a Kindergarten setting, as to other glassware that belongs in a classroom well that shouldn’t be a problem.
            Would be more useful if you could share how you came to mention Chemistry sets?

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Chemistry was the first example I thought of regarding glassware on a par with beer bottles. As I said to Frasier Stewart, I know these kids are too young for chemistry, but the point is, anything glass should be put out of children’s reach, regardless of their age, but especially for kindergarten age kids. I mentioned this because your original post seemed concerned with the potential dangers of glass, as opposed to the potential dangers of alcohol to small children, or the possibility of the teacher being drunk.

          • vincent

            Oh I see, well I noticed that the bottles did not have the caps on so I assume they are empty, so the danger of the kids finding the alcohol is not present, also seeing as how she posted this on her QQ that would be the stupidest idea in the history of stupid ideas.
            Second although this woman is a total bitch I don’t think she would try to give kids alcohol, kids have delicate systems, therefore I feel that the effect of alcohol would be amplified and her actions would have been discovered even sooner.
            Taking those two points into account I focused on the more present danger, the glass bottles.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            well, who knows what her intentions were

          • vincent

            I get your point Ruffled Feathers, but in this case we’re talking about a Kindergarten here, Chemistry is usually taught at ages when kids are old enough to handle fragile objects.
            I would think that it doesn’t take a lot of thought on Bert’s part to come to that very simple conclusion that small children and fragile objects don’t go well together or would it be better for him if I drew some pictures and put my comment into song? :P

      • Seppo

        You are obviously a poor, public school educated seppo. In private schools, effort goes into teaching character, as well as content. Where is the link to what the teacher / school had to say?

        • vincent

          As to your first observation I beg to differ I’ve only ever studied in private schools, but if you’re trying to put down the public school system then I would have to say that you’re the seppo in this case, it works well when there is enough effort put into it.
          As for the link go find it yourself moron.

      • david

        bai jiu is the essence of education at that school

    • Nick in Beijing

      I’m no surprised at all. She is probably the mistress of someone, and can therefore get away with certain things.

  • vincent

    Why do they just fire her? FFS this is child abuse she has to spend time in jail, if all she’s going to get is a slap on the wrist no wonder this shit keeps happening. There has to be culpability…this is very disturbing and her actions could very well leave deep psychological scars that will adversely affect the children.

  • the ace of books

    Shit, at the first pic I was all ready to call her Mrs Trunchbull, but reading the rest of it just knocked any funny right out of me. What a sick fucking woman.

    • donscarletti

      Well, the kid in the bin pic, if one didn’t know it was real it would be pretty funny.

  • Alex

    Can we get follow-ups on these sorts of things? A few weeks after being published there must be new information about whether they’re being prosecuted, whether family/netizens have dealt some justice, or weather they were simply fired. Whatever the result, it’d be good to see happens.

    • Peter Barefoot

      Today the Education Department of Zhejiang Province held a media conference. The Deputy Inspector said that the Education Department was indignant and ashamed that this incident ever happened. And that from now no they’ll establish a censorship all around Zhejiang to keep the teachers in check. And every
      new teacher must have a teacher certification as a precondition to get hired.

      No doubt that netizens are enraged and the government is finally taking it seriously now that so many child abuse incidents have happened recently. But guess what the mother of the boy from the first pic said? She said that as long as her son wasn’t physically hurt,she’d be OK with it. What a parent, huh?

      • gumiho

        That’s the same attitude as when I was growing up in 1950’s US-parents all had the attitude that if the teacher was punishing you, you probably deserved it, and you might get a session from your Dad’s belt for causing trouble at school,too.

      • vincent

        What a horrible mother, but glad to hear a proper screening process will be instituted to help provide these kids with decent teachers that will foster positive development.

        • kaka

          You’d be confusing the statement that a proper screening process will be implemented and that teachers will be better trained – with the reality that after a few months of excessive protestation and apology, the professing of lessons-learned and solutions implemented, the sacking of some middle-level official, a bit of compensation here and there, maybe a poster campaign, and finally a news piece on TV on the success of the new process featuring some happy children not currently being abused by their teacher… everything will slowly go back to being the same… until the next time someone gets caught doing exactly the same thing, and the cycle will start again… nobody is fooled, everyone knows the reality, they choose to ignore it, so they deserve no better… still at least they weren’t attending a Catholic Kindergarten… otherwise getting their ears pulled would be the least of their worries….

          • vincent

            You are right of course but hopefully the changes stick a little longer this time around.

      • Alex

        Thanks Peter. Its one thing to hear these stories, but it’s far more interesting to actually find out what happened afterwards.

        The school, for not doing something when they clearly must have witnessed the abuse or at least the alcohol, the teacher for being such a horrible human being, and the parent(s) for not caring about their children’s physical and psychological well-being – all of them are subhuman and deserve genuine punishment.

  • Getrealson

    All I can say is “you motherfucker!” This is not a Chinese issue, it is a human issue. The fact that she posted these pics online suggests that she really doesnt see what she did wrong. The worst one for me was surprisingly not the ears but the kid in the bin. My heart goes out to these kids…..FUCK! People get fired for being late, not being presentable or being lazy. For her to only be fired does not validate the severity of these acts. This shit makes me furious.

  • So did she start her career stepping on bunny rabbits with her high heels and then finally upgraded to poor rural children?

    Would to LOVE read about the results of any serious “Human Flesh Search” on this bitch… You gotta admire the righteous indignation of a Chinese lynch mob when justice is on their side.

  • That last photo… is she forcing kids to drink booze in the time-out corner? Or is that her personal stash during recess?

  • hahaha

    I’ve always think that women rape is sickening,,,,,but I bet it will put a big smile on me if it happens to this friggin human-shaped shit called “teacher”

  • Misiooo

    Not bad looking and enjoying violence – she would fit well in some SM parlor.

  • Fraser Stewart

    Now all we need is a cute little Chinese girl strangling kittens to death and I’ll say “fuck this bullshit”, then go home. I mean it’s seriously getting harder for me to explain to people why the fuck I came to this shit hole of a country.

    • patko

      People are sick all over the world. All your comments on China are negative I don’t understand how you can live there when you hate it so much.

      If you live long enough in any country you started getting angry at the shit that happens. I live in one of the most modern and wealthy countries in europe and people still complain constantly. Its human nature. You’ll always find something to bitch about, if that is how you want to live your life, just keep doing what your doing but don’t expect to be happy.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        Why should any expats in China care about the opinion of someone who is not even here?

    • MrT

      Why did you come?

      • Fraser Stewart

        I think I was dropping acid when I made that decision. That’s the most reasonable explanation I can come up with.

        • MrT

          I was still drunk when I landed, took me 2 days to sober up and realized what i done…

    • mr.wiener

      Are you just passing through?

    • fabulous

      There are articles on Chinasmack about girls in heels crushing kittens to death.

      Now what will it take for you to leave chinasmack?

  • When I was 10 I had a crush on a girl in my class named Cathy Wolfe(no relation) Being a 10 year-old boy, I showed my affection by spitting on her when she walked by and throwing dirt clods at her when she walked home from school, putting tacks on her chair just as she sat down and a whole array of sweet and loving gestures. After she ratted me out to our teacher, Miss Wheelock, I had to stay after school, choose a square on the checkered linoleum floor and spit and spit and spit onto that square for a good 15 minutes, creating a nice little pool on the floor. She then told me to work up one last big, giant goober(my mouth was pretty dry by then so it took awhile) Next…she had me get down on my knees and stick my nose in the pool of spit for another 15 minutes. After letting me get back up, I had to get a mop and paper towels and clean up my mess. I never spit after that, except into a sink, toilet or other appropriate place.
    My point is….Miss Wheelock would probably be arrested, sued and fired for that in today’s world. But, her method worked and I always think how great if instead of a ticket the Chinese police would just make these uncouth fuckers get down and stick their nose into their yellow, phlegm-encrusted handiwork on the sidewalks, etc. I would bet my last money that at least half would quit that habit after 1 time. I wasn’t hurt by Miss Wheelock (except for my pride of some of my classmates peeking through the windows and laughing) and if I ever saw her again I would thank her for teaching me the lesson.
    I still haven’t fucked Cathy Wolfe but it’s good to have goals.

    • lonetrey / Dan

      I must say, I was thoroughly disgusted by your vivid description, but something just seemed to captivate me and made me read to the end, ahahaha.

      That said, I’m ok with your teacher’s form of punishment. Not so much with Ms. Yan’s.

      • Well…I wasn’t really thrilled about it at the time. But looking back, I can see that my teacher cared about improving my behavior…it only seemed like punishment, whereas this lady is just plain sadistic.
        Miss Wheelock also washed my mouth out with soap. For real. She sat me in a trashcan and stuck a bar of Sweetheart soap in my mouth while the other kids had recess. Since I couldn’t swallow without swallowing a bunch of soap my cheeks filled up with soapy spit and I looked like Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet. When she finally pulled the soap out a (what seemed like) gallon of soap spit flowed down my shirt and pants. And then the tears came.
        Btw…the offending word was “bastard”. If she knew the way I talk now she might wash my mouth with battery acid.

        • mr.wiener

          something to be said for “old school” I think. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of that in schools today and less of the PC tree hugging.

          *sigh* middle age is when your narrow waist and your broad mind change places :)

    • red scarf

      But did she get a kick out of punishing you? By the looks of the first photo with that grin, the teacher she looks like she was getting a buzz out of it. Further more who in the right mind takes photos of themselves punishing schoolchildren, especially with ones with them having their pants stripped off.

      I think there must be a line between punishing children out of a need to improve their behaviour than a need to display what power you have as well.

      • Absolutely not. I’m pretty sure she felt kind of bad about the punishment but it had to be done. I should add though that I grew up in “Mayberry-ish” type of small town and my school just had about 100-120 students. Nobody ever would have got away with the kind of shit that this teacher did. Course this was before phone cameras and the Internet and QQ…..and Chinasmack.

  • It’s so disgusting, I had to scroll down to the comments very fast, after I saw the first picture. She’s an animal.

  • Ruffled Feathers

    School children and kindergarten kids can be a handful of course, sometimes even testing your patience and resolve to it’s limits. However, one must understand and maintain restraint. Regardless of the reasons, this kind of abuse is totally wrong and uncalled for. She should be prosecuted for this.

  • Guest

    Admittedly, that picture of the kid in the bin looks pretty funny.

  • Terrified

    Well, this is what get when you pay peanuts. Chinese parents put so much emphasis on their kids getting the best, and yet the people employed to do so are treated and paid like shit.
    Who’s gonna want to do a job like that? You aren’t going to attract quality educators…. Well you won’t keep them for long, they’ll seek a job, in another industry where they’ll make better coin.
    What’s let over is the lowest common denominator.

  • MrT

    Mental illness is widespread here, but what can they do? If they lock them up 3/4 of the population will be unavailable for work.

    • MrT

      and bearded people wouldn’t get the ride.

  • dim mak

    Hang her by the ears.

    Also, what is this disqus shit? Disqus is the lowest form of commenting.

    • mr.wiener

      Dim mak is back! How hangeth the hammer sir?

      • dim mak

        Keep your panties on, dim mak is here to sex up anon.. if he’s still around

        • mr.wiener

          The gruff voice of sweet reason and hair splitting is only seen here rarely these days. Who’d have thought we’d have missed his war and peace sized essays?

          • dim mak

            I think I’ve just figured out who he was too

            Welp, back to the road for me

  • Nami

    I cried at these pictures. Those poor, poor children! My heart goes out to them. An animal has more compassion than this inhuman shit.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    China… Pft!

  • linette lee

    The China gov’t is not doing enough to catch and press charges on child abusers. Maybe the china officials don’t consider mistreating children is a criminal crime. Like how they don’t do enough to rescue child beggars.

    • Fraser Stewart


      • linette lee

        @google-2b3f1f62922e2f893a0622b337193891:disqus Good day. How is my racist white dude doing today? ;)

      • fabulous

        I’m 90% sure that your comments are serious.
        I’m not sure if I laugh because of the 90% or the 10%.

    • Seppo

      Symptom should be addressed before cause. Daughters should be given xxx RMB share portfolio on their 16 birthday

  • Gontraf

    When I was 7, we had a substitute teacher for a couple of months. There was that guy in the class, never behaved, just like the rest of us, but on top of that he never knew when to shut up, which most of us did. So that day, we got the subtitute all wound up, to the point where all of us realised that now is the time to shut up. Except that one guy of course. The substitute kicked him out of the room, quite literaly. I mean he kicked the boy in the back and sent him stumbling out of the classroom, and then he went after him, the rest was all slapping noise and banging against the wall.

    I didn’t grow up in China, there are scumbag teachers in all countries.

  • Kate

    Vile, evil POS.. . She needs to be in prison. I saw this article on the DM yesterday and aside from the disturbing images were the comments from men about how hot she was, how they’d like to meet her, etc……So I’m not sure which is more disturbing: a sadist who abuses children or people who have no problem with that and want to date the evil, sadist.

  • The Enlightened One

    This sucks.

  • Me

    What are you all so upset about? She was just fucking around with a bunch of worthless Chinese children. That’s what life is here. If they weren’t beaten by their teachers at school then they might think it was abnormal for their parents to be beating them at home. Then when they go to the factory in a few years and the security guards and supervisors beat them they will think something untoward is happening and not be productive in their jobs.

    • LOL

      LOL troll much? Next time try harder to say something really really stupid to incite some real anger, I give this a 2 of 10.

  • oklol

    It’s pretty amazing how all that’s happening to this woman is that she’s getting fired. She would get some serious Jail time in the UK, and have the shit beaten out of her in prison, yes I know ‘CHINA LEGAL SYSTEM U CRAYZE!?’ but this is just sickening, how can this not be deemed as a very serious crime?! – That first picture is haunting.

  • stimpy

    5000 years of culture, im so proud

    • Sean

      I hate it when China boast around about their 5000 year history. I grew up in that culture and I have to tell you: It’s crap.

  • nolly fletcher

    Teaching is a very noble profession but not all teachers are noble.

  • mormo

    they could probably throw in some molestation charges or child pornography for having the kids take of their pants and taking pictures of it

  • MoralDrift

    This is one of the worst things I have ever seen on China smack.

    That woman deserves 20 years at least

  • Fire

    Alcohol and stationary, kids go there to get things. They might sip out of curiosity. She is sexy but… probably should be sadistic to adults, not kids. Some adults like a good thrashing. Not kids.

  • David Fire

    I just hope these kids will leave the trauma behind, and find amazing teachers who will show them love and respect.

  • albert

    disgusting,sick teacher must be punish

  • BigJ

    If i had to choose between sending my kid to chinese school and letting a pack of rabit dogs teach my kid….I would take the my chances with the dogs. I’m sure my kid would learn more and would be less mentally and physically damaged.

  • hehehehh

    wow, sadistic.. and i thought i could only see this in family guy

  • My first couple of years here people were always calling me to teach kindergartners since a lot of foreigners don’t like teaching the really small kids and having to deal with crying and poopy-pants and all that fun stuff, plus there’s no college chicks to hit on. I always turned them down because I didn’t think I was really suitable for teaching small kids since I was pretty scary-looking at the time with huge muscles and a Mohawk that many believe acted as antennae that enabled me to receive messages from Satan. Children would cry at the mere sight of me. I told them they needed a nice fat little English lady that would occasionally burst into song, like Mary Poppins. And I kept telling people that and people still pestered me and finally circumstances compelled me to give it a shot. And it was just as I expected for a few days. But it wasn’t long before they figured out I was harmless and I became a human jungle-gym with toddlers hanging all over me. (some were just 3 years old) And I surprised myself that I was actually quite good with the small kids. The kids would cheer every time I entered the classroom.
    This was a really good kindergarten though. The best in Huzhou and from all the fancy cars that picked the kids on Friday was probably very expensive. There were always 3 teachers in the room at all times plus 6 “aunties” and each class just had 15 kids, so these kids were well looked after. The teachers were top-notch and professional. So…it’s painful for me to see these pictures from the last 2 posts. I can’t imagine anybody abusing these kids any more than I can accept somebody lighting a dog on fire.

    I really enjoyed that job though it was not something I’d want to do for a career
    Like Arnold said in Kindergarten Cop “The real action is in the kindergarten. That is where you you can really make a difference” and “IT’S NOT A TOOMAH!”
    The tragedy is that these kids will get older and eventually enter the totally fucked up Chinese Education System and become the spoiled, greedy little brats they are destined to be. It was a joy to be around them before they get ruined. To see that some of these kids are already getting ruined in kindergarten just makes me sad.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Remember, Tan Zuoren is in prison for investigating collapsed school buildings. And she is getting “fired.” Talk about misplaced priorities.

    • kevinnolongerinpudong

      We can of course talk comparatively all we want about child abuse across national borders. But when we compare the harsh treatment handed down to some simply for speaking their minds in China and the mild treatment granted to others for the most horrific of crimes, it is very, very hard to understand. Release political prisoners, lock up child abusers!

      • Paul Bronfman

        But some Americans may not realize that tax payer money
        still supports the physical abuse of American children in the name of educating

        The Federal Government has outlawed physical punishment in
        prisons, jails, and medical facilities, but not in our schools.

        What does humiliation and pain teach in an academic setting?
        Apparently not academics. Perhaps it teaches another lesson: that being in
        power comes with the right to hurt and humiliate.

        Is it so far a stretch to postulate the American soldiers
        guilty of terrorizing and humiliating Iraqi soldiers at Abu Ghraib were acting
        out based upon treatment they experienced when they were vulnerable themselves,
        perhaps as new soldiers, maybe even as children in their schools?

        And what do prisoners of war brutalized by American soldiers
        learn from humiliation and pain? Certainly
        nothing about American democracy and justice.
        Perhaps if we insist on a policy of non-violence in our American
        schools, we can begin to lead the world toward peace.

  • K

    The problem with China (and the US) is that they place a lot of emphasis on the best education for their child and will pay a crap-ton for it. However, they balk at the idea of paying higher salaries for teachers. I plan on working in an elementary school and yes, we do become instructors because we love kids, but we also need to eat. And then there are people who become teachers because it is easy to get a certificate and teach in a dead end school that pays the least (and therefore the worst teachers). There’s a reason why most parents say that teaching is a great job but wouldn’t want their child to go into it.

  • Righteous American

    I’m guessing she suffered prolonged physical and sexual abuse during her lifetime. How else could she perform these acts so casually as if it were nothing at all?

  • DavidisDawei

    The Chinese don’t punish abusers of children, but prosecute a man for “negligence” because he mistakenly signaled the of the Gaokao Five Minutes too soon?

    BEIJING — A man in central China has been sentenced to a year in jail for ringing a bell to end a national college entrance exam too early, forcing the students to hand in their papers nearly five minutes before the exam should have ended, state media said on Friday.

    Xiao Yulong, 54, admitted having rung the bell at the school four minutes and 48 seconds early “by mistake” on June 8, meaning 1,050 students had to hand in their exams before they were required to do so, the official Xinhua news agency reported. The incident lead to thousands of students and parents gathering “multiple times” at the school and the local education bureau to demand that the government investigate, it said.

    A court sentenced Xiao to one year in jail for negligence, Xinhua said. However, he was also given a one-year reprieve, Xinhua said, which means he may serve either very little or no time inside.

    “Xiao was careless in his work and mistakenly rang the bell too early, resulting in adverse social impact,” the report added, citing a court statement.

    The national college entrance exam is a fiercely competitive test in which high school students battle for a limited number of university spaces, in a country which sets great store on education as a means to social advancement.

    • ScottLoar

      “The Chinese don’t punish abusers of children”?! Surely you’re not serious? Surely you were taken away by a burst of hyperbole? You don’t really believe the Chinese tolerate child abusers?

      The competitive college entrance examinations very much define the course of an adolescent’s station and supposed future income; no wonder that parents place much store in it. Anything – anything – that lessens the child’s chances of scoring high and entering a favoured school or any school is a serious matter of public concern. The sentence was a sop to social justice; the reprieve was an act of common sense, and a warning not to screw it up next time. But, you understand that, yeah? No?

      • DavidisDawei


        Is there an update to this story that mentions this woman being prosecuted? If this woman actually abused these children, then time will tell if she faces legal consequences or not.

        I do not claim to be an expert on the Chinese, their thinking or their systems, but I have enough time here to know the Chinese tolerate crap that would never be accepted where I come from.

        In their system, yes, the Gaokao is considered very important and I understand the article I posted.

        I simply do Not agree with their priorities, but I really don’t care since it is their country to do with what they want.

        • ScottLoar

          I know of no update but do watch the local news and will surely tell you of any legal consequences. You should note, as I related and the Chinese comments recounted here, that Chinese are not indifferent, do not find this incident acceptable, common or forgettable, and have already initiated a human flesh search engine; that enough is to give the lie to your claim that Chinese don’t punish abusers of children. We’ll see as to legal action; I’m sure it will come typically faster than in the US for example.

          I do not know where you’re from but can probably guess that “your people” tolerate crap that would never be accepted by the Chinese, such as rampant violence, total loss of responsible authority in prisons with no attempt at reforming the inmates (Chinese authorities, like those in Japan and Korea, insist on confession and contrition), and a legal system more concerned with legality than justice, and just for the sake of levity Chinese do not tolerate bad cuisine.

          As an outsider you need not agree with their priorities (peaceful society, domestic prosperity and strong military or 安居樂業﹐富國 強兵) which tenets of civilization date before the Confucian classics, but at least understand those concerns even if you “really don’t care since it is their country to do with what they want”.

          • DavidisDawei


            Yes, there are many things that can be criticized in the USA. My Hometown is Boston,MA.

            My original comment was to simply point out that a man who made a Mistake was Sentenced to a year in jail while a woman (if true) who Intentionally abused children was Not even arrested. This is a story on the internet, so perhaps none of it ever happened.

            If the Chinese think it makes sense to make the Gaokao mistake a legal matter, good for them.
            It is just another example of how China and the USA view things Differently.


          • ScottLoar

            Even as we speak…

            Just now, today, 28 October (Shanghai time), the investigative program 七分之一 (One-Seventh) at 19:30 presented a 10-minute update on the incident, interviewing the local authorities (who are investigating and uncovered more than 700 such photos by the teacher), the mother of the boy, classmates, the principal of the kindergarten, the local education authorities all of whom deplored the teacher (the child classmate when asked said she was bad and “always hits”, the mother in tears worried about the effects on the boy’s life, although a visit to the hospital showed no physical damage). The teacher is detained while the incident is being investigated.

            I understand your post was abrupt and unfounded so will you finally retract your statement “the Chinese don’t punish abusers of children”? Or, if it’s legal prosecution you want then at least do not deny the Chinese’ public’s genuine concern and credit the investigation. Can you admit that? Can you do that?

          • DavidisDawei

            Hi Scott

            OK – Thanks. I’ll take your word for it.

            I’m not here to bash the Chinese or get you upset or defensive
            – I’m here to listen to and interact with other foreigners inside China.


          • Ruffled Feathers

            Don’t mind him. He just gets really pissed when people don’t agree with him.

  • Jeff

    Imagine if this teacher was a foreigner – the uproar it would cause. Where’s the uproar now?

  • ryan

    If that was my kid I would break every bone in her face and punch her in the cunt.

    • ryan

      If that was your kid, I would still break every bone in her face and punch her in the cunt

  • viking

    children needs dicipline and guidence and love of course, sometimes u need to tell them this is not ok, but seriousl beat them like this NO WAY!!! its inhuman, if this woman gets assulted on street i would laugh, she needs to have a taste of her own medicine!!!! if i were the parent i would definetly punish her!!

  • SwingingScrotum

    This is what happens when you let a woman out of the kitchen.

  • destro1

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