Kony 2012, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Kony 2012 Chinese.

Kony 2012 Chinese.

Despite its popularity outside of China, “Kony 2012” is only slowly getting some attention on the Chinese internet. There are many copies of the half-hour short film on popular Chinese video streaming websites like Youku and Tudou, some uploaded as early as 6 days ago, but most of them only have at most tens of thousands of views, which is not a lot by Chinese internet standards.

There is however one copy of the video on Tudou that has accumulated over 1 million views over 2 days, possibly helped by Hong Kong actor Chapman To who yesterday shared the video on his Sina Weibo account with over 2.7 million followers. His microblog post is the only “Kony 2012” post present on “hot topics” list of the popular Chinese microblogging service, with 19k forwards and 3k comments.

On Sina Weibo:

@杜汶泽: Give me 30 minutes, I want to share this with you…”KONY 2012 Chinese subtitled high definition version. Over 60 million views within 6 days after being posted on YouTube”.

The video on YouTube, currently with over 70 million views:

“Kony 2012” is also present on Chinese social networks like RenRen, but is not as popular as on Facebook.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Dear friends, please forward after watching~~ for those children~ [淚]


For many Chinese people, this probably isn’t close enough to move you to action. But what Chinese people must learn from the video is humanitarianism, the courage to speak up, the courage for reforms!!! One person’s strength is very little, but if you have the courage to stand forth, you will get many people’s support, and like this the strength is concentrated! Don’t just sit there complaining about life, stand up, and change it!


The people is power, democracy is the future. After watching, not only am I heartbroken for Africa’s children, I’m even more heartbroken for our China…


Even though it is quite shocking…I still feel it is Americans using the banner of humanitarianism for their own interests and benefit.


You not forwarding this video signifies that you also give up on upholding righteousness and defending your own right to exist. Love and peace…


Shared, hope this bastard can be arrested in 2012!


After watching this short film, I’m reminded of China’s abducted children, who are forcibly crippled to go beg. Who has cared about them?!


I don’t want to be a fenqing and am very opposed to anyone or any behavior that violates human society, but this kind of production makes me think of a saying in movie class: “it’s all about manipulate, get people to see what u want em to see.” I truly hope this isn’t just a marketing stunt, without a plot, that it has nothing to do with oil, elections, interests. I trust that genuine petitions will eventually be realized, and those that exploit the public’s emotions will not succeed!


We’re unable to even protect ourselves, and you want us to care about some black warlord!?


Who roams around the world on aircraft carriers? Who counts for over half of the world’s military expenditures? Who starts wars all over the place for its arms industry. There are many devils, and Kony is just one amongst many. Without the great devil America making propaganda, who would know who he is? Why don’t you publicize your Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship without a high lack of human rights? Because you only do things for your own interests.


The Uganda matter actually is no longer fresh in Africa. The question is whether this video was made with the American government’s support. Uganda is a country where large amounts of oil were discovered in 2011. In 2011 October, America already moved to drive a wedge in this country to profit from the split, and even indirectly suppressed China with oil shortages and currency inflation. From Afghanistan to Iraq to various Middle Eastern countries, which hasn’t been demonized by the media? There are too many kind-hearted people.


So apparently the things in American drama 24 was based on reality. So moved…


Kony, this bastard! 2012, you will definitely be caught! Everyone be patient and finish watching the film, as this film must be spread as fast as possible! Kony should be punished with the worst ancient Roman punishment! Crucify him! [怒][怒][怒][弱][弱][弱]


World class global human flesh search, mobilizing the entire world’s strength, it must be said that the ideas of youth brought up under the American education system is impressive. Who knows when our own countrymen will have such consciousness. I feel sad for the state of China’s education system.


Once again the power of web 2.0 is felt, the power of social. The youth abroad are already saving people, and what are we still doing? If our countrymen were to make a similar video…in less than 24 hours after being posted, being censored is the video’s ultimate result, because China can’t have Facebook. This is the difference.


Regarding this short film: What politicians see is an opportunity, what businessmen see is a business opportunity, what kind-hearted people see is hope, what the wumao see is a conspiracy, what the meifen see is greatness. How you’ll share and how you’re comment completely depends on what role you play in the world.


I wish they would come to the Heavenly Kingdom and save those children in impoverished mountain areas, as well as spread awareness of the behavior of the Heavenly Kingdom’s corrupt officials to the entire world.

What do you think?

Joseph Kony.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Cool Matt

    What’s everybody have against hot dog eating contests and old-time roller coasters?

    • FlendyToberson

      Haha LOL!
      youre as funny as the holocaust

      • FlendyToberson

        This pathetic little joke of yours is like a miniature internet version of the general influx of western losers to China. You read a joke somewhere else, found somewhere where nobody else has read it, and posted it so you could feel like the big man. Just the same as you probably were lame as f*ck back home, moved to china to make yourself feel like the big man. Makes me sick

        • bb

          Pretty arrogant for someone who likewise responded with a worn-out punchline.

          never heard that holocaust joke before, ever, never ever ever.

          d-bag extreme

      • Young Man

        You really need to chill out and stop being so self-rightious. Your first post was well made and well put, your second is self-indulgent.

      • Andy

        Come on ! We all know there was no holocaust !

  • juicebar

    While Kony is a terrible person. The US shouldn’t have gotten involved. What happens when another Kony comes around? The US will spend more billions trying to catch that one? The Ugandan people and Gov’t must learn to fight off such terrible people.

    Everyone cries for the US to help and when it finally does, they become the enemy. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and so on. All US involvements, all made the US to be some evil occupier or killer of civilians.

    For all of those exact same people saying the US shouldn’t be in Iraq, Afghanistan, now want involvement in Syria and Iran.
    Fuck off rest of the world, save yourself.

    • notorious

      while some of what you sya is true, about the hypocrisy and america being in a damned if you do damned if you dont’ situation, the american government is NOT involved. The film was made by a couple of film makers with questionable pasts. In fact it is said that Kony died in 2006 and that the situation has improved. I have no idea if that is true or not.

      Also, the USA does not get involved in any disputes or humanitarian issues involving africa other than regular citizens sending charity. in fact, I have been the sponsor of a child in Uganda for two years, I spend roughly $435.00 USD a year for a 9 year old little girl. Apparently this money helps the whole village, and supposedly the school. to help is quite inexpensive there.

      • juicebar

        Please tell me how the US isn’t involved yet they have sent troops to Uganda already? Did you even watch the movie? I’m guessing not since its begging people to raise awareness to keep the USA involved.

        • notorious

          they did not send troops there to fight they sent 100 troops there last year (and they are still there) as advisors to help train the ugandan authority on how to get rid of kony. of course, america uses weapons as gifts and aid to governments they want to get something from.

          the usa did nothing when 500,000 people in rwanda were slaughtered and ethnically cleansed in the mid-90s, they did nothing in tanzania when women and children were ethnically cleansed in the early 2000s. america does not care ab out african children.

          in fact, these issues have gone on for years. America is a member of NATO which means North Atlantic Treaty Organization. — George W Bush said that america can’t be everything to everyone and that it’s called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, meaning the USA does not send AID or provide military assistance to countries that are not considered part of the northern atlantic.

          So I can kinda sorta understand why the chinese netizens feel that way.

          • Rick in China

            Rwanda wasn’t a “US” thing – the UN as a whole could not intervene or fire unless fired upon. It was a terrible tragedy but it wasn’t like it was just US saying lets not intervene, it was a UN resolution to stay out unless attacked, at some points there were attacks on UN and they fired back, but it wasn’t scaled up into a ‘war’ type situation where they could hunt the attackers – but only monitor them.

            This is a new situation, not related. The purpose with Kony is to bring someone declared as the #1 ‘humanitarian’ criminal (war crimes etc) to justice, not to engage in battle with his ‘hordes’ of children…… to ‘liberate’ the children, not fight them.

          • notorious

            When it comes to Africans, name one time the U.S. stepped in to prevent a group of people from being ethnically cleansed?

            The UN and the US Military are two different things. American might have easily appealed to the international community in order to intervene. I remember quite vividly the whole thing and the U.S did absolutely nothing. In fact, it was barely commented about the massacre had become a scandal that blemished the worldwide community for standing by. The problem was not with the UN, but with all of the world governments that did not care because the victims were Africans. This would not have been tolerated if the victims were Israeli people being attacked by Arabs or even the situation in Serbia, the government intervened.

          • Rick in China

            You’re right – they ‘could’ have done more. Any country could have. So could more have been done earlier with this Kony situation. The point isn’t what was or wasn’t done in response now but what can be learned from past neglect and improved upon moving forward. Is our logic that since US did nothing to push the UN to intervene in Rwanda that they should continue to ignore other vicious criminal behaviors against humanity?

    • Hello

      What you say may be true but you have to know that those people dont have the firepower or technology to catch this monster so if there is someone that can help then let them do it, its just that the country asking for help should not give up to negotiation deals that may make any western counrty or US to build a runway or take half of their cultivation because the americans didnt come for free, they must have something in return….So point is, if the army really helps they can catch this guy who….. i dont need to tell you how he is cause u saw the video

      • notorious

        i did not watch the video about kony and i won’t. i saw material many years ago about these kids and how traumatized they are and how they have been forced to eat people, all sorts of disturbing things so i don’t need to watch this in order to know what a brutal monster he is. just look at his ugly face. ugly on the inside, ugly on the outside.

        • jeffli

          So ugly people are evil people?
          Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!
          Joseph Kony and his many collaborators (one man can not make such mess!) are through and through devils.

          I hope he and his collaborators die.
          One question….somebody is supporting this guy? who is it? guns and bullets cost money!

          • notorious

            they probably sell drugs to raise money. you can kidnap women, make them prostitutes then make money and use it to buy arms. he could make an arrangement with arms dealers to get weapons, stole money from victims, then paid them later.

            that said, when i say he is ugly on the inside and outside. i’m not saying appearances matter, because a man who has a good heart, but not a traditonally beautiful face, can be rendered so attractive by his actions. trust me, i have loved a few men who others did not find as attractive.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            I am a white Kenyan. Despite this being a completely abhorrent crime to western people, this is Africa we are talking about, people do actually support Kony both due to ideology and to financial gain. Some of those people have a lot of money. Unfortunately, in ‘Africa over’ there is this continuing and growing lack of concern for human life. Trade of raw materials, precious metals and jewels fund these people. Most of the weaponry comes over the border from Sudan, which is as I am sure you are aware even more of a fucked up situation with a great deal of funding on all sides. You will not stop this problem by dealing with Kony – just like you cannot deal with another issue just by killing Bin Laden, you will only stop this situation by dealing with AFRICA.

            Unfortunately, those with the power to do this gave up on Africa a long time ago. As a white Kenyan, I will say this regrettably. The only people I would have a hope of making a change in Africa is China.

          • staylost

            To ShanPo’s last statement:

            I cannot say this is true, but it is the same feeling that I have, only worse.

            Europe and the Americas have never really cared what happened to Africans (of all colors). China won’t either. We just want to steal their resources, their way of life, and their history. We just don’t care. It is sick but it is true.
            (I’m speaking of those holding the geopolitical power [the Bushs and the Obamas, the Blairs and the Sarkozys], not the individual citizens.)

            The only thing that is going to save Africa is Africans.

          • 山炮 ShanPao

            Africa will not be saved by the Africans. I wont say any more on that issue, but anyone who has come to Africa will realise how complex and unfortunately true a situation that is.

            Despite paranoia and misplaced distrust in the Chinese on the African continent I can speak first hand of the positives they are bringing to Africa. Despite China’s intentions, China is there and they are rebuilding Africa. In my country alone roads and railways all over which were laying in ruin have been rebuilt by the Chinese. You can say what you like about China’s intentions to “steal” from Africa, but coming from me, a person who is often critical of China but also in love with my country, I will say I am just happy that China is here.

            Its easy to point fingers and say that the Chinese don’t care about Africa and I am undecided on this issue for myself. But by just being present on the content they are achieving things on behalf of Africans that could never have been done without them, they are creating new markets, rebuilding infrastructure, providing jobs and lower cost goods… to some degree they are also providing education. These are all things that have been visible changes with my own eyes.

            Also a considerable amount of aid projects have been completed in Africa (over 70% of China’s aid ends up in Africa and has been doing so since about 1970. ) There are many examples of power plants etc which have been built by the Chinese, providing jobs and of course an adding to the economic boost.

            “There are some bored foreigners, with full stomachs, who have nothing better to do than point fingers at us [China]. First, China doesn’t export revolution; second, China doesn’t export hunger and poverty; third, China doesn’t come and cause you headaches, what more is there to be said?”

            “There are some bored foreigners, with full stomachs, who have nothing better to do than point fingers at us [China]. First, China doesn’t export revolution; second, China doesn’t export hunger and poverty; third, China doesn’t come and cause you headaches, what more is there to be said?” – Xi Jin Ping

          • staylost

            I’ve worked in Zambia and Malawi. I’m not an Africa-neophyte. I realize how crazy it is. But I don’t see how the Chinese/US/Europeans are helping.

            That’s why I said my opinion is worse. It is quite bleak.

            I don’t see the Chinese making it work for the same reasons the British couldn’t make it work. I’m sure you know the history there better than I do. Both were interested in business, cash, & control. Better than aid programs and pity tears from Europe and the USA though.

    • Mike Check

      And what if there was American money behind the trouble in the first place? The US is on the books as putting money and resources into South Sudan and by osmosis northern Uganda for the last 20 years.

  • notorious

    I’m surprised they didn’t do what some of these people normally do and talk about how “ugly” black people are.

    • Brett Hunan

      I think the Chinese can empathize a little here

      • Chinkicide

        that is just impossible

  • Rick in China

    Comments like this are just ignorant: “I still feel it is Americans using the banner of humanitarianism for their own interests and benefit.”

    In this case there is nothing US gains by sending troops – except potentially more of a hassle or possibly a longer-term conflict/culpability. They’re not ‘liberating’ a nation or attacking a government, they’re capturing a criminal.

    • Chad

      And in Libya they were just protecting civilians, right?

      • Atomic

        So far, yes. As can be seen by rising gas prices in US, we’ve gotten nothing out of it other than the satisfaction that a tyrannical leader and his government is gone.

        Plus, the US government only led the initial strike while NATO took over the rest after a few weeks past.

    • Wil

      american wouldn’t give a flying fuck if it wasn’t for the oil they found in 2011, why did the US choose to get involved with the Uganda’s civil war in 2011? Public opinions certainly didn’t support it. Nor was it ever a relevant issue at the time, authorities believed Joseph Kony has feld to neighbouring countries years ago.

    • Dat Ankle

      Oh but there is *coughcoughoilcoughcough*. I mean, yeah US has a rep for being “da nice guys” but when we send troops into a country, it always have something political to do with it. No country would send their men in without something shiny at the other end. Hell, the criminal this whole thing is about may not even be alive so why even bother unless the US had something really worth being in for. We all know how much we love dat black gold~

  • Hello

    Normally whenever it comes to news about africans or foreigners, the chinese people are SOMETIMES really not nice BUT…
    I am really happy after having read all chinese comments above,
    we all share the same goal which is simply hapiness and peace and i hope we get rid of all these dirt bags around the world…
    Thanks for your support my friends!!!

  • Derek Xu

    When the government does not like someone, it should send a sniper to take him out. Simple.

  • Nilerafter24

    As a Ugandan in China, I’ve already posted so many of my criticisms to this campaign across the internet.
    This Kony 2012 campaign is damaging to the social and economic integrity of Northern Uganda which is recovering from the two decade Kony era that ended in 2006.
    Kony is no longer a serious threat to the region. His rebel force has all but diminished. He may even be dead. Minor unconfirmed skirmishes in the CAR do not merit military intervention and takedown.

    Northern Uganda alongside with Juba in Southern Sudan were just starting to boom economically and scars starting to heal, and these self-righteous white saviordom mentality US college students start to reopen those scars.
    The action this campaign calls for is too late. It would have been relevant in 2004, not now. Stop chasing a ghost.
    Please, do your research before you support this nonsensical fraudulent campaign. Don’t turn my home into a warzone or else i’ll be stuck in China forever.
    If you really want to help, there’re more legitimate charities that are actually helping people rebuild the region.

    his campaign has shown us we can work together as one to solve something global but it also shows how easily information can be manipulated to make people make misinformed decisions.
    I don’t intend to force my opinion down your throats. Just do the research yourself. I hope the Chinese don’t also jump onto this bandwagon.

    • notorious

      well said Nile24, I’ll be sure to share your message with my american compatriots.

    • mr. wiener

      Always good to hear all the opinions especially from the people who ACTUALLY live there, or are from there.
      It is tempting to believe you can solve the world’s ills in one fell swoop, but such is not always the case. My generation thought we could solve hunger in the horn of Africa by having a few concerts. It is debatable if we did any good.
      While I don’t share Hongjian’s contempt for “liberal hipsters” I certainly think some people are lazy in their thinking, by trying to change the world without getting a real understanding of the problems they are trying to change. Worse yet , some people ignore the problems in their own countries and try to change the more exciting\grotesque\photogenic problems in other countries.
      You don’t solve Africa’s problems by adopting their children. Maybe it would be better to stop exploiting them and their resources and let them solve their own problems.
      Sorry,I hope I haven’t offended anyone’s noble intentions :)

      • notorious

        That’s the problem with westerners, Mr. Weiner. They see people in other cultures as such cariactures, it’s hard for them to gain anything other than a surface understanding of their issues. Westerners have created some of the most devastating and tragic circumstances in the world to date. Africa is in ruins, and the people are fucked mentally to this day because of european colonialism and western/american slavery.

        And look at the situation in the middle east. In creating the Israel state the world now has to deal with those issues. How many lives have been lost because of that? What peril people are in on both sides… all because of Western interference and ignorance of other cultures and not understand what belonged to who. Jewish people and Muslims have always shared the middle east. In fact, when Christians kicked the Jews out of Israel centuries ago, it was the Muslims who let them back in. I won’t attempt to add my own ignorant spin on it, but imagine if not trying to stick their noses in, if people were not dying today in that region.

        Maybe someone can better enlighten me. It’s not like they give a fuck to teach us in American schools. We have to scrape, search and find information on our own if not learned at our Universities.

        • moop

          africans were slaving eachother before westerners came with their boats and guns. i don’t think western influence is to blame for the “i have aids, if i fuck this baby without a condom it will go away” guy. while a case can be made (and its mostly true) that a lot fo the violence in africa can be blamed on westerners, the rampant raping that goes on and the sheer brutality is not.
          jews have been treated with hostility whereever they go, and there wasn’t exactly a lot of hand-holding before ww2 between jews and muslims. i still am torn about the creation of a jewish state, but i’m not sure there were too many choices at the time. even though the holocaust was extreme, europe was still largely anti-semetic and in same ways still is. russia also has persecuted jews. the only other choice would have been to immigrate to america which is what many of them would have done if not for the creation of the jewish state

          • notorious

            people always use that excuse that africans ‘enslaved each other”. Just like european cultures they had indentured servitude, and this actually continues in present times. they call them “house boys” or “house girls” , usually when a family with too many children chooses to sell one of their kids to another family. that child becomes a servant/indentured servant. they spit on them and call them the N word, nor do they whip them, tar, feather, behead, shoot, or lynch them. They treat them like a member of the family, or worse like a servant who is beneath them. I have heard of “beatings” (like over the head with a shoe) which is horrible especially if it’s a kid but they are not abused like they were during western slavery.

            what western slavery did was strip africans of their humanity, even writing in the constitution that they were only 1/10th of a human being and should not be counted in any census since people typically don’t count cattle or sheep so why should they count an african? this is the deep tormenting psychological and physical damage of western slavery on africans. To date, africans do not see each other as having any value while they see whites as having value. They suffer from irreparable damage and i fear, unable to recover.

            white people knew it was wrong, but when it comes to money and wealth they chose to be evil. slavery and trafficking human beings was so profitable,. When the U.S. government turned on the south and abolished slavery,during the civil war the south went bankrupt and a lot of white people suffered. this is why southern white people held on to racism, out o fpast bitterness.

            That’s a simplified version of events, but my point is that, we cannot use that africans slaved each other to excuse white people of their HORRENDOUS past. Every race, every country has done evil at some point and every race has been enslaved or conquered at some point. The point of history is to learn from it, not make excuses for it. It’s making the victim guilty of what other people did to them.

          • moop

            “what western slavery did was strip africans of their humanity, even writing in the constitution that they were only 1/10th of a human being and should not be counted in any census since people typically don’t count cattle or sheep so why should they count an african? this is the deep tormenting psychological and physical damage of western slavery on africans. To date, africans do not see each other as having any value while they see whites as having value. They suffer from irreparable damage and i fear, unable to recover”
            all the problems you just described don’t pertain to africans, they seem to pertain to african americans. africans don’t see whites as having value, they see them as having power.

            africans have been enslaving other africans for several thousand years. slavery was first practiced in the middle east/northern africa.
            the southern whites you cluelessly refer to look at blacks the same way chris rock does. most whites like or are nuetral to blacks, but like chris rock says he “hates niggers”. “niggers” being the black version of white trash, and are viewed with equal disdain.
            i am from charleston, south carolina a place with a long history in the slave trade. i’ve met many wonderful black men and women. i had great neighbors in college, they were in their 50s and we would bake and cook and share with eachother. most blacks, especially older blacks are awesome and are great to have a conversation with and joke with. those a black people. they are great. but then you have the ebonic-speaking, hollering at girls every chance they get, loud, obnoxious, always looking for a fight black person. those are the blacks that the supposively racist southerners have a problem with. it has everything to do with how they act, and nothing to do with their skin.

          • moop

            also, i wasn’t making excuses. i was saying that placing 100% of the blame on white people as you have done is completely of-base.

          • notorious

            “africans don’t see whites as having value, they see them as having power.”

            Having power isn’t having social value? Chris rock is a comedian, brilliant as he is but some of you people take him too literally. He’s being funny, remember? I know every single standup he has ever done. And there’s no such thing as a nigger. It’s a just a word that was created during slavery to demean and subjugate an entire race of people. There is no alternate meaning that can apply to some and not others.

            I don’t know what ebonics are. I do know that it was coined in the 70s by a sociologist, and it means ‘ebony and phonics’. I view regional dialects for what they are, and not as a sign of intelligence or lack thereof. If that’s the case, we could all laugh at southern people for sounding the way they do.

            Africans and African Americans experienced the same racism, just in different places. Africans were colonised by the french, that’s why so many africans speak french. They were colonised by the brits, and that’s why many of them also speak perfect english. The “ebonics” thing is really irritating. it’s just another nit pitcky thing to separate one group from the rest. Yet, american english itself is a bastardised version of british english and the english language is a bastard deriviative of many of other ancient languages. who decides which is the right way to speak and decide that a person should be called a nigger because they have an accent? Because they ‘sound funny’ because they are ignorant? If that’s the case, the entire south sounds ignorant to my ears and therefore, they are all niggers. and all the ignorant rednecks, by your definition, also niggers. can’t take chris rock too literally, can we?

          • moop

            actually the word nigger didnt become a pejorative until the 1900s, it was not “just a word that was created during slavery to demean and subjugate an entire race of people.”

            Ebonics is not an accent, it is a dialect. It’s grammatically wrong in many parts compared to american or british standard english, people in California have tried to have it classified as a language separate from English. For being black you don’t seem to know very much about black culture. The sociologist who created the term was black himself.

            Words change all the time. One can look at the word “gay” as an example, it used to mean happy, and now it means homosexual, kinda like to people nowadays nigger means ignorant black person and not black person. I will not argue that in the previous 100 years it wasn’t used to humiliate blacks, i think that is mostly the case. But I will argue that in todays world, it is a term used against ignorant blacks rather than describing all black people.

            “I view regional dialects for what they are, and not as a sign of intelligence or lack thereof. If that’s the case, we could all laugh at southern people for sounding the way they do. ”

            I guess you aren’t aware of the stereotypes already in place against southerners who speak with a southern accent. Stehpen Colbert learned to hide his southern accent to be taken seriously in show business.

            “If that’s the case, the entire south sounds ignorant to my ears and therefore, they are all niggers. and all the ignorant rednecks, by your definition, also niggers. can’t take chris rock too literally, can we?”

            I think you only read what you wanted to read from my post. I said it has everything to do with how they act. I wrote several things in that list, ebonics being one of them. A southern accent is different than a full-blown dialect. Southern dialects are dying out, while the accents more or less stay the same, some accents are also dying out. Ebonics on the other hand is continuing to grow. Southen dialects with poor grammar are dying because people understand it as ignorant. The same will hopefully happen to ebonics

          • A GUY

            While I don’t agree with using previous enslavement of Africans by Africans, or even previous enslavement of Europeans by Africans (What the Barbary pirates called white gold.) as an excuse for slavery in America, I do agree that it provides a historical context for the mindset behind something that to our modern viewpoint is so alien and abhorrent that it makes the perpetrators seem alien and inhuman. I understand that you are probably not a racist, but you may not notice that your logic and tone assumes that white people are incredibly different or special in their flaws.

            When you say things like ” That’s the problem with westerners they see other cultures as caricatures ” (like you are not a westerner, what you meant was white people. ) you automatically make a caricature of White people, all societies make caricatures of each other, the Chinese do it, Africans do it, Europeans do it, Russian’s do it, Black Americans do it. All people’s have raped and killed and abused each other since they spent enough time apart to feel different. The danger I see in you language is that you have simplified the complexities of human history into White people bad, cause of the worlds problems. Israel or Palestine has been fucked (happy don) since forever, you cant pin that solely on the west. Africans have point of fact been murdering each other long before white people came. (Europeans exacerbated the problems by redrawing borders, bringing rapid technological advancement, and yes slavery) ETC…..

            The reason it is brought up is because you have brought up previous wrongs as an excuse to frame all things as a White plot. The west has caused the most damage because of one thing. SCIENCE it gave the west the unlimited power to utilize energy and logically dismantle the world around them. The reason why the west caused all these problems is simple they were the first group with the means with which to do so.

            As a person who is identified as white. (much more complex genetically but white in everyone’s eyes) I do not take credit for “my” peoples past accomplishments or atrocities, however as a human being who has benefited or suffered indirectly from those past abuses or accomplishments I owe it to the world to try and leave the world a better place and try to address those things and attempt to aid in their healing.

            I am not mad at you, if I said anything that came across offensive let me know. This post was in no way meant to excuse anything or absolve anyone of anything. I just wish you could try to see how your post looks from my perspective.

            PS: Yeah I know moop is kinda being a jerk hole, but think what I said may be the root of his argument.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Moop, you’re full of shit. The usage of the word “nigger” in the south has absolutely nothing to do with how obnoxious people act. It has everything to do with deep hatred of a group of people and an attempt to put them at the bottom of a racial hierarchy.

            Yeah, good blacks, and bad blacks. Like good Jews, and bad Jews, right?

            “But then you have the ebonic-speaking, hollering at girls every chance they get, loud, obnoxious, always looking for a fight black person. those are the blacks that the supposively racist southerners have a problem with. it has everything to do with how they act, and nothing to do with their skin.”

            Yeah. Because that’s Obama, and that’s why he endured so much racism after his inaugural address, during which he thanked his wife by slapping her on the ass and saying “Das mah bitch.”

            I’ll bet you’ve had a lot of conversations with other people in your echo chamber talking about how “‘nigger’ is just a word, and when we use it, we’re just talking about those dirty, loud, and obnoxious blacks, and not the nice ones who hide African American culture in their closets”

            100% of the blame IS on the people who created and perpetuate poverty among blacks, and that’s white slave owners, those who were in favor of laws like Jim Crowe, the old government policy of assassinating black leaders, and arresting kids so they had criminal records and could not find jobs.

            Your posts are incredibly harmful because they are excuses that are used to justify taking one group of people who have an obvious contrast with other groups, and justifying the existence of a word used to subjugate them.

            Pat yourself on the back for every time some black kid gets outright murdered, and the cops cover it up, or refuse to investigate, idiot.

          • moop

            reading is hard huh? you clearly haven’t read my posts, you’ve read simply what you wanted to read just like notorious.

            “Yeah, good blacks, and bad blacks. Like good Jews, and bad Jews, right?” No. good people who happen to be black and bad people who happen to be black. are you suggesting all black people are the same?

            “Yeah. Because that’s Obama, and that’s why he endured so much racism after his inaugural address, during which he thanked his wife by slapping her on the ass and saying “Das mah “bitch.”” Obama speaks intelligently, although sometimes he does change the way he talks depending on who he is talking to. There are some people who just flat out hate all blacks, and use the word nigger in the way you describe. this is not the majority. its not even close to a majority. a majority view the world as i described. chris rock does as well, and i’m sure many of his fans agree with him. you can continue to paint all white people or all white southerners as evil if you’d like. i’m not sure where you’re from, but i am from the american south and i hear people talk. i’ve lived in 4 states in the south and i’ve very rarely heard the seething hatred you pretend to be the norm.

            “100% of the blame IS on the people who created and perpetuate poverty among blacks, and that’s white slave owners, those who were in favor of laws like Jim Crowe, the old government policy of assassinating black leaders, and arresting kids so they had criminal records and could not find jobs.”

            the institution of slavery pre-dates written records, the earliest slaves we know of being from around 8000BC, Libyans enslaved by Egyptians. slavery was on the african continent before blacks and whites even had contact with eachother. africa is where the institution of slavery was birthed. the above quoute only shows your ignorance, and your biased world view. colonialist whites haven’t helped the situation, but lets not pretend that slavery is a white invention perpetrated only by white on blacks. its completely asinine.

            “Your posts are incredibly harmful because they are excuses that are used to justify taking one group of people who have an obvious contrast with other groups, and justifying the existence of a word used to subjugate them.”

            Maybe harmful to your worldview. Blacks will never raise themselves up with people like you always giving them excuses for their failures. Blacks have moved from being subjigated by whites to being subjugated by themselves and well-intentioned liberals. they largely support a political party that has failed them continuously. liberals like you treat them as victims who can’t succeed without the government’s help. causing much more damage now than racism does.

            you’re a well-intentioned douchebag, but a douchebag nonetheless

    • Hongjian

      Especially true, since the “Invisible Children” campaign uses more than half of the donation money not to help those children, but to finance their campaign and their propaganda movies and shit.

      You thought Guo Mei Mei is shit? Look into the abbyss of western hipster charity.


      “nvisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited. But it goes way deeper than that.

      The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them,arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda andhasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. These books each refer to the rape and sexual assault that are perennial issues with the UPDF, the military group Invisible Children is defending.

      Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and filmmaking. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) “manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” He’s certainly evil, but exaggeration and manipulation to capture the public eye is unproductive, unprofessional and dishonest.

      As Chris Blattman, a political scientist at Yale, writes on the topic of IC’s programming, “There’s also something inherently misleading, naive, maybe even dangerous, about the idea of rescuing children or saving of Africa. […] It hints uncomfortably of the White Man’s Burden. Worse, sometimes it does more than hint. The savior attitude is pervasive in advocacy, and it inevitably shapes programming. Usually misconceived programming.””

      • Hongjian

        And before you liberal hipster fuckers and americunts call it bullshit due to source:

        Here’s basically the same thing stated by “Der Spiegel”, Germany’s largest and quite respected weekly, comparable to “The Times”.


        But I guess you fucking stupid, obese imbred americunts cant be expected to understand any languages besides “Murrican”…

        So, fucking google it yourself.

        • 0311

          HongJizzle… Agree with you on this one…… I stil want to put my fingers in you.

          • mr. wiener


      • Mike Check

        What’s funny is no matter how correct or good Hongjian’s arguments might be, he’s such an asshole, he’s going to make people support “americunt hopster liberals” just to spite him.

        • Hongjian

          americunt hipster liberals are the one destroying your nation. I would be happy if you support them with all might and fuck up your country.

          Less work for China and the Islamic terrorists.

    • dreeg

      This is BS – We should demand our Governments take action – No need to send in an army – some technology, propaganda and a light show of force will be all it takes.

      The truth is I don’t know how much power Kony does or doesn’t have – its irrelevant to me. He is a side issue. The significant thing about Kony 2012 is the way it engages the masses. This is a big moment in history and we ought support it for what it is a ‘sociology experiment’ . Its not a charity – its showing us a blueprint to how we can force change.

      Kony seems like a good place to start. lets arrest him and and make every person on Earth feel empowered… and who knows where to from there.

      • Nilerafter24

        Africa is not your f***ing laboratory. I hate people who think like this.
        Because it’s some kind of sociology experiment it’s okay? Because it’s a historical attempt and the great awakening of the masses it’s okay? Let’s just support it and see where it takes us?
        Are you crazy? These are people’s lives and homes you want military action in?
        Why don’t we carry out the social experiments in your backyard instead?
        Kony is a good place to start? This is not some effing course unit in Physics 101.
        People could die because of this. Social and economic balance destroyed in a stabilizing region because of your ‘experiment.’
        Typical hippie save-the-world nonsense. When in history have hippie movements or social experiments like this ever helped anyone? They’re no better than eugenics experiments the belgians used to separate the hutus and the tutsis in Rwanda.
        They’ll just cause more chaos and disorder and dependency.. and f*** it. Let me stop here
        You should try and put yourself on the other end of the window and see how ridiculous you sound.

        • dreeg

          No I don’t give a f%^# about Africa – Its just another land mass on this planet. Take a step back and see that the world is changing no matter how deep you stick your head in the sand.

          The general consensus is that Kony still a few hundred soliders running around Africa. I’m sorry that it has taken a couple of American film makers to point out the incompetence of your people.

          All you conscientious objectors are full of shit trying to be superior and boosting your egos by pointing out trivial points.

          This world needs a good shake up… We need to show those who believe they have power the truth being that we the people have always had the power.

          So yes Kony is a good start…

      • Hongjian

        “This is a big moment in history and we ought support it for what it is a ‘sociology experiment’ . Its not a charity – its showing us a blueprint to how we can force change.”

        Oh yeah! Media propaganda aimed at stirring up popular emotions and sentiments to mobilize the masses to kill people. This is just sooooo revolutionary and nevar happened before, amirite?
        Wait… When was the last time we had that here? Was it during Hitlers reign with his master propagandist Goebbels? Or was that during the anti-semetic pogroms in Russia? Or was that during the downfall of the ancient greek democracies due to stupid simple demagogy?

        No. Definitely never happened before, as we now have social media as means of the govt. to spread the same kind of demagogy underlayed with dramatic Gladiator-esque music, to mobilize the hipsters and liberals to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war against someone who might be already dead.

        • dreeg


          Nothing that happens in the future has happens before . Yes, we can see patterns from history – but we both know that you will be clutching at straws to find a suitable comparison.

          I strongly believe we should support solid ideas that challenge the status quo.

          Not all ideals will be successful but all ideas will shape people and the alter the future. The Hippy movement didn’t die – It lost momentum and experienced counter trends but the ideals have embedded themselves into mainstream and what we are seeing now is centuries in the making.

          You would be a fool to think that the future will be the same as now – just as the past 100 years has seen an incomprehensible change – The next 100 years will do the same .

          lets just do it and see what happens – what have we go to lose?

          Get Kony 2012

          • notorious


            Why did the tone of your response change when you replied to HongJian who was much harsher in his/her response to you than the Ugandan man? You really tucked your tail between your leg and made a small attempt at an intelligent reply to Hong Jian, while showing the other contempt for expressing a view about the country he lives in. Very interesting. Why is that? I’m interested in knowing.

          • dreeg

            Both comments were written in a fit of rage – If it appears that i have gone easy on HongJian I apologize. I don’t recognize borders – they only a new concept in the human story.

            Kony 2012 is not being run by the powers that be- this much is obvious, Hongjian should know better as a frequent contributor to the new media. He wants to blur the lines and bring up historical events just to make points in an attempt to add weight to his own argument.

            HJ is a shallow Man (Man i assume) and you are correct to chastise me for not attacking him in a matter he deserves.

            Kony 2012
            HongJian 2013

          • notorious

            well said , dreeg. anybody who wants to kick HJ in the pants is alright by me.

  • This campaign is fucking SCAM!!!

  • This is all about setting up US for an other invasion
    Where ever there is oil
    US would be there to so-call “peace keeping”

    • staylost

      True. The United States cries itself to sleep at night because they can’t have the tiny puddle of oil in Uganda.

      Sure the US loves oil, but Uganda’s oil supply is basically meaningless to nations like China or the United States. It is just way too small.

      Besides, when has the US been interested in having their soldiers set foot in Africa. The US will send money, yeah, but soldiers? They’ve had plenty more motivation in the past if they wanted to roll in guns blazing, but they hid behind the UN like all of the permanent security council members.

      • Hongjian

        It is now about Uganda oil, it is about Uganda as staging point to throw the Chinese out of Sudan, when Uganda’s northern neighbor, South Sudan, is starting the war to take over the infrastructure and harbour of the North to ship the oil to the US instead of China.

        Remember the 29 Chinese workers abducted by South Sudanese rebels, with one of them killed? There were political demands by them pressuring China to leave Sudan. This Kony shit is everything related with it.

        • A GUY

          I would normally recommend you chill out and smoke some weed, but your already plenty paranoid.

        • notorious

          wasn’t china giving money to the people in sudan killing innocents? that’s the rumor in the u.s.

          • Hongjian

            These south sudanese are about as innocent as the Taliban – during their fight with the soviets.

            Innocent is someone who takes up arms and fights the enemies of the US. But if vice versa, you begin with a media campaign like above to turn these ‘innocent people’ into mad murderers and terrorists.

            Fuck you, americunt.

          • notorious

            I wouldn’t fuck you with somebody else’s pussy! So go fuck yourself. Further, I didn’t start the Kony Campaign. I haven’t even watched the video. So don’t go putting somebody else’s bullshit on me. I’m on the bandwagon of it all being misinformed drivel as Ugandan citizens themselves have said that Kony is dead. There is no American conspiracy here as you seem to think in your paranoid little brain, it’s just a couple of misinformed film makers stirring up shit.

  • AustguyTang

    Its sad and from the perspective of the Chinese citizen, I can understand why they don’t care. We have a great divide in China, from the rich and the poor. The poor are struggling to feed their families, working in places like Africa to send money back to China. And we have the rich, which don’t give a second though about using a child to do their dirty work.

  • schvinks
    • notorious

      schvinks, thanks for the article. Good read.

  • Hongjian

    OH FUCK.

    These Chinese bleeding heart liberals are making me so fucking angry with their naiivety, it really really hurts. How can people be so stupid and easily be manipulated by emotional holywood music and DEM POOR CHILDREN BAAAWWW?

    What was really behind the Kony shit:


    Seriously. Chinese netizens are scum. They are the worst kind of human garbage that is even below an americunt. These sheeples and tools are the shittiest net population I’ve ever seen.

    But well, I guess back then in East Germany, young, stupid people also believed everything their secret ‘free german’ west-radio stations told them, and denounced everyone being a Stasi-spy and commie sympathizer, who tried to tell them that the western claim that easteners eat little babbies actually isnt true. But these hipsters still believed it anyway, even if they have never saw it themselves.
    This is the power of western propaganda against non-western nations: Even blatant and silly lies are taken for truth by the fucking liberals living in closed off societies, while those who do not believe in those lies because they see the reality themselves, are denounced as Wumao by those fucking liberal traitors.


    Ill go out now and punch a Chinese hipster in the face, no matter what he is doing atm.

    • notorious

      hong jian, these events happened. the lie is that it is happening now when the issue ended in 2006. LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION from one human being to another (not as an americna to a chinese nationalist)… Do you feel compassion for the children Kony abused and forced into war? Let’s forget our respective countries for a moment, who are you as a person? What do you feel?

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        Dont feed the troll

      • Hongjian

        Yeah. If I had compassion for these little children, I wouldnt support the Uganda army, who arent any better in utilizing children and rape + pillage to achieve their agenda.

        I would also not support these fucking white hipsters and the americunts in intervening this shitty clusterfuck.

        Seriously. There are hundred-thousands of these warlords and armies who rape people and kill little babbies. Why Kony? Why not General Butt Naked?

        Maybe because Uganda is bordering the newly created, pro-western South Sudan, who owns the majority of oil-fields compared to the Chinese supported North Sudan? Maybe because the two Sudan are preparing for a continuation of their civil war in form of an inter-state war, which the USA would very like South Sudan to win and to throw out all Chinese investments and companies, as they did in Lybia?

        With the US plus Hipster-brigades stationed in Uganda, the South Sudanese would feel more secure and empowered in breaking the ceasefire and start the war against the North, who owns all the oil-transportation and reffineration infrastructure, as well as the harbour to ship it to the customers, and to take everything for themselves and gratefully hand it over to the US, their backer and supporter.

        The only thing standing before the US involvement in another war and regime-change, is the war-weariness of their population – which is now solved with cheesy, melodramatic propaganda and DEM POOR POOR CHILDREN BAAAWWW! to mobilize even the hippies and shitty liberals for this cause.

        Now, even Chinese fucking liberals are mobilized by this shit.
        Go on, fucking bleeding heart liberals and weibo whiners: Why dont you just do suicide bombings against the evil undemocratic commies in Beijing and surrender the ‘freed China’ to the USA already? Why do you even bother to call yourself Chinese? Why dont you just call yourself Japanese or South Koreans already?

        • notorious

          hongjian this is just melodramatic conspiracy bullshit. america wants nothing to do with sudan especially after the “black hawk down” situation. america’s involvement with africa is very very little and thats’ what people don’t understand.

          and china has supported the regime that has been raping and killing women and children anyway there in sudan. they should have used their influence for good.

          • Hongjian

            Seriously? The US doesnt want anything to do with Sudan? After they have lobbied for years for the referendum to happen to split up South Sudan from the rest?

            You are either a fucking americunt, or delusional.

          • notorious

            they had to do something! militarily speaking, americans are not going to shed their precious blood for an african, please! Of course America has an interest in oil, but not enough that it wants to be involved with Africa. Supporting a referendum for independance is different from putting men on the ground. If ever, there is a time that we learn that Africa is dripping with oil all over the continient then just maybe…

            Otherwise, you mark my words, you will NEVER see an american go to war on African soil to save an african. You might see a small mission of less than 20 men, but all out war? America doesn’t care enough about the continient… unless of course, there’s something in it for them. For now, they open a catalogue of bullshit and order it through some other country.

    • A GUY

      Ahh it’s so cute how anything can be made to be a plot against China in your eyes HJ.

    • Brett Hunan

      The more you post, the more I think you really are an American… or maybe a Canadian. Even a Republican fits.

    • donscarletti

      Those hipster poseurs with their guns had me laughing out loud. I really hope some African guy who has actually fired one before managed to jump them after it was taken.

  • [email protected]

    I’m on board. Those who think this is a scam are worthless wastes of life. Give and help. Kony’s days are numbered. Shanghai people come out and blanket the city with me.

    • [email protected]

      The point that most people miss is not whether or not Kony is as great a threat or currently is as harmful to the citizens of Uganda as perhaps once he was, but that the power of unity can allow the world to be changed into a better place for our children. Where is the spirit of creating a better world? Where is the hope that we as single individuals actually mean something and can achieve anything? We can, we do, we need to try and this campaign is just the way things can start to change this world if we come together. A means to an end. Oh and I am appalled how much shit people talk when really they just feel ashamed because they know that ultimately they wont do a fucking thing to help.

  • A GUY

    I am proud of the post this Chinese netizen left.

    “Regarding this short film: What politicians see is an opportunity, what businessmen see is a business opportunity, what kind-hearted people see is hope, what the wumao see is a conspiracy, what the meifen see is greatness. How you’ll share and how you’re comment completely depends on what role you play in the world”

    I don’t know enough about the issue to really know what the truth is, but I am sure that awful things have happened. May we all reflect and strive to learn about issues like these around the world and find a real way to help take care of our fellow man. Not act rashly when our heart strings have been pulled, or give up and fall back into apathy.

    • 暮榕汐


  • andywattbulb

    First of all, Kony hasn’t been seen since 2006 and isn’t in power anymore. Since I agree the bastard should be caught (if still alive) there is not enough reason to get the greedy American government involved. Uganda will take care of him.

    • Hongjian

      Uganda is just as worse. The next propaganda movie will describe how the evil Uganda army is force conscripting little kids as suicide bombers and death-squad members or something. Calling it now. Dont run back here and whine again when this inevitably happens.

    • Rick in China

      I love this. “First of all” as if you’re speaking from real knowledge.

      How do you know he’s not ‘in power’ or doing the same things he did in the past? In which country? “Warlords” and tyrants move around. Uganda/Rwanda/Congo/area do not have clearly defined borders – and share massive large borders with zero population between jungles. I’ve been on the Congo (and near Uganda) border with Rwanda – in the Virunga jungle, and they randomly have dudes perched in trees throughout MASSIVE thick jungles to try to shoot poachers – but to think it’s enough to stop criminals from moving freely between these places without being seen is naive.

      You’re just jumping on the “campaign is bullshit” bandwagon in the same (but opposite) way as so many are jumping on the campaign bandwagon, taking one small perceived fact and running with it blindly.

    • S.P.

      Yeah the Ugandan Gov has done a great job!!!! Do some research and you will FIND they do not care because of the ethnicity of the Africans living in the area he kidnaps kids from….do You just talk to hear yourself?? Seriously…read a few sentences before you make yourself look like a total idiot!!

  • Maikoh

    The charity Invisible Children spends 68% of donations on “administrative costs”. Nuff’ said.

  • cc

    Fuck Africa and all who sail in her. When is the rest of the world going to learn that supplying aid whether humanitarian or military will never make any difference. These savages will carry on killing each other until hopefully they are all dead, let them get on with it.

    • Hongjian

      Finally someone with sense here.

      Same applies to Muslims btw.

    • Rick in China

      The point is not to prevent savages/warlords from killing *each other*, it’s from exploiting and abusing civilians/CHILDREN from being forced into that horrible lifestyle. Of course it will continue to happen – but if they’re left free without any consequence it will be even more rampant than it is right now. Sending in some ‘consequence’ to squash some mother fuckers who deserves it should save some children from that fate.

      • Hongjian

        Stick your white man’s burden in your ass! It has done more harm than good.

    • notorious

      i hope you reincarnate as a african child soldier in your next life.

      • Hongjian

        I hope you reincarnate as pig in your next life.

        I love pork.

        • notorious

          I don’t eat pork so I have no pig karma to worry about. But you might as you love it so much. :) Maybe you’ll come back as an african child soldier pig farmer? And then when you get killed, you’ll come back as one of your pigs. ;/

      • Pete of Perth

        An american muslim who can’t eat pork would be nice

    • Derek Xu

      Agreed – niggers killing niggers, so who cares?

      • mr. weiner

        Some great arguments, tempers flared, names were called, the cut and thrust of intelligent argument, point and counter point raged back and forth……Then along came Derek.

    • 404 name not found

      How is it even Humanly possible to be that ignorant? No need to argue with you because you seem too stupid to even realize how stupid you sound. – Peace!

  • The Greyest Gray

    While this kony fellow might be pretty bad, this charity is corrupt.
    It only send around 36% to uganda, and that goes to a military which is almost as bad as kony.
    Pressing like on facebook doesn’t make you an activist, and it doesn’t save any children. It takes more effort than that.
    This generation is pitiful.

  • vt2asia

    For all of you, who are blaming the US for this, you should get your facts straight. The US government does not want to help, instead, this is the work of some average citizens trying to shed a little light on the subject in hopes someone will help. And if you know anything about this guy, anyone with a heart would want to help.

  • ACE

    Another propaganda by the EVIL WHITE TRASH to start another invasion and rob. It’s all the same old scam. WAR and KILLINGS are in the WHITE TRASH genes and they will never change.

    • mr. wiener

      Well here’s a blast from the past, Hi Ace how’ve you been? Gotten any lately?

      • ACE

        been to oz to kick some white butts cos’ they keep whining about whether it’s wiener or weiner. Well,now we all know.

        • mr. wiener

          Please come to Taiwan and try to kick my butt, Now is your best and only chance! I broke my collar bone last month, one hand only, really!
          Good luck with you submission for MENSA membership.

          • ACE

            your arse will be spared for my entertainment purposes,moreover you also need the remaining hand for whanking when dad is not around. I live in Taipei 大安區 what about you and your gang? MENSA is for kindergarten and those with herd mentality. You must be very proud of your membership.

          • mr. wiener

            “Your arse will be spared for my entertainment purposes” ….Should I be vewy , vewy afwaid now? Didn’t realise you liked to putt from the rough. It might explain a lot. Latent homosexuality can be an ugly thing, I urge you to come out. You’re a beautiful peacock, you’ve got to fly!
            My sexual needs are already well taken care of by Mrs. Wiener, thanks for your concern :)

  • nn

    It is obvious that the younger generation of Chinese are more concerned about the human right and the freedom. It won’t happen 40 years ago people discussing about children in Africa, or bears in China. Some young people are well educated but they are not experienced enough to judge the world in a mature manner. One of my friend is over concerned about the children issue, and I feel like sometimes he just wants to show the other people ‘See, I am different from you guys and I know what is the hot topic in America.’ I mean it is hard to tell how many people actually care about the issue itself, or maybe something else behide the topic. Like one my other friend, she thinks we should know the news because Americans know it. And it is losing face if we don’t catch up with Americans.

    • Derek Xu

      African children grow up to be African adults who chop each other’s limbs off with machetes. The more aid that is given, the more those animals will overpopulate. The solution is to cut off all aid and let Malthus handle it. Or King Leopold.

  • Lord Stanley

    Niggers are primitive savages. They were lucky when they had benevolent White colonists to look after them, but the Jew and his political correctness took that away from them.

    The Chinese are not going to make the same mistake. Niggers better hope their countries are suitable for growing rice, or the Asian race will have no use for them.

    • JC

      Just, wow…

      I sincerely hope you don’t have children.

      • mr. wiener

        I hope he does so they can grow up and tell him to piss off.

    • Hongjian

      Yes, My Lord.

      This pleases me.

  • A GUY

    This was fun for a while and watching thus discussion was interesting, but now that people have started posting racist troll bulls*** I’m done. None of us know for sure what the real situation and way forward is, but that S*** is going to accomplish nothing but more hate and no humor.

    I hope we (the world) can figure out how to care for each other and await the day when racist/insensitive F***s like you guys grow up/die.

    • notorious

      Guy, ignore the trolls. I don’t even read their bullshit the second I see where it’s heading. Racism is a mental illness. To get offended is to validate a form of mental disease.

      The outbursts came out of nowhere, like a severe cast of tourette’s syndrome. I could just see them ticking like an old man with parkinson’s disease,whilst foaming at the mouth.

    • staylost

      Welcome to the internet. Now you know why people have adapted the highly evolved ability to tune out repetitive nonsense information.

    • donscarletti

      I have no idea why you bother reading online forums if you cannot overlook strangers anonymously dumping hate. Ignore it and move on, like an adult.

      Also, no need for the stars to emphasise your dependence on profanity, you obviously want us to see what particular profanity you have chosen, otherwise you wouldn’t have left the first letter. Just type it out in lower case letters like a normal word and it would be far more tasteful.

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  • Dat Ankle

    Great, the shit fest lies of the whole Kony2012 thing spreads to China. Well, at least one commentor got it.

  • Analyst

    This Kony 2012 flick is a precursor to an invasion of Uganda….the USA govt doesn’t give a flying fuck about African children. It only comes in where it can see its interests will benefit and be furthered. I can’t believe people bought this shit hook line and sinker. As an African I can say many of us are asking, why Kony and why Uganda….as usual the answer is obvious…the US greed for natural resources. Check http://www.jaguda.com/2012/03/13/kony-2012-is-the-saviour-complex-being-used-as-a-precursor-to-invade-uganda-2/?preview=true

    • Gunner 4 Life

      Well said, I salute you sir…

  • dim mak

    Of all the violence in Africa they had to dig up some outdated shit about a guy who’s probably dead and hasn’t had any influence for ages.

    I mean c’mon, if you want retards to donate money to your “charity” at least come up with something good.

    • [email protected]

      Man, did you even try to understand the point of this viral campaign?
      Kony is currently the number one indicted war criminal on the International Criminal Court list. For this reason he is as good a place as any to start, if not the best, in order to clean the scum from the earth, remove these men and make earth a better and safer place for future generations and for children right now.
      No other reason is needed, it says so in the video, the creator says that Kony is not a strong military threat anymore, he says this, but he is the number one guy to remove, so we should start with him.
      Does any of that register with you? It is about the masses uniting to change the world. We aren’t any army, but we can arm ourselves with determination and compassion and awareness and strive to make earth safer.
      That’s all this is about. Wake up and smell the coffee, Dim Mak, or at least watch the video with an open mind next time.

      • Fairy

        The tragedy of hunman~Bless all the kids

        • [email protected]

          agreed. I miss hunman. what happened to that guy anyway? Havent seen him for ages. good old hunman. life of the party. Never let me down. not even once. sigh. poor old hunman. miss ya’ bro.

  • Gunner 4 Life

    Are you people dumb? Kony isn’t even in Uganda anymore, don’t be a sheep and follow the herd, could it be so coincidental that Oil Reserves were discovered in Uganda in the last couple of years, and the Invisible Children initiative was started in 2006…however the US only started to get involved recently, coincidence?

  • Dogbert

    I saw in the news that the video maker got arrested for exposing his man parts.

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  • anti-imperialist

    This is a sick piece of US propaganda. Who have been murdering and torturing people in the third world, particularly in the Middle Easy? The US and her allies. So the murderers have put on a human to divert their attention to Africa telling people how sublime the white man? These are all done with a political motive in mind – that is preparation for their evil color revolution, something they want to spread in the social media.

    Comrades and friends, watch the “Four Horsemen”: http://www.renegadeeconomist.com/news/four-horsemen-film-official-trailer.html

  • 404 name not found

    yuerkeeper’s comment is awesome!!

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  • Avoid me

    lies lies liels leil lies liesl ies lies lies.

  • S.P.

    To all of you above complaining about – What about our Chinese children who where crippled to beg- (Get off your ass and start a revolution then !!!!)-I would join it!!! And I am American and have no agenda!! To those whining about the reasons behind this documentary on catching KONY 2012-Do some research………this is in NO way backed by American government and if pressure from concerned citizens like us was not FORCED on the sorry ass’s that rule our country they would not have even sent the measly few troops they did,……..BECAUSE there is nothing for them (American Corrupt Government) to gain from this particular fight!! This is JUST a concerned human being (like you and I) that volunteered time in Africa and realized the plight of the children there…as it is not covered by the media here in US, since there is nothing for any US government etc to gain from it. Just like me…..he was saddened by their plight ! He is just an independent film student (or was) and made a film to help “Jacob” the African boy he met there. ……………….So DO NOT throw American Government Agendas in front of your comments only because you are -not as touched by the devastation there and use it as an excuse to be -inactive- or just lazy and do not want to help them specifically-or racist. The BOTTOM line here is OBVIOUSLY these children need help…………….RIGHT?? (Anyone disputing that?????????????????????? Anyone?????). So if you feel the “KONY 2012” group has some super-secret-USA Agenda- Then you are more than welcome to stir up your own REVOLUTION to help them if you want!!!! This guy put yearsssssss of work into this and has gained support by hard asss work and determination and I GARUNTEE the US government didnt hand him a dime—give any time—-or cares at all!! So IF YOU CAN DO BETTER FOR THESE CHILDREN OR THE ONES IN YOUR COUNTRY….DO IT…and quit COMPLAINING!!! …..Soooo…..Have a Nice Day!!! One your not getting kidnapped-made to kill your family-raped-brtualized-brainwashed-torchured etc ………..etc………..etc…………………….