Korea Former President’s Suicide, Chinese Reactions

The former president of South Korea Roh Moo Hyun fell off a mountain today and died. It is believed that he left a suicide letter. He was currently under investigation for receiving bribes of 5-6 million USD.

From NetEase:


2009 May 23 local time, Seoul, South Korea, people watching news of former president Roh Moo Hyun’s death after falling off a mountain.



2009 April 30, Korean former president Rho Moo Hyun leaving from his home 450km away from the capital Seoul, preparing to receive the prosecution’s inquiries.

There are already over 5600 comments on NetEase.

Comments from NetEase:


Suicide for only 5 million USD, sigh, truly born in the wrong place [this means he should have been born in China because the government officials here do not commit suicide when they are corrupt].


It is not easy for people to live, and death is not the final choice for ultimately solving a problem. Life is valuable. If you are not afraid of death, why be afraid of anything else? Face reality, and bear the consequences of your mistakes…


Women often send their own husbands to their graves.


If we here had this kind of conscience, I bet all of our cliffs would be filled up.


I finally understand why Japan and Korea, as countries with few resources, can be that strong and prosperous, because they depend on belief/conviction, on a belief/conviction of themselves. Compared to some of the disgrace and shame within our country, I rather admire this kind of politics.
In China, the person who would be jumping off the cliff would definitely be the person who exposed [the corruption].


This is a very brave person! Also a very honest person!


Koreans committing suicide has become commonplace, from the actress awhile go now to the former president. If those born in Korean commit suicide like this, and this goes on, will they need to depend on Chinese immigrating over there so Koreans will not become extinct? Although North Korea is a bit poor, life is still valuable.


Friend, do you know how many people starve to death or are executed for political crimes in every day in the north?


To the Korean people I salute!


A-bian: You should learn from this, go jump off a cliff, you scum of the people, do you have this courage?


I plan on buying a Korean car now.


I do not know if he really embezzled or not.
However, I still want to say something to Roh Moo Hyun: Well done, even if you embezzled several millions, your name still deserves to be remembered by the Korean people.


Only SB would believe it was suicide.


Korea’s democracy, Korea’s enlightenment, I am filled with deep respect!


Chen Shuibian [Taiwan’s former president] on a hunger strike for so long without dying made me mistaken suicide as being very difficult.


Great Korea, sad president.


His family obtained money because of him, so he wants to use ending his life to make his family miserable.
He did not accept money, but he did things under the encouragement of his family. Another way of understanding it is that his closest family tarnished his lifetime of being clean and honorable. This is also a reminder for our country’s people.


Japanese devils, Korean crazies.


It must have been done by someone working for the briber. He voluntarily killed himself, otherwise it would have been his entire family.


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