Korea Turns Back Chinese Tourists For Not Enough Luggage

Korea Turns Back Chinese Tourists For Not Enough Luggage

Chinese tourists from Harbin were turned back from Korea’s airport because they had too little luggage with them. With just one suitcase among the group of four, South Korean Customs claimed such travelers have a tendency towards unlawful stay and refused them entry into the country. One Chinese netizen complained that too much luggage is bad and so is too little. Another country that has turned back Chinese tourists was Thailand, reportedly because they didn’t bring 4000 RMB in cash. Netizens asked, why can’t they just use credit cards instead of cash?

Source: Netease

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  • Dark Night

    4 people with one piece of luggage? Common that’s bound to raise a red flag.

    • redwhitedude

      Migrants who happen to scrounge up enough cash to buy a ticket?

  • Puppyw

    The worlds getting wise to Chinese misdeeds

  • Pharenheit

    Perhaps they were planning on doing some serious shopping. I’ve gone on trips where I just brought a small backpack and purchased suitcases to carry all the clothes/shoes etc i’ve purchased home.

    • Mighty曹

      Yup, I’ve done that too.

  • Dolph Grunt

    This is like getting a ticket for driving too slow

    • Shinnokina

      There are fines for driving too slow. On highwayd it is forbidden to go below a certain speed as it would be equally as dangerous as speeding.

      • Dolph Grunt

        Sorry, I was in a Chris Rock moment.

  • goosemcgoose

    Is chinasmack no longer adding the translated comments to the stories? That was kind of the whole point of this site, without them an important dimension to the story is lost and basically it’s just off beat China news you can get anywhere.

    • Markoff

      yeah, they tricked me to click on 2 such articles, not coming back anytime soon

  • da_shan223

    This reminds me of stories I heard of tourists getting kicked off of tour buses in Xi’an for not buying from the gift shop stops along the way.

  • videmus

    Did owners sell the site recently? ChinaSmack isn’t what it used to be.

  • Chaz

    They plan on having a mad shopping spree (milk powder, meds, vitamins, etc), will purchase luggage locally and will then have plenty to lug back to China AND help the thankless, arrogant, pathetic Korean economy???

  • Realist

    Uh, that’s cus these 4 butt holes were planning on dropping $5 million of money they stole from the government on $10,000 toilets, $8,000 bags, etc… They may be dressed in a t-shirt and shorts now but you’d best bet when they go back through customs, they’ll need 5 luggage carts per person and they’ll all be dressed like a black rapper who just made it as they wait in the terminal for thier industrial vehicle-shipping containers to arrive with all the shit they bought in it.

  • helsic

    yeah that’s weird, 4 people with just one piece of luggage, no wonder why the Korean authorities thought it was suspicious!