koreaBANG: chinaSMACK for Korea & Korean Netizens

Introducing koreaBANG.

Today, we’re excited to introduce and announce the launch of koreaBANG, featuring original reports and translations of Korean internet news, trends, and pop culture, as well as translations of Korean netizen comments and reactions to the issues of the day in the world’s most wired country.

It’s like chinaSMACK…but for Korea.

Behind koreaBANG is an international team of Koreans and non-Koreans who are dedicated to providing the same broadly accessible, entertaining, and “raw” reporting of modern Korean society, through what becomes popular and what gets talked about online by Koreans themselves.

They fashion themselves as the “little sister site” to chinaSMACK.


On koreaBANG right now:

koreaBANG will be updated daily, so be sure to bookmark it. You can also subscribe to the koreaBANG RSS feed, get email updates, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Please take a moment to go visit koreaBANG and show the koreaBANG crew some support.

Bragging rights go to the first chinaSMACK commenter to “sofa” koreaBANG.

Finally, if you’re interested in joining the team, send us an email introducing yourself and how you’d like to get involved. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Dennis

    sofa suckaa!!!

    • JaoThao

      You got one sofa in China(smack) but i got Three sofas in Korea(bang)

      • Dennis

        cool story bro.

        • lonetrey

          please, tell it again.

          • 404 name not found

            ^ This

  • GhettoBoy

    Korean Bangzi?

  • Chris N.

    What will be the equivalent for the chinaSMACK 囧 logo for koreaBANG?

    • anon

      It’s apparently the Korean character for bang.

      • whichone

        Bang the onomatopoeia or action verb?

        • Brett Hunan

          in Korean “bang” means room. Don’t know which character they will use…

  • Edda

    Oh, my God you guys are so awesome!!! Please make one for Japan now. :Ð (Well, okay I’m not seriously expecting that but still)

    I have the new site bookmarked! ^-^

    • penisface

      japanwhap? japankick? japanslap? japanbite? japanattack? japanic? japantics?

      time to register a domain!

  • 大陸流氓


  • 大陸流氓


  • The Dude


    … Why does it just make me think of something inappropriate in relation to Korean females… or appropriate, as the case may be.

    I’m sorry I’m lowering the tone… but it’s hard not to with a title like ‘Korea Bang’. Honestly, I love it, the title I mean.

    I guess everything Asian has to have a synonym with ‘Smack’ now. So let me propose the possible titles for future additions…

    Japan SLAP

    Filipino POW

    Vietnam WHAM

    Malaysia BLOW

    Thailand …lady boy fuck fest…

    …OK, I was stretching with the last one.

    I have absolutely no interest in all things Korean… but if I’m honest the title ‘Korean BANG’ does attract me, what this says about me as a human being… well… I already know.

    • Stu

      It just occurred to me that the name could be a play on ‘bangzi’…

      • The Dude

        It might well be Stu.

        But ‘bang’ will always speak volumes to me… for other reasons.


        That sounds like a winning photo.

        My favorite is a bar I used to know that in English was called ‘The Love Hole’.

        I think they were trying to call it something like ‘The Love Cavern’ but the translator couldn’t be bothered that day, and just figured a cavern was a kind of hole of some description and went from there.

    • donscarletti

      I once saw an sign at an airport currency exchange “Vietnamese Dong Now In Stock”, luckily my Vietnamese friend was able to use it as a great photo op, you know, for the ladies.

      • mr. wiener

        I really enjoyed Korea when I was living there, bluntest people I’ve ever met. So nice to have asian people come up and be rude to your face, fantastic.

    • what about “The Dude WANK”?

  • Cool Matt

    This is a good thing.

  • How about a taiwanSMACK? There’s always a lot going on here, lots of crazy and interesting stuff.

    • Stu

      You’d have to be prepared for waves of mainlanders insisting that TaiwanBOOM or whatever was an integral part of ChinaSMACK… after multiple server attacks it would probably end up being called ChineseTaipeiZAP.

      • CHNinUSA

        epic! but I just think most Chinese ppl who can speak/post in English will not bother to do that.

      • The Dude


    • mr. wiener

      There is “forumosa” ,but ’tis tame by comparison.

    • jeffli

      I’d call it the Taiwanslap (and tickle?) ……..
      wheres my beetle nuts ?

  • queenkat

    Kool. Now Korean guy from chinahush will have somewhere to go.

    • mr. wiener

      can we leave him here all by himself? that guy is a bit of an arse.

    • Dat Ankle

      If thats the guy who says BANGZI or some shit like that in ever comment and be a complete annoying dick in ever article ever, then I hope he stays in Chinahush.

  • shao

    Whats next? A Japanese one?

  • what the fuck man. why are you *fucks* perpetuating this bullshit to every nation in Asia? When the fuck we gonna get a [email protected]?

    This site sucks.

  • See this is typical westerner bullshit. They want to complain about all the bullshit when they’re in Asia. They don’t give a damn that the exact form of “alienation” happens to Asians in the west (plus some more; but the one major bullshit is they try to pretend it doesn’t happen behind a veil of liberal pcness). In the west no one gives a fuck, you are just another immigrant, nothing wrong with that. But why Asian don’t do the same thing? That’s why you fucks feel so entitled over here. Of course we know exactly why, it’s not PC to say it.

    • themig

      korean girls!! drool!!!! western fantasy is in a 2nd korea war,north korean girls are going to be raped by chinese farmers and black soldiers, until the white men knights and lesbians like hillary clinton comes in to rescue them with UN vote like in syria

      • As sleepy as I am I can’t tell whether you are retarded or just fucking retarded.

        KOREA war would suck. It would fuck up the world economy. There is nothing to be gained from it. Western fantasies currently lie else where, you know, some were in the middle of that map.

        Korean girls? No thanks. This is not a diss to Koreans, your women are hot. Just not *my* thing.

        • themig

          r u kidding? the manchu farmers would have a field day getting north korean refugee slaves while the rest of the world suffers a mass economy disaster. chinese males would gain from it

          • “As sleepy as I am I can’t tell whether you are retarded or just fucking retarded.”


          • The Dude

            ‘…the manchu farmers would have a field day..’

            I don’t know if you realize how good that sentence is. farmer/field

            I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that sentence one day. It’s a great pun.

    • Dat Ankle

      Hey man, dont lump all us Westerner’s together. Only white people be complaining about the discrimination they face overseas. But, I do agree that once white people are pulled away from their lala land of everything bright and happy, they cry way too many tears and do nothing about discrimination happening to everybody else in the West. Which is why it always makes me laugh when they complain. In the words of Stephen Colbert, “Fuck your pain.”

      • 404 name not found

        Fucking right

  • m

    I sort of understand. But how many Pyongyang girls actually have internet access? Or even the guys, for that matter?

    Oh, so sorry…, after reading a bit more I see this is for “modern” Korean society, and not whatever is going on north of the 49th. Too bad, since I was hoping to find out more about the Pyongyang traffic girls.

  • Jack

    Nice…I like Korea stories, already subscribed through RSS…..just curious, how do you guys make money, dedicating all your time to news reporting? i dont see any ads in chinasmack

    • queenkat

      So the huge pile of wholesale makeup pointing to Dhgate is not an ad?and the travelation link on the top for cheap flights?

  • Medical Advisor

    There is a cool story on koreabang.com (about girls and breasts). Please check it out.

  • Es

    happy to know that we have the koreaBANG, we’ll be more informed of the latest in korea. congratulations koreaBANG!

  • Ramir

    Why “Bang” in koreaBang, what’s the meaning?

    • mp

      I think it has something to do with the Demilitarized Zone.

    • “Bang” or “방” is the Korean rendering of the Chinese word “fang” or ”房“ meaning ”room”. This “bang” suffix is often added to the end of some things like “PC” to create PC방 [PC bang] which means internet café.

      This is why “방” is also our “冏” mascot icon. Sadly, there are no single-character emoticons in Korean as epic as “jiong”. Or, at least, I can’t think of anything in Korean that looks like a little face.

      “BANG” works because it’s onomatopoeic like the “SMACK” in chinaSMACK. Through the “PC Bang” culture it also has a subtle nod to the Chinese “网吧” [wang ba – internet café] thing.

      …and, yes, it also sounds a little bit like “bangzi”!

  • uncleinkoreatown

    keep the little-girl boob-showing protests going

  • Alright Fauna, when are you going to do JapanWaiWai? If might as for a Power Trio and be done with it.

  • Dat Ankle

    Id never thought I would live to see this day. Loving you guys so hard right now.

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