Korean Baseball Team Gawks At Guangzhou Asian Games Hostess

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

From QQ:

Ceremonial hostesses’ good looks like flowers, curvaceous figures amaze Korean athletes

19th evening, the Guangzhou Asian Games baseball final began in the Guangdong Olympic Sports Center. In the end, the Doha Asian Games champions Chinese Taipei team lost 3 to 9 against the Beijing Olympic Games champion Korea team, unable to defend their title. Four years ago at the Doha Asian Games, the Korean team successively lost to the Chinese Taipei and Japanese teams, ultimately only winning a bronze medal. With this year’s Asian Games, the Korean team did its best to field its best players, including American Major Baseball League’s Choo Shin-Soo and Japanese Nippon Pro-Baseball League’s Kim Tae-Kyun and others all brought together in one team, and have been called by the media as “history’s most powerful lineup.”

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

Korean national baseball team at 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games: What are they looking at?

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Korean vs. Taiwan baseball final at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Comments from KDS:


emoticonemoticon Bangzi never seen a woman before?


Bangzi‘s little bangzi is hard.


Where’s Sister Feng? Sister Feng
The Asian Games need you to go give out the medals.


Natural Korean girls are impossible to look at, and those that you can look at are all products manufactured out of plastic surgery hospitals, so can you blame the Korea’s men?




Their expressions are appropriate, haha.

comments from qq:


This too is worth being proud of? Being eye-fucked by others? The person who took this photo and the person who added this title are SBs.


I bet it is because they’re too used to women in their country who have had plastic surgery that when they saw a natural beauty, the testosterone and animal in them were aroused…


Disgusting, wretched, perverted, filthy bangzi. TMD, go to hell.


The designer who designed this outfit is a mental retard.


What they were staring at was the medal…can the reporter not be this silly, okay? Making it look like [the Korean team was staring at the girl] is insulting ourselves. What they were looking at was the medal the ceremonial hostess was carrying…


Who was it that said this? What is there to be proud of here? Using a woman’s good looks to raise national prestige?


Can everyone please take a good look at those so-called ceremonial hostesses, each and everyone of them so ugly, and they’re still ceremonial hostesses? All middle-aged auntie level yet trying to pass themselves off as what?! Guangdong women are truly ugly, both short and dark, their butts disgusting like a pile of shit!


Is it necessary for their clothes to be so tight? No Chinese flavor at all! Might as well just wear a bikini!


No matter who was dressed like that, I too would stare. In that kind of situation, I too would be stunned/stupefied.

Some more pictures of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games ceremonial hostess girls from KDS (1 & 2):

Asian Games ceremonial hostess girls’ bodies, truly impressive [reflects well upon China]

emoticon Thank you clothing designer, thank you CCTV!

Ceremonial hostess girls for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

emoticon The view from the back is very sexy.

Ceremonial girls for the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China.


The butt of a ceremonial hostess for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.


A photograph of a 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games ceremonial hostess girl.

One comment posted in response:

"Stop staring at the butt."
[“Stop staring at the butt.”]

More people to gawk at. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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  • 老外

    Having seen their backsides, I can only conclude that American women are mental retards.

    • ptptp

      What a coincidence! When I read your post, I had the same conclusion about you!

      • 老外

        I also came to the same conclusion about myself. We have a lot in common, ptptp. Let’s be friends?

        • ptptp

          hahaha…. works for me!

  • None of them seem to be staring at the girl. Just saying

  • @@

    dat ass (comment too short)

    • sean

      Atleast their assets are not flat like a play ground, May be the koreans were stunned how could a chinese girl has a perfect asset naturally. They might have thought that chinese girls assets are flat….. Guangdong girls saved china’s ass

      • mankouzanghua

        Nope, they’re round, but still like a playground. 操场 ;)

        If Chinese Taipei had won, there would have been no need to focus on the hostesses as part of this story.

  • moody

    They were probably surprised by how slutty the outfit actually look

    • John

      slutty? They might look slutty to you if you’re a woman or you’re a gay man. Otherwise they look hot! (I’m assuming you’re a woman? lol)

      • moody

        this dress is too butt shapes-revealing
        slutty, hot, vulgar or obscene
        up to you to decide where it stands

        • Patrick

          After that statement (not to mention the name) my vote is woman.

          • moody

            Do you think organizers making women parade dressed this way have a positive reflection of Chinese Women ?

            “come to Guangzhou , take a look at our women…”

            it just keeps women down -our cocks up for sure-, but it’s a pity nevertheless

          • cookie

            Definitely fat American woman.

          • Chica Chica

            “come to Guangzhou , take a look at our women…”
            I lol’d so hard, Guangzhou is known for many things, some of the greatest food in China. But everyone knows that women from Guangzhou are among the ugliest.

      • james dean

        they look like the girls you would see in a massage parlor that also gave happy ending

  • Type Two

    Who can blame them?

    • O_O

      srsly. i was gonna make fun of some bangzi but after seeing those pictures of those outfits… any guy would stare

  • Chinese Netizen

    A) They sure as hell ain’t Canto chicks…
    B) They must have found the ONLY seven Chinese chicks in the country with decent asses…
    C) Probably prosthetic ass enhancers…
    D) Glad women-as-objects still alive & well in harmonious China…

    • Jordan

      I second that… Chinese women with nice round bottoms are very very hard to come by.

    • Gordon

      you moron. go search for Gi Gi lai ,Athena Chu and Gi GI Leung on wikipedia . and check their ancestry. all of them are native cantonese. you seem to have a beef with us. did you get treated like a trash while your stay in Hong Kong? don’t worry by the time you behave like a human being( don’t shi t in public and savage behaviour like that) you start to get treated normally…

      [Note from Fauna: Please do not repost the same comment under different identities. That will not result in quicker approval. Read our comment policy.]

  • Smokeyroooo

    None of them are actually as babelike as you would expect them to be whilst representing China. Would still do ’em though, it would be rude not to…

    Whether or not they were actually having a good ol’ perve is also debatable. Put bright shiny things infront of somebody and they are bound to look. But being Korean men… I take back what I just wrote, I’m sure all their perverted little peckers were as hard as diamonds.

    BTW, Whats with that pic of the pedo lookin’ guy amongst all the school girls? What’s that got to do with anything?

    • Michael

      That “pedo lookin’ guy” is the President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak. But, yes, don’t know what it has to do with anything.

      None of the girls are that good looking, but you gotta stare when the outfit is that tight at the butt.

  • “This too is worth being proud of? Being eye-fucked by others? The person who took this photo and the person who added this title are SBs.”

    This. Seriously… how insecure are people.
    “Oh my god! Someone looked at a girl who lives in the same country as me!! We’re so awesome!”

  • Alexc

    The girls do look hot indeed, but…
    To be proud that some foreign guys looked at some girls’ butt is really… lame.

    • Alex

      Lol… why am I Alexc instead of just Alex (the way I wrote it)?

  • John

    You must admit, their butts look really beautiful in those dresses. I LIKE!!!!

  • Koreansentry

    And Chinese male athletes didn’t starred at these Chinese hostesses with these dresses? Btw, these girls will die to meet Korean men and any of these baseball players would be their dream husbands.

  • Teacher in China

    I love you Fauna :) These pics totally made my day!

    On a side note, can I be a bit of a prick here and judge the one picture where all the girls are lined up with their rear ends poking back? There are really only 3 completely amazing rears in the line up. The other ones, frankly, are kind too flat or too lumpy. Of course, I would kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers.

  • The Korean secretary of the Asian Taekwondo Assocation should be ashamed of himself. This scandal is huge in China and Taiwan.


    • Chucky

      No, Taiwanese should be ashamed of themselves for behaving like loons, trying to blame the attempt by China to cheat, on Koreans who had nothing to do with it. One of the judges was a Chinese, the venue was China, and China got the gold. Chinese, both in China and Taiwan should be ashamed of themselves.

      Besides, none of the JJangkke females look remotely attractive. They all look like they’re one of my jjangkke friend’s mother. They do need to get plastic surgery.

      • lay low moe

        i guess you haven’t watch the match
        Yang clearly didn’t do anything
        this is not the 1st time China does this to Taiwan in a Sports event

        • Yurp

          That’s not the point. Yes the decision was unfair, but that’s no excuse for behaving like a bunch of children who didn’t get what they want.
          Sports are often unfair, during the world cup there were many controversial decisions, sometimes costing matches. But to put it simply: “it’s just a game”.
          Just grow up and get over it, there are more important things to get angry about.

      • hey Chucky
        how do you explains the evidence on this? accident???

    • Alikese

      “World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)…”

      Hee hee.

  • kongcheng

    the outfits just ruined their good figure.

  • Grace

    i would probably stare if i was a guy
    cause the outfit is SO ugly and also the butt it hideous
    and also ill stare cause its so ugly no effence

  • Regina

    I always find it funny when the Chinese find every way possible to race China’s ego. Yes, some foreign men were looking at your Chinese hostesses. This DEFINITELY means China is on the rise!

    • Chef Rocco

      Wrong, This DEFINITELY means some schmucks are on the rise!

  • XXXL

    chinks always says about korean girls do surgery,but at leaste they looks better after.and chinks girls are naturally bed looking and got hairy oxter. and they still do nothing with themselves.难看!

    • eattot

      improve your english first if you wanna curse others otherwise only embarrass yourself first.
      at least most women here are nature, we dare to face our real face. at least we do not kiss any other big state’s ass, we dare to stand alone in front of the world. think about it!

      • Alex

        The user with the worst english and the most senseless comments is criticizing someone’s else english skills?

        By the way…*natural my ass. Some women here weigh 5 kgs less after they take off their make up. And the only part of you that stands before the worlds is your mianzi, that’s it. Try to stand with good values and morals.

        • mankouzanghua

          Come on, 2B-real’s english isn’t THAT bad.

          • If we read 2breal’s comment carefully, he says he has hired over 50 “year old” maids and “has Beijing for 5 years”.

            You would think that the man that owns Beijing would hire maids older than a year old. Maybe thats why you’ve had to hire 50 of them.

            ha ha ha.

          • Alex

            I meant eattot’s comment.

            I mean, not everybody here is from english speaking countries and small mistakes can happen. But filling Chinasmack with senseless crap and then the only attack that she(maybe ‘he’?) uses against someone else is “improve your english”…..

            @Calvin: HAHAHAHAHA

        • Jing

          @Alex, and i suppose you have a Ph.D in English ? May I suggest fixing your own atrocious grammar before trashing a Chinese user on Chinasmack!

      • sean

        Well said my girl, But to be frank chinese girls put loads of makeup and no one knows what is underneath it, it might be an aunty, granny or may be a monster. There are natural beauties everywhere in the world not just in china. Secondly i won’t feel proud and say well my country girls are being starred by foreigners and china is developping. I will just call the designer of the outfit as a perveted asshole and it shows the mindset of the people in china, Chinese girls are always treated as a material in china, Did you get what i mean? I also don’t know why you wear a mask in your display picture, do you have some allergies in your face?

        • eattot

          yes, i am a witch with two long teeth sticking out. at night i go out to suck blood from babies. that’s why i looked so young. think of my name again!

          • bert

            The only thing natural is the cotton stuffing in the bra to give them some shape. They aren’t standing alone in front of the world without an added cup size or three.

  • BlothaLonely

    Seriously !!?? Chinese chick and ass !!!!??? WTF …

  • TriStar

    These Korean baseball players are forbidden to have sex for the last couple of months in order to win the gold medal. Such sacrifice for the glory of their glorious little kingdom.

  • Griffin

    these guys probably couldnt believe the stupid dresses the girls had to wear, or the fact that each girl seemed to be kinda average looking, not ugly, but come on, not even car expo sexy girl standard

  • Line up a bunch of guys from any country on earth and parade these girls in front of them and guaranteed every one of them will “gawk”…

  • ImmortalTechnique

    If you guys think that even remotely qualifies as ASS, you been in China way too fucking long.

    • moody

      that’s a good line to add on the
      “you know you’ve been in China for too long when ….”

  • Alikese

    “[Korea] have been called by the media as ‘history’s most powerful lineup.'”

    By people who have are totally unfamiliar with every MLB team of the last 30 years.

    One of the cool things about this story is that Shin-soo Choo would have had to quit the MLB to do two years of mandatory military service, but since they won the Asian games the government waived that requirement and he’ll get to go back to the US and make $10 million per year.

  • Pvt. Joker

    They look better going than coming. Just sayin’

    • ImmortalTechnique

      Pretty interesting, too bad it’ll never amount to anything.

  • chen

    These chinese boys are saying like they won’t even look at girls.

    The view from the back is very sexy.

    Ohh this i agree. It’s the front that I can;t take it. On a fairer note, there are pretty girls too, but too bad they are not in that photo

  • DRaY

    Where’s the ass? That’s pretty darn flat to me…. Sorry, skinny girl with too much makeup on = NOT HOT!

  • hoklodude

    lol, what a joke, Korean girls are hotter than Chinese girls. Get real, get a real eye check aye while your at it. Korean girls take on more plastic surgery than anyone except the Japanese.

    • k

      Korean hotter? Only when they buy their face at the clinic. Natural looking Korean women are so-so, not beautiful, not ugly, pleasant looking. The attractive ones are the ones who have had work done, most young korean women have had eyes done….I think Koreans hate their faces more than anyone else in the world with so much disgust towards their double eyelids and long faces….most korean girls I’ve met have had surgery done….most american women i’ve met haven’t….there is a big difference there.

  • banosd

    I’m sure Choo is more happy about not serving in the Korean army than he is for looking at girls

  • Fman

    I really can’t see any of them checking out the girls asses, BTW those dresses are horrible, in fact it makes there asses look like balloons! ugly colors as well… I thought the players were behaving just fine, perhaps locals would have accepted it more if they were spitting or picking their noses rather than looking at the beautiful girls…

  • lee

    please! these guys are obviously staring at the medals…like there is an ass there to stare at bahahahahahhahaahhahaha
    wooo! that made my day reading comments about chinese women having ass lol

  • Blinded in a Bolthole

    That’s a sort of positive competitive propaganda against America, saying “Why US when you have Us”. And unless the observer is gay or something(eunuch, saint and as such) it is kinda effective too.

    As for the Korean team… they were innocent victims of a propaganda crossfire (whether they were looking or not is irrelevant to the fact).

    As for the girls themselves, while there were no 4 classic beauties, they are moderately beautiful and look real good in those outfits (arse including).

    Fact: None of you lot used the term “Arse”!!

    Ave Imperator Fictus.

  • Blinded in a Bolthole

    In one of the pics (fifth from top) one of the Koreans is actually peeking.

  • iam iran boy. very goooooooooooooooood clothing . have lovely girl in guangzhou and girls bodies very nice .kiss is guang zhou girl

  • 123

    Most of you people (not all) are being reported for making racist comments

    [Note from Fauna: Reported to who?]

  • flat ass. Ugly!

  • andywattbulb

    I can’t tell the hostess girls apart. Are they specially selected to all look the same?

  • blaugrau

    Players on the Korean baseball team confirm the hostesses are jaw-droppingly good looking! If I had been there, I would have had the same silly expression on my face: Looking somewhat stupefied with my mouth wide open. The dresses certainly accentuate their features, but doesn’t make them look cheap or tacky.

  • SteveLaudig

    All involved are nominated for the “Sports Builds Character” Awards for 2010. All the hype about the “value” of “sports” is bs. Recommend you read Orwell on the subject. http://orwell.ru/library/articles/spirit/english/e_spirit

  • Ben

    It is natural for men to look at beautiful / attractive women. Those who doesn’t look are either trying to look innocent or gay!

    Grow up!

  • Whateva

    What doesn’t make sense to me is that those girls are wearing those tight dresses and fuckin Chinese act all surprised when the dudes start looking at them. I’m a female and even I can’t even stop looking at them. It’s a natural reaction. If you Chinese guys think it’s weird the dude are checking them out, then you just might be considered gay.

  • k

    Really? Those athletes need to come to the USA and to a pro basketball game and see the cheerleaders, they make those women like horrendous trolls. The hottest women in china can’t compare to the hottest women in the USA and Europe….asian guys need to branch out and go see women with more than one hair color and angular bone, non flat features.

  • k

    you mean men will look at person, walking directly in front of them, wearing tight clothes? I don’t believe it. On a side note, those dresses are horrid and unflattering to those women’s “butts”. On another side note, if koreans want to see women with some assets, they need to go anywhere else but asia.

  • Wily Wanker

    Some of chicks in the green dresses have some really great asses. They make my mouth water!!
    When an asian woman has a great ass it’s the best in the world!!