Korean Gamer Makes Video Criticizing Chinese & China

Video on Ku6.

[English Translation]

Hi. Everyone knows there is a country in the world whose young people really like to play games, especially online games. But some of these people’s behavior is bad!

These are Chinese gamers.

I once studied abroad in China. Here I will talk about the things I have experienced.

Criticism #1: Violent PK

I think many games developed features preventing kill-stealing specifically because of the Chinese.

In our Korea, if I am fighting a game’s boss in a game and am in danger, other players who pass by will kindly help me by adding buffs.

But in China, no matter in what game you can always encounter a lot of “red skeleton head” players who come and go wearing overly impressive equipment. When they are nice they will only try to steal the boss I am currently fighting. But if they are mean, they will immediately start PKing me until I die. In China’s WOW, there are even players who specially massacre new people! And what is even more frightening is: the players I know all think of this as fun!

Criticism #2: Low character

In our Korea, there is not a single person who attacks others with abusive language.

But within China’s games, I have seen countless people spend money just so their own obscene language appears on the screen rolling across the top in large letters! Simply makes people dumbstruck! In 800×600 2D games with crude graphics, these people should not be understandable.

Then take Granado Espada‘s Baroque style and Lineage 2‘s epic landscapes…symbolic, stylistic, and refined.

Criticism #3: Network quality

When I see the Chinese people inside the internet rooms, I feel it is both amusing and pitiful.

In our Korea, even if it is connecting to Battle Net, ping will not be double-digits. In China, 100+ ping values are all normal. It is really hard to imagine how they can continue playing.

Criticism #4: Do not understand games

To put it bluntly, they do not understand art.

Our Korea has first-rate world game production team. All of the games we produce, regardless of the graphics, operation, or mission systems, are all first-rate. But Chinese players often discount these things, always only caring about themselves. making incredible demands, probably because they are still in a state of developing.

Criticism #5: Backwards

Nothing needs to be said!

In our Korea, game versions updates are always the latest and fastest. Chinese people always play our leftovers.

Criticism #6: Lack of creativity

Chinese games are all the same. Bad graphics I will not say Game style and setting basically are all modeled after Korean games. Basically, whatever us Koreans make, Chinese people play. Then they change the name and becomes a so-called domestic product!

It seems they are not even better than the Japanese.

Criticism #7: China is simply the world’s factory

I admit that getting to seven items is just because it sounds cooler. But so what? China is well-known as the “world’s factory.”

What is the most important thing about the 21st century? Creativity. But this is exactly what you Chinese lack the most.

In our Korea, our game industry and electronics industry products conquer the whole world. But you guys,  you guys can only watch stupidly.

Before coming to China, I had a lot of expectations, but…now what I understand is: 5000 years of civilization…is just the past.

Korean Gamers. Source: Time (,28804,1815747_1815707_1815675,00.html)

Comments on Ku6:

Fuck your mother, always our Korea Korea, motherfucker must be bored to death.

Even though it is very disgusting
It cannot be denied, what he says is the truth – -! sad.

If China is so bad, why do you come to China to study? Since you look down upon China like this, why do you not examine why so many Korean stars come to China to develop? If If China is so “bad,” why do you Koreans still swarm here? What does this also show?

Have you never heard that a big forest has all kinds of birds?! Motherfucker! When did it become China’s turn for your kind of worthless trash to critique? Why did you not say this when you were in China to study? Looks like you are not much yourself! If you are scared, just say it! It is useless for you to run to Korea before speaking up.

A typical never-entered-society, never-met-difficulty stupid cunt.

Such an exaggerated performance, be careful the Chinese will spit you back to Korea.

Whoa! There are still this kind of~~~XX! Why is he such a stupid cunt? What do you do if you’re not killing people in games? Are you actually able to play games for a living? It is just for fun, he probably thinks games are more important than life! Also, can you please be a bit more lively when performing? This was unbearable! It was as if you were trying to shit but could not shit it out! [//bb]

Really embarrassing for the Korean people.

He is probably a lunatic…

Some of the situations [he talks about] do exist. That we must continuously learn, correct, and improve is the inescapable truth. It is not about bickering with each other.

Koreans are the descendants of the Chinese.

Some of what he says is true, everyone who has played online games should understand in their heart, but he is too extreme, using all the bad phenomenon he has seen to define China’s culture and China’s online gaming.

I say Koreans like to use what others have left behind. For example: Confucius, Chinese medicine, Chinese characters, Japanese tea culture, sumo wrestling, kendo…are all things you Koreans “originated.” Bullshit, you look just like all those Koreans who make me sick.

First item, I agree, the rest is like trying to pick out bones from a chicken egg. If you are not happy, you can stop playing…right now I dislike Koreans the most.

So this is the character of Koreans?? Today, I finally know for certain…the way you speak and behave is even more crass than China’s hooligans.

Much of what he says is true, we really need to reflect a bit! We cannot just yell at him to make ourselves feel better!
Our country needs to improve, develop, become strong! This video not only responds to our country’s online gaming problem, but also extends out to many other things.
But, this Korean’s character is also quite poor!

Why do I feel like he is not a Korean but a Chinese person who knows how to speak Korean~his Korean and movements all seem like an act.

You bastard!

A lot of what he says is correct. We need to question ourselves and not just scream and yell whenever others say something bad about us!

Even though I want to flatten him, what he says is basically true.

Is Korea that good? We simply have never been there before. Does that country not have any bad people?

He must have drank too much Sanlu! Really disgusting~~~that ugly look on him.

Koreans can not even afford to eat meat, yet have the gall to say China is not good…one look at this person and you can see typical malnourishment!

Chinese have money and he is also envious. If you are envious, why not also come to China to develop/grow [make some money] a bit?!

Korean Gamers. Source: Time (,28804,1815747_1815707_1815675,00.html)

Comments on KDS:

Although mouth full of abusive language, I still do not think he said a single thing wrong. Poor Chinese people.

China online gaming is the same as China pig ball [football/soccer], both are cancers.

You forgot to mention the bureaucracy.

To tell the truth,
this Korean, whether it is his appearance or his language level, is begging to be whipped.
But some of the phenomenon he says really is not wrong.
So, first kill him, and then we should do some honest reflection.

Nothing he said was wrong.

He said the truth~he is doomed.

All 7 points are our weaknesses/shortcomings…

So amusing, he was really engrossed.
But everything he said was true.

“Korea’s games conquered the world.” Definitely Korean style.

Basically did not said anything wrong.

Those people who replied, after screaming and yelling with abusive language, then go back to playing their games.

Yeah~he should die for criticizing us~but we need to reflect too~

How can he be so frank? Is he stupid?

That is how things really are, he did not say anything wrong.
Just look at Tianlongbabu and you will know.
Since the game came out in 2007, a lot of people immediately throw money into it, but still suffer unbalanced classes/professions.
SOHU did not care, it only knew how to make money. I do not know what those people who were spending money were thinking, on one hand yelling and the other hand happily charging their points cards [used to purchase things in the game].

China’s “fenqing” can yell and curse at most. unlike us Shanghainese who take these kind of things as jokes and change when we see our shortcomings.

The day China becomes strong we must thank these people who criticized us.
Just afraid that after all the bickering, nothing changes.

Just like “wai di ren” criticizing our Shanghai and Shanghainese, but what happens in the end?? Those who are ignorant and backwards remain ignorant and backwards, those who develop continue to be civilized and develop. Anyone can say these things, the key is to see who can do it. This is one thing Chinese people do not understand.

“Our Korea’s ping are all 2 digits”
Stupid cunt, your country is smaller than one of our provinces, how could it not be fast?

The key thing is that each country’s circumstances are not the same. We are suppressed by society, and many people use online games to relax. Americans can protest in front of the White House, can we? A lot of freedoms have been restrained. So our circumstances are not the same, and that is why Koreans naturally are not used to [things here].

He did not say anything wrong. Think of how many mainland Chinese were playing Mu Continent of Legend at the time.

In our China, with our stereotypical education, thoughts are imprisoned.
This video will also be blacklisted [deleted] soon.

Korean Gamers. Source: Time (,28804,1815747_1815707_1815675,00.html)

Comments on Tianya:

Well said…
Chinese people are like this.
Uniting to help people for fun…
long became a thing of the last century.

I am also Chinese. Do not say things so directly, okay? Everyone knows in their hearts (although he is ridiculing us a little, he said things well).

Looks like only foreigners are able to see through China.

Although what he says has some rationale, this Korean’s expression is a little mentally retarded…

A piece of trash. And Korea? Just China’s past territory. Even their language was all stolen/derived from China’s Chinese characters. Some of the pronunciations are the same as China’s Chinese pronounciations. What a moron.

Korea’s little children are all like this, rather pitiful, and can be forgiven. This nationality is tragic enough…finally being able to lift their heads, so we should not crack down on them.

To tell the truth, we can do nothing but admit that what he said was basically the truth, but my thoughts are also like what those above said: his expression really is too mentally retarded. I bet he was studying abroad in China but because of his mental retardation was kicked out by the school. Then he wanted to apply to be certified disability, but even the disabled community thought his mental retardation was much too serious, his IQ not enough to meet the first level of mental retardation, and was thus refused. Now, he can only vent in front of a camera. May Buddha preserve us, everyone please forgive this person suffering from serious mental retardation.

Most of it is the truth, Chinese players can even make playing WOW [World of Warcraft] nauseating, much less other online games.

Your Korea has you motherfucker to embarrass them…
Looking like an orangutan, copying others recording a video…?
Are you trying to scare people?

Everyone, I have fallen over in laughter…what an amusing video.

Go back to your mental institution.
I do not even know how you escaped.

Korean Gamers. Source: Time (,28804,1815747_1815707_1815675,00.html)

Comments on Sina:

Stupid~very stupid~definitely stupid~stupid to the extreme~

Korea’s games do not have violent PKing? Are you joking?

I am very angry, but what he said has some rationale. When will China create their own games?

There are indeed some parts of China that are not good, but Korea is not much better.

His reasoning is certainly not wrong…
Like SNDA…really is ridiculous…
But thinking about them…
China is not what they say behind our backs…
How many districts are in one of their games? What are they pretending [trying to compare two different situations]?

That the Korean language sounds awful I will not say. That Korean people are mentally retarded I also will not say. That Korean people often get plastic surgery I also will not say. That Koreans plagiarize our Chinese history I also will not say. That Koreans…
But, what this dear friend says really is the truth. Really, our China is still a developing country, and we need to try harder.
But I think it is weird, if he knows Korea’s national strength is better than our China, why come to China to study abroad? If Korea is better than China in every aspect, why come to China to study?
China has an old saying, “Since you are here, you should face reality quietly.”
Only know how to talk talk talk, is he a woman? This…

Saying China’ networks are not good…do you know how much area China’s networks have to cover? With such a small amount of land, you still criticize others’ networks as good or bad? How about Korea tries to network 9.6 million km of land then talk! Not to ridicule you guys, but how many people go online over there? Come to China and see how many people here go online! Then, with regards to what you said about the violent PK problem that relates to a nationality’s culture problem, every place has different ways of playing the same game. This is how us Chinese play! We are playing a game, not a game playing us. How we enjoy a game is not for you to criticize! And another character problem: With regards to your guys’ “niu bi” Korea, you really advocate your country, I will do the same!

My feeling is that this guy cannot win at PKs, cannot steal bosses from others, has trashy equipment, and also has no money to buy loudspeakers [a game feature that lets people broadcast to everyone in the game] to yell at people…
…so he “flew off the handle???” [went crazy]
What he said, we all know, but China still being in development, this is for sure.
I also know how to belittle: home appliances cannot match Japan’s, computer technology cannot compare to America…
Probably what makes them angry is: What is obviously a Korean game…ironically has more Chinese players than Korean…haha.

Although I do not want to accept it but what he said really makes sense.

Hearing this makes me unhappy but what he said is pretty reasonable~though I want to rush over there and beat him up but…

Very angry but~~there is nothing I can say~

We should all reflect a bit…face this problem…and not so easily get angry at others! When what he says is true we should be open-minded and accept…

Hilarious, 21st century’s most important thing is creativity, and Koreans who spend all day falsifying history dare to say this.
Chinese games cannot compare to Koreans, but in areas of military, science, and technology, Chinese are N times better than the Koreans.

Eating too much kimchi really does affect brain development!

This person has a very strong Seoul suburbs accent. Student from Seoul suburbs who came to China to study, did you get to eat several years of meat?

The video is very extreme…but indeed also exposes some of China’s problems.
But his insults to China’s national dignity and history absolutely cannot be tolerated!
Our goal is: Be better than the Koreans!

It appears that Korea is very impressive, their games can wage wars and their mobile/cell phones can be rockets that take them into space.

Crime #1: PK
As everyone knows, PK is one of online gaming’s characteristics. Without competition, this game loses its soul. And while Koreans are flattering themselves for creating such classic games, they also organizing all sorts of PK competitions. However, one thing to say is: Chinese players have many times crushed Korean players in world competitions. Even if you guys created the games, do you give as much soul as us Chinese players? You guys are just making semi-finished products, what right do you have to be talking shit about others?
Crime #2: Do not understand game service
China representatives for Korean games do not go up to find them, but rather you guys come to China to sell. OK, in other words, we are your guys’ god, your economy was made by us.

These words would be better if they came from Chinese mouths. I long ago wanted to criticize Chinese online game players’ inferior group character.

Fuck. Even if your games are good so what? It is still us who are playing your games. If we leave, you guys = bankrupt. What first-rate electronics? I only consider your plastic surgery skills to be first rate~your real faces are like beasts~

What do you think about this Korean gamer and what he said about Chinese people and China?

Korean Gamers. Source:

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