Korean MERS Sufferer Angers After Denying Concealing Illness

Korean MERS Sufferer Angers After Denying Concealing Illness

The South Korean patient currently being treated for MERS in Huizhou has denied concealing his illness after he took a plane from South Korea to Hong Kong despite previously being in contact with his father hospitalized by the disease and himself feeling unwell. Despite seeking treatment in Korea, by the time doctors reported it to the health department he had already set off for HK. There, airport medical personnel asked him about his fever, but never mentioned anything about MERS, and so it was waved. After complaining about Huizhou hospital food, netizens thought it fitting if he starved to death.

Source: Netease

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  • Amused

    Well they can take some consolation in the fact that he’ll most likely receive medical care that’s inferior to what he could have had at home in addition to the lack of kimchi on the menu :)

    • mr.wiener

      Also Koreans really don’t like people who make them lose face. This guys name will be mud back home.

      • Amused

        Good= he’s an idiot.

      • Boris

        That is if they reveal his name.

        • mr.wiener

          Koreas are extremely adapt at finding out this information using social media… if they don’t know already.