KTV Security Guard Group Beating In Hunan Chenzhou

KTV security guards beating customers in Hunan, China.

KTV security guards beating customers in Hunan, China.

From Baidu Tieba:

Hunan Chenzhou Imperial Cashbox KTV [or “Royal Bank” KTV] cuts customer’s wrist vein true video

On the night of 2010 March 24, several patrons at Hunan province’s Chenzhou city Imperial Cashbox KTV had a dispute with the KTV [staff], and were publicly beaten up by KTV security in the lobby.

At this time, the video has been viewed nearly 1.2 million times.

Comments from Baidu Tieba:*:

The so-called bosses of entertainment venues these days all have the same attitude. If there is any problem, first hit. After hitting, the boss will resolve it. Which is just compensating with a bit of money only. The law/law enforcement should investigate criminal liability in this kind of thing.*:

Group fight…
Fuck, such pussies. Go one against one…

When going out, one needs to avoid being arrogant/cocky. This society’s anti-rich sentiment is already very severe. It is better being a bit more low-key.

Qie, where was the wrist vein/tendon cut, it was all using rods to hit [so cannot cut], what a SB post title, trying to attract people’s attention?

They’re security guards and they’re attacking so arrogantly, attacking over and over again, the Cashbox boss must be really wealthy or really powerful to allow this kind of group beating incident to happen!!!! The attackers must be punished severely!!!!

With the video going on so long, did all the police die [where are the police]? Tell that public security bureau chief [police chief] to go eat shit.

We can only say they can hope for the best, because in China, this is nothing. This is the [king’s] law.

Fuck, fucking bullshit! This is my first time cussing. Was that attacking in public? If the person lying down was his relative, his own parents, would he be this heartless? Does he have any conscience left? Fuck, giving birth to him only for him to be this kind of scum! The scum of humanity!

Fuck, simply inhuman~ so many people attacking just a few~ even hitting women~ what kind of behavior is this? ~ And attacking so long without the police arrive~ the police chief should be dismissed~~ otherwise Chenzhou’s public security will be too lousy and people’s safety not safeguarded.

Strongly hope to know the truth of the situation! Hope someone who can provide the truth of the situation will come forth and share! No matter what the truth is, I feel there is no safety with over ten minutes and no police showing up? What are the police up to/where have the police gone? Don’t they say on television that police are dispatched quickly?

Truly too angry, no matter what reason, this kind of bloody scene is not something our harmonious society should have, a bunch of scum, and the police are dogs.

What do you guys know? This is black society [organized crime, triad, mafia]. As for what faction/gang I do not know, but I bet they help watch over this KTV.
At least, I’ve lived amongst this kind of society in the past…

For more information about this incident, you can see this translation of a KDNet post (a BBS forum) by EastSouthWestNorth. Here is a sample:

When the other security guards saw their manager wrestling with someone, they came over to help. So did the two younger brothers of Cui. There were injuries on both sides during the melee. But Cui’s action drew the ire of the security manager who summoned more security guards. Under his order, more than a dozen uniformed guards armed with steel rods rushed over.

These newcomers arrived in the lobby and hit Cui’s group on the heads, arms and bodies with their steel rods. Since they were armed and many, the Cui group were bloodied. The lobby was locked down so nobody could get out. The security guards continued their assault under the direction of their manager.

During the confusion, someone used a sharp object to cut the vein in Cui’s right hand, causing blood to pour on his hand and on the ground. Cui was forced onto the sofa in the middle of the lobby. His cousin Li Ming was trying to catch a respite on the other side of the sofa.

But their nightmare did not stop as the security guards began another round of assault. Although Cui was lying injured on the ground, they did not let up. The surveillance video showed one guard hitting him with a steel rod, another guard kicking his body and a third guard punching his head. Cui’s girlfriend was crying and pleasing: “Please don’t hit him anymore. He’s going to die!” She used her body to shield Cui from more vicious beating.

At 20:56, the relentless beating had gone on for almost 8 minutes. A Royal Bank owner finally arrived at the scene. Under his order, the assault was temporarily halted. But as he took the security guards out, the security manager suddenly came back and began hitting a semi-conscious person on the sofa. The other security guards returned and continued their assault with steel rods.

Their behavior made the Royal Bank owner angry. He yelled at the security guards and ordered them to stop. This gave some breathing room to Cui’s group. Cui’s girlfriend used her dress to stop Cui’s bleeding. But within two minutes, the security manager rushed back to the sofa and continued to hit Cui and Li Ming regardless of the owner’s order.

Read the complete translation at EastSouthWestNorth or the original Chinese post at KDNet.

A shorter version (10:53, edited from the Youku version) on YouTube:

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