‘Kung Fu Bunny 3: Counterattack’ Animated Short Film

This video is spreading on the popular China social networking site, Kaixin001:

On YouTube (faster loading for non-China visitors):

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Vincent, the creator of this video, has a blog on Sina (Chinese) and a YouTube channel with more videos, including a “making of” video.


Comments from Youku:


Awesome, much more awesome than those that are shown in cinemas. 赞赞赞


赞赞稀饭 China’s animation is getting better and better! ~More and more creative!


Not bad, not bad, really not bad! Who says China doesn’t have animation talent, eh? Who says China’s animation isn’t good, eh? Watching this, I believe everyone’s faith in the China’s domestic animation industry will multiply, hehe! 赞赞


I have finally China’s talent!!!
I love you guys!!! 赞


Seeing China’s own outstanding animation, I am trying blessed! Jia you~~~ 赞赞赞


A pretty good animation. There is no hope to compete with Japan.
Support domestic [animators]!!!


It is indeed not bad, it is at an international level, but having a real person in it is a big artistic defect~~~


I won’t say anything, I too make animated films, and this film is definitely NB!


It really is pretty good, also the best domestically produced animation I have ever seen, the most outstanding creation. LZ is awesome, really awesome. 赞赞


Saw this two years ago, also felt it was pretty good.
I didn’t expect that when seeing it two years later, I immediately felt that time flies.



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