Kunming Aviation Stewardess Harassment

Kunming Aviation Stewardess Harassment
Many Kunming Aviation stewardesses are reporting several male security department workers who are always forcing the stewardesses into the overhead luggage compartments, but the company believes that this is just a game, so there has been no investigation. Almost every new attendant after flying for 30-50 hours encounters this kind of nasty behavior. This “convention” has been going on for just about four or five years, and those who don’t participate will be marked as non-cooperative by their superiors. The highest-rated netizen comment reads: it depends on the person, only the skinny and pretty will fit in, how about trying a fat one?

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  • mr.wiener

    And the moral of this story is… ?

    • Necrogodomega

      That bullying is totally cool and fully encouraged by management.

    • vonskippy

      That’s it’s totally fake? When was the last time you took a trip and there was ANY space open in the overhead bins?

  • Vance

    An initiation hazing?

    • thank you for your reply!
      i was so busy recently, my father went to hospital.
      soon i will go to hospital too.
      sorry for my delay!

      • Vance

        Are you OKAY? Or were you talking about visiting your father in the hospital? Anyways, hope he is alright. Take your time.

        • he is fine now. but i have breath problem. also something red grow out on my skin……

          • Vance

            Hope that everything will be okay. as we say here: Get well soon!

          • a bit better!
            those days rainning all day long for several weeks, so some red spots grew out on my skin. also the air was too wet, i could not breath well.
            now it’s better.

  • Red

    I just can’t imagine this thing happened in China 没想到中国也会发生这种事。。

  • 2332

    This is a thing they do in every country and they don’t force them to go in there but it’s a kinda joke thing. Even male stewardesses do it. Google it and you’ll find a lot of these pictures. It’s just because they hide her face that it looks like bullying.