Kunming Police Recruiting Schoolchildren To Be Informants

Chinese schoolboys.

Chinese schoolboys.

From KDNet:

Don’t let these children become wretched informants

Recently, a notice was issued to all head teachers in Kunming by a certain government department, requiring them to assign 2~3 “Young Public Security Info Collectors” in each class. These Info Collectors shall gather and report information on school violence, property infringement, mobile pornography propagation, traffic around the school campus, the activities of bad youth around the school campus, and etc. information so the police and education bureaus can have complete control of the campus developments. (From Legal Daily, March, 17)

To borrow a famous line from LiuQian: “This is just incredible.” Looking around the world, it has never been heard that primary and middle school students need to provide service for the public security bureau, serving as “Young Public Security Info Collectors”. If this happened abroad, this would no doubt be a big scandal. Organizing elementary and middle school students to be the police’s informants? Parents would be up in arms against the police.

It’s improper and illegal to ask school students to be informants. First of all, they don’t have this obligation. The informer (acted by Liang ChaoWei) in the movie Infernal Affairs can say: “Sorry, but I am a policeman”. What shall these student informers say then? “Sorry, but I am a Security Info Collector?” However, being an informer or undercover is within the policemen’s responsibility; yet for schoolchildren, this is neither their obligation nor duty. If they happen to spot school violence, or property infringement on campus, they shall report to the police. But this doesn’t mean they are legitimized as informants. Reporting peers to the police goes beyond the limit.

Besides, neither the police nor the educational department is entitled to ask minors to act as their informants. In fact, this is illegal. This is in violation of Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Protection of Minors, article 5 and 38. No individual or organization should involve minors in risky jobs. Yet what’s required for these “Young Public Security Info Collectors” is obviously highly risky. Especially for collecting activities on these troubled youngsters. Say if they were found out and exposed to retribution, who will take on the responsibility?

Furthermore, the things asked of “Young Security Info Collectors”, such as monitoring the traffic around the school campus and the activities of society’s troubled youth, are the daily work of the traffic department and the police. By asking these schoolchildren to acting as their informant, they are foisting their own responsibilities on minors.

What’s more, they will taint these schoolchildren’ soul. Hard to believe that a child collecting his peers’ misbehavior long term can grow up without any negative impact. Hard to believe a class with “Young Public Security Info Collectors” could be free of suspicion, mistrust and disgruntlement. Woe the premature death of their innocent childhood! Mutual surveillance and hostility will cloud over the whole school. Just listen to Al Pacino ‘s roar in the film Scent of a Woman “Their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there is nothing like the sight of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that!”

In a nutshell, asking schoolchildren to be “Young Public Security Info Collectors” is nothing but smudging a white paper, a way to ruin healthy children and distort them into wretched informants.

Put your feet down against such a move. By asking schoolchildren to be “Young Public Security Info Collectors” is no way to counter school violence – this move itself is school violence. Only here the offender are not troubled youngsters, but the government. No denying we shall maneuver to eradicate school violence, but make sure it’s handled by the proper organ: the educational department and the police, not the minors.

From KDNet:


The easiest people in the world to exploit are kids.


Cupware + Farce


It seems it is completely forbidden for the police and related pubic authorities to enter the campus in America and Japan?

Surely it must be that American and Japanese thinking is too backwards…


The JC are just learning from the teachers. In fact, in all primary schools in the mainland, the head teachers are all doing this [having students be informants].


Raising twisted people and scoundrels.

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Bad youth around the school campus. chinaSMACK personals.


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