Kunming Protest After Chengguan Beats Man to Death

chengguan beats man to death

From Mop:

Yesterday [Oct. 31st] around 8PM, more than 100 people carried a gurney with a corpse and surrounded Kunming Guandu District Guanshang Street Office Fude District Branch Chengguan’s entrance, and started to burn paper money [fake money for the dead to use in the underworld]. Including spectators, there were hundreds at the scene. A large police force arrived and the situation was mostly contained. But up to 3AM today, the congregated people still haven’t left…

The direct reason for this incident is, a three-wheeled-bike driver whose tool to make a living had been confiscated, and died….

Reporters rushed to the scene, and heard one the taxi drivers talking through walkie-talkies, claiming that the chengguan had beat a person to death. Walking into Fude Village, everyone was talking about this. Curious people all rushed to watch, the nearby streets were full of parked cars, including a large fleet of three-wheeled bikes. A herd of civilian police and security were gathered, holding their batons, as though waiting for something to happen.

Near the entrance of the chengguan branch, hundreds stood in protest, a police car was parked on the side. A few drunken men were pushing the police car around.

Outside the gates of Fude Village Council, the police has cordoned off the area, civilian police stood in formation like a human wall. Within the taped off area, a body lay on a gurney, along with documents of the deceased and a thick stack of paper money.

Reporters later came to a room with a sign that said “Guandu District Guanshang St Office Fude District Branch Chengguan”, with the intentions of talking to the chengguan, but the room was deserted. Outside, a man pointed to a fleet of confiscated three-wheel bikes in the yard, and said that these had all been recently confiscated. The one in the middle covered by fabric belonged to the victim. A life ended because of this bike, tears came to the man’s eyes as he talked. A woman beside him began to wail uncontrollably. Spectators claimed that the crying woman was the victim’s sister, his only relative in Kunming.

Bike confiscated by chengguan as he waited for customers

According to the victim’s younger sister, the victim’s name is Pan Huaiyong, a-37-year-old, from Zhenxiong, Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. His wife disappeared, leaving him alone with two children, and his parents to take care of. With no other options, he came to Kunming to work as a three-wheel bike driver. From what she knows, on the 27th, her brother was outside Desheng Hotel waiting for customers. A few chengguan approached and said that they were confiscating her brother’s bike. He tried to run away with the bike. The chengguan gave chase and beat him up, before confiscating the bike by force.

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She said, there were even reporters who interviewed her brother.

Her brother makes a living by driving the three wheeled bike, without it, he has no income. The next day he went to the chengguan office to ask for the confiscated bike, but was beaten again.

October 28th, Witness: He was attacked by a group

Eye witness Wang Yaoming is from Sichuan, is not related to the victim, and doesn’t know him. But on this case, he is willing to attest that everything said by the victim’s sister is true. According to him, that day he gave his wife a ride to Fude Village, parked the bike along the road, and it was unexpectedly confiscated. He went to pick his bike up, but chengguan demanded 200RMB. Wang thought the price was too high, and since they won’t give any receipts, not even a handwritten note, he didn’t agree. It was 12PM, coincidentally Pan Huaiyong was also there to pick up a bike, he didn’t have 200RMB, but stubbornly wanted to take his bike. 4 or 5 people rushed up, hit and kicked him, these people wore uniforms that said chengguan on the sleeves. A few wore civilian clothes, 4 or 5 more of them stood around and watched. Pan Huaiyong was beaten up until he couldn’t move and collapsed onto the floor, but they continued to kick his head. He heard Pan scream when he was kicked.

October 29th: It was already too late when the landlord found him

Pan Huaiyong’s sister said, after her brother was beaten by chengguan for a second time, without getting his bike back, she doesn’t know how he got back, but after he got back home he went to sleep. Since he doesn’t have money, he didn’t go to the hospital.

Yesterday around 4PM, she received a call from her brother’s landlord, saying that normally her brother wakes up early to go to work, but didn’t get up at all yesterday. The landlord felt it was weird, called out loud for him but received no response. He then opened the door to the victim’s room, and found the victim unable to speak. The landlord found her phone number on his cell phone and called.

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She immediately went over with her husband. Her brother’s breathing was very weak, and didn’t have the strength to talk. Her husband carried him to the nearby clinic, where the doctors treated him for over an hour but couldn’t save him. He left this world. To seek justice from the chengguan, family and friends carried the victim’s body here.

chengguan beats man to death 2

Hospital security: More than 10 men took him away with the bed

According to the clinic’s security guard, not long after the victim’s death, more than 100 men rushed into the patient’s room. The entire clinic was in chaos, some were crying, some were screaming. It was the first time he’d ever seen anything like this. All he heard was people saying they wanted to take the victim to chengguan’s front door. More than 10 men went ahead and along with the bed, took the body away. Along the street, crying and screaming were heard. More and more spectators turned up, there were more than 500 within minutes. As for details about where the victim was injured, what kind of injuries, what drugs were used, the clinic’s pharmacist claimed that she was only responsible for dispensing the drugs, and didn’t remember which ones were used. The doctor on duty also claimed that he had just started working and doesn’t know the details.

When family members went to pick up the death certificate, the head of the clinic claimed that they cannot give death certificates, only proof of health conditions. Right now the matter is under investigation through the relevant departments, and the family has been told to come back in a few days.

The authority in charge of the clinic told reporters that they are still reporting the incident to the relevant departments. At the time when the patient arrived, his condition was severe, and they immediately tried to resuscitate him to no avail. Yesterday, at 11:30PM, reporters saw Guandu District Law Enforcement officials at the clinic carrying out an investigation. Law Enforcement Official Mo Shaohua says, the results of the investigation will be made public as soon as they become available.

Fude Police: ‘Chengguan beating him to death’ is only a claim

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According to the police officer on duty, since yesterday’s situation was so chaotic, more then 30 policemen arrived at the scene to keep order, leaving only 2 officers at the station. Right now, the situation is mostly under control, they are currently trying to get more personnel to the scene to help. This officer says, the family members’ emotions are understandable, but their actions are not right. As for the claims that chengguan beat a man to death, he says that’s only according to the family, and will have to wait for the conclusion of the investigation.

Today morning 1:50AM, reporters tried to interview the chengguan office, but was unable to get in touch. Then, reporters called Kunming Chengguan Center’s phone number. Representative #8 said that they also heard the reports. Relevant authorities are already at the scene to investigate and handle the matter. According to him, this is possibly related to ‘temporarily employed’ chengguan, but the details on what happened are currently unknown, and that we would have to wait for the police report.

Comments from Mop:




Chengguan again!!


Useless, they’re all “temporary workers”


Robbery+deliberate battery causing death=Work ethic problem. Equation of the river crab dynasty.


If there’s anything that you can’t understand, think that we live in a harmonious society, and it all becomes clear.


Give me 800 chengguan, I can liberate Taiwan.


From now on, chengguan not beating people to death would be news.


It’s not only chengguan…those ‘police assistants’ and such, who make less than 800RMB for salary, the rest are all self-earned income, they’re all mobsters posing as law enforcement…the law enforcement/police are rarely civilized, despite what they say…I believe there are rarely good officers…in this river crab society…


Everyone stop the fuss, leaders in Kunming are coming up with a response as we speak to contain the situation. Mostly likely the conclusion would be that the victim had a disease that suddenly killed him or he committed suicide. Our leaders usually use something like this. It’s a harmonious society.


Corrupt! Beating people at will, and they’re supposed to be law enforcement!!! Immediately execute them! It’s not easy for commoners to make a living! Fuck!


Do chengguan want to become the public enemy?


Not numb enough! Still angry! Still enraged! Chengguan again, temporary workers again?!!

Written by Tingting

[email protected]

  • HR

    That is a crying shame. Too bad the same thing happens here also.

    • BT

      where is “here”? guangdong?

    • too yellow

      Alabama? LAPD? Sri Lanka?
      police are truly scums of the earth. just search police beat death, to sea police beatings around the world. (Although here is way more often here for the police just shoots unarmed guys to death for “self-defense”)

    • yun

      It’s always the same thing in China, the fucking police,fucking Chinese authorities still do the most bad things everywhere.frankly china is a shit country !I pity the Chinese people, get a revolution to be free

  • MD

    Thugs who graduated from physical education “colleges”

    • Moo Goo Gai Pan

      I don’t think many street-level chengguan even attended senior middle school.

  • gth793y

    They remind me of the Gestapos, enforcing an objective at any cost, but I think the Gestapos are less corrupt than them. I mean if you are not aligned with the national socialist ideology, you can’t really bribe your way out of a situation.


    chengguan shouldn’t do that.

  • J

    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

    • Leaves the whole world blind and unable to eat solid food


    I honestly why China intended on keeping such a useless unit. These people have alrdy cumilated enough notority as being “abusers of power” to the level, they are no longer respected, and hence not trusted to perform their duty. They should just disbanded them and create another branch to do the job. But again, CCP have alot of internal politics, bet u guys many of the officials’ relatives are in this unit, =], so they realli dun wanna do anything about them for the “party”‘s greater good.

    • Cause there are still loads of peddlers to chase…
      — Woods

  • lostinsz

    God, what a bloody awful ending for a guy supporting his children and parents in a job that earned a pittance.

    While the underclasses continue to act like sheep, while surrounded by wealth, there will be more posts like this.

    • Phobe

      Ditto…Ditto…Oh so ditto. Target the Central Banking System and it’s corrupt government players. My kind of party….(grabs extra popcorn)

  • carl

    Eyewitnesses don’t count for anything. No one will get charged for anything because of that. If only he had recorded the conversations…

    (I record every conversation I have with anyone official in this country.)

  • A tricycle of the type describe is usually called a Tuk-tuk or Rickshaw.

    Another sad incident of Chengguan hired goons getting heavy-handed.

  • fireworks

    Bunch of thugs those chengguans involve in this incident. They should get time for it.

  • 社會是和諧的

    Kunming again. I don’t miss that place one bit.

    These chengguan are made up of the uneducated, unskilled Chinese male who can’t find a living doing anything else. But instead just find a job beating up helpless peasants trying to make a buck in the city. For shame! And this is a country that was allowed to hold the Olympics? On a side note: In Rio, street thugs shoot down fucking helicopters.

  • sh

    It goes to show that law enforcement authorities are getting out of control of their own people and very soon masses will be on the streets taking the law on their own hands since the govt is so incapable.

    • Kristof

      I can only agree to what you say! After Olympics and Expo, Social revolution will be the next great event in China.

  • Yin

    The Chinese government always has problems maintaining its authority. This is why democracy is needed, because then officials can’t bitch when their relatives get sacked.

    • Hongjian

      nope. in a democratic society with human rights and freedom, noone will care anything about the government anymore. Corruption and real Anarchy will be rampant. China would become like India.

      What is needed is a legalist Emperor like Qin-Shihuang or Mao, who would execute whole families and their respective guanxi’s, if crime or corruption is found. Only with these harsh measures, the cancer of corruption and Chaos can be healed.

      • SunYatSen

        I wont be so sure about it. China and India are very distinct culture. If one thing our ancestors did right is that we didnt have such a retard caste system as India has. And by all honestly, out of all things Mao did good is the fact he really bash the much of feudalism out of Chinese culture despite the brutality. Hence, the road to democracy is open for us and if we follow the American model, we should be fine, but corruption will definity be a problem since it may be not easy to routed out (even in U.S, corruption is a problem). I honestly think what slow India down so much is their caste system and its still doing not so bad, isnt it? It wouldve been worse if they chose totalatarian or Gandhi isnt around.

        China even today have a real good set of laws, the problem is no one follows it. Punishments work only for short term, Qin Shihuang, Hongwu and Mao all punishes corruption harshley, but after their deaths, look what happen? I think this is more of a matter of education issue, China realli need to teach its next generation money isnt everything, open up the religon prohibition, freedom of speech, and you will carve ways for many heroes to be borned.

        • Hongjian

          Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion will only create more disobedience and crime.

          Fact is, China is in a Chaos – What we need is Order.

          This can only be achieved by a legalist system, analogue to the enlighted absolutism of the European 18th Century, or the Qin Dynasty.

          What we need is an strict enforcement of Law, that applies to everyone, no matter what their Guanxi’s, or social/financial standing are. And this can only be realized, If the cancer of Chinese civilisation is ripped out from our cultural body: The Guanxi-System.

          We should revive the system of the nine-exterminations, punishing whole families and their respective Guanxi-networks, if corruption and crime is found. Striking fear and terror into the hearts of everyone, forcing them to control and denounce each other Cultural Revolution-style. Destroying the mutual trust, to prevent Networking and interpersonal reliance.

          The ultimate Aim: Create a new culture, in which a father, who is a police-chief, is able cold-heartly persecute and execute his own son, who is found a rapist and murderer.
          In the Chinese Culture nowadays, The father, and his whole Guanxi of blood-related Gangbu’s would do anything to cover for the son, no matter how many women he has raped and killed, no matter how many netizens and Laobaixing are going on the streets to protest.

          And no. India doesent work as good as everyone claims. If you think Chinese Chengguan are brutal, you seriously didnt see Indian regular police-forces. They can torture people to death, but cannot even kill one single criminal, even if they outnumber him 400:1.



          The problem of India is the same as China, only worse.
          In China at least, there is the ‘moral understanding’ that Corruption and Crime is something ‘bad’, noone should do (what doesent prevent it though).
          But in a Democratic society like India, where everyone has its rights and free speech, Corruption is considered something normal, even ordinary people dont bother about, since even the ‘moral understanding’ for it lacks.

          No. China’s problem is, that we have TOO MUCH freedom. Chinese people cannot be disciplined if living in freedom. We need more control, but REAL CONTROL, not the stupid CCP-styled situational control, only applied when netizens and Laobaixing gather on the streets to protest.

          It’s like Chinese parents from the pre 90’s used to say:’A child who wasnt beaten and punished, wont become a good adult’. See how our beloved and spoiled only-childrens turned out nowadays: A lost Generation.

          We Chinese had our happy-go-lucky period of freedom… Now it’s time to serious the fuck up.

          • Hongjian

            The corrupt official maybe have stolen millions of RMB for his family? Well, then the family is at fault for him committing this crime and should be collectively punished. Who should be innocent here? Even the cute little daughter of that criminal scum is not innocent, because his Ganbu father have stolen the money of the people to send her to foreign, western countries to study and to live an luxurious life, shopping expensive clothes in exquisite Shops in Downtown Paris, driving a large Mercedes and squander the people’s money, daddy has laid on Accounts in Swizzerland.

            What is ‘innocence’? Innocence does not exist. Especially in such an highly networked society like the Chinese one. There’s no innocence – there’s only a difference in guilt. And eery guild shall punished draconically.

            Well, I’m pretty ‘fucked up’ since I absolutely dont share the same kind of enthusiasm and naiive utopia other mainland Chinese and the Intelligansia are dreaming about ‘democracy’.
            I lived in a Democracy myself for more than 20 years, to see that this system is an unique Western invention, which can only be applied on a society, based on the Romanic-Greek cultural roots, with the haritage of the european age of enlightment.

            Nothing that China has.

            If we want to solve our ancient problems, we should also try ancient, proven solutions.

            Just take CaoCao as example, how he punished people indiscriminately during his time when he was Commander of the Gates of Luoyang. Yes, it’s bloodthirsty brutality. But it was done to bring Justice and equal Laws to the city. In the end, it made Luoyang a safer place.

            Sorry. But I cannot share anyone’s utopia of a democratic China. It’s just not possible.

            We should seek solution in our current system and according to our traditional political culture, that is Li Si’s Legalism.

          • SunYatSen

            Hongjian, i understand your concern. For one, I never believe China’s problem will be fixed simply by democracy. There is no utopia on earth, but do you think totalatarian bring true justice and fairness. I think you dont agree with todays china in doing things and you worry democracy will screw it up even more. To be honest, its a double edged sword, but at least you give the ppl to decide, if leaders done things wrong, you can at least force them to resign if majority of the country agree with you. Right now, douchebags like Li Peng and his family is still free, after the many money and lives they took? And there is nothing you can do about it haha? Cuz Chinese dun even have the right to vote.

            Cao Cao, Shi Huangdi and Mao are harsh punishers but only on others. They all live in luxury in the expense of others. Its totalatarian to the best, only ppl they like and themselves are living happily while every other ppl are slaves for them to use. Hardly a utopia.
            I dont agree with executing whole family, theres a whole morality issue, esp no one is God, judges could be wrong. If a mistake happen, an innocent man and his family is all gonna get executed, I dont see the logic in that.

            Your form of government require a clearly uncorrupted and powerful leader. Men like them dont come that often and its proven unlimtied power corrupted ppl. Castro, Kim Il Sung, Lenin, Mao and so forth are considered heroes before they become dictators, once they have power, they abused it. Even emperors such as Xuanzhong, Qianlong…who are considered successful early on become futile later in life. Its human nature to get corrupted. I think one reason USA is so successful in their democracy is thanks to George Washington. When the American Revolution is over, ppl in America are so grateful to him that they wan to name him emperor. He rejected to the idea saying that wont be democratic anymore. And he also make sure he only served 2 terms of 4 years and retired, setting a golden rule, no president rule forever. Take Taiwan for example, Chen may be a retard but after serving 2 terms, he still have to go to jail. =]Sure its pretty messy but if Chen is the chairman of China, it will be much worse.

      • SunYatSen

        Sorry for making two reply, I miss out an important. Democracy is not the most effecient form of gov but its the form of gov that offer the best restriction of the power of its leaders.

        Crimes and Corruption are problems of legal system. To solve them, you just have to ensure there is a good legal system. Currently, China’s laws are good but the system is bad and worser than Taiwan’s. Taiwan may look messy but it is only its political atmosphere is complex, special thanks to Japan and China, who always try to fuck them around. Like almost all their Brawl fights related to the fight that the DDP like Japan and KMT like China. If China and Japan are both gone, believe me, Taiwan will not be as messy as it is.

        • Hongjian

          ‘Cao Cao, Shi Huangdi and Mao are harsh punishers but only on others. They all live in luxury in the expense of others.’

          This is especially one thing I do not understand regarding Dictatorships and the corruption thing.
          If China is a dictatorship, then we should behave like one, for gods sake.

          In a totalitarian dictatorshup/absolute monarchy, the whole country and everything in it belongs to the dictator, not (as widely claimed) to the ‘people’.
          So, how can a dictator allow its subordinated officials to steal HIS money?
          If I’m a dictator, I would go apeshit if I see my subordinated stealing MY money in corruption cases.
          That seems not to be the case in China… because seemingly noone give a crap about it.

          The ideal dictatorship is, when there’s ONLY ONE criminal in the empire: The Dictator himself.

          Everything belongs to him, and he makes sure that noone messes with that, thus effectively fighting corruption and crime.
          And this system is quite proven… Just look how enterprises and corporations are fighting internal corruption. The Boss of the company just dont want his underlings to steal HIS money, and thus engaging the cancer of corruption with the zeal and motivation of a powerhungry man, who wants to defend his own belongings.

          Throwing in messy democracies like Taiwan is not appropriate. Taiwan, though being democratic, is still a slave of Chinese political culture, what can best be seen with Chen Shui Bians case. Even me as mainlander and obvious KMT symphatic, say that this just reeks of Victors Justice. You know, like in ancient China, where a new Dynasty kills everyone of the old Dynasty, to prevent them ursurping their power and preparing a political comeback. Political ancestral-emnity.

          Not like the West, where people seperates politics from private life. People may fight each other in the parliarment, but they can be friends in personal life. Something like this is unthinkable in a country, influenced by the chinese political culture, based on Clan-mentality and generation-long hate. <— South Korea is an extreme example: Clan-based hate driving politicians into committing suicide.

          No. China's best solution is to try to become like Singapore.
          A progressive authoritarian state, with a draconical set of law, and a strict RULE of Law, enforced by Ghurka Mercenaries with long, intimidating knifes in their belts and lash whippings for dropping cigarettes on the road.
          A whole country, ruled like a profit-orientated, capitalistic, hierarchical-organized Company. Governed from top to down by an wise council of oligarchs, not from bottom up by a mob of uneducated plebs.

          • Wily

            Interesting debate here. I agree with Hongqian that China’s history does not contain many of the bases of Western democracy – especially rule of law (not of “enlightened” leaders, as in the Confucian ideal, and reality today) and civil liberties. However, I also think arguing that democracy is hopeless in China because of this ignores several other historical traditions – the cosmopolitan eras in several dynastic periods, the spirit of reform and protest that brought thinkers like Lu Shun or Zhou Enlai to adopt Western ideas to China’s governance, etc. The major problem blocking change is that the younger Chinese generations have been inured by state education and rising living standards to accept the current rulers, even if they attain the middle class wealth and lifestyles that many political scientists in the West argue will lead them to press for democracy. Still, it would not be impossible to “unbrainwash” the masses from their current apathy, especially if young people are taught, whether in actual schools or from the counter-culture online, about the need for democracy and rights. One can just look at the history of post-WW2 Japan to see how quickly a sea change can occur from militarism to benign commercialism – or of China itself, from (real) Communism that went further in the 1960’s than even the USSR, to free-wheeling capitalism today.

            Of course, it would take a lot more dissatisfaction from the elites – and likely violence – before the current (fear-driven) dictators relinquish their hold on power. Still, for their own benefit if nothing else, the Politburo could adopt some of the hard-learned practices of Western democracies in curbing the abuses and corruption of local officials. Some relatively “safe” but effective ideas would be creating a central investigative bureau that can’t be controlled by the local “emperors”, the same reason the FBI was formed; more independence of the court system to enforce laws as they are written; and a more convenient way for common people to petition about local problems, that doesn’t require them to dodge kidnappers on the way to Beijing. Of course, I don’t expect reforms like these to be done unless events truly jar the central leaders, like a wave of peasant uprisings, or the new urban elite, like a recession. What saddens me, as someone who has studied a lot of political history, is that the type of leader who can tap into the dissatisfaction of the left-behind farmers and urban minggong to overthrow the current order has usually ended becoming another Chairman Mao when he takes power. Still, one can hope that all the smart phones and netizens in China might make a difference the next time around.

        • Quoc Bao

          Couldn’t have said it better … Bravo “Sun Yat Sen” !

          • Quoc Bao

            oh….you missed one more dictator scum “Ho Chi Minh” …

  • TommyDF

    these are not police ffs. they are market inspectors. market inspectors who murder people. don’t even start making comparisons with police in the west – this is an entirely different proposition

  • lee

    PRC civil servant= Autorized to rob and kills…
    they are above the laws at all times.

  • chairman M

    First, the authority don’t give a shit as long as the Communist Party is not threaten.. just count the poor folk die in vain…

  • Abbie

    Interesting how Chinese people are always mad at the Chengguan or “corrupt officials”, but never at the one party system which has nothing to keep it in check or accountable. dont they understand that if there were consequences for beating peasants and taking their shit, the police wouldnt do it?

    • BP

      You are wrong. Plenty of Chinese want Democracy. But that is a lofty goal and one that cannot be acted upon with any kind of immediacy, especially a common civilian. So instead Lao Bao Xing can only take out their frustrations against the problems created by a one-party system, and not against the system itself.

    • Hongjian

      Yeah, cool story Abbie…

      What happens If China would become a democracy with a ‘free press’ and Opposition-Parties to check the power of the ruling party?

      Everything would be alright?

      Or are the chefs of the newspapers and the heads of the opposition parties connected via guanxi, or even via blood-relationship with the ruling party they are supposed to ‘check’?

      epic fail ensured.

      • MAOCUNT

        Change, the prob with Chinese is that they dont wan “change”. Change is neccessary and China just dun get that, thats how China got owned 100 years b4 as Qing Dynasty. Please dont make Chinese history repeat themselves.

        Like honestly, if China worry about economy so much, they shouldnt even think about conquering Taiwan, exile Dalai lama and get economic sanction, run over students in Taianman Square and get economic sanction…

  • Jordan

    If the government don’t clean up their act, these kind of things will just happen more and get more serious, and then something big will happen.

  • Hardlifeinchina

    Not sure chinese can react more than by speeches.
    Even while a crowded chinese protesting, among them run some spy, indicator,.. to threaten on “popular leaders”.
    The change still to come, …. but when ?

  • It’s terrible. What can we do?

  • slenth

    Chengguan should be brought up on murder charges.

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