Kunming Protest After Chengguan Beats Man to Death

chengguan beats man to death

From Mop:

Yesterday [Oct. 31st] around 8PM, more than 100 people carried a gurney with a corpse and surrounded Kunming Guandu District Guanshang Street Office Fude District Branch Chengguan’s entrance, and started to burn paper money [fake money for the dead to use in the underworld]. Including spectators, there were hundreds at the scene. A large police force arrived and the situation was mostly contained. But up to 3AM today, the congregated people still haven’t left…

The direct reason for this incident is, a three-wheeled-bike driver whose tool to make a living had been confiscated, and died….

Reporters rushed to the scene, and heard one the taxi drivers talking through walkie-talkies, claiming that the chengguan had beat a person to death. Walking into Fude Village, everyone was talking about this. Curious people all rushed to watch, the nearby streets were full of parked cars, including a large fleet of three-wheeled bikes. A herd of civilian police and security were gathered, holding their batons, as though waiting for something to happen.

Near the entrance of the chengguan branch, hundreds stood in protest, a police car was parked on the side. A few drunken men were pushing the police car around.

Outside the gates of Fude Village Council, the police has cordoned off the area, civilian police stood in formation like a human wall. Within the taped off area, a body lay on a gurney, along with documents of the deceased and a thick stack of paper money.

Reporters later came to a room with a sign that said “Guandu District Guanshang St Office Fude District Branch Chengguan”, with the intentions of talking to the chengguan, but the room was deserted. Outside, a man pointed to a fleet of confiscated three-wheel bikes in the yard, and said that these had all been recently confiscated. The one in the middle covered by fabric belonged to the victim. A life ended because of this bike, tears came to the man’s eyes as he talked. A woman beside him began to wail uncontrollably. Spectators claimed that the crying woman was the victim’s sister, his only relative in Kunming.

Bike confiscated by chengguan as he waited for customers

According to the victim’s younger sister, the victim’s name is Pan Huaiyong, a-37-year-old, from Zhenxiong, Zhaotong, Yunnan Province. His wife disappeared, leaving him alone with two children, and his parents to take care of. With no other options, he came to Kunming to work as a three-wheel bike driver. From what she knows, on the 27th, her brother was outside Desheng Hotel waiting for customers. A few chengguan approached and said that they were confiscating her brother’s bike. He tried to run away with the bike. The chengguan gave chase and beat him up, before confiscating the bike by force.

She said, there were even reporters who interviewed her brother.

Her brother makes a living by driving the three wheeled bike, without it, he has no income. The next day he went to the chengguan office to ask for the confiscated bike, but was beaten again.

October 28th, Witness: He was attacked by a group

Eye witness Wang Yaoming is from Sichuan, is not related to the victim, and doesn’t know him. But on this case, he is willing to attest that everything said by the victim’s sister is true. According to him, that day he gave his wife a ride to Fude Village, parked the bike along the road, and it was unexpectedly confiscated. He went to pick his bike up, but chengguan demanded 200RMB. Wang thought the price was too high, and since they won’t give any receipts, not even a handwritten note, he didn’t agree. It was 12PM, coincidentally Pan Huaiyong was also there to pick up a bike, he didn’t have 200RMB, but stubbornly wanted to take his bike. 4 or 5 people rushed up, hit and kicked him, these people wore uniforms that said chengguan on the sleeves. A few wore civilian clothes, 4 or 5 more of them stood around and watched. Pan Huaiyong was beaten up until he couldn’t move and collapsed onto the floor, but they continued to kick his head. He heard Pan scream when he was kicked.

October 29th: It was already too late when the landlord found him

Pan Huaiyong’s sister said, after her brother was beaten by chengguan for a second time, without getting his bike back, she doesn’t know how he got back, but after he got back home he went to sleep. Since he doesn’t have money, he didn’t go to the hospital.

Yesterday around 4PM, she received a call from her brother’s landlord, saying that normally her brother wakes up early to go to work, but didn’t get up at all yesterday. The landlord felt it was weird, called out loud for him but received no response. He then opened the door to the victim’s room, and found the victim unable to speak. The landlord found her phone number on his cell phone and called.

She immediately went over with her husband. Her brother’s breathing was very weak, and didn’t have the strength to talk. Her husband carried him to the nearby clinic, where the doctors treated him for over an hour but couldn’t save him. He left this world. To seek justice from the chengguan, family and friends carried the victim’s body here.

chengguan beats man to death 2

Hospital security: More than 10 men took him away with the bed

According to the clinic’s security guard, not long after the victim’s death, more than 100 men rushed into the patient’s room. The entire clinic was in chaos, some were crying, some were screaming. It was the first time he’d ever seen anything like this. All he heard was people saying they wanted to take the victim to chengguan’s front door. More than 10 men went ahead and along with the bed, took the body away. Along the street, crying and screaming were heard. More and more spectators turned up, there were more than 500 within minutes. As for details about where the victim was injured, what kind of injuries, what drugs were used, the clinic’s pharmacist claimed that she was only responsible for dispensing the drugs, and didn’t remember which ones were used. The doctor on duty also claimed that he had just started working and doesn’t know the details.

When family members went to pick up the death certificate, the head of the clinic claimed that they cannot give death certificates, only proof of health conditions. Right now the matter is under investigation through the relevant departments, and the family has been told to come back in a few days.

The authority in charge of the clinic told reporters that they are still reporting the incident to the relevant departments. At the time when the patient arrived, his condition was severe, and they immediately tried to resuscitate him to no avail. Yesterday, at 11:30PM, reporters saw Guandu District Law Enforcement officials at the clinic carrying out an investigation. Law Enforcement Official Mo Shaohua says, the results of the investigation will be made public as soon as they become available.

Fude Police: ‘Chengguan beating him to death’ is only a claim

According to the police officer on duty, since yesterday’s situation was so chaotic, more then 30 policemen arrived at the scene to keep order, leaving only 2 officers at the station. Right now, the situation is mostly under control, they are currently trying to get more personnel to the scene to help. This officer says, the family members’ emotions are understandable, but their actions are not right. As for the claims that chengguan beat a man to death, he says that’s only according to the family, and will have to wait for the conclusion of the investigation.

Today morning 1:50AM, reporters tried to interview the chengguan office, but was unable to get in touch. Then, reporters called Kunming Chengguan Center’s phone number. Representative #8 said that they also heard the reports. Relevant authorities are already at the scene to investigate and handle the matter. According to him, this is possibly related to ‘temporarily employed’ chengguan, but the details on what happened are currently unknown, and that we would have to wait for the police report.

Comments from Mop:




Chengguan again!!


Useless, they’re all “temporary workers”


Robbery+deliberate battery causing death=Work ethic problem. Equation of the river crab dynasty.


If there’s anything that you can’t understand, think that we live in a harmonious society, and it all becomes clear.


Give me 800 chengguan, I can liberate Taiwan.


From now on, chengguan not beating people to death would be news.


It’s not only chengguan…those ‘police assistants’ and such, who make less than 800RMB for salary, the rest are all self-earned income, they’re all mobsters posing as law enforcement…the law enforcement/police are rarely civilized, despite what they say…I believe there are rarely good officers…in this river crab society…


Everyone stop the fuss, leaders in Kunming are coming up with a response as we speak to contain the situation. Mostly likely the conclusion would be that the victim had a disease that suddenly killed him or he committed suicide. Our leaders usually use something like this. It’s a harmonious society.


Corrupt! Beating people at will, and they’re supposed to be law enforcement!!! Immediately execute them! It’s not easy for commoners to make a living! Fuck!


Do chengguan want to become the public enemy?


Not numb enough! Still angry! Still enraged! Chengguan again, temporary workers again?!!


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