Kunming Residents Believe In Brother Chun To Save Homes


From Mop:

Faced with history’s most shocking eviction and demolition, residents seek Brother Chun’s help!

Recently Kunming has become a hotbed of problems. After the Luoshiwan Group incident and even with the anti-theft cage incident still in the news, on December 12, in a village in the northern district of Kunming, another incident involving violent eviction for demolition occurred. The cause was very simple, the people who were being evicted, due to the illegality of the government’s demolition (i.e. no demolition permit) and the extremely low amount of compensation unilaterally offered, refused to sign the agreement. This led to the relevant authorities mobilizing almost a hundred chengguan to forcefully evict for demolition. The scene was extremely violent. There were keeping order, and later even firefighters came to help.

As the chengguan were bashing the door, over the edge of the roof of the house and out of the window of the fourth floor appeared some women who were preparing to protest with their lives. But they overestimated the humanity of our great chengguan; there were two plain clothes guys (I think they were were underlings) who said, pointing at the women preparing to jump, “If you want to die, then jump! Jump!”. They then gestured for the chengguan to continue their efforts at knocking down the door.

I finally saw that the martial arts skills of Kunming’s chengguan are far from perfection. First there were two of them taking turns to kick at the door without success, then another two of them climbed up to a door on the second floor of the apartment next door, attempting a flanking maneuver.

Seeing them holding onto the fence/gate railing behind their bodies, feet dangling in the air, using Huang Feihong‘s Foshan shadowless kick attack to wildly kick at the door, from their motions alone, I can describe in one word: handsome, in three words: really stupefyingly handsome, only except that it was all for show, and after numerous kicks, the door remained unmoved and soon after, they could only angrily come back down to the ground floor. From now on if someone says how strong Kunming’s chengguan are, I’ll be the first to dispute it. Even so, this door could still apply for the 2009 award for the “stoniest” door, and win the prestigious prize.

Although they’d tried twice without success, our chengguan didn’t lose heart at all, they quickly scanned their surroundings, and immediately came up with a new idea. Next to a wall were some cement pillars. A few chengguan walked there and picked one up together, and carried it back to the door staggering under the weight.

Heh heh, this made me think back to how they’d attack castles in ancient times, and you could see that our chengguan were quite clever, and don’t just take taxpayers’ money without working. Next, I rejoiced: luckily these chengguan weren’t born during the Qin Dynasty, or we wouldn’t be able to see the Great Wall today.

I was just confused that our People and our go-vern-ment have such a big obstacle between us, that they have to behave like they have a family vendetta, or have stolen someone’s wife. They even use tools for attacking castles; does this not push the People to one side?

I don’t know if the cement pillar was too heavy or a leader ordered it, but they finally weren’t able to knock down the door. They put down the pillar and got together to talk about what they were going to do next.

Then I don’t know why, but the chengguan gave up on their violent demolition, resuming their positions encircling the house, with the people on the roof and in the windows grimly hanging in there. I was really worried that someone would get tired and lose their grip. If this happened Kunming would have another Tang Fuzheng.

When it got to 5 pm the chengguan, police guards and fire fighters finally dispersed bit by bit, and and I finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief. I thought to myself how lucky the occupants were, they’d be able to live in their houses for at least another night.

But as I looked up I saw something that made me gasp: on the side of the house hung, in large characters: “BELIEVE IN BROTHER CHUN, AND YOUR HOUSE WONT BE DEMOLISHED”.


The banner in the front is also really shocking/amusing, it’s just that I don’t dare to read it.

[Middle banner: “General Secretary, you wouldn’t let your people suffer any injustice, [would you]?”]


So sad, and there are even people below provoking/taunting them. Note that there are 3 people in the picture.


The Foshan Shadowless Kick VS The Stone Door.


Before their [the government chengguan/demolishers] all-conquering power, the residents are like a small chicken, easily picked up and taken away.


春哥, chun ge, “Brother Chun”, or literally “Spring Brother” (‘spring’ as in the season, not the coiled piece of wire), is a popular nickname for Super Girl winner Li Yuchun, who has become famous for being a tomboy. A kind of virtual religion has sprung up around Brother Chun, with netizens extolling that devout belief in Brother Chun brings eternal happiness, immortality, and other rewards. Whether believers follow Brother Chun as a kind of inside joke or if they have earnestly pious feelings I’ll leave for you to decide.]

Comments from Mop:


We’re already used to this.


Haha, Brother Chun has become a God of many types, a God of exams, a God of finance, a God of jiong


They should have stuck a photo of Brother Chun Ge a Grass Mud Horse on the door…


I must say one thing: You can’t just look on the surface of things…

My family bought some land. We wanted to demolish and build a new neighborhood.

And when we went to negotiate with the residents, and any reasonable request we accept.

But some residents’ requests were over the top, wanting 10 square meters for each square meter [of their original residence], how could you accept this?

Actually, there are people behind them manipulating things. We know. Other property developers spend money to have them to defend it to the death. For each day they hold out is one day I lose.

Finally, I didn’t have a choice, and spent money hiring people to knock it down…we’re all people…if you don’t show understanding for me, why should I show understanding for you? If people weren’t forced to a certain degree, who would choose to be like this/do these things?


I agree with the above poster. My dad’s company developed a plot of land, and a lot of people were satisfied with a 1:1 exchange [compensation of dwellings equal in size to their demolished homes], yet even with this, there would still be people who weren’t satisfied with that. One guy had an apartment of about 70 square meters, but wanted to be given a 50 square meter shopfront plus a 100 square meter apartment…

These people are just crazy about money, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for if they just went and stole it?


Fuck your entire family’s hukou.

What right have you [the above two posters] have to demand people who have lived in the same house for decades to sell when you want them to sell, and to forcefully demolish their houses if they aren’t willing to do so? At this juncture, I’d like to see your entire family’s hukou.

If I asked you to sell something your ancestors had passed down to you, would you? SB

Everyone else in this forum, please form a queue to beat these two SB.


Believing in the go-vern-ment isn’t as good as believing in Brother Chun!


Believing in Brother Chun is strength… even with the shadowless foot attack the door couldn’t be opened… Brother Chun was watching over it.

Brother Chun watches over chinaSMACK personals.


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