Kunming Train Station Terrorist Attack, Chinese Reactions

The night of the attack.

The police at the scene.

From QQ QQ:

Violent Terrorist Attack at Yunnan Kunming Train Station

On the night of March 1, the police cordoned off Kunming Train Station. On the night of March 1, at 9:20pm, more than 10 masked assailants with knives [machetes?] wearing the same outfits hacked innocent people at the square, the booking halls, and other locations at Yunnan Kunming Train Station. Up till 1am on March 2, this violent incident had already caused 29 deaths and 113 injuries among the masses. The police shot down 5 assailants at the scene, while the rest of the assailants have yet to be apprehended. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

One of the roads to Kunming Train Station is blocked.

This picture is of the 3 warning lines set up by the police on Beijing Road which leads to Kunming Train Station, prohibiting all vehicles from entering.

A passenger at the scene who is still in shock.

This picture is of one of the passengers at the scene still in shock.

A group of riot police is on route to the scene.

A group of riot police on route to the scene.

A scene of mess after the violent attack.

On the night of March 1, scattered luggage outside one of the ticket booking halls of Kunming Train Station (photo taken by cellphone). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

The police is blocking the scene.

On the night of March 1, the police cordoning off the scene outside Kunming Train Station. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Pictures are of the scenes of the violence.

A wounded woman is receiving medical treatment.

On the night of March 1, a wounded woman receiving medical treatment at Kunming City No.1 People’s Hospital (cellphone photo). Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Meng.

The wounded are receiving medical treatments.

On March 2, before dawn, the wounded receiving medical treatment at Kunming City No.1 People’s Hospital. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

A wounded man is receiving medical treatment.

On March 2, before dawn, a wounded man receiving medical treatment at Kunming City No.1 People’s Hospital. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

A wounded person is receiving emergency medical treatment.

This picture is of a wounded person receiving emergency medical treatment at the hospital.

Kunming Train Station.

This picture is of Kunming Train Station. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ling Yiguang.

From QQ:

Kunming Violent Terrorist Attack Engineered by Xinjiang Separatist Forces, Police Kill 4 Arrest 1

Xinhua News Agency Kunming March 2 report — Reporters of this article have learned from the Kunming Municipal Government Information Office that evidence from the scene of the Kunming “3.01” Incident indicates that this was a major violent terrorist incident singlehandedly plotted and organized by Xinjiang separatist forces.


Comments from QQ (1 & 2):


[I] am against any acts of terrorism directing at the common people. No matter what reasons you have, as long as you take on harming innocent people as your method, you are the enemy of humanity, a shameful coward, a criminal that everyone can slay, and a beast… [for which] we will have no interest in listening to any of your stories, care for your appeals, and will be unable to negotiate or compromise with you. The only thing we will do is: to strike you down at the scene, to pursue and wipe you out afterwards. No mercy.


Tonight, after I drowsily listened to my husband finish telling me the violent incident of people being cut down, I heard many people wailing in the neighborhood. I don’tt know whether they were related [to the victims]. Afraid and trembling, I then dreamed of being chased by murderers…


If we want to eradicate such a malignant tumor, it will take the resolve of our country, to track them down, no matter what country their roots are, to resolutely strike them down, that whoever should shield them would be our enemies that must be struck down as well. Then we’ll see who else dare to cause trouble in China. Support our country, severely punish violent extremists.


No matter in which country, in which society, in which time, as long as the violent attack is directed at the innocent, to the common people, it is definitely a violent terrorist crime. Show no mercy to those violent terrorist perpetrators who use innocent people as targets.


Must find out the root cause, to prevent it from ever happening again.


So it was indeed the Uyghurs who did this! I am baffled. Under the good circumstances and favorable developmental environment of our country at present, why are you people still making trouble? Why won’t you learn from other countries? Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, with so many examples, have you still not realized? That the result of making trouble is to be scattered and smashed to pieces and to live from hand to mouth [in a precarious state]? And you’re still ungrateful for living in China? Are you just inherently wretched?


Without behind the scenes American support, Xinjiang separatists and Tibetan separatists wouldn’t be so bold. We should firmly strike down domestic pro-American forces and pro-American separatists!


This was probably ordered by Obama during his meeting with the Dalai Lama, so [the Dalai Lama] plotted this operation upon returning.


Killed 29 people, injured over 130 more, just what were the police doing? How about the chengguan? How much times must it have taken to hurt more than 100 people? The police should have arrived in time to stop this.


To these utterly heartless villains, we shouldn’t talk about human rights, or about the law. If they are merely executed, how can everyone’s hate be satisfied? So first extract their blood and store it in the blood bank. Then, remove all their removable organs and donate them to people in need.

From Sina Weibo:

南方都市报: “Witnesses Tell Kunming Violent Terrorist Attack: Even the Old and Children not Spared”: “Seven to eight people holding machetes, regardless the old or the young, they hacked anyone they laid eyes on.” Witness Mr. Tan pointing at the direction of the Booking Hall and said,” even the ower of the book store at the canteen over there was hacked to the ground. These beasts even hack people some more when they saw that they weren’t dead. A child at the age of five or six was carried onto an ambulance by the police, the child’s grandfather, father, and mother were all brutally killed.”

From Sina Weibo: (no longer accessible)

记者联合调查: The hacking incident in Kunming Train Station, a large number of injured people have been taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

The paramedic are giving medical treatment to the wounded at the scene.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Scene of the violent attack.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Kunming is sleepless tonight. There are bloodstains everywhere on the floor of [Kunming] City No.1 People’s Hospital. The sound of wailing is endless. Around the Municipal Public Security Bureau, SWAT team are fully equipped with guns and ammunition. Apart from police cars blaring by with their sirens, the entire city is in absolute silence.


Among those passengers rushing to their hard seats and overnight trains, some were the poor rushing towards their livelihoods, probably the backbones [main source of economic income] of their families, who had children and aging parents, who merely because of their misfortune in encountering this group of people, their families are forever ruined, “adding hail upon snow” [making their situation even worse]. Cowards, wimps, scoundrels, this is the truth about terrorists. They have nothing to do with insurgents, they have nothing to do with justice. I support the government in using all inhumane methods in dealing with them, including guilt by association. Let them have a taste of how bitter it is to lose their families.


Our hatred/hostility must always only be against those who use violence. If it becomes against certain ethic groups, then we’ve allowed the schemes of these bastards prevail. Don’t blindly reshare/forward and spread panic or untrue information!


Our faint appeal arrives one step too late to this sinking world.


While looking at the hot weibo posts, I saw some whitewashing [defending, speaking on behalf of the insurgents [perpetrators], saying that maybe they were forced to this, that the best solution for the weak was to kill. Chilling, so chilling. My life is also disappointing [not going the way I want it], I have also narrowly escaped death, so does this mean I have the right to kill your entire family? Fuck your mother!


Has it occurred to anyone that those who were hurt were actually so close to getting back home?


In the middle of the night, refreshing weibo in tears, my heart aches so much that I can barely speak. All the swearing in me is lost. Those who unfortunately died, I wish you well in heaven. 蜡烛 Those who are fortunate enough to live on must live on with all determination. Tonight, we are all people of Kunming. Tonight, we are all people of China. 蜡烛


Defenseless ordinary common people are the most vulnerable group of the world. They have no power, nor much money. They are only someone’s father, someone’s wife, someone’s child, and someone’s family. Their whole life is ordinary, but they mean a lot to their families and friends. Please don’t aim your weapon at the ordinary common people. Because every ordinary person is the entire world to his/her family.


Just several evil people with several knives could cause more than 100 casualties. 27 deaths. Such a sharp asymmetry. If the terrorists had the equipment that they use to terrorize the West, then the casualties would be so much more severe. In this mild multi-ethnic provincial capital Kunming, the general public’s ability to immediately fight back is feeble. A massacre spanning 300 meters, the security measures were inadequate. Every place needs contingent response plans. A public place, with multiple individuals striking swiftly in unison, choosing the most defenseless areas, a surprise attack. The response to stop it must be fast and efficient.


I have a feeling that in this wake, similar terrorist incidents will happen one after another at train stations, bus stations, and even airports nationwide. Everyone, be on your guard when you’re going out, try your best to avoid going to places of gathering crowds.

From NetEase:

Kunming: Violent Terrorist Attack Plotted and Carried Out By East Turkestan Separatist Terrorists

The Kremlin Press Office issued information saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping to express sympathy, saying the incident is hair-raising. Ban Ki-moon, the French Foreign Ministry, the United States State Department and Consulate in China, the Japanese Foreign Ministry and Consulate in China, and other international organizations have condemned the incident, expressing their condolences to the victims.

CCTV: Kunming Police Shoot Dead 4 Attackers, 1 Female Attacker Arrested — According to Kunming police, public security officers shot dead 4 attackers on the scene and arrested 1. The 5 criminal suspects were 3 males and 2 females, with 1 of the female criminal suspects injured and successfully apprehended, and has already been taken to the hospital for emergency medical attention.

Xinhuanet Kunming March 2 report — This reporter learned from the Kunming Municipal Government Press Office that evidence from the scene of the Kunming “3.01” incident show that this was a major terrorist act plotted and organized single-handedly by Xinjiang separatists.

Around 9pm on March 1st, an incident involving masked assailants cutting down people occurred at the Kunming Train Station. As of 6am on the 2nd, it has caused 29 deaths and around 130 wounded. Civil police shot dead 4 culprits on the scene and arrested 1. At present, work in the investigation of this case is continuing apace. Victims have been placed in multiple hospitals where all levels of medical departments have mobilized their resources to treat the injured. All passenger trains for the night at the Kunming Train Station have already departed, and social order is stable in Kunming.

The “3.01” major violent terrorist incident has caused great losses to the safety of the people. Relevant departments express that they will use resolute and vigorous measures to crack down on the criminal activities of violent terrorists, resolutely protecting the safety of the people.

From NetEase:

kepadegougou [网易北京市网友]:

The culprits who orchestrated this incident are devoid of conscience in their slaughter of innocents, their means utterly cruel, their crime outrageous. What’s most important is that they slaughtered innocent civilians. This is not simply a case of causing injury but the attack of thugs. I can only say that if these people cannot be caught [alive], this bunch of beasts must be killed.

幽默走天下 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

No matter who it is, as long as it is hurting the ordinary common people [innocent civilians], this kind of person must be struck down, struck down with extreme prejudice!!!

郭阳华 [网易黑龙江省网友]:

Crack down on Xinjiang thugs!

等待宪政民主的春天 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

No mercy for those who hurt the innocent!

网易福建省泉州市网友 ip:36.251.*.*:

Strike down terrorists who target civilians!!!!


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