Two Ladyboys In Southern China Publicly Seek Sex Change


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“Chinese netizens respond to ladyboys publicly crying for help in southern China.” news article:

Around 1pm on April.13th, two strange guys held “I want to change sex” signs appeared on Huangxing Road, Changsha city. This unusual scene caused the entire street blocked by people who are watching. One guy’s name is Shen Qingqing, who seems to be the candidate of a coming sex change surgery; and the other one calls himself Mei Daizi.

Shen Qingqing and Mei Daizi were surrounded by curious passers-by.

Shen Qingqing was holding a sign said “I want to change sex, and live as a woman”, and Mei Daizi’s sign read “I want to change sex even if it means my death, it is worth to be a woman for even one day.” The scene attracted many citizen stop by and watch.

Purposely come to Changsha to do this.

Mei Daizi: It requires courage to hold “want to change sex” signs.

Mei Daizi was born in 1990. He said he came from Jiangxi to Changsha especially for this movement.

When he was in Jiangxi, he saw some reports on Shen Qingqing’s story and admires Shen’s courage. He told us:” I use to be very timid, and was afraid to be attacked by other people; but after I saw Shen Qingqing dare to hold those signs, I followed him and come to Changsha.”

“As the only son in my family, my parents are against me on changing sex”, Mei Daizi told the journalist. Born in a poor family, Mei Daizi has two sisters. Since as a kid, he was different from all the other boys. He thought he himself is a girl, and often dressed in sisters’ clothes. At school, his classmates called him “lady boy”, “Bian Tai (mentally anomalism)”. He has been distressed for this for a long time and finally decided to become a real woman.

“Last year, when I was working in Xiamen, I had a boyfriend. He is over 30 and treated me very well. I didn’t tell him my true identity until this year. After that, his family opposed to our relationship, because of this I offered to break up with him.”

When been asked if he would go back to his ex-boyfriend after the surgery, he said:” No, I won’t. To get this surgery is still a long shot. Even if I finally change my sex, perhaps by then he’s already married.”

To call for society’s acceptance on existence of sex change people.

Shen Qingqing: Call for society’s acceptance on the existence of sex change people.

Not long ago, during an interview, Shen Qingqing stated that he used to hold those “want to change sex” signs in Jiangxi, and one hospital there agreed to help him with the surgery. It is still in discussion phase. Seems that his surgery is coming soon, but why he still held the sign in Changsha?

Shen Qingqing explained that one reason is by doing this to call for the whole society’s acceptance on the existence of sex change people; and another reason is hope there will be more and more hospitals pay attention to him and Mei Daizi, and agree to help them with the sex change surgery.

“Actually there are many people like us in this society, but most of them were afraid of other discrimination toward them. Thus they don’t dare to stand up and tell others about their dream of sex change. I hope what I am doing can make the society accept our existence and won’t discriminate us anymore.”

Due to the sex change issue, either Shen Qingqing or Mei Daizi can find a job; they are still struggling for their sex change dream.

Shen Qingqing and Mei Daizi dressed as females appeared on Huangxing walking street (Changsha); both were holding “want to change sex” signs.

Different points of view from citizens who were watch.

After the scene, many onlookers expressed their different point of view.

Granny Wu, who is 67 years old still not sure if “these two kids are boys or girls”. After people explained the story to her, she said she couldn’t get it.

Another guy stated that no matter they are changing their sex or not, they shouldn’t make a scene; this would be a bad influence on kids.

Ms. Shi, who lived oversea for a period time, expressed that this kind of thing is very common abroad, others should not interfere their affairs.

Zhang, a young girl born after 1990, said although she couldn’t understand them, but since they are also members of the whole society, people shouldn’t ignore them.

Select Chinese netizen comments from Sina, translated by littleredbook:

新浪网友(荷兰)/(from Holland)

I’m not a supporter for homosexuality, however I support them. From them, I can see the misery of born in wrong sex. Sincerely hope somebody can help them.

新浪网友(四川)/(from Sichuan)

This actually requires a lot of courage, but it seems funny to me, if you want to change sex then go do the surgery, why go onto the street for support?

新浪网友(北京)/(from Beijing)

They are normal; it is something wrong with the general tendency of knowledge. Some guys like girls, and some guys like guys. If you want to change, then change. But before that, you need to consider the consequences. After all, most Chinese does not accept these things.


I don’t get it, is this stuff so easy to change?

新浪网友(山东枣庄)/(from Zaozhuang, Shandong)

Support; will be even better if all the guys go do the surgery, then the remaining women will have no choice but to be comforted by me. In particular, China is now so unbalanced regarding the sex ratio. So many people do the ultrasound, if it is a girl then get aborted; only give birth to boys. Sex changing can enhance the balance of sex ratio, and it is playing a significant role for the harmony of the country. A sex change surgery can reduce one guy and add one more girl. Twice the result with half the effort!

新浪网友(广西南宁)/(from Nanning, Guangxi)

If you want to change then change; don’t show off on the street, it is bad for kids. Do what you choose to do, but don’t affect others.

Your behavior make me think you not only want to change sex but also want to be famous.

新浪网友(广西贵港)/(from Guigang, Guangxi)

You can only change once, can’t change back and forward, so think through it.

新浪网友(湖北)/(from Hubei)

After reading those comments, I feel ashamed on Chinese people’s (morals) quality. How can you understand other people’s misery? Their act required a lot of courage; they dare to take some people’s discrimination in order to gain more understanding. I believe they will have a good future.

Select Chinese netizen comments from NetEase, translated by littleredbook:

网易北京网友/(from Beijing)

Don’t they know they can just become gays?


网易广东广州网友/(from Guangzhou, Guangdong)

Why can’t you understand? They want to have a free sex change surgery. Well, hospitals operating on sex change surgery also need advertising. Go and see, pretty soon there will be hospitals contact them and discuss the surgery issue. I bet on it, if you don’t believe then we can bet on one bottle of beer. If I win, then I drink it myself.

网易福建福州网友/(from Fuzhou, Fujian)

Leave it to me, I only need a kitchen knife to get their sex change done.

网易安徽网友/(from Anhui)

Basically they are not interfere anyone, others have no rights to interfere their “freedom”.

网易浙江温州网友/(from Wenzhou, Zhejiang)

Your dads are so pissed off by you two bad boys –  “I finally had a son, not for the other, just want to carry on the family line. Never expect you will…”

网易浙江杭州网友(from Hangzhou, Zhejiang)

(Sigh) People nowadays, they just don’t understand, what is so good to become a woman? If you really want to experience the feeling of being a woman, then close the door at home and wear woman’s clothes and skirts, why want to disable yourself? Don’t you feel that you let your family down? Despise!

网易吉林吉林网友/(from Jinlin)

I don’t understand you those abnormal people. Not like homosexuality, literally I can understand, it means man likes man, woman likes woman. Then why don’t you just simply become a homosexuality? Why want to pretend to be a woman, so disgusting, go home and kill yourself.

网易北京网友/(from Beijing)

Now there is too much pressure for guys, so they want to become women. However, there is plenty of pressure for women too, after surgery, they will know it.


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