A Laowai’s Persistent Marriage Proposal To A Chinese Girl


Probably as a joke but funny regardless. Clearly he was well prepared as he had made a sign (“Please marry me!”) just for this purpose. Despite the girl’s reluctance this laowai continuously begged for her hand at marriage, even going as far as threatening to jump at the end.

Comments from Youku:


Laowai [老外, foreigner], I hereby strongly support you.support


loveIt is not important if this is real or fake…the important thing to say is…this type of courage is needed when hitting on MM.


Vote down, come to China to steal beautiful women, she absolutely must not accept.


This laowai, so cute, he is like a big kid, very romantic, haha! I’m envious of this boat lady!


To tell you the truth I don’t have the same courage as this laowai, I admire this laowai, laowai’s Chinese is pretty good.support


Girls in China need to think it through, many laowai in China are worthless, or are rascals, or coming to China only because they can’t make it elsewhere. Because fellow countrymen are used to warmly treat laowai as guests, and tend to fawn to foreigners, many girls are deceived, and make the mistake of their life. This is why China is called the heaven for foreign men!!!


Laowai will always be laowai.


Laowais’ methods of expression are relatively direct, not like Chinese people, relatively restrained. I support laowai, I hope you succeed.


Jump down and swim over there. Then maybe there will be hope.


Brothers, learn from it.


There must have been someone who taught him to randomly say “marry me”.


Go to hell!!! Foreign devil!!!


Hold up the sign, jump into the water, wade over there!!! I think you will have a better chance that way!


The one taking the video must be laowai’s friend!
This kind of preparation, must be just for fun, the important thing is to put this online.


With this much sincerity, you should go ahead and marry him. Once you marry him, you won’t have to row the boat anymore. haha.


Tomorrow you’re going to marry me.


I was wondering why Yangzhou beauties are becoming fewer, this laowai is taking them all!!!

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  • infinity


  • poyo

    nyahahahaha… so desperate

  • 888Ch

    ” I was wondering why Yangzhou beauties are becoming fewer, this laowai is taking them all!!!”

    sad reality XD

    • KTR

      so then if “laowai” are taking all of the beauties what is the deficiency present in the modern Chinese male that makes the beauties not want them?

      • CMM

        LoL, thats a good one.. I can think of one… STOP SPITTING in public.

      • DW

        money? the english teach with no experience makes more than most chinese college educated professionals

        • KTR

          that shows something wrong with the system in China then. People are willing to pay teachers without experience so schools and private companies will continue to employ them. It is 95% Chinese companies that employ these teachers with no experience so it is a case of Chinese exploiting Chinese and using foreigners to do it. It really annoys me when people keep saying foreigners are rich; how many foreigners (that are not from HK or Taiwan) do you see driving BMW’s, Audi’s and Landrovers? How many do you see living in big houses??

        • Kellen

          yeah that’s not really true anyway. agreed that the pay is pretty high but english teachers don’t receive most/any of the benefits than the college educated professionals. 6000rmb may be higher as a monthly salary, but then end of year bonuses and personal apartments (not just for the year i mean) and occasional gift certificates etc aren’t given to the teachers.

        • WD

          In Beijing, assuming you teach at a university, the pay is 3,500 with a BA degree, 4,000 with MA degree.

          Sure there is much more to be made working in private schools, but that kind of work is hardly teaching. They give you the books and tell you what to say. It’s basically the McDonald’s version of school, and you’re the line cook.

          3,500 with no bonuses, no benefits, no medical insurance and no money toward your pension is high in Beijing?

          • kingj0n

            There are offers all over the place for much higher than what you stated. 2-6x more.
            Besides, many teachers are making 15k to 20k rmb
            Even the Chinese couple running a school is making $50,000 a year. Obviously, you do not know what you’re talking about.

  • Jeremy

    Wtf is wrong with this guy?

    He’s either joking around or is missing about a dozen screws. It’s painful to watch.

  • Rick in China

    Looks like a loser trying to get net-famous, it’s got to be planned as a bullshit stunt, there’s ideally located camera filming the clips in various locations from various views to put together to make a youku video? Bullshit. Also, his Chinese intonation is pretty flat.

    The most amusing part of the video is seeing the sad tourists in their red shirts and white hats.. I still can’t get over people on the mainland actually doing that shit, various hat colors or shirts for different tour groups, looks ridiculous.

    • Josh

      Also, clearly he’s got a microphone on him to get sound quality like that. It’s an obvious set-up… I’m just waiting for him to take a bite of an ice cream cone and make a heart with his arm and the arm of the boat lady at the end…

  • Westerner

    PIMPING is hard

  • Peteryang

    you don’t ask for marriage like that, you first date her!!!

    this foreigner is a tool.

    • KTR

      or the little chinese boy who doesn’t brush his teeth has his mummy and daddy arrange everything for him – sha bi

      • Peteryang

        still doesn’t change the fact that this foreign is a tool.

        • KTR

          foreign ER is a tool

  • Patrick

    “Girls in China need to think it through, many laowai in China are worthless, or are rascals, or coming to China only because they can’t make it elsewhere.”

    = “Obviously they’re desperate, why else would anybody want to come here?”

    I’ve heard this from a few people, and I always wonder who they’re really trying to put down with that sort of statement.

    • KTR

      so you can also say by your logic taht most of the Chinese overseas are worthless, right?

      • Patrick

        “My logic” can’t be found in my post. Just commenting on someones negative remark about foreigners that really ends up insulting China.

        And no, I’ve never heard westerners complaining about Chinese coming here with no qualifications to teach Chinese or that they’re stealing all of our women. Settle down and learn to read.

        • Fike2308

          Seriously, Chinese men will NEVER be able to steal western women from western men…..who the hell wants to marry Chinese “men” who smoke 2 packs of cigarettes everyday, don’t bathe, don’t brush their teeth, spit every 10 seconds, etc.

          • sanchez

            there aren’t many left to steal, most white women already have black boyfriends.

      • too yellow

        they pretty much are, myself included…

  • shamWow

    Not before you whip it out and show me what you’ve got!

  • Josh

    Dude, the guy is clearly joking. What the hell is wrong with you guys all getting so worked up?

    “Look how much this guy sucks, his tones in Chinese aren’t perfect!”

    • KTR

      Josh, great point! But maybe he studied Chinese in Sichuan or HK from a local there, that’s why his tones aren’t great! Don’t forget my Chinese friends, you don’t all speak your own language perfectly. It’s the same for any country, there is not 100% of the population that speaks one standard of the same language.

      • M

        What’s wrong with learning Chinese in Sichuan?

  • 王老吉

    I dont know if the guy is really joking or not, but i can say is that he choosed the girl to ask, a simple and poor worker. Most(and when i say most, i mean like 98%) of the not poor girl in china, specially where i live (郑州zhengzhou) are bitches who wants a marriage so they can live without working and spending the husband’s money.

    • TK

      Ya, the girl should be happy it’s not a chinese dude. God, forbid who’d want some chinese dude marrying them. A foreigner is soooo much better, more romantic, taller and bigger and knows how to threat a woman.

      To end it off, I agree with your post
      王老吉 .

    • smith

      its chose not choosed you cigarette stinking chinese moron

  • Maxim

    It’s kind of unfair to harrass women in public by asking them to marry you. It would be romantic only if you’re sure wants to marry you, otherwise it’s just awkward.

    • Kellen

      my thoughts exactly. while watching the video i couldn’t stop thinking about how embarrassed the girl must be for the sake of what’s obviously just a prank to the guy.

  • 鬼佬

    in before inevitable long pointless argument about whether/why foreigners make good/bad mates for Chinese women i.e. justifying their own relationships or lack thereof.

  • famours_in_chiner

    It appears that there is still hope for mainland Chinese people. Here’s a da4lu4mei4 that isn’t desperate for a green card! I’m glad not everyone in China believes money and escaping the country will solve all of their problems.

  • Chen

    Imagine if he had been a Chinese guy proposing to a western woman – or even worse, a Chinese woman proposing to a western man (yes, women can do that). Then people would’nt have said that he/she is cute, he/she would have been a traitor to the Chinese race.

    • Kai

      Well, if it were a Chinese guy proposing to a Western woman, I think most Chinese netizens would be cheering the guy on as the underdog. Just think Undercover Brother, but with Asians.

      A Chinese woman proposing to a Western man would, yes, probably be lambasted as a traitor. The whole woman instead of man asking thing would just compound the nationalistic insecurity complex of the Chinese male hordes who are already predisposed to seeing foreigners as poaching their prey.

      What can you do? This is part of Western cultural dominance. But as previous commenters in previous threads have said, this whole interracial thing really isn’t that prevalent and is largely blown out of proportion.

      • KTR

        I really hate the word netizen, do you get I.D. cards to prove your citizen ship for the net?

        • snicka

          Finally, a kindred spirit! I also hate this term. However, in China, I think netizen makes more sense than citizen. The word “Citizen” implies some sort of control over your country’s fate, i.e. a right and responsibility to be aware of your country, and have influence when necessary.

          99.5% of the “citizens” of China don’t have this. They are subject to the moral “leadership” of the highest levels of the CPC. This is indeed the difference between “citizen” and “subject.”

          Netizens, on the other hand, even get Wen Jiabao answering questions. Go figure.

          • Chen

            And they like it even better when you take your husbands surname after marriage…

      • Chen

        Yeah, that’s true – I’m married to a Chinese man and most Chinese really like that (although one did claim that 得不偿失).

    • mike

      psh, who wants a brainwashed husband? its hard enough to find a decent guy to date in the US.

  • Guy

    lol, I’m a foreign but I wouldn’t do this, it’s sure fail to ask a stranger to marry you. He could try sending flowers, talking to her, i mean develop a relationship first for some months at least.
    Anyway she might be worth the effort. Only hoes digging green cards would accept such offer from a total stranger.

    • En

      Not true. If the guy wasn’t didn’t seem creepy and was found to be attractive, I’d give him a chance. Most girls like the feeling of special, unexpected treatment.

  • mechanized

    what was this guys point in doing this? Its not particularly funny. And it must’ve been extremely awkward for the girl to have this goofy guy pulling this stunt all day while she was trying to do her job.

  • sue

    this video feels every fake

    • ding. I would say nice viral marketing for the tourism office of Yangzhou ! It is good to see these administration leaving their bureaucratic methods to modern marketing campaign. It’s funny, it is different, it would for sure attact audience. Nice job.

  • alex tee

    what a n00b… such a desperate guilao as per usual

  • looneylaowai

    That idiot is lucky he didn’t get beat up.

    I think he needs a kick in the face.

    Completely revolting behaviour.

    I say we humanfleshsearch him and ruin his life.

    • Josh

      You need to find something better to do with your time, bud. Shit, if you want to hunt down dumb foreigners, you should just start with chinabounder

      • VeerLeft

        No!! Start with me please!!!!!
        I am ever so much easier to find and much more fun to actually attack!!!

      • Mike Fish

        Actually, looneylaowai should just hunt down the first, most annoying, foreigner he sees and kick him in the face… hopefully it’s himself.

  • KTR

    What I find hilarious is that the Chinese call anyone none Chinese a Laowai which is basically and insult literally translated as old outsider. Yet when they come to Europe they don;t like being called it themselves. You can’t have it both ways people!

    • Michael

      I agree, but better than being called gweilo. Funniest/saddest was when I was back in the US on a business trip with a group of Chinese colleagues, another group of Chinese were curious as to why this ‘laowai’ was with the Chinese. I spouted off to them, ‘Wtf? who’s the laowai here in the US?” It took a while for it to sink in to them.

      • snicka

        Well, even though the Americans might be laowai in the US, the Chinese are aliens! Did you explain that to them? Poor waixingrenmen…. China thinks it’s the center of the world…US thinks its the center of the universe. Wa.

        • KTR

          Good point, but why do the Chinese tend to think every white person is American or German? We don’t, well I personally don’t, think every yellow skinned person in the world is Chinese.

          We all need to open our eyes and see the world how it really is guys!

          • Fike2308

            You know what’s funny?

            Whenever I’ve watched an American movie with Chinese people and asian actor comes on screen they get all excited and start chanting “Zhong guo ren! Zhong guo ren!”….like they just automatically assume that ALL ASIAN people in WESTERN MOVIES are Chinese…..WTF?

            I usually make them watch the credits at the end of the movie and ask them if names like “Ito” and “Minakata” sounds Chinese or Japanese to them…..

        • Bert

          America didn’t name itself ‘Middle of the Universe Kingdom’.

      • KTR

        Tell me about gweilo. I used to hear it all the time when I lived in HK. They didn’t like it when I called the wongsiclo (yellow color person)!

        It also made me laugh that the Cantonese people in HK would call people gwailo, for all intents and purposes and derogitory term, but they were happy to speak English, drive western cars, wear western clothes and enjoy a relativley free system of government that allowed them to make money without fear of being called bourgouis!

        They also looked down on people on the mainland (this was around 15 years ago) and now they’re all clammering to do business here and are suddenly fiercly nationalistic.

        People should be proud of where they are from, but it should not be at the cost of being essentially racist and acting in a way that suits them when things change.

    • DW

      lao is not necessarily connotative of insult. ever heard of 老子? either is ‘wai’, grandmother on your mother’s side is 外婆. you got a serious chip on your shoulder my friend.

      • V

        *nods* Just as when I call you all 老內’s I don’t necessarily mean anything insulting by it. Peace to you, laonei.

      • KTR

        laowai is a term coined in the 1970’s before that it was not used to describe foreigners. Today (even if some Chinese do not use it as an insule) the majority of people in China do not use it with a positive conotation.

        • LW

          “…the majority of people in China do not use it with a positive conotation.”

          Haha…yes I’m sure you know what the majority of people in China think. On the other hand looking at the translated comments above one can see laowai is used in both negative and positive connotations meaning the word itself just means someone not from China and has no connotation.

      • KTR

        haha, I like it! 新内would also work!

      • mike

        actually it is. the term laowai is an insulting word for foreigner, just as the terms for the mother’s family including “wai” denoted them as outsides and less worthy than the man’s side of the family.

        • En

          Good point, Mike. In reality, it’s only insulting in the way it’s said. When yelled on the street or said with prolonged staring or while pointing you out to other Chinese or when talking about you because they assume you don’t know is not treating you as a person and can be insulting.

    • Is it really that bad though? I realize that some foreigners are insulted by the term, but I’ve always felt it had a more friendly connotation since ‘lao’ as a prefix is often used as a term for respect (laoshi, laoban, etc.). So yes, “old outsider” but more along the lines of “old (friend) outsider”.

      I am a laowai though, so I could be way off here. :)

      • M

        I am not insulted by the term. I am frustrated. I have now lived in China for almost ten years, which is the vast majority of my adult life. While I do recognize that in a homogeneous society I will always be viewed as an outsider, it would be nice to be treated and thought of as a person instead of an, “old outsider.”

      • mlgb

        It’s all about context. For example, it’s common for people to prefix a surname with lao as an honorific, e.g. Lao Wang, Lao Li etc, but if I were to meet with Hu Jintao or Wen Jiabao and I were to address them as Lao Hu or Lao Wen then it would be impolite despite the fact that “lao” is respectful.

        Basically if people address you as Laowai (e.g. 嘿!老外,过来)it’s not polite. If people are talking about Laowai to collectively mean foreigner then it’s neutral.

      • Teacher in China

        I look at this way: think of the term “foreigner” in English. By itself, it’s simply descriptive – you’re a person from a foreign country. However, when said in different ways (tones, volume, context, etc.) the meaning can change from being a simple statement to being really insulting. I’m not an expert on Chinese by any stretch, but it seems possible to me that it’s the same deal with “laowai”.

        • Kai

          Very true. Just look at how Fcuk Da Lu Ren uses “da lu ren” in his comments. For the word “laowai” I personally find that tone, volume, context, etc. influence how offensive it is far more than the word itself. But, hey, that’s just me.

  • fireworks

    He’s got no shame and got heaps of balls to do it in front of a crowd. If the risk taking pays off, its worth it. If not, cop it and move on.

  • Panda

    People who complain about other people stealing your beauties obviously can’t get one themselves. Haha.. and lighten up you fools, he so obviously just joking around.

  • Miako Tamatsue

    Correct me if I am wrong, but in China, parents prefer having boys over girls, right? So much as to abort the baby as soon as they find out that they are going to have a girl? I am sure this is more prevalent in the country side than in the cities. Boys are preferred because they geneally can do physical labor (farming, manufacutring, etc.) and carry on the family’s livelihood? The desire to have baby boys over girls is so much that there is a current and continuing imbalance of male to female ratio in China?

    Studies have shown that this is beginning to create a lot of problems for Chinese men (and Chinese society). Not only there are a lot less women out there for Chinese men because years of sex selections by parents who preferred boys, but also the fact that the few women that are left in China are becoming more independent in every way and that they don’t want a (Chinese) man in their life.

    I don’t get some of the nationalistic views on here like “foreigners shouldn’t come and take our women” attitude. If Chinese society would treat girls with greater importance and more value for them, maybe Chinese women don’t need to look at foreign men with interests. If you’re not wanted at home, you’ll go elsewhere where you are wanted and be appreciated, right?

    • V

      Amen, girl.

      It’s amazing how so many Chinese guys, in trying to diss foreigners and their own women, only end up dissing themselves.

      But I suppose it’s always been easier talking a lot of Chinasmack than actually doing something productive that corrects the country, its treatment towards women, and the behavior of its men.

      • VeerLeft

        You’ll be happy to know that in our spare time, many of us like to try and raise the ladies sexual expectations… lol

    • LW

      You completely missed the point. It’s because there are fewer women that they don’t want foreigners taking their women.

      • Miako Tamatsue

        I don’t think you get the point. If there are fewer of them (Chinese women), then why keep getting rid of them?

        • LW

          Uh…you already answered. Hence why as you put it women have become a precious commodity in China so they don’t want foreigners taking them.

          • Bert

            Precious “commodity”. Again property?

      • Bert

        “Their” women. Property?

      • WD

        That their mothers’ friends didn’t love them enough to not abort their daughters is hardly my fault …

        • Miako Tamatsue

          WD, sometimes people are at fault just by doing nothing. The problem is much greater than “their mothers’ friends didn’t love them enough.”

  • Miako Tamatsue


    April 11, 2009
    Chinese Bias for Baby Boys Creates a Gap of 32 Million By SHARON LaFRANIERE
    BEIJING — A bias in favor of male offspring has left China with 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls, creating “an imminent generation of excess men,” a study released Friday said.

    For the next 20 years, China will have increasingly more men than women of reproductive age, according to the paper, which was published online by the British Medical Journal. “Nothing can be done now to prevent this,” the researchers said.

    Chinese government planners have long known that the urge of couples to have sons was skewing the gender balance of the population. But the study, by two Chinese university professors and a London researcher, provides some of the first hard data on the extent of the disparity and the factors contributing to it.

    In 2005 , they found, births of boys in China exceeded births of girls by more than 1.1 million. There were 120 boys born for every 100 girls.

    This disparity seems to surpass that of any other country, they said — a finding, they wrote, that was perhaps unsurprising in light of China’s one-child policy.

    They attributed the imbalance almost entirely to couples’ decisions to abort female fetuses.

    The trend toward more male than female children intensified steadily after 1986, they said, as ultrasound tests and abortion became more available. “Sex-selective abortion accounts for almost all the excess males,” the paper said.

    The researchers, who analyzed data from a 2005 census, said the disparity was widest among children ages 1 to 4, a sign that the greatest imbalances among the adult population lie ahead. They also found more distortion in provinces that allow rural couples a second child if the first is a girl, or in cases of hardship.

    Those couples were determined to ensure they had at least one son, the researchers noted. Among children born second, there were 143 boys for 100 girls, the data showed.

    The Chinese government is openly concerned “about the consequences of large numbers of excess men for social stability and security,” the researchers said.

    But “although some imaginative and extreme solutions have been suggested,” they wrote, China will have too many men for a generation to come.

    They said enforcing the ban against sex-selective abortions could normalize the sex ratio in the future.

    The study was conducted by Wei Xingzhu, a Zhejiang Normal University professor; Li Lu, a Zhejiang University professor; and Therese Hesketh, a University College London lecturer.

    • anne

      Despite it all, China still has pretty Confucian ideals. Boys are preferred since it is the boys duty to take care of the parents when they’re older. Girls are end up marrying and have to look after the husbands parents instead. So naturally parents (esp in the country) prefer a male who will provide a secure future for them when they’re old. Since there’s a one child policy they resort to abortion. It’s likely that if an equally Confucian (if not even more) society like Korea was subjected to the one Child policy, the same thing would occur. In life however, I don’t think Chinese women are treated with less importance and value. Women are much more equal to men in China than Korea or Japan, where a majority of women are pressured to quit their jobs just because they’re married. At least the female Chinese news anchor actually says important news rather than the Japanese female news anchor who only sits and smiles cutely then says only the trivial unimportant events.

  • Joe

    From now on… I will refer to everybody who isn’t English as ‘slanty’. Just as the Chinese refer to everyone who isn’t Chinese as laowei.


    • KTR

      well, it should be anyone who isn’t Chinese, remember the Chinese don’t really differentiate, a foreigner is a foreigner; but slanty is an excellent adjective to use! Or we could all just get along, both work for me!

      • snicka

        As if Koreans and Japanese are given the dignity of being addressed as laowai…

        • ybin

          Good observation. “Laowai” is actually reserved for Caucasians or Caucasian looking persons. Koreans and Japanese will be referred to as “Koreans and Japanese” respectively. Afro-Americans/British will be referred to as “hei ren”.

          Now, lots of you are debating on whether “lao wai” carries negative connotations. To me (native Chinese speaker), it carries neutral to slightly positive connotations. If negative meanings are desired, the terms would be “wai guo lao” or “wai guo gui zi”.

    • Laowai ftw

      Wow, some you are really sensitive.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    I’m bringing back the word “GUC” (gook) to describe all slanties. Anyway, what do you expect from a bunch of fuedalistic peasants who learned how to type?

    I like how people got all up in arms about Chinabounder, when again, in reality it is Chinese men that are creating the market for prostitution in China which thus, makes less women in the market. Also keeping most of the beautiful women as second wives.

    Do we really think that Lao Wai’s are cleaning up Chinese women? Most of the women that play around with foreigners Chinese men don’t like anyway right?

    As for calling me a lao wai, it gave me no greater pleasure when I went home the first time in 2002 and heard people speaking Chinese to say to them

    Hey LAO WAI, do you like American food?
    Do you use a fork?
    Do you like our American girls?
    They are much more healthier than your Chinese girls right?
    Our America is so much richer than your China isnt it?

    • snicka

      Come on, even laowais need some ernai action! yowza!

    • KTR

      I’ve done a similar thing in a number of European countries, they don;t seem to find it funny, I wonder why?

    • Rick in China

      Once again your posts are fucking hilarious, I think I’m going to bust out the Hey Laowai next time I see a Chinese overseas…seems rude as fuck though, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.

    • VeerLeft

      China bounder was a stereotypical tool. He openly admitted to having had ONE woman prior to being in China.
      England (1) China (50). So either he lost his virginity on the boatride over…or he couldn’t get laid in a morgue back in Jolly old Engerlandt. The girls are really just using this loser to express their disatisfaction with most of their domestic options.

  • Tony

    Clearly a joke, a laowai doesn’t need to beg like this, he should be fighting them off.

  • Joe

    yes indeed…. fcuk da lu ren…. I am so going to refer to EVERY chinese as laowai next time I get back to the UK. Or…just…
    “hello, where are you from?”
    “oh… ok… nice to meet you Foreigner”.

  • Joe

    incidently, have you seen the ‘Stamp of Approval’ T-shirt.? I am so getting myself one of them… if it wins. Probably too controversial for the Chinese though.
    Go vote for it. It’s the only one I’d wear to be honest.

  • kevin

    The girl is reluctant because she knows that Laowai brought AIDS to China.

    • KTR

      and then the Chinese government spread it to the rural areas through unclean blood transfusions while lining the pockets of the local officals, so we all win!

    • V

      Oh yes, Always trying to push responsibility onto someones else, the foreigners, or the party, or the population size, or the emperor. How sad.

      The truth is, AIDs probably came from asshole rich Chinese businessmen sleeping with whores in other countries and homosexual chinese who had sex with those people, with each other, and then with their women (cuz Chinese society requires that you have a girl).

      • Samael

        yea its always the gays with their aids, ruin everything

  • Joe

    and don’t forget the Opium. Jeeesus, NEVER forget the Opium.

    • KTR

      yes, damn the foreigners for bringing opium to china where the Emperor was too weak to do anything about it. Oh and don;t forget the Chinese who got addicted to it, yeah it must be the foreigners fault that the people of China needed a release from the harsh fuedal existence that all peasants were forced to live under, a truely enlightened and obviously the most developed country in the world that kept the masses of humanity controlled by force.

      And damn the Chinese for bringing gunpowder to the world and therefore guns and all the gun related crime and injuries from unsafe fireworks every year!

      • LW

        Most of the opium smokers were rich, hardly “feudal”, if you’re going to propogandize at least get your facts straight.

        • Vesper Lynd

          …Didn’t the PRC use opium as a cash crop starting in 1942? I think by 1943 drug profits contributed up to 40% of the total revenue of the communist base administration.

    • Alice S

      Chi do opium. Foreigners do other drugs like weed… Equal!

  • VeerLeft

    Gonna write a book called BLOGGER DIPLOMANCY

  • Overseas Chinese

    In regards to the phrase “laowai is getting our girls” slogan. I want to remind the foreigners in China that overseas Chinese/Asian men like myself cop a lot of abuse by Western men when I am out with my Australian girlfriend.

    People literally come up to us with words like “F%$# thief”, “sellout”, “race traitor” on her and on me.

    Before laughing at some insecure Chinese idiots… take a look back at home at the insecure white idiots.

    funny thing is that some of the most insecure white guys i know actually infact have dated or currently dating asian women.

    • Chen

      Never happened to me. But then my husband is very charming.

    • MF

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. I’m a white American woman, and at my old job, when co-workers found out I was even willing to date Chinese guys, some of them were really nasty about it, like “Why?” “That’s disgusting,” “Couldn’t you find a real man?” etc. The same guys were either dating or married to Chinese women.

      • mhn

        Wow, that’s sad….I know I’m probably going to get flamed for saying this, but I think sometimes these guys need to take a look in the mirror before they spout off against how bad Chinese guys are. There are plenty of idiotic, protectionist, misogynist a-holes of every nationality and race. I’ve met plenty of good Chinese guys and plenty of trashy “foreign” guys here in Beijing. It really irks me that some foreign guys think they make superior boyfriends/husbands and that somehow they are “liberating” the Chinese women from some kind of bondage, when in fact some of these same guys are just sexually objectifying them (before you guys get pissed off, note I said SOME, not ALL ~ I have met some very nice, balanced foreign guy/Chinese gal couples, and then I have met foreign guys that have slept with +50 Chinese girls) I personally have a wonderful Chinese bf that I wouldn’t trade for anything or anyone in the world, so this kind of attitude kind of touches a sore spot for me.

        • Kai

          Whoa, too much sense and logic for the comments on chinaSMACK. Does not compute.

          • mhn

            I’ve been stalking ChinaSmack for a while, and I just felt compelled to give my 2 cents. BTW, I usually find your comments to be quite insightful and balanced, Kai.

            Anyway, I didn’t want to sound like I was bitter or against foreigners being with Chinese girls….I’m not at all…anyone can sleep with or marry whomever they wish if it makes them happy. My beef is just with the particular subset of foreign guys that somehow thinks that sleeping with/dating/marrying Chinese girls is somehow part of some noble cause. This kind of “savior complex” just smacks of an attitude of racial/cultural superiority and rubs me the wrong way. Just because you are a white guy sleeping with a Chinese girl, don’t think that you are giving the girl something “special” that she can’t get from sleeping with a local guy.

  • Jordan

    Overseas Chinese, your girlfriend must have been a knock out, it made the thieves jealous…

    • Overseas Chinese

      Jordan – nah man… she is average white Australian female

      I met her during high school and came together over college and live together now

      But what I hate is the hypocrisy… my mum for example fully EMBRACES WM/AF relationship but isnt too supportive of my AM/WF relationship. Also like I said, a lot of white people have attacked as on the streets for being “sellouts” etc but I’m sure not when an asian female is with a white guy. Because that would mean they would be attacking people everywhere

      • Hindra

        A lot of Australians are rabid racists. The recent attacks on Indian students and anxiety over Chinese investments has produced huge amounts of racist and xenophobic attitudes.

        • Samael

          the indians were attacked mostly by lebanese. you indians have a problem, go sort it out with the lebs.

          Australia is not racist.

        • JT

          Fuckin’ tool. You guys bring your shitty wars and grudges into developed countries and wonder why people look down on you. It’s not even white Australians that are attacking them. Get you facts right before you start judging people. The Australia I grew up in isn’t nerly as racist as most countries.

        • B

          I hope you can see the irony in your commentary Hindra, you exemplify exactly the same ‘us vs them’ attitude that the strawmen you’re speaking out against apparently have.

          As Samael and JT have inffered, modern urban Australia (the setting of the assaults that caused the Indian tabloid media feeding frenzy) is far from the homogeneous white culture it was 25 years ago.

        • mr.wiener

          Indians of course are loved by all the countries around them and never have any religious, racist of sectarian strife , right?

      • mlgb

        nah man… she is average white Australian female

        Dude, you better hope she doesn’t read that!

        • Overseas Chinese

          haha funny man

          If i said she was “hot” it would sound like i m showing off

  • bossman

    Just another dumb fake viral video made to promote product in China, obviously filmed by half-professional camerman, and the usual giev foreigner a stupid job pay him 250 yuan hour to pretend something so you can sell hair product or erection mediciine… lucky people are so stupid in public here to believe it. Buy some cock rising wine for your wedding night

  • +1 for trying to this laowai :p

  • yellow master race

    i think the chinese yellow master race ´has the right to call all frigners the longnouse.. YEAHHH!! chinese master race is pure innocent superior master race wich have the right to call niggers the “black evils” and white barbarians the “glawoai” asians “backward forigners” and LONG LIVE CHINESE NAZI RACISM LIKE OVERSEA CHINESE!!

  • Bamboohat

    See this link:

    I’ll say that American are no better than China at that point. But then again, who are we to criticize this tradition of prefering boy? As far as I know, anyone learning history will know that same thing happen too in anywhere else in the whole world for centuries, especially since the world has become a male-domination world. Anyone remember Boudicca- the Iceni Queen? Her husband’s will mention his 2 daughters as the legal inheritors of his kingdom- they’re to rule as equal of Rome empire. But the Rome scoff at the idea because they just recognize Male as ruler- they don’t want to rule toether with females. So they whipped Boudicca and raped her 2 daughters. Man, the next 2 years then wrotten down in history about an angry mother who find her voice to fight against these men-dominated empire and almost toppled down the empire hold in Brittain- too bad she lost in the end.

    The difference is that Westerners has been trying to get through that gender-discrimination for some decades. Before feminism movement, even in USA you don’t find it’s strange for a wife to stay at home and be the typical housewife and women to be treated as second-class citizen. Give China sometime, when they become more modern they will eventually have the same movement and will be the same with USA. As I said, who are we to criticize them when our feminism movement doesn’t even a century-old yet, when we doesn’t even have woman president yet? Maybe it will happen eventually, and for now maybe we can try to explain our different view of women to Chinese in a peaceful way, rather than “See? We’re better than you! We didn’t do that!” way.

  • Sunil

    Guys..be very careful of the western guys and everything. They are the masters of self destruction and only think about short tern goals. They were never educated on the laws of karma.

    Lets see whats turns out after two years..divorce or single mom….pick your choice

  • Professor Sillypants

    Girls, be careful of western men. Men, be careful of western girls. And the other way around.

    Any kind of marriage between two cultures as diverse as American or British and Chinese is very unlikely to survive unless it is tempered with patience and mutual cultural respect.

    To me, this seems like some guy who (1) is playing a joke, or (2) fell in love with her face (does he even know her name?).

  • jedknowsbest

    “Any kind of marriage between two cultures as diverse as American or British and Chinese is very unlikely to survive unless it is tempered with patience and mutual cultural respect.”

    dude any kind of marriage PERIOD ..”is very unlikely to survive unless it is tempered with patience and mutual cultural respect”

    I’ve been happily married to a chinese women for over a decade and can say categorically there is WAY more differences between the sexes than between cultures

    btw, I’m interested in your years of experience in Anglo-American / Chinese unions that makes you an expert

    • Overseas Chinese

      Differences between sexes u cant avoid

      cultural difference is huge for me. Also as for all interracial relationships. Or maybe there is less between asian women/ white men than any other combination which explains why its soo common

      • You seem to mixt cultural differences with skin colour…
        There is no direct link between these two.
        BTW, could you explain what you mean with Asian women (Turkish women? Russian women ? Lebanon women ? Laotian women ? Indonesian women ?) and what is the common ground between all these women and their cultures.
        And could you please do the same with white males ?
        You would be easier to understand.

  • Ching Chong

    it can’t be true! no sane person would want to marry a chinese. much better to just go to the zoo and look at the animals instead of marrying one.

  • thorpesimon

    She should marry him!

  • laowai

    As a laowai who has spent over 10 years in China this guy is truly humiliating to watch. A true idiot!!!!

  • VeerLeft

    I hate you all. Seriously, I think we need to meet and brawl. I’m really fed up with stupid online cunts…

  • jedknowsbest

    completely off topic, but two words in a headline you’ll never see in the China press : “China” “apologizes”

    “China apologizes to Mexico for tough swine flu stand”

  • jason

    ROFL, that is like hilarious. What’s wrong with white girls. They’re hot.

  • PEYE

    The lady was smart to keep on doing her job. Why hook up with a clown from who knows where, who looks as if he does not own a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out off.

  • mike

    that laowai needs to be deported outta china as soon as possible, we don’t need anymore foreign males in the country

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