A Laowai’s Persistent Marriage Proposal To A Chinese Girl


Probably as a joke but funny regardless. Clearly he was well prepared as he had made a sign (“Please marry me!”) just for this purpose. Despite the girl’s reluctance this laowai continuously begged for her hand at marriage, even going as far as threatening to jump at the end.

Comments from Youku:


Laowai [老外, foreigner], I hereby strongly support you.support


loveIt is not important if this is real or fake…the important thing to say is…this type of courage is needed when hitting on MM.


Vote down, come to China to steal beautiful women, she absolutely must not accept.


This laowai, so cute, he is like a big kid, very romantic, haha! I’m envious of this boat lady!


To tell you the truth I don’t have the same courage as this laowai, I admire this laowai, laowai’s Chinese is pretty good.support


Girls in China need to think it through, many laowai in China are worthless, or are rascals, or coming to China only because they can’t make it elsewhere. Because fellow countrymen are used to warmly treat laowai as guests, and tend to fawn to foreigners, many girls are deceived, and make the mistake of their life. This is why China is called the heaven for foreign men!!!


Laowai will always be laowai.


Laowais’ methods of expression are relatively direct, not like Chinese people, relatively restrained. I support laowai, I hope you succeed.


Jump down and swim over there. Then maybe there will be hope.


Brothers, learn from it.


There must have been someone who taught him to randomly say “marry me”.


Go to hell!!! Foreign devil!!!


Hold up the sign, jump into the water, wade over there!!! I think you will have a better chance that way!


The one taking the video must be laowai’s friend!
This kind of preparation, must be just for fun, the important thing is to put this online.


With this much sincerity, you should go ahead and marry him. Once you marry him, you won’t have to row the boat anymore. haha.


Tomorrow you’re going to marry me.


I was wondering why Yangzhou beauties are becoming fewer, this laowai is taking them all!!!

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