Largest Ivory Smuggler In Tanzania Apprehended

Largest Ivory Smuggler In Tanzania Apprehended
According to The Daily Mail, a 66-year-old Chinese woman was arrested in Tanzania. The woman had the name of “Ivory Queen”, because of her illegal ivory smuggling. She is accused of smuggling about 760 tusks weighing about 1900 kilograms from 2000 to 2014, earning over 2,000,000 USD. The American Ivory Operation Coalition has said: “she is Tanzania’s most important ivory smuggler ever arrested since the beginning of history.” At present time she has already admitted to her crimes. If the criminal charges are carried out, she will face 20-30 years of imprisonment. Chinese netizens have responded furiously, saying that if there weren’t any buying and selling there wouldn’t be any killing, with many calling for her teeth to be ripped out.

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