‘Lawyer Sister’ Slaps Cop, Argues with Beijing Subway Crowd

A Beijing woman shouts 'I'm a lawyer' after reportedly slapping police who blocked her bringing her bike onto the subway, drawing intense criticism from netizens.

A Beijing woman shouts 'I'm a lawyer' after reportedly slapping police who blocked her bringing her bike onto the subway, drawing intense criticism from netizens.

The tale of ‘Sister Lawyer’ and its accompanying video below was #2 on Baidu’s search results and a top story on Youku with over 11,000 comments and 750,000 views since within 24 hours of being uploaded. Currently, it has over 1.06m views…

Video from Youku:

Woman on [Beijing’s] Line 10 Subway Slaps Police Officer, Screams “I’m a Lawyer”, Infuriating Crowd

From Beijing Times:

Prevented From Taking Bicycle Onto Subway, Did Arrogant “Lawyer Sister” Actually Slap a Police Officer?

On the Beijing subway during the morning peak period, a woman violated rules by carrying a bike into the station, then ignored the guards and instead shouted “I am a lawyer, in the United States I can bring a bike on the subway!” After her outburst, she then attempted to claim the police officer hit her and violated her personal freedom, to which the surrounding crowd responded with booing and criticism.

In the video, the woman, who is in her twenties or thirties, can be seen wearing a gray suit. Opposite her stands three police dressed in police uniforms, one of whom recorded video evidence throughout. The woman says: “I am not your law enforcement target, why do you limit my personal freedom?” A man in the crowd wearing a white shirt responded that he personally witnessed her slapping the police officer earlier. After arguing in turn with other people in the crowd, the woman continuously made cellphone calls. In order to not affect the order of the subway, the police proposed going to the police station, but the woman refused. She said she did not do anything wrong, the administrative law do not require that she need go to the police station. “The subway rules are only its internal regulations, they cannot be used to restrict my basic rights, and can not violate my property rights.”

A passenger witness surnamed Yang told reporters that when police first took out their camera to take evidence, the woman suddenly rushed forward and slapped the police in the mouth. The police who was hit then grabbed her right arm, while another police held her left arm.

Comments from Youku:


How did she hit the cop at first? Is there no video of the beginning [of this incident]!?


I don’t know what caused this, but I can say for certain: don’t piss off a crowd.


The woman said, “I have the right to stop you from filming me.” A person in the crowd said, “I have the right to film you.” Who’s right? If the crowd is right, then can I take a camera out onto the streets and chase after hot girls filming them, film anyone at random, their face, their ass, their thighs, because I have a right to film them? The law needs to defend everyone. Just because the woman violated a provision at first doesn’t mean I can wantonly trample on her rights. What more, it seems the policeman confiscated her bicycle, that’s not right, you can prevent her from entering but you can’t confiscate her property.


What an embarrassment, and a lawyer? If you want to go to America, fine, go and don’t come back. Do you think studying law gives you a loophole, and special rights? Idiot.

小孩子王子 (responding to above):

Hehe, if she went to America and dared do something like this, police would’ve tasered her a long time ago.


Stupid woman, even saying America this and that. Chinese police are already considered gentle. If this were America, you go ahead and mouth off and see what happens. If you’re lucky, you’ll be immediately seized and put in handcuffs. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be shot dead on the spot.


I’m a lawyer… will become an internet meme.


Gawking at commotions is characteristically Chinese.


This girl is not smart. Although she’s got a lawyer’s mind, she can’t think outside the box, and is thus a little idiotic. You can wrap your folding bike up in a box, and then it’ll be a package. Subway regulations don’t allow items wider than 1 meter or taller than 2 meters, which a bicycle would easily fall within, or if it exceeds it, just pay for two subway tickets/fares. Security checks? They’re just for decoration, temporary workers, just be nice and it’ll be fine. Arguing logic, law clauses, aren’t you just causing yourself trouble? Too idiotic.


When chengguan beat people why doesn’t everyone gather around and heckle?


These days whenever anything happens there’s a cellphone to take a video.


Immediately saying “I’m a SB” has a higher probability of gaining the police’s forgiveness than saying “I’m a lawyer.”


In America? Try hitting a copy in America and see what happens.


In America? In America they’d immediately press you to the ground. You think they’d be like so polite like these three cops?


From 1m44s~2m03s she originally said: “I’m a lawyer, I can’t be hit by people, and I was on the ground being hit, hit by the three of them. I’m a grown person, I’m just a woman, and here I was being pressed to the ground and being hit by these three. I’m not going show evidence/credentials, but I was beaten by them. If I didn’t say I was a lawyer, they would still be beating me.” Please watch the video again before giving your opinion. If you don’t even watch the video carefully, then isn’t this just a typical example of joining in just to heckle and make a disturbance??

awakeqq (responding to above):

I also ask you to watch it carefully, because everyone in it said she was speaking nonsense, that it was she who hit the cops. You believe a person trying to justify their actions but don’t believe the testimony of so many eyewitnesses?

Y-A–N-A-N (also responding to qhsun):

Exactly, and didn’t you [referring to the woman] say you are a lawyer? So lawyers are allowed to hit people? If you were right then why are so many people yelling at you?


That old man [in the beginning, with jacket and blue shirt] is just a SB, yelling so loud and making such a fuss… You can blame the woman lawyer for taking a bike onto the subway, but maybe she didn’t know this rule! But when the lawyer says she was hit by the police, how come we don’t see you getting righteously indignant?

哦善哉 (responding to above):

If you don’t know the real situation, just shut up!!!


I think according to the law, what this woman said is not incorrect, police filming is indeed one’s personal rights. The subway’s rules are just the subway company’s rules, they shouldn’t be elevated to the level of law. The arguing old man is confusing the subway regulations with the law. The only thing is that taking a bike onto the subway during morning rush hour is extremely disagreeable in the eyes of Beijing’s incomparably bitter commuters. Of course, talking about people’s rights in our country is useless!

村里有个帅哥小文 (responding to above):

Kid, you’re too young, the thing the police are holding is called Law Enforcement Records. If they didn’t have it, how would the police prove they were hit? Furthermore, explain to me how a police officer recording a record infringes on your personal rights? Are they using your video to make money? Or maliciously slandering your image?

What do you think? Was the crowd right to criticize the woman? Were the woman’s rights violated?


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Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.


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