‘Lawyer Sister’ Slaps Cop, Argues with Beijing Subway Crowd

A Beijing woman shouts 'I'm a lawyer' after reportedly slapping police who blocked her bringing her bike onto the subway, drawing intense criticism from netizens.

A Beijing woman shouts 'I'm a lawyer' after reportedly slapping police who blocked her bringing her bike onto the subway, drawing intense criticism from netizens.

The tale of ‘Sister Lawyer’ and its accompanying video below was #2 on Baidu’s search results and a top story on Youku with over 11,000 comments and 750,000 views since within 24 hours of being uploaded. Currently, it has over 1.06m views…

Video from Youku:

Woman on [Beijing’s] Line 10 Subway Slaps Police Officer, Screams “I’m a Lawyer”, Infuriating Crowd

From Beijing Times:

Prevented From Taking Bicycle Onto Subway, Did Arrogant “Lawyer Sister” Actually Slap a Police Officer?

On the Beijing subway during the morning peak period, a woman violated rules by carrying a bike into the station, then ignored the guards and instead shouted “I am a lawyer, in the United States I can bring a bike on the subway!” After her outburst, she then attempted to claim the police officer hit her and violated her personal freedom, to which the surrounding crowd responded with booing and criticism.

In the video, the woman, who is in her twenties or thirties, can be seen wearing a gray suit. Opposite her stands three police dressed in police uniforms, one of whom recorded video evidence throughout. The woman says: “I am not your law enforcement target, why do you limit my personal freedom?” A man in the crowd wearing a white shirt responded that he personally witnessed her slapping the police officer earlier. After arguing in turn with other people in the crowd, the woman continuously made cellphone calls. In order to not affect the order of the subway, the police proposed going to the police station, but the woman refused. She said she did not do anything wrong, the administrative law do not require that she need go to the police station. “The subway rules are only its internal regulations, they cannot be used to restrict my basic rights, and can not violate my property rights.”

A passenger witness surnamed Yang told reporters that when police first took out their camera to take evidence, the woman suddenly rushed forward and slapped the police in the mouth. The police who was hit then grabbed her right arm, while another police held her left arm.

Comments from Youku:

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How did she hit the cop at first? Is there no video of the beginning [of this incident]!?


I don’t know what caused this, but I can say for certain: don’t piss off a crowd.


The woman said, “I have the right to stop you from filming me.” A person in the crowd said, “I have the right to film you.” Who’s right? If the crowd is right, then can I take a camera out onto the streets and chase after hot girls filming them, film anyone at random, their face, their ass, their thighs, because I have a right to film them? The law needs to defend everyone. Just because the woman violated a provision at first doesn’t mean I can wantonly trample on her rights. What more, it seems the policeman confiscated her bicycle, that’s not right, you can prevent her from entering but you can’t confiscate her property.


What an embarrassment, and a lawyer? If you want to go to America, fine, go and don’t come back. Do you think studying law gives you a loophole, and special rights? Idiot.

小孩子王子 (responding to above):

Hehe, if she went to America and dared do something like this, police would’ve tasered her a long time ago.


Stupid woman, even saying America this and that. Chinese police are already considered gentle. If this were America, you go ahead and mouth off and see what happens. If you’re lucky, you’ll be immediately seized and put in handcuffs. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be shot dead on the spot.


I’m a lawyer… will become an internet meme.


Gawking at commotions is characteristically Chinese.


This girl is not smart. Although she’s got a lawyer’s mind, she can’t think outside the box, and is thus a little idiotic. You can wrap your folding bike up in a box, and then it’ll be a package. Subway regulations don’t allow items wider than 1 meter or taller than 2 meters, which a bicycle would easily fall within, or if it exceeds it, just pay for two subway tickets/fares. Security checks? They’re just for decoration, temporary workers, just be nice and it’ll be fine. Arguing logic, law clauses, aren’t you just causing yourself trouble? Too idiotic.


When chengguan beat people why doesn’t everyone gather around and heckle?


These days whenever anything happens there’s a cellphone to take a video.


Immediately saying “I’m a SB” has a higher probability of gaining the police’s forgiveness than saying “I’m a lawyer.”


In America? Try hitting a copy in America and see what happens.


In America? In America they’d immediately press you to the ground. You think they’d be like so polite like these three cops?


From 1m44s~2m03s she originally said: “I’m a lawyer, I can’t be hit by people, and I was on the ground being hit, hit by the three of them. I’m a grown person, I’m just a woman, and here I was being pressed to the ground and being hit by these three. I’m not going show evidence/credentials, but I was beaten by them. If I didn’t say I was a lawyer, they would still be beating me.” Please watch the video again before giving your opinion. If you don’t even watch the video carefully, then isn’t this just a typical example of joining in just to heckle and make a disturbance??

awakeqq (responding to above):

I also ask you to watch it carefully, because everyone in it said she was speaking nonsense, that it was she who hit the cops. You believe a person trying to justify their actions but don’t believe the testimony of so many eyewitnesses?

Y-A–N-A-N (also responding to qhsun):

Exactly, and didn’t you [referring to the woman] say you are a lawyer? So lawyers are allowed to hit people? If you were right then why are so many people yelling at you?


That old man [in the beginning, with jacket and blue shirt] is just a SB, yelling so loud and making such a fuss… You can blame the woman lawyer for taking a bike onto the subway, but maybe she didn’t know this rule! But when the lawyer says she was hit by the police, how come we don’t see you getting righteously indignant?

哦善哉 (responding to above):

If you don’t know the real situation, just shut up!!!


I think according to the law, what this woman said is not incorrect, police filming is indeed one’s personal rights. The subway’s rules are just the subway company’s rules, they shouldn’t be elevated to the level of law. The arguing old man is confusing the subway regulations with the law. The only thing is that taking a bike onto the subway during morning rush hour is extremely disagreeable in the eyes of Beijing’s incomparably bitter commuters. Of course, talking about people’s rights in our country is useless!

村里有个帅哥小文 (responding to above):

Kid, you’re too young, the thing the police are holding is called Law Enforcement Records. If they didn’t have it, how would the police prove they were hit? Furthermore, explain to me how a police officer recording a record infringes on your personal rights? Are they using your video to make money? Or maliciously slandering your image?

What do you think? Was the crowd right to criticize the woman? Were the woman’s rights violated?

Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.

  • Look! As long as she wasn’t defending anyone’s rights, then she wasn’t doing anything illegal!

    How can people not understand this simple rule???

    • Try to sit with me an I’ll smack you.

      Speaking of which, maybe the cop insinuated that he believed CB’s stories of sexual prowess and he needed some sense slapped into him.

      Worse yet, he could have insuated that she would sleep with him…

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            Wives and children need to be off limits

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          • Alan

            He is extremely rude to his host country and should be promptly kicked out.

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            I don’t know. I haven’t heard elijah go on one of his anti-china rants in a few weeks yet and can’t remember them being nearly as bad as what coala has said. so he is the lesser of two evils to me.

        • Nyancat

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  • Tommy

    I’m happy this is the way Chinese people solve disputes. No sarcasm.

  • notorious

    glad she spoke up and refused to go to detention lol. the situation went left fast but at least she stood up for herself. I DO NOT believe this woman was so foolish as to slap a cop. that’s dumb even in america.

    • donscarletti

      Cops in China aren’t armed. In America it’s suicide, in China it’s just rude, but general not lethal.

      • notorious

        Yeah, elevate your voice to a cop and he will slam you on the ground face first. They make me nervous. Once had a cop use a battle ram to get into a relatives house while i was visiting and about ten cops stormed in with guns at like 6 in the morning. turns out the relative had a room mate whose boyfriend was a drug dealer. So I’m asleep on the sofa bed (the bed is out) when the barge in. I open my eyes looking right into the barrel of a gun. I’m like wtf and it was a lady cop screaming. Then the rest were guys.

        So I’m there on the bed with just underwear since this was a house with all five girls we often walked around like that at night. So all of these cops are in there, none of us are wearing clothes. I told the officer, “can I at least put some clothes on” and five of them are like “NO!”

        So I grab a blanket to cover up and this cop charges me like a bull and was about to attack me screaming “Keep your hands where I can fuckin see ’em!” and ripped the blanket off – scared me shitless. I was so angry. No one got in trouble and they left but they completely shattered the door.

        I also witnessed a cop beat up an innocent husband and wife, dragging them out of the house (because they dared report them for beating someone up). Left their poor children inside of their home screaming, one of them an infant. I went in, took their children and locked their house up and was left to care for their children until they were out of jail the next day on a stupid charge.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Which part of the states do you live in?

          • notorious

            I live in the midwest, but at the time I lived in Chicago. This was back in the mid-nineties. I think I was around 18 or 19 second year college student.

          • katsucurry

            you gotta understand that cops in such a situation don’t know if you really want a blanket, or if you’re trying to sneak a grab at a weapon. when they tell you not to move, don’t move. it’s benefits everybody, including you.

        • Dripping Third Leg

          Well, I have a confession to make : I was actually one of the cops breaking into your door while you were being naked that day. The reason we didn’t want you to put on anything is we wanted to make sure there was not weapons of mass destruction around. With a blanket covered , you were the most destructive weapons of mass destruction to my squad.

        • 平凡人

          That’s America.

      • White Thrash

        that old screaming fart and the crowd is more lethal than the cops…
        mass mentality for uneducated people…
        people are sheeps…

  • SuperHappyCow

    “I am a lawyer in the United states.”

    Ahahahah, what an asshole. : \

    • Michael

      She did not say that. Pay attention to commas.

  • Leon

    Chinese are infamously known for making other people’s business, theirs. Love the crowd standing around being her judge. And loud mouthed old fool, blowing out nothing but shit from his old, useless mouth. Chinese in China always saying someting bad about America, but always wanting to go there. GTFO

    • Tadd

      Yea, you’re right… they always do it. They say bad things about America whilst wanting to go there. Always. ALL “Chinese in China” do it. All the time. Always.

      GTFU (Grow The F**k Up)

    • anusdestroyer

      >no economy
      >no jobs
      >in debt
      >to china
      >chinese wants to go there

      • The KID

        >Don’t care about riches or luxury brands
        >Great Cities
        >Freedom (used to be)
        >Real people with real minds who think for themselves

        >China, doesn’t have any of the above – filled with lemming pigs

  • whichone

    Retarded lawyer, unprofessional cops, tons of bystanders with nothing better to do. typical day

  • Jeff

    In the USA slap a cop and you will get your ass kicked several times. BEFORE they take you to jail, on the way to the jail, and after you get to jail.

    And is she a total asshole? Bringing a bike on the subway when the rules say no. Is she special? The rules don’t apply to her – just everyone else?

    If I were on that subway train I would have slapped her just for being such an asshole.

    And WHO doesn’t hate lawyers????

    • Stacy

      People hate bankers more!

    • coala banana

      i agree with you, but do that in china and you risk social unrest of the masses. Cops can do such things in the US and some countries in europe, but in china they prefer to argue and not making any arrests. Its to keep things quite and calm, cause in the past they made the experience that once a crows gather together things can escalate fast. They don’t give a shit about each other and everyone seems to like comment on something. This shit can go on over hours. But in the moment cops would execute and enforce the law like in the US, throw her to the floor, maybe even tazer her, crowd emotions can turn into the other direction and things can get nasty. China is the country of social unrests and demonstrations. You don’t see much of this shit on TV, cause they don’t report it, but it happens more then anywhere else in the world….in the past masses of people attacked police stations and gov buildings and set them on fire…..

      see TianM. protests….maybe a few hundred real protestors and hundreds of thousands bystanders…and how things turned out.

      Policy is now: Keep quite and calm, let people release their pressure for some time, let them calm down and let them save their “face”, and don’t do anything in front of a crowd which could make them upset. Benefit from the fact that they like to talk and argue and actually don’t give a shit about each other, cause when you take too harsh of an action, group dynamics can turn against you…

    • White Thrash

      come on! you know what they say… rules are meant to be bent in china…
      she’s not the first and certainly not the last…
      Besides that there’s no proof of her slapping the cops…

      I don’t mean she’s better, to me they’re all cunts… cops, crowd, lawyer
      only the bicycle was innocent

  • Look at how fed up people have become… People are sick of this ‘I’m Li Gong’s son’ mentality.

    • Nyancat

      Amen to that.

  • eattot

    those guys are so humorous and talky, no wonder in beijing…
    this woman is a bit crazy…

  • DR Jones

    Typical of Chinese pack mentality: A group of people feel the need to gang up and humiliate an individual. The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’d have a lot to answer for !

    • Nyancat

      You don’t think she brought this upon herself? Actions have consequences.

    • anon

      People crowd around people making scenes all the time, especially if you have a woman who is going hysterical about cops beating her but turns out the rest of you saw that it was her hitting the cops. Most of the time, things just seem worse in China because of the greater population density.

  • mr. wiener

    Don’t agree with the stupid woman’s actions or attitude, but hating the herd mentality were these people only feel emboldened to speak when they are in a crowd. God , walk away you rubbernecks!

    • anon

      At the same time, people often feel less inclined to act when they’re in a crowd. Interesting, right?

  • TheBigWhite

    If the the subway was an elevator, I would definitely slap her, twice if she took her motobike.

  • Nyancat

    The woman was acting nuts period, she broke the rules and then slapped a law enforcement officer, if it was the states she would be getting a mouthful of pavement. Usually when the crowd does nothing everyone complains such as in the case of a pickpocket or a public altercation, when the crowd does interfere then the opinion changes to everyone being too nosy?! This woman was clearly acting stupid, if she takes the subway why the hell does she need a bicycle as well? She’s a lawyer? Then she should take a taxi home.

  • coala banana

    don’t know if she snapped the cop, but i doubt it somehow….

    its just chinese in china arguing some senseless shit, yelling and screaming at each other while pointing fingers in each others faces, taking out their mobile phones a dozen times pretending they call someone….bystanders which put additional oil into the fire. Its just the nature of most chinese to behave like that….on the other side in other countries, someone would punch someone else in the face, or take out a gun, or shoot someone…..so looking at this video, its still ok i guess…..the police in china act very weak most of the time. Its their policy of not pushing people too much for minor violations, cause they know that things can escalate quite fast, and some minor shit can turn out into social unrest of the masses…..this folks have a violent nature and it doesn’t take much to piss them off and then no one can calm them down again….

  • TheHansTheDampf

    lol the chinese, never cease to amuse me, little fuckers lol

  • [email protected]

    She probably really believes she is lawyer. But it don’t make it so. There are lots of total nutcases out there. In her mind she she was probably calling Chairman Hu.

  • Regina.

    Two things.

    1. Can we all just admit that Chinese is an ugly language? It’s decent when spoken normally, but when someone’s yells in Chinese it literally thrashes my ears. Jesus Christ.

    2. What is up with Chinese people crowding around said incident and just standing there? They don’t even look like they’re interested in it. They’re simple standing in a perfect circle, watching. That’s strange to me. I mean, here in America of course I’ve seen people stop for a few seconds and look at an incident or just walk on by while glancing a few times, but I’ve never seen a big crowd of people form a perfect circle around people that are arguing and stand there like dumbasses. If they’re at the subway don’t they have places to go? A public incident is that fascinating? Please, someone explain this phenomenon to me.

    • notorious

      Regina, I like the mandarin sound. Maybe because I can speak it. Not a fan of cantonese. I don’t like the way it stretches words.

      • moop

        i’m gonna call bullshit on you speaking mandarin chinese. even your attempts at pinyin have been mangled; “ni bu hou” comes to mind. didnt you say that you’ve never even been to china before? didnt you first come to this site in order to get some ideas for a character in some “book” you were writing?

        • mr. wiener

          That was E-puff I think. Unless there is more than one Black American ladies in their 40’s out there writing books.

          • notorious

            HEY! I am in my late thirties :O( lmao

          • moop

            i’m pretty sure epuff and notorious are the same person

          • notorious

            moop, im curious. Why is it so hard to believe that I can speak AND understand some mandarin? Now, is it because Americans in general are not generally bilingual?

          • moop

            no, its mostly because of your inept attempts at chinese on this website, and the fact that you’ve never been to this country. how are you learning chinese? what phonetic system are you using if you can’t read chinese characters? you are not 45% percent fluent in chinese. maybe 5%. i’ve never met anyone even simi-competent in mandarin who didn’t even know pinyin or wade-giles or something. to become anywhere near the 45% proficiency you claim to have obtained you would have at least have needed to be immersed for some period of time to be able to pronounce correctly, improve fluidity, ect which would be hard to do if you’ve never been to china. did you take lessons on youtube?

          • notorious

            I was being modest when I said 45%. I try not to divulge too much info about myself here, given our off-coloured discussions sometimes. Forgive me, because this is going to sound really silly to you…

            When I first took an interest in learning mandarin it was from watching international movies. I have a vast collection of old hong kong kung fu movies (even swapping them and collecting them online with other fanatics). I will never watch an english dub, and have always watched them in their original language. So for many years I knew a lot of mandarin words. Bear in mind, Iv’e been watching these movies since samurai sunday when I was ten or eleven years old. Sometimes I could say certain words. One day about two years ago I was watching a movie a friend uploaded online to youtube and it led to a web site that teaches mandarin. (see link to see how its spelt)


            If you go to the the web site, you can see the pinyin is different. For example, hello is spelt “Nee Hau” – it spells the language 100% phonetically to make pronounciation easy for a western learner. I took on the whole program and ate slept and thought mandarin for an entire year. I even uploaded videos to youtube for review asking native speakers if my pronounciation was correct. People write and tell me that my standard mandarin sounds… pretty standard. Some words I struggle to get the words right. But I do well enough.

            Mandarin is extremely easy to learn. It isn’t beijing mandarin, I think it’s just standard mandarin. So I can speak pretty good survivor’s mandarin and my intonations are okay.

            I am completely illiterate in Chinese, whether it’s pinyin or the symbols. If someone is speaking mandarin, I understand part of the sentence and can figure out the rest from context as long as they don’t speak too fast and it’s not a really long string of words. Like watching a news report is difficult because they talk for a long time and it takes a while for my translation to catch up.

            If you asked me how to say… plate in mandarin, I may not know the word or if you ask me the word for something random I would have to look it up. But basic day to day stuff I can handle.

          • moop

            i went to that website and it is a joke. its like 1 month of chinese 101 class. if you chinese knowledge extends to this website then you are 5% competent in chinese (that’s being generous). you weren’t being modest at all. you’ve never been here, held a conversation, taken a cab, gone shopping, given directions or anything in a 100% chinese setting. how can you claim you are being modest by saying you are 45% fluent when you’ve never even been in that kind of environment. playing flashcard games online and listening to MIDI clips do not make one 45% percent (very modest, is the real number 80%?) fluent

          • moop

            i am really good at football. i play madden and i win like everytime.

            i’m a good pilot. i landed a plane in microsoft flight simulator

          • notorious

            Moop, you are too presumptuous. I’ve had conversations in Mandarin (via skype) with fluent speakers. I told you I’ve had some help. And yes, that web site does not have all of the lessons they offer. You have to pay for the rest, which I did. I downloaded and printed the book, creating a binder for myself and downloaded two or three hours of audio to go with it.

            This does not include the other lessons i purchased from second hand bookstores. I went in balls to the wall, and was not half hearted about it at all. It’s really no different than learning in a class.

            Actually, Mandarin was much easier to learn than Spanish which I’ve spoken since I was twelve. It is not as complicated grammatically as English. Who knows where I am, as far as how much I know. when I listen, I do understand most of what I hear. So I consider myself competent. We’ll see what happens. I think it’s funny how you can tell me what I know simply because you don’t like the method I used to learn it. So I’ll say no more thant hat and you can think what you want.

            I may learn cantonese next or I may learn a different language altogether. My goal is to be a polyglot, a person versed in several languages.

          • mr. wiener

            I’d disagree about it being easier to speak than Spanish and don’t get me started on the writing!
            Pinying is all well and good, but for the truer sounds of Chinese you’d be best served by learning Bo, po mo fo. [zhu yin fu hao, not sure if i got the pinyin right on that one]

          • moop

            yet i’m not presumptuous enough to claim to speak a language fluently despite the fact that i’ve never set foot in the country whose language it actually is. please provide the youtube links.

            spanish is the 8th easiest language for native english speakers to learn, while mandarin is the 8th hardest (although i’ve seen it ranked as high as 3rd hardest) but i guess you’re just being modest again, because you’re just special.

          • notorious

            I’m not special, I’m smart. In fact, I’m of average intelligence I just happen to study hard when i want to learn or do something. It’s simple. And you don’t need to become so intimate with me as to see me on a video in the very early stages of learning mandarin. I do lots on my youtube, far too much to share with a stranger offering negative attention. For example, in addition to being a writer I am also a polished singer. And thus, my youtube also serves that purpose.

            If I knew you, and you were my friend that is one thing. But I do not propose to give anything to a person whose goal is to make a liar of me, even if said “evidence” would vindicate me entirely.

            Therefore, you have my permission not to believe anything you don’t want to believe. So far as you are concerned, I am only .0001% fluent in mandarin and we’ll leave it at that.

          • moop

            singer, song-writer, novelist, screen writer fluent in mandarin? so modest. do you sing 45% of the songs that you write 45% of the lyrics for? is your novel 45% complete?

          • notorious

            There are a few other items you can add to my repertoire but I feel like you’re collecting information for a purpose – your flesh search and I shouldn’t be hard to find with enough info so I’ll just leave it at that.

            For the record, I don’t write songs I sing them. ANd I only sing covers of songs that already exist. I have no wish to be a singer I simply love to sing. ANd yes, I have novels that people actually *gasp* buy. ANd yes, I am modestly known to people who read romance novels. And yes, my current novel is more than 45% finished.

          • moop

            trust me, no one is going to flesh search. i doubt anyone has the desire to flesh search a dime store romance novelist and i have no desire to know who you actually are. you’ve got big tits and an over-inflated ego, you’d give obama a hummer if you had the chance, are blindly partisan, havent been laid since the 90s and write romance novels, you’re “fluent” in mandarin, like to sing, and only buy used cars (the one thing you;ve ever said that i agree with), you’ve dated drug dealers, been in a relationship with a man who hit you, are a single mom, and grew up in chicago. trust me, i know more about you already than i care to. and not a single one of these things did anyone have to solicit from you, you’ve said them all yourself

          • notorious

            Oh moop, you are such a piss stain. If you dont’ want to know anymore then dont’ ask questions. And correction, I’m not a single mom, I’m a divorced mom and there is a difference. If I talk about myself it is because I am sharing an opinion and using life experiences as an antecedote. I don’t talk just to talk like some people for the sake of bragging and I don’t go around trying to take the piss out of people in comments either. I actually try to do something useful and positive with my time. If I’m partisan, oh well. Not like you’re some bi-partisan saint yourself so try not to throw stones from your glass house.

            So, why don’t you take your ornery cantankerous ass and go piss off somewhere because you really don’t serve a purpose here other than to irritate people and show us all how much of a dick you are. I don’t think I’ve said anything that shows me to have an over inflated ego other than feeling confident in my use of Mandarin. Sorry if that gets your goat.

            And being a writer or a ‘dime store novelist’ well at least I am doing what makes me happy in life. Can you say the same?

            [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sROcnxP6LQ&w=420&h=315%5D

          • moop

            of course i’m not bi-partisan, i hate the republicans and democrats. i’m closer to libertarian, but i am not a party member. liberal on social issues and conservative on economic issues. all i asked for is a link, AFTER you mentioned the video’s existence. i’m sorry i was wrong about your relationship status though, raising a kid on your own is certainly difficult, but because i respect you on that one point doesn’t mean i am not going to comment when you say stupid shit online. your fluency claim qualifies as stupid shit. but i do enjoy my life. i get to travel the world for my job, am in a loving relationship with my wife, and have a good relationship with my family. and this would be the most i have ever shared about myself on this site

          • BARACK OBAMA

            “yeah i remember the first time i came to china i could barely put a simple sentence together and i was showered with praise. its was crazy, i knew i sucked.”

            LOL have you ever considered the slightest possibility that they were just pulling your leg and actually think you’re a dumbass?

          • moop

            yeah, that’s what anon and i are talking about. the praises are meaningless and should be taken with a grain of salt. reading is hard huh?

          • notorious

            @moop, i don’t consider it stupid because I know where I am when it comes to what I have learned. People can otherwise only speculate. plus, if the videos were made when I was first learning and are a year or more old, what point does it make now? People on this site watching me talk and such would be creepy and too close.

        • notorious

          im about 45% fluent and illiterate in written chinese and I can’t spell for shit in Pinyin. And I have youtube videos to prove and show me speaking mandarin.

          • Anon

            Oh my god, notorious, I don’t mean to run you down, but you shouldn’t take it too seriously when Chinese people say “oh, your Chinese is very good,” “oh, your Chinese is so standard.” They say this either because they’re being polite or they’re just amazed that non-Chinese people can handle their language at all.

            “45% fluent,” you’re not being modest… I don’t know what you call “fluent,” but to me it means you can talk about anything you can talk about in your native language with a native speaker without any significant problems expressing yourself or understanding. I don’t care how talented you may actually be with languages, you are not 45% of the way there studying on your own for a year.

          • moop


            yeah i remember the first time i came to china i could barely put a simple sentence together and i was showered with praise. its was crazy, i knew i sucked.

          • Dingles

            I must say, claiming to be 45% fluent in a language and being illiterate in writing and reading is a big 矛盾。This makes no sense whatsoever, since being fluent in a language consists of being fluent in all aspects of said language, including :written, spoken, reading ability, listening, etc, etc. I’ve met people who have studied Mandarin for 3 years before coming to China and upon arrival were basically at square one. Unless you are in the actual environment, it is difficult to find avenues to practice expressing yourself and get the actual cultural background that comes with any language.

            As far as Mandarin having “easy grammar”, sure, for a basic level it has easy grammar, but this shows your ignorance on the subject. Grammar in Mandarin gets very confusing in upper-intermediate to advanced levels, and has a ridiculous amount of subtleties which I doubt you have encountered. A small example, can you tell me the differences in the uses of “了” ?To give a few examples…我去了,吃了饭了,吃饭了,学了三年汉语了。 If you cant read these simple words, then you should stop all your 口语 efforts and learn some characters, if you don’t understand characters in Mandarin you really will never truly understand the language.

          • notorious

            ““了” ?To give a few examples…我去了,吃了饭了,吃饭了,学了三年汉语了。”

            I don’t know what that says because I don’t read chinese symbols. That’s not how I learned. As I understand it, the language and the symbols are two different things. Mandarin, is technically not a written language. Unless I learned wrong which is entirely possible.

            What I do know is that I understand mandarin when it is spoken and that can’t be denied. I’m in no rush to learn the symbols until I understand the verbal language more completely.

          • notorious

            “they’re just amazed that non-Chinese people can handle their language at all.”

            I have been met with surprise but the fact that they can understand me is good enough for me. I know my intonations are not entirely good. In mandarin I can talk about some things relative to getting around and getting things I need. Deep conversations, no. 45% does not seem like a high percentage to me. It’s not like I say 80 or 70% and I mean verbally. Nothing else.

          • Dingles

            Actually, Chinese, first and foremost, is a written language. It is the only standardized thing that exists throughout the many many dialects in China. How you can say a language and its writing are two different things, I’m not sure what you mean. Writing is a part of language, literacy is part of language, spoken language is part of language….I hate to break it to you, but you will never truly understand Mandarin if you only understand it in the “spoken form”, its far more involved than that, and the “symbols” reveal more about the language than the spoken form ever will.

            In China, you’ll find that the Chinese often have misunderstandings between each other about which exact word they are using (there are many overlapping tones, sounds, and words that sound EXACTLY the same). In order to clarify themselves in this situtaiton, they refer to the construction of the characters to clarify their exact meaning. If you understand Mandarin when spoken, thats great, but I’m not particularly sure which context you are talking about. A forum like the news is very straightforward, has a clear, concreate structure, and is spoken with clear tones. But to communicate with people on the ground is completely different.

            Btw, if you say you speak “standard Mandarin”, it means you probably speak Beijing Mandarin. Beijing Mandarin is considered the closest relative to Standard Mandarin in China.

          • Brett Hunan

            Dingles…. thats something foreigners say. From my experience Xi’an dialect is more “standard”, well clean anyways. Beijing dialect sounds muddy to me. People say it is standard because Beijing is the capital. Unless you are Chinese yourself and disagree, I would say there is no such thing as “Beijing Mandarin”.

          • Dingles

            I’ve actually never heard a foreigner say that, every person that has told me has been a Chinese person who was either somewhat knowledgeable about the subject or have doctorates in the language itself. While I agree Beijing Mandarin sounds “muddy”, however, just because something sounds more “clean” doesn’t mean its standard nor correct. And there definitely is a Beijing Mandarin trait (which I would argue goes away from authentic Mandarin) — “儿话音”。

          • moop

            i’ve heard harbin is the place for the purest mandarin

          • moop

            according to shijiazhuang and chengde are purest

          • Brett Hunan

            Ahh my bad you meant Beijing Mandarin is how Beijingers speak mandarin. Got it

          • coala banana

            fatty, you justify yourself too much, it seems endless, stop it, its laughable….you were exposed by moop and others !

            come back with another synonym and start all over again. And stop watching this Kung-Fu movies…..its not really what is going on in china….

            45%???? hahahahha, damn, you really got me with that one…sooo funny….

          • Kong

            Haha, Brett, saying that Xi’an dialect is more standard mandarin is kind of silly. Xi’an dialect is central plain mandarin. The tones are completely rearranged and different, words (like “我” being pronounced “nge”) have different pronunciations, and there are different vocabularies. Chinese who have learned standard mandarin won’t use the Xi’an dialect to talk to you unless you speak Xi’an dialect to them first.

            What you heard is people speaking standard putonghua, where they say 那里 instead of 那儿. Beijingers can do this too if you pressure them. Standard mandarin is based off of the Beijing dialect, but every area has its own dialect (including Beijing).

          • Brett Hunan

            Really? Guess my Xi’an connection lied to me….

          • Brett Hunan

            And you are right about the tones…. all sounds like 4th tone to me.

          • notorious

            Anon, i don’t consider 45% of my verbal acuity to be 80% of my verbal ability in English lol how’d you come up with that? I consider it to be equal to what it would be if my verbal abilities were at 45% in English.

            I would say my mandarin speech is the equivalent of a 4 year old child.

            You guys keep saying one would not learn to speak without learning to write but that’s not true. Otherwise, infants would not acquire language in the first two years of life as easily as they do. Children assimilate, adapt and learn much faster than adults so I prefer their approach (verbal first, written second) to learning this language and that’s why I picked certain things up pretty quickly.

          • Dingles


            No one said that you cannot speak without learning how to write. Re-read what I wrote. I said that the basis and common shared point between dialects of the Chinese language is the characters. There is more meaning in the characters than in the spoken language, and to truly understand Chinese, you need to learn the characters. Lastly, children in China do some hardcore work on characters early on, I have a neighbor with a 4 year old who can already read 2500-3000 characters, insane.

          • mankouzanghua

            Anon said 45% of the way to having 80% of the ability you have in English. That makes sense to me – defining the elusive, all-too-commonly tossed around but never specified concept of “fluency” as 80% of your ability in your native tongue. I share the others’ doubts about your 45%/ level of a 4-year-old native-speaker claims. You don’t know the words for “plate” or “elephant,” right? Words are building blocks of language; without understanding them there is no chance of comprehension. But the key is, even if you do know the words, the ability to communicate and comprehend requires building up successively longer “chunks” of words, phrases, and sentence patterns and, with Chinese, learning habits of how specific words and phrases tend to be used, and developing a lot of familiarity with colloquial expressions and idioms. Things tend to be commonly understood and unspoken among Chinese people, unlike with English where things are spelled out explicitly, and becoming able to tap into these linguistic assumptions is the biggest part, in my opinion, of attaining any degree of fluency in Chinese. This is why it’s not uncommon to hear western people say things like, “meanings in Chinese are not clear/ not specific enough/ or (as I’ve read on here before)/ Chinese fails as a system of communication” (LOL)

            I’m not sure how watching kung fu movies as a kid could have been of any benefit whatsoever for language learning. Virtually no words are similar to in English, you couldn’t tell where one character or word started and where it ended, and even if you could, it would be meaningless because nothing is known about sentence structures. For example, in the simplest imaginable spoken sentence, “man zou a” (“walk slowly” = “take care, have a good one”), how would one know which words mean “walk” and “slow,” or that “a” is not part of the meaning?

            I think the reaction you’re getting here is that people trudging along on their journeys of Chinese language learning get annoyed at constantly hearing people who are just starting (comparatively) going on about how simple and easy it is to learn Chinese. As a Chinese speaker might say, “dong ge pi cai hui zheme shuo” (懂个屁才会这么说) which means that only someone who knows little would make such a statement, but broken down to see the “simple” grammar is “understand a fart” + “until” + “able to” + “this way” + “say.”

            If you have time and want an alternative perspective and an introduction to what you’ll be facing if you continue on your path to Chinese proficiency, you should check out this article, “Why Chinese is so damn hard” by David Moser when he was at the University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies: http://pinyin.info/readings/texts/moser.html Many of the points refer to the writing system, but I think you will eventually find that you do need to learn to read Chinese characters, because otherwise your learning opportunities are severely limited. You can’t QQ, email, text message, read subtitles to help you watch TV… If you can watch Chinese TV shows without Chinese subtitles after one or two years of Chinese learning, you need to immediately go to the CIA or US State Dept and share your groundbreaking methodologies, or perhaps join the linguistics faculty at an Ivy League university, because you have outdone their personal performances and highest short-term expectations for their pupils.

            BTW just wondering, if kids learn faster, as you say, how would it be possible for you to get to the same level as a 4 year old native speaker in 1-2 years of un-immersed self study?

          • notorious


            what I find annoying about this whole conversation is people telling me what I can and cannot understand. How can you know? Because I learned differently from you? I don’t mean that to you directly and I appreciate your response and questions. People feel like learning chinese is “hard”. Well, I feel comfortable learning it. I don’t feel like it’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever faced. Maybe that’s annoying to people I don’t know.

            You said that westerners often think that chinese isn’t clear. And the sentence structure is very direct, not that many indefinite articles or determiners to concern with. The word order is different. For me the difficult part is context. So many words SOUND the same. Like car and eat sound very close. Or you have some words like is/am/are/ten sound alike to me. Leave, sit, walk sound the same to my ears. or again, locate, , etc – that’s what makes it difficult is hearing the same sounds over again and then trying to decide which word is being used. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. Take your example:

            “man zou a” (“walk slowly” = “take care, have a good one”), how would one know which words mean “walk” and “slow,” or that “a” is not part of the meaning? ]

            I understood it at first glance to read “slow leave” instead of slow walk because to my ears leave and walk are homonyms. Then I realized meant “slow walk or walk slowly” which I understood literally. I did not take its meaning to be “take care” as intended. So CONTEXT as I mentioned before is the issue, not necessarily knowing what words to say. to say I am 45% fluent doesn’t at all imply that I claim all encompassing knowledge as it is a number that doesn’t even approach half (50%) of what I should know, so I don’t know what everybody got so up in arms about. It just means I understand the basics. I can get around and understand a lot of what I hear because I’ve practiced listening. Do I understand the CONTEXT all the time? No. Not even close. Because the sentences are not as linear. But I am comfortable say I understand enough to get around. I basically know how to speak survivor’s chinese at this point which will come in handy in due time since my work has locations there in China and the team I am a part of go a few times a year. I want to be more fluent should I need to go, though I hope I am never asked. This web site has freaked me out about visiting when at one time I was enthused. i’m slightly unnerved at the idea of falling into a hole on the sidewalk and being boiled like the victim from last week. Or being hit by some wayward driver, or having my rights snatched away by the gov for a misunderstanding. I digress. I guess I don’t appreciate people talking about what I know or don’t know without having ever spoken to me. I don’t have to lie to a bunch of strangers. for what purpose?

          • Dingles


            Most of us been quite respectful in responding to you and explaining to you why Mandarin is much harder than you make it out to be. We have a lot of experience in this and it would be a bit more useful for you to take it in and using it to your advantage, instead of being constantly defensive.

            You are missing most of the meanings of what we are posting. The long response and the website are quite useful in explaining the difficulties in Chinese. What you posted as difficulties, this:

            “Like car and eat sound very close. Or you have some words like is/am/are/ten sound alike to me. Leave, sit, walk sound the same to my ears. or again, locate,”

            is not something that is considered difficult in the Chinese language, this is a beginners issue, and is not what I was referring to when talking about sounds being similar in the same. Those words are extremely easy to distinguish from one another. Try something like this: 直行,执行,之行,之星,知性,纸型
            (these are all zhixing, but the tones are different, for you Chinese readers, yes I know the example is a bit odd, but just a quick one). A simpler one might be 旅行,履行 these two are said exactly the same with the same tone lvxing, one means travel, one means carry out. Distinguishing zuo, zou, shi,shi, si (whatever) is not hard, most people resolve this in about 2 weeks in China.

            so ya, take from what we are saying as you will. But I’ve lived in China for 2 years, studied fairly intensively, am in the environment daily, watch tv, movies, can write, read, and constantly speak Chinese (all of my coworkers are Chinese) and I wouldn’t even consider myself 45% fluent. You are overestimating your ability greatly, and you should be more modest towards those who clearly know about the language more than yourself.

          • notorious

            Dingers, I have been quite respectful and tolerate too. And anybody can say “Oh yeah, people learning in China learned that in 5 minutes.” Whatever. What I found annoying was someone calling me a liar, or calling my study or ability to speak mandarin “bullshit” and even opening a discussion. Like I said, until you have heard me SPEAK mandarin then dont’ assume I don’t know anything. Obviously I know the difference between words like eat and car otherwise I would not have been able to bring the matter up, I was merely pointing out that they sound similar to me which impacts my ability to understand CONTEXT. You all keep turning this into a discussion about “oh i’m in china, please acknowledge me knowing more about Mandarin than you”. I don’t give a crap about what anybody else is doing, I pointed out what I was doing and where I felt I was at. I said, I was ILLITERATE in Chinese, so what the hell is the point of typing chinese symbols to me? It looks like random stuff. I know people who were born speaking spanish and speak spanish to non english speaking parents but can’t write spanish. It’s common to speak but not write. When the time is right FOR ME aI will take the time to learn to write chinese. For now, I am focusing on my vocabularly.

            SO let’ the record stand: I AM NOT 45% FLUENT YET. 45% is just some arbitrary number I made up or GUESSED based on where I think I am. can we let go of the 45% now? I don’t have to go to china to learn mandarin. I can pop my movies in and watch with or without subtitles and I can communicate if I need to. Whether I know all of the words — bullshit because I’m still learning and there will still to be learned yet. It’s just annoying this pretentious conversation, total bullshit.

          • Dingles

            ok, your English reading ability is also low, maybe reading isn’t your thing.

            don’t take our advice. you know everything.

          • notorious

            obviously dingers, your reading comprehension is even lower than mine, since I never claimed any all encompassing knowledge about anything. When I want help, I know how to ask for it so fuck your help. And any other unsolicited piece of insight you wish to offer.

            You guys are really irritating tonight so off I go. ENjoy your evening or day , whatever time it is wherever you are.

          • Dingles


          • Kong

            Brett: I’m sure it wasn’t a deliberate lie. There may have been many reason for the person to say such a thing. Xi’an dialect was the official dialect a thousand years ago when that was where the capital was. Nanjing Mandarin was the standard in the early Ming-Qing period.

            Just as with any language, locals tend to get lazy with it and slur words, while non-natives tend to emphasize speaking it clearly. That said, any native Beijinger could speak proper mandarin, but not every native Xi’anese can.

            Hehe, about the tone, you’re right! Xi’an dialect actually has two fourth tones, a high version and a full version. instead of the standard mandarin (55, 24, 214, 52), Xi’an dialect has (51, 24, 53, 44)

        • coala banana

          damn, now i know who this pathetic fat ass is….i am sure she is the same person which was here before…..got her education and experience about china from her Kung-Fu movie collection…hahahhaha, why even bother to discuss with her when she has no idea about living and working in china….

          • Anon

            “I know my intonations are not entirely good. In mandarin I can talk about some things relative to getting around and getting things I need. Deep conversations, no. 45% does not seem like a high percentage to me. ”

            Oh come on. So you can go to Chinatown and say some basic things and be understood. Great, that’s an accomplishment. I don’t doubt that you may be a good learner. You’re certainly ahead of where I was after a year of university classes. But unless you think you’re 45% of the way to having, oh, let’s say 80% of the verbal ability you do in English, don’t call yourself 45% fluent.

          • notorious

            coala, get a fucking life, you and your wounded ego can follow me from comment to comment until you feel like you’ve “harrassed” me enough to redeem yourself. Please, no one gives a shit, myself included. Your a forty year old child with a penis complex and mommy issues. Did you dream of having sex with your mother? did you slash your wayward eyes out? Is that why you hate women? Grow a pair and get a life. no woman wants you and no woman will ever want you so why don’t you just kill yourself?

            P.S. being called a “fatty” to a black american woman is a just a compliment as we prefer a “thicker” more voluptious body shape so thank you is considered the norm for beauty standards for US. sorry, if a bigger body makes your dick look even smaller lmao

    • Alan

      A public incident is that fascinating? Please, someone explain this phenomenon to me

      I blame the humanist belief of confucianism, which leaves such an emptiness inside them, that others peoples arguments, become a kind of sedating form of entertainment.

    • White Thrash

      they’re sheeps… nothing interesting in their miserable lifes…
      something happens ! it’s like countryside mentality…
      People are maintained in this situation by poor education and propaganda (WHEN there is education) and at all cost avoid raising intellectual people with critical mind.
      If chinese people where a bit more self-conscious, they would wake up and that day.. the whole system will collapse. Better not be there when it’ll happen… Masses…

  • The KID


    The crowd disgusts me, ALL PIGS !!!

    I’m embarrassed even having lived in this country and putting it on my resume.

    This would be the only time I would except American police brutality on these people..do they really have nothing better to do than watch and talk ?!?!


    • White Thrash

      I second that ! :)

  • LouisiannaHanna

    Meh, the staring is not limited with public incidents. They like to stare. In the subway, elevator, on the street, restaurants, etc.
    It’s very creepy, but nobody thought them that that’s not polite. If you look right back at them, they will turn away their gaze as if I don’t know they were staring.
    Sometimes it’s really really annoying. Sometimes it’s sooo~ frustrating (for example when you enter the elevator with 5-6 Chinese and all at once are staring at you for a long long time).
    Once I had to show a police officer my documents (had an traffic accident) and the crowd around (if you live long enough in China, you’ll notice that where ever is an “incident” on the street, the staring dumb crowd is not far away) was trying to look into my documents, blocking the view of the officer (he had to push their heads away) – it was so hilarious!
    Once on the street me and thee of my friends were looking up to check out a funny shaped cloud. We were standing there for some times, talking and looking at the sky. Finally we realized that we gathered a bunch of people behind us, who were trying to figure out at what those laowais are so focused on … they were riddled!

    • SideShowMel

      Don’t think about it, try to ignore it – that’s the difference! They don’t have the strength to IGNORE!
      Learn the below song and sing it in your mind when you get stared at again:

      Bombs are flying, people are dying
      Children are crying, politicians are lying too
      Cancer is killing, Radiation is spilling
      The whole world is going to hell but … how are you?

      I’m super, thanks for asking
      All things considered I couldn’t be better I must say
      I’m feeling super! No, nothing bugs me
      Even you stupid people with your dumb stare are okay!

      • moop

        thank you big gay mel

    • Nari

      I like that cloud story a lot. :)

      Having lived in China for a couple years, I’ve learned not to take the staring so personally. Still, it sometimes gets to me- like when fellow patients were practically climbing up the doctor’s back to get a look at my test results as she reviewed them in the hall- but I can deal with it for the most part.

      The incident that made me decide not to interpret the staring as hostility (or to react with hostility for that matter) was one time when this elderly couple stared slack-jawed as I walked by, even turning around to walk backwards so that they could keep looking at me. I guess I must have been in a silly mood, as I decided to strike a pose, complete with “V” fingers. What I did not expect was the elderly gentleman to immediately mirror back the same pose to me. Seeing a 70+ year old man smiling broadly and making cute girly gestures just made my day… I think everyone nearby on the street got a smile out of that one.

  • Jacky Boy

    That doesn’t look real. Looks like street (metro) performance to me. The guy in white shirt is a bad actor, because he does the same gesture all the time (finger pointing).

  • William

    Do those people have no lifes? Is this situation so entertaining for them? I mean, this is going on in the subway, so they must had plans to get somewhere when they got there. Now they changed their plans for … this?

  • Vincent

    Look at the people around, i really like how so many chinese people never miss any opportunity to enjoy some free entertainment.

    • notorious

      If somebody’s hurt, nobody looks.

      • Burn

        So true … rip little Foshan angel

  • typingfromwork

    A video about a dumb, entitled woman being a bitch in a subway somehow turns into a free-for-all about the people standing around watching it. Only on Chinasmack.

    Admit it, if something like this happened in your city there will be a bunch of people being bemused by a stupid cunt trying to worm her way out of a punishment too. She’s like some self righteous Vicky Pollard- Just because you’ve got a suit doesn’t make you better than all the other dipshits who think they are above common decency.

    I am suprised that the police simply didn’t drag her arse out of the station. It’s what would have happened in other places.

    • SteveLaudig

      She needs to spend some time in jail reflecting on assholery and equality and simple etiquette and humility. Law schools do not screen a**holes from being lawyers. . I am not sure what they screen out. Indeed sometimes it seems that the schools select obnoxious personalities. There are usually two sides to every story but sometimes the other side of the story is simple rubbish. This sounds like one of those times. Maybe she can ride on the top of the train with her bike the next time.

      • White Thrash

        do they screen for Arseholes at police academy too ? or is it at the ticket machine ?

  • 武者修行


    在美国加州,假如说你袭警,PC242 (Battery),要坐六个月的牢,再罚美金2000。这是判的轻的。

    • White Thrash

      but WHERE did you see her slap him ?

  • elizabeth

    Sigh, this world is full of people who think they are entitled to special privileges and can get away with anything just because they are so and so.

    Ironically, such people often do not have the real substance to earn the respect they crave but demand it to compensate for their inferiority/superiority complex.

  • Cleo

    Why would you announce your occupation to the world – has the real world not taught her that having a law degree does not make her some kind of wandering swordsman?

  • Richard Aguas

    this is a case of who’s to blame….I remember being in a no win situation….I remember I met a dirty worker telling me to find women to have “sex” with…I tried reporting it to a cop….but the cop turned out to be a “fink”….saying it was “ok”. I’ve been a phone operator and handle emergency situations all the time…I can’t believe what he was telling me….I had the option of reporting it to another cop and left…..

  • Richard Aguas

    kidnapping kids and bringing them to the u.s. is not good….once a old crab, always a old crab………

  • Richard Aguas

    I remember another time..i thought of running or not… I decided to report a child molestor trying to feel people’s hands at the counter….again I got another gay cop…..he took the report and I hope it worked……

  • Richard Aguas

    it’s better to fight back then not at all..

  • Richard Aguas

    I remember one of my relatives was almost kidnapped by two men…luckily she broke away and went to the police department…she filed a report but they didn’t find them………..