Leftover Men & Leftover Women Rating Surveys


From Baidu Baike:

“Leftover Men” refers to the currently relatively trendy over 30-years-old still single male comrades.

From Baidu Baike:

Leftover women: A group of highly educated, high income, older-aged young women [28-35-years old] who cannot obtain their ideal fates [marriages].

“Leftover women” is a new name for those those older young women, who can also be called “3S women”: Single, Seventies (most were born in the 70s), Stuck — single, these people generally have high education and high incomes, and outstanding prospects.

From NetEase:

Recently, netizen “I have fainted!” posted a topic claiming that through the investigation of hundreds of unmarried successful gentlemen they have created leftover men, leftover women rating forms. If the two forms are completed with scores that are separated by around 10 points, then the male-female couple can be considered to be of equal status.

With regards to these two rating forms, most netizens have treated them as a joke. However, while making fun of the person who made these forms as having nothing better to do, many netizens are also taking the test, finding their scores and posting their ideas for altering/improving the rating forms. Some netizens have asked why the creator of the rating forms did not explain the significance of the high or low scores; while other netizens believe the rating form creator’s  use of sexual ability and sexual experience as important factors is extremely unreliable.

Leftover Women Survey:

  1. Age
    23 and under (10 pts); 23-25 (8 pts); 25-27 (6 pts); 28-29 (4pts); 29-32 (1 pt); 32 and above (0 pts)
  2. Features/Appearance
    Fair skin, beautiful appearance (10 pts); fair skin, proper/correct features (8 pts); fair skin, features collectively are relatively harmonious (6 pts); beautiful appearance, poor skin (4 pts);  proper/correct features, poor skin (1 pt); poor skin, features not harmonious (0 pts)
  3. Height
    165-172 (10 pts); 158-164 (8 pts); 172-174 (6 pts); 155-158 (4 pts); 174-176 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Weight
    45-50kg (10 pts); 50-55kg (8 pts); 40-45kg (6 pts); height 165cm and above 55-60kg (4 pts); height 158cm and below 35-40kg (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  5. Body/Physique
    Front protrudes, back perky, waist and legs distinct (10 pts); long legs, ample breasts (8 pts); fine and well proportioned (6 pts); airport + proportionate (4 pts); plump and smooth skinned + relatively poor proportions (1 pt); Either long waist and short legs, out of proportion, entire body dull, etc. 0 pts
  6. Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in popular major (10 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (8 pts); Associate’s Degree (6 pts); high school or vocational school (4 pts); Either third-rate Bachelor’s Degree or Doctorate and above 0 pts
  7. Place of origin
    Prefecture level city (10 pts); average provincial capital city (8 pts); first-line cities (6 pts); county seat (4 pts); small town (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  8. Background
    Rich/powerful family (10 pts); high-ranking government child (8 pts); parents have high positions in companies (6 pts); civil servant household (4 pts); relatively well-off (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  9. Personality
    Gentle, considerate (10 pts); gentle, a little temper (4 pts), not gentle 0 pts
  10. Chastity
    CN (20 pts), Not-CN (-20 pts)

Leftover Men Survey:

  1. Occupation
    Profitable entrepreneur (10 pts); small family business (8 pts); back office civil servant (6 pts); medium to high position in company (4 pts); low-level white-collar worker (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  2. Assets
    10 million or above (10pts); 5-10 million (8 pts); 2-5 million (6 pts); 1-2 million (4 pts); 500k-1 million (1 pt); less than 500k 0 pts
  3. Height
    178-183 (10 pts); 183-186 (8 pts); 175-178 (6 pts); 170-174 (4 pts); 186-189 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Age
    26-32 (10 pts); 32-36 (8 pts); 23-26 (6 pts); 36-40 (4 pts); 20-23 (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  5. Appearance
    Relatively handsome (10 pts); proper/correct features (8 pts); average (6 pts); relatively ugly (4 pts);  extremely ugly (1 pt); no such thing as zero points for men’s appearance
  6. Education
    Famous university MBA (10 pts); “sea turtle” returnee (8 pts); Famous university Bachelor’s Degree (6 pts); 211 Master’s Degree (4 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (1 pt); third-rate Bachelor’s Degree and under 0 pts
  7. House/Property
    N [many/multiple] houses (10 pts); 2 or more hoouses (8 pts); 1 un-mortgaged fully owned house (6 pts); currently paying mortgage (4 pts); paying 3k or above rent (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  8. Car
    Audi A6 or better (10 pts); Passat-grade (8 pts); Elantra-grade (6 pts); Peugeot 307, Fit-grade (4 pts); Geely, Chery-grade (1 pt); other 0 pts
  9. Place of Origin
    Europe or America (10 pts); Singapore, Hong Kong (8 pts); Korea (6 pts); China city (4 pts); other (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  10. Sexual Ability
    No ED (20 pts), ED (-20 pts) [ED = erectile dysfunction]

Comments from XCar:


Not single, but I still came in…and I did not come in vain because I have learned something…


…for the last one, I am definitely adding points…I do not even have to think about it.


82 point leftover man flutters/floats by~~


The points for those cars are hilarious.


The point setup is seriously unreasonable.
Height, age, appearance, car are not just a few points in the eyes of MM, no less than property, and even no less than assets. A man with tens of millions can buy N amount of A6, so they should at least get several tens of points.
Pretty MM all hold out for rotten old men.


Niu person…
Shouldn’t virgin men get added points?


Why do non-virgins lose points? Nowadays who wants virgins, they’re like a piece of wood.


This topic is too harsh towards women, and the requirements for the men are generally much looser! ~~

Comments from NetEase:


Most older leftover women are leftover because they are not CN.
Those who should be responsible should go be responsible.


Ha, I have 84!


Men’s grade.
Just passed “medium” grade.
I am striving to reach 85 and “good” this year.
90 and above’s “excellent” grade I will not think about for now.


I only got the last question’s 20 points, I have no hope.


Fuck, my girlfriend is 80, but I am only 5 points, what kind of world is this!!


Faint, I am 000000 points.


Very realistic! 99% of marriages are all related with these factors, adding them up and then deciding whether or not to marry. Haha, genius.


55 points, looking for one girlfriend, please send your report card to…


46 points, male, I did not get any points for half of the items, no wonder I am TMD leftover, there was a reason after all.


FUCK! Only 20 points! Looks like I will not be able to find my other half in this lifetime. CAO!

How many points do you have?


Written by Fauna

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