Leftover Men & Leftover Women Rating Surveys


From Baidu Baike:

“Leftover Men” refers to the currently relatively trendy over 30-years-old still single male comrades.

From Baidu Baike:

Leftover women: A group of highly educated, high income, older-aged young women [28-35-years old] who cannot obtain their ideal fates [marriages].

“Leftover women” is a new name for those those older young women, who can also be called “3S women”: Single, Seventies (most were born in the 70s), Stuck — single, these people generally have high education and high incomes, and outstanding prospects.

From NetEase:

Recently, netizen “I have fainted!” posted a topic claiming that through the investigation of hundreds of unmarried successful gentlemen they have created leftover men, leftover women rating forms. If the two forms are completed with scores that are separated by around 10 points, then the male-female couple can be considered to be of equal status.

With regards to these two rating forms, most netizens have treated them as a joke. However, while making fun of the person who made these forms as having nothing better to do, many netizens are also taking the test, finding their scores and posting their ideas for altering/improving the rating forms. Some netizens have asked why the creator of the rating forms did not explain the significance of the high or low scores; while other netizens believe the rating form creator’s  use of sexual ability and sexual experience as important factors is extremely unreliable.

Leftover Women Survey:

  1. Age
    23 and under (10 pts); 23-25 (8 pts); 25-27 (6 pts); 28-29 (4pts); 29-32 (1 pt); 32 and above (0 pts)
  2. Features/Appearance
    Fair skin, beautiful appearance (10 pts); fair skin, proper/correct features (8 pts); fair skin, features collectively are relatively harmonious (6 pts); beautiful appearance, poor skin (4 pts);  proper/correct features, poor skin (1 pt); poor skin, features not harmonious (0 pts)
  3. Height
    165-172 (10 pts); 158-164 (8 pts); 172-174 (6 pts); 155-158 (4 pts); 174-176 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Weight
    45-50kg (10 pts); 50-55kg (8 pts); 40-45kg (6 pts); height 165cm and above 55-60kg (4 pts); height 158cm and below 35-40kg (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  5. Body/Physique
    Front protrudes, back perky, waist and legs distinct (10 pts); long legs, ample breasts (8 pts); fine and well proportioned (6 pts); airport + proportionate (4 pts); plump and smooth skinned + relatively poor proportions (1 pt); Either long waist and short legs, out of proportion, entire body dull, etc. 0 pts
  6. Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in popular major (10 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (8 pts); Associate’s Degree (6 pts); high school or vocational school (4 pts); Either third-rate Bachelor’s Degree or Doctorate and above 0 pts
  7. Place of origin
    Prefecture level city (10 pts); average provincial capital city (8 pts); first-line cities (6 pts); county seat (4 pts); small town (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  8. Background
    Rich/powerful family (10 pts); high-ranking government child (8 pts); parents have high positions in companies (6 pts); civil servant household (4 pts); relatively well-off (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  9. Personality
    Gentle, considerate (10 pts); gentle, a little temper (4 pts), not gentle 0 pts
  10. Chastity
    CN (20 pts), Not-CN (-20 pts)
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Leftover Men Survey:

  1. Occupation
    Profitable entrepreneur (10 pts); small family business (8 pts); back office civil servant (6 pts); medium to high position in company (4 pts); low-level white-collar worker (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  2. Assets
    10 million or above (10pts); 5-10 million (8 pts); 2-5 million (6 pts); 1-2 million (4 pts); 500k-1 million (1 pt); less than 500k 0 pts
  3. Height
    178-183 (10 pts); 183-186 (8 pts); 175-178 (6 pts); 170-174 (4 pts); 186-189 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Age
    26-32 (10 pts); 32-36 (8 pts); 23-26 (6 pts); 36-40 (4 pts); 20-23 (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  5. Appearance
    Relatively handsome (10 pts); proper/correct features (8 pts); average (6 pts); relatively ugly (4 pts);  extremely ugly (1 pt); no such thing as zero points for men’s appearance
  6. Education
    Famous university MBA (10 pts); “sea turtle” returnee (8 pts); Famous university Bachelor’s Degree (6 pts); 211 Master’s Degree (4 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (1 pt); third-rate Bachelor’s Degree and under 0 pts
  7. House/Property
    N [many/multiple] houses (10 pts); 2 or more hoouses (8 pts); 1 un-mortgaged fully owned house (6 pts); currently paying mortgage (4 pts); paying 3k or above rent (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  8. Car
    Audi A6 or better (10 pts); Passat-grade (8 pts); Elantra-grade (6 pts); Peugeot 307, Fit-grade (4 pts); Geely, Chery-grade (1 pt); other 0 pts
  9. Place of Origin
    Europe or America (10 pts); Singapore, Hong Kong (8 pts); Korea (6 pts); China city (4 pts); other (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  10. Sexual Ability
    No ED (20 pts), ED (-20 pts) [ED = erectile dysfunction]
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Comments from XCar:


Not single, but I still came in…and I did not come in vain because I have learned something…


…for the last one, I am definitely adding points…I do not even have to think about it.


82 point leftover man flutters/floats by~~


The points for those cars are hilarious.


The point setup is seriously unreasonable.
Height, age, appearance, car are not just a few points in the eyes of MM, no less than property, and even no less than assets. A man with tens of millions can buy N amount of A6, so they should at least get several tens of points.
Pretty MM all hold out for rotten old men.


Niu person…
Shouldn’t virgin men get added points?


Why do non-virgins lose points? Nowadays who wants virgins, they’re like a piece of wood.


This topic is too harsh towards women, and the requirements for the men are generally much looser! ~~

Comments from NetEase:


Most older leftover women are leftover because they are not CN.
Those who should be responsible should go be responsible.


Ha, I have 84!


Men’s grade.
Just passed “medium” grade.
I am striving to reach 85 and “good” this year.
90 and above’s “excellent” grade I will not think about for now.


I only got the last question’s 20 points, I have no hope.


Fuck, my girlfriend is 80, but I am only 5 points, what kind of world is this!!


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Faint, I am 000000 points.


Very realistic! 99% of marriages are all related with these factors, adding them up and then deciding whether or not to marry. Haha, genius.


55 points, looking for one girlfriend, please send your report card to…


46 points, male, I did not get any points for half of the items, no wonder I am TMD leftover, there was a reason after all.


FUCK! Only 20 points! Looks like I will not be able to find my other half in this lifetime. CAO!

How many points do you have?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Zhangsan

    First? Funny post!

  • fozzwaldus

    79, but mainly because I’m European and no (apart from after a few beers) ED.

  • 63, but also mostly because I’m a foreigner and no ED…these are some harsh goddamn report cards.

    • Joe #2

      Maybe this means that I need to move to China? Being American in America doesn’t count for a damned thing.

      Also, why is being *over* 6ft tall almost as bad as being under? I actually get the full 10 pts for being ~181-182 cm, but…

      • Yong

        I think if you’re over 6ft it will be awkward for most average height Chinese girls to be around. I am sure most girls want their men to be tall but not so tall that they will feel like midgets around them.

  • CureLost

    That’s is a ridiculous list. Why do I want to get married?
    What I really want to know is how can *I* marry into the rich-and-powerful?

    And what do you know, C student my entire life :( No surprising.

    At LEAST I ain’t 30 yet.

  • sneakay

    63 as well. Though I am just a young waiguoren finishing college, I think this report card is utterly ridiculous. This is like a reportcard for starting relationships that are doomed to fail. If this is honestly what you care about, finding someone else with similar taste to show off around won’t make you happy.

    I never want a really nice car, could car less about being an entrepreneur, am happy with not owning lots of property and who thinks an MBA is the pinnacle of education?

    My fiancee and I are very happy right now living in an apartment, using public transportation, teaching English and saving our money.

  • Yang

    I don’t drive I think I should be exempt from the car option and just get a default 10 points haha. It’s funny how they don’t ask for a weight for the guys I mean he could be 183cm but be overweight :o

  • Josh

    I don’t understand what kind of fool would honestly think that ranking people based on a laundry list of requirements is better than determining compatibility from common interests and a photo. I mean, who is really going to say, “Yes, I am ugly, my features are not harmonious. I get 0 points.”

  • Capt. Absurdity

    Capt. Absurdity is a short & fat little man. The only thing I got going 4 me is a paid-off houseboat.

    I get a 666!

  • TheOrz

    It seems that people’s expectations are increasing beyond what reality can offer. If you go to any dating site you will find the vast majority of people are looking for someone much better than they themselves are. These people ‘waiting it out’ for their ideal match are only going to find that they missed the boat.

    • javad

      hi how are you?i nesseseri to images sexy you have?

  • Alex

    I have -20 ….

  • chengdude

    I never knew just how real this issue is to many people until a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to a lunch with some administrators working in a government danwei. One of the topics they were discussing during lunch was a request from a mutual friend (theirs, not mine) to help find a suitable candidate for a daughter who works in upper management in a bank. Seems between the long hours she spends on the job and the dearth of available guys able to match her economic and career trajectories, her family is in full-blown panic mode.

  • I got 55 and my wife (on pre-marriage basis) 34 :) We’re both PhDs living in Australia, she’s from the PRC, I’m European.

  • Lord Sutch

    Foreign chastity -20 points vs CN chastity +20??????????

    Is that because in foreign countries lines of young ladies are trouped into karaoke rooms and its easier to get a “haircut” than buy a diet coke?

    Having a mistress is a foregone conclusion in China, in other countries, its regarded as being something for men that can’t make the right choice of woman in the first place!

  • JWhoa

    This is the Chinese thinking. You have to have a good education, come from a good family, be able to provide in abundance, etc. Its a value system instilled upon us from childhood. This test is just a formalized version of Chinese values. In reality, anyone man who’s charming, nice, and interesting can get any woman, be it prince or pauper. That is the natural system.

    • Overseas Chinese

      JWhoa – yes, if you are “charming, nice, and interesting can get any woman” … into *wink wink*.

      But her and her parents would not see you as a MARRIAGE partner.

      In China, say you have the following characteristics: Education: Qinghua/Beijing Uni Bachelor + Ivy League Postgrad
      Occupation: RICH businessman
      Assuming you have normal looks, charm, and everything else

      There will be MILLIONS of girls running after YOU!!!

  • No a female virgin scores +20 points and non-virgin -20 points. Nothing to do with country.

    BTW I’m 190cm so I got 0 points for height LOL.

  • GuateChapin

    women with no brain, and doesnt have the ability to survive for her self = 100 points hahaha.

    • reckless_former_blonde

      So, your scoring me, eh?

  • Asis

    Maybe these people are single because they are coming round to the foreign concept of waiting to find someone they actually LIKE.

    Which would no doubt be hard in a country where most relationships are based on the man’s ability to make money or the woman’s ability to have double eyelids and appear like a naive child.

    • reckless_former_blonde

      Someone didn’t score as high as I did. HA!

      It’s not naiveite that men find attractive. It is the ability to define self rather than letting others push you about.

  • Rick in China

    I’m not sure about any of you but eh, I don’t value virgins very highly, there’s usually reasons they are virgins and it’s not because they’re fine ass and interesting/worldly people.

    • ST

      I agree. In fact, the points for being a virgin should be adjusted by age. A virgin at 20… I suppose it is possible, though still not desireable, but if someone is a virgin at 28 or 30?! Start sounding the alarm… something is wrong.

      • reckless_former_blonde

        I think we should regear the test to those of us who want a clever, could be wicked but probably won’t type of person.

        Virginity won’t be a prized asset on my test!

  • MGD

    Shit~!! Are these man‘s requirements? That’s just be kidding!

  • Jay K

    some of you have stated not much taste in virgins, and i second your opinion. My case is not so much that they may be ugly in China, or any oher country. most just have no experience in dealing and compromising with the emotional and physical aspect of a relationship. I do not have enough time to train a girl in the proper ways of acting mentally and physically

    • reckless_former_blonde

      Fear the RollercoasteRs? PeRsonally, that’s the best paRt of the Relationship! HAHA

  • bs dog

    100 fuckin’ %, man! – cuz i cheated.

  • Alikese

    “Fair skin, beautiful appearance (10 pts)…beautiful appearance, poor skin (4 pts);”

    How come it’s either “fair skin” or “poor skin.” The Chinese’s mania about pail skin is hard to understand. Not wanting skin cancer is one thing, but parasols and huge, ridiculous sun hats are completely different. What they seem to want is an anemic, pail, jaundiced look that I wouldn’t describe as too piaoliang.

    • Name

      Actually its very simple and westerners also felt the same way in the past. Middle and upper class work indoors. Lower class work outside under the sun. People associated tans with the lower class. This changed when people started vacationing and a tan was proof that they could afford a beach vacation

    • pendi

      fair means “pretty”…..

  • Yong

    Very interesting article. I wonder why Korea is under “country of origin” but Japan is not.

  • Panda

    hahaha! I got 78…

  • Yes we did!

    -20 for not being a virgin? Because emotions, blood, and a period of getting used to it is… awesome? How about a +40 for girls as equally kinky as you.

    • katie

      Yes! Now *that* would be realistic.

  • Sushi

    85! Where are all the ladies!?!

    I would think that women prefer ED.

  • Mechanized

    definitely +40 for the equally kinky part.

  • ST

    I got 0 points on the height issue because I am too tall! That is the first time my height ever worked against me (well, not counting the thousands of cabinets, door frames and light fixtures I’ve banged my head on) …lol.

  • sad

    horrifies me to think that some girl somewhere will add up her tally, decide she’s worthless and then there’s another one thrown herself off a building…

    • jendo

      yeah, if a guy kills himself, it’s A-OK amirite?

  • Austere , I am!

    Lets enjoy the survey!
    Except the car part and the country origin (0 points both) , I’m on 70 .. Hoohaa!

  • mike

    >< horrible….

    a nice summary of chinese society, eh? i just love it when chinese people say they arent prejudiced…

    • Zee

      Truly horrible, someone without a sense of humor

  • zglobal

    <$10 is about my only criteria

  • jinsic

    CAO, I only have 70. Now I have to get a prositute.

  • ChinaJim

    Wow…I got a 100 exactly.they didn’t score previous marriages. That probably makes my rating plumet.

  • not sayin

    ummn 94…but i dont need to be married :p

  • socal entrepreneur

    102, but soon to be engaged. sorry, girls!

  • Victor

    let me see…

    Profitable entrepreneur (10 pts)
    2.Assets(probably its RMB not USD)
    1-2 million (4 pts) – not much but over 10mi if I sell my company.
    178-183 (10 pts)
    20-23 (1 pt) – fail hahaha xD
    Relatively handsome (10 pts) – i guess so
    Famous university Bachelor’s Degree (6 pts) – not really famous but decent.
    paying 3k or above rent (1 pt) – i don’t need to have fixed home.
    Audi A6 or better (10 pts) – i just bought an audi TT roadster 2008.
    9.Place of Origin
    Europe or America (10 pts)
    10.Sexual Ability
    No ED (20 pts) – i’m healthy :D

    so i got 82. not bad.

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  • Jenny

    this is some superficial crap. After reading this, I am really doubting the thought of going back to China in the future.

  • 猫咪

    wow… these surveys are extremely sexist…

  • Nancy

    Wow this is just a piece of work. How can Chinese ppl put in so much emphasize onto girls being virgins but guys being capable of performing well in sex? hello? I think the guy would have to find someone to have sex with…so how does this make sense that desirable= all women being virgins also desirable= all guys being good at sex…wtf